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My family trees are on Rootsweb World Connect (a free site).

My Fanning paternal tree is called Fannings from Tipperary.

My maternal tree on Rootsweb is called Knighton Family Tree.

My Fanning family tree on  is titled Fannings from Co Tipperary Ireland 2017. It is more up to date than the Rootsweb Trees.

My maternal family tree is called Knighton Family Tree and is also on is a subscription site, so I am not sure how much you are able to look at without paying.

I am including descendant and ancestor report which come from my Family Tree Maker database so eventually all the info on Ancestry and Rootsweb will be on this site. Look for these reports at the end of family posts. However I only update these every now and again so my ancestry tree is definitely the most current.

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  1. I have a long list of Fannings who resided here in Newfoundland, although as far as my brother has told me, he thought they came from Waterford in Ireland.

    1. Hi Gus
      Great to hear from a Canadian Fanning interested in genealogy. I haven’t found any Fanning ancestors who emigrated to Canada yet but there must have been some who ended up there. So far I have focused on Australia and Ireland but would love to be able to track those Fannings who went west. Thanks for sending all those parish records.

      1. Gus sent me a lot of BDM parish records for Fannings in Canada. At some point I will put them on here but if anyone is researching their Canadian Fanning history contact me and I can send you these records. Kathleen

        1. Here are the Newfoundland Canada Fanning records Gus Fanning sent me. I don’t know if there is any connection with my Fanning ancestors from Co Tipperary but they may be helpful to someone else researching their Fanning family tree:

          Here’s what I found, I’ve listed all instances of the Fannings even when they
          are only witnesses or sponsors (as this might suggest a family link).

          Provincial Archives of Newfoundland

          Parish Records Argentia RC Baptisms 1835-1897
          Jul 2 1835 Margaret of John Finingon and Agnes Sparrow
          sponsors William Holihan and Elizabeth Riley
          (see note 1)

          Jan 12 1843 John of John Fanning and Agnes Sparrow
          sponsors Jeromy(?) Sparrow and Honnora(?) Sparrow
          (see note 2)

          Nov 15 1846 Anne of Colbert Sparrow and Marg Walsh
          sponsors James Fanning and Anne Bailey

          Oct 2 1847 Dorothy of William Bird and Mary Nash(?)
          sponsors James Fanning and Bridget Rielay

          Jan 7 1849 Julia of Robert Sparrow and Mary Walsh
          sponsors William Fanning and Mary Power

          Aug 1 1849 Anastasia of Valentine Mead and Margaret Hunt
          sponsors Richard McGrath and Margaret Fanning

          Nov 29 1850 John of John Sparrow and Honora Bryan
          sponsors William Fanning and Kate Fanning

          May 4 1851 Catherine of Robert Sparrow and Margaret Walsh
          sponsors Richard McGrath and Marg Fanning

          Jul 6 1852 Charles of Benjamin and Elizabeth Healy(?)
          sponsors William Fanning and Anne Hill

          Jan 4 1857 John of James Fanning and Anastasia Hunt
          sponsors Richard McCarthy and Margaret Phoran
          (see note 3)

          Mar 14 1858 Catherine of John Fanning and Agnes Sparrow
          sponsors undecipherable
          (note 4)

          Dec 14 1858 William Thomas of James Fanning and Anity Hunt
          sponsors William Fanning and Catherine Phoran
          (note 5)

          Oct 1 1862 Margaret of Richard McGrath and Margaret Fanning
          sponsors Richard McGrath and Ellen LeDeaels(?) (possibly Ledwell)

          Nov 30 1862 Anges of James Fanning and Anty Hunt by P. Nowlan
          sponsors Patrick Hunt and Valma(?) Walsh

          Jun 4 1865 Mary Alice of James Fanning and Anty Hunt by P. Nowlan
          sponsors Richard McGrath and Dolly Bird

          Notes: 1. Obviously mispelling of Fanning
          2. John’s birth year according to Francis O’Dell Morrison should be 1845.
          3. This is probably James, who gave his birth year as 1858 in the 1921
          4. AKA Kate Fanning, a menapause baby or illegitimate grandchild?
          5. On the marriage record William gave an age of 30 which would make his
          birth year 1863.

