Fanning and Darmody in Griffith’s Valuation of Co Tipperary Ireland 1850-1

Fanning & Darmody listings and details from Griffith’s Valuation published 1850-1 for Co Tipperary Ireland.

Fannings, Fannins  & Darmodys listed in Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation for all counties of Ireland can be searched at Ask About Ireland. It is a free site and you can look at the original documents.

Listed alphabetically by townland and all in North Riding, County Tipperary. The parishes are civil parishes. The dates I have given are the printing dates.

Michael Fanning poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Ikerrin, Parish of Templeree, Townland of Ballinlassa. Street No 6a. O.S. Sheet or Town Plan Ref 29. Map Ref 5. Michael Fanning’s name is bracketed with William Tracy 6b and Michael Brennan 5. Michael Brennan has land, William Fanning House and land and William Tracy has a house and land. The combined amount is 4 acres 3 roods 20 perches with a net annual value of 2 pounds 15 shillings. Value of the buildings was 15 shillings net annual value.

Margaret Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Parish of Holycross and Townlandof Ballyvoneen. Street No 2e. House with annual net value of 6 shillings. Map ref 57. Mar 1850.

Patrick Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Eliogarty, Parish of Thurles, Townland of Bawntamena. Street No 1. Land 6 acres, 2 roods, 12 perches net annual value of 9 pounds 16 shillings.

Martin Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Eliogarty, Parish of Twomileborris, Townland of Blackcastle, Street No 3AB Map Ref 47. Land with Mrs Maher 28 acres 8 perches value 5 pounds 18 shillings combined. 3Aa is a house, office and garden, 1 acre 2 perches, value 11 shillings and value of building 3 shillings; rented to James Maher by Martin Fanning and Mrs Maher. Mar 1850.  Continue reading “Fanning and Darmody in Griffith’s Valuation of Co Tipperary Ireland 1850-1”

Fanning and Darmody in Slater’s Directory Co Tipperary Ireland 1846

Slater’s Directory for Co Tipperary Ireland in 1846 list a number of Fannings and Darmodys in various trades in Thurles.

Slaters Directory 1846 Thurles
Slaters Directory 1846 Thurles

Patrick Fanning is listed as a baker at Main St;
John Fanning as a leather seller in Main St ;
John Darmody was also a leather seller in Main St.
Under Public Houses are listed Edward Fanning at Pudding Lane, John Fanning at Main St and Patrick Fanning also at Main St.

Darmody and Dermody Family History Co Tipperary Ireland

Searching for information on Judith Darmody who married Edmund Fanning in 1808 in Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland. Link to a comprehensive family history site for the Darmody or Dermody surname.

I am searching for information about my gr gr gr grandmother Johanna (Judith or Judy) Darmody. She married Edmond or Edward Fanning in Thurles Parish in 1808. They had ten children. I have been unable to find out anything about her family.

Witnesses at her wedding were Patrick Darmody and Judith MacGrath. She came from the townland of Racecourse in Thurles.

Sponsors for her children were:

20/5/1809 Edm. Callinan and Biddy Fitzpatrick; 23/9/1810 Andrew Callinan and Ellen Kirwan; 5/4/1812 Pat Fanning and Mary Dunne; 25/11/1813 Michael Fitzpatrick and Jude Fanning; 6/11/1816 Mick Fanning; 20/3/1821 John Callanan and Margaret Fitzpatrick; 17/2/1823 John Nolan and Sally Darmody;  8/11/1824 Philip Darmody and Kitty Nolan; 4/12/1826 John Ryan and Mary Callinan; 30/5/1829 Judith Treacy.

Just came across a really good Darmody Family History site:

It has all the references to Darmodys and Dermodys in Griffiths Valuations, in Arrival lists for Victoria and NSW, in the Victorian Birth Index 1855-1905, Marriage Index 1838-1905, Death Index 1835-1913 and in the IGI index for Tipperary

Fannins and Darmodys Fined In 1750 Co Tipperary Ireland

Fanning and Darmody individuals taxed in 1750 Co Tipperary Ireland.

It was the practice of the time for the authorities to assess damage to property and losses by robbery due to the activities of the Whiteboys and similar organisations, and to recover the value in cash by levying a special tax or fine on all Roman Catholics in the district concerned – in this case the County of Tipperary.

Below are the names of Fannings and Darmodys who were fined in 1750. These names are from the return for the half barony of Ikerrin in Tipperary County, upon which the tax was to be based in proportion to the acreage held.

