Moycarky Fanning Marriage Records, Co Tipperary, Ireland,1793-1881

Fanning Marriages In Moycarky Parish, Diocese of Cashel & Emly, Co Tipperary Ireland,1793-1881,nli

Moycarky Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

These marriage records from the National Library of Ireland’s online site, start at 1793 and end in 1881.

They include any records with a Fanning bride or groom or a Fanning witness.

The record dates for marriages in this parish online at nli are:

6 Oct 1793-16 Oct 1796;

12 Jan 1810-8 Nov 1817;

17 Jan 1830-3 Feb 1833;

5 Feb 1833- 2 May 1854; 13 Sept 1854-30 Oct 1881.

At the Rootsireland site marriages start Oct. 1793, gap 1797-1809, 1818-30, continuous from 1831.

Civil marriage records from 1864 are online free at

I have added a few Fanning civil marriage records at the end.

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10 Jan 1795, Connor Ryan & Honora Meagher wit: William Fannin & Michael Ryan

15 Aug 1811, John Fannin & Catherine Shelly, Coldfields, farmer wit: Thomas Hughes & Edmond Fannin

2 Mar 1813, Jim Maher of  Gorthnahoe & Judith Cummins?of Horse & Jockey, wit: Henry Cusick & Cathy Fannin

21 Feb 1814, NR of Loughmore Parish & Honora Fannin of Coldfields Borris- dispensation for related groom wit : Jeffry Fannin & William Lowry