          Parish Records Argentia RC Marriages 1835-1896
          Nov 1 1851 Francis(?) Sparrow and Agnes Hunt by P Nowlan
          witnesses James Fanning and ? Fanning

          May 29 1853 Thomas McCarthy and Jane Millar by P Nowlan
          witnesses Garret Lamb and Margaret Fanning

          Nov 4 1854 Richard McGrath and Margaret Fanning by P Nowlan
          witnesses Michael McCarthy and Bridget Phoran

          Nov 4 1855 Micheal Phoren and Margaret Fennesay by P Nowlan
          witnesses Peter Phoran and Margaret Fanning

          Nov 25 1855 James Fanning and Anastasia Hunt by P Nowlan
          witnesses Richard McCarthy and Margaret Fanning

          May 20 1859 Richard Wakely and Anne Fanning by P Nowlan
          witnesses John Bisco(?) and Margaret Barray(?)

          Oct 14 1859 Philip Walsh and Johanna Phoran by P. Nowlan
          witnesses John Foley and Anne Fanning

          Apr 23 1866 Thomas Ledwith and Dolly Bird by P. Nowlan
          witnesses John Fanning and Bridget Rilley

          P. Nowlan was Pelagius Nowlan

          Parish Records Argentia RC Outline of Families

          1835 John Fanning and Agnes Sparrow (note 1)
          1835 Margaret
          1840 Anne (note 2)
          1843 John
          1858 Catherine

          1855 James Fanning and Anastasia Hunt
          1857 John (note 3)
          1858 William Thomas (note 4)
          1862 Agnes
          1865 Mary Alice

          1. Where are the baptisms for William and James? I started to look in the Placentia
          registers but didn’t get very far before giving up as they are in poor condition.
          2. I didn’t find this baptism in the register, I looked at the Outline last and
          ran out of time.
          3. Possibly James.
          4. My greatgrandfather William is listed as William T in one of the business directories.

          Parish Records St. John’s RC Basilica Index of Baptisms
          Surname Fanning

          Name Baptism Date Ref Father Mother
          Anastasia Mary May 11 1862 54 Edward Fanning Bridge O’Mara(?)
          Anne Aug 1 1887 37 Edward Fanning Julia King
          Augustian Oct 1 1897 6 William Fanning Catherine O’Neill (note 1)
          Charles Francis Jul 6 1894 52 William Fanning Kate O’Neill
          Earnest May 23 1900 61 William Fanning Catherine O’Neill
          Edward Joseph May 26 1902 100 Edward Fanning Julia King
          Elizabeth Mary Aug 1 1892 13 Edward Fanning Julia King
          Ellen Mary Aug 11 1893 33 James Fanning Bridget McGrath
          Henry Jul 19 1895 75 William Fanning Kate O’Neill (note 2)
          Ida Margaret Oct 21 1896 101 William Fanning Kate O’Neill
          Johanna Jul 6 1898 21 Edward Fanning Julia King
          Margaret Jun 8 1900 62 Edward Fanning Julia King
          Mary Anne May 21 1894 50 Edward Fanning Julia King
          Mary Isabella Apr 27 1891 125 James Fanning Bridget McGrath (note 3)
          Mary Joseph Mar 5 1867 116 Edward Fanning Bridget O’Mara(?)
          Stella Jan 9 1899 32 William Fanning Catherine O’Neill
          William Feb 22 1889 75 James Fanning Bridget McGrath
          William John Sep 14 1856 69 ? Fanning Mayant(?) Fitzgerald

          1. This is Augustus, his birth year was always thought to be 1898.
          2. This should be Harold (Harry).
          3. Went by the name Belle.

