John Kearney 1895 son of Sarah Fanning and Patrick Kearney Co Tipperary

John Kearney was born in 1895 in Co Tipperary Ireland. His parents were Sarah fanning and Patrick Kearney an electrician from Southampton. He was brought up by his uncle and aunt at Lissaroon before leaving for England to live and die there.

When I was in Co Tipperary recently and met up with distant Fanning relations I was told the story of John Kearney.

John was the son of Sarah Fanning and Patrick Kearney. Sarah A Fanning was the daughter of Michael fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lissaroon.

Sarah married Patrick Kearney, an electrician, from Southampton England, on 15 May 1894. Francis Dwan and Stasia Fanning were witnesses at their wedding in Inch Church in Drom parish Co Tipperary Ireland.

I have been unable to find any trace of Sarah and Patrick Kearney after the birth of John in Drom Parish in 1895. I can only assume that they died in England.

John is in the 1901 and 1911 Census records staying with his uncle and aunt, Tom and Hannah Fanning, at Lissaroon. They did not have any children of their own.

Thomas Fanning & Johanna (Hanna) Fanning nee Bannon

The story I was told about John Kearney, pronounced Carney, was that his uncle Tom Fanning was going to leave the Lissaroon property to him. When he found out that John wanted to go to England with his mates, he told him if he went he would not  inherit. John went and Lissaroon was left to the Mullanys.

Lissaroon Drom & Inch Parish Co Tipperary

John used to come back to Ireland to visit his cousins in Dublin but never came back to Lissaroon. He died in England and is buried in a pauper’s grave.

The man in the above photo is John Kearney in Dublin. The baby is Michael Fanning. The girl on the right is Angela who married Willie O’Sullivan. The woman holding the baby would be Ellen (Eileen) Fanning nee Bunyan and the other girls would be her daughters Pat, Margaret, Mary, Ann and Frances Fanning, the daughters of Michael and Ellen Fanning. Not sure in what order. John Kearney was a first cousin of the father Michael Fanning.

Bournea & Corbally Parish Fanning Baptism & Civil Birth Records Co Tipperary Ireland

Bournea & Corbally Parish Fanning Baptism & Civil Birth Records Co Tipperary Ireland

Parish of Bournea & Corbally Diocese of Killaloe Co Tipperary. Courageen a variant name for this parish.

8 Jul 1840, Andrew of Andrew Maher & Catherine Fanning, Oldcastle, sp: William & Mary Fanning

17 Jul 1844, John of Patt Carroll & Sarah Fanning, Loran sp: John Fanning & Ellen Fanning

21 May 1865, William of William Fanning & Sarah Guidera sp: William Kealy & Johanna Guidera. Parish of Cournaganeen (Bourney) Baptism record.

13 May 1883, William of Nicholas Fanning, farmer & tailor & Margaret Dunne, Corriga  civil birth record baptised 13 Jun 1883.

10 Jan 1900, William Fanning, of William Fanning, farmer & Margaret Coonan, Gortnagoona, Parish of Killavinogue. Parish/district of Bourney. civil birth record.


Borrisokane Torpey & Kilkeary Baptisms Co Tipperary1821-1881

Torpey Baptisms in Borrisokane Parish, Co Tipperary Ireland, 1821-1881.

Borrisokane Catholic Parish map Co Tipperary Ireland

My gr gr grandfather’s first child, Maria, was born in Sopwell Co Tipperary in 1852. His wife was Ann Kilkeary. So I have included any Kilkeary Baptism records that may be relevant.

7 Nov 1821, Bridget of Roger Kilcary & Cath Nolan, Sopwell sp: Tim Brennan & Cath Tynan

15 Nov 1823, Ann of Roger Kilkery & Cath Nolan, Sopwell, sp: John Gleeson & Ellen Kilkeary

11 May 1825, Sara of Patrick Toohy & Mary Connor? sp; Darby Darcy & Cath Torpey, Ballyspelin?

25 Jul 1825, Edward of Tim Brennan & Margaret Ryder Sopwell, sp: James Brennan & ? Meara. Daniel Torpey my grgrgrandfather’s mother was a Mary Ryder. Perhaps Margaret Ryder was his aunt??

12 Oct 1825, Mary of Roger Kilkeary & Cath Nolan Sopwell, sp: William White & Ellen ??

11 Oct 1827, William of Roger Kilcary & Cath Nolan, Sopwell sp: John Mulchahy & Mary Liffy

23 Dec 1827, Sara of John Rider & Eliza Griffen?

14 Jan 1828, Judith of William Cahil & Mary Torpy, Ballalina? sp: William Cahil & Cath Torpey

17 Jun 1828, Thady of Tim Brennan & Margaret Ryder, Sopwell sp: Frank Cleary & ? Ryan

May 1829, John of ? Corrigan & Ann Fogarty Sopwell, sp: John Torpy & Ellin Mahon

11 Jan 1830, Winifred of James Torphy & Honor Coglan, Feigh, sp: John Egan & Biddy Darcy

9 Feb 1830, Pat of Tim Brennan & Peggy Ryder, Sopwell, sp: James Ryder & Mary Scully

21 Feb 1833, Ellen of Roger Kilkeary & Cath Nolan, Sopwell, sp: James Liffey & Peggy Brennan

2 Jan 1834, Michael of Tim Brennan & Margaret Ryder, Sopwell, sp: Morgan Feean & Mary Thorpe. Sometimes Torpy is spelt Thorpe.

2  Aug 1834, Cath of William Cahill & Mary Thorpe, Bathylynn?? sp: Pat Thorpe & Anne Kelly

Oct? 1835, ? of Tim Brennan & Mary Thorpe sp: Roger Kilkeary? & Judy Thorpe

22 Jan 1835, Mary of William Cahill & Mary Thorpe, Ballylyna, sp: Michael Thorpe & Mary Healy

29 Oct 1837, Michael of William Cahill & Mary Torpy, Ballylina, sp: Mary Mannion

31 Oct 1837, Bridget of Tim Brennan & Peggy Ryder

23 Sept 1838, John of Tim Brennan & Peggy Ryder, Sopwell

21 Sept 1839, John? of William Cahill & Mary Torpy sp: John Kelly & ? Cahill

Jun 1841, Sarah of William Cahil & Mary Torpy, Ballalina, sp:Daniel Cahil

30 Apr 1842, Jane of Patt Torpy & Esther Pye sp: Michael Kinshaw & Mary Kennedy

5 Jul 1843, Anne of William Cahile & Mary Torpy, sp: Dan & Elle Cleary

26 Oct 1844, Frances of Pat Torpy & Esther Pyne sp: Andy Dooley & Hony Heffernan

15 Feb 1845, Daniel of William Cahil & Mary Torpy sp: Patrick Cleary & Mary Cleary

*21 Aug 1852, Maria of Daniel Torpey & Anne Kilkeary, Sopwell, sp: John Fenane & Mary White, Behamore

23 Apr 1858, Mary of William Griffin & Bridget Kilkeary, Sopwell sp: Patt Cleary and Mary Arnell?

21 Apr 1860, Thomas of William Griffon & Bridget Kilkeary, Sopwell, sp: Michael Colman & Biddy Kilkeary.

*7 Apr 1862, James of William Cavanagh (Protestant) & Margaret Torpey, Ballingarry, sp: Ellen Brennan & Michael Donagh?

