Rev Walter Skehan Papers Vol 43

Vol 43 of the genealogical papers of Rev Walter Skehan, parish priest of Loughmore 1960-7,1 buried in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland.

The papers of Rev Father Walter G Skehan 1905-1971 contain much genealogical information about various Irish families. He was parish priest of Loughmore and Castleiny Co Tipperary 1960 – 1971 and a keen family historian.  He is buried in Loughmore Cemetery.

Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland Fr Walter Skehan 1905-1971use

Below are some pages from his prolific Skehan Papers. The originals are in Thurles Library.

I have edited them to remove information relating to living people and hope I have not mucked up his numbering system.

There is information on many Irish families. Some of these are the Nolan, Skehan, Fanning, Slattery, Fitzgerald, Lennon, Kickham, Hanrahan, O’Donnell, Quirke, Mockler, Crihan and Butler families.

I have included these papers which are only available at Thurles Library because of the O’Donnell connection to my Fanning family. Thomas O’Donnell married Johanna Sheehan the daughter of Sarah Sheehan nee Fanning. Sarah was my gggrandfather’s sister. She is buried in St Marys Protestant Church Cemetery in Thurles with her husband and some of her children.

There is also another Fanning connection. Thomas O’Donnell born 1884 married Ciss Ryan whose mother was a Fanning from Lisdonowly. Ciss was also the sister in law of Senator Michael J Fanning of Clondoty and Dublin.


Explanation of System of References used in Genealogy, Compiled 1949. 

The letters in parentheses after each name are a system of numbering to facilitate reference to any individual.  Letters are used instead of digits 1, 2, 3, etc., as by use of numerals it is not possible to indicate children above the 9th in a family.

The oldest member of the family of whom there is record is numbered “a”.  The children of each marriage start with “a” also, but father’s number is prefixed: thus:- aa = 1st child of Walter Skehan, for example, ab the second child of above Walter Skehan and so on.

Wives of members of the family take their husband’s number with “w” prefixed, e.g. w = ac = Margaret O’Donnell, wife of Wm. Skehan, 3rd child of Walter Skehan, the first of the family.  Husbands of members of the family take their wives numeration with “h” prefixed e.g. h = acd = Jeremiah Quiry, who married Catherine Skehan, 4th child of Wm. Skehan, who was the 3rd child of the head of the family.

This method of numbering permits of unlimited expansion.  Thus “accaa” is the first child of the first child of the 3rd child of the 3rd child of “a” the oldest known ancestor; “acdc” is the 3rd child of the 4th child of the 3rd child of “a”, the oldest known ancestor.  It is clear also that “accaa” is four generations removed from the oldest ancestor known.  And the nearest common ancestor of “accaa” and “acdc” is “ac”.  It is also immediately evident that “accaa” belongs to an older branch than acdc.

If perchance, some older ancestors than Walter Skehan (a) are discovered it would be necessary to revise the numeration used here: or else denote such “pure ancestors” of all those appearing in the genealogy by some prefix, or otherwise denote the fact.

GENEALOGY OF SKEHANS, CLONBROGAN AND BRANCHES.Variants of the name:- O’ Scéacain = descendant of Scéacá: Skehan: Sheahan: Skeane: O Skeghan: Skehane and O Skeahane (Hearth money Records): Oskahen and O’Skahan (Cal. Or. Deeds V – 6 and 76), MacSkeaghan: MacSkean.

1482. July 9th . Margaret Iniseahayn (ni Scéacaín), evidently of Cashel, gave evidence of the arrest of Walter son of late Henry de Burgo, formerly bugess of Cashel in Cashel by orders of Earl of Ormond and to force him to make certain charters. [Cal. Orm. Deeds, III-246-57].  De Burgo’wife fearing that the Earl was about to seize their goods, brought corn, etc. to Mgt’s. house for safety.

1548. March 22nd. Grand jury at Clonmel found that Nicholas Morris of Lurgoe, kern, Richard Ballow of Ballygotman, kern, stole a horse belonging to Thomas Askahen at Glengoole. (Cal. Or. Deeds, V-6).

  1. July 9th. Margaret Iniscahayn [ni Scahan], apparently of Cashel, gave evidence in an enquiry at Cashel. (C. Orm. D. III-247).
  1. Nov. The grand Jur at Clonmel presented that William O’Meary (O’Meara) of Cloghetany stole 2 horses of Thomas Boy (Burke) O’Scahan (vide supra); 20 goats of Odo McDonogho of Killenaule. (Cal. Or. Deeds V-76).
  1. Pardon to Gilleduff alias Melaghlin O’Skeghan (among many others in barony of Iffa and Offa – around Lisronagh and Ardfinnan). (Fiants of Elizabeth No. 6522, 5246).  In lists of pardons after Tyrone Rebellion.

c.1659. The Census of Ireland p.473, mentions that there were 6 Skehans in the barony of Atherdee (Ardee) in Co. Louth. C.1659.  It must be remarked that these are the only Skehan’s mentioned in the census, and that none are mentioned in Cos. Tipperary, Clare, or Monaghan.  In Co. Tipperary, it can be seen from the above that they inhabited that County, and 7 years later, over 20 families of the name are found there.  This may indicate that this Census is not a complete record: or else these Skehan’s had them transferred to Connaught (under Cromwell’s Edict), and returned to Tipp. at or about Restoration Period.

1665-6-7. The Hearth Money Records – Laffan.  Familes of Skehans in Co. Tipperary.

1665:- Philip Skehane of St. Johnstown; Richard Skehane, Tulloghmac James, Templetouhy: Richard Shekyne of Burgett (Iffa and Offa): Laghlen Skihane of Rathronan, Clonmel: Dermot Skehane of Ballyknockane, par. Of Templetny; Daniel Skinny, Graigehessy, Kilcooly: Walter Skehane of Ballintaggard, Ballingarry: Walter Skehan, Garrynagree, Ballingarry: Richard Skohane of Barteage (Bansha), par. Of Templeeneiry: Walter Skehan, Shrahann of town of Clonmel: Teige Skehane of town of Fethard: – all in 1665, eleven families in all, each one hearth 2/=.

In 1666-7. Edmond O’Skeaghe of Roardstown, Drom: Philip O’Skeahane of St. Johnstown hearth and forge (see supra)

John O’Skeaghan of St. Johnstown: Teige Skehane of Fethard (see supra): Richard Skehane of Bansha (see supra, Banteage): Walter Skehane of Ballintaggard (see supra): Walter Skehane of Gortfree (see supra, Garrynagree): Richard Skehane, Barnlessin, Templetouhy: Paull Skehane of Borrisoleigh town – all in 1666-7, eleven families in all.

Note:- Six families appear in 1665 but not in 1666-7: and six families are mentioned in 1666-7 who do not appear in 1665.  (Some doubtful readings omitted).

Philip O’Skehane of St. Johnstown: and Richard Skehane of BallymcJames, Templetouhy, both paid Heath money tax on a forge and one hearth 4/= in 1666-7.  The others paid 2/= for one hearth – 1665-7.

  1.   A small parcel of land near the Gibbet Hill without the North Gate of the said town (Clonmel) belonged to the Corporation (of Clonmel) time out of mind, one part whereof Inlaghlin Skehane (and others) have lately built Cabins. – Civil Survey – Town of Clonmel – 1665. (See him in Rathronan 1665: and N. suburbs of Clonmel 1661; Hearth Money Records; Poll Money Tax).
  1. Pole Money Book – for Clonmel:- Borough of Clonmel:- Walter Skehane, Smith, – 2/=: Anstace, his wife – 2/=.  North Suburbs of Clonmel:- Laghlin Skehane, Smith, and Margaret, his wife – 8/= (6/=and 2/=). Vide Burke – History of Clonmel, p.249 and 253. (See 1655 and 1665 supra).

Tradition in family that the Skehans came from Galway, and that the man, Philip who had forge in St. Johnstown was ancestor: and that they were driven to Galway by Cromwell and returned at Restoration.

A Sergeant Skehan served in the Irish Battalion in the Papal Army, 1860 (The Papal Brigade).  It appears that he was one of the Skehans of Clonmel, who went out with Lieut. Michael Crean of Clonmel.

(See full inscriptions at end of this book).

Teampul Dubh or St. Johnstown Graveyard. (St. Johnstown – Coolbawn Family, Clonbrogan Family. 

(1)   James Skehan, died 17th August 1763, aged 28.

(2)   Erected by Wm. Skehan, Milltown, to his son, Thomas who died 20th May 1841, aged 14:

“Cold in this tomb unseen by mortal eyes, a youth of virtue and of talent lies.  He loved his God, revered his parents dear, till death untimely closed his bright career”.

On same stone:- William Skehan died 15th May 1877, aged 34.

(3)   William Skehan, Milltown, died 22nd Oct. 1871, aged 83 (bapt. 21-12-1788).  He’s wife, Margaret (O’Donnell) died 16th Apr. 1882, aged 81 (?) (bapt. 3-10-1794).

(4)   John Skehan, died May 18th, 1804, aged 77.

(5)   Walter Skehan, Coolbawn, died 10th Dec. 1842, aged 83.

(6)   His wife, Eleanor (O’Dea), died 19th March 1840, aged 73. Erected by their son Darby.

(7)   Walter Skehan, Coolbawn, died 8th Feb. 1900, aged 68.

(8)   His wife, Anne (O’Dwyer), died 16th Apr. 1888, aged 58.

(9)   Their son, Jeremiah, died 17th March 1894, aged 33.

(10)   Their daughter, Lizzie, died 10th Sept. 1884, aged 22.

(11)  Thomas Skehan, Cooleigh, died 11th Oct. 1855, aged 65.

(12)  His wife, Alice Dunn, died 31st Jan. 1865, aged 68.

Note:- None of family is now buried in St. Johnstown.  The name is extinct in St. Johnstown which holding passed to the Quirys.  The two families in Coolbawn, and the Clonbrogan family took burial places in Moyglass.

(13)  Erected by Anastatia Skehan (nee Hayes) to her husband William Skehan of Coolbawn: born 15th Sept. 1837: died 23rd Jan. 1895.

Moyglass Graveyard. (These took new burial places in Moyglass in 1895 and 1900. 

(1). William Skehan, Coolbawn, born 15th Sept. 1837: died 23rd Jan. 1895.

His wife, Statia Hayes, died 27th Jan. 1941 (aged 85).

(2). Walter Skehan, Clonbrogan, died 22nd Feb. 1900, (aged 82).

His wife, Catherine (Corcoran), died 22nd Mar. 1900, (aged 62).

Their son, William Skehan, died 20th Oct. 1927, aged 63.

And his wife, Alice (O’Sullivan), died 22nd July, 1936, aged 68.

Cooleagh Graveyard. (Skehans formerly of Knockbrit, etc.) 

(1). Thomas Skehan, Cashel, died 3rd Oct. 1880, aged 66.

His wife, Johanna Skehan, died 16th July 1881, aged 65.

Their daughter, Mrs. Margaret Blake, died 12th March 1866, aged 23.

Their daughter, Mrs. Mary Lacey, died 12th Sept. 1885, aged 36.

(2). Patrick Skehan, died 20th March, 1804, aged 70 (see Nos. 38, 46, and 50 from old Killenaule Registers – p.7).

His wife, Judith Fahy, died 20th Dec. 1803, aged 56 (see Nos. 38, 46, and 50 from old Killenaule Registers – p.7).

(3). James Skehan, Coomore, died 27th June 1770, aged 80.

Edmond Skehan, Rathclough, Cashel, died 14th Aug. 1866, aged 30.

(4). Darby Skehan, Magorban, died 17th Aug. 1820, aged 45.

These families do not touch on the genealogies of Skehans of St. Johnstown and Coolbawn as far as they can be traced.  They were later the Skehans of Cashel, Knockbrit, Tipperary, Clonmel etc.  They were, no doubt, all of the one stock however as they all lived in adjoining forms or near each other originally.

Rathcoole Graveyard. 

Denis Skeahan, died 1st Jan. (17)85 (?), aged 72.

  1. Rev. Martin Skehan, Goldendale, Washington, son of Patrick Skehan and his wife Helen (or N.T. who died 1st Dec. 1954) of Cloughjordan, Co. Tipp.
  1. Rev. James W. Skehan S.J. his father, James Skehan – address:- Box 42 Houlton, Maine. Weston Observatory, Weston, 93, Mass. U.S.A. he was ord. priest 19th June 1954.  A Ph. D. in geology of Harvard University: Professor in Boston College.  From Houlton, Maine: father, James from Fitchburg, Mass.  Ancestors from Newport Co. Tipp.

1952. There is a Fr. Pat Skehan in U.S.A., a brilliant man, and associated with Bishop Fulton Skehan.  His father’s name was William (?) John and he was from Fawnagown, Tipperary.  In 1953, at Catholic University, Washington and in Palutine doing Oriental Studies 1954, and research on Dead Sea Scrolls.  Has an only sister Mgt. He was made a Monsignot 1954.

Capt. Jim Skehan d. 1952 age 7-, born in New Tipperary (Emmett St.) Went to U.S.A. and joined New York Police Force.  Rose to rank of Captain and was professor in police college, New York and wrote 2 or 3 books on police duties methods, training etc. Same family as Skehans of Clonmel, Carrick, Cashel, and Knockbritt, all which family originated in Cooleagh.

Slointe Gaedheal is Gall.

“Mac Scéacaín – MacSkeaghan, MacSkean, Skehan, and , by translation = Thornton; son of Sceacan (peevish one, diminutive of Sceac = a whitehorn): a Monoghan Surname”. P.404.

“O Scéaciín – O’Skehan, Skehan, Skeahan, Skean: = descendant of Scéacán (diminutive of sceac = a whitehorn): an old Tipperary surname”. P.639.

Mr. McLysaght, Chief Genealogical Officer, Office of Arms, Dublin Castle, in 1946, informed me that the name Skehan is rare at the present day, there being only 8 births recorded by Matheson in his test year – 4 in Munster and 4 in Leinster.  There were no Prerogative Wills up to 1800 of a Skehan: and there is only one Cashel and Emly (Diocesan Court) Will.  (Note:- According to Thrifts Index to Irish Wills the Cashel will was of Denis Sheehan of Garryduff probate of which was taken in 1785: this will is now destroyed.  There was also a will of Richard Shehan, Ballinough, Co. Tipp. – probate of which was in 1839).

  1. Rev. Cornelius Roberts, Regional Seminary, Brisbane, Australia, seeking information on his grandfather, Con. Sheehan born C.1830’s, who left Ireland for Australia and married there Ellen Coady, a Kilkenny woman.

Skehan Priests in Australia, 1947.

Rev. Henry B. Shehan, Brighton, South Australia (Adelaide diocese).

Rev. Kevin Skehan, B.A. Pius XII Seminary, Banyo, Brisbane, Queensland (Brisbane dio.).

Rev. Stanley G. Skehan, P.P. Texas, Queensland. (Toomwoomba diocese).

Skehans in 13 old Registers of Killenaule parish dating from 1743 to 1801.

B = Baptism of: M = marriage of: S = sponsor at Baptism: W = witness at marriage: I = Interment.

  1. S. 19-1-1747. Ellen Skehan and Daniel Ryan, sponsors for Elizabeth of John…..(name omitted).
  1. S. 2-2-1748. Maria Skehan and James Ryan sps. for Maria of Edm. Carroll and Johanna Cormick.
  1. M. 9-6-1748. Ellenora Skehan of parish of St. Johnstown married Cornelues Cormick. (See, 5,11).
  1. S. 27-3-1749. Maria Skehan and Thomas…sps. for Patrick of ……Aghny and Joanna Butler.
  1.  B. 5-11-1749. Joanna Cormick d. of Corneluis Cormick and Ellenora Skehan (see 3, 11).
  1. M. 25-6-1750. Walter Skehan of parish of Magorban married Mgt. Sause of parish of Killenaule.
  1. B. 26-4-1751. Laurence of Walter Skehan and Mgt. Sause, sps. Ml. Cantwell and Mgt. Hays. (See 6, 43).
  1. S. 23-2-1752. Mary Skehan sponsor.
  1. I. 5-5-1752. Honoria Skehan, aged 60, buried in St. Nicholas’s Church, St. Johnstown.
  1. S. 3-7-1752. Patrick Skehan and Maria Crihane sps. For Ellenora of Ml. Meagher and Ellenora Macky.
  1. B. 19-11-1752. Richard of Cornelius Cormick and Ellenora Skehan. (See 3,5,15).
  1.  S. 7-4-1754. John Skehan and Mary Laffan sps. For Thomas of John Lyod and Ellenora Flemin (v.23).
  2.  B. 20-1755. Maria of John Skehan and Maria Kennedy. Sps. Nicholas Hall and Honoria Kennedy.
  1.  M. 9-2-1755. Walter Skehan married Ellenora Strap, both of Killenaule parish (see 20, 35, 49).
  1.  M. 10-2-1755. Maria Skehan married Thomas Cormick, both of Killenaule parish.
  1.  B. 23-2-1756. Margaret of Con Cormick and Ellenora Skehan (see 3, 5, 11).
  1.  M. 29-2-1756. Thadeus Skehan of parish of Moycarky married Mgt. Tracy of par. Of Cooleagh.
  1.  S. 1-4-1756. Walter Skehan and Mgt. Raghtwry sps. For Anna of Edm. Cantwell and Anna Cantwell.
  1.  B. 29-5-1757. William of John Skehan and Mary Kennedy sps. Patk. Meagher and Joanna Clancey (V. 31,13).
  1.  B. 27-7-1758. John of Walter Skehan and Helena Strap (see 14, 35, 49).
  1.  I. 6-11-1758. Thomas Skehan, aged 30, buried in church of Crohane.
  1.  S. 25-3-1759. James Schehan sponsor for Thomas of Henry Scofield and Mary Boyle.
  1.  S. 28-8-1759. James Schehan sponsor for John of John Lyod and Ellena Fleming (see 12).
  1.  B. 13-9-1759. James and Patk. Skehan and Mary Kennedy sos. John and Mary Lane and : Baerman and John Meagher.
  1.  M. 4-11-1759. Walter Skehan of parish of Cooleagh married Mary Breen of par. Of St. Johnstown (V. 27, 45, 57).
  1.  M. 18-2-1760. John Schehan of parish of Fethard married Ellena Bowe of par. Of Coulagh.
  1.  B. 1-9-1760. Patk. Of Patk. And Mgt. Skehan (or Tehan).
  1.  B. S. 21-9-1760. Ellenora of Walter Skehan and Maria Byrn. Sps. James Skehan and Maria Geynan (V.25, 45, 57).
  1.  B. 2-2-1761. William of Walter Skehan and Elleonora Ceasy. Sps. Edm. Kenna and Joanna Peters (V. 39, 52).
  1.  I. 12-4-1761. William Skehan, aged 72, buried in St. Johnstown.
  1.  B. 21-8-1762. Margaret of John Skehan and Maria Kennedy (v.19, 13).
  1. M. 28-10-1762. James Skehan married Catherine Bow, both of par. Of Cuiligh.
  1.  I. 18-8-1763. James Skehan, aged 31, buried in St. Johnstown (tombstone among family ones there).
  1.  S. 9-11-1755. Thomas Skehan and Maria Crihan sps. For Maria of Patk. Donnin (or Dohin) and Maria Shea.
  1.  B. 25-12-1755. Thomas of Walter Skehan and Elleonora Strap. Sps. Patk. Burk and Maria Keerwick, (v.14, 20, 49).
  1.  B. 23-2-1756. Margaret of Thos. Cormick and Maria Skehan.
  1.  S. 28-1-1764. John Skehan sponsor for Bridget of – Walsh and ……Carroll.
  1.  B. 1-4-1764. Dermot of Patrick Skehan and Joanna Fahy. (V.46, 50).
  1.  B. 11-5-1764. Mary and Walter Skehan and Elleonore Caisy. (See 29, 52).
  1.  B. 16-12-1764. Catherine of Andrew Duggan and Francisca Skehan (V. 48, 53, 54).
  1.  I. 19-1-1765. Walter Skehan, aged 42, buried in Crohane.
  1.  B. 1-2-1765. Walter of John Skehan and Maria Kennedy, sps…..Flemin and Murphy.
  1.  B. 17-2-1765. Honoria of Walter Skehan and Mgt. Sause (see 6, 7).
  1.  I. 8-9-1766. Elleonora Skehan, aged 40 (?), buried in St. Johnstown.
  1.  B. 6-10-1766. Catherine of Walter Skehan and Mary Breen, sps. Cahill and ……….Ryan (v. 25, 28, 57).
  1.  B. 24-2-1767. Catherine of John (?) Skehan and Joanna Fahy, sps. Walsh and Meagher. (V. 38, 50).
  1.  B. 28-2-1767. John of John Skehan and Mary Kennedy. Sps. Kennedy and Cudihy.
  1.  B. 19-5-1767. Michael of Andrew Duggan and Joanna (?) Skehan. (V. 40, 53, 54).
  1.  B. 9-3-1768. Margaret of Walter Skehan and Elleonora Strap. (V. 14, 20, 35).
  1.  B. 30-4-1768. Thadeus of Patrick Skehan and Joanna Fahy, sps. Jas. Sause and Cath. Sause. (V. 38, 46).
  1.  S. 1-5-1768. Walter Skehan sponor for Honora of ……….Brodrick and………… Geyman.
  1.  B. 5-10-1768. William of Walter Skehan and Elleonore Caisy. (V. 29, 39).
  1.  B. 17-6-1769. Patrick of Patk.? Duggan and Francisca Skehan, sps. Wat. Dohin and Ellen Goss.
  1.  I. 29-6-1769. Francisca Skehan aged 32, buried in Ballingarry. (Wife of Andrew Duggan?).
  1.  S. 13-4-1770. Walter Skehan sponsor for Mary of ………… Head and………. Murrihan.
  1.  S. 28-4-1770. Patrick Skehan sponsor for Terence of …….Donnel and ………… Heffernan.
  1.  B. 8-4-1772. John of Walter Skehan and Mary Breen, sps. Head and ….Kennedy. (V. 25, 28, 45).

S. 16-5-1772. Thomas Skehan sponsor for Maurice of…..Henessy and………..Meagher.

  1.  S. 30-9-1773. Margaret Skehan sponsor for Michael of…….. Brien and……… Mara.
  1.  S. 31-1-1774. Mary Skehan sponsor for Joanna of …….Kennedy and …… Nugent.
  1.  M. 9-2-1775. Mary Skehan par. Of St. Johnstown, married Patrick Grimes.
  1.  B. 14-11-1777. James of Walter Skehan and (Margaret) Murrihane, sps. Jn. Cahill and Bgt. Meagher. (V. 66, 77, 84, 104).
  1.  B. 7-4-1778. Michael of Ml. Ryan and Joanna Skehan.
  1.  S. 6-4-1779. Patrick Skehan sponsor for Catherine of John Condon and Elleonora Mullownly.
  1.  S. 17-4-1780. Thomas Skehan sponsor for John of Patk. Gerry (or Barry) and Elizabeth Healy.
  1.  B. 11-10-1780. Joanna of Walter Skehan and Joanna Morgan? (V. 62, 71, 84, 104).
  1.  M. 27-11-1780. Thomas Skehan married Mary Bourke. (V. 69, 88, 105).
  1.  B. 15-6-1782. Walter of Patrick Skehan and Catherine Meagher.
  1.  B. 14-2-1783. Walter of Thomas Skehan and Margaret Bourke, sps. John Carew and Mary Hall. (V. 67, 88, 105).
  1.  M. 4-3-1783. Joanna Skehan married Arthur Grimes. (V. 74, 85, 101).
  1.  B. 11-7-1783. Bridget of Walter Skehan and Margaret Murry. Sps. Cath. Meagher. (V. 62, 66, 84, 104).
  1.  S. 15-3-1784. Thomas Skehan sponsor for Catherine of Arthur Grimes and Mary Quigly.
  1.  S. 12-4-1784. Joanna Skehan sponsor for Patrick of Philip Purcell and Joanna Macky.
  1.  B. 20-5-1784. John of Arthur Grimes and Joanna Skehan, sps. John Cormick and Anna Hanrahan. (V. 70, 85, 101).
  1.  B. 13-12-1784. Richard of Patk. Skehan and Cath. Meagher, sps. Alexander Egan and Anna Delaney.
  1.  M. 30-1-1785. William Skehan married Mary Fihan. Wss:- Wm. Fihan, Theobald Butler, and John Ryan.
  1.  S. 3-6-1785. Thomas Skehan sponsor for Margaret of John Quigly and Mary Blake.
  1.  B. 25-11-1785. Bridget of William Skehan and Mary Fihan, sps. Moclar and…Tierney (v. 76).
  1.  I. 18-4-1786. Mary Skehan, aged 60, buried in Ballinure.
  1.  S. 16-7-1786. Mary Skehan sponsor for John of Peter Power and Mary Kenny.
  1.  B. 1-8-1786. Mary of Patk. Grimes and Mary Skehan, sps. Laurence and Mary Meagher. (V. 98).
  1.  B. 10-9-1786. Margaret of John Skehan and Mary Fitzpatrick.
  1.  M. 25-11-1786. Thomas Skehan married Anna Byrn. Wss:- George Quinlan.
  1.  B. 14-12-1786. Patrick of Walter Skehan and Mgt. Murray, sps……Cuneen and ……..Guinan. (V. 62, 66, 71, 104).
  1.  B.1-2-1787. Thomas of Arthur Grimes and Joanna Skehan, sps. Simon Meagher and Maria Cunnignham. (V. 70, 74, 101).
  1.  S. 29-3-1787. Mary Skehan sponsor for Mary of John Headon and Cath. Meagher.
  1.  B. 3-5-1787. John of Walter Skehan and Mary Dea, sps. John Grimes and Bridget Dea. (V. 95).
  1.  B. 25-6-1787. Mary of Thomas Skehan and Mgt. Burk, sps. Patk. Donnell and Bgt. Geyton. (V. 67, 69, 105).
  1.  S. 9-9-1787. Walter Skehan sponsor for Mary of Patk. Lamb and Mary Healy.
  1.  B. 22-9-1787. Bridget of Patrick Skehan and Cath. Meagher, sps. Thos. Moclar and Mgt. Hogan.
  1.  W. 21-10-1787. John and Walter Skehan, and John St. John wss. at marriage of Jas. St. John and Cath Donnell.
  1.  W. 27-5-1788. William Skehan witness at marriage of Cornelius Cuir? And Sarah Breen.
  1.  B. 8-6-1788. Patrick and Catherine of Wm. Skehan and Mary Butler, sps. Ml. And Honora Brien.
  1.  S. 2-8-1788. William Skehan sponsor for John of Patk. Kennedy and Mgt. Kelly.
  1.  B. 21-12-1788. William of Walter Skehan and Mary Dea, sps. William Blake and Mary Skehan. (V. 87).

B. 23-1-1789. Margaret of William Skehan and Mary Fihan, sps. Brien and ……Murphy.

  1.  B. 4-2-1789. Patrick of Wm. Mead and Elleonora Skehan, sps. …..Purcell and…….. Doyle.
  1.  B & S. 5-4-1789. Mary ? of Patrick Grimes and Mary Skehan, sps. Arthur Grimes and Mary Skehan. (V. 81).
  1.  I. 21-4-1789. Matthew Skehan, aged 75, buried in Moycarky.
  1. M & W. 30-4-1789. Mary Skehan married Philip Kennedy. Wss:- Edm.  Murry, Edm. Commin, and Walter Skehan.
  1. B. 15-11-1789. Mary of Arthur Grimes and Joanna Skehan, sps. Wm. Lynch and Cath. Grimes. (V. 70, 74, 85).
  1. M & W. 19-11-1789. Margaret Skehan married Nicholas Hackett. Wss:- Thos., Wm., and John (or Joanna) Skehan.
  1. B. 18-1-1790. Thomas of Walter Skehan and Mgt. Murry, sps….Murry and …..Brodrick. (V. 62, 66, 71, 84).
  1. B. 24-3-1790. Thomas of Philip Kennedy and Mary Skehan, sps…Carroll and ……Brodrick. (V. 100).
  2. B. 2-6-1790. Ellena of Thomas Skehan and Mgt. Bourke? Sps. Wat Rawley and Mary Butler. (V. 69, 88, 67).
  1. B. 15-7-1790. James of Patrick Skehan and Cath. Meagher, sps. Patk. Fogarty and Mary Wall.
  1. B. 28-7-1791. Margaret of Walter Skehan and Mary Murry, sps……and Joanna Rohan.
  1. B. 29-8-1791. Thomas of Wm. Mead and Ellena Skehan, sps..Grant and….. Headen.
  1. S. 22-12-1791. Joanna Skehan sponsor for Thomas of John Connor and Mary Rafter?
  1. I. 31-1-1792. Mary Skehan alias…….buried in Koeligh (Cooleagh).
  1. B. 25-3-1792. Edmond of Nicholas Hackett and Margaret Skehan, sps. Valentine Fogarty and Anna Murphy.
  1. B. 17-6-1792. Walter of Patrick Grimes and Mary Skehan, sps. John Hanrahan and Mary Meehan.
  1. B. 8-7-1792. Catherine of Patk. Dunn and Joanna Skehan, sps. Con Rafter and Honora Morrissey.
  1.  B. 1-9-1792. Mary of Thos. Moclar and Mary Skehan, sps. Ml. Purcell and Ellena Meagher.
  1. B. 23-9-1792. Catherine of Arthur Grimes and Joanna Skehan, sps. Thos. Meagher and Cath. Grimes.
  1. S. 27-9-1792. Ellen Skehan sponsor for John of John Fihan and Mary Welsh.
  1. I. 7-2-1793. Joanna Skehan, aged 30, buried in Magorban.
  1. B. 25-4-1793. Elena of William Skehan and Mary Fihan, sps. Thos. Donnell and Mary Hogan.
  1. B. 30-6-1793. Patrick of John Keinna and Catherine Skehan, sps. Patk. Cahill and Mary Meagher. (V. 125).