          Surname O’Neill (Catherines only)

          Catherine Nov 30 1866 106 John O’Neill
          Catherine Sep 13 1869 80 James O’Neill Anne Noonan
          Catherine Joseph Mar 21 1873 5 James O’Neill (note 1)
          Catherine Mary Dec 15 1882 55 (note 2)
          Catherine Mary Oct 14 1902 108 (note 2)

          I looked for Catherine O’Neill and found 5 entries. None of them had a fathers
          name of William or Morgan. I suspect Catherine was baptised in Ireland or somewhere else
          in the province. I tried looking for some of her brothers but couldn’t find them either.
          Catherines place of birth should be listed on the 1921 census.

          1. Had a notation “callea Josephine”.
          2. Too young to be my greatgrandmother.

          Parish Records St.John’s RC Basilica Marriages

          Jun 9 1886
          John O’Neill Waldegrave
          Mary McGrath Signal Hill Rd.
          witnesses John Flynn and Mary Barnes

          Jul 7 1887 Edward Fanning and Julia King

          Jul 1 1888 James Fanning and Bridget McGrath

          Age Nomina Parentum Eorum Residentia
          Aug 23 1893
          William Fanning 30 James and Anastasia Fanning Duggan St
          Catherine O’Neill 25 Morgan and Catherine O’Neill Waldegrave St

          by John Scott witnesses George Smyth Maud Flynn

          1. Beginning 1890 the records list parents names and ages.
          2. Couldn’t find the marriage of James Fanning because the page is numbered 161 and is filed
          between 173 and 174. There is also another page numbered 161.
          3. William Fannings age is suspect, he could be 35. Check his date of birth on the 1921

          Vital Statistics
          Looked in Volumes 100 and 103 but didn’t find anything of interest.

          AC Hunter Library – Newfoundland Collection

          Directory for the Towns of St.John’s, Harbour Grace and Carbonear 1885-1886

          St. John’s

          Only 1 entry for Fanning(not a known relation)

          Fanning Francis labourer 39 Bulleys Lane

          Listed all O’Neills in directory
          O’Neill Philip trader 20 James St
          Richard tailor 6 Bulleys Lane
          James cooper 5 Cuddihys Lane
          Andrew fisherman 2 Barters Hill
          Edmund cooper 18 Brazil Sq
          William baker 416 Water St
          William shopkeeper 55 Plymouth Row
          Arthur labourer 16 Southwest st
          Mrs 9 Kickhams Lane
          Thomas Liqours 140 Water St
          James storekeeper 10 Darling St
          William coachman 51 Victoria st
          Michael groceries 271 Water St

          Might and Co. Directory of St.John’s, Harbour Grace and Carbonear 1890
          St. John’s

          Fanning Alice Domestic h 60 George
          Fanning Anastasia (wid James) Res 14 Allens Sg
          Fanning James Shoemaker J H Dee h 14 Allens Sq
          Fanning William Shoemaker Parker&Monroe res 14 Allens Sq

          Means Anastasia is probably buried in St.John’s somewhere. Where were they between 1865
          and 1890? None of our Fannings appear in the 1871 business directory.

          Newfoundland Directory 1894-1897


          Fanning Edward Blacksmith h 27 Mullock
          Fanning James Shoemaker h 9 Duggan
          Fanning William T Shoemaker h 5 Duggan

          {list of only one of the O’Neills in the Directory}
          O’Neill Jeremiah Cooper h 18 Waldegrave (note 1)

          1. 18 Waldegrave is where William O’Neill lived. Catherine eventually moved the family
          to Waldegrave St after William Fanning died in 1932 and they sold the house on Barters
          Hill. We should check to see what number house they lived in on the later directories,
          the house may have been the original O’Neill family home. This is probably Catherines
          2. Anastasia was probably dead at this time since they always listed widows in the directory.

          St. John’s City Directory McAlpines 1915

          Fanning Miss Aileen clerk WH Jessop bds 121 Cabot
          ” Augustus clerk Public Health Office bds 23 Barters
          ” Francis grocer 68 Barnes Rd h do
          ” James shoemaker h 121 Cabot
          ” William grocer 23 Barters Hill h do
          ” William R (OAS) bds 121 Cabot
          ” Miss Theresa bds 68 Barnes Rd

          1. Aileen is a probably a misspelling of Ellen which is how she is recorded on her baptism
          record, but the 1921 census lists her as Eleen. She’s the other daughter of James Fanning.
          She married a Bartlett, it would be interesting find her in a later census to see how her
          name is recorded.

          St. John’s City Directory 1924

          Fanning Frances 10 Cochrane
          ” Harry Burroghs Add. Mach Insp Royal Stationary Co h 23 Barters Hill
          ” Ira Emp Royal Stores h 23 Barters Hill
          ” Wm Shoemkr Parker&Monroe h 23 Barters Hill
          ” Wm R Piano Tuner 43 Patrick St

          1. Ira is mispelling of Ida.
          2. Wm R is James Fannings son, he went by Bob. He’s Dot Wyatts father.

          Gert Crosbies Births, Deaths and Marriages

          This is an index of events in surname order grouped by decade. There are letters after
          each entry to identify which newspaper the event came from but I forgot to note it. The entries
          stop in 1890. I found nothing for the O’Neills.

          Fanning, Edward of Carbonear and O’Mara Brdget daughter of the late Daniel O’Mara
          married July 8/1856.

          Fanning, Matthew and Gould Mary of Carbonear married July 9/1857.

          Fanning, William died at Carbonear July 15/1854.

          Fanning, Mary Ann eldest daughter of Capt. John and Annie Fanning died age 8yrs 4 months
          at 215 Lockman St Halifax on July 26 1885.

          Fanning, James married McGrath Bridie daughter of John McGrath, Brazils Sq on 1st
          at RC Catherdal by Rev. Forristall July 10/1888.


          Ships Passenger Lists – Arrivals at the port of Halifax
          Arrived on the Phoenician Miss Agnes Fanning 1882.

          Arrived on the Newfoundland Miss Fanning 1885.

          Boston Port Arrivals & Immigration 1715-16,1762-69
          page 59 John Fanning & William Marriners

          1. Hi! I have looked at some of your Fanning family tree,and I was wondering if perhaps you had any info on some of my lineage. Laughlin Fanning (1660-1765) came to America (Virginia) and extended the Fanning/Fannin line here. He is also from Tipperary. Thanks!

          2. Hi Christie,
            I have not investigated Laughlin Fanning from Tipperary as it has been proved through DNA testing that his lineage and that of Edmund Fanning of Connecticut’s, who I am connected to, are different. If you have a look at Ireland Roots under the Tipperary Roots section there are some post on Laughlin and an interesting discussion between Pat Fannin and Jon Fannon that may be helpful. For some strange reason I couldn’t insert the link here for you. Good luck. Kathleen

  2. Kathleen,

    Thanks very much for all the work you have put into this fascinating website. I found it while researching the Fogartys. My ggrandmother was Ellen Fogarty of Lisheenataggart, Tipperary who was a daughter of Timothy Fogarty. Timothy was a brother of Thomas Fogarty whose daughter Catherine married William Fanning.

    Best wishes


    1. I am glad you enjoyed my Fanning site Maureen and thank you for your kind words. Kathleen


    1. Hi Mick,
      If you find any Fanning connections with Co Tipperary let me know regards Kathleen

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    I have a photograph of my great grandfather, Edmond ( edward ) Fanning born 1847 to Martin Fanning from Coolcroo Two mile borris Thurles Co Tipperary. He married Elisabeth ryan on 12 feb 1893.Would you have any details on Martin fanning and his parents ?

    John Fanning

    1. Hi John,
      Could these Fannings be your ancestors?
      “THOMAS FANNING date of birth 28/2/1864 Address: Skehane. Parish/District of Littleton. Father: MARTIN FANNING. Mother: MARY MAHER. Sponsor was Martin Fanning, his father. I think Thomas Fanning is the father of John Fanning (22/10/1903-01/01/1982) the Irish Fianna Fail politician and farmer, whose birth record is below. ” ??This is from my post on birth and marriage records.
      There is a marriage record on Rootsireland North Tipperary site for a Martin Fanning and Mary Maher 1846 which fits. This couple had 7 sons: Edmund born 1846, John 1848, Patrick 1850, John 1852, James 1854, Martin 1857, Joseph 1860 and Thomas 1864. All born in Moycarkey parish. I am just not sure if Skehan and Coolcroo are close. let me know if any of this sounds familiar.