14 Mar 1864, Edward of William Grffin & Bridget Kilkeary sp: Thomas Henlon & Catherine Kilkeary

23 Jun 1866, Daniel of William Griffin & Bridget Kilkeary sp: John Clear & Eliza Hough

19 Aug 1869, Mary of John Bergen & Bridget Gleeson sp: James Fanning from Roscrea & Jane Talbot.


Borrisokane Torpey Marriage Records 1821-1883, Co Tipperary, Ireland

Borrisokane Torpey Marriage Records, Co Tipperary, Ireland

The National Library of Ireland’s online marriage records for Borrisokane Parish are from 30 Jul 1821 to 28 Nov 1835, 21 Jan 1836-21 Jan 1844 and 2 Oct 1844 to 5 Feb 1883. This parish is also called Uskane or Uskean Parish. Up until about 1838 the records are in a very bad state, pages damaged and many entries totally illegible.

Rootsireland has marriage records for this parish from 1821-1911.

Civil marriage records are online free at and start from records over 75 years.

The Borrisokane Parish marriage records from 1821-1844, on the National Library of Ireland site, are damaged and unfortunately too hard to decipher.

17 Nov 1844, John Clear & Mary Ryder, wit: Thomas Hoctor & Judy Torpey

4 Sept 1849, Pat Torpy & Mary Dunn, wit: Peter Griffen

1 Oct 1855, James Madden & Bridget Dean wit: Joe Torpy & Mary Cork?

9 Feb 1860, Thomas McCormack & Margaret Brennan wit: Thomas Kelly & Honora Torpy

Shinrone Parish, Torpey Baptisms Co Tipperary & Co Offaly(Kings Co), 1842-1880

Shinrone Parish, Co Tipperary & Co Offaly ,1842-1880 Torpey baptisms.

Shinrone Catholic Parish Map, Co Tipperary & Co Offaly (Kings Co)

Shinrone Parish is also called Ballingarry Parish.

3 Apr 1842, John of Wm Summon & Mary Mahon, Lissadona sp: Daniel Fogarty & Mary Torpy

21 Jan 1844, William of William & Mary White, Lisadona sp: ? Ryan & Judy Torpey

5 Jul 1844, Ann of John Torpey & Ann Clear, Lisadona sp: Mary Murphy

14 Jul 1844, Mary Ann of Michael Flynn & Biddy Fitzpatrick, Lisadona sp: Patt & Onney Torpy

5 Nov 1848, Mary of Antony Carroll & Judy Torpy, Toura sp: William Carroll & Rachel Torpey

10 Jun 1858, Julia of John Kelly & Maria Torpey, Lisadona sp: Thomas Dwyer & Honora Torpey

20 Oct 1860, MaryAnne of William Cavanagh & Margaret Torpey, Ballingarry, sp: Teady Brennan & Anne Brennan

29 Apr 1862, David of Pat Quin & Margaret Cleery, Lisadona sp: Will Cleary & Ony Torpey

15 Apr 1860, Anne of Will Burke & Anne Floyd sp: Daniel Crane & Mary Torpey

22 Feb 1866, Daniel of Michael Torpey & Mary Crane, Lisadona, sp: Henry & Kate Crane

12 Sept 1867, Patrick of Michael Torpy & Mary Crane, sp: Daniel & Anne Crane, Lisadona

20 Jan 1869, Catherine of Michael Carroll & Mary Kennedy Lisdonagh sp: Michael & Mary Torpy

8 May 1869, MaryAnne of Michael Torpy & Mary Crane, Lisdonagh, sp: Pat Kennedy & Eliza Crane

11 Dec 1870, John of Michael Torpy & Mary Crane, Lisdongh, sp: John Quin & Ellen Crane

3 May 1873, Johanna of Michael Torpy & Mary Crane, Lisdonagh sop: Michael and Mary Carroll

7 Mar 1875, Michael of Michael Torpey & Mary Crean, Lisdonagh sp James and Kate Hoare?

5 Dec 1878, Catherine of Henry & Ann Crean nee Kennedy, Cloughmoyle, sp: Daniel Torpey & Bridget Nugent


Shinrone Parish Torpey Marriage Records 1842-1876

Torpey marriage records in Shinrone Catholic Parish, Co Offaly & Co Tipperary, from 1842-1876.


Shinrone Catholic Parish Map, mostly in Offaly (Kings) Co but some in Co Tipperary.


Unfortunately pre 1842  Shinrone Parish records have been lost. Shinrone Parish is sometimes referred to as Ballingarry Parish.

I came across lots of Kilkeary marriages in this parish but only a few Torpey records and no Fanning marriages.

15 Feb 1843, William White and Mary Torpey, Lisadona wit: Michael Lamb & Kate Carroll

25 Feb 1865, Michael Torpy and Mary Crane, Towra wit: Daniel Crane & Kate Crane

27 Jul 1865, Edward Gleeson & Honora Torpey, Lisadona, wit: Patrick Toohey & Mary Smyth

Johanna Fanning of Lissaroon marries William O’Connell of Clonomocogue in 1850

The O’Connells of Clonomocogue and Castleiney House are related to the Fanning family of Lissaroon Co Tipperary.

Johanna Fanning, daughter of William Fanning and Honora McCormack of Lisaroon, married William O’Connell on Feb 11, 1850 in Inch Parish Co Tipperary.

I came across this daughter when I realised that the priests of Drom Parish were entering the residence name places in the marriage registers. These unindexed registers are now online and free at Placenames being included on a few registers is incredibly helpful for family researchers.

Marriage record of Johanna Fanning and William O’Connell Drom & Inch Parish 11 Feb 1850

Knowing that couples were nearly always wed in the bride’s parish I looked for Lisaroon in the margins of the Drom mariage registers and came across Johanna from Lisaroon. As far as I can tell there has only ever been one Fanning family in Lisaroon (Lissaroon) townland in Drom Parish, so she had to be a daughter of William Fanning and Honora McCormack. Harder to find grooms as they were married in the bride’s parish.

For a number of years I have been listening to Fin Dwyer’s Irish History podcasts. I love these podcasts and highly recommend them. He has recently got Irish Newspaper Archives to sponsor his work. They offered a discount to his listeners which I took up. (Just be careful you don’t get auto renewed at the end of your discounted month as I did!)

It was such a worthwhile investment of resources and time looking through these newspapers. I found all sorts of fascinating and interesting stories and facts about my ancestors. I found a couple of extensive obituaries on the O’Connells.

Johanna (Judy) Fanning and William O’Connell lived at Clonomocogue in Co Tipperary North and had four boys:

Michael was born on 6 Mar 1851 and his sponsors were Martin Eviston and Mary Duggin.

William was born on 11 Apr 1852 and his sponsors were Tom Fanning and Honora? Connell.

Denis was born 16 Jan 1854 with William Fanning and Margaret Eviston as his sponsors. His twin John was sponsored by Pat Fanning and Honora Eviston.

Most of the O’Connells are buried in Loughmore Cemetery in Co Tipperary.

