John & Bridget Mullany nee Fanning, Thurles & Moyne Co Tipperary

Bridget Mullany was the daughter of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lisaroon in Co Tipperary. She married John Mullany and after his death she moved to Moyne where she was a publican for many years. Bridget died in 1935.

John Mullany 1838- 1900


Obituary of John Mullany Irish Examiner 29 Mar 1900


John Mullany was the husband of Bridget Fanning. She was the daughter of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lissaroon and my ggggrandfather’s first cousin once removed.


Bridget Mullany License Transfer Nenagh Guardian 9 May 1900

Bridget was often in court for breaches of the Licensing Act. The transcripts make very entertaining reading.

Nenagh News 13 Jul 1901


Nenagh Guardian 10 Jul 1901



Irish Examiner 29 Aug 1905


Thurles petty Sessions reported in the Irish Examiner 22 Sept 1909


Nenagh News 23 Jan 1915


Bridget Mullany nee Fanning 1854-1935

After her husband died Bridget moved to Moyne with her children.

The property purchased by Bridget Mullany in Moyne
Bridget, Mary Ann, Michael and John Joe Mullany outside Mullany’s Pub in Moyne Co Tipperary

Nenagh Guardian 4 Nov 1908 Thurles Court


Nenagh Guardian 9 Apr 1921


Funeral card for Bridget Mullany nee Fanning


Death Notice Bridget Mullany nee Fanning Nenagh Guardian 22 Jun 1935


Irish Independent 16 Jun 1938

Thurles Fanning Baptism Records, 1795-1870, Co Tipperary, Ireland

Fanning Baptisms in Thurles Parish, Co Tipperary 1795-1870 National Library Ireland online and Rootsireland.

Thurles Catholic Parish Co Tipperary

These Baptism records are from the National Library of Ireland’s online records.

They cover the period 1795 to 1870 in the Parish of Thurles in the Diocese of Cashel & Emly in Co Tipperary Ireland.

Rootsireland (a very good subscription site) has Baptism records for this parish from 1795 to 1900. I have included records and information from Rootsireland records as well as nli records.

Civil birth records over 100 years from 1864 are online free at

I have added some Fanning civil birth records as well.

This means that from 1864 it should be possible to find a church Baptism record as well as a civil birth record.

These are the townlands in the civil Parish of Thurles: Ardbaun, Ballycarrane, Ballygammane, Bawnanattin, Bawntameena, Bohernamona, Bowling Green, Brittas, Brittasroad, Carrigeen, Clongower, Commons, Farranreigh, Furze, Garryvicleheen, Glebe, Glengarriff, Gortataggart, Gortnaglogh, Grange, Killinane, Kilrush, Kockauns, Knockcurra, Knockeen, Laghtagalla, Lewagh Beg, Lewagh More, Liscahill, Lognafulla, Loughlahan, Monacocka, Monakeeba, Monanearla, Mullaunbrack, Mullauns, Racecourse, Rathcooney, Sheskin, Stradavoher, The Heath, Thurles Townparks, Toor, Tooreen, Turtulla, Wrensborough

  • I have added these civil townlands to help me with deciphering any addresses that were added in the early records.
  • The civil townlands of Thurles Parish from Wikepedia by Martin Collin By MartinCollin – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Many records have the Christian name written as Edmd. This could be either Edmond or Edmund. I have written it as Edmond.

Any entries with an asterisk I know are related to my Fanning family. Where I have not been able to be sure of a name I have put a question mark.

Different priests spelt the same place names and names differently and I suspect it was all phonetic. I have written these names as close to the original as possible.

The early records are particularly valuable, as the priest recorded the address and occupation of the parents.

I have included records where there is a Fanning as god parent as I have found that, while anyone could be a godparent, they are nearly always relations. This can provide clues to other family connections, for example, married sisters, often show up as sponsors and witnesses

As I recorded the baptisms, there was a very noticeable decline in the number of baptisms in the 1860s, no  doubt as a result of the famine and emigration. During the 1850s and 1860s there was a big increase in illegitimate births. There also were more Protestants and older children being baptised and more foundling babies.

The priests also were the moral watch dogs of their parishioners and illegitimate births and births where the parents weren’t married and affairs were duly marked with obvious disapproval.

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F, Mac Command +F

26 Jan 1796, William of Andrew Banan & Jude Fannin sp: David Lonergan & Bridget Brenan

26 Feb 1796, Catherine of Thomas Hickey & Honora Fannin sp: John Ryan & Mary Phelan

17 Feb 1797, Margaret of Michael Loderick & Sally Gleeson sp: William Fannin & Mary Gleeson

X, 3 June 1797, John of William Kerwan & Margaret Mullany sp: James Daly & Mary Fannin

20 Jan 1798, Patrick of Patrick Long & Hanna Neil, Gate, sp: Patrick Long & Mary Fannin

10 Apr 1798, John of Edmund Fannin & Biddy Ryan sp: Thomas Maher & Mary Fannin

20 Jun 1798, Daniel of Patrick Ryan & Jude Dwyer, sp: Mathew Kennedy & Catherine Fannin

28 Aug 1798, Antony of William Fannin & Catherine Kearns sp: John Lenahan & Mary Burke

8 Oct 1798, Margaret of Patrick Fannin & Mary Ryan sp: James MacKey & Ellen Ryan

3 Jul 1799, John of John Fannin & Catherine Kirwin sp: Antony Spillane & Margaret Callanan

17 Oct 1799, Bryan of Thomas Fogarty & Mary Flinn sp: Michael Callanan & Margaret Fanan?

22 Nov 1799, John of James Quill & Margaret Gleeson sp: Michael Fannin & Margaret Dwyer

27 Jan 1800, Edmund  of Thomas Fanning & Honora Maher, Racecourse, sp: John & Anne Maher

12 Aug 1800, William of Thomas Hickey? & Honora Fannin, Gate, sp: Catherine Phelan

27 Dec 1800, Margaret of Daniel Cantwell & Catherine ??? Lisheen? sp: John Fannin & Mary ?

6 Aug 1805, Edward of Edmund Fannin & Bridget Fanning, Main St Thurles, wit: Simon Meara & Catherine Mackey

17 Sept 1805, Richard of Patrick Fannin & Mary Heffernan, Ballycarene? wit: John Heffernan & Anastasia Cormick

27 Apr 1806, John of John Keily & Mary Fannin, Kilrush wit: John Purcell & Anastasia Brien

16 Nov 1806, Bridget of John Butler & Jude Nothagher? Laughtagella, labourer, sp: Andrew Ryan & Mary Fannin

11 may 1807, Honora of Thomas Ryan & Mary Dwyer, Garriveclleahan, sp: Thomas Fannin & Anne Ryan

26 Jun 1807, Mary of James Ryan & Margaret Langton, Gate, shopkeeper, sp:Pat Fannin & Catherine Corman

26 Jul 1807, James of John Fannin & Margaret Doolan sp: Philip Doolan & Mary Purcell

31 Jul 1807, Catherine of Michael Hickey & Biddy Ryan, Gate, surveyer sp: Pat Fannin & Biddy Ryan

1 Aug 1807, Honora of Michael Fannin & Catherine Dwyer, Pudding Lane, labourer, sp: Michael McDonal & Julian Gason

24 Jan 1808, Thomas of Andy Brenan & Jude Fanin, Anid, farmer, sp: John Gleeson & Mary Mantin

29 Feb 1808, James of John Doran & Catherine Fanin, Gate, labourer, sp: John Ryan & Mary Maguyre

10 May 1808, James of Stephen Fogarty & Mary Fogarty, Main St, publican, sp: Pat Fanning & Jude Cahill

12 May 1808, Thomas of Edmond Purcell & Catharine Fanin, Racecourse, farmer, sp: Oliver Fannin & Sally Darmody

18 Jul 1808, Pat? of Pat? Gorman & Ellen Ryan, Faranreagh, farmer, sp: James Harney & Margaret Fanin

22 Aug 1808, Ellen of James Maher & Mary Gleeson, Killinane, farmer, sp: Nicolas Fannin & Mary Maher

26 Oct 1808, Catherine & Ellen of John Gilmartin & Margaret Fannin, Ropestown? labourer, sp: William & Catherine Dalton; Michael Quin & Biddy Murphy

22 Nov 1808, Anne of Thomas Hickey & Honora Fannin, Garivecleehan, labourer, sp: Pat Byrn & Margaret Phelan

15 Jan 1809, Mary of Philip Maher & ? Egan, Racecourse, farmer sp: Michael Fanin & Margaret Egan

5 May 1809, John of Richard Barry & Mary Cleary, Bridge, nailor, sp: Dinny? Magrath & Catherine Fannin

*20 May 1809, John of Edmond Fannen & Jude Darmody, Racecourse, labourer sp: Edmond Callanan & Biddy Fitzpatrick

21 May 1809, Catherine of Andy Brenan & Jude Fanin, Anid, farmer, sp: Thomas Gleeson & Biddy Sweeny

11 Jun 1809, Margaret of Andy Molony & Margaret Fannin, Racecourse, labourer, sp: Mary Maher

21 Jun 1809, John of Michael Fannin & Catherine Dwyer, Pudding Lane, labourer, sp: Edmond Fanning & Margaret Kelly

16 Jul 1809, Michael of Pat Fannin & Mary Ryan, Main St, dealer, sp: James Quinlan & Cath Hacket

29 Sept 1809, Biddy of Edmond Fannin & Biddy Ryan, Main St, taylor, sp: James Finn & Mary Ryan

13 Nov 1809, John of Thomas Armstrong of the Tipperary Militia & Mary Fanin, sp: John Butler & Biddy Grady

3 May 1810, Ellin of John Fannin & Margaret Doolan, Seshin? farmer, sp: James Doolan & Margaret Leamy

22 Jun 1810, Honora of John Riely & Mary Fannin, Kilrush, labourer, sp: Michael Brien & Jude Maher

4 Jul 1810, Mary of John Fannin & Biddy Ryan, Cassistown, labourer sp: Pat Flood & Cath Guiney

21 Aug 1810, Mary, illegitimate, of Thomas Lanigan & Mary Fannin, Garrivitheahin, sp: Mary Spallane

*23 Sept 1810, Michael of Edm Fannin & Judy Darmody, Racecourse, labourer sp: Andrew Callanan & Ellin Kirwan