B. 22-9-1793. Margaret of Thomas Skehan and Mgt. Bourke, sps. Thos. Hickey and Mary Cashin.

  1.  M & W. 24-2-1794. Mary Skehan married Patk. St. John. Wss:- Anastasia Mackey, Matt Ryan, Demetria? Skehan.
  1. B. 20-6-1794. Mary of Patrick Skehan and Cath. Meagher, sps. Thos. Brien and Ellena Meagher.
  1. B. 26-7-1794. Margaret of Wm. Mead and Ellena Skehan, sps. Edm. Croak and……….
  1. B. 27-11-1794. Walter of Walter Skehan and Mgt. Murrihane, sps. Patk. Murrihane and Mgt. Tracy.
  1. B. 2-2-1795. Mary of John Kenny and Catherine Skehan, sps. Lar. Cody and Mary Geynan. (V. 119).
  1. W. 15-2-1795. William Skehan witness at marriage of Wm. Fihan and Mary Kyte.
  2. B. 16-4-1795. Patrick of Patk. Grimes and Mary Skehan, sps. Jas. Sause and Mgt. Kennedy.
  1. B. 27-1-1796. Demetruis of Walter Skehan and Elleonor Dea, sps. Ml. Sause and Ellena Dea.

B. 3-7-1796. Thadeus of William Skehan and Mary Butler, sps. Philip Brien and Ellena Ryan.

M & W. 6-11-1796. Margaret Skehan married John Lahy of Drangan par. Wss:- Thos. and Joanna Skehan and Mary Kelly.

  1. S. 13-12-1796. Demetruis and Anna Skehan sponsors for Elizabeth of Thos. Healy and Elizabeth Ryan.

S. 12-5-1797. William Skehan sponsor for Elleonora of John Britt and Elleonora Lahy.

I. 10-7-1797. William Skehan, aged 70, buried at Koeligh (Cooleagh).

M & W. 29-10-1797. Anna Skehan married John Connors? Wss. Mary and Demetrius Skehan and John Bulfin.

  1. B. 10-12-1797. Richard of Patrick Skehan and Cath. Meagher, sps. Thos. and Mary Meagher.

B. 27-2-1798. Catherine of Walter Skehan and Bgt. Murry sps. John Nowlan and Bgt. Duggan.

B. 29-3-1798. Joanna of Walter Skehan and Honora Dea? Sps. Thos. Dwyer and Cath. Grimes.

S. 22-7-1798. Elizabeth Skehan sponsor for Joanna of Thos. Doheny and Anna Healy.

B. 1-8-1798. Mary of John Connor and Anna Skehan, sps. Patk. Mackey and Elizabeth Bulfin.

I. 11-3-1799. William Skehan, aged 25, buried in St. Johnstown.

I. 28-8-1799. Catherine Skehan, aged 16 (?), buried in St. Johnstown.

B. 24-6-1800. Mary of Walter Skehan and…..Dea (?), sps. John Grimes and Joanna Dwyer.

S. 6-12-1800. James Skehan sponsor for Mary of John and Mgt. Kelly.

B & S. 22-3-1801. Thomas of John Connor and Anna Skehan, sps. James and Bgt. Skehan.

I. 21-3-1801. John Skehan (or Strahan), aged 50, buried in Killenaule (?).

B. 20-4-1801. Joanna of Walter Skehan and Mgt. Murrighane, sps. John Quigly and Ellena Connors.

The children of James O’Donnell (Dannell or Daniel) and Catherine Crihane (Crean).

Born 12-8-1787.   Mary (Mrs. John Nolan, Lurgoe). Sps:- John Heany and Mary Cahill.

Born 9-8-1789.      Hanora (Mrs. Patrick O’Connell, Cattiganstown). Sps:-Peter Brett and Mgt. Crihane.

Born 22-4-1792.     Allicia (Mrs. Phil. Cunningham, Lismortagh). Sps:- Walter Dannel and Mary Grady.

Born 3-10-1794.      Margaret (Mrs. Wm. Skehan, St. Johnstown). Sps:-Terence Dannel and Anne Bermingham.

Born 13-10-1800.   Catherine (Mrs. Ml. Slattery, Ballyvaden and Jossestown). Sps:-  David Power and Mgt. Cuddihy.

Ellen (Mrs. John Fitzgerald, Buggana).

John (of Knockinglass

James (of Rathduff).

ndex of Burials (Killenaule Register 1743 – 1801).

5-5-1752. Honoria Skehan, aged 60, buried in St. Nicholas’ Church, St. Johnstown.

  1. 6-11-1758. Thomas Skehan, aged 30, buried in Church of Crohane.
  2. 12-4-1761. William Skehan, aged 72, buried in St. Johnstown.
  3. 18-8-1763. James Skehan, aged 31, buried in St. Johnstown (on tombstone, aged 28).
  4. 19-1-1765. Walter Skehan, aged 42, buried in Crohane.
  5. 8-9-1766. Elleonora Skehan, aged 40 (?), buried in St. Johnstown.
  6. 29-6-1769. Francisca Skehan, aged 32, buried in Ballingarry.
  7. 18-4-1786. Mary Skehan, aged 60, buried in Ballinure.
  8. 21-4-1789. Matthew Skehan, aged 75, buried in Moycarky.
  9. 31-1-1792. Mary Skehan alias……..buried in Cooleigh.
  10. 7-2-1793. Joanna Skehan,aged 30, buried in Magorban.
  11. 10-7-1797. John Skehan, aged 70, buried in Cooleigh.
  12. 11-3-1799. William Skehan, aged 25, buried in St. Johnstown [brother of Walter (A)?].
  13. 26-8-1799. Catherine Skehan, aged 16 (?), buried in St. Johnstown [sister of Walter
  14. A)?].

21-3-1801. John Skehan (or Strahan),aged 50, buried in Killenaule.

Index of Sponsors at Baptisms.

  1. 19-1-1747. Ellen Skehan sponsor for Elizabeth of John……(names of parents omitted).
  1. 2-2-1748. Mary Skehan sponsor for Mary of Edm. Carroll and Joanna Cormick.

27-3-1749. Mary Skehan sponsor for Patrick of ………Aghny and Joanna Butler.

23-2-1752. Mary Skehan sponsor for……………

3-7-1752. Patrick Skehan sponsor for Elleonora of Ml. Meagher and Elleonora Macky.

7-4-1754. John Skehan sponsor for Thomas of John Lyod (?) and Elleonora Flemin.

9-11-1755. Thomas Skehan sponsor for Mary of Patk. Donnin (or Dohin) and Mary Shea.

1-4-1757. Walter Skehan sponsor for Anna of Edm. and Anna Cantwell.

25-3-1759. James Skehan (or Schehan) sponsor for Thomas of Henry Scofield and Mary Boyle.

  1.  13-9-1759. James Skehan (or Schehan) sponsor for John of John Lyod and Ellena Flemin.
  1.  21-9-1760. James Skehan sponsor for Elleonora of Walter Skehan and Mary Bryn.
  1.  28-1-1764. John Skehan sponsor for Bridget of …….Walsh and……Carroll.
  1. 1-5-1768. Walter Skehan sponsor for Hanora of ……… Broderick and……Geynan.
  1.  13-4-1770. Walter Skehan sponsor for Mary of …….Head and…….Murrichan.
  1.  28-4-1770. Patrick Skehan sponsor for Terence of ………..Donnell and………..Heffernan.
  1.  16-5-1772. Thomas Skehan sponsor for Maurice of …..Hennessy and……Meagher.
  1.  30-9-1773. Margaret Skehan sponsor for Michael of……..Brien and……Mara.
  1.  31-1-1774. Mary Skehan sponsor for Joanna of…..Kennedy and ….Nugent.
  1.  6-4-1779. Patrick Skehan sponsor for Catherine of John Condon and Elleonora Mullowney.
  1.  17-4-1780. Thomas Skehan sponsor for John of Patk. Barry (or Garry) and Elizabeth Healy.

15-3-1784. Thomas Skehan sponsor for Catherine of Arthur Grimes and Mary Quigly.

3-6-1785. Thomas Skehan sponsor for Margaret of John Quigly and Mary Blake.

16-7-1786. Mary Skehan sponsor for John of Peter Power and Mary Kenny.

29-3-1787. Mary Skehan sponsor for Mary of John Headen and Cath. Meagher.

9-91787. Walter Skehan sponsor for Mary of Patk. Lamb and Mary Healy.

2-8-1788. William Skehan sponsor for John of Patk. Kennedy and Mgt. Kelly.

21-12-1788. Mary Skehan sponsor for William of Walter Skehan and Mary Dea.

5-4-1789. Mary Skehan sponsor for Mary of Patk. Grimes and Mary Skehan.

22-12-1791. Joanna Skehan sponsor for Thomas of John Connor and Mary Rafter.

27-9-1792. Ellena Skehan sponsor for John of John Fihan and Mary Welsh.

23-12-1796., Demetrius (Darby) Skehan sponsor for Elizabeth of Thos. Healy and Elizabeth Ryan.

13-12-1796. Anna Skehan sponsor for Elizabeth of Thos. Healy and Elizabeth Ryan.

12-5-1797. William Skehan sponsor for Elleonora of John Britt and Elleonora Lahy.

22-7-1798. Elizabeth Skehan sponsor for Joanna of Thomas Doheny and Anna Healy.

6-12-1800. James Skehan sponsor for Mary of John and Mgt. Kelly.

22-3-1801. James Skehan sponsor for Thomas of John Connor and Anna Skehan.

22-3-1801. Bridget Skehan sponsor for Thomas of John Connor and Anna Skehan.

Index of Marriages and Issue:-

9-6-1748. Elleonora Skehan, Par. of St. Johnstown, married Cornelius Cormick.  Tomb in Rathcoole to Mary d. Patk. Cormick of Coolbawn, died 1834.

Issue:- Joanna, 5-11-1749; Richard, 19-11-52; Margaret, 29-9-55.

25-6-1750. Walter Skehan of par. of Magorban married Margaret         Sause  of par. of Kilolenaule.

Issue:- Laurence, 26-4-1751; Honoria, 27-2-1765. (A Wat. Skehan, aged 42, died 1765).

———– John Skehan and Maria Kennedy.

Issue:-Maria, 20-1-1755; William, 29-5-1757; James and Patrick, 13-9-1759; Margaret 21-8-1762; Walter, 1-2-1765; John, 28-2-1767.

9-2-1755. Walter Skehan married Elleonora Strap, both of Killenaule parish.

Issue:- Thomas, 25-12-55; John, 27-7-1758; Margaret 9-3-1768.

10-2-1755. Maria Skehan married Thomas Cormick, both of Killenaule parish.

Issue:- Margaret, 23-2-1756.

29-2-1756. Thadeus Skehan of par. Of Moycarky, married Mgt. Tracy of par.of Cooleaigh.

4-11-1759. Walter Skehan, par. Of Cooleigh, married Mary Breen (or Bryn) par. Of St. Johnstown.

Issue:- Elleonora, 21-9-1760 (mothers name as Bryn); Catherine, 6-10-1766; John, 8-4-1772.

18-2-1760. John Schehan of parish of Fethard, married Ellen Bowe of par.of Cooleigh.

———– Walter Skehan and Elleonora Caisy.

Issue:- William, 2-2-1761; Mary, 11-5-1764; William, 5-10-1768.

28-10-1762. James Skehan married Catherine Bowe, both? of par. of Cooleigh.

———– Patrick Skehan and Joanna Fahy.

Issue:- Dermot, 1-1-1764; Catherine, 24-2-1767; Thadeus, 30-4-1768.

———– Francisca Skehan and Andrew Duggan.

Issue:- Catherine, 16-12-1764; Michael, 19-5-1767 (mothers name given as Joanna); Patrick, 17-6-1769 (father called Pat.).

(Note:- 12 days later, a Francisca Skehan [Duggan’s wife?] was buried in Ballingarry).

9-2-1775. Mary Skehan (almost certainly a sister of Walter (A)?) of parish of St. Johnstown married Patrick Grimes.

Issue:- Mary, 1-8-1786; Mary (?), 5-4-1789; Walter, 17-6-1792; Patrick, 16-4-1795.

———— Walter Skehan and (Margaret) Murrihane (or Murray?).

Issue:- James, 14-1-1777; Bridget, 11-7-1783 (mother given as Mgt. Murry);l Patrick, 14-12-1786 (of Mgt. Murry); Joanna, 10-10-1780 (mother given as Joanna Morgan); Thomas, 18-1-1790 (of Mary Murry); Walter, 27-11-1794; Catherine, 7-2-98 (of Bgt. Murry); Joanna, 20-4-1801 (of Mgt. Murrihane).

(Note:- there may be 2 or more Walter Skehan’s, as there are 5 different names for wife: and 2 Joannas children).

———— Joanna Skehan and Michael Ryan.

Issue:- Michael 7-4-1778.

27-11-1780. Thomas Skehan married Mary (?) Bourke.

Issue:- Walter, 14-2-1783 (mother given as Mgt. Bourke); Mary, 25-6-1787 (mother called Mgt.); Ellena, 2-6-1790 (mother as Mgt.); Margaret, 22-9-1793 (mother given as Mgt. Bourke).

————– Patrick Skehan and Catherine Meagher.

Issue:- Walter, 15-6-1782; Richard, 13-12-1784; Bridget, 22-9-1787; James, 15-7-1790; Richard (?), 10-12-1797.

4-3-1783. Joanna Skehan (sister of Walter (A)?, married Arthur Grimes.

Issue:- John, 20-5-1784; Thomas, 1-2-1787; Mary, 15-11-1789; Catherine, 23-9-1792.

30-1-1785. Willaim Skehan married Mary Fihan.

Issue:- Bridget, 25-11-1785; Margaret, 23-1-1789; Elena, 25-4-1793.

————- John Skehan and Mary Fitzpatrick.

Issue:- Margaret, 10-9-1786.

21.25-11-1786. Thomas Skehan married Anna Byrn.  Wss:- George White and Ellena Quinlan.

————— Walter Skehan and Mary Dea.

Issue:- John, 3-5-1787; William, 21-12-88.  Same and Elleonora Dea (2nd wife) – Issue:- Demetruis, 27-1-1796; Joanna, 29-3-1798; (mother’s name given as Honora Dae?); Mary, 24-6-1800 (of….Dea?).

————– William Skehan and Mary Butler.

Issue:- Patrick and Catherine, 8-6-1788; Thadeus, 3-7-1796.

Register, Births and Marriages, Killenaule, from 1801 to 1814, is missing.

————– Elleonora Skehan and William Mead.

Issue:- Patrick, 4-2-1789; Thomas, 29-8-1791; Margaret, 26-7-1794.

30-4-1789. Mary Skehan married Philip Kennedy (Walter Skehan, Edm. Murry and Edm. Commin. Wss.)

Issue:- Thomas, 24-3-1790.

19-11-1789. Margaret Skehan married Nicholas Hackett. (Wss:- Thos., Wm., John Skehan).

Issue:- Edmond, 25-3-1792.

————–Joanna Skehan and Patrick Dunn.

Issue:- Catherine, 8-7-1792.

————–Mary Skehan and Thomas Moclar.

Issue:- Mary, 1-9-1792.

29.————–Catherine Skehan and John Kenny (or Keinna).

Issue:- Patrick, 30-6-1793; Mary, 2-2-1795.

30.24-2-1794. Mary Skehan married Patrick St. John.

31.6-11-1796. Margaret Skehan married John Lahy of parish of Drangan.

32. 29-11-1797. Anne (Nancy) Skehan (sister of Walter (A)?) married John Conors, Ballyvadin.

Issue:- Mary, 1-11-1798; Thomas, 22-3-1801; [Wm.? 7-5-1816:

Bgt. 2-5-1820].

The name O’Sceácáin or Skehan.

The name would appear to denote a family of gaelic stock as distinct from surnames of Norman – Irish origin, or Danish or Norse surnames. E.g. MacCostello, MacAuley, MacDowell, O’Broderick, MacCorish etc.  Many of the Danish and Norman settlers adopted surnames after the Irish fashion by prefixing Ó or Mac to the names or designations of their ancestors: so these prefixes (Ó and Mac are no sure indications that a family is of Gaelic stock.

In common with the rest of Europe, fixed, hereditary surnames in Ireland are the growth of the 10th to 15th centuries.  The permanent surname usually took the form of  (1) a patronymic i.e. the name of some important member of the clan or Sept, or (2) a name descriptive of the locality, trade, profession, or physical, mental or moral characteristics of the head of the family.  The name Skehan is said to be derived for Scacan, a diminutive of Sceac, meaning a briar; and Sceacan may had got this sobriquet from a peevish disposition.

O’Skeahane is a Tipperary surname, and MacSheahan is associated with Co. Monaghan.  In the Census of 1659, families of the name are found in Co. Louth and now-a-days Skehans are numerous in Co. Clare.  The Skehans in the latter county may owe their origin to the Cromwellian transplantation’s of Tipperary Skehans.  It is to be noted that no Skehans are mentioned in the 1659 census for Co. Tipperary: but at least 17 families of them are found in the county in 1665-7.  It must be stated, however, that Census did not mention them as being in any county except Co. Louth: but 5 counties and portions of others are missing from this census – including Co. Galway to which many Tipperary families were transported.

Like several other Irish surnames, no records can be traced concerning the origins and early history of this family and the tribe, clan, or sept to which it belonged.  But the name is preserved in some Co. Tipperary place – names such as Kiloskehan (O’Skehan’s church) near Templemore, and Ballyskehane (Skehan’s settlement, or town), near Donohill, Tipperary, (mentioned in Civil Survey 1641).

These names indicate that the name is of some antiquity.  It must be remembered that during Ireland’s history of invasion, pillage, and conquest, vast quantities of records and documents were lost and destroyed: and so our information on early Irish history, especially of a local nature and regarding local clans and families, is often scant and fragmentary.

The Tipperary Skehans, is common with the whole of that county, very early came under Norman domination: and that they intermarried with the invaders is evident from the Christian names which even to this day, prevail in the family, e.g. Walter, Richard, Philip, William, etc. which are norman Christian names.

The earliest mention of a person bearing the name (Skehan) so far discovered in 1548, when at a court in Clonmel, two persons were charged with stealing a horse belonging to Thomas Askahen (O’Skehan) at Glengoole, near Killenaule.  In 1558, at another court at Clonmel, it is mentioned that two horses were stolen from Thomas Boy (buide) O’Scahan (i.e. Blond Tom Skehan): and 20 goats from Odo macDonogho of Killenaule.  (Cal. Ormond Deeds. Vo. V).  The man mentioned in 1558 is probably the same person as in 1548, and being from Killenaule area, may be a direct ancestor of the Skehans of Coolbawn, St. Johnstown, etc.

The Hearth Money Records for Co. Tipperary 1665-7 mention 11 families of Skehana in that county in 1665, and eleven more in 1666-7: five of these families only are common to both periods.  The Records are a roll of householders compiled for the purpose of enforcing the hearth money tax fo 2/= per hearth, imposed after the restoration of Charles II to the throne of England.  The lists were drawn up less than 20 years after the Cromwellian wars and massacres: and about 10 years after the Transplantation of the Irish to Connaught.  They show that many of the Cromwellian Settlers and “Adventurers” had fled, and the Irish were back again on their lands, with very little title, however, as subsequent events proved, many Irish refused to obey the edict of “to Hell of to Connaught” and took to the bogs and mountains from which they raided, harried and looted the newcomers.  If the Skehans went to Connaught, they made no delay in returning after the Restoration.

Among the householders who re-possessed their homes of direct interest to this genealogy, are Philip Skehan and John Skehan of St. Johnstown, 1666-7.  One of these is, without doubt, the direct ancestor of the Coolbawn – St. Johnstown family.

An old parochial register, dating back to 1743 and continued to 1801, dealing with what are now the parishes of Killenaule and Moyglass, has recently (1939) come to light; having been found in an outhouse of the parochial premises (Killenaule) in a mouldering condition.  Fr. Kelly P.P. of Killenaule has had it bound and restored as far as possible.  It is probably the oldest catholic register in the Archdiocese; such documents have rarely survived.

Unfortunately it has many defects.  Many entries are illegible.  There is also abundant evidence that it is not a complete statement of all the births, marriages and deaths of the period.  There is also an obvious want of accuracy, especially in regard to christian names, the same person being often referred to by different names.  The greatest defect, perhaps, is that the place of residence or townland to which the families belong, is never mentioned.  Thus in tracing genealogies, extensive knowledge of the family concerned is essential.  The present genealogy starts with Walter Skehan and it is fortunate that it is known that he married two Miss O’Deas successively.  For at this period, there were at least 5 other Walter Skehans in the parish married and with issue.


(By “Carrig – Mo – Clear”, in CLONMEL CHRONICLE.

Kiloskehan Castle, on the Carden Estate, near Templemore, belonged to the Skehan family formerly, and derived its name from it (Church of the Skehans).

Its owner, Skehan, was considered to be one of the wealthiest men in the South of Ireland.  When Cromwell invaded the country he meant to reduce the Castle and rob it, but prior to this Skekan removed eight loads of treasure and buried it, but where has not been discovered since.  Cromwell, enraged at the disappearance of so much loot, hanged the eight Skehanes from a tree when they would not disclose where the treasure was buried.  This tree is still to be seen on the Carden land.  Those who lived to tell the tale had their homes confiscated, and were obliged to hide their pikes and seek a livelihood far from their native Killoskehan.  There are branches of the family still all over County Tipperary.  [“All rubbish”, according to Fr. Skehan].

The Drangan Skehans were contractors, and four of their number emigrated to London, where they built several large buildings.  Their names were Pierce, John, James and Michael.

Pierce married a Jewess, Maryanne Dunbar, who was baptised on bridal morning.  They decided to leave London for Boston, and sailed on the ill-fated “Franklin”, under the command of Captain Smith.

The owners of the “Franklin” had promised Smith the captaincy of a new ship then building at St. John’s provided that he lost the Franklin in one of three ways -–by sinking her when she was going out, by rolling a barrel of turpentine to her cabin door and setting her on fire, or, as a last choice, by running her ashore,he to save his own life as best he could.  He tried to sink her in the Downs, but failed.  Finally he ran her ashore on Cape Cod, within 500 yards of the strand.  Out of 200 souls on board only Pierce, with his child, swam ashore, as did three of his brothers who were fellow passengers.  The natives treated them kindly.  Later, Pierce became owner of a brewery in New York and stores in many cities of the United States.  He was “head-centre” of the Fenian Brotherhood of Long Island and was a highly respected man in the public life of New York. He had a turn for verse.  Owing to his connection with the Fenian movement his old home in Drangan was raided on several occasions and destroyed.

It may be mentioned that the company’s letter to Captain Smith directing to lose the “Franklin” was found in his trunk after the wreck of the vessel.

Pierce Skehan was uncle of Richard Skehan , who was a member of Cashel Board of Guardians for twenty years; he also took a prominent part in political activities in Ireland.  He still lives at the old home in Newtown-Drangan.  Members of the same family who have “made good” are Mr. Thomas Skehan, successful merchant and two or three times Mayor of Clonmel, and his brother, Mr. John Skehan, of Cashel and Mobarne House. (Mobarnane).

C. 1786, Walter Skehan (a), of Coolbawn married firstly Mary O’Dea (w-a).

Issue:- 3 Children:-

(1).  John (aa), born 1787 = Mary Ryan? 1824.  Said to have been implicated in a faction fight in which a man was murdered: given Coolbawn to his step-brother, Darby, and fled to U.S.A.  He is believed to have been married and that his eldest child was named Walter.   John Skehan (aa) was baptised on 3rd May 1787.  But it must be noted that there is a John Skehan who died 18th May, 1804, aged 77, and is buried at St. Johnstown with other members of the family: but he however would be too old to be same person as above John, and is perhaps the father of Walter (a).  John Skehan (aa) was married in Coolbawn and had family who went to America with him.  ?Married C. 1824-5 Mary Ryan….


(a).  Walter. Bapt. 4-12-1825: Sps: John and Bgt. Skehan.  John is said to have settled in Albany N.Y.

(2).  William (ab) = Margaret O’Donnell (w-ab) 2-2-1818.  B.1788: d. 1871. Born 1794: died 1882, of St. Johnstown, married 2 Feb. 1818: wss:- Walter and Thos. Skehan and John Daniel.


(a).  Walter (aba).

(b).  Mary (abb).

(c).  John (abd).

(d).  Catherine (abc).

(e).  James (abe).

(f).  William (abf).

(g).  Michael (abg).

(h).  Thomas abf).

(i).   Jeremiah (abi).

(J).  Margaret (abj).

(k).  Elizabeth (abk).

(l).   Ellen (abl).

(m). Patric (abm). 

(3).  Thomas (ac) = Alice Dunn (w-ac), 1817 of Cooleigh.


(a).  Walter (aca).

(b).  John acd).

(c).  William (acb).

(d).  Mary (acg).

(e).  Margaret (ace).

(f).  Ellen (acf).

(g). Bridget (ace).

(h). Thomas (agh).

(i).  Johanna (aci).

(j).  Alice (acj).

(k). Nora (ack) 

(Note:- There were 19 children in this family, it is said, another child called James).

Notes:- Walter Skehan (a), c. 1759: died 10th Dec. 1842, aged 83; married firstly Mary O’Dea (died C. 1791) circa 1786 and had 3 children by her – viz. John, William and Thomas: married secondly c. 1795 Elleonora O’Dea (or Day), believed to be a sister of the first wife, and had by her 4 or 5 children, viz:- Jeremiah (or Darby), Joanna, Mary, Ellen and another girl perhaps.  Walter Skehan farmed at Coolbawn.  He and his second wife have tombstone in St. Johnstown.  Elleonora O’Dea died on 19th March, 1840 aged 73.

William Skehan (ab), baptised 21st Dec. 1788; died 22nd Oct. 1871 (age given as 83 on tombstone).  On 2nd Feb. 1818, married Margaret O’Donnell (or Dannell) of Knockinglass: wss. Walter Skehan and John Daniel and Thomas Skehan, baptised 3rd Oct. 1794: died 16th April, 1882 (age of tombstone, 81), and had 13 children by her.  Wm. Skehan farmed at St. Johnstown (or Milltown St. John), a place previously possessed by Skehans.  Wm’s. wife buried – St. Johnstown.  Wss. at marriage of Wm. Skehan (ab) and Mgt. O’Donnell were Walter Skehan, John Daniel and Thomas Skehan.  Baptism Sponsors of Wm. Skehan (ab) were William Blake and Mary Skehan.  Sponsors of John Skehan (aa) were John and Bridget Dea.  Sponsors of Mgt. O’Donnell (w-ab):- Ter Daniel and Anne Birmingham.

Thomas Skehan (ac) – born c. 1790 (Record of his baptism not found: age on tomb, 65): died 11th Oct. 1855.  In 1817 he married Alice Dunn of Ballykeely, Cashel, born c. 1797, died 31st Jan. 1865 (age on tomb, 68).  He had 11 children by her.  Thomas farmed at Cooleigh (adjoining Coolbawn).  He and his wife buried at St. Johnstown.

(Tithe Applotments, 1828:- Walter Skehan had 117a. 3r. Op. I.P.M. in Coolbawn, and 29a. 3r. 34p I.P.M. in Cooleagh.  His son William had 71a. Or. 20p. I.P.M. in Milltown St. John, Parish of Cooleagh (?): his son Thomas.

C. 1795, Walter Skehan (a) married 2nd Elleonora O’Dea (w-a), (sister of Mary O’Dea, his 1st wife).  She died 19th March 1840, aged 73.

Issue:- Had 4 or 5 children.

(1).  Demetrius (Darby or Jeremiah)(ad) of Coolbawn = Betty Kickham.


(a).  Walter (ada) = Anne Dwyer (w-ada).  B. 1831.  Wat. Bapt. 6th Nov. 1831: sps:- Walter Graham and Mgt. Skehan.

(b).  John (adb), went to Australia, 12th Nov. 1857. B. 1833. Bapt. 21-4-33: sps:- Patrick Doheny and Hanna Kickham.

(c).  Thomas (adc) = Miss O’Donnell (w-adc). B. 1835. Bapt. 16-9-35: sps:- John and Judy Skehan.

(d).  William (add) = Statia Hayes (w-add).  B. 1837. Bapt. 10-9-37: sps:- John Doheny and Betty Larkin.

(e).  Rev. Jerome (ade) a priest in Australia.  B. 1839. Bapt. 14-7-39: sps:- Ml. Larkin and Betty Kickham.

(f).  James (adf) died unmarried.  B. 1841. Bapt. 3-11-41:sps:- Walter Skehan and Ellen Doheny.

(g).  Ellen (adg) = Pat Ryan (h-adg). Bapt. 28-12-43:sps:- Thos. Skehan and Bgt. Slattery.

(2).  Joanna (ae) Mrs. Pat Doheny see infra.

(3).  Mary (af) (Mrs. Wm. Luby?) see infra.

(4).  Ellen (ag) (Mrs. Meagher).

(5).  Mgt? Bgt? (Mrs. Slattery? Of Ml. Kennedy 26th Jan. 1829).

Notes:- Demetrius Skehan (ad) called Darby of Coolbawn, baptised 21st Jan. 1796 – sponsors, Michael Sause and Ellena Dea.  Farmed at Coolbawn, which he obtained, it is said from his step-brother, John (aa).  He had 7 children.  He married Betty (Elizabeth) Kickham, a Protestant, who became Catholic on her marriage.  She was possible an aunt of Wm. Kickham who m. Mary Skehan (acd), see infra.  Betty Kickham was d. of John Kickham (S. Thos. Kickham and Johanna Lonergan) and Eliz. Haskins Em. Kickham were uncles of Betty Kickham.  (These Kickhams of Grange are buried in St. Johnstown).  Marriage Lic. Bond of John Kickham and Eliza Hoskins is dated 1792.