Obituary for Michael O’Connell Nenagh News 2 Sept 1899











Ballyduff House Co Tipperary 2018


Michael O’Connell 2 Sept 1899 Nenagh News


William O’Connell Obit Nenagh Guardian 4 Feb 1939
William O’Connell Tribute Nenagh Guardian 4 Feb 1939









Castleiney House Co Tipperary 2018

There are some O’Connell graves in St Patricks cemetery in Thurles but most are  are buried in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary:

Obituary for Rev Martin O’Connell Irish Examiner Aug 11 1916

I have been trying to trace the “cousins” listed as attending the funeral of Rev Martin O’Connell. They are all related, but not as directly as cousins suggests, but still a source of further connections. As Martin O’Connell was 64 when he died in 1916 his “cousins” go back quite a long way and some of the connections I’ve made can’t be conclusively proven.

Denis O’Connell DC of Loughmore was his brother. Their parents were James O’Connell and Mary Carroll. (O’Connell was written as Connell in earlier records).

James O’Connell of Oldbawn Cottage Loughmore and Martin O’Connell, Daniel O’Connell and James Eviston, all of Loughmore, are all Martin’s nephews. James the son of Mary Eviston nee O’Connell and Martin Eviston. Mary being the half sister of Denis.

Annie and Ellie are daughters of Martin’s brother Denis. Mrs James O’Connell Denis’ daughter in law. Mrs John Sheedy is Mary Sheedy nee O’Connell; Mrs Patrick Maher  is Catherine Maher nee O’Connell; Mrs James Doherty is Elizabeth Doherty nee O’Connell. All daughters of Denis and Ann O’Connell.

Mr Michael O’Connell of Maryborough was the son of William O’Connell and Bridget Coffey of Castleiney and was a doctor.

A Thomas Duggan of Borris married a Julian Connell of Loughmore on 2 Mar 1829.

Tobias McGrath was the son of Michael McGrath and Mary Fanning who were married in Drom Parish 12 Feb 1861.

John Connolly was baptized 12 Aug 1864. His parents were William Connolly and Ellen O’Connell. Address given as Main St Templemore.

A Michael Lannigan was baptised in Aug 1819 in Templetuohy. His parents were John Lanigan and Bridget Connell. Sponsors were Judith Connell and James Kinahan.

On 23 Dec 1838 Michael Maher was baptised in Loughmore Parish. He was the son of Michael Maher and Mary Connell. There was also a James Connell who married Mary Maher in 1840

There was a marriage in Loughmore Parish on 9 Jun 1801 between Richard Quinn and Mary Connell witnessed by Michael Connell and Sally Quinn. In 1805 Denis Connell was baptized in Loughmore Parish. His parents were listed as Jeremiah Connell and Bridget Quinn with John Delahunty and Mary Ryan as sponsors. On 2 Feb 1826 there was a Richard Quinn married to a Mary Connell. Both from Castleiney.

D McCormack of Oola was married to Bridget O’Connell nee Coffey’s sister.

E. Fanning listed as a cousin was Edmund Fanning who married Hanoria Molloy in Littleton Parish on 11 Feb 1902. His address given as Holycross and hers as Ballybeg. He lived in Glenreigh in Holycross. Francis Dwyer and Bridget Fanning were witnesses. Edmund was born in Loughmore parish at Kilcoke on 23 Dec 1848. His parents were James Fanning and Judith Hoare. Judith Fanning nee Hoare is buried in Holycross Cemetery. She died 20 Apr, 1879, aged 68. her husband James Fanning died 2 Oct 1885 aged 77. Their other son was the Rev James J fanning who died 10 Sept 1909, aged 65. His nephew was Rev P Fogarty. The brother of this James Fanning was the Rev John Fanning buried in Loughmore Cemetery. He was born 10 Nov 1805 in Loughmore and died 13 Aug 1891 in Glenreigh Holycross.

I have not been able to figure out how Edmund Fanning of Glenrieigh and Kilcoke is related to Martin O’Connell.


John & Bridget Mullany nee Fanning, Thurles & Moyne Co Tipperary

Bridget Mullany was the daughter of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lisaroon in Co Tipperary. She married John Mullany and after his death she moved to Moyne where she was a publican for many years. Bridget died in 1935.

John Mullany 1838- 1900


Obituary of John Mullany Irish Examiner 29 Mar 1900


John Mullany was the husband of Bridget Fanning. She was the daughter of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lissaroon and my ggggrandfather’s first cousin once removed.


Bridget Mullany License Transfer Nenagh Guardian 9 May 1900

Bridget was often in court for breaches of the Licensing Act. The transcripts make very entertaining reading.

Nenagh News 13 Jul 1901


Nenagh Guardian 10 Jul 1901



Irish Examiner 29 Aug 1905


Thurles petty Sessions reported in the Irish Examiner 22 Sept 1909


Nenagh News 23 Jan 1915


Bridget Mullany nee Fanning 1854-1935

After her husband died Bridget moved to Moyne with her children.

The property purchased by Bridget Mullany in Moyne
Bridget, Mary Ann, Michael and John Joe Mullany outside Mullany’s Pub in Moyne Co Tipperary

Nenagh Guardian 4 Nov 1908 Thurles Court


Nenagh Guardian 9 Apr 1921


Funeral card for Bridget Mullany nee Fanning


Death Notice Bridget Mullany nee Fanning Nenagh Guardian 22 Jun 1935


Irish Independent 16 Jun 1938

Thomas Fanning of Lissaroon and the Dwyer sisters of Bouladuff 1914 Dispute

Thomas Fanning, a religious man who made a pilgrimage to Rome, was the last Fanning to live at Lissaroon in Co Tipperary. He was involved in a dispute with his Dwyer nieces from The Ragg.

Thomas Faning of Lissaroon and his wife Hanna Fanning nee Bannon


I came across this interesting article from the Nenagh Guardian 24 Jan 1914:

One of the Dwyer sisters Kathleen went on to marry Denis Bannon. The eldest Josie (Johanna Mary Josephine) became a nun, Sister Mary Cyril. One of their brothers was Thomas Dwyer who was murdered in 1920 by members of the RIC. The other brother, Eamon, worked for newspapers.

Sister Mary Cyril Dwyer Evening Herald 31 Mar 1961.


Irish Independent 22 Jul 1939

The disputes within the family continued.

Nenagh Guardian 19 Jun 1915


Nenagh Guardian 11 Sept 1915

Thomas Fanning was the last person to live at the Lissaroon property. I was told he was very religious and made a trip to Rome. He and his wife did not have any children. The Dwyers were the children of his sister Catherine. In 1920 their brother Thomas was murdered in Bouladuff by members of the RIC.

Kathleen’s second husband was Denis Bannon. She was also a publican and also ended up in Thurles courts over breaking of the licensing Act. Below is a transcript of one such occasion

Nenagh Guardian 28 Dec 1929


Tom Fanning’s pilgrimage to Rome Freemans Journal 3 Oct 1908

Below is a detailed and delightful description of the two weeks in Italy. The group left Dublin on the 16th of Oct and returned on 3 Nov 1908:

The Rome Pilgrimage made by Thomas Fanning Munster Express 26 Dec 1908


Moycarky Fanning Baptism Records Co Tipperary, Ireland, 1801-1881

Fanning Baptisms in Moycarky Parish Co Tipperary 1801-1881, in the National Library of Ireland

Moycarky Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

These baptism records from the National Library of Ireland’s online site, start at 1793 and end in 1881.