27 Dec 1810, Mary of William Ryan & Bridget Ryan, Ballygimane? farmer, sp: William Ryan & Mary Fannin

12 Aug 1811, Sal of Andrew Brenan & Jude Fannin, Anid, farmer sp: Edm Dwyer & Ellin Brenan

24 Oct 1811, Margaret of Michael Fannin & Catherine Ryan, Luihe? labourer sp: Thomas Grant & Ellen Cass

26 Jan 1812, Bridget of John Kelly & Mary Maher, Racecourse, labourer sp: Michael Fannin & Honora Galligan

1 Feb 1812, John of John Doran & Catherine Fannin, Gate, labourer sp: Denis Cormac & Jude Hogan

*8 Apr 1812, William of Edm Fannin & Jude Darmody, Grange, labourer sp: Pat Fannin & Mary Dunne

23 Apr 1812, Pat of John Fannin & Margaret Doolan, Sishin? labourer, sp: John Shanahan & Margaret Fanning

29 Apr 1812, Catherine, illegitimate, of Pat Walsh & Catherine Fanning sp: Biddy Grace

31 Apr 1812, Mary of John Hanly & Margaret Fannen G. Iteahun, labourer, sp: Nicolas Hanly & Catherine Kelly

31 May 1812, Ellen of Pat Fannin & Mary Ryan, Main St, clerk sp: Michael Maher & Mary Gorman

7 Aug 1812, Laurence? of Andy Molony & Margaret Fannin, Racecourse, labourer, sp: Mary Callanan

7 Aug 1812, Jane of John? Gilmartin & Margaret Fannin, Rossistown, labourer sp:Richard Dalton & Mary Delany

24 Aug 1812, Michael of Pat Fanan & Catherine Hogan, Rathealty, labourer sp: John Ryan & Mary Conway

13 Sept 1812, Ellin of James or Joseph Fannin & Biddy Ryan, Cassestown, farmer sp: Ellen Ryan

6 Dec 1812, Philip of Pat Darmody & Anto Burke, Racecourse, farmer sp: Denis Callanan & Ellen Fannin

27 May 1813, Ellen of Patt Magrath & Jude Slattery, Sishin, farmer sp: Michael Delahunty & Mary Fannin

5 Jun 1813, Margaret of Andy Brinan & Judy Fanon, Athnid, farmer sp: John Brinan & Mary Ryan

16 Sept 1813, Michael of John Hays & Nancy Eagin , New Road, broguemaker, sp: & William Fanon & Bridget Cormack

*25 Nov 1813, Catherine of Ed Fanon & Judy Darmody, Grange, farmer sp: Michael Fitzpatrick & Jude Fanon

1 May 1814, Micheal of John Fannen & Margaret Doolan, Siskin, labourer sp: Larry Kennedy & Margaret Magrath

24 May 1814, Anto of Frank Gorman & Jude Maher, Pike, broguemaker, sp: John Phelan & Margaret Fannen

12 Jun 1814, Catherine of Michael Fannin & Cath Ryan, Luihe? labourer sp: Michael Ryan & Ellen Grant

18 Oct 1814, Catherine of Andrew Molony & Margaret Fannin, Racecourse, labourer sp: Margaret Neal

18 Dec 1814, James of Pat Fannin & Mary Ryan, Main st, clerk sp: John Quinlan & Margaret McDonnell

25 Mar 1815, Thomas of Andy Brenan & Jude Fannin, Athnid, farmer sp: Michael Dwyer & Mary Headin?

24 Sept 1815, Michael? of Michael Cormac? & Winny Devane, Quarries, butcher sp: Margaret Fannin

30 Jan 1816, Bridget of Patt Magrath & Sally Darmody sp: Patrick Fannan & Mary Dooling

16 Jun 1816, James of James Fannan & Biddy Ryan sp: James Butler & M McGuire

3 Jul 1816, Margaret of Phillip Maher & Winny Eagan sp: Oliver? Fanning & Cath Burke

20 Aug 1816, Mary of John Matin? & Margaret Fannin sp: John Matin & Ellen Kenna

25 Oct 1816, John of Frank ???? and ???? Maher sp: John Fanning & Peggy Maher

*X 6 Nov 1816 Sally of Edmund Fannin & Judy Darmody, Grange sp: Mick Fannin & Margaret Tracy

18? Jul 1817, Catherine of Patt Darmody & Anto Burke sp: P Fannan & Mary Callanan

7 Oct 1817, Mary of Patt Pharley & Ellen Maher sp: Denis Magrath & Mary Fannen

16 Nov 1817, ???? of John Quinlan & Judy Brute? sp: Sally Fannin & Mary or Margaret Callinan

20 Nov 1817, Ally of James Maher & Mary Maher sp: Patrick Fannin & Ellin Gleeson

29 Jun 1819, Denis of John Fanning & Margaret Doolan sp: Nelly Doolan

7 Aug 1819, X Catherine of James Heffernan & Mary Russil sp: J Ryan & Mary Fannin

6 Oct 1819, Margaret of Tom Leamy & Ellinor Kenna sp: Pierce Grace & Mary Fannan

3 Jan 1820, Johanna of John Maguire & Mary Cahil sp: Brian Shanan & Anto Fannan

22 Jan 1820, Nelly of Tom Long & Biddy Fannin sp: William Long & Mary Egan

24 Apr 1820, Margaret of Brien Hacket & Mary Fannin, Pudding Lane sp:  Lant Ryan & Judy Burke

15 Sept 1820, X James of Michael Cormack & Mary Murphy sp: Michael Fannin & Nelly Ryan

23 Oct 1820, Judy of Patt Darmody & Anto Burke, Racecourse sp: Andrew Callinan & Nelly Burke

*20 Mar 1821, Mary of Edmond Fannen & Judith Darmody sp: John Callinan & Margaret Fitzpatrick

30 Nov 1822, Thomas of Thomas Leamy & Ellen Kenny sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Gleeson

17 Dec 1822, Michael of Michael Hacket & Margaret Cormack sp: Thomas Fanning & Margaret Farrell?

*19 Feb 1823, Honoria of Edmund Fanning & Judith Darmody sp: John Nowlan & Sally Darmody

20 Feb 1823, Anne of Edmd Fanning & Mary Hayes sp: Phil Hayes & Mary Fitzgerald

26 Mar 1823, John of John Fannan & Fanny Ryan sp: Jo Ryan & Mary Ryan

8 Jul 1823, Mary of Edmond Day & Anne Burke sp: John? Fanning & Bridget Ryan

29 Aug 1823, Mary of Michael Fanning & Catherine (Kitty) Ryan sp: Mary Fanning

4 Oct 1823, Thomas of John Cahill & Ellen Fannan? sp: Edmond Delaney & Bridget Kenna

30 Apr 1823, Edmond of Thomas Stapleton & Peggy Dohan? sp: Patt Fanin & William? Finon?

18 Dec 1823, Catherine of Michael Fanning & Catherine Condon sp: Thomas Condon & Bridget Cunningham

7 Apr 1824, John of Thomas Kelly & Mary Quinlan sp: Thomas Fanning & Biddy Maher

23 Jun 1824, John of John Fanning & Ellen Morrissey sp: Ellen Brien

14 Jul 1824, Michael of John Maher & Ellen Fannin sp: Pat Maher & Mary Fannin

4 Aug 1824, John of Ned Fannan & Mary Hayes sp: Tom Hayes & Biddy Hayes

26 Sept 1824, Margaret of John Maher & Margaret Fanning, Kearneys Lane, sp: William Maher & Mary Fanning

15 Oct 1824, Patrick Michael of George Evans & Honor Mulleny? sp: Thomas Fanning & Mary Cleary

*3? Nov 1824, Edmond of Edmond Fanning & Judy Darmody, Racecourse sp: Philip Darmody & Kitty Aulan??