Joanna Skehan (ae), baptised 29th March 1798 – sponsors:- Thomas Dwyer and Catherine Grimes.  She married into Lismortagh To Pat. Doheny 24-9-1821: but no details concerning her were discovered.  [Ellen Skehan (acf) often told her daughter, Mrs. Gannor, that a sister of her father made an unhappy marriage in Ireland to someone outside Co.Tipp. had to leave him and go home: and was sent later to Albany, America.  Was this Mary, or a further unknown sister? And was John Skehan (aa) in Albany then and she went out to him?

Mary Skehan (af), baptised 24th June 1800.  She was probably Mrs. Wm. Luby of whom see later: sponsors at her baptism – John Grimes and Joanna Dwyer.  [A Mgt. Skehan (d. Walter? (a)) is sponsor at baptisms of children of Thos., Darby, Johanna and Ellen Skehan.

Ellen Skehan (ag), born c. 1806 and died 1876.  Married Patrick Meagher (h-ag) of Curraghscarteen, Fethard (adjoining Clonbrogan), 4th Feb. 1828: wss:- Wm. Meagher, Walter Skehan, Wm. Skehan, etc.

Walter Skehan (aba) = Catherine Corcoran (w-aba) 1862, (Clonbrogan). Walter, bapt. 5th Apr. 1819: sps. Walter Graham and Cath.  Daniel, d. 22nd Feb. 1900: buried in Moyglass.  Cath. bapt. in Killenaule 22nd Feb.  1838: sps. Ellen Quin, d. 22nd Mar. 1900: buried in Moyglass.  Walter Skehan (aba) of Clonbrogan married Kate Corcoran of Bantifora on 12th June 1862 in Drangan, having obtained a dispensation in 30 and 40 consanguinity. Wss. Walter Skehan and Daniel Corcoran and Mary Corcoran.  Rev. E. O’Shaughnessy P.P. Drangan, officiated.

Issue:- Had 9 children.

(1).  Mary (abaa) see infra.

(2).  William (abab) see infra.

(3).  James (abac) see infra.

(4).  Maggie (abad) see infra.

(5).  Hanna (abae) see infra.

(6).  Ellie (abaf) see infra.

(7).  Pat (abag) see infra.

(8).  Katie (abah) see infra.

(9).  Nonie (abai) see infra.

 Notes:- Walter Skehan (aba) born at St. Johnstown 3rd Apr. 1819: died 22nd Feb. 1900 and is buried at Moyglass: invalided with rheumatism and arthritis for c. 20 years before his death.  Leased Clonbrogan 20th April 1848 at rent of £1-13-0 per statute acre and farmed there.  Married, 12-6-1862, Catherine Corcoran of Bawntafoola, Drangan, (w-aba).  Had 9 children.  Wife died 22nd March 1900 aged 62 and buried in Moyglass.  (Clonbrogan later purchased outright).

(1).  Mary Skehan (abaa) born 1863, Apr. 2nd: bapt. 4-4-63: sps. Walter Skehan and Mary Corcoran: died Oct. 1944.  Went to Australia c. 1883 and married there Michael Skehan, late of Knockuragh, Drangan, and had 7 children.  Owned St. Leonard’s Hotel, St. Leonards, Sydney.  Michael Skehan died 17th Mar. 1928, aged 72.

(2).  Wm. Skehan (abab) born 6th Dec. 1864: bapt. 8-12-64: sps. John Skehan and Ellen Corcoran: died 20th Oct. 1927.  Farmed at Clonbrogan.  In 1904 married Alice O’Sullivan of Kilmacomma, Clonmel who died 22nd July 1936.  Had 2 children.

(3).  James Skehan (abac) born 27th July 1866: bapt.. 29th July 1866: sps. Jas. Corcoran and Mary Skehan: died in 1927.  Went to Australia c. 1883 and owned Petersham Hotel, Petersham, Sydney.  Married there Miss Ellen Ryan (d. 1926, Aug. 14th) and had 7 children among whom were Anne (eldest?), Walter, a son turned on drink and was dead in 1939.

(4).  Margaret Skehan (abad) born at Clonbrogan 7th Aug. 1868: bapt. 9-8-68: sps. James Heffernan and Ellen Skehan.  Married c. 1906, Frank Nolan born 1st May 1866, Lisaw, Lurgoe, Killenaule.  Husband, a farmer, and he died 15th Jan. 1948, aged 82.  Had 3 children.

(5).  Hannie Skehan (abae) born at Clonbrogan 19th Feb. 1875: bapt. 21-2-75: sps. Wm. Skehan and Johanna Corcoran.  Married c. 1906, Patrick Cantwell of Cappagh, Cloneen, Fethard, – a farmer.  Issue:- children who survived and many others who died young.  Hannie died 24-12-1924 and was buried at Ballyclerihan graveyard.

(6).  Ellie Skehan (abaf) born at Clonbrogan 16th Feb. 1872: bapt. 18-2-72: sps. John Skehan and Mgt. Corcoran.  Went to Australia (Sydney) and married there, John Moroney who had come to Australia from South Africa – had 3 children.  Husband died before 1948 and wife got into poor circumstances and when last heard of (1948) was living by herself at Surrey Hills – one of the poorest quarters of Sydney.       

(7).  Patrick Skehan (abag) born at Clonbrogan 28th Aug. 1870: bapt. 30-8-70: sps. Wm. Skehan and Honora Corcoran.  Went to Liverpool where he had two licensed premises in Scotland Rd., Liverpool.  Married there, Catherine Kelly of Birkenhead and had 2 children.  Patrick died of diabetes 11th Aug. 1900 aged 30: and his wife died 28th Feb. 1940 aged 64 – 1948, Address:- “Dromore”, Agnes Rd., Blundell Sands, Liverpool.  Cath. Kelly, after husband’s death married…….Peace by whom she had one son, Charles, born c. 1904 who later went to Australia and married there.

(8).  Katie Skehan (II) (abah) born at Clonbrogan 23rd Feb. 1879: bapt. 25-2-79: sps. John Fitzgerald and Johanna Corcoran.  Teaching in England and in 1911 married Charles Ashton, engineer and builder of Liverpool.  Family went to Canada c. 1914 and returned to England c. 1920.  During depression, husband c. 1926 went to U.S.A. and returned in 1930s.  Wife and family remained in Liverpool to educate the children.  Address in 1948:- 34 Gresford Ave., Liverpool 17.  Had 5 children.

(9).  Nonie (Nora) Skehan (abai) born at Clonbrogan 13th Mar. 1881: bapt. 15-3-81: sps. James Skehan and Honora Corcoran.  Went to England, teaching: married there c. 1901, Leonard Connelly, a journalist and a native of Co. Donegal.  The family went to Sydney c. 1912.  Connely died c. 1938.  Had 5 children.  Address of family in 1948:- 3 Burnie St., Clovelly, Sydney N.S.W. (In 1948, there was a step-bother of Connelly living in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Note:- Margaret Skehan alias O’Donell (w-ab), had a cousin – Mary Daniel – said to be an orphan – living with her in St. Johnstown.  This girl fell in love with a Matthew Pennefeather of the Marlow family – a Protestant and used to meet him secretly when he rode the hunt around St. Johnstown, and eventually became pregnant by him.  When Wm. Skehan come to know of the matter, he told Pennefeather in no uncertain terms that he should marry her, which he didn’t: and had 2 children by her.

(1).  Rd. Pennefeather, bapt. 3rd July 1835; sps. Alice Daniel; and:-

(2).  Thomas Pennefeather, bapt. 21st Jan. 1838: sps. Cath. Daniel.  This Mary Pennefeather died at a young age and is buried in Rathcoole.  Her children are said to be ancestors of Catholic Pennefeathers in Australia.  A field given to her by Wm. Skehan as a dowry is still in possession of the Pennefeathers – in townland of Grangebarry.

Mary Skehan (abaa) m. Michael Skehan (h-abaa), Australia.  Baptised 4-4-1863: sps. Walter Skehan and Mary Corcoran.

Issue:- 7 children.

(1).  Mary (abaaa) born at St. Leonard’s Hotel, St. Leonard;s, Sydney c. 1893.  Lives at same.  Unmarried in 1948.  Visited Ireland with mother and sister Margery in 1911: and again in 1926 with her sister Kate.  She suffers badly from arthritis since 1961: almost a cripple in 1963 and unable to drive her car.  She developed a bad hernia in 1968 for which she had to undergo a severe operation in Mater Hospital, Sydney in Nov. but died soon after it of heart failure, 12th Nov. 1968.

(2).  Catherine (abaab) born at St. Leonards c.  Unm. Died suddenly Feb. 1945.

(3).  Pierce (abaac) born in Sydney c.  Died in 1944, unmarried.

(4).  William (Bill) (abaad) born in Sydney c.  Has ranch in Chinchilla, N.S.W. 300 miles from Brisbane or Myles (sold this ranch in 195-) and is chief buyer for big tancreds slaughtering company in Sydney.  He has estate and seaside residences at Caloundra, 60 miles north of Brisbane: sold it in 1965.  Married in 1945, Miss Kitty Savage (a sister of nurse Eileen Savage, Australian heroine of 1939-45 war –decorated for bravery on a raft when Japanese sunk a hospital ship “Centur”.  They had in 1948 two children, both girls, born 1946 and 1948: another daughter born 1949.  [Bill Skehan sold station at Myles for big sum Nov. 1958 and went to live at Lucia, a suburb of Melbourne – “Clonbrogan”, 18 Bellevue Terrace, St. Lucia, Brisbane. –

(5).  Jim (James) (abaae) born in Sydney c.  Had drug store in Canberra of in Melbourne till 1944 when he sod it to take up management of a large hotel at Southport, Queensland.  He married Miss Josie O’Donnell (d. July 1954) and has 4 or 5 children, one a girl of about 18 in 1948.

(6).  Nell (abaaf) born in Sydney.  Married c. 1935, Patrick O’Donnell (h-abaaf) (d. 1955) and brother of Miss O’Donnell who is married to James Skehan (abaae).  They have one child, Peter…. A boy (abaafa), aged about 10 in 1948.

Peter O’Donnell (abaafa) born 1938: in 1962, he was a member of the crew of the Australian yacht “Gretil” which lost the challenge against the American “Wheaterly” for the America Cup.  Married to Barbara Booth, a non-Catholic……..1966, daughter of his boss who sponsors the “Gretil”.  Peter was one of the crew

(7).  Margery (abaag) born in Sydney c. 1907.  Married 1947, Norman Pride (no issue); they live at Newcastle, 104 miles north of            Sydney.  Pride is chief government valuator there.  Living 1955 at Beauty Point, Sydney – address 1961:- 3 Ryan Ave. Balmoral Beach, Sydney.  Norman Pride died on 10th Oct. 1962 of cancer of the throat, Margery’s address 1962:- 17A Stanley Ave. Mosman Balmorel, Sydney: 1963:- 1 Hunter Rd. Balmoral Beach, Sydney.

Children of Michael Skehan and Mary Skehan, St. Leonard’s Hotel, St. Leonards, Sydney.

William (Bill) Skehan (abaad) Jan. 1945 m. Kathleen (Kitty), sister of nurse Eilleen Savage the Australian heroine of the 1939-45 war, decorated for bravery on a raft after the Japanese sank the hospital ship “Centur”.  Had a ranch at Miles, Queensland, which he sold about Nov. 1958 and went to live in Brisbane.  Has also a seaside property and residence at Cloundra, about 40 miles from Brisbane (sold if c. 1965).  Lives since 1958 at “Clonbrogan”, 18 Bellvue Terrace, St. Lucia, Brisbane and has chain of butchers shops.

Issue:- Had 4 children.

(1).  Barbara b. 1927 married 1950 Louis Defina a chemist.

Children of John Skehan (ababb), farmer, Clonbrogan and Mary O’Dwyer.


(1).  Aileen (Alice) (ababba) .

William Skehan (abab) Alice O’Sullivan in 1904 (Clonbrogan).  Wm.  bapt. 8-12-1864: sps. John Skehan and Kate Corcoran; died 20th Oct. 1927: buried in Moyglass: Alice d. 22nd July 1936 age 71: buried in Moyglass.

Issue:- 2 children.

(1).  Rev. Walter Skehan (ababa) born at Clonbrogan 22nd June 1905.  Studied at Cistercian College, Roscrea, 1920-2: St. Patrick’s College, Thurles, 1923-4: and Maynooth College 1924-31.  Ordained for Archdiocese of Cashel at Maynooth College 22nd June 1931.  Temporary curate, Anacarty parish, from Sept. 1931 to Feb. 1932.  Chaplain, Dundrum Convent and temporary curate in Anacarty , Feb. 1932 to Nov. 1932.  Curate in Drom and Inch parishes, Nov. 1932 to Sept. 1934.  Curate in parishes of Upperchurch and Drombane, Sept. 1934 to Sept. 1944.  Curate in parishes of Lattin and Cullen, Sept. 1944 to June 1952.  Bachelor of Arts, National University, Ireland.  Appt. P.P. Clerihan, June 1952.

(2).  John Skehan  (ababb) born 5th August, 1906.  Farming at Clonbrogan.  married 10th Apr. 1940, Mary O’Dwyer of Garrynamona, Ballycahill, Thurles (a niece of Rev. Phil Canon Fogarty P.P., V.F. Templemore).  Mary O’Dwyer born in 1920.

ept. 1948: training as nurse at Whip’s Cross Hospital, London 1967: married 18th Oct. 1969 to Alan Palmer, a non-Catholic of London.

(Margaret Skehan (abad) born at Clonbrogan 7th Aug. 1868: bapt. 9-8-1868: sps. James Heffernan and Ellen Skehan: died 28th Apr. 1960: buried in Ballinure, 30th Apr.  Married Frank Nolan (h-abad), about 1907 (Lurgoe): d. 15th Jan. 1948: born 1st May 1866, son of John Nolan and Cath. Nolan: buried in Ballinure.

Issue:- 3 children

(1).  John Nolan (abada) born at Lisaw c. 1908.  Married Sarah Maher of Killinan, Thurles, on 23rd June 1948.  Farming at Lisaw, Lurgoe, Killenaule.


(a).  Mgt. Mary (Rita) (abadaa) born 1950, July 20th.

(b).  Mary (abadab), born 15th Aug. 1951.

(2).  Kitty Nolan (abadb), born at Lisaw c. 1909.  Died in childbirth 10th Aug. 1946.  Married in 1940, Thomas O’Connell of Derricknew, Killenaule, her 3rd cousin.  Lived at the Turret, Coolmine, Fethard and the house and farm there being the dowry of Kitty.  Husband also in employment of Killenaule Co-operative creamery.


(a).  Monica O’Connell, born 1942.

(3).  Mary (May) (abadc) born at Lisaw c. 1911.  Married 14th July 1948, her deceased sisters, husband, Thomas O’Connell, and lives at Turret, Coolmine, Fethard.

James Skehan (abac), born at Clonbrogan, 27th July 1866.  Went to Australia.  Owned 1st Sutherland Hotel and later Petersham Hotel, Petersham, Sydney which was sold by his children in 1952.  He died 29th Apr. 1928.  Married in Australia, Ellen Ryan, a native of Ballagh, Clonoulty, Co. Tipperary.  She died 14th Aug. 1926.

Issue:- 7 children.

(1).  Annie Skehan (abaca), born in Sydney, 14th April 1894.  Married Fredrick Adrian Mullins, born 1892.  Living in 1955 (1971) at 15, Easet Parade, Sutherland, Sydney, N.S.W. 2232.  During a tour in 1955 of America and Europe, they visited Ireland.

Issue:- 5 children.

(a).  Eileen Catherine Mullins (abacaa), born in Sydney, 10th Aug. 1915: married Gregory Dodd of 97 Flora St., Sutherland, near Sydney.

(b).  Maureen Mullins (abacab), born in Sydney 1919.  Married Clifton Leon Howard, 91 War Admiral Lane, Riddlewood, Route 26, Media, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. of U.S.A. Army.

(c).  Raymond Mullins (abacac), born in Sydney.  Served in the Australian Air Force during the 1939-45 War.  Lost his life when his plane crashed in the English Channel 1944.

(d).  Fredrick Anthony Mullins (abacad), born in Sydney 5th March 1923: married Audrey Clendenning.  Living in 1955 at 75 Acacia St., Sutherland.

(e).  Monica Mullins (abacae), born in Sydney 1927.  Married Mitchell Pry of 8 Riverside Cresent, Marrickville, Sydney.

(2).  Walter Skehan (abacb), born at Petersham, Sydney.  Died unmarried 10th April 1937.

(3).  Catherine Skehan (abacc), born at Petersham, Sydney 1898.  Married Fredrick Dennett.  Living in 1955 at Dubbo St., Warren, N.S.W. Australia (live 1960 at 35 Alma St., Clontarf, Sydney).

(4).  Alice Skehan (abacd), born at Petersham 5th Aug. 1903.  Married Aug. 1931, Fredrick Crawford of………… He died Nov. 1941.  The family living (1955) at 5 Richmond St., Ryde, Sydney.  Alice Crawford died suddenly, 21st Oct. 1965.

Issue:- 3 children.

(i).  Margaret Crawford (abacda), born 22nd August 1932.  Trained for nursing in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.  She visited Ireland 1956: working in Melbourne, 1966: married Easter 1967, a solicitor in Melbourne.

(5).  James Skehan (abace), born at Petersham, Sydney 1906.  Married Maria Powell.  Living in 1955 at 23 Evans St., Bronte, Sydney, N.S.W. No issue.

(6).  Nell Skehan (abacf), born at Petersham, Sydney 1909.  Married Leo McGill who died June 1951.  Address 1955 – 19 Dixon Ave., Dulwich Hill, Sydney.

(7).  Joseph Skehan (abacg), born at Petersham, Sydney.  Married Winifred Powell of Cardiff, Wales, whom he met when serving with Australian forces in England during 1939-45 War.  Lives at………. Cardiff, Wales.

Hannie Skehan (abae)  bapt. 21st Feb. 1875: sps:- Wm. Skehan and Johanna Corcoran.  Died 24th Dec. 1924: buried in Ballyclerihan: married Pat Cantwell of Cappaghmore, Cloneen, c. 1907.  Died 26th June 1954 aged 76: buried in Ballyclerihan.

Issue:- 3 children who survived infancy.

(1).  Margaret Hester (Peggy) (abaea), born at Cappagh, Cloneen c. 1911.  Did brilliant University course and had degrees of B. Sc. And H. Dip. Ed. Teaching in Dublin from 1935 to 1944.  Married at Heddington Rd., Dublin 28th Sept. 1944, John Gerard Doyle of Dublin, a barrister and civil servant (Dept. of Industry and Commerce).  Address in 1948:- 14 Northumberland, Ballsbridge, Dublin (Myjoma, Cypress Rd., Mt. Merrion, Dublin, in 1951).

(2).  John Cantwell (abaeb), born at Cloneen, 1st Dec. 1913.  Unmarried in 1948 and living on farm at Cappagh, Cloneen.  Bapt. in Cloneen, 3rd Dec. 1913: sps:- Edw. Foley and Josie Navin.

(3).  Teresa Cantwell (abaec), born 28th March 1918 at Cloneen:  bapt. in Cloneen, 30th March 1918: sps:- Wm. Britton and Josephine Bulfin.  Unmarried in 1948 and living on farm at Cappagh, Cloneen.   Married at Clerihan 24/9/52 to Michael O’Brien of Mullinahone (born 1916): still living at Cappaghmore, Cloneen.

Patrick Skehan (abag) bapt. 30th Aug. 1870: sps:- Wm. Skehan and Honora Corcoran: died 11th Aug. 1900: married Catherine Kelly c. 1896 (Liverpool).

Issue:- 2 children.

(1).  Rev. Walter Skehan (abaga), born in Liverpool 4th Apr. 1898.  Studied at Ushaw College, Yorkshire.  Ordained priest at St. Clares Liverpool and first mass at Blundell Sands Church, near Liverpool on 2nd August 1925.  Was curate at Chorley, Lancashire, till 1940 when he was appointed P.P. of St. Marys, Euston, near Chorley.  Appointed Dean of Leyland Deanery, Liverpool diocese, in 1955/6.  Changed to St. Joseph’s Rectory, 40 York Rd., Birkdale, Lanc., in 1959.

(2).  Margaret (Queenie) Skehan (abagb), born in Liverpool 8th Sept. 1899.  Teaching in Liverpool.  Address in 1948:- “Dromore”, Agnes Road, Blundell Sands, Liverpool.  Unmarried in 1948.

Note:- Catherine Kelly (w-abag) married secondly Charles Peace and had by him, a son, Charles, who in 1924 went to Australia and mentioned there.

Ellie Skehan (abaf): bapt. 18-2-1872: sps:- John Skehan and Mgt. Corcoran: married John Mononey in Sydney.  He came to Australia from South Africa, and died: she died April 1957.

Catherine (Katie) Skehan (abah): bapt. 25-2-1879: sps:- John Fitzgerald and Johanna Corcoran.  Went to England 1895: married Charles Ashton (h-abah) in 1911 (Liverpool).  He died 2nd March 1956, aged 74, and was interred at Allerton Cemetery, Liverpool.

Issue:- 5 children.

(1).  Pauline Ashton (Sr. Mary of the Holy Ghost: St. Mary of the Blessed Trinity in Dunfermline) (abaha), born in Liverpool on 29th June 1912.  Teaching for a time in Liverpool, but in 1936 became a Carmelite nun in Carmelite Convent, Dumbarton, Scotland.  Transferred to Carmelite Convent, Townhill Rd., Dunfermline in 1949, as sub-prioress.  Now St. Mary of the Blessed Trinity.

(2).  Frances Ashton (Sr. Frances of Jesus) (abahb), born in Liverpool 14th Aug. 1913.  Teaching for a time in Liverpool.  Became a Carmelite nun at Knotty Ash, Liverpool c. 1942 but left convent through ill-health 1946.  Re-entered Carmelite Order, 1948 at Ashdon Road, Saffron Walden, Essex.  Now St. Frances of Jesus: finally professed 25th March 1953.

(3). Margaret Josephine Ashton (abahc) born in Canada, 13th Sept. 1917.  Teaching in Liverpool since c. 1938.  Unmarried in 1948 and lives with parents at 34 Gresford Ave., Liverpool, 17.  Married at St. Clare’s Church, Arundel Ave. Liverpool on Thurs. 6th Aug. 1953 to Richard Dooley, a native of Co. Wexford, teaching in Liverpool: they live at 34 Gresford Ave.

(4).  Sheila Ashton (abahd), born in Canada, 30th March 1918.  Married in Liverpool, 7th Feb. 1938, Leonard Butler, a salesman and a convert to the faith.  lives at 48, Boxdale Rd., Mossley Hill, Liverpool.

(5).  Rev. John Kevin Ahston (abahe), born Liverpool 16th Feb. 1921.  Studied at St. Joseph’s, Upholland College near Wigan, Lancs. And ordained there, May 26th 1945.  Curate at St. Christopher’s Speke Liverpool to 1949 and then at St. Maries, Standish, Wigan.  Curate at Southport 1952 (St. Maris, Seabank Rd.): curate St. Elizabeth, Litherland, 1956: c.c. St. Swithan’s, Gillmoss. 

Nora (Nonie) Skehan (abai): bapt. 15th Mar. 1881: sps: James Skehan and Honora Corcoran: married Leonard Connolly (h-abai).  Now Sydney.  She died Holy Thursday, 26th March 1964.

Issue:- 5 children.

(1).  Leonard Connolly (abaia), born in Liverpool c. 1902.  Salesman in sports business and set up on his own in  1949.  Unmarried in 1948.  Lives with mother at 3, Burnie St., Clovelly, Sydney, N.S.W.  In 1967, he was not in this business, and was a rolling stone.

(2).  Kitty Connolly (abaib), born in Liverpool.  Married Colin Flanagan of Sydney c. 1930.  Husband accountant in wholesale wool and grain store.  Lives at 36, Winchester Rd., Clovelly, Sydney, in 1948.  Colin Flanagan died 6th Nov. 1952 of kidney infection and penitonitis.

Vide Walter Skehan (a).

Mary Skehan (abb) baptised 9th Sept. 1820: sps:- John Daniel and Judith Skehan: died unmarried at St. Johnstown c. 1903.  A will made by her was never found.  After her death, her surviving brother and sister in St. Johnstown requested Wm. Skehan (abab) of Clonbrogan son of Walter Skehan (aba) to take over the farm at St. Johnstown.  Not having any guarantee of title in the place, he refused, whereupon William Guiry (abdb) was invited to take it and accepted: thus after centuries the name Skehan ceased in St. Johnstown on the deaths of John (abc) and Ellen Skehan (abl).  A will believed to have been made by William Skehan (ab) in favour of his son Walter (aba) to keep the Skehan name alive in St. Johnstown, never came to light.  Mary Skehan is supposed to be the 2nd eldest child and was born it is said, on farm now owned by O’Donnell (St. Johnstown then owned by Gerry): the house was near a fort on that farm: her father did not get St. Johnstown (now Guirys) will after her birth.

John Skehan (abd), nicknamed “Carrick”, died unmarried at St. Johnstown, c. 1912.  God-father of Rev. Walter Skehan (ababa) of Clonbrogan.  buried in St. Johnstown.  He was baptised 17-1-1824: sps:- Patrick Hanrahan and Cath Dunnin.

William Skehan (abg) died unmarried at St. Johnstown.  An invalid and died fairly young: baptised 7th October 1828: died 15th May 1877 (aged 34 on his headstone): sponsors of William:- Martin Fitzgerald and Mgt. Nolan.

Thomas Skehan (abf).  Is this the Thomas, aged 14 who died 20th May 1841: Yes.  Thomas was baptised 28-11-1826: sps:- John Skehan and Ellen Cormack.

Jeremiah Skehan (abk), probably died unmarried at St. Johnstown: bapt. in Moyglass 23rd August 1835: sps:- James Cunningham and Cath. Nolan.

Elizabeth Skehan (abk), probably died unmarried at St. Johnstown: bapt. in Moyglass 27th June 1830: sps:- James and Mary Daniel.

Ellen Skehan (abl), died unmarried at St. Johnstown c. 1922.  Buried in St. Johnstown: baptised in Moyglass 30th April 1837: sps:- Walter Skehan and Mary Cunningham.

Catherine Skehan (abc): bapt. 27th Apr. 1822: sps:- Thomas Skehan and Ellen Daniel: married Jeremiah Guiry (h-abd). Lived Moorestown, Colman 28th Feb. 1854: wss. Patrick Ryan and Mary Cunningham: priest M. Laffan P.P. Killenaule.

Issue:- 3 children.

(1). John (abca) 

(2). William (abcb).

(3). Margaret (abcc).

Notes:- Catherine Skehan (abc) born St. Johnstown 25th Apr. 1822.  Died 16th Nov. 1908.  About 1854, she married Jerome Guiry (h-abd), a farmer, and lived at Moorestown, Colman, Fethard.  Jerome Guiry died 30th Dec. 1900.

In 1901, John Guiry (abca) married Catherine McGrath of Abbey Farm, Clonmel: born 28/12/1867: died 194… John died 23/5/1918.

Issue:- 2 children.

(1).  Jerome (abcaa) born 21-12-1901 (or ’04).  Lives and farms at Moorestown and was unmarried in 1948.  In 26th Aug. 1959, Nellie Dobbyn of Coleman, Fethard, a girl of bad character who was a servant in his house.  He sold the family farm at Moorestown in 1960s, and then lived at Coolmoyne.  A rake since he was with the I.R.A. and a disgrace to his family.  He died 13th June 1968 and was buried at Powerstown.


(2).  Mary (Ciss) (abcab) married Daniel J. McAwley.  Mary born 6-1-1906: married McAwley 21-11-1934.  Lives at Ballycastle Co. Antrim.  Butcher, shopkeeper and farmer.  He died, 2nd Feb. 1970.

William Guiry (abcb) married Nora or Anne Byrne of Killusty in 1912:  William died 1947 and Nora died 9-12-1955.  Lived at Johnstown.

Issue:- 3 children.

(1).  Jerome Guiry (abcba), born 1913: died suddenly 9th April 1971.  Farming at St. Johnstown.  Married in St. Canice’s, Kilkenny on 18th August 1954 to Maureen Cleere (a nurse) youngest d. of Patk. And the late Cath. Cleere, 15 and 16 Vicar St., Kilkenny.

(2).  Margaret Guiry (abcbb), born 1916.  Married John O’Brien of Cappanagrawna, Mullinahone in 1938.  Husband farms at Cappanagranagh.

(3).  John Guiry (abcbc), born 1918.  On 2nd Oct. 1946, he married firstly Kathleen O’Connor, The Square, Mullinahone: she died in childbirth in 1948.  Lives The Square, Mullinahone.

John Guiry married secondly 25th June 1952, Mairie O’Brien d. of P. J. O’Brien of Compsey Cottage, Mullinahone.

Margaret Guiry (abdc): died 2-10-1925: buried, Powerstown: married James Meagher of Tllohea, Carrick on 25th Feb. 1884: died 27-3-1928.  Farmed at Springmount, Clonmel.  James Meagher had 3 brothers, priests in Waterford diocese.  He took Springmount from Keatings a year before marriage.  He was buried in Kilmurry.

Issue:- 9 children.

(1).  Rev. William Joseph Meagher (abdca), born 27-2-1885.  Ordained priest at Thurles (studied 1905-1913) 1913.  On mission Oregon City in U.S.A. Address in 1945:- Ashland Parish, Box 561, Medford, Oregan, U.S.A.  Died Sun. 10th Aug. 1958.

(2).  Jerome Meagher (abdcb), born 13-1-1887.  Married in July 1919, Josephine O’Donnell of Curraghadobbin, Carrick-on-Suir.  Farms at Tullohea, South Lodge, Carrick-on-Suir.


(a).  James (abdcba), born 8-12-1920.

(b).  Kitty (abdcbb), born 19-3-1922: managing Savoy Restaurant in Macclesfield, Cheshire (1952): supertentant, Macclesfield Hospital 1957.

