Roscrea Fanning Baptism & Birth Records Co Tipperary Ireland

Fanning records of Baptism in the Catholic Parish of Roscrea in Co Tipperary Ireland.

Roscrea Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

19 Dec 1823, Margaret of Laurance Fanning & Bridget Tierney sp: Winifred Whitten

30 Apr 1841, Catherine of John Fanning & Bridget Cummins, Carriglnane sp: William Whalen & Cath Whalen

16 Sept 1842, James of John Fanning & Catherine Connolly, Chapel Lane sp: Tim Grady & Joan Grady; twin of Michael

16 Sept 1842, Michael of John Fanning & Catherine Connolly, Chapel Lane sp: John Kennedy & Hannah Connors

21 Jan 1848, Margaret of John Fanning & Margaret Connor, Whitepark sp: Ellen Deegan

26 Jul 1861, William of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery, Roscrea sp: James Fanning & Ellen Fanning

14 Nov 1862, John of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery Limerick St, sp: Thomas Fanning& Kate Slattery twin of Martin

14 Nov 1862, Martin of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery Limerick St, sp: Thomas Fanning & Kate Slattery twin of John

3 Jul 1864, Eleanor of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: John & Eleanor Birmingham, twin of Maria. Civil record has the father, Martin, as a shopkeeper & farmer of Limerick St Roscrea

3 Jul 1864, Maria of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: John & Eleanor Birmingham, twin of Eleanor

13 Jul 1866 James of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: John O’Brien & Anna Fanning. Civil record is James Joseph.

9 Feb 1868, Pat of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: Philip Fanning & Anna Fanning

10 Dec 1869, Thomas of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: Jacobus McDonald & Anna McDonald

28 Jun 1873, Anne of Anne Fanning, RoscreaWorkhouse, sp: William Hayes

4 Sept 1876, Margaret of John Fanning & Honora Healy of Ballystanley Rathnavogue 

Roscrea Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary, Ireland, 1810-1881

Fanning Marriage Records in Roscrea Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland 1810-1881 from National Library of Ireland records online.

Roscrea Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

Fanning marriage records for Roscrea Catholic Parish in Co Tipperary : Feb 1810 -Feb 1881.

These marriage records are taken from the National Library of Ireland parish registers, which are online and free.

Variant forms of the parish name are Kyle, Roscrea & Kyle and Corbally. Part of this parish is in Co Laois and is called Kyle & Knock. The majority of Roscrea Parish is in Co Tipperary.

Rootsireland is an excellent subscription service with search options. Makes using the free National Library records much easier. Rootsireland has Roscrea Parish marriage records from 1810-1880.

Irish civil marriage records from 1864 and older than 75 years are online and free at

I have included any marriage records with a Fanning bride or groom or witness. While anyone could be a witness, from my experience, the witnesses are nearly always related.

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Unfortunately no addresses are given in the records.

5 Jun 1810, Daniel Connors & Margaret Kelly, wit: John Fannan & Margaret Delany

20 Jul 1810, John Fannan & Bridget Delaney, wit: William Rigney & Judith Cantwell

20 Oct 1810, John Pattmle? & Winifred Carey, wit: Sergeant Madden & John Fannan

4 Jan 1811, Michael Reilly & Mary Ryan, wit: John Fannan & Mary Byrns

Feb 1811, John Fannan & Mary Byrns, wit: Elizabeth O’ Shaughnessy & Margaret Carroll