KILLAVANNOUGH PARISH: William Darmody 4; Thomas Darmody 17

ROSCREA PARISH: Edmond ffanin 40

CORBALLY PARISH: James Darmody 10

The number after the name is supposed to be the number of acres, but it could be the fine/tax assessed at “the Sume of one farthing sterling for every three Acres.”

Fannings and Darmodys in Ireland 1571 to 1603

Fanning and Darmody persons mentioned in early records for Ireland, 1571-1603, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Fannings and Darmodys in the Fiants in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth:

1571: Numerous Pardons with address seldom specified; some are in Co. Carlow and others appear to be of Kilkenny. None seem of Tipperary although there are numerous Butlers, Wales, Meaghers, Tobins, Purcells, Fannings, Nolans, Hacketts, Keatings, some Fogartys, Ryans, numerous Graces, some Comefords, Carrolls, Burkes.

1584: Pardon to James Fannyng of Ballikele (Ballkeely, ? Cashel), David Fannynge of Tully. Pardon to Konoghor m’Dermodite M’Brien of Sholdode. 4535 (3879). Pardon to Edm Fanninge m’Rich of Kahirgillewogre(Carrigoreilly?). Security provisions as in 4475. – 26 Nov XXVII. ( Same date pardon to more O Mulryans, Walshes etc in Co. Limerick, without further address; but probabley of Owenbeg and Clanwillian.

1585: Pardon to Wm M’Dermod of Creighe; Wm,m’Dermody roo of Killycknegarf; Teig m’Deirmody M’Sekays of Ballebarre husbandman; Melaughlen ruo M’Deirmody of Cahirkenlis

1587: Pardon to Donell m’ Dermodie O’Mulrian of Coroncharef; Conoghor m’Donogho m’Dermody of Clangibbons

1597: Pardon to Rich Fanning Fitz Patr., Wm Faninge Fitz James, Rich Fannynge Fitz Oliver, Geoffrey Fannynge Fitz John, Oliver Fannynge Fitz James, Wm. Fanninge.

1600: Pardon to Oliver Faning of the Gradges yeoman.

Provided they appear and submit themselves before the queen’s commisioners or keepers of the place who for the time being shall be assigned in the said county, at the next general sessions, and be sufficiently found with convenient sureties, to keep the peace and to answer and personally appear in all sessions held in the county when called to satisfy the demand of all the queen’s subjects according to justice. Pardon not to extend to any murder or intrusion whon possessions of the crown or release of any debt, fine of alienation, account or arrears payable to crown – 22 Sept XLIII. (C.P.R., 575)

1601Teig m’Dermody I Mulrian of Arlow yeoman. Km. m’Dermody m’Brien, yeoman of Corrie. Connor m’Dermod m’Brien of Ballifirrin; Wm. M’Dermod O’Heallahie of Ballichinsie; John roe m’Deirmody of Cnocklonghy of Kilfrushe; Teige m’Dermod O’Lalor of Dremnemeghan; Dermod m’Teige m’Cragh yeoman of Rosenemoltiny; Wm. m’Dermod m’Cragh yeoman of Rosenemoltiny; Donogh O’Kenedie Fitz Dermod of Porttolichan (Portland); Oliver Fawning of Garrynnegri yeoman; Wm. Fanyne Fitz James; John Fitz Morris m’Dermodie of Mullagh; Gillenenewe m’Dermod; James Fanyne of Ballingarry; Teig m’Dermodie O’Hallorane; Mahown duffe O’Dermodie of Sollihoid; Pardon to Jeffrey Faning Fitz Edm of Killmocollomiogh, and tho Faninge of Mogowry, yeomen; John mDaniel O’Dermody of Loghney husbandman.

Provided they personally appear and submit themselves before the Queen’s commissioners or keepers of the peace in the several counties in which they live, at the next or 2nd sessions after the date of pardon; and shall then be sufficiently bound, with convienient sureties to keep the peace and answer in all sessions in the several counties when called to satisfy the demands of all the Queen’s subjects according to justice. Pardon not to extend to any murder committed by any of these persons before their entry into rebellion, nor intrusion on possessions of crown, nor to remit or release any debt, account, or fine of alienation, due to crown. Those engaged in the redemption of the Earl of Ormond from captivity among the rebels, exempted from proviso requiring security. The pardon recommended by the Earl of Ormond – 6th Aug. XLIII. (C.P.R. – 591).