(c).  Pierce (abdcbc), born 27-5-1923.

(d).  Philomena (abdcbd), born 24-6-1925: married Feb. 1954, Pat Tyrrell of Curraghtiway, Grangemockler.

(e).  Jerome Anthony (abdcbe), born 13-9-1927: m. Aug. 1959 Bgt. O’Boyle, native of Coolehill, Caran: married in Macclesfield.

(f).  William Paschal (abdcbf), born 14-6-1939.  In Macclesfield 1955.

(3).  Edmond Meagher (abdcc), born 13-1-1888.   Died unmarried 23-4-1941.

(4).  Mary Margaret Meagher (abdcd), born 28-1-1889.  Married Thomas Barry of Glenbeg, Lismore on 29th April 1919.  Died 29th April 1940.  No issue.  (Thomas Barry went of Australia in Dec. 1930 and died there on 24th June 1937).

(5).  Anastatia Teresa Meagher (abdce), born 10-1-1891.  Married on 24th Apr. 1929, William Murphy of Raheen, Bansha.  No issue.

(6).  Katherine Mary Meagher (abdcf), born 11-5-1892.  Stationer, Gladstone St., Clonmel.  Unmarried in 1945.  Living at Springmount 1951 having let the Clinmel premises: died of heart and a stroke 3rd Dec. 1966, and interred in Kilmurry.

(7).  James Francis  Meagher (abdcg), born 22-8-1894.  Lives at Springmount, unmarried in 1945.  Went blind in 1964, and died at St. Anne’s nursing home, Clonmel, Wed. 23rd Feb. 1966: interred in Kilmurry old church near Carrick – parish of Grangemockler  and Ballyneale.

(8).  Margaret Maud (Gretta) Meagher (abdgh), born 14-3-1898.  Lives at Springmount.  Unmarried 1948.  Was bank clerk a number of years: resigned in ill-health.

(9).  John Joseph Meagher (abdci), born 18-3-1901.  Lives at Springmount.  Unmarried 1945.

James Meagher had 2 brothers, priests in Watr. Diocese, Wm. and Edm. Fr. Edm. Meagher took Springmount from the Keatings in 1882 for about £200 plus anquity to last of the Keatings, a Mrs…….. of Clonmel: he gave it over to his brother, James.  Fr. Edm. Meagher was P.P. Ballyduff 1901-02, and P.P. Kilsheelan 1902-19 when he died: his brother, Canon Wm. Meagher was P.P. Tallow, 1902-24 when he died.

Major and Brig. General Francis Meagher, “Meagher of the Sword”.  His tomb is in Kilmurry graveyard in same plot as the Meaghers of Tullohea and Springmount, so apparently one of the Tullohea Meaghers.  He was born at …………. Waterford 3rd Aug. 1823: educated from age of 9 to 16 at Clongowes, and then at Stoneyhurst, near Preston, which institution he left in 1843: joined Daniel O’Connell in demand for Repeal of the Union: soon after became allied with Young Ireland Party, one of the founders: made his brilliant “Sword Speech” in 1846 advocating fource of arms to obtain Irish Independence: unsuccessfully contested Waterford election 1848: with Smith O’Brien at Ballingarry Rising 1848, captured, tried and sentenced to death: reprieved and transported for life to Van Diemen’s Land.  Escaped in 1852 to America and there admitted to the Bar. At beginning of the Civil War, abandoned his profession to engage in a military career: prominent in all the early battles in the est: after battle of Chancellorville, his regiment so decimated that he resigned its command in 1864, re-comminssioned Brigadier-General of volunteers in Jan. 1853, was relieved from duty in Tennessee and ordered for report to General Sherman in Savannah, but end of war prevented his performing any further military service: sent as Secretary (Governer) to Montana and there fell from deck of a steamboat into the Missouri River near Fort Benton and was drowned, 1st July 1867.  (Lives by M. Cavanagh, and W. F. Lyons: and see Mitchell’s “Gail Journal”).  [Body was never found].  A massive altar tomb to him in the Meagher plot in the old church ruin of Kilmurry, parish of Ballyneale.  [Tomb in a deplorable condition of delapidation].

James Skehan (abe): baptised 23-8-1825: sps:- John Donnell and Bgt. Kearney: married Mary Power (w-abe) 1, in NewYork City.

Issue:- 2 children.

(1).  Richard (abea).

(2).  Walter (abeb).

Notes:- James Skehan (abe) emigrated from St. Johnstown to New York in 1852.  After the death of Mary Power (w-abe) 1, he married again, and moved to Kansas where he died in 1877.  He was baptised 23-8-1825: sps:- James Donel and Bridget Kearny.

Michael Skehan (abi): bapt. in Moyglass 6th Jan. 1832: sps:- John Fehan and Mgt. Kearney: married Rose Connelly in Anderson, Indiana, U.S.A. c. 1870.

Issue:- 5 children.

(1).  William (abia).

(2).  James (abib).

(3).  Margaret (abic).

(4).  Mary (abid) = Ralph Eastman.

(5).  Patrick? (if he existed he died very young).

Notes:- Michael Skehan (abi) emigrated in 1852 with his brother James, to New York.  Later he settled at Charleston, South Carolina.  During American Civil War he moved to Richmond, Hudson.  In 1861 he moved to Anderson, Indiana.  Was a partner with John O’Callaghan in the wholesale liquour trade in Richmond and Anderson, Indiana.

[Mrs. Mary Gannon (p.49) in a letter 1953, says Ml. Skehan lived at Cambridge, Mass. And that often visited the family as a young girl: also that his wife died in a mental home in Worcester: also that his son’s William’s wife died in the same mental home  information from James R. Skehan, attorney at-law, justice of the peace, 580 Massachusetts Av., Cambridge, 39 Mass. In 1953, says Ml. Skehan’s wife was Rose Donnelly (Connelly correct name).  Ml. Skehan died fairly young (before his daughters married).  His wife died when her children were very young.  Ml. Moved to Cambridge about 1881.

William Skehan (abia), went from Cambridge to California and died there, Dec.  1942.  Unmarried.  Born at Anderson, Indiana c. 187…

James Skehan (abib).  Was fireman in City of Cambridge, Mass. And was injured in an accident and became totally blind.  He died in 1951 without issue.  He m…… and she died 192……

Mary Skehan (abid) born at Anderson, Indiana 28th Mar. 1872.  Married Ralph Eastman on 15th June 1912 at Cambridge and living 1952 at 1439 Central St., Stoughton, Mass.  No issue.

Margaret Skehan (abic) born at Anderson 17th Apr. 1879.  Married……. And settled in Plymouth.  She died 1927.

One son:- Rd. A. Carl.

Richard (abica) who lived with Mrs. Eastman till he joined U.S.A. army.  On discharge, he married and lives in So. Weymouth.  No issue, 1954.

Descendants of Margaret Skehan (abj) – all living or lived in Australia – year 1950.

Margaret Skehan (abj) of St. Johnstown: born 18-7-1833: bapt. in Moyglass 21st July 1833: sps:- James Connors, Cath. Connell:d. 2-5-1919: married Richard Ocarroll 8-2-1864, farmer (d. 1874).  Lived at Kilnareacy, Carrick-on-suir.

Issue:- 5 children (recte 7).

(1).  Mary O’Carroll (abja), born at Kilnareacy on 6-9-1867 died 31-5-1948.  Married in Australia, William O’Shea (b. 22-9-1860: d. 29-5-1942), son of Thos. and Johanna O’Shea, Graigue.

Issue:- 11 children.

(a).  Johanna Mgt. O’Shea (abjaa), born 7-7-1891.  Unmarried 1950.  Lives 61 Victoria St., Lewisham N.S.W.: 11 Mills Cresent, Burwood, 1953.

(b).  Margaret O’Shea (abjab), born 27-9-1892.  Unmarried 1950.  Lives:- 61 Victoria St., Lewisham, Sydney, N.S.W.  on staff  Department of Works and Housing, Sydney.

(c).  Eileen O’Shea (abjac), born 29-1-1895.  Married 12-4-1919, Leslie Walter Abbott (who was dead in 1950).  Lives Ashfield, Sydney – 3 miles from Lewisham: sold her house, 1965.


(i).  Walter Thomas Abbott (abjaca) born 27-7-1920.  Married Mgt. Veronica [Von] Christie on 12-4-1949.

(ii).  Vincent Brian Abbott (abjacb) born 13-3-1922.  Married Marie Walsh on 15-7-1944.  Vincent Abbott, auditor in French Bank.  She d. 1st April 1960: and he m. secondly on 23rd May 1964.

(iii). Laurence John Abbott (abjacc) born 2-5-1924: married Sat. 21st Apr. 1951, Valda Agatha Moses (a Catholic, but of Jewish extraction, her father coming from Lebanon).  He was District Returning Officer in Electoral Office, Narrandera 360 miles S of Sydney to 1954: and of Campsie Sydney from 1954.

(d).  John O’Shea (abjad) born in Australia, 9-9-1896: died 7-2-1897.

(e).  Mary Ethel O’Shea (abjae) born 17-12-1897.  Unm., 1950: lives 61 Victoria St., Lewisham N.S.W.: on staff Department of Repatriation, Sydney.  Lives 1955, 1 Mills Cresent, Burwood, Sydney.

(f).  Thomas Joseph O’Shea (abjaf), born 19-4-1901.  Married Vera Elizabeth Saisell on 19-9-1925.  Lives Belfields 6 miles from Sydney.  Wife died 22nd Nov. 1956: and he married secondly on Sat. 14th Dec. 1957, Enid Offasse, a widow: they live at Dundas, 15 miles from Sydney.


(i). Allan John O’Shea (abjafa), born 7-6-1927: m. 15th Apr. 1963, Barbara Campbell.

(g).  Cristopher O’Shea (abjag) born 14-6-1903; died 27-12-1903.

(h).  Agnes Veronica O’Shea (abjah) born 21-1-1905: unm. 1950.  Lives 61 Victoria St., Lewisham Comptometrist. Invalided with mitral stenosis since 1949, died 23-9-1950.

(i).  William Richard O’Shea (abjai), born 17-10-1907.  Married Eleanor (dead 1970) Mary Fisher on 6-2-1943.  Lives at Dulwich Hill [moved 1956 to ………. Burwood: also his father and mother-in-law, both now aged about 80].

(j).  Catherine Joan O’Shea (abjaj) born 10-6-1910. Unm. 1950. Lives; 61 Victoria St., Lewisham.

(k).  Cecilia Ellen O’Shea (abjak) born 14-11-1912. Married Francis James Stephenson, electrical fitter at Stewart and Floyds tube manufacturers on 15-2-1941.  Lives by Newcastle, 100 miles N. of Sydney (13 Church St., Mayfield, 2N. N.S.W.)

(2).  Richard O’Carroll (abjb) born at Kilnareacy 2-4-1869. Married in Australia on 24-1-1894, Sarah O’Shea, d. of Thos. and Johanna O’Shea of Graigue, Co. Tipp. A sister of Wm. O’Shea, husband of Mary O’Carroll (abja).


(a). Francis Mary O’Carroll (abjba) born 3-7-1895. Married William Francis? O’Brien on 5-3-1921. Living (1949) at 33 Lymertown St. Tempe, Sydney, Wm. O’Brien died 2nd Oct. 1961.


(i). Monica O’Brien (abjbaa) born 6-12-1921. Married Peter Claude Roelbuck on 29-8-1948. Live at Ganmain, 30 miles from Narrandera.

(ii). John Stanislaus O’Brien (abjbab) born……..m. 6th Feb. 1962, Jean Kingdon.

(3). Margaret O’Carroll (abjc) born at Kilnareacy 8-5-1870: she was reared in St. Johnstown by her uncle and went to Australia with Mary and Jim Skehan c. 1883. Married in Australia firstly, Bryan Coughlin (h-abjc) a native of Knockroe, Kilteely: bapt. 1st Nov. 1860; he died 21-1-1894; she died 17-7-1937.


(a). Kathleen Coughlin (abjca) born 7-3-1893. Married Robert Morrison on 1-3-1920. Lives 183 McKinnion Rd., McKinnion Vic. (1953): has shop there, Victoria, Australia (1950). No issue.

(b). James William Worrell (abjcb) born 6-5-1896: died as result of  an accident 19-1-1933. Married in 1918, Edith Janet Brotchie.


(i). Beryl Edna Worrell (abjcba) born Aug. 1919. Married on 3-9-1943 Ernest Melville Wilson, guard at Commonwealth Bank Note – Printing Dept. Melbourne. Live Hampton, near Melbourme.

(ii). Keith James Worrell (abjcbb) born Jan. 1922: furniture maker: married Thelma Morrison on 22-12-1947.

(c). Margaret (Madge) Mary Worrekk (abjcc) born 17-2-1898. Married Vincent Joseph O’Donoghue, Mooreland, Melbourne on 28-6-1924: he died of cancer 13th May 1952, age 52.


(i). Geraldine Mary O’Donoghue (abjcca) born 10-4-1925. Married on 25-9-1948 Bernard Edward Grimes, clerk in taxation office. Live Mentone.

(ii). Desmond Joseph O’Donoghue (abjccb) born 20-5-1926: clerk in Head Office, Victorian Railways: married 17th Oct. 1951 to Gweneth Kiffen and live at Pascoe Vale.

(iii). Monica Mary O’Donoghue (abjccc) born 8-1-1928, married 15th Sept. 1950, Henry Stephens of Chelsea, Vic. No issue in 1958.

(iv). Margaret Ann O’Donoghue

(v). John Vincent O’Donoghue (abjcce)

(d). Helena May Worrell (abjcd): an accountant: born 6-5-1900. Married Leslie James Sutton on 12-1-1924. Lived at Dennis: but since 1956 at Melbourne.


(i). (Leslie) James Sutton (abjcda): manager Australian Wireless Co. born 1-12-1924. Married May 1950 and since lives in Sydney. No issue in 1958.

(ii). Thomas Sutton (abjcdb) born 12-3-1926: died 18-3-1926.

(iii). Mgt. Esme Juanite Sutton (abjcda) born 1-7-1929: married Rbt. Mitchell (electrical engineer in Holden’s Motors).

(e). Thomas Richard Worrell (abjce) born 19-5-1902. Married on 14-9-1929 Monica Anastacia Magee. Lives Bentleigh, McKinnon, Vic. Died of cancer 11th Nov. 1969.


(i). James Thomas (Tom) Worrell (abjcea)

(ii). MarieTeresa Worrell (abjceb)

Kathleen Worrell (abjcec)

(iv). Patricia Ann Worrell (abjced) born 12-6-1936: a nurse at Fairfield 1958: and in Sydney 1960: married 25th March, 1961.

(v). Barbara Helena Worrell (abjcee) born 19-2-1938.

(vi). Bryan John Worrell (abjcef) born 28-11-1941: m. 1964.

(vii). Pauline Veronica Worrell (abjceg)  a school teacher: m. Dec. 1963.

(4). William O’Carroll (abjd) born at Kilnareacy 29th Nov. 1872: died 28-5-1938. Married in Australia Maria Davis on 2-6-1900.


(a). Richard O’Carroll (abjda) born 2-3-1901. Married Joyce Bernadette Hurrell on 17-12-1937.

(b). Margaret Lila O’Carroll (abjdb) born 20-7-1904. Married on 4-6-1930, Fredrick John Todd. Mgt. Died of cancer 2-9-1957. She had no issue.

(c). William Christopher Carroll (abjdc) born 11-11-1915. Married 19-6-1946 Cathleen O’Grady. No issue in 1958. William died 26-6-1961.

(5). Christopher O’Carroll (abje) born at Kilnareacy 19th Dec. 1873. Died 2-2-1914. Married in Australia on 30-9-1908, Mary Ruess (or Rouse, Ruse?): she died …….1933. They lived………Sydney.


(a). Glenor Christopher O’Carroll (abjea) born 11-9-1909. Married on 27-1-1945, Joyce Amy Steel.

Note:- Bgt. Cath. O’Carroll of Rd. O’Carroll and Mgt. Skehan bapt. 26th Nov. 1864: 22nd Feb. 1866: did these two eldest children die young?

From Baptism Register, Gambonsfield.

  1. Nov. 26th. Bgt. Of Rd. Carroll and Margaret Skehan, baptised: sps:- John Manning and Maria Skehan.

1866. Feb. 22nd. Catherine of Rd. Carroll and Margaret Skehan, baptised: sps:- Wm. Carroll and Allina Skehan.

  1. Sept. 8th Maria (born 6th) of Rd. Carroll and Margaret Skehan, baptised: sps:- Edm. Carroll and Cath. Cantwell.
  1. Apr. 4th Richard of Rd. Carroll and Margaret Skehan, bapt. sps:- Edw. Cantwell and Cecilia Cantwell.
  1. May 11th. Margaret of Rd. Carroll and Margaret Skehan, bapt. sps:- David Rockett and Cath. Carroll.
  1. Jan. 31st. William of Rd. Carroll and Margaret Skehan, bapt. sps:- John Skehan and Maria Cantwell.
  1. Dec. 21st Christopher of Rd. Carroll and Margaret Skehan, bapt. sps:- Michael Keefe and Bridget Hogan.

Margaret Skehan (abj): born 18-7-1833: bapt. 21st July 1833: sps:- Jas. Connors and Catherine Connell: died 2-5-1919: married 8th Feb. 1864, Richard O’Carroll (h-abj): d. 23-10-1974: of Kilnareacy, Carrick-on-Suir: wss. John Manning and Johanna Skehan: by Rev. Phil Scanlan C.C. in Moyglass.

Issue:- 7 children (the two eldest, Bgt. And Cath. seem to have died young).

(1). Mary (abja) = Wm. O’Shea.

Issue:- 7 girls and 2 boys.

(a). Josephine O’Shea (abjaa) (on staff of G.P.O. Sydney, 1948). 16 Victoria St., Lewisham, Sydney.

Notes:- Richard Carroll (h-abj) died in 1874, and his wife sold the farm at Kilnareacy and emigrated to Sydney (?), Australia with her children.  A first cousin of the Meagher’s of Springmount on their father’s side, now (1945) owns Kilnareacy.

(2). Rd. Carroll (abjb) married in Australia, Sarah O’Shea (w-abjb), daughter of Thos. and Johanna O’Shea, Graigue, Co. Tipp. One child, Francis (girl), Richard and Sarah O’Carroll both dead before 1949.  Sarah O’Shea a sister  of Wm. (h-abja).

(3). Margaret Carroll (abjc) who died about 1927, was married in Australia firstly in 1891 to Brian Coughlin (h-abjc)(1).  Coughlin died 12th Jan. 1894: he was a native of Knockroe, Kilteely, Co.Limk.  They had one child, Kathleen (abjca).  Mgt. Carrol married secondly Thomas Worrell (h-abjc)(2). And at least one girl by second husband.


(a). Kathleen Coughlin (abjca) born in Australia 1892. Married Robert Morrison andliving in 1949 at 5, Ebdon St., Elsternwick, Victoria, Aust.

(b). ……. Worrell (abjcb) born in Australia. Married Mr…..Sutton: 2 children.


(i). James Sutton (abjcba) born c. 1926.

(ii). May Sutton (abjcbb) born 1929.

(4). William (abjd) = Mary Davis (w-abjd) native of Kilcash in Co. Tipp.

(5). Christopher (abje) = Mary Reuss (w-abje).


(a). Mary O’Shea.

Patrick Skehan (abm): bapt. in Moyglass 26th Feb. 1840: sps:- Phil Cunningham and Mary Plehan: married Katherine Collins (w-abm) of Richmond, Indiana (lived Anderson).

Issue:- 12 children.

(1). Charles Francis (abma) married Laura Sullivan. 3 children. Died in New York, 1942.

(2). Harry Williams (abmb) married Elinor Daly. No issue. Have one adopted child. Live Chicago.

(3). John Edward (abmc) married Della Gates (w-abmc). 2 children. Lived Anderson.

(4). Mary (May) Skehan (abmd) married Albert Abel of Anderson, Ind. No issue.

(5). Helen (Nell) Skehan (abme) married David Ryan of Anderson. Live Los Angeles. 4 children.

(6). Walter Skehan (abmf) married Carrie Ellis of Anderson. Live Alexandria, Ind.

(7). Ione Skehan (abmg) married Frank Warner. No issue. Live San Francisco. F. Warner dead, 1935.

(8). Elmer Skehan (abmh) married Hilda Wiess. 1 child. Live Santa Barbara, Calif.

(9). Nora Skehan (abmi) died young.

(10). Laura Skehan (abmj) died young.

(11). Martha Skehan (abmk), died young (comparatively).

(12). Joseph P. Skehan (abml) married Bessie Markle. 2 children. Live Washington D.C.

Biographical Notes:- Patrick Skehan (abm) born at St. Johnstown, Killenaule on 24th Feb. 1840.  Educated first at a “hedge” school and later at National School.  At age of 14 he was apprenticed at grocery and provision business of Scott Brothers, Clonmel for 3 years.  Later he worked at that business in Dublin: and later still in drapery store of William Treacy of Cork.  On July 1st 1863 he went to Anderson, U.S.A to shop of his brother, Michael, subsequently he became a partner in a large store called “Pond Stores”, Anderson, Indiana.  Partnership was dissolved in 1879, after which Pat Skehan and his son conducted Secretary of Anderson City Waterworks.  He retired finally in 1911 and lived with his son, Charles at 2804 Bainbridge Ave., New York.  He died in 1938 at age of 98.  In 1872, he married Katherine Collins (w-abm) of Richmond, Indiana and had by her, 12 children.  His wife died c. 1906.

Vide Patrick Skehan (abm).

Charles Francis Skehan (abma) married Laura Cecilia Sullivan (w-abma).

Issue:- 3 children.

(1). Most Rev. Paul Augustine (abmaa).

(2). Rev. Philip Cyprian (abmab).

(3). Sarah (abmac).

Notes:- Charles Francis Skehan (abma) born at Anderson, Indiana, May 13th 1873.  Married Laura Cecilia Sullivan of Anderson and had by her 3 children.  Moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, and later to Chicago, Illonois: and finally to 2804 Bainbridge Ave., New York where he died on 19th Sept. 1942.

Most Rev. Paul Augustine Skehan O.P. (abmaa) born in Anderson, Indiana, on 17th Nov. 1899.  He entered the Dominican Order and ordained priest 21st June 1928, teaching Canon Law at Domininan House of Studies, 487, Michigan Ave. N.E. Washington D.C. 17, 1937-46, with address:- Convento S. Sabina, Avento, Rome.  Granted degree of Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) at Washington in Jan. 1948. Visited Ireland on way to Switzerland in 1933 to trace relations: and returned for short visits in 1936 and 1947 and 1952.  Dead after a heart attack in Rome 5th August 1954: remainst brought back to U.S.A.  Fr. Paul came with General of the Order, Most Rev. Emmanuel Suasez, on Visitation of Irish Houses in 1952. Dr. Suasez killed in a car smash in South of France 30th June 1954: his driver, a member of the Order, fell asleep at the wheel.

Rev. Philip Cyrian Skehan O.P. (abmab) born at Anderson, 20th Sept. 1901.  Entered Dominican Order and ordained priest 20th May 1932.  Professor of Civil Law at Providence College, Providence R.I. (near Boston).  Served as navy chaplain in American Army, 1942-6.  He died Dec? 1970.

Sarah Catherine (Bobbie) Skehan (abmac): born Anderson 1st Aug. 1905: married Rbt. Lee Kerby of New York, June 1933.

Harry William Skehan (abmb) married Elinor Daly (w-abmb). No issue.  Harry Wm. Skehan (abmb) was born at Anderson, Indiana in 6th June 1874.  His wife is from Chicago, Ill.  They have no children but have adopted a boy now called John Skehan.  Living in Chicago (1935).

John Edward Skehan (abmc) married Della Gates of Anderson, Indiana.

Issue:- 2 children.

(1). Catherine (abmca):born Anderson: married Mr. Longfellow and lives in Chicago (1935).

(2). Francis (abmcb).

Notes:- John Edw. Skehan (abmc) born Anderson, Ind.  He was killed in an elevator (lift) accident in Chicago about year 1915.  His wife was dead before 1935.  Francis Skehan (abmcb) born Anderson, and after death of his parents was adopted by his uncle, Elmer (abmh) and in 1935 was living with him at Santa Barbara, California.

Mary (May) Skehan (abmd) married Albert Abel of Anderson, Indiana.  May Skehan (abmd) was born in Anderson.  She had no issus.  Both her husband and herself were dead in 1935.

Ione Skehan (abmg) born Anderson.  Married Frank Warner (dead 1935): Ione living in San Francisco, California, in 1935. No issue.

Helen (Nell) Skehan (abme) married David Ryan of Anderson, Indiana.

Issue:- 4 children.

(1). Harold (abmea) born Anderson.

(2). David (abmeb) born Anderson.

(3). Robert (abmec) born Anderson.

(4). Martha Louise (abmcd) born Anderson.

Helen Skehan (abme) was born in Anderson.  In 1935, all the family lived in Los Angeles, California: married David Ryan of Anderson.

Walter Skehan (abmf) married Carrie Ellis (w-abmf) of Anderson, Indiana.

Issue:- 4 children.

(1). Helen (abmfa) married Bernard McNamara. Lives Chicago, 1935.

(2). Herbert (abmfb) married………………..

(3). Ralph (abmfc) married………………….

(4). Mary Elizabeth (abmfd).

Notes:- Walter Skehan (abmf) born Anderson. Living (1935) in Alexandria, Indiana.  Helen Skehan (abmfa) born Anderson, married Bernard F. McNamara, a widower with a child of his own (Jeanette) by a previous marriage. 2 children (1935) from pleasant marriage.


(a). Marilyn McNamara (abmfaa) born Chicago.

(b). Thomas McNamara (abmfab) born Chicago.

Herbert Skehan (abmfb) born Anderson. Married………….one child (1935).

Joseph P. Skehan (abml) born Anderson. Lived for a time in Richmond and in 1935 was living in Washington D.C. His son Joseph P. (junior) (abmla) was born in Richmond and married Jewis Voght of Washington and they had one child (1935).

Children of Thomas Cooleigh and Alice Dunne.

Walter Skehan (aca), known as “Wat in the Wood, Cooleigh”: farmed at Cooleigh.  Never married.  He seems to have owned Stanistown where his sister Alice, Mrs Bourke, lived.  He was baptised 8th Apr. 1818 of Thos. Skehan and Alicia Dunne: sps:- Ml. Dunne and Joanna Skehan.

John Skehan (acd): lives Coolmore – (now Cormicks): bapt. 2-10-1824: sps:- Thos. Day and Ellen Skehan (2): married 1859 Margaret Frehy (w-acd) (1) and Nan Lonergan (w-acb) (2).


(1). Thomas born 26th July 1861: bapt. in Fethard 28th July 1861: sps:- Patk. McGrath and Bgt. Skehan.  He died young

(2).  Alice Skehan (acda): born 21st Aug. 1860: died 10th July 1913: buried in Fethard: married John O’Connor (or Connors): d. 1st May 1927: buried in Fethard.  No issue.

John Skehan (acd) married 2ndly Nan Lonergan (w-acb).

(3).  Ellen (acdb): born 10th July 1863: bapt. 12-7-1863: sps:- Wm. Skehan and Mgt. Longergan: married John Dwyer.


(a). Annie (acdba).

(b). Mary (May) (acdbb).

(c). Margaret (Maggie) (acdbc).

(e). John (acdbd)

John Skehan (acd): born Cooleigh 30th Sept. 1824.  Farmed at Coolmore, near his brother Walter’s place.  Married firstly in Fethard 24th Nov. 1859 Margaret Frehy of Kilknockin, Fethard by whom he had one son and one daughter.  Married secondly, Nan Lonergan of Annsforth, Lisronagh, by whom he had one daughter.  John Skehan married Mgt. Frehy in Fethard 24th Nov. 1859: wss: Thos. Skehan and Bgt. Frehy (marriage fee £15).

Alice Skehan (acda) born Coolmore.  Married John O’Connor (or Connors of Kilknockan), Fethard.  No issue.  She d. 10th July 1913; and husband d. 1st May 1927: both buried in Fethard chapel yard.  She was bapt. in Fethard 23rd Aug. 1860: sps:- Thomas Skehan and Bgt. Frihy.

(By 2nd wife:- ) Ellen Skehan (acdb) born Coolmore.  Married John Dwyer of Greenane, Tipperary.

4 children.

Annie Dwyer (acdba) born Greenane. Lives at same.

Mary (or May) Dwyer (acdbb) born Greenane. A nurse (in England 1944).

Margaret (Maggie) Dwyer (acdbc) born Greenane. A nurse (in England).

John Dwyer (acdbd) born Greenane. Farms at same.

William Skehan (acb): bapt. 14-11-1819: sps:- John Skehan and Bgt. Dunne: married Ellen O’Donnell (w-acc) sister of Ned O’Donnell of Ballyveelish, Clerihan.


(1). …………..(a boy) (acba) – died young.

(2). Mary (acbb) d. unmarried and suddenly c. 1920.

William Skehan (acb) married into Ellen O’Donnell’s business premises (licensed) at Mary St., Clonmel or a chandler and tobacconist in shop now Tylers, O’Connell St.  He was Mayor of Clonmel for a number of years.  Born Cooleigh.

A Wm. Skehan and Bessie Daniel in Fethard, 6th Sept. 1866: wss:- Walter Skehan and Bgt Power.  [Recte: Thos. Skehan married Bessie O’Donnell v.p. 56].

Mary Skehan (acc) baptised 1st Nov. 1822: sps:- John Kendrick and Catherine Connors.

Mary Skehan (acc): born Cooleigh 30th Oct. 1822: died 1869 and buried in St. John’s cemetery, Worcester: bapt. 1-11-1822: sps:- John Kendrick and Cath. Connors: married William Kickham (h-acd) in Worcester, Mass.  He was a Protestant – a child of a mixed marriage, but became a catholic before his death in 1901.

Issue:- 2 children.