Gap in records from Nov 1814 to Jan 1830

26? Jan 1830, James Dwyer of Turtulla & Cath Fanning wit: Pat & Ellen Hayes

15 Feb 1831, William Fannin & Ellen Dempsey wit: John Dempsey & Bridget Dempsey

29 Jan 1832, John Shanahan Upper? & Bridget Dempsey wit: Pat Molony & Sally Fannin

5 Mar 1832, Joseph Fanning & Cath Hays wit: Martin Fanning & Mary Fanning

16 Jan 1833, Mich Egan & Winifred Rohan wit: Edmond Fannin & Cath McDonnell

13 Feb 1833, John Fanning of Drum & Mary Weston wit: Cath Ryan & Mary Cormack

27 Jun 1833, John Ryan of Thurles & Ann Fanning of Moycarky wit: Mortimer Glases? & Ellen Fanning

2 Feb 1837, Richard Fanning & Jude Ryan of Moycarkey wit: Richard Fanning & Cath Stokes

6 Feb 1837, Patrick Fanning & Jude Gueney of Moycarkey wit: Joseph Fanning & Janise? Carrol?

4 Apr 1837, John Mallone of Borrisoleigh & Anty Fanning of Moycarky wit James Cummins? & Mary Ryan?

6 Sept 1837, Thadeus Maher & Sally Fanning of Borris wit: Thomas Tobin & Mary Fanning

1 Mar 1840, Michael Allen & Cath Shelly of Borris wit: Pat O’Keffe & Mary Fanning

3 Mar 1840, William Donolly of Boherlahan & Cath Juston? of Moycarky wit: Patrick Purcil & Cath Fanning

3 Mar 1840, Nicholas O’Keiffe of Moyne & Mary Fanning of Borris, wit: William Fogarty & Bridget Ryan

21 Feb 1841, Joseph Fanning & Mary Stele? wit: John O’Keiffe & Mary Lahy

22 Feb 1841, James Grace of Moyne? & Mary Fanning of Borris wit: William Doyle & Sally Fanning

23 Feb 1841, Richard Fanning & Mary Mulcahy of Moycarkey wit: Thomas Fanning & Anto Cody

13 Sept 1844, Samuel? Dwyre of Holycross & Cath Fanning of Moycarky wit: James Cantwell? & Mary Loughnane?

22 Apr 1844, John Duggan & Jude Stokes of Borris wit: John Ryan & Sally Fanning

1 Feb 1845, John Hurtle? & Bridget Vagle? of Moycarky wit James Liston? & Catherine Fanning

5 Feb 1846, Martin Fanning & Mary Maher of Borris wit: Hugh Fanning & Mary Maher

12 Feb 1846, Martin Delahunty of Loughmore & Bridget Ryan of Borris wit: Martin Delahunty & Sally Fanning

11 Feb 1847, Patrick Phelan of Galmoy & Ellen Fanning of Moycarky wit: Michael Sanford? & Mary Stokes? dispensation

15 Feb 1847, John Maher & Johanna Slatur? wit: Martin Fanning & Jude Maher

26 Feb 1848, Patrick Lacey? of Thurles & Mary Loughnane of Moycarky wit: Laurence Loughnane & Margaret Fanning

6 Mar 1848, James Russell & Judith Fanning of Moycarky wit: John Russell & Ellen Lions?

16 Feb 1851, Jeffry Fanning & Mary Butler of Moycarky wit: Thomas Fanning & Margaret Maher

22 Feb 1852, Edmund Fannin & Mary Dwyer of Borris wit: John Fanning & Mary? Ryan

13 Feb 1855, Thomas Fanning & Bridget Connell of Moycarky wit: John Maher & Catherine Williams

18 Feb 1855, John Moore of Moyne & Anastasia Bourke of Borris wit: James Hennessy & Sally Fanning

29 Jan 1857, Edmund Bourke of Borrisoleigh & Mary Kenedy  wit: Michael Quinlan & Catherine Fanning

11 Feb 1858, Edmond Craddock of Moyne & Judy Cummins of Borris wit: Patrick Fanning & Ellen Ryan

19 Apr 1858, William Cussen & Judy Fanning wit: Pierce Cussen & Bridget Lyons

5 Nov 1858, John Fanning of Borris & Anne Fogarty wit: Edmond Fanning & Mary Bourke

12 Feb 1863, Jeffry Fanning & Nancy Fogarty of Borris wit: Patrick Maher & Bridget Hunt

4 May 1863, Patrick Ryan of Drumbane & Margaret Carrigan of Moycarky wit: Laurence Ryan, Michael Fanning & Mary Ryan

21 Feb 1867, Martin Delahunty & Catherine Daly of Borris wit: John Fanning & Nancy Wilson

24 Feb 1873, Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan wit: John Ryan & Mary Ryan

28 Nov 1878, Edmond Ryan & Bridget Fanning wit: John Baurice? & Ellen Fanning

26 Feb 1881, Denis Fahey & Mary Fanning wit: Patrick Fahy & Ellen Fanning

*25 Feb 1897, James Fanning of Lisdanowly Moyne, farmer & Anne Hogan of Coolkip.  Patrick Fanning is father of James and Patrick Hogan father of Anne. Wit: Michael Fanning & Margaret Hogan. civil marriage record.

11 Feb 1902, Edmund Fanning, farmer of Holycross & Hanoria Molloy of Ballybeg wit: Francis Dwyer & Bridget Fanning. Husband’s father was James Fanning, wife’s father was John Molloy. Civil marriage record.

*17 Feb 1908, John Fanning, farmer of Loughmore & Mary Hogan of Moycarky wit: Patrick Bannon & Sara M Hogan. John’s father was William Fanning of Clondoty and Mary’s father was Patrick J Hogan.

Moycarky Civil Townlands by Martin Collin on Wikepedia

Littleton, Horse and Jockey and Two-Mile-Borris 1889 Bassett’s Co Tipperary Ireland

Descriptions in Bassett’s Directory 1889 of Littleton, Horse and Jockey and Two-Mile-Borris, Co Tipperary, Ireland .

Descriptions in Bassett’s Directory 1889 of Littleton, Horse and Jockey and Two-Mile-Borris, Co Tipperary, Ireland:

Littleton, Thurles .

Population 157 in 1881- Trout fishing

Littleton, in the parish of Two Mile Borris, barony of Eliogarty, is 4 miles south-east of Thurles. The land of the district is used chiefly for tillage. Barley, Oats, potatoes, and turnips are the principal crops. In the district there are ruins of Ballybeg castle, the old church of Ballymoreen, and the remains of a large Danish fort at Ballydavid.

Catholic Churches at Moycarkey and Two-Mile-Borris.

Borris in 1818

Two Mile Borris, Thurles

Two Mile Borris is a village of 20 houses, in the parish of the same name. barony of Eliogarty, 3 miles, Irish, east by south from Thurles. The land of the district is good for pasture and tillage. There are remains of castles at Two Mile Borris and Coolcroo.

Catholic Ch., Priests, see Horse and Jockey and Littleton

Horse and Jockey, Thurles

Horse and Jockey, a village of 6 houses, in the parish of Moycarkey, barony of Eliogarty, is a station on the Southern Railway, 5 3/4 miles, English, south-east of Thurles. The land of the district has a limestone basis, and is good for pasture and tillage. It is excellent sheep country. There are extensive remains of the castle of Moycarkey, on the estate of Mr. John Max. It was at one time occupied as the residence of the Cantwell family, and has a large square tower, with high surrounding wall. A fissure in the tower was caused by lightning over a hundred years ago. There are remains also of Granna(? )Castle, on the estate of Mr James Myers. The village of Ballinure, 6 houses, 3 3/4 miles, Irish, to the south, is part of the postal district of Horse and Jockey. Catholic Church”

Fanning Contributors in Co Tipperary Ireland 1920 and 1944

List of Fannings who contributed to charitable funds in Co Tipperary Ireland in 1920 and 1944.

Belfast Catholics Expelled Workers’ Fund. Tipperary Star Oct 30, 1920. Moycarkey-Borris Parish Fanning contributors:

Ed. Fanning Shanballa

Joe Fanning Graigue

Thomas Fanning Newtown

Irish Red Cross Society: Half-a-million Drive for Starving EuropeLittleton Branch. Tipperary Star 8 July, 15 July, 29 July 1944. Contributors:

Mrs Fanning Skehana

Ed. Fanning Shanballa

Patrick Fanning Coalfields

John Fanning Coolcroo

M. Fanning Coalfields

P. Fanning Coolcroo

M. Fanning Ballydavid

J. Fanning Cloughmartin