1602: Pardon to: Nicholas Fannynge Fitz Edm. e valle, of Ballinacloghie?; Shane Fannynge of Lismalyn, gent; John O’Dermody of Kelucherie; Oliver Fanynge of Cappagh yeoman; Tho Fannynge of Buylekele gent; Edm Fannynge of Balleneclogher yeoman; Tho Fannynge yeoman of Balleneclogher; James Fannyng of Bollenvale yeoman;

1603: John Fanynge of Bowllekeill yeoman; Pardon to Oliver Fannynge Fitz James of Garrynegrey, gent; Jeffrey Fannyngl m’ Edm of Kilmokyn

Provisions as in 6497, save proviso excepting crimes committed after the date of the Lord President’s letter is ommitted, and the date of the Lord Deputy’s warrant for the pardon inserted in the body of the patent, as the period up to which offences are pardoned. Pardon not to extend to any murder committed by any of parties before they entered into rebellion – 3rd March XLV. (C.P.R, 634).

Provided they appear and submit before Nick Walsh, Knt., Chief Justice of the Common Bench, W. Sarey the Chief Justice of Munster, John Everarde, Second Justice of the place, Gerald Comerford, Second Justice of Munster, and Dominick Sarsfield, queen’s attorney of the province, or 2 of them, within 3 months, and be sufficianthy bound with sureties; and that all recognyances taken be recorded in the council book of the province of Munster, at the next sessions in the county where the parties live. Unless the persons aforesaid find security within 3 months, the pardon, as to them, to be of no effect. Pardon not to extend to any intrusion on crown lands, or debts to crown – 3rd Mar. XLV. (C.P.R.-629).

From the Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records and of the …, Volumes 17-21 By Ireland Public Record Office, Ireland. State Paper Office 1885

Source: Annates for the Diocese of Emly

If above link doesn’t work google Annates of Emly and Cashel and when the Ryan site URL comes up click on Cached.

Darmody and Fanning Co Tipperary Ireland Inquests 1847 to 1851

Fanning and Darmody individuals listed in Co Tipperary Inquests 1847-1851 Ireland.

A return of inquests taken by James Carroll, Esq. one of the Coroners of the County Tipperary starting on the 3rd, Day of July 1847: Aug. 7th on Mary Darmody, Birdhill, Kilcominty, Owney and Arra, Dr. Robert A. Twiss.

Application for Presentments at the Spring Assizes 1848, for amount of inquisitions held by Thomas O’Meara, Esq, one of the Coroners for the County Tipperary: Nov.3rd. on Bridget Darmody, Ballinlonty, Verdict-Murder.

Application for Presentments at the Summer Assizes, 1848 for the amount of Inquisitions held by Thomas O’Mears, Coroner for the County of Tipperary: 13th. June, Thomas Fanning, suffocation at Upperchurch.

April 1st 1851, Wm. Fanning, at Ballymackey, Lower Ormond, died from destitution and cold. G. Frith, surgeon. Coffin 3s 6d.

Source: Ireland Genealogy Project

Location of Fannings and Darmodys Co Tipperary Ireland 1850

On this map of North Tipperary Civil Parishes are marked the parishes where Fanning, Fannin and Darmodys lived in 1850.

Civil Parishes Nth Tipperary

These are the Civil Parishes where Fannings, Fannins and Darmodys are listed in Griffith’s Valuations. There is detailed information on individual entries in Griffith’s Valuations in the post “Fanning/Fannin/Darmody in Griffith’s Valuation” 3/21/09.

They are, going clockwise from the top,: Roscrea, Bourney, Killavinoge, Templeree, Loughmoe West, Loughmoe East, Moyne, Rahelty, Twomileborris, Ballymureen, Moycarkey, Fertiana, Holycross, Thurles, Inch, Glenkeen, Drom, Templemore.

Fanning and Darmody Listings in Bassett’s Directory 1889 Co Tipperary Ireland

Fanning and Darmody listings in Bassett’s trade directory for Co Tipperary Ireland 1889.

Bassett’s Directory by George Henry Bassett was a manual and directory for manufacturers, merchants, traders, professional men, land-owners, farmers, tourists, anglers and sportsmen generally. It was published in 1889.

All of Bassett’s Directory for County Tipperary is on the Rare Clonmel site.

After their occupation, the street or townland is listed, followed by the town name.

Mrs C Fanning Farmers, Residents, Lissaroon Bouladuff. Bouladuff is a townland of 252 acres 3 roods 17 perches in the Civil Parish of Inch.

Wm Fanning Farmers, Residents, Templenahurney Bansha

John Fanning Farmers, Residents, Lacken Tipperary

James Fanning, Farmers, Residents Glenreighbeg Holycross

Martin Fanning Farmers, residents Borris Two Mile Borris

Martin Fanning Grocers Limerick St Roscrea Wholesale & Family Grocer, Tea, Wine & Spirit merchant, also Mineral Water Manufacturer.