(1). Alice (acca) – died unmarried c. 1934: born c. 1862.  Remained living with her father as housekeeper.

(2). Hanna (accb), died unmarried c. 1928: born 1864: educated Notre Dame High School and Worcester State School.

Mary Skehan (acc) emigrated to Worcester, Mass. Autumn 1852 and married there Wm. Kickham (cousin of Ch. Kilham and native of Co. Tipp.).  2 children.

Mary Skehan (acc) born Cooleigh 30th Oct. 1822: and Kickham was a childhood sweetheart who had emigrated before her: then Mary and her 2 sisters, Mgt. And Ellen, followed in 1852 and lived for a while with their first cousins Wm. and…….Dunn at Temple St., Worcester.  Mary got a job for some years and then married Kickham who had a very good position and lices at Washington St. Worcester.  Mary died 1869, and the father sent her 2 young children, to his sister, Mrs. Kerwick – a catholic – who lived at Woonsocket, Rhode Island, to be reared and educated: and when old enough the returned to live with their father.  Kickham had another sister, Mrs. Donnelly, who died rather young?  Kickham took her. Elizabeth to live with him, and gave all 3 girls an excellent catholic upbringing.

Margaret Skehan (acf): she d. 26th July 1876, and was buried in St. John’s cemetery, Worcester: married Thomas Long (h-acf) in Worcester, Mass. In 1860.  He d. 1867.

Issue:- 1 child.

(1). James, born 1862 (a boy) (acfa) who died unmarried, 7th June 1881, at the home of his aunt Ellen, where he went to live after the death of his mother.

Margaret Skehan (acf) born Cooleigh 10th Feb. 1829.  Emigrated to New York, Worcester mass. Uytumn 1852 and married there in 1860 Thomas Long, a native of Co. Tipp.  He died 1867: and she died 1876: and both are buried in St. John’s cemetery, Worcester.  Mgt. Skehan (acf) baptised 12th Feb. 1829: sps:- Ned Connors and Peg Skehan.

Mary Skehan (acc) with her sisters – Margaret (ace) and Ellen (acf), then only 12 years? Of age went to U.S.A. in Autumn of 1852, and landed at Boston, Mass.  They were met by their 1st cousin, Wm. Dunn, who took them to another cousing named Dunn who lived in Temple St., Worcester Mass. For the subsuquent history of Mary and Margaret – see the genealogy.

Ellen Skehan (aci) born at Cooleagh Wood, parish of Moyglass, Co. Tipp. 29th July 1834: married on Sat. 8th July 1865 in St. John’s Church, Worcester, to Philip O’Connell (s. of Patk. O’Connell and Ellen McCarthy) born 1830 at King Williamstown (?) parish of Cullen (?), Co. Cork.  Ceremony performed by Rev. Patk. J. O’Rielly, later in 1870 the first bishop of Springfield Diocese.  She d. 9th April 1909: he d. 18th May 1907: both buried in St. Johns.

Issue:- 8 children (5 died young).

(1). Richard, born 15th Aug. 1866 and died same day and buried in St. John’s’cemetery, Worcester.

(2). Daniel Joseph (acia) born 7th Aug. 1867: died 25th July 1929: married 14th Feb. 1900 Bgt. Drohan who d. 1938 (no issue).

(3). Philip Joseph (acib) born 18th Dec. 1870: died 2nd March 1931.  He graduated from Worcester Classical High School in June 1889, and owing to family curcumstances, took up work in Dry Goods Store of John C. McInness.  In 1894, he entered Boston University Law School, and graduated “Magna cum laude” in June 1895 having done a 3 year course in less than 2 years.  Before graduation, he passed an exam, for admission to the Massachusetts Bar.  He then practices Law in City of Worcester: entered the political life of the City in fall of 1895 and served as Councilman and Alderman.  In 1901, age of 30, he was elected Mayor of Worcester – the youngest Mayor ever there, and the first Catholic and Democrat to be elected in that stronghold of Protestantism and Republickanism.  After a year as Mayor, he returned to his Law practice: andin 1915, Governer David J. Walsh appt. him Justice of the Superior Court of Massachusetts, the youngest Justice ever there up to that.  He held that office till his death on 2nd Mar. 1931.  On 18th Oct. 1904, he married Kath Mary Power of Philadelphia, d. of Laurence Power and Kath. McGuiness: she died Jan. 1947.


(a). Kath. Mary (aciba) born 1905: graduate of Notre Dame High School, Worcester and Emanuel College, Boston, A.B. Teaching (1952) in English High High School, Worcester, and unmarried.  Lives6 Germain St., Worcester, her fathers home: in 1958 at 7 Wiltshire Drive, Worcester, Mass.

(b). Eleanor Mary (acibb) born 1907: graduate of Classical High School, Worcester, and Wheelock College, Boston.  Unmarried, 1952.  Teaching (1952) in Public Schools, Worcester.  [Both these tall, handsome ladies in Europe and Ireland 1952].  Lives with his sister.

(c).  Philip Joseph (acibc) born 1909: graduate of Holy Cross College: A.B. and Boston University Law School, L.L.B. served in U.S.A. army (1939-45 war).  A lawyer living in Dedham: married Eleanor Crosby.  Living 1952 at 14 Purithn Lane, Dedham Mass.

(d). Lawrence Power O’Connell (acibd) born 1914: living 1955 at 32 or 52 Willard Ave., Worcester: A.B. of Holy Cross College qv L.L.B of Harvard law School.  Member of the Massachusetts Bar.  Served in U.S.A. army, 1939-45 war.  A member of Worcester County Bar and firm Nelson-O’Connell.  Title examiners.  Lives at 6, Germain St., Worcester with his sisters.  Married 1953 Sat. April 11th, to FrancesLorraine de Jeremiah Hoseph Folery.  Whitinsville, Mass.

(4). Walty William O’Connell born 6th May 1872, and died 7th April: buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Worcester.

(5). Patrick Henry O’Connell born 16th Nov. 1877, and died 5th March 1880: buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Worcester.

(6). Mary Ellen O’Connell (acic) born 18th March 1875 in Worcester: graduated from Worcester State Normal School in Jan. 1894: taught school in Worcester for 10 years.  On 22nd Aug. 1905, she married John Frances Gannon, AM., LLD Dr. Gannon was son of Thos. and Bessie Gannon and was educated in Classical High School, ad Holy Cross College, Worcester, and Bostin University Law School.  He taught Greek at Seton Hall College N.J. or science  at the Classical High School, Worcester.  In 1912 he was appointed Asst. Superintendent of Schools, and in 1920 was elected Supt. Of Schools of Pittsfield, Mass.  He died in Pittsfield (24 Waverly St.) on 30th Jan. 1940.  Address:- 24 Waverly St., Pittsfield, Mass.


(a). Eleanor Mary Gannon (acica) born 1906: graduated from Pittsfield High School and Boston University: A.B.: In 1936, she married William B. St. James A.B. of Holy Cross College.

(b). Rt. Rev. Mgr. John Francis Gannon (acicb) born in Worcester 8th April 1908.  Educated in Public Schools of Worcester and Pittsfield.  Graduated from Pittsfield High School June 1926, and from Holy Cross College, June 1930.  Entered north American College, Rome, in Sept. 1930, and ordained priest in Rome 5th Dec. 1933.  He returned to Pittsfield in June 1934 and served as temporary curate at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Springfield, Mass. Et Holy Rosary Church, Clinton, Mass. And St. Leo’s Chruch, Leominster.  In 1938, assigned as Adm. of New Parish of St. Anne’s, Leominster where he erected a new church and rectory.  When new diocese of Worcester was detached from Springfield, with Dr. John Wright as Pronotary Apostolic 30th June 1952.  Address 1953:- Bishop’s House 2 High Ridge Road, Worcester, Mass. V.G. of diocese 1956: address 1959 – St. John’s Rectory, 149 Chesnut St., Clinton, Mass: Domestic Prelate.

(c). Philip Joseph Gannon (acicc) born 15th May 1909: died 25th July 1909 and buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Worcester.

(d). Rosemary Gannon (acicd) born in Worcester, Mass. 14th Sept. 1910.  Educated in Worcester and Pittsfield Schools and graduated from Pittsfield High School in June 1928: and took A.B. degree in Smith College, Northhampton: and took a summer course at Albany State College in 1934: and studied for 4 summers at Comunbia University where she took degree of AM in June 1939. Now (1952) head of child Psychology Dept. at the Bennett Junior College, Millbrook N.Y. U.S.A.

(e). Thomas Vincent Gannon (acice) born in Worcester 24th July 1912: educated in Worcester and Pittsfield Schools an dgraduated from Pittsfield High School.  Studied at Holy Cross College.  Works in the Justice Dept. of the U.S. government in Washington D.C. and lives in Alexandria, Virginia, (1952). In 1934, he married Mary Ring.

Ellen Skehan (aci) born 1834: d. 1909: bapt. 31st July 1834: sps:- Mary Skehan (sola): married Philip O’Connell (h-aci) in Worcester, Mass.  He was born at King Williamstown parish of Cullen, Co. Cork? In 1830; and died 18th May 1907: married in St. John’s Worcester, Saturday 8th July 1865.

Issue:- 8 children of whom 5 died young.

(1). Dan Francis (acia) born 7-8-1867: d. 25-7-1929: married Bgt. Drohan: they married 14th Feb. 1900: she d. 1938: no issue.

(2). Philip (acib) born 1870: d. 1931: married in Philadelphia to Cath. Power, d. 1947.


(a). Cath. (aciba) born 1905: unmarried: teaching in  Worcester.

(b). Elleanor (acibb) born 1907: unmarried: teaching in Worcester.

(c). Philip (acibc) born 1909: married Elleanor Crosby: a lawyer.

(3). Mary Ellen (acic) born 18th Mar. 1875: married John Gannon: d. 1940.


(a). Elleanor (acica) born 1906: a girl.

(b). Rosemary (acicd): a girl: teaching.

(c). Fr. John F. (acicb): a boy, priest.

(d). Thomas (acice): a boy.

(e). Philip (acicc) as baby in 1909.

Notes:- Ellen Skehan (aci) born Cooleigh 1834.  Emigrated autumn 1852 to New York and married there a Mr. O’Connell in 1865, and had 8 children, 3 of whom survived childhood.  She d. 9th April 1909.

Daniel Francis O’Connell (acia) born Worcester U.S.A. 7th Aug. 1867: d. 25th July 1929.

Philip Joseph O’Connell (acib) born Worcester, 18th Dec. 1870: married in Philadelphia, Cath. Power who died 1946.  Family living, 1952, at 6 Germain St., Worcester, Mass. Mayor of Worcester in 1901: Justice of Superior of Mass: he died 1931 (March 2nd).

Mary Ellen O’Connell (acic) born 18th Mar. 1875 in Worcester.  Married there John Francis Gannon who d. 1940 and had issue 4 children.  The boy, Mgt. John F. (acfcc) was ordained priest in Rome 5th Dec. 1933: born 1908, Apr. 8th.  Works in diocese of Worcester, Mass. Of which he is Chancellor (1952): created a Domestic Prelate: V.G. of diocese 1956.

Living 1952 at 24 Waverly St., Pittsfield, Mass. U.S.A.

(acica) Elleanor Gannon married Wm. St. James and has a son, Wm. Andrew born 27th May 1938 (acfcaa).

(acicd) Thomas Gannon married Mary Ring in 1934: one son, John born 1940 (acfcda).

Bridget Skehan (ace) born Cooleigh 25th Feb. 1827.  Died unmarried at Cooleigh an infant.  Baptised 27-2-1827: sps:- Michael Kennedy and Bridget Skehan.

Bridget Skehan II (ach) baptised 19th Sept. 1832: sps:- Patk. Graham and Mary Skehan.  Died unmarried at Cooleagh 1888.

Thomas Skehan (acj): bapt. 7th Feb. 1836: sps:- John Maher and Fanny Graham: married Ellie Dowling (w-ach) of Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.

Issue:- 6 children.

(1). Thomas (acja).

(2). Walter (acjb).

(3). Frank (acjc).

(4). George (acjd).

(5). Mary (acje).

(6). Ciss (acjf) (married in U.S.A.).

Thomas Skehan (ach) born Cooleigh 5th Feb. 1836.  Went to business at Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, and married Ellie Dowling of that place.  Later emigrated with family to ……..U.S.A. Killed in ………U.S.A. in an accident.

Johanna Skehan (ack): bapt. 21st July 1838: sps:- Walter and Catherine Skehan: married John White (h-ack) of Clonmel.

Issue:- 2 children.

(1). Alice White (acka), probably d. unmarried.

(2). Annie (ackb) married James Meagher.

Issue:- 3 children.

(a). John Francis (ackba) Meagher born 25th and bapt. in Fethard 27th Jan. 1899: sps:- John Byrne and Mgt. Lonergan.

(b). James (ackbb) Meagher.

(c). Michael Joseph (ackbc) Meagher (killed in a car accident).  Born 14th Feb. 1897: bapt. in Fethard 16th Feb. by Rev. Wm. Jones P.P.: sps:- John Gleeson, Alice Skehan.

Johanna Skehan (ack) born Cooleigh 19th July 1838.  Married John White of Mitchell St. (now Byrnes) Clonmel.  2 children.

Alice White (acka) born Clonmel.

Annie White (ackb) born Clonmel married James Meagher of College,  Kiltinan, Fethard, – a farmer.  3 children.

Alice Skehan (acg): bapt. 5th Oct. 1830: sps:- Thos. Dunn and Mary Doheny (James is written overhead Thomas at name of male sponsor): married James Bourke (h-acj) of Cooleigh, Fethard.  Lived Slainstown?: married 8th Mar. 1859: wss. John Delahunty and Mgt. Doheny.

Issue:- 3 children.

(1). Redmond (acga) born 11th Feb. 1860. Died unmarried at Cooleigh, c. 1918. Spent some time in U.S.A. Bapt. in Fehtard, 13th Feb. 1860: sps:- John Dolohanty and Bgt. Skehan.  He died of “Brights” (kidney) disease.

(2). Thomas (acjb) born 13th Nov. 1862. Probably died young. He was bapt. in Fethard 15th Nov. 1862: sps:- John Skehan and Cath. Delahunty.

(3). Johanna (acgc): she was born 28th July 1861: got Cooleigh from her uncle: married ………..Dillon (h-acgc).

Issue:- 1 child.

(a). John (acjca) married May Kennedy.

Issue:- 3 children.

(i). Edmond (acjcaa).

(ii). June (acjcab).

(iii). Mary (acjcac).

Alice Skehan (acg) born Cooleigh 3rd Oct. 1830. Married James Bourke.  Farmed Slainstown, later at Cooleigh which she got from uncle Wat.       3 children.

Johanna Bourke (acgc) born Cooleigh 28th July 1861. Married ……..Dillon. farmed at her uncle Wats place in Cooleigh. One child. She died c. 1920s.  Johanna Bourke bapt. in Fethard 30th July 1861: sps:- Ed. Delahunty and Johanna Bourke.

John Dillon (acgca) born Cooleigh c. 1904. Farming at Cooleigh. Married May Kennedy of ………….., Thurles, an only child. 2 children.

Nora Skehan (acl) born at Cooleigh 3rd July 1840. Died unmarried. Baptised 5th July 1840: sps:- Michael Maher, Margaret Doran.

Walter Skehan (ada) married Anne O’Dwyer (w-ada) of Ballytarsna c. 1858.

Issue:- 7 children.

(1). Jerome (adaa): born 1859: married Mgt. Meagher.

Issue:- 1 child.

(a). Annie (adaaa).

(2). Elizabeth (adab): born 1861.

(3). Mary (adac) a nun in France born 1863.

(4). Johnnie (adad) born 1865: married Mgt. Gearon.

(5). Ellen (adae) born 1868 and Anne born 1868: twins, Anne died young.

(6). William (adag) born 1869. Married ………..

(7). Annie (adaf): born 1872: married …………. McMahon.

Issue:- 1 child.

(a). Michael (adafa).

Walter Skehan (ada) born Coolbawn (inner house) in 1831. Died 8-2-1900, aged 69 (according to tombstone).  Buried in St. Johnstown. Married c. 1860, Anne Dwyer of Ballytarsna, Cashel.  Wife died 10-4-1888, aged 58. They farmed at Coolbawn, seven children.  Walter Skehan bapt. 6-11-1831: sps:- Walter Graham and Mgt. Skehan.

Jerome Skehan (adaa) born Coolbawn (inner house) 10th May 1859: bapt. 12th May 1859: sps:- John and Ellen Skehan.  Died 17-3-1894, aged 33 (according to tombstone) and buried St. Johnstown.  Married Margaret Meagher (a sister or neice of Rev. Wm. Meagher who died as P.P. of Drom and Inch?).  one child, Annie.  Jerome farmed at Coolbawn.  After his death, his widow married John Ryan of Clonoulty: no issue by 2nd marriage: John Ryan and his wife, died March 1947, both being over 90 years of age.

Annie Skehan (adaaa) born Coolbawn (inner house) c. 1892.  Unmarried 1949.  Sold her house and farm to her cousin John Skehan (addb) of outer house, Coolbawn, in 1947, reserving right to occupy the house till her death and then went to London.  Living Coolbawn (inner house).

Elizabeth Skehan (adab) called “Lizzie” forn Coolbawn (inner house).  Unmarried.  Died 10-9-1884 aged 22, and buried St. Johnstown.  Bapt. 10th Mar. 1861: sps:- John Dywer and Mgt. Hennessy.

Mary Skehan (adac) born Coolbawn (inner house), 3rd Feb. 1863.  Was a nun in France.  Died   Bapt. 5th Feb. 1863: sps:- Thos. Skehan and Mary Myres.

John Skehan (adad) called “Johnir”.  Born Coolbawn (inner house).  Unmarried.  Died 10-9-1884 aged 22, and buried St. Johnstown.  Bapt. 10th Mar. 1865.  Town clerk Fethard, Co. Tipp. For many years. C. married Margaret Gearon.  He died 6th May 1952: was buried at Colwary Cemetery, Fethard.  Lives Burke St., Fethard (1949) where they have a hardware shop.  No issue.  God father of Ab. O’Donell of Brisbane.  John was bapt. 17th Mar. 1865: sps:- Wm. Skehan and Eliz. Kickham.

Ellen Skehan (adae) (twin of Anne) born Coolbawn (inner house) 30-3-1868.  Called “Beauty” from her good appearance.  At first in Post Office, Freshford.  Later went to California, where she was a lady’s companion.  Ellen bapt. 1st April 1868: sps:- Wm. and Honora Skehan.  A twin sister Anne bapt. same day: sps:- Ellen Skehan.

Anne bapt. 11th Aug. 1872: sps:- Ellen Skehan

Annie Skehan (adaf) born Coolbawn (inner house) 9th Aug. 1872.  At first in Post Office Freshford.  Later married ………..McMahon of Killaloe, Co. Clare.  Lived Killaloe.

One son.

Michael Skehan (adafa) born Killaloe c. 1924.  Drowned 1936.

William Skehan (adag) born Coolbawn (inner house) 30-12-1869.  Went to Australia where he married.  No issue.  Died before 1944.  Bapt. 1st Jan. 1870: sps:- Jeremiah Skehan and Mary Dwyer.

Anne Skehan (twin of Ellen) born 30th Mar. 1868: bapt. 1st Apr. 1868: sps:- Ellen Skehan.  This child must have died an infant for there is another Anne in 1872.

John Skehan (adb) born Coolbawn 19th April 1833.  Emigrated to Australia, 12th Nov. 1857: baptised 21st April 1833: sps:- Patk. Doheny and Hanna Kickham.

Thomas Skehan (adc): lived on farm at Dromdeel from which he was evicted: born 1835: married Elizabeth (Bessy) O’Donnell (w-adc) of Dromdeel, Fethard.  She died at Templemore, Cashel, 11th Oct. 1916 aged 72.  Thomas Skehan (adc):bapt. 16th Sept. 1835: sps:- John and Judy Skehan.  He married Bessie O’Donnell in Fethard 6th Sept. 1866: wss:- Walter Skehan and Bgt. Power.

Issue:- 7 children.

(1). Jerome (adca) (died a young man): born 4th June 1867: bapt. 6-6-1867: sps:- Walter Skehan and Bgt. Daniel.

(2). Lizzie Skehan (adcb): born 19th Jan. 1869: bapt. 21-1-69: sps:- Wm. Skehan and Mrs. Daniell: married in Chicago, U.S.A.: died c. 1949.

(3). William Skehan (adcc): bapt. 12th May 1871: bapt. 14-5-1871: sps:- Pat and Mary Daniell: married in Belfast…………….William died 5th April, 1956 aged 85.Issue:- 3 boys and 3 girls.

The 3 sons are teaching brothers: one d. is married in Belfast: one d. is a nun in England: and 3rd d. died young.  B. A. Skehan, St. Columba’s.

(4). James Skehan (adcd): bapt. 20th Feb. 1873: sps:- Wm. and Mrs. Daniel.  Lived on a farm near Cashel, but sold it some years ago.  He died in Cashel 11th March 1858 aged 85: lives near New Inn, Co. Tipp (1944): unmarried.

(5). Walter Skehan (adce): bapt. 20th Feb. 1973: sps:- Edm. and Ann Daniell: twin of James: died young.

(6). Honora Skehan (adcf): born 30-5-1876: bapt. 1st June 1876: sps:- James and Anne Daniel.  Went to Chicago and married there.

(7). Annie (adcg): born 19-8-1877: bapt. 21-8-1877: sps:- Pat and Ann Daniell.  Married John Cummins, blacksmith of Killusty living in Grove and had d. housekeeper to P.P. Abbeyside, Dungarvan in 1953, in 1901.  Cummins lost his sight in an accident and died aged 47.  His wife died on 16th Feb. 1938.

Issue:- 5 girls and one boy.

(a). Margaret (adcga): born April 1902: married ………..O’Connell and had boy, killed aged 2 years, 8mths: girl d. young another child living.

(b). Lizzie (adcgb).

(c). Annie (adcgc) born 11th Nov. 1906: unm. 1958 and housekeeper for Rev. M. Walsh, Abbeyside, Dungarvan.

(d). Mary (adcgd) born 9th Aug. 1909.

(e&f). John and Ellie both died when a fortnight old.

(8). Ellie Skehan (adch) : bapt. 16th Feb. 1879: sps:- James and Ellen Skehan: died young: born 14th Mar. 1879.

(9). Patrick Skehan (adci): born 15th May 1881: bapt. 17th May 1881: sps:- James and Bgt. Daniel: lived with sister, Mary, at Templenoe: died 5th Feb. 1947: unm.

(10). Ellie Skehan (II)born 11-8-82: bapt. 13th ? sps:- Wm. Mulcahy and Mary Ryan: housekeeper for Little Sisters of the Poor, Waterford (1958): unm: died at St. Joseph’s Home, Manor Hill 1969 and buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Ballygunner, Waterford.

(11). Mary Skehan (adck) bapt. 1st April 1886: sps:- John Skehan and Mary Heffernan: married John Shanahan of Templenoe, Cashel.


(a). …………(boy) (adcka).

(b). …………(girl) (adckb).

(3). Anastasia (addbbc).

(4). Catherine (addbbd).

(5). James Patrick (addbbe)

William Skehan (add): born 8-9-1837: d. 23-1-1895: married Anastatia Hayes (w-add) of Lismortagh, Killenaule 1887: born 3-7-1859: bapt. 5-7-1859: sps:- Wm. and Cath. Cunningham: she d. 27th Jan. 1941 age 80 and was buried in Moyglass.  William Skehan married Anastatia Hayes, by Rev. Jones P.P. on 20th Oct. 1887: wss. Redmond Bourke and Maggie Smithwick: Wm. Shekan bapt. 10th Sept. 1837: sps:- John Doheny and Betty Larkin.

Issue:- 3 children.

(1). Elizabeth (adda) married John Cawley. No issue.

(2). John (addb) married Mary Callinan.

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). William (addba). 

            (b). Anastasia (addbb).

(c). Nicholas (addbc).

(d). Mary (addbd).

(e). Jerome (addbe).

(3). Mary (addc) married Pat Condon.  No issue.

William Skehan (add) born Coolbawn 8-9-1837.  Died 23-1-1895.  Farmed at Coolbawn (outer house), 148 acres.  Married 20th Oct. 1887 Anastatia Hayes of Lismorthagh, Killenaule, who died 27-1-1941 aged 82 (wife was aunt of Senoraor Seán Hayes, also a T.D. and prominent in Anglo-Irish war 1916-21).  3 children.  He bought Coolmore also from Col. Sankey.  A note in a/c book by him says “Wm. Skehan got possession from John Skehan, Slainstown”, what was this? He is believed to be no relative.  He bought a small plot the property of John Skehan.

Elizabeth Skehan (adda), called Lizzie, born Coolbawn, outer house, c. 1889.  Married John Cawley of Dublin, 23-1-1935.  Live Parliament St., Dublin, where they engaged in licensed trade.  No issue.

John Skehan (addb), born Coolbawn, outer house.  Farming at Coolbawn.  Married 8-2-1933, Mary Callinan of Dovea, Bouladuff, Thurles – a neiece of Rev. Con. Callinan P.P. Cappawhite, Co. Tipp.  5 children.  John Skehan died 1971.

Mary Skehan (addc) born Coolbawn (outer house) c. 1891.  Married c. 1932, Pat Condon of Clonmel, who has boot and shoe store at 30 Mitchell St., Clonmel.  No issue. Address:- Parkminster, Colville Road, Clonmel.  They leased book store in 1949 and retired in private house, Parkminster.

Rev. Jerome Skehan (ade) born Coolbawn, outer house 12th July 1839.  A priest on mission in Australia.  Dead ante 1930.  Went to (Thurles, Carlow?) College, 7th Jan. 1858.  Ordained May, 1863, and went to Australia 31st July 1863 [family record].  Bapt. 14th July 1839: sps:- Ml. Larkin and Betty Kickham.  A Rev. J. ……..Skehan, pastor of Creswick, Diocese of Melbourne 1864 (Irish Cath. Dir. 1865, p.314).  Jeremiah Skehan was student in Carlow College, 1858-63: ordained for Melbourne diocese, c. 1863. (Carlovian, 1950, p.40).

James Skehan (adf) born Coolbawn, outer house, 1st Nov. 1841.  Went to Australia but returned subsequently and died unmarried at Coolbawn, ante 1910.  Bapt. 3rd Nov. 1841: sps:- Walter Skehan and Ellen Doheny.

Note:- A John Skehan and {Jerome?} Skehan entered Thurles College Sept. 1856: these are the only Skehan’s in College at that period.  Nothing further about them on the records.  Would John be Jerome’s brother who went to Australia? [See Thurles College Register; it was badly kept, however].

Ellen Skehan (adg): bapt. 28th Dec. 1843: sps:- Tom Skehan and Bgt. Slattery: married 1886, Pat Ryan (h-adg) of Coolenure, Fethard (brother of Martin Ryan, Moyglass – now Powers).

Issue:- 1 child.

(1). Mary (adga): born 4-5-1888: U.S.A. married Tom Dwyer.

Issue:-  About 9 children.

(a). Patrick (adgaa), born c. 1920 in Ireland (eldest).

(b). Annie (adgab), born           2nd eldest.

(c). Ellen (adgac).

(d). Joseph (adgad), a christian brother.

(e). Thomas (adgae).

(f). Helena (adgaf).

(g). John (adgag).

(h). Mary Joe (adgah).

(i). Catherine (adgai).

Order uncertain.  Some children born in U.S.A.

Ellen Skehan (adg) married Pat Ryan in St. Nicholas Church, Francis St. Dublin on 5th Mar. 1886: wss:- Charles Hackett and Eliz. Skehan.

Ellen Skehan (adg), born Coolbawn (outer house) 26th Dec. 1843.  Married Pat Ryan (h-adg) of Coolenure, Fethard (near Coolbawn), a farmer, (and brother of Martin).  They became bankrupt and were evicted from Coolenure and after which, Ellen lived with her brother William (add) at Coolbawn.

Mary Ryan (adga), born Coolenure 4th May 1888: bapt. in Fethard 6th May 1888: sps:- James Hackett and Mary Skehan.  Was employed for a time as barmaid in Drangan.  Married Tom S. Dwyer, manager of a Dublin Brewery.  They took a farm near Ballynacady, Kilfeacle, Cashel, but did not make a success of it.  Had about 9 children.  Later the whole family went to U.S.A. in late 1920s: and address in 1930 was 15 Della Ave., Roxbury, Mass. U.S.A. T. Dwyer dead in 1948.

Patrick Ryan and Ellen Skehan married in St. Nicholas Church, Francis St., Dublin, by Rev. James Hickey C.C. on 5th March 1886.

Mary Skehan (af), baptised 24-6-1800: sponsors:- John Grimes and Johanna Dwyer.  Born at Coolbawn ? (address at marriage Cooleigh).  Married William Luby, Tallamaine? On 20th Jan. 1825: wss. Walter Skehan, John Graham, and Derby Skehan.  This girl, I think, made an unhappy match, and had to leave her husband.  She later went to America to her step-brother, John.  It seems that she had no issue.

Children of Patrick Doheny, Lismortagh and Johanna Skehan of Cooleigh: m. 24-9-1821: wss. John Doheny, Walter Skehan and Patrick Doheny. 

(1). John, baptised 5-7-1822.  Sponsors:- John Skehan and Mgt. Doheny – (Lismortagh).

(2). Walter (1) baptised 11-12-1823.  Sponsors:- Edmund Connors and Mary Skehan (Lismortagh).

(3). Ellen baptised 20-2-1825.  Sponsors:- John Scofill and Margaret Skehan (mother called Judith and address gives Moyglass).

(4). Anne baptised 6-3-1827.  Sponsors:- William Doheny and Ellen Skehan (Lismortagh).

(5). Mary baptised 19-8-1829.  Sponsors John Murphy and Ally Dunne (Lismortagh: mother called Judy Skehan).