They include any records with a Fanning parent or a Fanning godparent.

The record dates for baptisms in this parish online at nli are:

13 Oct 1793 – 19 Nov 1796; 1 Jan – 7 Jan 1801; 2 Jan 1801 –  22 Oct 1809; 7  Jan 1810-  22 Nov 1810;12 Jan 1817 – 11 Apr 1818;2 Jan 1830 –  24 Jan 1833; 4 Feb 1833 – 22 Jun 1854; 1 Jul 1854 – 13 Mar 1881.

At the Rootsireland site Moycarky parish baptisms start Oct. 1793, gap 1797 -1799; 1811 – 1816; 1819 – 1829; continuous from 1830. I have included some records from here as well as those from nli.

Civil birth records over 100 years from 1864 are online free at

The early parish records are damaged with lots of gaps and very hard going.

However from 1833 to 1881 the parish baptism records for Moycarky are very clear and all have the address added to the record. Invaluable information for family history research.

In transcribing the records I have not changed any of the spelling.

The places listed in the Baptism records for Moykarky Parish:

Archestown, Ballybeg, Ballydavid, Ballyhudda, Ballyhoda, Ballyvinane, Ballyerk, Ballymoreen, Derryhogan, Drombowe, Borris, Cabra, Cloncleigh, Cloughmartin, Clover, Coldfields, Coolcrue, Coolkenedy, Coolkip, Curraheen, Fartiana, Forgestown, Gaile, Galbertstown, Galbooley, Graigue, Grallagh Castle, Gralla, Gurrane, Horse & Jockey, Kilenoe, Killough, Knckroe, Laharden, Leagh, Lishinahousta, Liskeveen, Littleton, Loughbeg, Maxfort, Middlepiece, Monaleen, Monaraheen, Moycarky, Newhill, Newtown, Noard, Oldstone, Parkstown, Pouldine, Rahinch, Rathcunikeen, Rathfanna, Rathmanna, Regaile, Sauls Quarter, Shanballa, Skehane, Toyestown, Tuberadora, Turnpike, Turtulla, Two Mile Borris.

Townlands in the Civil Parish of Moycarky Courtesy of Martin Collin Wikepedia

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F

7 Nov 1793, Ellen of Edmd Kirwick & Else Kenna sp: Richard Fannin & Honora Cormick

Edmd could be Edmond or Edmund.

Mar 1793, Thomas of John Keating & Elenor Britts sp: William Fannin & Margaret Ryan

These very early Baptism records have the birth date first and then the Baptism date.

3 Jan 1810 & 9 Jan 1810, John of John Meagher & Cathy Fannin, Turtulla, sp: John Ryan & Margaret Bourke

Mar 1801, John of Denis Ryan & Judith Fannin sp: Laurence Molloughney & Catharine Fannin

1 Nov 1801, Mary of Jeffrey Fannin & Margaret Eviston sp: William Kearney & Cath Doughan

7 Jan 1802, James of Patt Woodlock & Mary Conway sp: Philip Fannin & Mary Egan

10 Feb 1802, Philip of Richard Fannin & Mary Langton sp: John Conway & Margaret Doughan

13 Apr 1802, Philip of Richard Fannin & Mary Langton sp: Cathy Dohan & Laurence Conway

23 Jul 1802, John of James Croake & Cathy Flyn sp: William Fannin & Alice Duggan

5 Aug 1802, Catherine of John Fannin & Mary Costello sp: Mary & Nelly Carroll X

6 Aug 1802, Edmond of Tim Kennedy & Mary Fogarty sp: Edmond Ryan & Margaret Fannin

20 Jan 1803, Mary of John Maher & Kitt Fanning sp: James ??? & Mary Comyn?

3 Feb 1803, Bridget of Mick Butler & Elizabeth Faning sp: Mary Huile

10 Jun 1803, Cornelius of Cornelius Ryan & Catherine Dawson sp: Kyran Kennedy & Honora Faning

10 Jul 1803, Cath of Dennis Ryan & Judith Fannin, sp: ????? Moloughney & Brigit Murry

17 Sept 1803, Geoffrey of Richard Fannin & Brigit Lanigan sp: William Butler

6 Nov 1803, David of Geoffrey Fannin & Margaret Fannin sp: Laurence Moloughney & Cath Fannin

23 Nov 1803, Cath of Thomas ?????ms & Margaret Hayes sp: William Fannin & Cath Hayes

29 Dec 1803, Judith of Laurence McGuire & Margaret Fannin sp: Mathew McGuire & Ellen Conway

17 Jan 1804, Cath of Jeoffrey Fanning & Margaret Eviston sp: John Dorgan & Judith Maher

23 Jan 1804, Ellen of Joseph Fannin & Brigit Dwyer sp: Michael Kennedy & Betty Ryan

9 Feb 1804, William of John Fannin & Mary Duggan sp: Thomas Egan & Cath Maher

9 Feb 1804, James of John Maher & Cath Fannen sp: William Kearnigan? & Mary Ryan

22 Jun 1804, Margaret of William Fannin & Judith Healy sp: Tim Doheny & Margaret Breen

17 Aug 1804, William of Edmond Bowe & Anastasia Gleeson sp: William Fannin & Judith Maher

6 Jun 1805, Mary of Thomas Cormoc & Ellen Meagher sp: Joseph Fannin & Bridget Dwyer

7 Apr 1805, James of James Addis & Ellen Fannin sp: Martin Tobin & Margaret Finnane

21 Aug 1805, Pat of Joseph Fannin & Mary Dwyer sp: Patt Meagher & Bridget Dwyer

6 Oct 1805, Bridget of Laurence Maguire & Mary Fanning sp: John Kearny & Margaret Doughan

4 Nov 1806, Richard of Jeffrey Fannin & Margaret Eviston sp: James Hewitt & Joanna Haven

8 Mar 1807, John of William Fannin & Ellen Tierney sp: John Shanahan & Mary Carroll

10 Mar 1807, Joe of Joseph Fannon & Joanna More sp: Pat Ryan & Mary Shanahan

Sept 1807, Joanna of Thomas Stokes & Mary Godfrey sp: Thomas Fannin & Mrs Godfrey

1 Jun 1809, John of Joseph Fannin & Bridget Dwyer sp Laurence Russell & Anna Nicholson

Aug 1809, Thomas of John Maher & Catherine Fannin sp: John Dumphy? & Cath Meagher

25 Oct 1810, Mary of John Connell & Catherine Carroll sp: Jeoffry Fannin & Mary Molloy

Gap in records between 1810 and 1817

12 Jun 1817, ???? of Tim Grady & Cath Flinn, Kilenoe, sp: Joe Fannin & Mary Fannine

15 Jan 1818, Bridget of Thomas Fannin & Bridget Bannon, farmer, Garraun sp: John Bannon & Jude Ryan

Priest notes that the registers from Apr 1818 to Jan 1830 have been lost.