29 Jul 1812, Patt Rafter & Mary Cahill, wit: John Fannon & Margaret Carroll

7 Jan 1813, William Malony & Judith Mealy? wit: James or Jane? O’ Shaunghessy & John Fannan

27 Jan 1813, John Carroll & Nancy Hearen, wit: John Fannon & Margaret Carroll

2 Mar 1813, John Meagher & Bridget Meagher, wit: John Fannon & Margaret Carroll

18 Feb 1814, Dan Meagher & Gillin Fannon, wit John Meagher & Mary Fannon

Feb 1816, Michael Curtis & Honora Fannon, wit: Dan Meagher & Judith Fannon

12 Nov 1819, John White & Mary Fannon, wit: John Fannon & Michael White

29 Jan 1820, Thomas Bergin & Catherine Dooly, wit: Michael Fannon? & Michael O’Shaunghessy

13 Sept 1821, Oliver Fanning & Mary Salmon, wit: Michael Salmon & Winy Tracey

19 Dec 1823, Margaret (Peggy) of Laurence (Larry) Fanning & Bridget (Biddy)Tierny sp: Winfred Whiten

Aug 1824, Ned Fannon & Sally Carroll, wit: Peter Malone & Mary Kenna

17 Feb 1828, Will Hogan & Sally? Fannon, wit: John Brennan & Peg Fannon

4 May 1828, George Dutton? & Cathy Whelan wit: Rev W Keesan & Thomas Fannon

18 Jan 1829, Con Carmoil & Mary Fanning, wit: Dan Fanning & Mary Carroll

2 Mar 1829, William Corregan & Mary Carroll, wit: Thomas Carroll & Margaret Fannon

27 Nov 1829, John Ryan & Annie Nichols, wit: Patt Fannon & Mary Fannon

23 Feb 1831, William Maher & Mary Fannon, wit: Thomas Henessy & Michael Henessy

15 July 1832, Thomas Farrell & Sera Fannan, wit: William Short & Honney Carroll

24 Nov 1832, Joseph or James Brenan & Mary Fannan, wit: John Fannan & Anne Fannan

29 Nov 1832, James Brennan & Mary Fannon, wit: Thomas Fannon & Anne Fannon

19 Feb 1833, John Costello & Catherine Bennett, wit: James? Ross & Mary Fannon

Apr 1834, James Ryan & Mary Fannon, wit: Daniel Fannon & Mary Bergin

9 May 1836, John Clear & ???? Brophy, wit: Mary Fannan & E. Birmingham

3 Mar 1840, John Fanning & Catherine Connolly, wit: John Dune & Jane Kirwan

16 may 1840, Thomas Connor & Anne Fanning, wit: Thomas Connor & Mary Anne Lowry

19 Feb 1844, Anthony Dowling & Mary Fanning, wit: John Dowling & Mary Lowry

3 Oct 1846, John Dean & Juliane Fanning, wit: Thomas Gaffney & Dora Gaffney

2 Dec 1848, William Fanning & Mary Maher, wit: William Fanning & Anne Maher

13 Oct 1849, William Tuohy & Frances Fanning, wit: James Curty & Bridget Curty

15 Nov 1851, Pat Fannon or Sammon & Mary Kennedy, wit: John Meara & Mary Quinlan

5 Feb 1856, Thomas Flanagan & Bridget Maher, wit: Michael Fanning & Mary Neeshan

8 Feb 1857, Patrick Curboy & Anna Maria Feehan, wit: Martin Fanning & Bridget Carroll

24 Jan 1865, John Fenlon & Eliza Jelly, wit: Edward Fenlon & Anne Fanning

11 Oct 1875, gratis, Michael Fanning & Mary Goughan? Camblin, wit: John Kennedy & Maryane Dwan

William Fanning & Sarah Guidera Co Tipperary and Wellington New Zealand

William Fanning c1828-1907 born Co Tipperary Ireland emigrated to new Zealand and lived in Wellington. He may be related to the Lissaroon Fannings.

I came across this obituary for a William Fanning from Co Tipperary born about1828 and he died in 1907. The fact that he is said to be related to John Eviston got me interested. How is he related? and could he be part of my Fanning clan?

William Fanning Wellington NZ Obituary 1907
William Fanning Wellington NZ Obituary 1907

The John Eviston he is related to was born in Clonomocogue just north of Thurles in 1844 and died in Bathurst, NSW Australia in 1925. His mother was Mary Fanning, daughter of William Fanning and Hanera Cormick of Lissaroon, my ancestors.

On William Fanning’s death certificate his parents are listed as Phillip Fanning and Mary Fanning nee Eviston. They were married in Loughmore Parish Co Tipperary on 31 Jan 1822, witnessed by Robert Eviston and John Leahy. So John Eviston and William Fanning were first cousins. William’s mother Mary Eviston marrying Phillip Fanning of Dunkerrin.

I could not find a birth or baptism record for William but did find records for two of his sisters. Margaret was born in Castleroan Dunkerrin Co Offaly, her godparents were John Hennesy and Mary Fanning. Mary, the other sister, was born in the same address and baptised on 7 Oct 1838, her godparents were John and Mary Maher.

Phillip, William’s father, died on 15 April 1875 in the parish of Shinrone, Kings county. He was a farmer.  He  died from bronchitis, aged 82. His mother Mary Fanning nee Eviston died in Castleroan on 1 Mar 1886 in Shinrone Parish Co Offaly(Kings). She was 86 and cause of death was marasmus, severe malnutrition.

Death certificate of William Fanning 1907
Death certificate of William Fanning 1907
Nenagh Guardian 28 Sept 1912


Nenagh News 23 Feb 1923

William was born in Castlerone (I think this is Castleroan) Ireland and had been in NZ for 20 years. He was married in Ireland at age 30, to Sarah Guidera. Nine children are listed on William’s death record but only their ages are given. Five Males aged 46, 44, 34, 30 and 29 years. Then there were four females aged 40, 38, 36 and 32 years.

William’s death record had him dying at 2 McFarland Street, Wellington on 13 August, 1907. He was 79 years old and died from “old Age”.

There are baptism and birth records for the following children of William and Sarah Guidera. The family lived at Oldcastle in the parish of Cournageen (Bourney) Co Tipperary.

Daniel baptised 26 July 1862 sponsors: Phill Fanning and Mary Guidera.

Mary birth 1 Feb 1864, baptised 13 Feb 1864 sponsors: James and Anne Fanning

William born 19 May 1865, baptised 30 May 1865, sponsors: William Kealy and Johanna Guidera

Elizabeth born 23 Dec 1866 and baptised on 5 Jan 1867

Sarah born 15 July 1868 and baptised on 17 August 1868

Margaret born 19 Dec 1869 and baptised on 19 Jan 1870

Patrick born 1 Mar 1871 and baptised on 1 April 1871

Johanna born 6 Jan 1873 and baptised on 22 Jan 1873

Michael born 17 Sept 1874 and baptised on 3 Oct 1874

Unk Fanning female born 23 June 1876 and baptised 23 Aug 1876

James born 23 June 1876 and baptised 23 Aug 1876 twin of above unnamed child.

Two of the children of William and Sarah, William and Phillip, are said to have gone to America instead of emigrating to New Zealand.

William Fanning is buried in Karori Cemetery in the Wellington region with his wife Sarah and sons, John Joseph and Frank.

William Fanning grave Karori Cemetery Wellington 1907

William Fanning & family grave Karori Cemetery Wellington NZ
Family grave of William Fanning Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand