Irish Holiday Photos April 2012


4 thoughts on “Irish Holiday Photos April 2012”

    1. The cloudy Irish skies were perfect for taking photos, made the colours vibrant and of course the countryside in Ireland is so beautiful.

  1. Hi Kathleen, I am a daughter of Joespeh Fanning (William Gerald’s son). My eldest sister Rebecca Fanning gave a family history book with lots of information about the Fanning family including Census information among other bits you might be interested in. My father was the only boy in his family (Maureen-Mary Kelly‚Äôs son) and my brother is the only son in our family to carry the name! And he has one son aswell! They live in Melbourne now. Anyway if your interested do contact

    1. Hi Laura,
      Great to hear from another related Fanning. We are fifth cousins!
      Don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d love to look at the family history book that your sister Rebecca has.
      Hope you found lots to interest you on my site.

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