      I also have a Coolcroo gravestone picture which you may have come across for Edward Fanning died 1925 aged 79 and Elizabeth Fanning died 1944 aged 88.

  5. Thanks Kathleen,

    I have the details that you have outlined above, Skehana and coolcroo are both within 2 miles on either side of Two mile Borris Tipperary.

    Do you have any details for the parents of Martin Fanning or Mary Maher who married in 1846.

    I own some land in Coolcroo which has a castle called Coolcroo castle. I also have a photograph of Edmond fanning born 1946 and his son John DOB 3 Feb 1899 if you need it for your records. can you forward the photo of the headstone. Is it the one in T-M-B cemetery ?

    1. Hi John,
      Unfortunately the marriage record for Martin Fanning and Mary Maher has very few details. No father’s names or Martin’s address. Her address is given as Borris. They were married 5 Feb 1846 in Moycarkey Parish. The only detail of interest is the names of the witnesses : Hugh Fanning and Mary Maher. Martin had an uncle named Hugh and Hugh is not such a common Irish name.
      I am sending you the photos of the graves at TMB cemetery. There are two gravestones in the same plot and they must be related. I suspect that John Fanning and Catherine Shelley were Edward Fanning’s (who died 1925)and Martin Fanning’s parents.

      In Griffith s Valuations 1850 there were no Fannings in Coolcroo but many in Garraun. I suspect that Martin came from Garraun to Skehane and then Edward moved to Coolcroo. There is a death record on Rootsireland North Tipp site, have to buy, for a Martin Fanning who died 1891 who I think was married to Mary Maher. Death records don’t however show much.

      If you can send me a copy of Edward’s photo and John’s I could add them to my blog for other folk to see who may be related. I like photos, I like to see what people looked like.

      Do you know if you are related to Fannings in the areas close to Coolcroo like Skehane, Turtulla, Coldfields, Garraune?

      I read somewhere that the Parish records are at St Peter’s in Moycarkey.

  6. Fascinating website! I was drawn into it for two reasons. Firstly, a John Fanning was a witness at my great grandparents’,arrogate in Clonmel, in 1882. The wedding was at St Peter and Paul’s in Clonmel where John O’Brien (soldier) married Alice Power (dressmaker). The other witness was Bridget Kelly.
    Also, I picked up references to Jeremiah Skehan, another great great grandfather and his daughter, my great grandmother Mary Anne Skehan who married John Ryan. I have been trying really hard to find out about her as they went out to Pennsylvania and she died in 1889, not long after she had my grandmother, Mary Josephine Ryan on January 31st, 1889. Anything anyone knows would be very gratefully received.

  7. Hi, Kathleen, My husband and I went o Ireland mainly for my quest o find the birth place of my maternal, great grandfather, William Fanning, whose father was James Fanning and mother was Cath. Noland. I remember asking my grand mother where here father came from, she told me south of Dublin. Yet, Her daughters, my Aunt Kathryn and Aunt Amelia went to Ireland and would sing it was ” A long way o Tipperary” so we always thought he was from Tipperary. I went there and couldn’t find him. So I will tell you what I know about my great grandfather William Fanning born either 1843 or 1853, I have seen both. He came to the U.S, with his brother Mc. and Mc. wife Rose. I found them in the U.S. 1870 census in NY. Mc. having a daughter about 1872, I think. They moved to Center,( Colon) Nebraska in the 1880 census, they were farmers there. I having lived in Wahoo, have gone to Wahoo Heritage Center, found that Williams parent were James Fanning and Cath. Nolan. I can’t find out exactly where in Ireland they came from. I have found in my research that there was an Ellen Fanning with the parents as Thomas Fanning and Brigit Nolan and sponsor were James Fanning and Cath. Nolan. If anyone would like the history of William one he married my great grandmother I would be happy to contribute my genealogy.