25 Nov 1824, Hannah of John Fannin & Mary Kil?? Sk???sp: James Cantwell & Peggy Burke

10 Dec 1824, Mary of Patt Darmody & Mary Carr sp: Phil Kirwan & Mary Kirwan?

8 Jan 1825, Mary of John Mullany & Nancy Burke, Stradavohr, sp: Paddy Fannin? & Mary Mullany

9 Jan 1825, Patt of Michael Fanning & Bridget Cunningham sp: William Cunningham & Honora Kirwan

3 Apr 1825, X Thomas of John Nutain & Kitty Kirin sp: John Burke & Antoe Fanning

24 Jun 1825, Honora of Ned Fanning & Nancy Cahill, Cassestown sp: John Day & Mary Cahill

20 Sept 1825, Michael of William Maher & Mary Fogarty sp: Pat Fanning? & Peggy Ryan

30 Dec 1825, John of Thomas Maher & Margaret Stapleton sp: Michael Hickey & Mary Fanning

14 Apr 1826, Mary of Mick Fanning & Kitty Condon, Street, sp: William Ronohan? & Kitty Dwyer

9 Jul 1826, Edmond of Edmond Dwyer & Anne Burke sp: Patt Hickey & Margaret Fanning

28 Jul 1826, Dennis of Michael Riordan & Kitty Lahy? sp: Edmund Fanning & Mary Fanning

17 Aug 1826, Mary of Tom O’Brien & Alicia Lanigan sp: John Fanning & Kitty Dwyer

30 Nov 1826, Ann of Mick Mullany & Sally Cleary, Street, sp: John Fannin & Anne O’Neil

*4 Dec 1826, Pat of Edmond Fannin & Jude Darmody X sp: John Ryan & Mary Callinan

29 May 1827, Judy of John Dalton & Peggy Flannery?  sp: Edmond Cormick & Mary Fanning

30 Oct 1827, ? of Paddy Laughlin & Mary Fanning, sp: Joseph Fanning & Kitty Brien

19 Nov 1827, William of William Ryan & Honora Mulvehill, Quarries, sp: John Fannin & Judy Ryan

29 Nov 1827, Judy of Michael Fanning & Kitty Ryan sp: Patt White & Kitty Conelley

27 Nov 1827, Thomas of Edmund Fanning & Nancy Cahill, Casstown sp: John McGrath & Peggy Ryan

12 Dec 1827, Joanna of William Flin? & Honora Maher sp: Thomas Flin? & Margaret Fanning

9 Jan 1828, John of Michael Fannan & Biddy Cunningham sp: William Cahill & Margaret Hughes?

1 Feb 1828, John of Michael Fanning & Bridget Cunningham sp: William Cahill & Mary Hayes

23 Aug 1828, Mary of Edmond Fannen? & Mary Ryan, Quarries sp: Pat Fannan & Margaret Mullanny

7 Sept 1828, Mary of Edmund Fanning & Mary Hayes sp: James Hayes & Bridget Hayes

8 Oct 1828, Ellen of Michael Fanning & Catherine Condon sp: John Dorrinton & Mary Conlan

7 Sept 1828, Mary of Edmond Fanning & Mary Hayes, Quarries sp: James Hayes & Biddy Hayes

8 Oct 1828, Ellin of Michael Fanning & Kitty Conlan? sp: John Darrinton & Mary Conlan

16 Oct 1828, Margaret of John Meagher & Ellen Fanning sp: Pierce Ryan & Ellen Meagher

19 Dec 1828, Pat of Edmond Fanning ? & Kitty Donelly, Stoutr? sp: Pat Fanning & Kitty Brophy

7 Jan 1829, Thomas of James Day & Ally Cahill, Cassestown, sp: Edmond Fannin & Mary Ryan

Jan 1829, ? of James Hayes & ? Hayes sp: Edmond Fanning & Mary Maher

15 Feb 1829, Pat of Thomas Devereux? & Mary Ryan sp: Pat Fannan & Johanna O’Mara

29 May 1829, Paddy of Ned Fanning & Mary Gleeson

*30 May 1829, Honora of Edmond Fanning & Judith Darmody sp: Judith Tracey

11 Jun 1829, Thomas of Thomas O’Shea? & Biddy Kinna? sp: John Fanning & Maryanne Lyons

17 Jul 1829, Alice of Tim Cashin & Johanna Danevan? sp: Thomas Fanning & Lucte? Fanning

1 Aug 1829, Mat of NcM? Cahil & Mary Fanning Quarries? sp: Michael Cahill & Biddy Scott

21 Dec 1829, Thomas of Edmond Fanning & Ann Cahill sp: John Fanning & Judy Maher

30 Dec 1829, Judy of John Fannan & Margaret Doolan sp: Biddy Delahunty & Anstice Ryan

2 Jan 1830, Michael of John Fanning & Kitty Byrne sp: Dominick Ryan & Kitty Blake

26 Jan 1830, Edmond of Michael Fanning & Biddy Cunningham sp: Dick  Rule & Nancy Cunningham

29 Mar 1830, Alice of Philip Ryan & Mary Ryan? sp: Ed Fainon? & Mary Spellane

22 Apr 1830, Daniel of Edward Leonard & Ann Murphy sp: Pat Sweeney & Mary Faning

24 Apr 1830, Joanna of William Finn or Flin & Hannora Maher sp: John Fanning & Maryanne Maher

29 Nov 1830, Judith of Michael Fanning & Kitty Condon sp: Margaret Ryan

7 Dec 1830, John of Rody Fogarty & Mary Myers sp: Edmond Fannin & Kitty Suniners?

16 Dec 1830, Thomas of Thomas McNamara & Kitty Januissy? or Fanning or Morrissey? sp: James? Doolan & Margaret Doolan

31 Jan 1831, Biddy Ellin of Pat Ryan & Judy Hayes sp: Thomas B? & Ellen Fanning

17 Feb 1831, Margaret & Ellin, twins, of Connor Ryan & Sara Darmody sp: James Dulihunty, Kitty Fanning, Michael Fanning & Mary Kennly?

18 Apr 1831, Joseph of Joseph Mills & Mary Evans sp: John Fanning & Joanna Pon?

21 Apr 1831, Jeffrey of John Maher & Ellen Fanning sp: Pat Lonegan? & Judith Fanning

11 May 1831, Pat of Pat Fanning & Mary Armstrong sp: Denis McCarthy & Ellen Fanning

1 Jul 1831, Margaret of Nicklas Dempsey? & Mary Keasdau? sp: Edmond Fanning & Mary Cummins

1 Aug 1831, Biddy of Martin Doolan & Margaret Barry? sp: John Fanning & Judy Lahy

13 Aug 1831, Bridget of Ned Fanning & Mary Hayes sp: Richard Brennan & Ellen Key

19 Aug 1831, William of John Maher & Margaret Fanning sp: William Fin & Mary Fanning

7 Sept 1831, Michael of Laurence? Gorman & Mary Dempsey? sp: Edmond Fanning & Margaret Cunningham

5 Oct 1831, John of Morrys? Blake & Norry Fanning? sp: James Magrath & Mary Blake

15 Jan 1832, Biddy of William Cahill & Judy ?? Parris or Quarries?? sp: James Fanning & Judy Lahey

20 Jan 1832, Edmond of Edmond Fanning & Mary Gleeson, Pudding Lane, sp: Thomas & Mary Ryan, born out of wedlock

13 Feb 1832, Thomas of Edmond Cass & Hanora Kennedy, Pudding Lane sp: Daniel Davaran & Ms? Fanning

20 Apr 1832 X Edmond or Ellen of Edmond Fanning & Anne Cahill, Cassestown or Clohestown sp: Michael Maher & Judith Fanning

9 May 1832, Johanna of Patt Fanning & Mary Carroll, Main Street, sp: John Fanning & Johanna Carroll  (Is this the Johanna Carroll who emigrated to Melbourne after her husband, John Fanning, died?John and Pat Fanning being brothers and buried in St Marys Protestant church graveyard in Thurles??)

13 Jul 1832, John & Fanny of Joseph Burns & Joannah Egan sp:William Maher & Ellen Fogarty; George Fanning & Anto Fanning

30 Aug 1832, Mary of John Bourke & Margaret Carey or Casey, Pudding Lane sp: James Cahill & Bridget Fanning

13 Oct 1832, Judy of Pat Darmody & Mary Carr, Leuge. sp: James Keorish? & Judy Darmody. (I am trying to track down my Darmody relations from Thurles Racecourse hence the Darmody records)

7 Apr 1833, John of Laurence? Purcell & Ellen Downs? sp: Thomas Laughlan & Mary Fanning

12 Apr 1833, Gregory of George Shaw & Anstia Fannin sp: Richard Ryan & Mary Shanahan

14 Apr 1833, Daniel of Michael Fanning & Bridget Cunningham sp: Patt Ryan & Anne Maher

26 May 1833, Mary of Pat Cahill & Mary Maher sp: Patt Fanning & Cath Maher

14 Nov 1833, Mary of John Fanning & Joanna Carroll sp: Patt & Elen Fanning (see note for 9 May 1832)

16 Dec 1833, Michael of Ned Carlin & Honora Kennedy sp: Ed Fanning & Eliza Tynn ?

13 Jan 1834, Edmund of Denis Ryan & Cath Hayes sp: Patt Fanning & Johanna Heffernan

17 Jan 1834, Richard of William Cahill & Margaret Fanning sp: William Maher & Mary Cahill

8 Mar 1834, James of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp: Martin Gleeson & Margaret Shea

20 Mar 1834, Jeremiah Joseph of Patrick Fanning & Mary Carroll sp: Edmund Carew & Margaret Carroll

4 Jun 1834, James of Michael Mara & Bridget Roache sp: James Fanning & Mary Long

21 Aug 1834, Michael of Edmund Fanning & Anne Cahill sp: John Deagen or Dwyer? & Mary Cahill

7 Oct 1834, Anastasia of John Maher & Margaret Fanning sp: Thomas Finn & Margaret Fanning

6 Nov 1834, John of Thomas Burk & Bridget Burke sp: John Fanning & Anne O’Brien

25 Nov 1834, Philip of James Fogarty & Mary Fanning sp: John Bergin & Bridget Fanning

2 Jan 1835, Bridget of James Turhy & Amelia Fanning sp:John Dempsey & Nanno Keogh

11 Jan 1835, Patrick of Martin Maher & Margaret Ryan sp: Thomas Maher & Mary Fanning

19 Jan 1835,  X  William of John Fanning & Mary Weston X sp: Edmond Fanning & Anto Harney

25 Jun 1835, Anne of James Fanning & Ellen Day sp: Margaret Porman?

*29 Jun 1835, Edmond of John Fanning & Margaret Fitzpatrick sp: William Callanan & Mary Callanan (possibly related)

7 Jul 1835, Patrick of Patrick Darmody & Mary C? sp:Mary Keighery

10 Jul 1835, Thomas of Patrick Cahill & Jane Haskite? sp: John Fanning & Ellen Ryan

28 Jul 1835, Patrick of John Fanning & Johanna Carroll sp: James Fanning & Margaret Carroll

5 Aug 1835, Margaret of Patrick Molony & Honora Ryan sp:Denis Phelan & Mary Fanning

Aug 1835, Mary of George Shaw & Anto Fanning sp: Thomas Shaw & Ellen Fanning

21 Sept 1835, Michael of Michael Fanning & Bridget Cunningham sp: Rev P Leahy, Jude Maher & Mary Spellane

15 Oct 1835, Philip of Pat Cahill & Cath Maher sp: Judith Fanning

Oct 1835, James of William White & Margaret Cahile sp: Edmund Fanning & Margaret Doohan?