8 Jan 1830, Pat of John Fannin & Cath Shelly sp: Michael Lowry & Sally Fannen

25 Jan 1830, Charles of Michael Carroll & Catherine Micrath sp: John Maloohney & Sally Fannin

8 Feb 1830, Daniel of Philip Norton & Bridget Fannan sp: Philip Hogan & Bridget Kiley

6 Apr 1830, Larry of John Fannen & Judy Looby, Grange sp: Michael Looby & Mary Fannen

12 Apr 1831, John of John Lyons? & Bridget Fannen, Turtulla? sp: Tom Stokes & ???? Fannen

5 May? 1831, James of John Carroll & Mary Purcel sp: Tom Purcell & Sally Fannen

9 Aug 1831, Pat of William Fannen & Ellen (Nel) Dempsey sp: John Dempsey & Mary Fannen

15 Aug 1831, Bridget of Edmond Cahill & Cath Fannen sp: Patt Fannin? & Mary Meagher

15 ? 1831, Thomas of John Ryan & Bridget Lawlor sp: Joseph Fannen & Mary Lawlor

10 or 1 Dec 1831, Margaret of Edmond Fannin & Mary Grace sp: John Delahunty & Mary Fannin

11 Feb 1832, Bridget of Joe Fannen & Margaret Ryan sp: William Lalor & Cath Brien

1 Aug 1832, Ellen of John Fannen & Judith (Judy) Looby sp: John Donnelly & Mary Heffernan

13 Dec 1832, Mat? of James Dwyer & Cath Fannen sp: Richard Fannen & Margaret Reardon

5 Jan 1833, John of John Maher & Mary Maher sp: Richard Fannen & Mary Dumphy

From this date addresses are given and the entries are easy to read.

28 Feb 1833, Jeffrey of James Dwyer & Cath Fannen, Cabra sp: Simon Dwyer & Margaret Kearney, Tonestown or lawn

2 Apr 1833, Mary of John Fannin & Mary Bourke, ?????tow, sp: Michael Heffernan & Bridget Heffernan

25 May 1833, Joseph of Joseph Fannin & Cath Hayes, Gauran? sp: Phil Hayes & Mary Bourke

15 Jun 1833, Joseph of John Fanning & Cath Brett, Grague, sp: John Brett & Ellen Flanagan or Hanagan

30 Jun 1833, Brigit? of William Lahy & Mary Fanning, Knockrow, sp: Andrew Kearney & Nancy Maron

20? July 1833, Ellen of David Fanning & Ellen Cunningham, Grague, sp: Ed Fannin & Mary Grace

27 Jul 1833, William of James Butler & Mary ???? Knockrow, sp: Richard Fannin & Mary Smith

3 Feb 1834, Margaret of Thomas Doran & Margaret Cahil, Gobortoh? sp: ??? Doran & Cath Fanning

22 Feb 1834, Jeffrey of Phil Norton & Bridget Norton, Reybojan? sp: Martin Fanning & Andy Norton

14 Aug 1834, Mary of John Fanning & Jude Looby, Grague, sp: Ed Donnelly & Anto Russel

28 Jun 1834, Denis of Thomas Magrath & Mary Mullumby, Mareport? sp: John Fanning & Margaret Keeffe

27 Aug 1834, Jude of Ed Fanning & Mary Grace sp: Ellen ???

13 Oct 1834, James of Mick Egan & Winifred Kower? Galbynoolun? sp: Daniel Larkin & Mary Fanning

17 Nov 1835, Thomas of John Lions & Bridget Fannin, Turtala, sp: Patt Fannin & Margaret Lions

3 Jan 1836, John of ???? Norton & Bridget Fannon, Littleton sp: Ed Fannin & Mary Fannin

28 Jan 1836, Joseph of Joseph Fannin & Margaret Ryan, Derryhogan sp: Winifred Lawlor

X, 31 Jan 1836, Lawrence of Ed Cahil & Cath Fannin, Coolkip, sp: James Cahil & Mary Brien

29 Apr 1836, Bridget of William Fanning & Ellen Dempsey, Grague sp: Nancy Ryan

29 Jul 1836, Mary of John Fanning & Cath Brett, Pouldine sp: Pierce? Maher & Cath Condon

4 Oct 1836, Thomas of John Delahunty & Cath Fitzpatrick, Killnoe sp: Patrick Fanning & Bridget Kernagh

30 Jan 1837, Honora of John McGuier & Mary Hopton? Coldfields sp: Sally Fannin

31 Jan 1837, Mary of Thomas Hayes & Mary Purcil? sp: James Allen & Mary Fanning

28 Mar 1837, Mary of William Leahy & Mary Fanning, Ballyinoeen? sp: Denis Leahy & Anto Fanning

? Aug 1837, Thomas of John Ryan & Bridget Stokes, Coldfields, sp: Matt McDonald & Sally Fanning

2 Nov 1837, Ed of Tim Hogan & Nancy Fanning, Coldfields, sp: John Quinn & Sally Fanning

14 Jan 1838, Jude of Joseph Fanning & Margaret Ryan, Derryhogan sp: Tim Ryan & Jude Maher

18 Jan 1838, Michael of Patrick Fanning & Jude Gueney, Killnan sp: William Fanning & Nanno? Mara

9 Feb 1838, Jude of John Mullony & Anty Fanning, Killnor sp: James Commins & Ellen Lions

4 May 1838, Hugh of Patrick Moyers & Mary Mara, Coldfields, sp: Hugh Shelly & Sally Fanning

6 May 1838, Margaret? of John Lions & Bridget Fanning, Turtala sp: Thomas Butler & Bridget Keily?

16 Jul 1838, Michael of James Dwyr & Cath Fanning, Turtala sp: William Kearny & Nancy Fanning

27 Jul 1838, Andrew of Tim? Maher & Sally Fanning, Coldfields sp: Daniel Maher & Ally Bourke

3 Sept 1838, Johanna of John Fanning & Johanna Luby, Graigue sp: William Loughnane & Mary Cahil

17 Sept 1838, Anto of John Fanning & Cath Brett, Pouldine, sp: Thomas Maher & Jude Brett

17 Dec 1838, Bridget of Ed Fanning & Mary Grace, Gurrane, sp: Ed Bowe & Cath Fanning

9 May 1839, Ed of Ed Cahill & Cath Fanning, Coolkip sp: William Breen & Ellen Cahill

15 May 1839, Richard of Richard Fanning & Jude Ryan, Turtala sp: Mary Ryan

9? Jun 1839, Anto of Thos? Mara & Jude Shelly Coldfields sp: Hugh Shelly & Mary Fanning