(6). Thomas baptised 8-9-1830.  Sponsors Patrick Maher and Ellen Skehan (Lismortagh: mother called Judy Skehan).

(7). Patrick baptised 27-6-1833.  Sponsors:- Thomas Skehan and Betty Kickham (Lismortagh: mother called Judy Skehan).

(8). Margaret baptised 20-9-1836.  Sponsors:- John Skehan and Ellen Cormack (Lismortagh: mother called Mary Skehan: the Mary is crossed out and Johanna written over it).

(9). Walter (2) baptised 21-10-1838.  Sponsors:- Thomas Scanlan and Bgt. Slatter (Lismortagh: mother called Jude Skehan).

(10). Jeremiah baptised 25-6-1843.  Sponsors:- Wm. Skehan and Mary Schofield (Lismortagh: mother called Judith Skehan).

(11). William baptised 3-12-1840.  Sponsors:- John Schofield and Mary Cormack (Lismortagh: mother called Judith Skehan).

A Thos. Doheny, Knockforla = Honora Britt: Issue:- Thos. 22-12-52.

A John Doheny of Killenaule married Johanna Johnson 3-7-61: Monslate:  Issue:- Wm. 30-11-62.

A Mary Doheny of Killenaule married Thos. Cantwell, 17th Nov. 1861.

A Thos. Doheny of Killenaule married Mary Anne Daley.  Issue:- Honora 31-10-1869: Ml. 221-12-72: Wm. 8-10-74: Eliza 24-4-77: Patk. 9-5-80: Mgt. 2-8-83.

A Thos. Doheny of ………..Mary Britt.  Issue:- Thos. 1-12-1872.

A Bgt. Doheny married John Heney.  Issue:- Thos. 24-4-73: John 2-2-79 (2/6).

A John Doheny married Mgt. Britt.  Issie:- Wm. 7-2-75.

Monument in Killenaule graveyard erected by William Maher, Clonbrogan tohis wife Honora Dwyer.

This monument was renovated by his grandchild Bridget Maher.  Beside the Curraghscarteen tombstone.

Johanna Skehan (ae) married Patrick Doheny of Lismortagh, Killenaule, Sept. 24th 1821: wss. John Doheny, Walter Skehan and Patrick Doheny. Farmer (son of Patk. Vivens 1834).  Address at marriage gives as Cooleigh.

Issue:- 6 children or more.

(1). Br. Walter (afa) born 9-12-1823.

(2). Br. John? (boy) (afb) born 3-7-1822.

(3). Margaret (afc) born 18-9-1836: married Pat Kerwick.

(4). William (afd) born 1-12-1840.

(5). Patrick (afe) born 25-6-1833.

(6). Anne (aff) born 4-3-1827: married Pat Clancey

Issue:- one child.

(a). Pat (affa) married Heffernan.

Issue:- 2 children.

(i). James (affaa).

(ii). Annie (affab).

Ellen, born 18-2-1825.

Mary, born 7-8-1829.

Thomas born 6-9-1830.

Walter (2) born 19-10-1838.

Jeremiah born 23-6-1843.

Johanna Skehan (af) born Coolbawn? Baptised 29-3-1798: sponsors:- Thomas Dwyer and Catherine Grimes.  Probably the girl who married Patrick Doheny of Lismortagh, Killenaule.  6 or more children.  Farmed at Lismortagh.

Br. Walter Doheny (afa) born Lismortagh 19th Oct. 1838.  A Christian Brother.

Br. ……….Doheny (afb) born Lismortagh.  A Christian Brother.

Margaret Doheny (afc) born Lismortagh 18th Sept. 1836.  Married Pat Kerwick (h-afc) of Dublin.  Lived Dublin.  No issue.

Wiliam Doheny (afd) born Lismortagh 25th June 1833.  Died unmarried.

Patrick Doheny (afe) born Lismortagh 25th June 1833.  Died unmarried.

Anne Doheny (aff) born Lismortagh, 4th Mar. 1827.  Married Pat Clancy (h-afg) 10th Feb. 1866.  One child.  Farmed at Lismortagh.

Mary Clancey (affa) bapt. 16th Dec. 1866: sps:- James Quinn and Honora Maher.  Probably died young.

Patrick Clancey (affb) born Lismortagh 26th June 1868: wss. James Quinn and Honora Meagher – by Rev. M. Laffan P.P.  farmed at same.  Married……Heffernan of Ballyvadin (parish of Moyglass) (w-afga).  2 children.  Pat (afga) died c. 1920: wife died previously.  Patk. Clancey bapt. 28th June 1868: sps:- Laurence Clancey and Mgt. Doheny.

Annie Clancy (affba) born Lismortagh c. 1904.  Some year after father’s death when she and her brother came of age, the executors sold farm at Lismortagh and Annie and her brother went to U.S.A. (New York) c. 1925.  Married 1955, Bill Dalton, a native of Co. Tipp.

James Clancey (affbb) born at Lismortagh c. 1905.  Went to New York c. 1925 married there and has 1 child. James (affaba).  His wife died 30th April 1960.  Address in 1961 – 246 East 199 St., New York, 58 N.Y.

Ellen Skehan (ag) married Patrick Meagher (h-ag) (son of Wm. Maher given as Clonbrogan and Honora Dwyer : d. 9-7-1828 age 55): of Curraghscarteen, Fethard, now Fogartys (next to Clonbrogan).  Married 4th Feb. 1828: wss. Wm. Meagher, Walter Skehan, Wm. Skehan, etc.

Issue:- 9 children.

(1). William (aga).

(2). Walter (agb).

(3). Honora (agc) married O’Donnell.


(a). Boy (agca) =

(b). Ellen (agcb) married Jim O’Neill.

(4). James (agd) = Monaghan.

(5). Ellen (age).

(6). John (agf).

(7). Patrick (agg).

(8). Fr. Thomas (agh).

(9). Bridget (agi).

Ellen Skehan (aga) born St. Johnstown? Coolbawn or Cooleigh c. 1806: died 1-2-1876, aged 70, according to tombstone in Killenaule.  Married 4th Feb. 1828: wss. William Meagher, Walter Skehan and Wm. Skehan: Patrick Meagh of Curraghscarteen, Fethard, a farmer, (place now owned by John Fogarty).  Patrick Meagher (h-ag) died 14-11-1876, afed 74 and is buried in Killenaule.   Issue:- 9 or more children.

William Meagher (aga) born Curraghscarteen, 9th June 1829.  Died unmarried at Curraghscarteen 23-12-1911, aged 85 as her tombstone in Killenaule.  Wm. Meagher bapt. 11th June 1829 in Fethard: sps:- Darby Skehan, Mary Maher.

Walter Meagher (agb) born Curraghscarteen 10th Aug. 1832.  Emigrated to Halifaz U.S.A., (Nova Scotia, Canada?) where he died 6-11-1859, aged 32.  Walt. Meagher bapt. in Fethard 12th Aug. 1832: sps:- Pat Doheny, Mgt. Skehan.

Honora Meagher (agc) born Curraghscarteen, 14th Oct. 1830.  Died Clonmore 12-12-1910, and buried in Killenaule.  Married ……..O’Donnell, a farmer, of Clonmore, Poulamucka, Clerihan (now 1950 Enrights): 2 children (Honora Meagher bapt. 16th Oct. 1830, in Fethard: sps:- John Skehan and Judy Skehan (sic)).

John O’Donnell (agca) born……….. a boy.  Married Mary McCarthy of Skehans, Ballynacarbery.  No issue.  He died Jan. 1954.  Sold his farm in Clonmore and he …….and lived in Kilgobnet.

Ellen O’Donnell (agcb) born…………Married Jim O’Neill of Tipperary (Irish House).  No issue. C. 1930 Jim and Mrs O’Neill sold Curraghscarteen and took a public house at Golden, near Cashel.  Jim O’Neill died c. 1940, and wife sold the Golden premises, and went to live in Clonmel.  Still living 1949.

James Meagher (agd) born Curraghscarteen, 28th May 1834.  Died there unmarried 16-3-1894: buried in Killenaule.  James Meagher bapt. in Fethard, 30th May 1834: sps:- James McGrath and Johanna Skehan.

Judy Meagher (age) born Curraghscarteen 18th Sept. 1836 : bapt. in Fethard 20th Sept. 1836: sps:- John Maher and Mgt. Skehan.

Ellen Meagher (age) (2) born Curraghscarteen, 18th Sept. 1836.  Emigrated to America – Halifax.  Married there………….Monoghan.  Ellen died 6-2-1907 aged 65?  Ellen Meagher bapt. in Fethard 20th Sept. 1836: sps:- Arthur and Johanna Graham (Arthur Graham farmed at Annsfit wife was Catherine Kelly) another Arthur Graham in St. Johnstown.

John Meagher (agf) born Curraghscarteen 26th Oct. 1838: died there unmarried 19-4-1906: buried Killenaule.  John Meagher bapt. in Fethard 28th Oct. 1838: sps:- Mallick Dwyer and Ellen Doheny.

[see infra]  Patrick Meagher (agg) born Curraghscarteen c. 1843.  Died 11-3-1906: went to America – Halifax: bapt. in Fethard 28th May 1843: sps:- Walter Skehan and Biddy Dorney (born 26th).

Rev. Thomas Meagher (agh) born Curraghscarteen 14th May 1848: died 10-6-1899.  A priest on the mission N.S. Wales, Australia.  Thomas of Patk. Maher and Ellen Skean bapt. in Fethard, 13th Nov. 1845:- sps:- James Daniel and Norry Magrah.  Tomas (2) of Patk. Maher and Ellen Skehan bapt. in Fethard 16th May 1848: sps:- Mary Carrigan.

Bridget Meagher (agi) born Curraghscarteen 10th Apr. 1841.  Died unmarried c. 1912 and buried Killenaule.  God-mother of Rev. Walter Skehan (ababa) of Clonbrogan.  After the death of her brothers, she brought her niece, Ellie O’Donnell (Mrs Jim O’Neill) to live with her in Curraghscarteen and made over the farm on her.  This farm was brought from Ellie and Jim O’Neill by John Fogarty, Rathcannon, Holy Cross, brother of Rev. P. (Canon) Fogarty P.P. Templemore, about 1930 Bridget of Patrick Maher and Ellen Skehan, Currascarteen, bpat. In Fethard 12th Apr. 1841: sps:- ………….(omitted) and Anne Doheny.

Patrick Meagher (ag-) bapt. in Fethard 28th May 1843: sps:- Walter Skean and Biddy Dorney? (born 26-5-1843.

Meagher tomb in Killenaule:- “Erected by James Meagher/ Curraghscarteen in memory/ of his father/  Patrick Meagher/ died November 14th 1876 aged 74 years/ also his mother/ Ellen Meagher alias Skehan died/ February 1st 1876 aged 70 years/ also their son Walter who died the 6th/ of Nov. 1859 in Halifax U.S.a. and is interred/ there: afed 32 years/ Requiescant in Pace, Amen/”.  On north side:- “Also the above James/ Meagher who died the 16th/ of March 1894 aged 61 years/ also their son Patrick/ Meagher who died March 11th/ 1906 in Halifax and is interred/ there, aged 61 years. Also/ their son John Meagher who died the 19th April 1906 afed/66 years.  Also their son Revd./ Thomas Meagher who died/ the 10th June 1899 in New South/ Wales and is interred there/ aged 52 years/”.  On back:- “Also their son William/Meagher of Curraghscarteen/ who died 23 of December 1911 aged / 85 years/”.  On s. side:- also their daughter Ellen/ Monaghan who died the 6th/February 1907 in Halifax and/ is interred there aged 68/ years.  Also their daughter/ Honora O’Donnell who died/ 12th Dec. 1910 aged 78 years.

Probable and Possible Reconstruction of Genealogy ante Walter Skehan (a). 

John Skehan (most likely ancestor) and Philip Skehan – lived St. Johnstown 1666-7.   Philip not the likely ancestor as name Philip does not appear later in the family christian names: though there is a tradition in family that he is the ancestor.

Issue:-(1). ………….Skehan? (this link may be unnecessary).

(a). William Skehan (1689 – 1761).

(i). Elleonora Skehan (1726 – 1766).

(ii). John Skehan (1727 – 1804) = Maria Kennedy.

(A). Maria (b. 1755).

(B). William (b. 1757).

(C). James (b. 1759).

(D). Patrick (b. 1759).

(E). Margaret (b. 1762).

(F). Walter (b. 1765) = (1stly.) Mary O’Dea.

((1)). John (b. 1787).

((2)). *William (b. 1788) = Mgt. O’Donnell.

((3)). Thomas (b. 1790).

(G). Walter = (2ndly.)Eleanor O’Dea.

((1)). Jeremiah (b. 1796).

((2)). Joanna (b. 1798).

((3)). Mary (b. 1800).

((4)). Ellen (b. circa 1806).

(H). John (b. 1767).

(iii). James (1732 – 1763).

(b). Honora (b. 1692 – 1752).

(c). Others?

Note:- according to his age on his tombstone in St. Johnstown, Walter Skehan, the husband of the Miss O’Deas, was born in 1759: but the Walter above, son of John and Mary Kennedy was born 1765 (Killenaule Register).  In the Killenaule Register which dates back to 1742, there is no other Walter Skehan recorded as born in Killenaule – Moyglass parish who could be the husband of the Miss O’Deas.  See complete list of all Skehans appearing in the old Register on p.p. 6-17.

Oldest known member of the Skehan Family:- Tomas Buide O’Scahan (i.e. Thomas Skehan, the blond).  He lived around Killenaule area in 1548-1558.  Horses belonging to him were stolen in both the years mentioned.   St. Johnstown and Coolbawn, the ancestral homes of the Skehans, are both in the vicinity of Killenaule, in the County of Tipp.

Descendants of Wm. Skehan and Mgt. O’Donnell.

William Skehan (*see previous page) = Mgt. O’Donnell.


(1). Walter = Catherine Corcoran [lived at Clonbrogan.  grandfather of Rev., W. Skehan and MR. John Skehan, Clonbrogan].

(2). Mary died unmarried at St. Johnstown.

(3). John Skehan do.

(4). Catherine Skehan = Jeremiah Guiry of Moorestown, Fethard.

(5). James Skehan = Mary Power in U.S.A.

(6). William died unmarried at St. Johnstown.

(7). Michael = Rose Connelly in U.S.A.

(8). Thomas died unmarried at St. Johnstown.

(9). Jeremiah do.

(10). Margaret = Richard O’Carroll of Kilnareacy: he died 1872.

(a). Mary O’Carroll = William O’Shea in Sydney.  7 children, names unknown.

(b). William O’Carroll = Mary Davis.  Lived in Australia.

(c). Christopher O’Carroll = Mary Reuss.  Lived in Australia.

(d). Richard O’Carroll = Sarah O’Shea.  Lived in Australia.

(e). Margaret O’Carroll = Brian Coughlin (1st husband) m. in 1891.  Coughlin died 1894.

Married (2nd husband) Thomas Worrall.  She died 1927.

(i). Kathleen Coughlin = Robert Morrison.  Live, 5, Ebden St., Elsternwick, Vic.

(ii). ? Worrell = / Sutton.  2 children:- James, born 192-, Margaret, born 19–.

(11). Ellen Skehan died unmarried at St. Johnstown.

(12). Patrick Skehan = Catherine Collins (lived in U.S.A. and grandfather of Most Rev. Paul A. Skehan, Procurate – General of Dominican Order).

Descendants of Walter and Catherine Corcoran.

Walter Skehan = Catherine Corcoran: 1818 – 1900 acquired Clonbrogan 1848.  Lived at same.

Issue:- 9 children.

(1). Mary = Michael Skehan (Sydney). 7 children.

(2). William = Alice O’Sullivan (Clonbrogan). 2 children (Rev. Walter and John.

(3). James = Miss Ryan (Sydney). 6 or more children.

(4). Margaret = Frank Nolan (Lurgoe, Killenaule). 3 children.

(5). Hanna = Pat Cantwell (Cappagh, Cloneen, Fethard). 3 children surviving.

(6). Ellie = John Moroney (Sydney). About 3 children.

(7). Patrick = Catherine Kelly (Liverpool). 2 children.

(8). Katie = Charles Ashton (Liverpool). 5 children.

(9). Nonie = Leonard Connelly (Sydney).

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). Leonard.

(b). Kitty = Colin Flannagan.

(c). Walter.

(d). Eileen – A. Isenhood.

(e). Philip.

Old members of the family buried in family burial ground of St. Johnstown. 

William Skehan (born c. 1689).  Buried in St. Johnstown, 12-4-1761, aged 72 (Killenaule Reg.).

Honora Skehan (born c. 1692).  Buried in St. Johnstown, 5-5-1752, aged 60 (Killenaule Reg.).

James Skehan (born c. 1732).  Buried in St. Johnstown, 18-8-1763, aged 31 (aged 28 on tomb).

Elleonora Skehan (born c. 1726)? Buried in St. Johnstown 8-9-1766, aged 40 (?) (Killenaule Reg.)

John Skehan (born c. 1727).  Buried in St. Johnstown, 19-5-1804, aged 77 (on tomb there).

William Skehan (born c. 1774).  Buried in St. Johnstown, 11-3-1799, aged 25 (Killenaule Reg.).

Catherine Skehna (born c. 1783)? Buried in St. Johnstown, 28-8-1799, aged 16 (?) (Killenaule Reg.).

Issue of John Skehan and Maria Kennedy:- Maria, baptised, 20-1-1755: William, 29-5-1757: James and Patrick, 13-9-1759: Margaret, 21-8-1762: Walter, 1-2-1765: John 28-2-1767.

Against the Walter here being Walter Skehan (a):- (1). Age of death in 1842 given as 83 on tombstone, and ages rarely over estimated. (2). Age at marriage would be only 21 (or less), as eldest child, John, was born 1787. (3). (a). St. Johnstown inherited (he did not: his father lived in St. Johnstown).  For his being Walter Skehan (a). (1) He is the only Walter from 1742 till then (1765) whose baptism is recorded, and Walter (a) could not have been born before 1742 as he would be 100 on or more at death. (2). Walter (a) obviously not an eldest son, as he is found in Coolbawn? And not ancestral home of St. Johnstown. (3). Tradition of calling eldest son after paternal grandfather: so Walter (a)’s father would be John.  Notice also John Skehan and Maria Kennedy’s eldest son, William, agreeing with reconstruction below.

James O’Donnell (a).  He or his family is said to have come from Co. Donegal (this very doubtful), settled in Cahir, Co. Tipp. And later at Knockinglass, Fethard (Parish of Killenaule and Moyglass).  He died 6-1-1810,aged 53, and is buried in Rathcoole, near Fethard.

All his daughters were small of stature, but were pretty girls, and were married to the 6 principle farmers in Parish of Killenaule and Moyglass.  They with their 2 brothers are said to have 81 children all told: only 67 appear in Supplement No. 1, so it is likely that the others died young.

Descendants of Mary O’Donnell, 1st Child of James O’Donnell and Cath. Crihane.

Descendants of Mary O’Donnel (aa), and John Nolan (h-aa) of Lurgoe, Killenaule.

[Order of Children of John Nolan and Mary O’Donnell:- (1). Wm. (c. 1810): (2). Mgt. (C. 1812): (3). Ellen (1816): (4). Honora (1818): (5). Bgt. (1820).

Mary O’Donnell (aa), baptised 12-8-1787:- Sponsors:- John Heany and Mary Cahill, born Knockinglass: died     …………. Married John Nolan of Lurgoe, a farmer c.      5 or more children.  Mary O’Donnell als. Nolan died c. 1892 aged 105.

Issue:- 5 or more children.

(1). Wiliam Nolan (aaa), born Lurgoe c.1810.  Farmed at same.  Died 1-10-1893, aged 83.  Married Bridget Shelly of Graigue, Killenaule on 29th Jan. wss:- Thos. O’Connell and Johanna Shelly.  She died 6-10-1907 aged 69.

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). William Nolan (aaaa), born Lurgoe, 20th Oct. 1858: bapt. 22nd Oct. 1858: sps:- Edm. Stokes and Ellen Shelly.  Farmed at Lurgoe: died 31-5-1920 aged 62.  Married Mary Hackett of Poynstown, Parish of Fennor, Gortnahoe.

Issue:- 6 children.

(i). Bridget (aaaaa), born Lurgoe.  Lives at same.  Unmarried in 1949.

(ii). Willie (aaaab), born Lurgoe.  Died at same 1940.

(iii). Patrick (aaaac), born Lurgoe.  Died at same 17-12-1926, aged 26.

(iv). John (aaaad), born Lurgoe.  Went to U.S.A.

(v). Maggie (aaaae), born Lurgoe.  Lives at same.  Unmarried 1949

(vi). Nellie (aaaaf),b orn Lurgoe, c.1899.  Farms at same.  Married Denis O’Brien of Rath, Murrioe, Co. Limerick – 31-4-1946.  No issue.

(b). Michael Nolan (aaab), born Lurgoe 7th Sept. 1860: bapt. 9th Sept. 1860: sps:- Patk. Shelly and Sarah Nolan.  Died there, unmarried.

(c). Rt. Rev. Monsignor John Nolan P.P., V.G. (aaac), born Lurgoe, 25th July 1865: bapt. 27th July 1865: sps:- John and Mary Shelly.  Studied in Thurles and Maynooth (1885-90): ord. in Carlow, 1890.  Was P.P. of Ballingarry and later of Tipperary town, in diocese of Cashel and Emly.  Vicar General of Emly part of diocese. Died at Tipperary 15th Nov. 1942 aged 77.  (Served for 10 years in Kildare and Leighlin diocese: then C.C. Ballylanders: Cappamore 190- – 09: and Tipperary 1909-14: Adm. Pallasgreen 1914: P.P. Ballingarry 1924032: P.P. V.G. and Archdeacon, Tipperary 1932-42)

(d). Fr. Tom Nolan (aaad), born Lurgoe 10th Dec. 1869: bapt. 12th Dec. 1869: sps:- John Mockler and Deboragh Shelly.  Died as P.P. of Kilteely, Co. Limerick, diocese of Cashel and Emly 29th Apr. 1939 aged 70.  Served on temorary mission in Westminister and Nottingham dioceses on recall was C.C. Boherlahan 1908-18: Kilteely 1918-22: Lattin, 1922-25: and Aherlow, 1925-30: P.P. Kilbeheny 1930-35: P.P. Kilteely 1935-39.

(e). Patrick Nolan (aaae), born Lurgoe, 14th May 1867: bapt. 16th May 1867: sps:- Thos. Tobin and Mgt. Stokes.  Died there unmarried.

(f). Mary Nolan (        ) born 23rd Nov. 1862: bapt. 25th Nov. 1862: sps:- John and Mary Stokes.

(g). John Nolan (        ) born 29th May 1857.  Must have died young: see 2nd John: bapt. 31st May 1857: sps:- Thos. Connell and Bgt. Nolan.

(2). Bridget Nolan (aab): born Lurgoe 5th Nov. 1820: bapt. 7-11-1820: sps:- Barnaby Halleran and Johanna Nowlan.  Married Pat Mockler of Mortlestown, Killenaule, a farmer, on 15th Feb. 1858: wss. John Mockler and Mary O’Connell.

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). John Mockler (aaba), born, Mortlestown 24th Dec. 1858: bapt. 26th Dec. 1858: sps:- John and Kate Mockler.  Farmed at same but later sold it to Kennedy.  Died unmarried at his cousins, Waltons, Knockelly, Fethard.

(b). Pat F. Mockler (aabb), born, Mortlestown (southern house, now Kennedys), 11th Jan. 1866: bapt. 13th Jan. 1866: sps:- Thos. Tobin and Mgt. Stokes.  Lived there till it was sold.  Afterwards manager of an estate at Durrow, Co. Kilkenny and later Athy.  He died 27th Dec. 1949 aged about 83, unmarried.

(c). Mary Mockler (aabc), born Mortlestown, 4th July 1861: bapt. 6th July: sps:- John and Bgt. Mockler.  Died young.

(d). Tom Mockler (aabd), born Mortlestown 27th Mar. 1860: bapt. 29th Mar. 1860: sps:- Edm. Stokes and Kate Mockler.  Married ………. No issue.

(e). Maggie Mockler (Mother Assumpta) (aabe), born Mortlestown 18th Feb. 1864: bapt. 20th Feb. 1864: sps:- John and Mary Stokes.  Died a nun in St. John of God Convent, aterford.

Note:- There were two families of Mocklers in Mortlestown.  All the above family belonged to the more southerly house (now Kennedys) and fartherst from Killenaule.  A niece of Bridget Nolan (aab) was married to the other house – nearer to Killenaule (see later…….).  The Mocklers of the more southern house were evicted from their place in the Land League days 1880s and never got it back.  When Kennedy bought it c. 1921, he gave the Mocklers a small sum for their good-will.

(3).Honoran Nolan, a girl (aac), born Lurgoe 4-6-1818: bapt. 6th June 1818: sps:- John Nowlan and Anty Nowlan.  Married Tom Tobin of Crohane, Killenaule – a farmer, on 23-2-1852.  No issue.  Married in Killenaule by Rev. M. Laffan P.P. on 23rd Feb. 1852: wss. Michael Fennelly and Mary Fitzgerald.

(4). Margaret Nolan (aad), a girl, born Lurgoe. C.1812.  married 6-2-1837 William Stokes of Magoury, Drangan (2nd wife): wss.:- John Nolan and Martin Fitzgerald– a farmer who d. 1849.


(a). Edm. (aada) born Magoury 1st Jan. 1838: bapt. Jan. 1838: sps:- Laurence Byrne and Ellen Hogan (Drangan Register)  Died there unmarried.

(b). James Stokes (aadb), born Magoury 22nd Jan.1841.  Died there unmarried.

(c). John (aadc), born 2nd June 1839:bapt. 4th June 1839: sps:- Wm. Nowlan and Mary Skehan (Drangan Register).  Went to Australia.  Married Elizabeth Keely.  James Stokes bapt. 24th Jan. 1841: sps:- James Stokes and Judy Byrne.  John died 1911.  Several children.


(i). Mary Ellen Stokes (aadba), girl, born Australia.  Married J.N.H. Atkyns, a solicitor.

(d). Margaret Stokes (aadd), born Magoury 17th Oct. 1845: bapt. 19th Oct. 1845: sps:- John Hayden and Bgt. Graham.  Married John Power of Dublin on 8th Feb. 1875: dispensed in 3o and 3o consanguity.  No issue.

(e). Hannie Stokes (aade), born Magoury 30th April 1849: bapt. 2nd May 1849: sps:- George Hayden and Ellen Stokes.  Married 26-2-1878 Pat Mockler of Mortlestown (house nearest to Killenaule), a farmer.  She died 11-2-1923:husband d. 28-5-1894, aged…….

Issue:- 7 children.

(i). Tom Joe Mockler (aadea), born Mortlestown 23rd Dec. 1878.  Farms there.  Died unmarried 30th April 1949.

(ii). Willie Franceys Mockler (aadeb), born Mortlestown 6th Feb. 1881.  Went to Echuca Australia.  Married there………..No issue.  Probably went out to his cousins, the Stokes in Echuca.

(iii). Mary Frances Mockler (aadec), born Mortlestown, 14th May 1885.  Married Pierce Morrissey of Killenaule, Clerk of Crown and Peace (under English rule).  He died 192-.  One child.  Mary died 21st Aug. 1959: buried in Ballingarry.


(A). Fr. Martin F. Morrissey (aadeca), born Killenaule c.1921.  educated in Thurles.  Ordained priest 1946: on temporary mission in England.  Recalled to Cashel diocese, 1949 and appt. Chaplain, Doon Convent C.C. Solohead..

(iv). Annie Elizabeth Mockler (aaded), born Mortlestown 26th Apr. 1887. Died unmarried in 1949.  Lived at Mortlestown.  Died 21-4-1949.  Johanna Mary Mockler bapt. 10-1-1880: sps:- Edw. Stokes and Kate Mockler.

(v). Maggie Mary Mockler (aadee), born Mortlestown 24th Oct. 1882.  Teaching in England, unmarried in 1949.  Was a nun for a time but left convent.  In 1959, of 40 Templemore Ave. Rathgar, Dublin: she died Sunday 9th Dec. 1962 and was interred in Deans Grange Cemetery, Dublin.

(vi). Bridie Mockler (aadef), born Mortlestown  c.1896.  Died unmarried on 22-8-1920, aged 24: buried in Killenaule.

(vii). Johanna Mary Mockler (aadeg), born Mortlestown 8th Jan. 1880, d. 10th Sept. 1910: married Edward O’Brien of Roan, Killenaule.  They farmed at Glengoole, New Birmingham, Thurles.  [Edward O’Brien married 2ndly …McCarthy, Ballinnonty.

Issue:- 3 children.

(A). Tom O’Brien (aadega) born ……190.  Inherited Coolquill Castel, Ballingarry, from Edgar O’Brien, his uncle c.1938.  Married, 6-2-1946, Catherine (Rena) Hoyne fo Hill View,Ballyfoyle, Co. Kilkenny.  Farms at Coolquill.  He died of cancer 28th April 1953.  Widow remarried 24-4-1957, Leo Cullen of Davey’s.

(4)). Catherine (aadegad).

(B). May O’Brien (aadegb), born …………Married James McCormack, The Hotel, Killenaule, in 1943, a shopkeeper and farmer.


((1)). Michael McCormack (aadegba), born Killenaule,

(C). Annie O’Brien (aadegc), born ………Married Joseph O’Dwyer of the Curragh, Killenaule c.1937.  No issue.  Live Ballingarry, Crohane Road, Killenaule.  Farming.