6 Mar 1836, ? of Patrick Fanning & Mary Carroll sp: Thomas Brawn & Mary Fanning

Mar 1836, Patrick of Michael Keane & Mary Naughton sp: Phil Quill & Mary Fanning

Apr 1836, ? of William Rahill & Mary Fanning sp: Laurence Duggan & Judith Rahill

26 May 1836, Alice of Edmund Fanning & Ann Cahill sp: James Fanning & Ellen Merritt

Jul 1836, Catherine of James Day & Alley Cahill sp: Patrick Cahill & Mary Fanning

Aug 1836, John? of James Tuohy & Anne Fanning sp: Patt Fanning & Ellen Tierney

8 Nov 1836, Edmund of Patrick Tohey & Mary Shanahan sp: Thomas Fanning & Mary Maher

Dec 1836, X Cath of John Fanning & Mary Weston X sp: Patrick Fanning & Margaret Holohan

14 Dec 1836, Thomas of Thomas Fogarty & Mary Fanning sp: Edmond Fanning & Judith Fogarty

19 Dec 1836, Geoffrey of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp: John Dwyer & Catherine Ryan

May 1837, Ellen of William Brute? & Judith Tierney sp: John Fanning & Cath Blake

26 May 1837, Honora of John Maher & Margaret Fanning sp: Patt Fanning & Bridget Finn

*28 May 1837, Catherine of John Fanning & Margaret Fitzpatrick sp: Michael Callanan & Bridget Fanning

Jun 1837, James & Ellen of Edmond Fanning & Mary Long sp: Judith Dwyer & Margaret Mocler

Sept 1837, Margaret of Patrick Sheppard & Honoria Keane sp: Edmond Quigly & Ellen Fanning

24 Sept 1837, Edmund of William Rahill & Mary Fanning sp: Michael Rahile & Judith Fanning

8 Nov 1837, Martin of Michael Ryan & Mary Ryan sp: John Fanning & Mary Fanning

Dec 1837, Mary of John Coffey & ??Keane sp: John Fanning & Margaret  Ryan

18 Dec 1837, Derby (dub) of John Ryan (stranger) & Cath Reilly sp: Mary Fanning

19 Dec 1837, Thomas of Patrick Fanning & Catherine Shea sp: Honora Cleary

Mar 1838, Honora of James Tuohy & Amelia Fanning sp: ? Stapleton & Honora Ryan

Mar 1838, Anne of John Driscoll & Anto Kelly sp: Ellen Fanning

Jun 1838, James of Thomas Tobyn & Ellen Ward sp: John Fogarty & Cath Fanning

21 Jul 1838, Stephen of Mathew Kealy & Mary Ryan sp: Edmond Barron & Jane Fanning

Aug 1838, Mary of Michael Flannery & Mary Brennan sp: Michael Ryan & Sara Fanning

27 Sept 1838, X John of John Fanning & Mary Weston sp: Thomas Weston & Bridget Reilly

29 Oct 1838, Judith of Michael Finn & Bridget Burke sp: Edmond Fanning & Anne Ryan

1 Jan 1839, Mary of William Rahill & Mary Fanning sp: Joseph Fanning & Ellen Rahile

14 Jan 1839, John of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp: Thomas Baker & Ellen Ryan

16 Jan 1839, Mary of William Tobin & Mary Ryan sp: Mick Tobin & Cath Fanning

26 Apr 1839, William of Michael Fanning & Bridget Cunningham sp: John Hough & Honora Hough

Jun 1839, John of John Fanning & Ellen Day sp: John Day & Anne Day

Jun 1839, Anne of James Doulan & Mary King sp: Thoms Doulan & Ellen Fanning

Jul 1839, John of William Stapleton & Nanno Cahile sp: John Stapleton & Mary Fanning

15 Oct 1839, Judith of Edmond Fanning & Anne Cahile sp: John Day & Cath Ryan

Nov 1839, Martin of Timothy Maher & Ellen Shanahan sp: John Fanning & Judith Shanahan

Jan 1840, Edward of Edward Fanning & Anne Ryan sp: Denis Carroll & Anne Harney

1 Mar 1840, Judith of William Rahill & Mary Fanning sp: Pierce Moloughney & Bridget Tuohy

17 May 1840, Edmund of Timothy Maher & Sarah Fanning sp: Mary Fanning

May 1840, + Gillan of John Day & Judith Fogarty sp: Mary Fanning

Jun 1840, Mary of John Guilmartin & Cath Boyle sp: John Fanning & Mary Boyle

7 Sept 1840, James of John Kelly & Ellen Fanning sp: Judith Doolan

Nov 1840, Catherine of John Fanning & Johanna Carroll sp: John Maher & Mary Anne Armstrong

30 Nov 1840, X Margaret of Michael Ryan & Catherine Banon X sp: William Gahagan & Mary Fanning

23 Dec 1840, Mary of Martin Clear & Bridget Keilly sp: Mick Clear & Anastasia Fanning

12 May 1841, Mary of Michael Maher & Margaret Fanning sp: John Callanan & Margaret Maher

15 July 1841, Michael of William Rahile & Mary Fanning sp: James Fanning & Margaret Tynan

1 Aug 1841, Philip of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp: Edmond Barron & Margaret Fogarty

29 Aug 1841, X John of John Fanning & Mary Weston, sp: William Fanning & Judith Fanning

Sept 1841, Mary of James Tuohy & Amelia Fanning sp: Pat Tuohy & Bridget Dunn

11 Nov 1841, Mary of Edmund Fanning & Anne Ryan sp: Patt Connor & Johanna Ryan

Nov 1841, Margaret of Thomas Burke & Ellen Fanning sp: William Barry & Mary Callanan

30 Jan 1841, James of John Fanning & Ellen Day sp: Ellen Maher

15 Feb 1842, William of William Stapleton & Nanno Cahill sp: Edmund Fanning & Judith Maher

May 1842, Daniel of Tim Maher & Sara Fanning sp: Martin Fanning & Bridget Maher

25 Sept 1842, Michael of Michael Ryan & Mary Ryan sp: Thomas Ryan & Mary Fanning

29 Oct 1842, John of John Fanning & Johanna Carroll sp: Walter Bourke & Catherine O’Mara

10 Mar 1843, John of Edmund Fanning & Anne Ryan sp: Callahan Poole & Margaret Tynan

28 Mar 1843, William of William Rahill & Mary Fanning sp: John Nolan & Mary Duggan

12 Jun 1843, Jeremiah of James Burke & Mary Cahill sp: Walter Burke & Ellen Fanning

10 Jul 1843, John of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp: James Walsh & Margaret Eviston

21 Aug 1843, Mary of John Kelly & Ellen Fanning sp: Judith Kelly

23 Sept 1843, John of Robert Willis & Catherine Meara sp: Mary Fanning

4 Oct 1843, Thomas of James Tuohy & Amelia Fanning sp: John Tuohy & Honoria Ryan

1 Nov 1843, John of John Driscoll & Anastasia Kelly sp: John Fanning & Anne Driscoll

Jan 1844, X Bridget of John Fanning & Mary Weston sp: Michael Fanning & Anastatia Houlahan X

Mar 1844, Patrick of John Delaney & Mary Connolly sp: Michael Kirwan & Mary Fanning

2 Apr 1844, Jeremiah of Mason? Crowe & Mary Harny sp: Bridget Fanning

May 1844, X Patrick, illegitimate, of Conor Maher & Honoria Ryan sp: Judith Fanning

13 May 1844, Anastasia of Martin Clear? & Bridget Keily sp: Anastasia Fanning

9 Jun 1844, Ellen of Edmund Power & Bridget Gleeson sp: James Fanning & Nanno Fanning

13 Jun 1844, ?? of William Halloran & Mary Maher sp: ???? & Mary Fanning

Jun 1844, Mary of Timothy Maher & Sarah Fanning sp: John Fanning & Catherine Maher

9 Oct 1844, Mary Barbara of Callaghan Foot & Bridget Malone sp: Edmund Fanning & Anne O’Brien

9 Dec 1844, Thomas of John Delahunty & Hanna Hickey sp: Margaret Fanning

23 Dec 1844, William of John O’Driscoll & Anastasia Kelly sp: James Fanning & Catherine O’Driscoll

17 Mar 1845, Anne of Edmund Fanning & Anne Ryan sp: John Malone & Mary Stapleton

23 Mar 1845, George of George Shaw & Anastasia Fanning sp: Patrick Maher & Julian Cormack

16 May 1845, Eliza of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp: Ellen Synnott

6 Jul 1845, Mary of Philip Hayes & Fanny Farrell sp: Mary Fanning

13 Aug 1845, Mary of Michael Fanning & Judith Reilly sp: Nanno Kirwan

17 Aug 1845, Patrick of James Tuohy & Amy Fanning sp: John Sweeny & Bridget Sweeny

16 Oct 1845, Patrick of John Fanning & Bridget Hewitt sp: Patrick Fanning & Mary Fanning

Dec 1845, Joseph of William Rahill & Mary Fanning sp: Anastasia Eagan

6 Mar 1846, X Honora (illegitimate) of Patrick Ryan & Catherine Darmody sp: Nanno Fanning

15 Mar 1846, Judith of Denis McCarthy & Mary Dempsey sp: Michael Dempsey & Margaret Fanning

29 May 1846, X Mary of John Fanning & Mary Weston sp: Thomas Fanning & Mary Fanning

1 Jul 1846, Patrick of Patrick Cahill & Catherine Maher sp: Thaddeus Day & Mary Fanning

19 Jul 1846, Eliza of Patrick Hayes & Kate Cody sp: Walter Burke & Mary Fanning

Jul 1846, Margaret of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp: Thomas Kealty & Mary Sweeny