10 Jun 1839, Bridget of William Lahy & Mary Fanning, Ballymoreen? sp: Patrick Leamy & Jude Lions

3 Jul 1839, Mary of Thomas Butler & Mary Conway, Turtala, sp: James Cummins & Bridget Fanning

9 Jul 1839, Mary of Joseph Fanning & Cath Hayes, Garrane sp: Cath Shelly

14 Dec 1839, William of John Mullorin? & Anty Fanning, Killnoe sp: Maurice Keating & Bridget Grady

28 Feb 1840, Patrick of Patrick Fanning & Jude Guiney, Killnor sp: Ed Guiney & Jude Lions

7 Apr 1840, Jude of John Fanning & Cath Brett, Pouldine sp: Moris? Dee & Jude Condon

12 Apr 1840, Mary of Philip Norton & Bridget Fanning, Littleton sp: James Godfrey & Mary Ryan

7 Jun 1840, Nicholas of Thomas Hayes & Mary Purcil, Garrane sp: James Michan & Sally Fanning

20 Dec 1840, Margaret of Joseph Fanning & Margaret Ryan, Derryhogan sp: Daniel O’Keely & Ally Ryan

6 Jan 1841, Alley of Michael Allen & Cath Russel, Coldfields sp: Thomas Ryan & Mary Fanning

31 Jan 1841, Thomas of John Bourke & Mary Fanning, Coolcroe, sp: Mary Gleeson

3 Feb 1841, Mary of John Lions & Bridget Fanning, Turtola, sp: John Lions & Ellen Dea

10 Jul 1841, Ally of James Dwyer & Cath Fanning, Turtala sp: Bridget Nagli?

27 Jul 1841, Winifred of James Fogarty & ??? Hanrahan, Gaurane sp: Mary Fanning

8 Aug 1841, Roger of Patrick Butler & Margaret Fogarty, Killaruck? sp: Ed Fanning & Jude Fogarty

21 Oct 1841, Anto of Ed Fanning & Mary Grace, Garrane, sp: Ed Fanning & Mary Fanning

15 Nov 1841, Jeffry of Richard Fanning & Mary Mulcahy, Turtala, sp: Ellen Synot

20 Dec 1841, Cath of Richard Fanning & Jude Ryan, Turlata, sp: James Monahan & Nancy Fanning

17 Jan 1842, Mary of Joseph Fanning & Mary Hayden, Parkstown, sp: James O’Keeffe & Mary Lahy

16 Feb 1842, Jer? of John Fanning & Cath Brett, Pouldine sp: William Condon & Ellen Maher

1 May 1842, Ed of Patrick Fanning & Jude Gueney, Killnoe, sp: John Gueney & Ellen Lions

26 Jun 1842, Cath of William Leahy & Mary Fanning, Ballymoreen sp: Thomas Leahy & Mary Kearney

29 Jun 1842, Thomas of Michael Fanning & Jude ??uby Derryhogan sp: Thomas Puly? & Ellen Mullany

27 Sept 1842, Mary or Margaret of Thomas Hayes & Margaret Purcil, Garrane, sp: Ed Fanning & Jude Fanning

10 Apr 1843, Patrick of John Fanning & Cath Brett, Pouldine, sp: Ed Fogarty & Mary Maher

15 Apr 1843, William of Joseph Fanning & Margaret Ryan, Derryhogan sp: Matt Fanning & Bridget Fanning

28 May 1843, John of John Bourke & Mary Fanning, Coolcroe, sp: Ed Bourke & Cath Delany

3 May 1843, Philip of Richard Fanning & Mary Mulcahy, Turtala sp: John Huite & Nancy Fanning

9 Oct 1843, Jude of James Fogarty & Elin Monaghan, Giraron? sp: Martin Fanning & Catherine Shanahan

5 Mar 1844, William of John Lions & Bridget Fanning, Turtala, sp: Thomas Day & Mary Torpuy

19 Jun 1844, Bridget? of Richard Fanning & Jude Ryan, Turtala, sp: Margaret Hammond

15 Jul 1844, James of James Dwyer & Catherine Fanning, Turtala, sp: Ally Riordan?

16 Sept 1844, John of Edmond Bowe & Jude Cormack, Guraon? sp: Edmond Fanning & Johanna Maher

11 Feb 1845, Catherine of Thomas Hayes & Mary Purcil, Guraron? sp: Edmond Fanning & Cath Hacket

8 Mar 1845, Mary of Thomas Duggan & Jude Shelly, Ballynamona? sp: Mary Fanning

22 Mar 1845, Margaret of Joseph Fanning & Mary Hayden, Parkstown, sp: Margaret Hayden & James Hayden

21 Jun 1845, John of Richard Fanning & Mary Mulcahy, Turtala sp: Martin Butler & Catherine Listen

24 Aug 1845, John of John Fanning & Cath Brett, Pouldine, sp: Jude Condon

12 Nov 1845, Anto of William Lahy & Mary Fanning, Ballymoreen sp: Daniel Mara & Margaret Carrigan

8 Feb 1846, Jer of James Fogarty & Ellen Hanrahan, Gurnion?? sp: John Fanning & Mary Hanrahan

25 Feb 1846, Andrew of Philip Hayes & Mary Callanan, Ballyerk sp: Thomas Hayes & Anto Fanning

27 Feb 1846, Mary of Joseph Fanning & Margaret Ryan, Derryhogan sp: Thomas Stapleton & Mary Stapleton

13 Mar 1846, Patrick of James Ryan & Catherine Mullumby? Grague sp: Tim Magrath & Catherine Fanning

19 Jun 1846, John of Richard Fanning & Mary Mulcahy, Turtulla sp: Martin Butler & Cath Oisten

24 Oct 1846, Jeffrey of John Bourke & Mary Fanning, Coolcroe, sp: Anto Bourke

11 Jan 1847, William of Thomas Leamy & Bridget Casy, Ballybeg sp: Patrick Fanning & Catherine Stapleton

24 Feb 1847, Thomas of Thomas Hayes & Mary Purcel, Gura–re sp: Martin Hacket & Jude Fanning

28 Mar 1847, Mary & Bridget, twins, of Hugh Shelly & Nancy Walsh, Guraion, sp: James Shelly & Catherine Walsh; Michael Walsh & Sally Fanning