    1. Hi Linda,
      I had a search on Rootsireland for all counties for all variations of Nolan/Noland and got NO records at all. Rootsireland don’t have absolutley all the records but to get none is a bit of a mystery.
      Tipperary is south of Dublin but given that there are no Dublin records on Rootsireland that may be why.Your ancestors may well come from the part of Dublin county that has not had its records transcribed by Rootsireland yet.I could find nothing in North or south Tipperary.

  8. I came across your wonderful Fanning website whilst researching the Fogarty family in Moycarkey. My husband’s grandfather was John Fogarty born in Moycarkey in about 1869. According to his marriage certificate (which we obtained in 1983 when we visited Ireland and long before the internet) his father was Patrick Fogarty and I was wondering if he could be related to the female Fogartys who married into the Fanning family. I only recently discovered where John Fogarty was born through his WW1 army records.

    John Fogarty was a groom/jockey/horse trainer for Lord Donoughmore of Knocklofty near Clonmel.

    John Fogarty married Catherine (Kate) Butler on 22 Apr 1893 at Ardfinnan Nr Clonmel. Their first born child was my mother in law Bridget Fogarty b.1893 , then James Fogarty 1896, Patrick Fogarty 1900, Mary Fogarty 1905 and Margaret Josephine Fogarty 1909. I have found the family living in Knocklofty in 1901 and Modelligo in 1911.

    Hopefully you may have some info on Patrick Fogarty in Moycarkey.
    Joyce Jackson

    1. Hi Joyce,
      I had a look at the Fogartys in my tree and they are from the Templemore area near Thurles, which is not near
      I dont know if you have found the Rootsireland site? They have changed to a subscription site and for about $30 you can sign up for a month and look up 1,000 records, birth, marriage and death recs with all their details (which is often not a lot in Irish records!). It is a good deal as you can hunt around a lot. There is always the free 1901 & 1911 census records.

      Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. Fogarety is a quite common Irish surname which makes it harder. Good luck with you family history. Kathleen

  9. I was drawn to your blog because I’m starting to research my great grandmother. She was Margaret M Dee (married James William Dye from Pennsylvania; she arrived in the US around 1904). She is a mystery to the family as she died when my grandfather, Maurice Dye (her son), was so young as he was born in 1914/she died 1923 of TB. She was born in Littleton around 1880 and my mom thinks she was buried in Ireland. I’d like to find of why/how she came to the USA or something other than her father was John Dee. I’m having a tough time finding her grave. I’ve checked all the sites.

    1. Margaret Dee is in the 1901 census,living in Littleton. This is free to look up, just google 1901 Irish Census. This will give you some more info on her.
      Seems odd that she would be buried in Ireland. It would have been more customary for her to be buried with her husband. regards Kathleen

  10. Yes, I had found Margaret Dee in the 1901 census and her family. We don’t know much about her. If you come across anything, feel free to share. I know her sister Kathleen married Rudy Lepore and moved back to Ireland (after coming to America). Her sister was buried in Littleton with Rudy. I’m lacking family info and hope to track something down prior to a visit in 2015.

    1. Not sure if this will be of help to you Barbara but the National Library of Ireland just announced that its entire collection of Catholic Parish register microfilms will be made available for free on 8 July this yearon a dedicated website.

  11. Kathleen, your website is wonderful and the amount of information is incredible. My forefathers were part of the transplantation to Fenagh, Leitrim. Henry Fanning was his name. I’m not sure though from where they were transplanted.
    Then his son (I think !) also named Henry moved to a town land called Scardaun, in the parish of Kiltubrid. He married a Catherine O’Neill, their son Patrick married a Mary Anne Beirne, then their son James married a Mary Ann Curran, whilst their son Patrick (my dad ) married a Chrissie Foley!
    It can become very addictive this tracing one’s roots ! Keep it up .

    1. I’m impressed that you have been able to trace your Fanning ancestors back that far. I managed to get back to 1731 but no further. We know through DNA that we are related to the family of Edmund Fanning who left after Cromwell and ended up in Connecticut but there is a gap!!

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