Fanning Famine Relief Subscribers 1846 Co Tipperary Ireland

During the Great Famine in Ireland committees were set up to collect money to buy food for the starving. Below are some of the Fanning and Eveston Famine Relief Subscribers from Co Tipperary :

Rev Mr Fanning from Meelick Friary Co Galway (Borriskane Fund);

Mr John Fanning 8 July 1846, Barris, Ballymurun and Galboolly fund;

Joseph Fannin, Drom Fund;

Thomas Eveston, Martin Eveston, W. Fanning, Tom Fanning, John Eveston, John Fanning, Phil Darmody, John Fanning, from the Loughmore & Templeree Fund 8 July 1846;

Mrs John Fanning 10 shillings, Ed Fanning 10 shillings 4 Jan 1847, Mrs J Fanning 11 shillings, Mr Fanning 5 shillings, Mr E.Fanning 1 shilling  Mr Patt Fanning 1 shilling, Feb 8th 1847 from the Thurles Fund.

Fanning and Darmody Subscribers 1864 Co Tipperary Ireland

In 1864 Michael Fanning, John Fanning and Daniel Darmody were amongst the Drom & Inch subscribers to the O’Connell Monument Fund.

O'Connell Monument close up
O’Connell Monument Dublin

Published in The Freemans Journal 21 March 1864 in Cashel. The full list is in the IGP Archives


Fanning Subscribers Evicted Tenants Fund 1894 Co Tipperary

The above photo is of a mass rally of tenant farmers and labourers demonstrating under ILLA ( Irish Land & Labour Assoc) banners, Market Square, Macroom, Co. Cork, around 1894

Thomas Fanning and Tom Fanning subscribed to the Evicted Tenants Fund for Drom & Inch Co Tipperary Ireland  March 24, 1894. Reported in The Freemans Journal.