22 Apr 1847, Margaret of Ed Moloughney & Catherine Maher, Coldfields, sp: James Moloughney & Bridget Fanning

6 Jun 1847, Ann of William Kelly & Nancy Cuddihy, Coldfields sp: Hugh Fanning & Nony Shelly

28 Oct 1847, Edmond of Gregory? Shanahan & Cath Fitzpatrick, Killnoe sp: Thomas Dwyer & Jude Fanning

2 Jul 1848, Hanna of John Fogarty & Bridget Dwyer, Nundlawry B. ?? sp: Mick Fogarty & Bridget Fanning

16 Jul 1848, Mary of Laurence McGuire & Mary Quin? Rathfarna sp: Edmond McGuire & Mary Fanning

8 Oct 1848, John of Martin Fanning & May Maher, Skehana, sp: Edmund Maher & Anto Fanning

4 Nov 1848, Philip of Richard Fanning & Jude Ryan, Turtulla sp: Ed Dwyer & ??? Maher

13 Nov 1848, Richard of Richard Fannin & Margaret Muhohy?, Turtulla sp: Philip Maher & Ellen Kennagh

24 Jan 1849, Brigit of William Kennedy & Jude Fanning, Loughly sp: Michael Dempsey & Bridget Fannin

3 Feb 1849, John of Patrick Moloughney & Jude Ryan, Larhardin sp: Thomas Ryan & Sally Fannin

28 Oct 1849, Jude of Thomas Cummins & Jude Dwyr, Guraidn? sp: James Slattery & Anto Fanning

28 May 1850, Catherine or Patrick of ???? Fanning & Mary Maher, Skehana sp: John Fanning & Mary Maher

22 Jun 1850, Edmond of Thomas Hayes & Mary Purcell, Parkstown sp: Thomas Fanning & Ally Fanning

19 Apr 1851, John of William Kenedy & Jude Fanning, Loughleag? sp: Anthony Gleeson & Cath Fanning

18 May 1851, Margaret of Patrick Shanahan & Cath Slattery, Killough sp: John Fanning & Bridget Shanahan

27 Jul 1851, Cath of John Fanning & Cath Brett, Nudlawn? sp: Thomas Corcoran & Mary Davy

21 Aug 1851, Ellen of Richard Fanning & Mary Mulcahy, Turtulla sp: Nicholas Corcoran & Mary Maher

9 Nov 1851, Martin of James Fogarty & Ellen Hanrahan, Gurawn? sp: Patrick Cummins & Anto Fanning

21 Mar 1852, Margaret of Michael Spelane & Cath Gleeson, Galbertstown sp: Laurence Fanning & Mary Cormack

28 Mar 1852, John of Martin Fanning & Mary Maher, Skehana sp: Patrick Fanning & Margaret Maher

24 Jun 1852, John of Edmond Moloughney & Cath Sh??? Coldfields sp: John Moloughney & Sally Fanning

5 Oct 1852, Michael of William Kenedy & Judy Fanning, Rafana sp: Ellen Quin

Oct 1853, X Joseph of William Kenedy & Judy Fannon, Rathmannon? sp: James Quin & Mary Maguyre

31 Jul 1854, James of Martin Fanning & Mary Maher, Skehane, sp: Edmond Maher & Mary Molony

2 Dec 1854, Jeremiah of Timothy Dwyer & Mary Wilson, Ballirunane sp: Edmond Fanning & Margaret Kelly

19 Feb 1855, Mary of John Cormack & Ellen Lyons, Leigh sp: Thomas Lyons & Bridget Fanning

28 Mar 1855, Mary of Richard Fanning & Mary Mulcahy, Turtella sp: James Grady & Margaret Bourke

11 Aug 1855, Johanna of William Kenedy & Judy Fanning, Rathfanna sp: Judy Jones

19 Aug 1855, Johannah of Laurence McGuire & Mary Quinn, Laharden sp: John Fanning & Eliza Ryan

17 Jan 1856, Bridget of Thomas Fanning & Bridget Connel, Turtulla sp: Martin Connel & Mary Maher

22 Mar 1857, Martin of Martin Fanning & Mary Maher, Skehane sp: James Molony & Sally Fanning

4 Oct 1857, X Michael of Thomas Carrol & Anto Fanning, Coldfields sp: Bridget Bourke

11 Oct 1857, Catherine of William Kenedy & Judy Fanning, Rafarnna sp: Philip Mantin & Catherine Grant

7 Feb 1858, Edmond of John Maher & Judy Maher, Skehane sp: Edmond Fanning & Catherine Hayes

12 Jun 1858, Richard of Thomas Fanning & Bridget Connell, Turtella sp: Judy Maher

8 Oct 1858, Patrick of James Shelly & Honoria Shelly, Laharden sp: Edmond Fanning & Anne Banon

2 Dec 1858, Thomas of Philip Fanning & Honoria Moloughney, Coldfields sp: Laurence Ryan & Mary Ryan

27 Nov 1859, Johanna of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: Patrick Fanning & Mary Bourke

6 Jun 1860, Anne of John Quirke & Mary Culla, Borris sp: Patrick Fanning & Mary Banon

9 Jun 1860, Mary of William Cussen & Judy Fanning, Coolkenedy sp: Patrick Cormack & Mary Cormack

12 Aug 1860, Mary of William Kenedy & Judy Fanning, Rafarnna sp: Thomas Fanning & Ellen Fanning

4 Nov 1860, Joseph of Martin Fanning & Mary Maher, Skehane sp: Thomas Hayes & Catherine Ryan

10 Mar 1861, John of Philip Fanning & Honoria Moloughney, Coldfields sp: Edmond Moloughney & Judy Ryan

21 Apr 1861, Mary of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: Edmond Fanning & Mary Fogarty

13 Nov 1861, Judy of John Fanning & Mary Fogarty, Turtella sp: Thomas Fanning & Ellen Fogarty

11 Apr 1862, Patrick of Thom Quinn & Judy Jones, Rafana sp: Thomas McGuire & Judy Fanning

16 Apr 1862, Margaret of John Benson & Judy Lyons, Turtella sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Bruton

1 Feb 1863, Michael of John Fanning & Mary Fogarty, Turtella sp: Alice Dwyer

6 Apr 1863, Patrick of Thomas Shanahan & Mary Tobin, Maxfort sp: James Shanahan & Mary Fanning

1 May 1863, Edmond of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: John Fogarty & Sally Fanning

6 Dec 1863, Thomas of John Rahill & Margaret Williams, Turtella sp: Geofrey Fanning & Bridget Kenna

6 Mar 1864, Thomas of Martin Fanning & Mary Maher, Skehane sp: John Fanning & Mary Dunne

9 Apr 1864, Martin of Thomas Fanning & Bridget Connell, Turtella sp: Alice Dwyer

3 May 1864, William Joseph of John Benson & Judy Lyons, Turtella sp: Patrick Lyons & Bridget Fanning. William married Margaret Holohan 29 Apr 1913

2 Aug 1864, Margaret of John McGrath & Anne Butler, Turtella sp: Patrick Fanning & Mary Anne Higgins

28 Sept 1864, Catherine of John Fanning & Mary Fogarty, Turtella sp: John Fogarty & Mary Mulcahy

17 Mar 1865, Patrick of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: Martin Lanigan & Honoria Fogarty. Patrick married Ellen Maher in Thurles 22220 Jul? 1912

18 Jun 1865, John of John Dwyer & Anne Maher, Newhill sp: Edmond Fanning & Ellen Banon

25 Oct 1865, Michael of Thomas Shanahan & Mary Tobin, Maxfort sp: Martin Tobin & Margaret Fanning

6 May 1866, James of Martin Cody & Mary Fitzgerald, Pouldine sp: James Shanahan & Catherine Fanning

27 May 1866, Martin of John Benson & Judy Lyons, Turtella sp: William Fanning & Margaret Butler

3 Nov 1866, Michael of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: Patrick Fanning & Margaret Fogarty

25 Nov 1866, Mary of Walter Stapleton & Mary Ryan, Coolkenedy sp: Joseph Fanning & Catherine Ryan

9 Dec 1866, Mary of John Fanning & Mary Fogarty, Turtella sp: Philip Fanning & Alicia Dwyer

30 mar 1867, Thomas of Thomas Fanning & Bridget Connell, Turtella sp: Mary Fanning