27 Jul 1846, Catherine of John Kelly & Ellen Fanning sp: Anastasia Kelly

30 Jul 1846, Catherine of Edmund Power & Bridget Gleeson sp: Thomas Finigan & Bridget Fanning

1 Nov 1846, James of Thomas Burke & Ellen Fanning sp: Cornelius Callanan & Mary Fanning

27 Nov 1846, Joanna of Edward Fanning & Anne Ryan sp: John Morley & Mary Carroll

21 Dec 1846, Thomas of Timothy Maher & Sarah Fanning sp: Martin Darmody & Anne Maher

31 Jan 1847, Bridget of James Doolan & Nancy King sp: John Doolan & Joanna Fanning

5 Mar 1847, Mary of John Fanning & Ellen Day sp: Mary Ryan

2 May 1847, James of John Fanning & Bridget Huett sp: Joanna McGuire

14 Jun 1847, Joseph of Edmund Doocy? & Margaret Neile sp: Richard McDonnell & Maria Fanning

20? Jun 1847, James of Thomas Quill & Honoria Ryan sp: Nanno Fanning

11 Aug 1847, Laurence of Michael Maher & Margaret Fanning sp: Judith Fanning

10 Sept 1847, James of William Rahill & Mary Fanning sp: Judith Mockler

19 Jan 1848, Bridget of Timothy Maher & Sarah Fanning sp: Daniel Quinn? & Sarah Fanning

29 Feb 1848, Amelia of James Tuohy & Amelia Fanning sp: William Tuohy & Bridget Grady

10 Mar 1848, Edmund of James Kenna & Mary Kelly sp: Ellen Fanning

28 Jun 1848, Margaret of James Fanning & Honorah Ryan sp: D? Kinealy & Mary Meagher

20 July 1848, X, James of John Fanning & Mary Weston sp: William & Catherine Fanning

29 Aug 1848, X, Ellen of William Kirwick & Margaret Tierney sp: Sarah Fanning

12 Nov 1848, Anne of Edward Fanning & Mary Coleman sp: Nicholas Landrickan & Anne Fanning

4 Dec 1848, Mary of Patrick Long & Mary Loughnane sp: Ellen Fanning

Feb 1849, Denis of Edmond Fanning & Anne Ryan sp: Thomas Fanning & Susana? Carroll

9 Mar 1849, John of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp: Margaret Fogarty

2 Jul 1849, Judith (illegitimate) of Simon Maher & Judy Fanning sp: Gillday??

28 Oct 1849, Mary of Joseph Leonard & Mary Gillonan? sp: John Fanning & Sarah Fanning

25 Jan 1850, James of James Tuohy & Emilia Fanning sp: John Tuohy & Kate Tuohy

Jul 1850, Margaret of John Kelly & Ellen Fanning sp: Eliza Deleny

5 Jul 1850, Thomas of John Fanning & Mary Weston sp: William Connell & Kate Fanning

27 Sept 1850, Bridget of John Delahunty & Nano Hickey sp: John Flyn & Mary Fanning

10 Nov 1850, Ellen of Edmund Fanning & Anne Ryan sp: Pat Finn & Ellen Carroll

21 Jan 1851, Martin of John Maher & Sally Fanning sp: Judy Mara

*24 Feb 1851, Sarah of John Sheehan & Sarah Fanning sp: Kate Fanning

4 Apr 1851, William of John Cummins & Joanna Purcell sp: Dan Tierney & Kate Fanning

6 Jul 1851, Mary Anne of John Ryan & Jane Fanning sp ? Ryan & ? Tobin

12 Sept 1851, William of Garrett Barry & Hanoria Cleary sp: Edmund Fanning & Joanna ?

12 Jan 1852, Bridget of James Tuohy & Emmy Fanning sp: John Tuohy & Biddy Fogarty

*27 Apr 1852, Mary of John Sheehan & Sally Fanning sp: John Fanning & Mary Clear

Sept 1852, Michael? of Ed Fanning & Anne Ryan sp: Ed Fanning & Mary Fanning

19 Nov 1852, Ellen of John Kelly & Nelly Fanning sp: Sally Carrol

Dec 1852, Mary (illegitimate) of Pat Walsh & Mary Fanning sp: Mary Anne Shaw

Jan 1853, Joanna of Stephen Peters & Ally Whelan sp: James Brett & Kate Fanning

Jan 1853, Bridget of Edward Leonard & Margaret Maher sp: Anne? Fanning

Apr 1853, ?? of Pat Cody & Joanna Dalton sp: Pat Fanning & Ann Purcell

*Aug 1853, Judy of John Sheehan & Sally Fanning sp: Pat Ryan & Judy Fanning

13 Aug 1854, Hanna of James Tuohy & Emma Fanning sp: Pat Tuohy & Bridget Tuohy

18 Aug 1854, Anto of John Lonigan & Kate Darmody sp: John Fanning & Anto Fanning

Jan 1855, Machs?? Michael? illegitimate of Pat Fanning & Judy Cantwell sp: Mary Ryan

14 Feb 1855, Bridget of Ed Bourke & Ellen Gleeson sp: Mary Cormack & John Fanning

Apr 1855, Mary of Richard Henessey & Mary Fogarty sp: Kate Fanning & John Henessey

Jul 1855, Alice of Denis Dwyer & Judy Gleeson sp: Mary Fanning

25 Nov 1855, Ellen of Stephen Peters & Ally Whelan sp: John Fanning & Ellen Britt

9 Mar 1856, John of Pat Fanning & Judy Cantwell sp: Michael Cantwell & Peggy Cunningham

May 1856, James of Jim Cormac & Mary Hughes sp: Pat Fanning & Kate Hughes

*27 Jul 1856, Ellen of John Sheehan & Sally Fanning sp: William Maher & Biddy Fanning

*8 Mar 1857, John of John Lanigan & Kate Darmody sp: John Fanning & Sally Sheehan

31 May 1857, Jerry of Denis Dwyer & Judy Gleeson sp: Ed Fanning & Amy? Moloughney. Jerry married Mary Sweeney Jan 23 1911.

1 Oct 1857, ?? of ?? Fanning & Maryanne Byrne sp: Edmund Byrne & Kate Delahunty

Feb 1858, William of James Tuohy & Emmy Fanning sp: Patt Brien & Catherine Brien

Feb 1858, Michael of Patt Kelly & Anto Fanning sp: John Day & Judy Fanning

3 Feb 1858, Thomas of Michael Gleeson & Mary Cantwell sp: Michael Stokes & Maria Fanning

23 May 1858, Bridget of Patt Fanning & Judy Cantwell sp: Phil Molony & Elen Fanning

10 Aug 1858, Mr Kingsley, a protestant, received into the Catholic Church sp: Hugh Ryan & Catherine Fanning

Dec 1858, John of John Ryan & Bridget Reardon sp: Patt Fanning & Margaret Shanahan

Dec 1858, John of James Ryan & Anne Gliffin sp: Patt Darmody & Mary Dwyer

29 Apr 1859, Edmond of Patt Fanning & Mary Burns sp: Joseph ? & Margaret Donnelly

2 May 1859, Mary of Tom Ryan & Mary Delahunty sp: Patt Fanning & Mary Delahunty

17 Oct 1859, Ellen of Pat Kelly & Honoria Fanning sp: Ellen Day

31 Oct 1859, John of John Ryan & Bridget Riordan sp: Patt Fanning & Honoria Hogan

7 Nov 1859, Thomas of James Tuohy & Emy Fanning sp: James Tuohy & Mary Tuohy

22 Feb 1860, James of John Banon & Nailey? Day sp: Thomas Neely & Joanna Fanning

25 Jun 1860, John of William Rahil & Ellen Fanning sp: Alick Wall & Margaret Fanning

19 Sept 1860, Philip of John Lanigan & Catherine Darmody sp: Thomas Lanigan & Nano Callinan

Nov 1860, Margaret of Richard Henessy & Mary Fogarty sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Fanning

22 Feb 1861, Ellen of Andy Hoolihan & Mary Maher sp: Patt Fanning & Judy L?

25 Feb 1861, Michael of Pat Fanning & Judy Cantwell sp: Catherine Maher & Michael Boyle

21 Jun 1861, Mary of Stephen Peters & Alley Whelan sp: Bridget Fanning

23 Aug 1861, X Margaret of Pat McClies? (Eng) & Mary Guilfoyle sp: Edward Fanning & Honora? Fanning

3 Feb 1862, Thomas of Pat Kelly & Anto Fanning sp: James Ryan & Catherine Sweeny

2 Apr 1862, Mary of Pat Fanning & Judy Cantwell sp: Michael Coman & Bridget Fitzpatrick

23 Apr 1862, Mary of William Rahil & Ellen Fanning sp: Mary Carr

27 Jun 1863, Catherine of Patrick Doran & Mary Rahil sp: Margaret Fanning

28 Sept 1863, Mary of Timothy Dee & Joanna Ryan sp: Michael Martley? & Alice Fanning

Dec 1863, Ellen of Pat Cass & Mary Cormack sp: Kate Fanning

12 Apr 1864, Mary of Patrick Kelly & Honoria Fanning sp: Michael & Mary Boyle

23 May 1864, Mary of William Rahill & Ellen Fanning sp: John Egan & Bridget Ryan

12 Aug 1864, Richard of Richard Hennessy & Mary Hogan? sp: James & Bridget Fanning

29 Sept 1864, Catherine of John Fanning, labourer, & Mary Fogarty Turtulla sp: Judy Fanning (grandmother)

Oct 1864, John of John Cummins & Judy Ryan sp: Michael Clooney & Catherine Fanning

6 Feb 1865, Bridget of Michael Bradshaw & Bridget Cormack sp: Pat Fanning & Catherine Ryan

24 Jan 1866, Bridget of Michael Fennelly & Anastatia Fogarty sp: Thomas Fennelly & Julia Fanning

19 Mar 1866, John of John Horan? & Mary Dorlen? sp: John Fanning & Bridget Fanning

16 May 1866, John of Patrick Reilly & Anto Fanning sp: Patrick Sweeney & Mary Ryan

16 May 1866, James of John Loughnane & Margaret Ryan sp: Patrick Fanning & Mary Cormack

1 Jul 1867, Peter Paul of Michael Cantwell & Bridget Ryan sp: Anthony Fanning & Maria Teresa Lissorau??? (Peter Paul married Johanna Egan 21 Apr 1909)

24 Jan 1868, Martin of Martin Brien & Bridget Fogarty sp: ? Ryan & Bridget Fanning

13 Feb 1868, Catherine of William Fanning & Julia Hayes sp: Johanna Fitzgerald

22 Jan 1869, Patrick of Patrick Kelly & Anto Fanning sp: ? leahy & Maryanne Benn?

28 Jul 1869, Ellen of Thomas Mullany & Mary Bourke sp: Geoffrey Fanning & Sarah Sheehan

1 Nov 1869, Jane of Richard Barry & Bridget Maher sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Cashin

14 Jan 1870, Mary of John Torpey & Mary Vaughan sp: Mary Hayes & Patrick Fanning

15 Feb 1892, John of Patrick Fanning, coachman of Pudding Lane Thurles & Jane Ryan sp: Sarah Brown. Civil birth record. Birth date 9 Feb 1892.