Thos Fanning Grocers New St Thurles

Wm Fanning Farmers, Residents Clondoty Templemore

Wm Fanning Farmers, Residents Kilvilcorris Templemore

James Fanning Farmers, ResidentsBarracurragh Ballycahill

Jas Fanning Schools Parochial Cashel

Fanning Painters Master Stephen St Clonmel Fanning Bros

Pat Darmody Town Commissioners Thurles.

James Darmody Farmers, Residents Kilross Kilross

Daniel Darmody Farmers, Residents Beakstown Holycross

Jerh Darmody Farmers, Residents Beakstown Holycross

John Darmody Farmers, Residents Ballinvoher Clonmel

James Darmody Farmers, Residents Waller’s Lot Cashel

John Darmody Farmers, Residents Rathordan Cashel

Michl Darmody Grocers Henry St 92 Tipperary

Fanning and Darmody Land Sales and Leases 1781 to 1853 Co Tipperary Ireland

Records of land sales and leases 1781-1853 in Co Tipperary Ireland for Fanning, Fannin and Darmody individuals.

7 August 1781 Lease of Knockane. George Ryan of Inch to John Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Michael Murphy and Nicolas Fannin, Farmers of Knockane, for the term of 31 years at an annual rent of 21 pounds. Rent payable in two moieties on the 1 May and 1 Nov. Turf rights are not included and a penalty of 20 shillings will be levied on every kish of turf removed.

27 Oct 1781 Lease of the Bogg of Inch (21a). George Ryan of Inch to Philip Darmody of [Fishmoy], at an annual rent of £10. Rent payable in two moieties on the 1 May and 1 Nov. page 32 Source: Ryan Documents

To let 1816:- Drom House- 50a. in the house division. Lands lately held by William Russell and Ed. Fanning. Source: Rootsweb CoTipperary-L-Archives contributed by Mary Heaphy.

19 April 1836 Copy letter to (Chief Secretary) Drummond from George Ryan, Inch, enclosing a letter to the Lord Lieutenant from Rev. Mulcahy a response to a memorial for David Fanning, currently under sentence of transportation. Ryan adds “a more daring and desperate character is not to be found in this neighbourhood”. Source: Ryan Documents.

Encumbered Estate Records In the aftermath of the Famine, the Government established the Incumbered Estate Court to deal with bankrupt estates. The petitioner before the court had to prepare details of the estates, including the tenancies. During the period 1850-58, 8,000 estates were sold and information on such estates had to be prepared

1. The Estate of Robert Lidwill, a minor, Owner of the lands of Cormackstown, otherwise Ballymacormack situate in the Parish of Holycross, Barony of Eliogarty and County Tipperary. Two of the tenants names are: William Fanning & Widow Fanning. Their leases were year to year leases. Source: Tipperary Encumbered Estate Records.

2.Estate of Thomas P Firman of Mount Falkner Tipperary – Sale Notice contributed by Clare Tuohy. Lands of Grange in the Barony of Eliogarty held forever under a fee-farm grant. Sold by auction 18th May 1852. Grange: Tenants name is Patrick Tuohy and the area of land is 88 acres 1 rod and 5 perches . Under tenure is written “Lease date 14th May 1839, made between Thomas P. Firman of Mount Falkner, in the County of Tipperary and Patrick Tuohy of Lower Grange, Tipperary, farmer, of the other part; for 3 lives or 31 years , lives all in being, viz. John Tuohy aged 20 years, William McGrath now in America aged 30 years and Thomas Fanning now in America, aged 30 years.” Source: Tipperary Encumbered Estate Records.

3. The encumbered estate of John Craven Carden, Bart.,Owner Sale 13 Dec. 1853 Situate in the Barony of Eliogarty, Clondotty. Tenant’s names: William Fanning Tenancy from year to year John Gleeson & William Fanning Tenancy from year to year. Source: Tipperary Encumbered Estate Records.

Fanning and Darmody in Slater’s Directory Co Tipperary Ireland 1856

Fanning and Darmody listings in the 1856 Slater’s Directory for Co Tipperary Ireland.

Major Tipperary county Towns in 1856 – Clonmell, Cashel, Roscrea, Nenegh, Tipperary, and Carrick.

Listed in Slater’s 1856 Directory for Thurles:
John Darmody, the Gate, Leather Seller
Patrick Darmody, the Gate, Baker
Edward Fanning, Pudding Lane, Public House (Prop)
Patrick Fanning, Main St, Baker

For Carrick-On-Suir:
Margaret Fanning of Carrick-beg is a blacksmith
Nicholas Fanning of Cook’s Lane is a Boot & Shoemaker
Patrick Fanning of Ballyrichard Rd is a tailor.