31 Mar 1867, Anastasia of John Heyden & Mary Moloughney, Laharden sp: Edmond Moloughney & Sarah Fanning

14 Apr 1867, William of Michael Fanning, labourer & Anne Casey, Graigue sp: Daniel Russell & Mary Sullivan

8 Sept 1867, William & Michael, twins, of Martin Fanning, farmer & Mary Maher, Skehane sp: William Hayes, Mary Hayes, Martin Fanning & Catherine Hayes

29 Mar 1868, Michael of John Cormack & Ellen Lyons, Leigh sp: William Fanning & Mary Lahy

5 Apr 1868, Margaret of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: John Fanning & Catherine Ryan

17 May 1868, Patrick of John Fanning, labourer & Mary Fogarty, Turtulla sp: Philip Fanning & Margaret Maher

14 Jun 1868, Ellen of Walter Stapleton & Mary Ryan, Coolkenedy sp: William Fanning & Honoria Maher

14 Jul 1868, Thomas of Thomas Fanning & Bridget Connel, Turtella sp: Bridget Fanning

9 Oct 1868, Sally of Laurence Ryan & Margaret Cummins, Coldfields sp: Patrick Cummins & Sally Fanning

23 Feb 1869, Margaret of James Heffernan & Margaret Sullivan, Ballinamona sp: Thomas Donnelly & Catherine Fanning

7 May 1869, Bridget of John Fanning, labourer, & Mary Fogarty, Turtulla sp: Bridget Fogarty & Michael Fanning (occupier) info from civil birth record as well.

10 Apr 1870, Thomas of Michael Butler & Alice Dwyer, Turtulla sp: Thomas Benson & Ellen Fanning

29 Jun 1870, Bridget of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: James Ryan & Judy Fanning

16 Oct 1870, James of Edmond Bourke & Mary Cavanagh, Knockroe sp: William Fanning & Anne Shanahan

1 Nov 1870, Ellen of John Fanning & Mary Fogarty, Turtulla sp: John Kenedy & Mary Fanning

18 Dec 1870, Catherine of Martin Delahunty & Catherine Daly, Loughbeg sp: John Fanning & Margaret Maher

2 Sept 1871, Judith of Martin Cody & Mary Fitzgerald, Pouldine sp: Philip Fanning & Bridget Fanning

3 Sept 1871, Judith of Michael Fanning & Anne Casey, Graigue sp: John Fogarty & Margaret Butler

28 Apr 1872, Bridget of Martin Brien & Bridget Fogarty, Turtulla sp: John Fanning & Mary Fanning

28 Apr 1872, Daniel of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: Thomas Fanning & John Shehan

2 Jun 1872, John of Thomas Fanning & Bridget Connell, Turtulla sp: Thomas Cody & Mary Cody

22 Sept 1872, Honoria of John Fanning & Mary Fogarty, Turtulla sp: Michael Lalor & Ellen Fanning

31 Dec 1873, Catherine of Thomas Kirwan & Margaret Shea, Turtulla sp: Judy Fanning

31 Jan 1874, Patrick of Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan, Graigue sp: John Ryan & Catherine Ryan. Patrick married Mary Costello on 25th of Feb 1914

7 Mar 1874, Martin of John Fanning & Anne Fogarty, Coldfields sp: John Ryan & Judy Fogarty

15 Mar 1874, Margaret of William Fanning & Rose Reily, Newbrook sp: Martin Ryan & Mary Maher. Margaret married John Scally 18th Nov 1909

12 Oct 1874, Catherine of Thomas Daniel & Judy Ryan, Borris sp: Edmond Fanning & Margaret Bourke

31 Oct 1874, Patrick of John Duhan & Catherine Fanning, Turtulla sp: Richard Croak & Bridget Fanning

14 Feb 1875, Rosanna of William Fanning & Rose Reily, Newbrook sp: Margaret Grant

21 Feb 1875, Thomas of Michael Fanning & Ellen Connell, Littleton sp: Michael  Farrington & Ellen Farrington

6 Mar 1875, Michael of Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan, Graigue sp: Michael Ryan & Sally Ryan

7 Mar 1875, Denis of Martin Brien & Bridget Fogarty, Turtulla sp: Michael Wheelan & Bridget Fanning

4 Jul 1875, Anne of Michael Fanning & Anne Casey, Coolkip sp: Thomas Quinlan? & Mary Gleeson

10 Jul 1875, William of Patrick Delahunty & Ellen Maher, Coldfields sp: John Moloughney & Joanna Fanning

8 Sept 1875, Ellen of William Hayes & Margaret Fogarty, Ballyerk sp: Edmund Fanning & Ellen Flinn

4 Dec 1875, Edmond of John Hayden & Mary Moloughney, Laharden sp: Thomas Fanning & Mary Ryan

9 Sept 1876, Margaret of Edmond Moloughney & Mary Kenedy, Coldfields sp: Anne Fanning

25 Sept 1876, Mary of Michael Butler & Ally Dwyer, Turtulla sp: Philip Fanning & Alice Dwyer

30 Sept 1876, Joseph of Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan, Graigue sp: Laurence Ryan & Anne Cushing. Joseph married Ellen Lambe of Maxfort in 24 J???? 1919

22 Jul 1877, John of John Fanning & May Fogarty, Turtulla sp: Ed Dwyer & Joanna Fanning

2 Dec 1877, John of Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan, Graigue sp: Margaret Cussen

3 May 1878, Mary of Michael Fanning & Anne Casey, Knockroe sp: Patrick Gleeson & Mary Kelly

1 Jan 1879, Mary of Michael Butler & Ally Dwyer, Turtulla sp: Denis Butler & Mary Fanning

3 May 1879, William of Joseph Fanning, farmer, & Mary Ryan, Graigue sp: Patrick Flanagan & Mary Skehan

29 Jun 1879, Bridget of Thady Fahy & Bridget Stapleton, Ballydavid sp: Mathew Tracy & Bridget Fanning

27 Aug 1879, Catherine of Edmond Ryan & Bridget Fanning, Turtulla sp: John Banon & Ellen Fanning

20 Aug 1880, James of Thomas Commons & Judith Commins, Borris sp: John Shelly & Mary Maher. James Commons married Sarah Fanning 22 Jun 1921

10 Oct 1880, Margaret of Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan, Graigue sp: William Fanning & Catherine Molumby

20 Oct 1897, Sarah of Edmund Fanning, farmer, & Elizabeth Ryan, Coolcroo sp: Michael Fanning & Bridget Ryan

15 May 1901, William of Thomas Fanning, farmer & Margaret Fogarty, Borris, sp: Thomas Fanning, father. Civil birth rec birth date 20 Apr 1901.

22 Oct 1903, John of Thomas Fanning & Margaret Fogarty, Borris sp: father a farmer, civil birth record.

*4 Jul 1904, John of Edward Fanning & Johanna Hogan, Shanballa sp: father a farmer civil birth rec, birth date 4 Jul 1904

3 Aug 1904, Sarah of Thomas Fanning & Catherine Brennan, Coldfields sp: father a farmer civil birth rec, birth date 26 Jul 1904

30 Jul 1907, Mary of Edward Fanning & Johanna Hogan, Shanballa sp: father a farmer, civil birth rec

9 Jun 1914, John of Patrick Fanning, a farmer & Ellen Maher, Coldfields civil birth rec birth date 11 Apr 1914