*8 Sept 1894, William Joseph of Thomas Fanning, shopkeeper & Ellen Dwyer Quarry St Thurles,  civil birth record, birth date 1 Sept 1894.

*7 May 1910, William of John Fanning, farmer & Mary Hogan, Clondoty, sp: Mary Fitzgerald. civil birth record, birth date 7 May 1910.

*23 Jul 1910, Michael of Laurence Fanning, shopkeeper & Bridget Fanning, Bouladuff, sp: Mary Fitzgerald. civil birth record, birth date 23 Jul 1910.

Thurles Fanning Marriage Records,Co Tipperary Ireland, 1795-1899

Fanning Marriages in the Parish of Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland, 1795-1899 from Rootsireland and National Library of Ireland records.

The following marriage records from Thurles Parish in Co Tipperary are taken from the National Library of Ireland parish registers which are online and free and also from the pay site Rootsireland.

They cover these periods:

13 Apr 1795-18 Nov 1804; 7 Jan 1805-15 Feb 1820; 13 Aug 1822-30 Nov 1833; 17 Feb 1870-30 Apr 1870; 13 Jan 1834-14 Feb 1870.

Rootsireland is an excellent subscription service with search options. Makes using the free National Library records much easier. Rootsireland has Thurles Parish marriage records from 1795-1900. I have also included these records.

Irish civil marriage records from 1864 and older than 75 years are online and free at

Thurles civil parish townlands by Martin Collin Wikepedia By MartinCollin – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F

From 1864 there should be a church baptism record and also a civil marriage record.

20 Mar 1797, Patrick Simple & Hannah Meagher wit: John Fanning & Bridget Grey

24 May 1798, Edmund Doughan & Alice Fanning wit: Richard Burke & Nelly Mullay

25 Jul 1798, Daniel Maher & Alice Coppinger wit: John Brett & Alice Fanning

7 Feb 1799, John Fannin of Loughmore Parish & Mary Bourke of Cassestown wit: Walter Bourke, her brother, Patrick Quinlan  & John Moloney

5 Feb 1799, John Reilly & Mary Fannin wit: Thomas Fannin, Daniel Meagher & Daniel Mara

23 Feb 1800, Patrick Fogarty & Margaret Egan, wit: Patrick Purcell & Edmund Fannin

15 May 1800, Andrew Mollony & Margaret Fannin of Killinan? wit: Cornelius Molony, Nicholas Cormick & Mary Lahy

2 May 1802, James Sullivan & Margaret Murphy wit: Catherine Fanning & Stephen Murphy

26 Jan 1804, Patrick Fanning & Mary Heffernan, both of Ballycarrane, wit: Joseph Dempsey & Stephen Murphy

24 Jan 1804, Michael Fanning & Catherine Dwyer wit: Thomas Healy, Timothy Perkin & Michael Shanahan

7 Mar 1807, Bartholemew Fannin & Eleanor Slattery both of Seskin? wit: William Molloughny & James Roe

5 May 1807, Thomas Shanahan & Catherine Butler, both of Laughtagallo wit: Thomas Rahill & Mary Fannin

9 Sept 1807, Thomas  Armstrong, labourer of Racecourse & Mary Fannin of Laughtagalla wit: James Fannin, James Hood & Bridget Grady

*5 Feb 1808, Edmund Fannin of Inch & Judith Darmody of the Racecourse wit: Patrick Darmody & William Fannin & Judith Magrath

28 Nov 1807, Henry Fanning of Moyne Parish & Margaret Meagher of Tonaba? wit: William Meagher her brother, Patrick Ryan & Thomas Long

2 Feb 1809, Michael Fannin of Luigh & Catherine Ryan wit: Stephen Moffett & Patrick Grant

14 Feb 1809, Michael Fannin, labourer of Drom, & Catharine Callanan of Ardborn wit: John Breen, Andrew Callanan & Margaret Callanan

30 Jan 1812, Pat Spellane, labourer, & Ellenor Ryan, both of Racecourse, wit: James Kealy, Thomas Fannin & Michael Spellane

6 Feb 1812, Geofrey Fannin, farmer of Drom, & Margaret Shanahan of Seskin wit: James Roe, Thomas Slattery & Catherine Dunne

22 Feb 1813, Thomas Fannen, farmer, Two Mile Borris, & Bridget Bannon of Tonvihe? wit: William Crowe, Hugh & Michael Bannon

14 Sept 1814, Denis Callinan & Honora Galligan wit: Thomas Fannin & Margaret Callinan

7 Nov 1815, John Maher, butcher & Margaret Fannin of Main St, wit: Pat Fannin, William Maher & William Meagher

16 Aug 1819, Malaky Dwyer of Anacorty & Nelly Maher of Rurarstown wit: Bernard Magrath, Patt Maher & Bernard Fanning

31 Jul 1823, Michael Garry & Margaret Roche wit: John Dwyer & Anto Fanning

26 Feb 1827, Michael Sullivan & Margaret (Peggy) Ryan wit: Maurice Fleming & John Fanning

14 Feb 1828, Phil Shedy? & Judy Ryan, wit: John Cummins & Mary Fannan

9 Oct 1828, William Cahill & Mary Fanning, Thurles wit: Michael Cahill & Ellen Meagher

20 Nov 1828, James Dean & Ellen Hoy wit: Edward Fanning & M Fehilly

2 Mar 1829, Tim Fanning & Anstace Hayes, wit: Pat Dwyer & Mary Carrol

30 Mar 1829, David Fanning & Margaret Cunningham wit: Jeremiah Fanning & William Cunningham

8 May 1829, George Shaw, Protestant, & Anto Fanning wit: Pat Fanning & Mary Carrol. LDS record has her birth date c1808

14 Feb 1830, Pat Fanning & Mary Armstrong, widow, both of Thurles Parish wit: Thomas Bourke & Ellen Fanning

13 May 1830, John Fanning & Ellen Dea both of Thurles Parish, wit: James Ryan, Mary Boyle & James Day

9 Feb 1832, John Fanning of Drom & Anto Brien of Laugh, wit: Stephen Purcell & Anto Brien

6 Mar 1832, Michael Ryan & Mary Ryan, both of Cassestown, wit: John Fanning & Betty ?

15 Nov 1832, James Fox & Mary Ryan, wit: Edmd Fanning & Margaret Flinn

17 Feb 1833, Patrick Fanning & Joanna Maher, wit: Mat Maher & Mary Molony

*18 Feb 1833, John Fanning & Margaret Fitzpatrick wit: John Davern & Mary Davern

27 Jan 1834, Michael Fanning & Judith Rielly, wit: Rev Philip Hodnott & Anne Reilly

6 Feb 1834, Thomas Fogarty & Mary Fanning, wit: Michael Birmingham & Bridget Fanning

9 Jan 1835, Michael Dwyer & Bridget Hayes, wit: Ed Fanning & Bridget Neill

3 Mar 1835, John Kilmartin & Cath Boyle wit: Edmund Fanning & Mary Cleary

9 Feb 1839, Denis Corcoran & Johanna Fanning, wit: John Burke & Mary Maher

12 Apr 1839, John Kelly & Ellen Fanning, wit: Patrick Rahill & Judith Duggan

24 Jan 1841, William Barry & Mary Butler, wit: Thomas Delany & Cath Fanning

4 Feb 1841, Michael Maher & Margaret Fanning, wit: John Mocler & Mary Sweeney

19 Feb 1841, Thomas Cleary & Margaret Dwyer, wit: John Carew & Mary Fanning

23 Feb 1841, Thomas Burke & Ellen Fanning, wit: Patrick Burke & Mary Callanan

24 Oct 1842, Christopher Nicholson (1st Royals) & Margaret Murphy, wit: Thomas Burke & Ellen Fanning

19 Feb 1843, Gregory Fitzpatrick & Anastatia (Anto) Molony  wit: Michael Fanning & Ellen Brien

23 Feb 1843, John Fanning & Mary Brien, wit: Thomas Fanning & Anto Brien

14 Feb 1844, James Dacres & Mary Fanning, wit: Patrick Fanning & Mary Fanning

13 Oct 1844, John Fanning & Bridget Hewitt, wit: Michael Dwyer & Mary Hewitt

3 Feb 1845, Thomas Fanning & Bridget Nolan, wit: Richard Bannon & Anastatia Maher

9 Jan 1846, Patrick Darmody & Catherine Fanning, wit: Michael Maher & Margaret Kennedy

23 Feb 1846, James Fanning & Honora Ryan, wit: Patrick Doolan & Margaret Ryan

30 Oct 1846, William Boyle & Ellen Merritt, wit: John Cleary & Mary Fanning

16 Nov 1848, Michael Myers & Margaret Fanning, wit: William Myers & Mary Meagher

21 Nov 1848, James Fanning & Honora Hogan, wit: George Dacres & Ellen Keenan

9 Dec 1848, by special licence in Advent, Edmond Cleary & Margaret Meaher, wit: John & Sally Fanning

16 Jan 1849, Timothy Dempsey & Margaret Mason wit: John Coglan & Mary Fanning

28 Feb 1849, Michael Cleary & Sarah Gleeson wit: Pat Meagher & Mary Fanning

18 Sept 1849, Simon Maher & Judy Fanning, wit: John Torpy & Mary Torpy

9 Feb 1850, John Dowdall  & Mary Fanning, wit: John Flynn & Honora Butler

*23 Jun 1850, John Sheehan & Sarah Fanning wit: Michael Dwyer & Mary Cleary

26 Feb 1851, John Mockler & Mary Dwyer, wit: John Fanning & Mary Dwyer

3 Sept 1852, Andrew Ryan & Johanna Shanahan wit: Ed Fanning & Anne Kelly

16 Apr 1855, Pat Fanning & Judy Cantwell, wit: Michael Cantwell & Joanna Moloughney

3 Feb 1856, John Hunt & Kate Cleary, wit: Thomas Purcell & Anto Fanning

15 May 1856, Laurence Fanning & Mary Maher, wit: Ed Quin & Kate Quin

19 Feb 1857, Michael Fannen? & Kate Nolan, wit: Pat Dwyer & Kate Nolan

14 Sept 1857, Pat Kelly & Honoria Fanning wit: John Ryan & Ellen Dea

4 Feb 1858, Thomas Ryan & Mary McGuire, wit: John Ryan & Judy Fanning

8 Mar 1859, Thomas Neily & Nano Day, wit: Thomas Dunn & Judy Fanning

21 August 1859, William Rahile & Ellen Fanning wit: Pat Fanning & Mary Britton

29 Jan 1866, Patrick Mara & Mary Mara wit: John ? & Bridget Fanan

8 Sept 1868, Cornelius Ryan & Anne Fanning, wit: James Cahill & Catherine Charles

7 Nov 1869, Joseph Fanning & Mary Cashin wit: Thomas Butler & Margaret Hopkins

These additional Fanning marriages are from the Rootsireland site:

9 May 1874, Patrick Coleman & Anne Molloy wit: William Fanning & Anne Fogarty

20 Jul 1874, James McCarthy & Mary Kelly wit: Patrick Fanning & Bridget Fogarty

22 Jan 1875, Thomas Fanning & Ana (Anastatia)Kirwan wit: William Connell & Johanna Gleeson

21 Jan 1875, Thomas Fanning of Ballyduff, cattledealer and Anastasia (Anto) Kirwan of New Road Thurles. Thomas’s father was William Fanning, a farmer and Anastasia’s father was Thomas Kirwan, a farmer. Wit: William O’Connell & Joanna Gleeson. Both previously unmarried. The father of Thomas deceased. Civil marriage record.

24 Feb 1876, William Fanning & Amy Flynn wit: Martin Evastin & Mary Keeffe

31 Jan 1878, John Fanning & Mary Leahy wit: Andrew Cahill & Johanna Molloy

26 Jul 1880, John Lynch & Mary Costello wit: John Power & Bridget Fanning

1 Mar 1881, Michael Keogh & Ellen Fanning wit: James Buckley & Mary Maguire

4 Nov 1882, Martin Keily & Bridget Fanning wit: Patrick Keily & Margaret Keily

5 Oct 1882, John Fox & Catherine Fanning wit: John Whelan & Johanna Smith

16 Feb 1885, Thomas Doherty & Mary Fanning wit: Patrick Sheedy & Maggie Purcell

3 Mar 1886, James Lonergan & Honora (Nora) Hynes wit: Mary Sweeney & Patrick Fanning

16 Sept 1886, Michael Carey & Mary Byrne wit: Mary Fanning & Andrew Cahill

*9 May 1888, John Mullaney & Bridget Fanning wit: Michael Mullaney & Katie Fanning

*1 Feb 1891, Thomas Fanning of Clondoty, farmer & Ellen Dwyer of Thurles, widow, shopkeeper. His father William Fanning, her father John Sheehan. wit: Michael Fanning & Josie Hogan

25 Feb 1895, Daniel Dwyer & Bridget Dwyer wit: William Dwyer & Kate Fanning

28 Nov 1895, Patrick Fanning of Thurles & Anastasia Carrigan of Ballymurreen Thurles. His parents were Patrick Fanning & Mary Fanning. Her parents were James Carrigan & Joanna Carrigan wit: Hugh Ryan & Mary A Carrigan

13 Feb 1899, Thomas Fanning & Margaret Pollard wit: Mary A Carroll & Joseph Pollard

*10 Jun 1901, Michael Fanning, merchant of Lincoln Place, Dublin & Margaret Teresa Ryan, merchant of Main St Thurles. Michael’s father was William Fanning, a farmer, and Margaret’s father was Patrick Ryan, also a merchant. wit: patrick Fanning & Mary Ryan. Civil marriage record.

Edmond Fanning and Johanna Darmody of Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland

My gggreat grandparents, Edmond Fanning and Johanna Darmody were married in Thurles Parish in 1808. She came from Racecourse in Thurles and he from Inch. They lived in Grange, a townland of Thurles. Looking for her Darmody family. Her father most likely Patrick Darmody.

Edmond Fannin and Johanna Darmody my gggreat grandparents were married in Thurles Parish Co Tipperary Ireland on June 16, 1808.

I have just received more information on them from their marriage record from the parish and also from their children’s’ baptism records.

On their marriage record Edmond’s address is given  as Inch which is consistent with him being a son of William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon, although no parents names are given. William Fannin and Pat Darmody and Judith MacGrath witnessed the marriage. The officiating priest was Rev John Hickey.

Johanna Darmody’s address was given as the Race Course Thurles. So now I know where she lived before her marriage and where to look for her Darmody family.

On the earlier children’s baptism records Edmond’s occupation was given as labourer and their address was Racecourse but in Nov 1813  his occupation was given as farmer and address as Grange. In 1816 his address was also Grange.

Grange Townland c 1850
Grange Townland Thurles Parish Griffiths Valuation c 1850

In Griffiths Valuation, printed 1850, there is only one Fanning listed, Edw Fanning (Thurles) plot nine which is land only, a little over three acres, annual value of 4 pounds ten shillings. The Thurles in brackets indicates he lives in Thurles. Don’t know if he is related. In Racecourse in Griffiths Valuations there are no Darmodys listed in 1850.

On the parish registers the surname given for all the children and the father is Fannin with the exceptions of Edmond in 1824, Honora in 1823 and Honora Fanning born 1829. In these records Edmond’s surname is listed as Fanning.

Civil Parish of Thurles
Civil Parish of Thurles showing the townlands of Racecourse and Grange

In the Tithe Applotment Books 1833 for Race Course there is a Patrick Darmody, Johanna’s father or brother most likely. There are also a number of Callinans  in this townland. They were often godparents for the children of Edmond and Judy Fanning.

Tithe Applotment Book 1833 Racecourse
Tithe Applotment Book 1833 Racecourse
Townland of Racecourse Thurles c1850
Racecourse Townland Thurles Co Tipperary c1850

In 1809 Edm Callinan was godparent to John Fannin, in 1810 Andrew Callanan was godparent to Michael Fannin, in 1821 John Callinan is a sponsor to Mary Fannin and a Mary Callinan sponsors Patrick Fannin in 1826.

Sally Darmody in 1823 and Philip Darmody in 1824 are also sponsors.

William Patrick Fanning 1812-1876 Co Tipperary Ireland and Bulla Victoria Australia

William Patrick Fanning was born in Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland in 1812 and died in Bulla Victoria Australia in 1876. He married Catherine Hayes in Cork before they emigrated on the “Enmore” in 1841. He lived at Bulla and was a farmer. He had five children. His descendants still live at “Sunnyside” in Bulla.

I am not sure when this photo was taken, outside “Sunnyside” Bulla, but I suspect it may have been when “Big Bill” was sick, as he is sitting down. He died of cancer of the jaw in 1876. In 1863 a tender was advertised by the architect Mr J F Mathews in The Argus for construction of the verandah so it is after this time.

William Patrick Fanning, known as “Big Bill” because he was a very tall man, was born in Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland in 1812. His parents were Edmond Fanning and Johanna (Judith) Darmody.

He was the third son of a family of 10 children. The Fannings were quite numerous and well known in Northern Tipperary and many were farmers while some went into business, quite a few were publicans, spirit sellers and shopkeepers. This pattern continued in Victoria with two of his daughters, Mary and Johanna, being hotelkeepers. By Irish standards they were well off and this is reflected in Big Bill’s business initiative and land acquisitions here in Victoria.

His surname is inconsistent being spelt as Fannin in 1841, Fanning in 1862,  Fannan in 1869 (in an advertisement in the Argus, for a neighbour’s property, he is referred to as Mr Fannan). In 1862 he signed as Fannan but his two children, Mary and John, signed their surname as Fanning. This may be to do with the fact that he could not write and would have been using phonetic spelling. In those days people may not have been as particular about how they spelt their names.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Catherine Hayes. From her death certificate we can establish that she was born c1818 in Co Tipperary Ireland and that her father was a farmer. I remember being told that she smoked a pipe when she lived in Victoria.

She married William Patrick Fanning in 1841 in Cork presumably just before they sailed on the “Enmore” on the 22nd of June. They left from Cobh,  in Co Cork on june 22 1841 and arrived three months later at Port Phillip Victoria on Oct 4 1841. Catherine is listed as Mary Fannin, age 24, farm servant, who can neither read or write. Both were Roman Catholics and came as assisted passengers, their fares being 19 pounds each.

Below is the “Enmore” passenger list page where Catherine and William Fanning are listed as William and Mary Fannin. The full passenger list for the Enmore and more on immigration at this time are in the post  Australia The “Enmore” Cork Ireland to Port Phillip Victoria 1841. Descriptions of Melbourne as William and Catherine would have found it  in 1841 are in the post Life in Melbourne Victoria 1841-1852.