(f). Ellen Stokes (aadf), born Magoury 25th May 1842: bapt. 27th May 1842: sps:- Thomas Pollard and Honora Nolan: married 24th November 1859, Pat Quirke b. Feb. 1830 of Ballyvadlea, Drangan, a farmer, (and nephew of V. Rev. Wm. Quirke, Dean of Cashel?): ceremonry performed by Rev. Wm. Quirke (later Dean of Cashel): wss:- James Shea; Fr. Mulloy; Cath. Byrne, and Mary Stokes.  Ellen Stokes (aadf) was first sife of Pat Quirke: she was 1st and 2nd cousin of his second wife Catherine Fitzgerald (afh) of whom see vide.  Pat Quirke drowned in Framore when saving a priest, 5th July 1867 aged 31 years: buried in Railstown.


(i). Michael Quirke (aadfa), baptised 15th Sept. 1860.  Lived at Drangan and later at Hibernian Hotel, Fethard.  Farmer, auctioneer (Firm of Stokes and Quirke) and hotelier.  Died at Fethard 25th Sept. 1942.  Married 1890 Maggie Britton of Cloneen who d. 18th Nov. 1933 aged 70.  Both are married in Drangan Chapel yard.  Michael educated at Rockwell – one of the early students there.  Then worked for a time on farm, Ballyvadlea.  Went to Australia about age of 24, to John Stokes.  On return took shop in Gladstone St., Clonmel (now, 1954, Pat McGraths) and married.  As children (Bill) got bad health in Clonmel he sold business and took farm at Cloneen.  Later took a shop in Drangan, and later still took Hibernian Hotel, Fethard.


(A). William (Bill) Quirke (aadfaa), born 1894.  Senator in Eire: Secretary General of Fianna Fail Party.  Born Clonmel.  Has an estate in Co. Meath: partner in firm of Stokes and Quirke, Auctioneers.  Married Clare Riordan an American lady.  Lives: Quirke, 38 Anglsea Rd., Ballsbridge, Dublin.  While out hunting with Ward Union Hunt in Co. Dublin, Senator Quirke had a heart seizure and collapsed and died 5th March, 1955.

Issue:- 2 children

((1)). Eliza Quirke (aadfaaa) born Dublin, Oct. 1928: married John H. Lovatt-Dolan B.L. Dublin in June 1950 (of 1 Louvain, Roebuck Rd., Dublin 14, in 1968).

((2)). Michael Quirke (aadfaab), born Dublin, 3rd June 1930 bapt. in Westland Row 5-6-’30: sps:- Peter O’Donnell and Alice Mety: married 22-4-1953, a lady from California, Marjorie Hanlon.

B). Patrick Francis (Frank) Quirke B.E. (aadfab), born Clonmel 29-2-1892: died 13-10-’51.  Farming and Auctioneering at Mocklerstown, Clerihan.  Married Mat. Gnes Duggan, a school-teacher of Flemingstown, Glenmoore, Co. Kilk.  Mrs Quirke was run down by a motor car in Clonmel on Wed. 9th Oct. 1957 and died of injuries 10th Oct. in Cashel Co. Hospital.  Interred at Clerihan church grounds.


((1)). Michael (aadfaba) born 9-9-1930: auctioneer.  Killed in car smash 10th Nov. 1955.

((2)). Patrick (aadfabb), born 26-3-1933 married Sheila Mary Manning, 8 High St., Kilkenny on Thursday 28th Apr. 1960 in Dunlaoghaire, by Rev. W. Skehan P.P.: child Pat born Aug. ’63: Virginia born Spet. ’67.

((3)). Richard(aadfabc) born 30-8-’31: medical student.  Qualified Dr. 1957: married 3-4-1961, Sarah 6th d. of Thos. and late Mrs. Mary McNally, Churchfield, Tourmakcady, Co. Mayo.

((4)). Liam (Wm.)(aadfabd):

((5)). Margaret (aadfabe):  Entered F.C.J. Convent, Jan. 1955 (Sr. M. Agnes).

((6)). Anne (aadfabf): born 9-10-1937.

(C). Mary Joe Quirke (aadfac): born Cloneml.  She died 10th Jan. 1971.  Married a cousin, Dr. Paddy Stokes of Fethard, died suddenly 29th Oct. 1970: buried in Fethard, Coronoer for South Tipp. Ex Rugby International.

Issue:- 6 children.

((1)). Paddy Stokes (aadfaca), born in Fethard c.1924.  qualified as a doctor in 1948: m. in Kent June 1966, Diane Grey a non Catholic of Coole Abbey, Clonmel, daughter Patk. Grey (died 24-11-1970) (son of Sir John Grey) and Ann……Coole Abbey.  Daughter born 1965.

((2)). Catherine (Renee) Stokes (aadfacb), born Fethard c. 1926.  Qualified as Radiologist 1948.  Radiologist, Cashel Hospital, 1950.  Married 30th July 1955 in University Church, Dublin, to Sr. Dudley Staunton of Swinford, Co. Mayo: 3 children 1957.

((3)). Vera Stokes (aadfacc), born Drangan, Cloneml c.1928. Doing Radiology, 1949.  Married 24th Nov. 1954 to Denis Kelly, Longford, an accountant.  Issue 3 children.

((4)). Maura Stokes (aadfacd), born Fethard, Oct. 1929.  Comptometrist: m. 6-9-1958 in University Church, St. Stephens Green, Dublin ot Stanislaus kenny, 64 Merton Drive, Ranelagh, Dublin (nephew of Dr. Hanly Bp. Elphin , Kelly who m. Vera).  Stanislaus Kenny, engineer, 3 Harcourt Tee, Dublin 2, and a Stanislaus Kenny AMICW, of 13 Palmertown Gds., Dublin 6 (in 1968).Twin of Olive.

((5)). Olive Stokes (aadface), born Fethard Oct. 1929.  Radiologist, married Denis Looby, Burke St., Fethard.  Aug. 1960, child Wm. born 1962.

((6)). Michael Stokes (aadfacf), born Fethard Oct. 1930.  Farming.  Married Nov. 1961 Mildred Flaherty of Killusty.

(D). Christina (Chrissie) Quirke (aadfad) born Drangan: 1901: married Charles McDonald, a farmer living near Cork city.

Issue:- 6 children.

((1)). William Stuart McDonald (aadfada), born 1926: married Geraldine: in Rhodesia 1954.

((2)). Margorie McDonald (aadfadb), born 1928.  On staff of Domestic Economy College, Cathal Brugha St., Dublin: married June 1956, Paddy Lavella.

((3)). Mary Rose McDonald (aadfadc).  Art student, married Dr. John Callaghan of Cork, in July 1954.  They went ot Canada 1955.

((4)). Anne McDonald (aadfadd).

((5)). Michael McDonald (aadfade), student Ballyhayes Agric. Coll. To 1954:

((6)). Christina McDonald (aadfadf) youngest,

(E). Eileen Quirke (aadfae), born Clonmel 1895.  Married Jim F. Henchy of Cork city, who has licensed premises there.  Henchy died 195…… After her husbands death, Eileen Henchy took up fashion designing and spent some time in Sweeden getting experience. S he lives at Sunny Side, 86 Ballyhooly Rd., St. Luke’s, Cork city.

(F). Margaret (Peg) Quirke (aadfaf), born 1899 Fethard.  Official of Irish Hospitals Trust, and later of Knights of St. Columbanus.  Lived Dublin, D’Olier St., Died of T.B., cancer of the blood, 3-31948.  Unmarried.

(G). Madeline Quirke (aadfag) died 5th April 1903, aged 3: bapt. in Drangan 25th July 1900: sps:- John and Johanna Fennelly.

(ii). Bridget Quirke (aadfb) baptised 29th March 1862: married John Britton of Cloneen.  [Note:- Michael (aadfa) and Bridget (aadfb) Quirke married Maggie and John Britton i.e. a brother and sister married a sister and brother].  Farmed at Cloneen.  John Britton died 15th Aug. 1906 aged 51: his wife Bgt. Quirke died 15th Sept. 1923: both buried in Cloneen chapel yard.  Bgt. Quirke m. John Britton, in Westland Row, Dublin, by Rev. Fr. Matthias, on 14th Feb 1885: wss. Patk. Britton and Mary Quirke.  John of Wm. Britton and Mary Meagher, of Cloneen, bapt. 22nd Dec. 1853.  Bgt. Quirke bapt. 29th March 1862: sps:- Jas Quirke and Mary Stokes.

Issue:- About 20 children.

(A). May Britton (aadfba), born 1886: bapt. 23rd March 1886: sps:- Patk Quirke ans Mgt. Britton married Frank Meagher of The Bungalow, Cloneen.

Issue:- One child.

((1)). Charles Henry (Leo) (aadfbaa) bapt. in Cloneen 8th July 1920.

( ? ). Willie Britton (aadfba)? Bapt. Cloneen 8th Jan. 1888: sps:- Patk. Britton and Ellen Hayden [A Rate Collector] unmarried in 1949?: died 26th June 1923 aged 34: buried in Cloneen.

(B). Bridget (Delia) Britton (aadfbb), bapt. 3rd Apr. 1900: sps:- Wm. and Mary Britton:  married Edward O’Connell, (son of ……. – 1st cousins) of Rathvin, Fethard, a farmer.  She died 15th Jan. 1960.

((1)). Eleanor O’Connell (aadfbba),b orn Rathvin c.1932: married Michael Webb (Protestant), manager of meat factory (Clonmel Foods Ltd.), Clonmel in Oct. 1960 and lives in Rathvin.

(C).  Patrick Britton (aadfbc) baptised 7th Apr. 1889: sps:- Edw. O’Brien and Mgt. Power. Married 3 times and in 1950 3 wives were dead.  Lives Drangan, shop and postoffice.  M. 1st Kathleen Davis of Kilcash.  Died 15th Feb. 1869, and was buried in Cloneen.  No issue by any of the 3 wives.

(D). Lilian Mary Britton (aadfbd) born 1890. M. Edwin W. (Ted) Jones, and Englishman, of Liverpool. T hey spent many years in America and returned and lived at Greenlawn Bungalow (near Railway Station) Fethard.  Ted Jones died suddenly in his car in Fethard on 4th May 1953 aged 71.  No issue.

(E).Kathleen Britton (aadfbe) bapt. 24th Sept. 1891: sps:- Ml. Quirke and Johanna Fennelly.  Lives in England: married Granville Marshall of Royal Air Force, engineer, Scarborough.

Issue:- One son.

((1)).Kenneth Marshall (aadfbea): m……

(F). Frank Britton (aadfbf), bapt. Cloneen 9th Oct. 1892.  Went to Australia: Banana Planter (McLear) River? Queensland (Coolancatha): married there Kitty May (Green?) Banana Planter, McLay River Nth. Tumbulgum, via Munwillhuba[ N.S.W. (in 1968). Wife died 1963.

((2)). Kathleen Britton (aadfbfb), (girl).  Married c.1949 (a run-away marriage) John Andrews.

(3)). Angela Britton (aadfbfc) married Led Symour: Townsville Collection Angency, Room 10, Bruce Pie Building, Stanley St. Townsville.

((4)). John Britton (aadfbfd), born c.1933 married Mgt. Bell.

(G). Harry Britton (aadfbg), bapt. 1st Nov. 1893: sps:- Jojn Fennelly and  Teresa O’Brien.  Died unmarried, Cloneen 14th Sept. 1914 aged 20 and buried in Cloneen

(H). Angela Britton (aadfbh), bapt. 13th Jan. 1895: sps:- George O’Brien and Stasia O’Shea.  A governess in Madrid, Spain.  Unmarried 1948.  Author of several articles on Spain in “Irish Independent” etc.

(I). ?

(J). Eva Britton (aadfbj), bapt. 12th May 1902: sps:- Wm. and mary Britton.  Unmarried (1954).

(K). Josephine Britton (aadfbk), bapt. 12th March 1899: sps:- Rev. C.F. Ryan and Kate O’Brien.  Married Richard J. O’Farrellon on 15th Nov. 1927: he is a solicitor. Lives in Waterford (33 George’s St. and Summerville Ho.)(L). ?

(M). Michael Britton (aadfbm), bapt. 14th March 1905: sps:- Patk. O’Brien and Mary Britton.  Lives Cloneen.  Married Mary Carmel Walsh of Newtown, Fethard, in Thurles on 2nd June 1937.  Ml. Britton died suddenly 21/12/1965, and was buried in Cloneen.

(N). Augustine (Austin) Britton (aadfbn), born in 1897: bapt. 30th Sept. 1897: sps:- Wm. O’Brien and Ellen O’Shea.  In Bank in N.Y., America.


((1)). Robert Britton (aadfbna).

(O). ?

(P). Madge Britton (aadfbp) married Peggy Hanly of Ballycullen, Mullinahone c.1949.

(Q). John Britton (aadfbq), bapt. 9th Oct. 1892: spss:- George O’Brien and Cath. Wallace.

(g)? Mary Stokes bapt. in Drangan 25th Feb. 1844: sps:- Ml. Hall an and Bgt. Nolan.

(h)? Catherine Stokes bapt. in Drangan 7th Apr. 1847: sps:- Edm. Stokes and Cath. Slattery.

(5)? Ellen Nolan (     ) of Lurgoe, bapt. in Killenaule 21st Feb. 1816: sps:- Frank Nolan and Mgt. Daniel.

Order of the Nolans children of John Nolan and Mary O’Donnell:- (1). (born c.1810): Margaret (c.1812): Ellen (1816); No ora (1818): Honora (1818): Bgt. (1820)

(Wm. Stokes married 1st Mary O’Neill of Lisronagh by whom he had sons:- Edmond born 14-9-1827: and Patrick born 15-6-1829, latter the grandfather of Dr. P. Stokes of Fethard, Senior).

Descendants of Honora O’Donnell, 2nd child of James O’Donnell and Cath. Crihan.

Descendants of Honora O’Donnell (ab), and Patrick O’Connell (h-ab) of Cattiganstown.

(Order of their children:- (1). Richard: (2). Thomas (1816): (3). Kate: (4). Honora (1819): (5). Mary (1821): (6). Dora: (7). Patk. I. (1827): (8). James (1831): (9). Patk II (1835).

Honora O’Donnell (ab), born Knockinglass: baptised 9-8-1789: sponsors:- Peter Brett and Margaret Crihane.  Died              . Married Patrick O’Connell of Cattiganstown, Killenaule, – a farmer who died 4th Sept. 1837, aged 57.

Issue:- 10 children (3 children died young).

(1). Richard O’Connell (aba), born Cattiganstown.  Died Aug. 27th, aged 85.  Farmed at Kylenahone, Killenaule.  Married Ellen Slattery of Clerihan, who died 11th Jan. 1898, aged 82.

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). Patrick O’Connell (abaa), born Kylenahone, 30th Jan. 1844.  Was a Brother in Holy Ghost Order, Rockwell College, Cashel, but left the Order, and died in the workhouse after a worthless life: died 1st April 1907, aged 57.  Bapt. 1st Feb. 1844: sps:- James Slattery and Dorothea Connell.

(b). William O’Connell (abab), born Kylenhone, 11th Nov. 1845: died 1931.  Married 22nd Oct. 1874 Johanna Brady (1853-1898) wss. Pat Power and Anne Kennea: of the Mill, Ballynonty, Killenaule.  Went to Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. Wm. bapt. 14th Nov. 1845: sps:- Denis Russell, and Honora Slattery.

Issue:- 6 children

(i). Ellen O’Connell (ababa), born …………..1875: died 1951.  Married 1893 Charles Friel ((1870-1944).  Returned from U.S.A. to Friel’s native place – Glencoagh, Mount Charles, Donegal.  Several children, some of whom returned to Cleveland.  Ellen died 26th Nov. 1951.


(A). Annie Friel (ababaa), born 1894: married James McGroarty in 1937.

(B). William Friel (ababab), born 1896: died 19..

(C). Mary Friel (ababac), born 1898: died 1911.

(D). Patrick Friel (ababad), born 1900: married 1934, Delia Henderon (b.1910).

(E). John Friel (ababae),b orn 1903.  Married 1934, Melva Kipp (b.1911).

Issue:- 3 children.

(F). Cornelius Friel (ababaf), born 1905: married 1932, Mary Ann Keeney (b.1910).  They lived in Co. Donegal.  Con. Friel died in Ireland, (Glencoagh, Mt. Charles) on 4th Feb. 1957.

(G). Charles Friel (ababag), born 1908.

(H). Ellen Friel (ababah), born 1910.

(I).  Daniel Friel (ababai),b orn 1912.

(J). James Friel (ababaj), born, 1915.

(K). Joseph Friel (ababak), born 1917.

(L). Nora Friel (ababal), born 1919: married.

(ii). Mary Margaret O’Connell (ababb), born 1876: died 1925: married 1897, Martin Higgins (1871-1910) who was killed in an accident.

Issue:- 7 children., 3 of whom died young.

(A).Mary Higgins (ababba), born 1898, and died 1899.

(B). Bernard Higgins (ababbb), born 3rd Jan. 1900: married 1928, Nora Condor.  Bernard died suddenly in his sleep, 17th Mar. 1962.

(C). William Higgins (ababbc), born 1902: died 1923.

(D). Virginia Higgins (ababbd), born 1904: entered the Ursuline Order of Cleveland, Ohio, 1929: professed Aug. 1932.  Sister Martin Mary, Our Lady of Peace School, 12406 Buckingham Ave., Cleveland, Ohio (1950-56): St. Ann’s School, 2285 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio (1956-8): 1538 Mentor Ave., Mentor, Ohio (1959-) Principal.  In 1965, at 19951, Lake Shore, Blod, Euchid 19, Ohio: in 1966, at 3425, Snow Road, Parma, 34, Ohio (Superior): 2600 Lander Road, Cleveland, Ohio (1971).

(E). Gertrude died very young.

(F). Joseph died very young.

(G). Patrick died very young.

(iii). Honora M. O’Connell (ababc), born 1878: died 1881.

(iv). Margaret O’Connel (ababd), born 1879: died 1881.

(v). Richard O’Connell (ababe), born 1880: died 1881.

(vi). Johanna Elizabeth O’Connell (ababf), born 1882: entered the Ursuline Order (O.S.U.) of Whitman Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, in 1905, professed Aug. 1907: died 3rd July 1954.  Sister Mary Lelia.

(vii). Daniel Richard O’Connell (ababg), born 1884: died 1952: married in 1913, Katherine Hendrickson (or Henderson): she died 26th Oct. 1956, aged 67.

Issue:- 4 children.

(A). William Art. O’Connell (ababga), born 1914: married 1937, Genevieve (Jeanne) Migaez.

Issue:- 2 children.

(B). Daniel Richard O’Connell, junior (ababgb), born 1915: married 1939 Melva Mighell.

Issue:- 3 children.

(C). Kenneth Louis O’Connell (ababgca), born 1919: married 1940, Harried Kirk.

Issue:- 3 children.

(D). John Bernard O’Connell (ababgd), born 1924: married 1947, Bernice Lainge.

Issue:- 2 children.

(vii). Honora Lelia O’Connell (ababh), born 1887: died 1916: married 1909 Martin Murphy (b.1885: died 26th April, 1960).

Issue:- 3 children.

(A). Eileen Johanna Murphy (ababha), born 1910: died 1931: married William Hay.

Issue:- One child.

((1)). William Hay Hough (ababhaa), born 1930.  After his mothers death he was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Hough and adopted the name, Hough.  In 1953, he married Margaret Rothmeiier.

B). Bernard Martin Murphy (ababhb), born 1911: marrried 1934, Bernadette Behner.  Bernard M. Murphy died of a heart attack on Tues. 17th Jan. 1961, and was buried at St. Philomena’s Church.

Issue:- 9 children.

(C). Miriam Regina Murphy (ababhc), born 1915: married 1937 Edward Gareau (b.1911).  residing in 1966 at 4020 Riveredge Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44111.

Issue:- 8 children.

ix). Gertrude Mary O’Connell (ababi), born 1889: died 3rd Dec. 1949: married in 1942 Clinton A. Benner (1866-1951), a solicitor official.  No issue.

(ii). Johanna Eliz. (Sr. M. Lelia O.S.U. Ursuline O’Connell (ababb), born 1882.  A nun professed in Aug. 1908 at Whitman Av., Cleveland, Ohio.  Died 3rd July 1954.  Entered Ursuline Order of Cleveland 1905.

(iii). Gertrude O’Connell (ababc), born ………… married c.1942, ……….Benner, a solicitor or insurance official of Cleveland.  She died 3rd Dec. 1949.

(iv). Mary O’Connell (ababd), born  ………….. married ……..Higgins of Cleveland, who was killed.

Issue:- 2 children.

(A). Virginia Higgins (ababda) (St. Martin Mary, born U.S.A. 1904.  A nun at Whitman Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, with her aunt Sr. Lelia.  In 1954, at Our Lady of Peace School, 12406 Buckingham Ave., Cleveland 20.

(B). Bernard Higgins (ababdb), a boy, born U.S.A. married.

(v). Nora O’Connell (ababe), born    married    Murphy.



(vi). Daniel O’Connell (ababf), born     married a Protestant.  He died 1952.


(A). William (ababfa).

(B). Daniel (ababfb).

(c). James O’Connell (abac), born Kylenehone 21st Jan. 1848: bapt. 23rd Jan. 1848: sps:- James Connell and Mary Beates.  Died unmarried, 8th Apr. 1918, aged 68.

(d). Nora O’Connell (abad), born Kylenahone, 1850.  Died a nun Sr. Lelia, Ursuline Convent, Waterford, 3rd July 1929: professed August 1874: Honora Bgt. O’Connell bapt. 2nd Feb. 1850: sps:- Ml. Bourke and Bgt. Slattery.

(e). Thomas O’Connell (abae), born Kylenahone 22nd Apr. 1852.  Died there 17th Dec. 1936.  Married Mary Egan a niece of Martin Fitzgerald, Buffana, Thurles, who died 28th Aug. 1939, aged 72.  No issue.  Farmed at Kylenahone.  Bapt. 24th Apr. 1852: sps:- Thos. Connell and Honora Slattery.  After his death Kylehahone was sold to Kellys and proceeds were divided among the descendants of his brother Wm.

(2). Thomas O’Connell (abb), born Cattiganstown, 17th June 1816: bapt. 19-6-1816: sps:- Michael Touhy and Bridget Ryan: died 10-4-1907, aged 90: buried in Moyglass.  Farmed at Cattiganstown.  Married c.1859 Anne Dowling of              who died 20th Jan. 1888, aged 59 and is buried in Moyglass.

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). Patrick O’Connell (abba), born at Cattiganstown, 30th June 1860 died 23-3-1938, aged 77? And is buried in Moyglass.  Farmed at Cattiganstown.  Unmarried.

(b). Thomas O’Connell (abbb), born Cattiganstown 21st Jan. 1862.  Farmed at Derriknew, Killenaule.  Married Maggie Mulloy of     Moyglass, Fethard; she d. 19-1-1959, buried in Moyglass: Thomas (abbb) died 3-11-1946, aged 85 and is buried in Moyglass.

Issue:- 12 children.  (Thomas was married about 10 years before any child was born).

(i). Patrick O’Connell (abbba), born Derriknew.  Farms at same.  Married Margaret Hickey of Derriknew in 1946.

(ii). Thomas O’Connell (abbbb), born Derriknew.  Married Kitty Nolan [(abadb) ob Skehan pedigree] of Lisaw, Lurgoe, Killenaule, his 3rd cousin – in 1940.  One child by this marriage.  Kitty died 10-8-1946 and he married secondly in 1948, May Nolan, sister of 1st wife.  Lives and farms at The Turret, Coolmine, the inheritance of his wifes: also works at Killenaule Co-operative Creamery.

(iii). John O’Connell (abbbc), born Derricknew.  Married in 1934 Chrissie Breen of Coolraine Mocklershill, Cashel.  lives Grangebarry in a cottage.  Agricultural Contractor.

Issue: – 10 children.

(iv). Annie O’Connell (abbbd), born Derricknew: married 27-2-1946, Jim Walsh of Balloughboy, Ballinure, Thurles – shop-keeper.  No issue.

(v). Katty O’Connell (abbbe), born Derricknew 191-.  In England.  Died 1947.

(vi). Willie O’Connell (abbbf), born Derricknew.  Inherited Cattiganstown farm from his uncle Pat (abba).  Farms at same.  In 1948, married Bab Walsh of Cattiganstown.

(vii). James O’Connell (abbbg), born Derricknew.  Bought Kennedys of Magorban farm about 1940.  Married 1959 Mary Frehy of Kilknockin and later of Coolmoyne.

(viii). Ned (Edward) O’Connell (abbbh), born Derricknew.  Farmer, Balloughboy.

(ix). Nora O’Connell (abbbi)., born Derricknew.  Was at business in Clonmel: married Clement Daly of Clonmel, a butcher at Ned Ryan’s, Irishtown.

(x). Richard (Dick) O’Connell (abbbj), born Derricknew.  In England.  Horse trainer at D.L. Moore’s, old Fairyhouse, Ratoath, Dublin, later.

(xi). Matthew O’Connell (abbbk), born Derricknew.  Died at same 1945.

(xii). Michael O’Connell (abbbl), born Derriknew.  Works in Killenaule creamery (1954): married 23rd April 1957, in Thurles Cathedral, by Rev. Thomas Morris, D.D., St. Patrick’s College, Thurles (cousin of the bride) Alice O’Gorman daughter of Thomas and Mrs O’Gorman, Monslatt, Killenaule.  He married into her farm at Monslatt.

(c). Honora O’Connell (abbc), born Cattiganstown c.1868.  killed by being crushed against a wall by a restive cart-horse, 19-11-1888 and is buried in Moyglass, Mary Honora bapt. 17th Jan. 1868: sps:- Rev. Philip Scanlan [c.c. in Killenaule] and Honora O’Donnell.

(d). Mary Anne O’Connell (abbd), born Cattiganstown, 25th Dec. 1870.  Still living at same (1949): unmarried.  Died 23rd May 1953: buried in Moyglass.  Bapt. 1st Jan. 1871: sps:- Pat Connell and Ellen Dowling.

(e). Margaret O’Connell (abbe),b orn Cattiganstown 15th Mar. 1869.  Lived same.  Died unmarried 23rd July 1944 aged 75: bapt. 17th Mar. 1869: sps:- Rd. O’Connell and MGt. Dowling.  She is buried in Moyglass.

(f). Kitty O’Connell (abbf), died young.

(g). Matty O’Connell (abbg), died young.

(3). Fr. James O’Connell (abc), born Cattiganstown 15th Oct. 1830: bapt. 17-10-’30: sps:- Martin Fitzgerald and Anty Ryan..  Ordained priest for Archdiocese of Cashel, in Dublin in 1860.  C.C. Golden C.C. Newport 1876.  Died as P.P. of Clerihan, 22nd Sept. 1889.  Also C.C. Templmore to 1886.  Educated in Maynooth College.  C.C. Emly, Murroe, Galbally, Golden, Newport and Templemore.

(4). Patrick O’Connell (I) (abd), born Cattiganstown 6th June 1827.  Went to Australia: bapt. 8-6-1827: sps:- James Daniel and Mgt. Doheny.  Another Patrick (II) bapt. 15-2-1835: sps:- John Ryan and Mary Cunningham.

(5). Kate O’Connell (abe), born Cattiganstown.  Went to U.S.A. married ……Russell

Issue:- 4 children.

(a). Patrick Russell (abea), born ……….Postal Official in New York, 1940.

(b). Hanna Russell (abeb).

(c). Kate Russell (abec).

(d). Mary Anne Russell (abed).v

(6). Dora O’Connell (abf), born Cattiganstown: died 22-2-1883, and buried in Moyglass (age 58).  Married 20th Feb. 1849 John Dalton (of Noard, Two-Mile-Borris) of Woodlawn, Six-Mile-Bridge, Co. Clare- a convert to the faith.  He farmed at Kilmogar, Co. Kilkenny.  Husband died 10-3-1893.: wss. John Scully and Mary Skeahan .

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). Jerry Dalton (abfa), born c.1850 at Kilmagor.  Married …..Bourke (a niece of late Fr. Bourke P.P. Moycarky and a first cousin of late Dr. Fennely, Ab. of Cashel).  Jerry died 10-4-1906, aged 56, buried in Moyglass and tombstone describes him as “of Noard”.


(i). ……..Dalton (abfaa), born Kilmacar.

(ii). ………..Dalton (abfab), born Kikmacar.  Married Mr. ….Cantwell, a farmer.

(iii). ………Dalton (abfac), born Kilmacar.  Married Tom Hayes of Pigeon Park, Kilkenny, a farmer.

(b). Mary Dalton (abfb), born Kilmacar.  Married ……Byrne of Clara, Kilkenny, a farmer.


A son and many daughters.

(c). Kate Dalton (abfc), born Kilmacar: married ……..Morrissey of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.  No issue.

(d). Alice Dalton (abfd), born………..was a nun in Youghal, Co. Cork.

(e). Lizzie (Elizabeth) Dalton (abfe), born ………..died 1-1-1894.

(7). Mary O’Connell (abg), born Cattiganstown 10th Sept. 1821: bapt. 12-9-1821: sps:- Rd. Walsh and Ellen Hayden.  Married Patrick Anglim of Rosegreen, Cashel – a farmer on 5th Feb. 1861: wss. Patk. Ryan and Kate Fitsgerald, by Rev. Jas. O’Connell.  She died Feb. 1868 aged 35 (?): husband died 4th Feb. 1882 aged 67: both buried in Rosegreen.

Issue:- 3 children.

(a). William Anglim (abga), born Rosegreen 1866.  Farmed at same.  Married Mary Anne Lonergan.  Wm. Anglin d. 1st Nov. 1924 aged 57, and was buried in Rosegreen.

New Jersey U.S.A. married Keheive.

(iv). Hanna Anglim (abgad), born Rosegreen.  Married Con O’Donnell of Cross of Mobarnane, Fethard (the old Police Barracks): farmer.


(A). Patrick O’Donnell (abgada), born Mobarnane,

(B). Willie O’Donnell.

(C). Hugh O’Donnell.

(b). Hanna Anglim (abgb), born Rosegreen.  Married Denis McGrath of Abbey Farm, Clonmel – a farmer.  Hanna died 26th June 1952 aged 91, and was buried in St. Patk’s. cemetery, Clonmel.