Enmore 1841 William and Mary Fannin
Passengers on the “Enmore” arriving 1841 Melbourne Victoria Australia

The post “Ireland in 1841” gives the political and social background in Ireland and the preceding years and makes it easier to understand why they decided to leave their home and families and come to Australia.

I have wondered why they chose to come all the way to Australia and not go to America or Canada. I have read that immigration to Australia became more attractive as it was aid provided through the bounty system. Fares were paid.

The colonial bounty system came into being in 1837 but was revised in 1840. It granted money to people bringing into NSW from the UK (including Ireland) agricultural laborers, shepherds, tradesman, female domestics and farm servants. There was plenty of work as there was a shortages in these areas.

Kikenny, Tipperary, East Limerick, East Clare and North Cork accounted for over half of all Irish assisted emigrants to Australia. It also seems that life was better for immigrants in NSW and that they did not end up in urban ghettoes like so many did in America.

One of Big Bills relations, Martin Eviston had been transported to NSW in 1830 for manslaughter. He came back to Ireland sometime after 1839 and married Johanna Fanning Big Bill’s cousin. While he came back all his children ended up emigrating as well as quite a few of their cousins (children of Thomas Eviston and Mary Fanning) and settling in Australia. The Evistons lived at Clonomocogue close to the Fanning families and Big Bill would no doubt have talked to Martin Eviston. While Martin Evaston came back to Ireland he must have painted a very positive picture of life and opportunities in the colonies for most of his children and their cousins to have emigrated.

When Catherine and William first arrived they spent some time working at the wharves before they moved to Wyndham in Werribee.

They had five children: John Henry, Mary Elizabeth, Catherine, Johanna Louisa and Edward Francis. The two eldest John and Mary were born in Werribee in 1842 and 1844 while the others were born at Bulla.

In 1844 William Fanning purchased 150 acres of land in what was called “Tullarmarine Island” the area south of the Sunbury Road enclosed by Jackson’s Creek and Deep Creek on Loemans Road near Bulla Bulla where he raised his family. It would have been purchased from the Colony of NSW as Victoria did not exist as a separate colony until 1853.

The current project study area is located on land that was theTullamarine pastoral run (Spreadborough and Anderson, Settled District map). Some of the early landholders of pastoral runs located between Jacksons Creek and Deep Creek included W.J.T. Clark, W. Fanning and M. Loeman (Symonds 1985, 213). In 1844 William Fanning purchased 150 acres of land on what was known as “Tullamarine Island”, which is the area south of
Sunbury Road, enclosed by Jacksons Creek and Deep Creek on Loemans Road (Symonds 1985, 41). Here he set up his farm, which his wife looked after while Fanning undertook contract carting to the goldfields during the 1850s. The Fanning’s built their Sunnyside homestead during the 1850s at the village of Bulla Bulla (Symonds 1985, 41-42). Bulla Bulla was surveyed in 1847, and by 1853, Bulla Bulla consisted of 12 wooden houses, the Deep Creek Inn and Tulip Wright’s hotel, with the first post office opening within this hotel in 1850, then moving to another building (Symonds 1985, 49). During the 1850s, traffic to and from the goldfields passed through the Bulla region, causing some problems with the steep sloping roads. During this time several businesses commenced at Bulla Bulla, including a kaolin clay works used to manufacture porcelain, as well as a large flour mill and brickworks (Symonds 1985, 50). In 1854, Bulla Bulla became known as Bulla. By 1870, the population of Bulla was approximately 200 people, with 2630 in the Bulla district, and 263 dwellings in an area of 73,500 acres (Symonds 1985, 51). By the 1880s, Bulla contained four hotels, a hunt club, several churches and a grocery store and wine saloon. In the 1860s, the State Government introduced the New Industry Act that gave special assistance to enterprising people to develop virgin land (Symonds 1985, 117). Early settlers to the Bulla area, such as W. J.T Clark took advantage of this assistance and started to grow grapes.” From the Outer Metropolitan Link to Melbourne Airport and Bulla Bypass Assessment Report 8/8/2011

According to “Victoria and Riverina 1931-32” Aboriginal people were numerous at this time but “owing to his tactful handling the family never had the slightest trouble with them.”

On the discovery of gold at Sandhurst (Bendigo) in 1851 Bill started contract carting to the goldfields. It is thought they would have used bullock teams as the tracks were extremely rough. Broken axles were common. The first day took them to Monegeeta.  While William “Big Bill” took supplies across to the gold fields in the 1850’s, Catherine looked after the 100 acre dairy farm. It took three months to do the round trip by waggon. Bill did five trips a year at 100 pounds a ton. The first day got them to Monegeeta.

After the village of Bulla Bulla was surveyed in 1847, he was the first to purchase land in Quartz Street just behind Tulip Wright’s Deep Creek Inn.

On 16 August, 1852, lot 119a at Bulla Bulla was gazetted to William Fannan.

This is where he had “Sunnyside” built. The original homestead on Loemans Rd was a slab hut built under the shade of a large gum tree some 60 meters from the present home, and this was followed by a separate kitchen, later used as a storeroom. “Sunnyside” a single storey bluestone slate roofed farmhouse with outbuildings was built in 1859 using only local stone and gum trees, with the chimney built of hand made bricks. The outbuildings include a simple bluestone kitchen, bluestone woolshed (originally used as stable and coach house), a piggery and a shed with roughly split timber side walls and weatherboard gables. The piggery dates from 1853, the cow shed from 1855 and the shearing shed from 1860. Originally Loemans Rd used to run directly in front of the “Sunnyside” picket fence but this was later resurveyed to the present line. ” The house was registered as a historic building in 1992. It has stayed in the Fanning family.



On the 7th of July 1855 William purchased 342 acres along Wildwood Rd, called “Emu Flat”. This was left to his son John Henry. He also owned land at Kilmore and in Melbourne where the present day Windsor Hotel is situated in Spring St.

Some time after he and Catherine emigrated a group of 17 relatives came out to Victoria. We are not sure of their names or the dates or their exact relationship to Big Bill. I have been told it was about ten years after Bill came out. He apparently wasn’t all that happy to have them staying at Bulla and let them stay in the cattle sheds before letting them stay on his land at Spring St for three months. Some are then said to have gone up to Queensland and some to NSW.  All attempts to discover who they were and what happened to them have been unsuccessful.

The Argus of August 2, 1856 published a list of names of those petitioning W.J.T.Clarke esq., to nominate to run to become a member of the Legislative Council. W. Fanning is listed on this as are other Bulla residents including Martin Batey, David Patullo and Richard Brodie. Clarke also called “Big Bill” owned huge amounts of land in the Sunbury area and was elected to the Legislative Council in 1856. His son built the mansion “Rupertswood” in Sunbury.

In 1858 William Fannan had land in the Parish of Kerrie gazetted. It was 107 acres 2 rods and 38 perches in size. This land was at Monegeetta and was either given to his daughter Mary or sold to her and her husband Jeremiah Skehan.

W Fannan Parish of Kerrie 1858 Monegeetta
Land owned by William Fanning at Monegeetta 1858
William Fannin 1856 Census
William Patrick Fanning 1856 Census Victoria

William Patrick Fanning is listed as William Fannin, farmer, in this 1856 Census for West Bourke in the colony of Victoria. He has a farm on 100 acres freehold at Bulla.

In 1862 the body of an infant girl was found in a sack in Emu Creek. William found the sack which was close to the living quarters of a Johanna Doyle. She was arrested but later acquited. At the inquest William, his wife Catherine and son John and daughter Catherine were all questioned. William signed his name as Fannan.

When William arrivd in 1841 he could read but not write according to the passenger log. His signature may well have been the only thing he could write. Being a farmer he would have had little time to learn to write. His son and daughter both signed as Fanning in 1862 at the same inquest. Fannan is the phonetic way of spelling Fanning.

W Fannan Signature 1862
William Fanning’s signature 1862

In 1871 the following farmers, mainly from the area across Jacksons Creek towards Bulla and Sunbury, successfully objected to a proposed land sale: Martin Batey, Dugald Stewart, John Skuse, John Dickens, William Fanning, Martin Dillon, Patrick Leyden, Alexander Guthrie, William Prendergast, Isaac Batey, ? Batey, John Daly, Peter Murphy, John Murphy, Michael Bourke, Thomas Condon, John Scully, Charles Bradley(?), Anne Gregor (“Dairy Woman”), Thomas Emerson, (“Dairy Man”), George Randall, Thomas Faithful, Harriet Sharpe, John Heaghney, and Michael O’Brien. (Hume City Council site)

William Patrick Fanning died in 1876, age 65, after a long and painful illness, cancer of the jaw.

William Patrick Fanning Death certificate 1876.bmp
Death certificate of William Patrick Fanning 1876 Bulla Victoria Australia

William Patrick Fanning, “Big Bill”, is buried in the Catholic section of the Melbourne General Cemetery in Carlton, with his wife, Catherine, daughter-in-law, Bridget Fanning nee Collins, and his grandson, Thomas. In the Argus he was described as a much respected old colonist of 35 years whose passing was much regretted.

William Fanning & Catherine Hayes Grave Melbourne Cemetery
Grave of William and Catherine Fanning nee Hayes Melbourne Cemetery Victoria Australia
Fanning Monument Melb Cemetery
Fanning Graves in the Melbourne Cemetery Victoria Australia

Catherine died on the 20th May 1895 aged 77 and is buried in the Melbourne Cemetery.

Catherine Fanning 1895 Death Notice cropped
Death Notice Catherine Fanning 1895 Bulla Victoria Australia

Below are detailed genealogy reports on the ancestors and descendants of William Patrick Fanning 1812-1876.

Willaim Patrick Fanning Ancestor Report 2015
Ancestors of William Patrick Fanning 1812 Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland – 1876 Bulla Victoria Australia
William Patrick Fanning Descendant Report 2015
William Patrick Fanning Descendant Report 2015