Issue:- 11 children.

(i). Roger McGrath (abgba), born Abbey Farm. A doctor of medicine – killed in 1914-18 War.

(ii). Frank McGrath (abgbb), born Abbey Farm.  Medical doctor.  In Nigeria in 1944.  M. a Protestant.

(iii). Alexander McGrath (abgbc), born Abbey Farm. Went to Austalia (Melbourne) m. Fay Ryan who died leaving 2 children.

(iv). Patrick (Atty) McGrath (abgbd), twin of Alex born Abbey Farm..  went to Australia: unmarried.

(v). Edward McGrath (abgbe), born Abbey Farm.  Married firstly Madge Moroney of Clonmel.

Issue:- of 1st marriage – 2 children.

Married secondly c. 1939, Mrs. Atty Walton nee Anglim  of Knockelly, Fethard (a widow with 3 children by previous marriage viz:- Thomas Walton, died of T.B. (as did his father) 25-1-1949: Walton, boy,   Breedon Walton (girl) married Jameson and officer in Canadian Air Force, 1943).  Edw. (abgbe), and his wife farm at Rathkenny, Fethard.   One child by second marriage. (Ned McGrath lives in the old home of the Quinns of Rathkenny).


(A). Denis McGrath (abgbea, born 192- married 27th June 1956, k Doyle of Fethard and formerly of Kllcoltrim, Burris, Co. Carlow, and sep up a drapery business in Fethard.

(B). Lila McGrath  (abgbeb), born 1928.  A nurse: went to Vancouver, Canada 1954.

(C). Nita McGrath

(vi). Mary Ciss McGrath (abgbf), born Abbey Farm.  Married Bernard O’Halloran of Kylenagrana, Cloneen – a farmer.

Issue:- 8 children?

(A). Thomas Matthew O’Halloran (abgbfa), born Kylenagrna: bapt. in Drangan 23rd March 1927.  Official of Land Reclamation Scheme in Co. Kerry.  Married 27th Sept. 1955, Elieen McGrath of Bloomfield d. Douglas.  Lives in Ballybunion.

(B). Mgt. Maud O’Halloran (abgbfb): bapt. in Drangan 15th Sept. 1925: sps:- John O’Halloran an Maud McGrath.  M. 25th Sept. 1953 Francis Joseph McCullough of Carlow in St. Patrick’s Ossory, by Rev. Wm. O’Keeffe P.P. McCullaagh a technical teacher living in Tramore.  McCullough appt. manager of Coombe Hospital, Dublin 1958.

(C). Nuala Maria O’Halloran (abgbfc), bapt. 17th August 1928, poultry instructress.

(D). Alexandra Alice O’Halloran (abgbfd), bapt. 25th Dec. 1929.

(E). Bernadette O’Halloran (abgbfe),

(F). Richard O’Halloran (abgbff),

(G). Denis O’Halloran (abgbfg),

(H). …………..O’Halloran (abgbfh).

Descendants of Allicia O’Donnell, 3rd child of James Dannell and Cath. Crihane. 

Descendants of Alice O’Donnell (ac), born 22-4-1792, and Philip Cunningham (h-ac) of Lismortagh.  Philip Cunningham married Betty (recte Ally?) Daniel on 21st Feb. 1814: wss. James Cunningham     , James Crowley, and Michael Dohony.

Alice O’Donnell (ac), born Knockinglass: baptised 22-4-1792: sps:- Walter Dannell and Mary Grady.  Died 2-7-1883.  On 21-2-1814, married Philip Cunningham of Lismortagh, Killenaule – a farmer, who died 2-6-1868, aged 84.  Both buried, Moyglass.

Issue:- 9 children.

(1). William Cunningham (aca), born Lismortagh 12th Aug. 1833.  Farmed at same.  Married Catherine Kerwin (or Kerwick) of Dualla House, Cashel.  He died 4th Dec. 1910 aged 77: buried in Moyglass..

Issue:- 4 children.

(a). James Joseph Cunningham (acaa), born Lismortagh 19th Nov. 1880.  Farming at same.  He died unmarried, 12th June 1960: buried in Moyglass.

(b). Phiilp Cunningham (acab), born Lismortagh 26-8-1885.  Arrested in Clonmel, May 1916, after “The Rising” and deported to Glasgow as a dangerous rebel.  Had a drapery store at Gladstone St., Clonmel.  Died July 1937.  Married ……..Ryan of Templetouhy (a niece of Canon Hickey, late P.P. of Templetouhy, and of Rev. Phil. Hickey P.P. of Drom).  Wife sold drapery premises, Clonmel, in 1945 and went to live at Templetouhy 1939: and later Hickey’s Hotel, Templemore.


(i). Augustine (Austin) Cunningham (acaba), born Clonmel

(ii). Mary Cunningham (acabb), born Clonmel

(c). Tom Cunningham (acac), born Lismortagh 189.  Farming at Raheen, Cashel: married Katie Heffernan (d. 31st Oct. 1952) of ……c.1925.  He died Friday 29th March 1957 and was interred in Dualla.


(i). Michael Cunningham (acaca), born Dualla: married  c. 1955 Mary (Lettie) Carroll, a nurse.

(ii). Kathleen Cunningham (acacb), born Dualla: married c.1944 Edward O’Callaghan, living at Market St., Cahir in 1957.

(A). Edgar (acacba).

(B). Eleanor (acacbb). 

(C). Enda (acacbc).

(d). Alice Cunningham (acad), born Lismortagh 4th Dec. 1881.  On 15th Feb. 1926 married Edm. Croke, a farmer.  Live Ballingarry.  No issue.  Husband a useless waster and rake.  Alice bapt. 6th Dec. 1881: sps:- Philip Cunningham and Honora Connell.  Alice died 1955.

(2). James Cunningham (acb), born Lismortagh 18th Nov. 1815.  Died unmarried 5-3-1872, aged 52, and buried in Moyglass.  Bapt. 20th Nov. 1815: sps:- Edm. Maher and Honora Teahin (or Feaghin).

(3). Philip Cunningham (acc), born Lismortagh 26th Mar. 1840.  Died unmarried.

(4). Katherine Cunningham (acd), born Lismortagh 11th Dec. 1827.  Died unmarried.

(5). Mary Cunningham (ace), born Lismortagh 30th May 1820.  Married Daniel Foley of Foxes Den, on 17th Feb. 1863, by M. Laffan P.P. K.aule: wss. James Foley and Kate Fitzgerald, a farmer.  No issue.  She died 6th January 1879 aged 56 and was buried in Moyglass.

Children of Philip Cunningham or Cunigan and Alice or Ally Daniel:

(1). James bapt. 20-11-1815: sps:- Edm. Maher and Honor Feahan.

(2). John bapt 21-6-1818: sps:- Thos. Headen and Mary Scanlin.

(3). Mary bapt. 1-6-1820: sps:- Wm. Skehane and Mgt. Doheny.

(4). Martin bapt. 13-11-1822: sps:- Ml. Towly and Mary Crehan.

(5). Patk. Bapt. 8-3-1825: sps:- Con O’Donnell and Mgt. Hackett (Moyglass).

(6). Cath., bapt. 13-12-1827: sps:- Walter Skehan and MGt. Nowlan.

(7). Michael, bapt. 21-9-1830: sps:- Phil. Cunningham and Cath Connell.

(8). Wm. bapt. 14-8-1833: sps:- James Daniel and Mary Barnes.

(9). Phil. Bapt. 28-3-1840: sps:- John Daniel and Dora Connell.

Descendants of Catherine O’Donnell, 5th child of James Daniel and Cath. Crihane.

Descendants of Catherine O’Donnell (ae), born 11-10-1800 and Michael Slattery (h-ae) of Knockbritt, Fethard.  Order of their children:-

(1). Honora 1829.

(2). Mary, 1831.

(3). William 1832.

(4). Margaret 1834.

(5). Pat, 1836.

(6). James 1838.

(7). Michael 1840.

(8). John f.

(9). Kate.

(10). Ellen.

[All born at Knockbritt, latter born at Jossestown].

Catherine O’Donnell (ae) (also spelled Dannell or Daniel), born Knockinglass, Fethard.  Baptised 13-10-1800: sps:- David Power and Margaret Cuddihy.  Died………..Married Michael Slattery of Knockbritt, Fethard (parish of Moyglass and Killenaule), a farmer, who later had a farm at Jossestown, Fethard, on 27th Nov. 1828. Wss. Wm. Skehan, Darby Skehan and Mgt. Daniel.

Michael Slattery, husband of Catherine O’Donnell (ae), was son of Wm. Slattery? Of Knockbritt who died 19th Nov. 1822 aged 68, and Honora Slattery (alias……) who d. May 1837 aged 72 and other sons of theirs were Rd. Slattery of Jossestown (not the farm later held by his brother Michael), and Patk. Slattery who d. May 1827 aged 19.  Michael Slattery who married Catherine O’Donnell (ae) lived at Knockbritt on a farm near Kerrick’s Cross.  He was evicted from this farm c.1840 by the Jacob’s of Mobarnane, and then went as a tenant into Jossestown wehre some of his childrne were born.  He took the farm at Ballybadin for his sone, Patrick Slattery who married Mary Fitzgerald of Glengoole, and their son Willie succeeded in Ballyvadin.

Ml’s. eldest son William Slattery, succeeded in Jossestown and died there unmarried in 1907: and left it to his sister Ellen Slattery who died 1936.  She brought her nephe, Willie Slattery of Ballyvadin (son of Patrick) to live in Jossestown; and he also took another farm in Jossestown adjoining Ellen’s farm.  As he had not the wherewith to pay for it, Ellen became his security for a loan from the bank.  Willie Slattery eloped with Ellen’s servant, Ellen Markley, in 1932, and died 1933 leaving a son Michael.  Ellen Slattery died 1936 leaving tow unsigned and so invalid wills: so all her poverty was divided among the children of her brothers and sisters.  To meet the debt in the bank for which she was security for her nephew Willie Slattery, Willie’s farms at Ballyvadin and Jossestown were sold.  Willie’s Aunt, Maggie (Mrs Grace) sold her shop in Cashel to buy the Ballyvadin farm where she was born, and at her death left it to her brother’s (Willie’s) son who sold it in 1954 soon after he came of age.

Issue:- about 10 children.

(1).  Nora Slattery (aea), born Knockbritt (or Knockbritt 18-12-1829): baptised 19th Dec. 1829: sps:- Thos. Slattery and Mgt. Nowlan: married Ned Butler of Coolmine, Fethard.

Note:- The Butlers are buried in Clogher.  The only Butler which in Clogher was:- “Here lieth the body at Mrs./Mary Butler alias Keogh who dend. Thislife March 29th 1813, aged 29 years.  May she rest in peace Amen/Also her daughter Ellen Butler who died March the 24th 1834 aged 21 years/May she rest in peace Amen”.  A horizontal slab.


(a). Catherine Butler, bapt. in Fethard, 31st July 1955: sps:- John Slattery and Cath. Cunningham and became a nun?.

(b). Ellen Butler I, baptised in Fethard 27th July 1857: sps:- James Hanrahan and Bgt. Nolan.  She must have died young: see another Ellen below, or there is an error of name in Register?.

(c). Margaret Butler bapt. in Fethard, 7th May 1859: sps:- Michael and Cath. Slattery.

(d). Thomas Butler, bapt. in Fethard, 27th Dec. 1860: sps:- Patk. And Cath. Slattery.

(e). William Butler, bapt. in Fethard, 18th Jan. 1863: sps:- Wm. and Ellen Slattery, died unmarried c.1911 at Coolmoyne.

(f). Ellen Butler II, bapt. in Fethard 30th July 1865: sps:- Thomas O’Donnell and Anne Fehan.  She went to England, and married in Manchester………..Casey, and had issue.  The proceeds of the sale of the Butler farm at Coolmoyne went to her after death of her las brother there.

(g). Honora Butler Fethard, 23rd Aug. 1867: sps:- Patrick Slattery and Honora Hanrahan.

(h). Edmond Butler, bapt. in Fethard, 8th April 1870: sps:- Michael Coffey and Cath. Slattery.

(i). Pierce Butler, born…died unmarried.

(2).  Mary Anne Slattery (aeb), born Knockbritt, 11th Mar. 1831.  Married  James Hanrahan of Loughryan Grange, Cahir, a farmer: Mary Slattery Knockbritt, bapt. 13-3-1831: sps:- Tom Tyrell and Mary Day.


(a). Michael Hanrahan (aeba), born Loughryan.  Farmed at same.  Married Mary Anne Kearney of Four-Mile-Water who d. c.1942.  Ml. Hanrahan d. c.1945.


(i). Fr. John H. Hanrahan (aebaa),born Loughryan.  A priest P.P. at 2, Catholc Lane, Sedgley, (via) Dudley, Worcestershire archdiocese of Bermingham, England (1945).  Ordained at Oscott, Bermingham 29th June 1917.  Died Sept. 1960.

(ii). Fr. Joseph Hanrahan (aebab), born Loughryan.  A priest at Church of the Immaculate Conception, New Orleans (Louisiana?) California (in 1951 at St. Christopher’s Church, Galt, California.  Ordained by Dr. Keane at Cathedral of B.S. Sacramento on 22nd dec. 1923.  In 1952, at St. Patrick’s Church, Placeville, California: died c.1963.

(iii). Fr. William A. Hanrahan (aebac), born Loughryan.  A priest at Catholic Presbytey, Queenstown, New Zealand (1945) Diocese of Dunedin.  Studied at St. John’s College, Waterford, and ordained inWaterford Cathedral by Dr. Bernard Hackett on 17th June 1928.

(iv). James Hanrahan (aebad), born Loughryan.  Farms at same.  Married, Eileen (Alice) Prendergast of Newcastle: hwo died 15th Dec. 1967 and was interred at Grange.

(v). Katherine (Katty) Hanrahan (aebae), born 1-9-1889.  Went to Fr. Joseph in U.S.A.

(vi). Mary (May) Hanrahan (aebaf), born Loughryan born 1893.  Went to Fr. William in New Zealand.

(vii). Anne (Nan) Hanrahan (aebag), born Loughryan 7-1-1900.  Killed 7th Jan 1934 in California.

(viii). Geraldine Hanrahan (Mother Mary Raymond) (aebah), born Loughryan.  A nun at Sir Harry’s Road, Hagley?, Edgabaston, Birmingham, England.  In 1952 at Holy Child Convent Combe Bank, Sunbridge, Seven Oaks, Kent: died 1966.

(ix). Imelda Hanrahan Mgt. Mary (aebai), born Loughryan.  Lives Emmet St., Clonmel.

(b). Catherine Hanrahan (aebb), born Loughryan.  A nun (Sr. Augustine) died 1944 at Kidderminster, Engand, (Archdiocese of Bermingham).

(c). Maria (or Mary) Hanrahan (aebc), born Loughryan.  Went to Australia with Nora.  Married ……Hennessy, Melbourne.

Issue:- About 4 boys and 4 girls.

(i). Frank (aebca).

(ii). ……. (aebcb), m. Mr. …McDonnell, sheep farming N.S.W.

(d). Fr. James Hanrahan (aebd), born Loughryan.  A priest.  Died at Fairfield, Openshaw, Manchester, England, in 1928 (diocese of Salford).

(e). John Hanrahan (aebe), born Loughryan.  Died a simleton.

(f). Nora Hanrahan (aebf), born Loughryan.  Went to Australia: married ….O’Donoghue.  returned from Australia and lived Killeigh, Cahir, Co. Tipp.

Issue:- 6 children.

(i). Jimmie (or Jack) O’Donoghue (aebfa), born.  Died in America.

(ii). Edmond O’Donoghue (aebfb), born………Bank Clerk: died……………………………..

(iii). Eva O’Donoghue (aebfc), born: married Jimmy O’Connor, 1st cousin of Rev. Jas. O’Connor C.C. Tipp.).  Live, 6, Castle St.,  Cahir, Co. Tipp.  No issue.  Jimmy died 25th Oct. 1961.

(iv). Kathleen O’Donoghue (aebfd), born: married M..J. Henry, a bank manager, Co. Cork.  Manager of Bank of Ireland, Tipperary (1946).  After retirement in 1957, lived at 70 Woodlawn Park, Churchtown, Co. Dublin.

(3). Margaret Slattery (aec), born Knockbritt, 19th Sept. 1834.  Married Michael Hunt of Ballina.  She died at Ballina, Clonmel, the residence of her brother, in July 1902: Mgt. Slattery bapt. Knockbritt, 21st Sept. 1834: sps:- James Daniel and Cath. Connell.  They had about six children all of whom died young.  When Ml. Hunt died, his widow brought her brother, Ml. Slattery from Jossestown to Ballina, and either made over the farm to him then or left it to him at her death.

(4). Michael Slattery (aed), born Knockbritt 6th Feb. 1840.  Died ……1908.  Farmed at Ballina, Kilsheelan, Clonmel.  Married Margaret O’Sullivan [a sister of Mrs. Alice Skehan (w-abab)]of Kilmacomma, Clonmel, who died, 3-7-1948.  Ml. Slattery of Knockbritt bapt. 8th Feb. 1840: sps:- Tom Day and Mary Cunningham.

Issue:- 4 children.

(a). Geraldine (Babe) Slattery (aeda), born Ballina c. 1897.  A chemist at Kilrush, Co. Clare.  Unmarried.

(b). Michael Slattery (aedb), born at Ballina, c. 1898.  Farming at Ballina: married in 193-.  Annie (Bridget?) Maher of New Birmingham, Thurles: Ml. Slattery (aedb) died suddenly 27th July 1964: buried in Gambonsfield.

(c). Mary Margaret (Lill) Slattery (aedc), born c. 1899 at Ballina, married in 1934, James Ryan of Tobinstown, Tullow, Co. Carlow – a farmer, and also had Post Office at Tobinstown and husband is a widower, and died 195-.  No issue.

(d). William (Willie) Slattery (aedd), born Ballina, c. 1900.  Died of a spinal injury 1915.

5). Kate Slattery (aee), born Jossestown.  Died 23rd Apr. 1925 aged 72.  Married Aug. 1885 in Powerstown, Patrick Curran of Ring: bapt. 9th Apr. 1859, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.  (Note:- A Mrs Kate Corcoran, Ring, died).

Issue:- 3 children but 2 died young.

(a). Michael Curran (aeea), Ballynacourty, Ring, Dungarvan, born 3rd Jan. 1888.  Lives at same.  Married Mary Anne Wall, a widow and has issue about 2 boys and 3 girls.


(i). Catherine Curran (aeeaa), born 11th March 1921: lives in Ballynacourty: unmarried 1954.

(ii). Edward Curran (aeeab), born 17th Apr. 1922.  Went to Santa Monica, California, race horse training: m. in U.S.A., June O’Keeffe in June 1954.

(iii). Margaret Curran (aeeac), born 28th March 1923.  In London where she has hotel, 1954 and unmarried.

(iv). Mary Curran (aeead), born 15th Apr. 1925: nurse in England 1954, and unmarried.

(v). Patrick Curran (aeeae), born 10th Oct. 1926.  Horse training in England.

(b). Edmond Curran (aeeb) d. age 2: born 1886.

(c). Margaret Curran (aeec), born 1890: died 26th Oct. 1897.

(6). William Slattery (aef), born 6th Oct. 1832 at Knockbritt.  Lived and farmed at Jossestown, Fethard.  Died there unmarried 1907.  Wm. Slattery of Knockbritt bapt. 8-10-1832: sps:- John Connors and Mary Kervick.

(7). Patrick Slattery (aeg), born at Knockbritt, 3rd May 1836.  Farmed at Ballyvadin, married Mary Fitzgerald of Glengoole, New Birmingham, Thurles.  Patk. Slattery of Knockbritt bapt. 5th May 1836: sps:- Ally Daniel (Sola), Pat Slattery d. c.1900.  wife died c.1916.

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). Willie Slattery (aega), born Ballyvadin 4th Jan. 1883.  Lived there for a time and later at Jossestown, Fethard, which he hoped to inherit from his aunt, Ellen (aeh).  Farming at Jossestown.  Married in Powerstown 30th Mar. 1932, Ellen Markley (a servant of his aunt, Ellen).  He died c.1933.

(b). Katie Slattery (aegb) (Mother De Pazzi), born Ballyvadin 5-11-’71.  A nun in Mercy Convent, Templemore, Co. Tipp.  Died in 1927 (11th Nov. 1927, aged 52 years, as per tombstone): bapt. 7th Nov. 1871: sps:- Edm. Slattery and Mary A. Butler.

(c). Mary Maggie? Slattery (aegc),born Ballyvadin.  Died 1944.  Married Dick Slattery of Drangan, Fethard.  No issue.  Mollie Slattery bought Cusack’s farm in Coolmoyne and they lived there.  Dick Slattery died Sunday 16th Sept. 1956: buried in Woodrooffe.

(d). Maggie Mary Slattery (Molly?) (aegd), born Ballyvadin 31st Aug. 1877.  Died 1945.  On 13-8-1918, in Thurles, married Dick Grace of Cashel (shopkeeper) no issue.  In Register, Mary is heavily underlined, so this girls name must be Mary, as there is another Mgt. Bapt. 6th July 1872: sps:- Rd. and Mary Slattery (who was wife of Dick Slattery?).

(8). Ellen Slattery (aeh), born at Jossestown c.1843: died at Jossestown [which she inherited from her brother, William (aef)], in 1936, aged 93.  Unmarried and she left no valid will: so the proceeds of her estate went to the children of her brothers and sisters: the law costs totalled almost £1000.  Frank Murphy, Cloneml, was the solicitor, and he should have much material for the Slattery genealogy as a result of the management of Ellen’s affairs.

(9). John Francis Slattery (aei), born, Jossestown c.1847: studied in Carlow first for priesthood but gave it up and went to Australia.  Married there Agnes Eliz. Lennon (a sister of Hon. William Lenon who was Deputy Lieutenatn Governor of Queensland, Australia, and died in Brisbane c.1945): she was born 14-2-1847 and died 4-8-1919: they were married at Quartz Reef Stawell on Easter Monday 29-3-1869.  He died 6th Jan. 1900.

Issue:- 10 children.

(a). Joseph Paul Slattery (aeia), born at Stawell, 27-1-1870: d.12-1-1942: m. 17-11-1896 at Charters Tower, Queensland, Mary Ryan of Stawell.


(i). Francis Wm. (aeiaa), born 1-12-1898 at Charters Towe: m. 13-3-1943 Gertrude Galligher.

(ii). Nora Slattery (aeiab), born 1900: d. unmarried 1930.

(iii). Agnes Slattery (aeiac), born 1903: died unmarried c.1918.

(iv). James Slattery (aeiad), born 1907: d. unmarried c.1946.

(v). Br. Leo Slattery ……(aeiae), born 1909.  Christian Brother teaching in C.B. High School, Maryborough, Queensland in 1951.

(b). Mary Slattery (aeib), a girl, born Australia 14-4-1871.  Married James Drummond, Port Quarrie N.S.W. (native of Wigton, Scotland, born 16-8-1863: died 12-3-1933) in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane 20-8-1908.  (Her address in 1951 – Gladstone N.S.W. Maclerary River).

Issue:- 2 sons.

(i). Ronald Francis Drummond (aeiba), born 28th Aug. 1909: m. Mary Bouget (native of Seamark, York, Eng.) in St. Canice’s Church, Darbinghurst Sydney and in 1929.  No issue.

(ii). Leo James Drummond (aeibb), born 10-2-1911: m. Anastasia Alice Haynes at S.S. Peter and Pauls Church, Goulburn, 22-4-1935.

(c). Clare Slattery (aeic), born Australia 28-10-1872: died in 1945 april 23rd, aged 73.  Unmarried.

(d). Kathleen Slattery (aeid), born 30-10-1874: living in Melbourne 1951: d. unmarried 19-9-1951.

(e). Agnes Anne Slattery (aeie), born Stawell, Australia 30-10-1877: died 1949 July 21st: married Patrick Sweeney in 1908 and Richmond, Melb. Aged c.32 then (Sweeney of Donald, Vic): Pat Sweeney d. 11-5-1938.

Issue:- 2 children.

(i). Mulhall Patk. Sweeney (aeiea), born Australia c.1910: m. Eileen Stakelum in 1948.

(ii). Frank Sweeney (aeieb), born Australia c.1915 a chartered accountant: married Mollie Barker of Java, Indonesia 1945 in Melbourne Vic.

(f). Emilie Francis Slattery (aeif), born 12-8-1879: d. unmarried 1-9-1946.

(g). Nora Victoria Slattery (aeig), a girl born c.18—Australia, d. 28-11-1948: married Frederick Morey of Scotch descent, and a convert, he re-married 1950.  Farming at ……Ballarat.  Lives:- 77 Mathoura Rd., Toorak Vic. (1952).

(i). Sydney (Rev. Br. David) late Rev. Father Morey (aeiga), born Ohio U.S.A. 9-8-1913.  A Brother in some Religious Order (Maris) left Marist Brothers to become priest, and in Beda College, Rome 1950 at St. Mary’s Presbytery, colac Vic. In Swanhill Vic. 1959 Vic. Nmildura Vic. 1963 – Hopetown, Vic. 1964 Horsham, Vic.

(ii). Leo Morey (aeigb), Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 9-8-1918.  Died in war with the Japanese in 1939-45 World War: d.12-9-1945 at Balikpapin, Borneo.

(h). Leo Slattery (aeifh) d. unmarried 1-12-1921.  In 1914-8 War and died at Brisbane as result of the war.

(i). Frank Slattery (aeifi), d. unmarried 16-9-1916.  Killed in war at Gaza, Palastine.

(j). Gregory Slattery (aeifj) died young.

(10). James Slattery baptised 24th Feb. 1838: sps:- Thomas Skehan and Ally Daniel: he died unmarried.

Descendants of Ellen O’Donnell, 6th child of James O’Donnell and Cath. Crihane. 

Descentants of Ellen O’Donnell (af) married John Fitzgerald (h-af) of Buffana, Killenaule 6th May 1824: wss. John Ready, Joanna Foley and Cath. Daniel.  John Fitzgerald’s father came to Buffana from Ballydonnell, Mullinahone: and also a cousin fo his, another Fitzgerald who settled at the “Wood” of Buffana: farmer.

Ellen O’Donnell (af) (spelled also Dannell or Daniel), born Knockinglass c.1802: died…………

(1). Rev. James Fitzgerald (afa), born Buffana 27-5-1825.  He entered Thurles College in Sept. 1846: and left for Irish College, Paris 1849.  Died of appendicitis as a deacon or sub-deacon, student for Cashel diocese aged 28: buried in Moyglass Church.  Died 15-8-1853.  Bapt. 29th May 1825: sponsors:- John danniel and Mgt. Fitzgerald.

(2). Martin Fitzgerald (afb), born Buffana 31st Jan. 1835: bapt. 2nd Feb. 1835: sps:- James Daniel and Sally Halloran: farmed at same.  Died ……….Married, firstly, Mary A. Egan of……..Thurles, an aunt of Tom O’Connell’s wife, Kylenahone, by whom he had one boy and 2 girls.  Married secondly, Mary Meagher of Tubber, Cloneen, [a first cousin of Kate Corcoran – Skehan (w-aba)], by whom he had 4 children.  [He married Mary Meagher 28-4-1873: wss. Jas. Shea, Kate Meagher].  Martin Fitzgerald died suddenly cominghome, from Killenaule, at age of 44.  Drunk coming from Killenaule and found drowned in innter crossing going into Buffana, husbands of 2 of his sisters also met tragic deahts viz:- Wm. Tobbin and Pat Quirke.


(a). Helena (afba): she was born c.1870, and may be the Mary above; still living near Brisbane 1961.

(b). Mray Fitzgerald (afbb), bapt. 15th Sept. 1870: sps:- John Fitzgerald and Rebecca Tobbin (child of Mary Egan who died young).

(c). James Fitzgerald (afbc), a boy, child of (abf) and Mary Egan, born Buffana 17th Nov. 1871.  He died as an infant.

Children of Martin Fitzgerald by 2nd wife.

(b). John Fitzgerald (afbb), born Buffana 22nd Aug. 1875.  Farms at same.  On 27th Feb. 1911, in K.aule, married, firstly, Johanna Carrigan of Burnchurch, Killenaule (adjoining Buffana), by whom he had one son, Martin.  Married secondly Mary Anne Mulloy bapt. 13th Aug. 1882 of Moyglass [a sister of Maggie O’Connell (w-abbb)] by whom he had 3 children.  He died 24th January 1963, and was buried in Moyglass.


(i). Martin Fitzgerald (afbba), born Buffana.  Lives Burnchurch with Carrigans.

(ii). Margaret Fitzgerald (afbbb), born Buffana c.1923.  a nurse :in Caflifornia 1960 got her fathers farm, and married in St. Andrew’s Westland Row, Dublin on 25th June 1962, Denis Morris of Curraghmore, Loughmore, Templemore.  He married into Fitzgeralds.

(iii). Mary Fitzgerald (afbbc), born Buffana.

(iv). John Fitzgerald (afbbd), born Buffana.

(c). Nora (Nonie) Fitzgerald (afbc), born Buffana, 20th Mar. 1874.  Died 1944.  Went to U.S.A. married Pierce Hall.  No issue.

(d). Teresa Fitzgerald (afbd), born Buffana, 2nd Oct. 1879.  A nurse at 31 Lower Leeson St., (Hospital), Dublin.  Unmarried.  Spent some time in Australia with the Rogers.  Bapt. 4th Oct. 1879: sps:- Patk. O’Connell and Mgt. Maher.  Living in 1963 at 26 Iona Rd., Glasnevin.

(e). Jim Joseph Fitzgerald (afbe), born Buffana, 7th Sept. 1877.  Went to U.S.A. married there Mary Colwell formerly of Moyglass (ranch farm) she in Ireland in 1954, 3 daughters , who were married in 1944.  Living (1954) at 6505N 17th Street, Oaklane, Philadelphia, Pa.


(i). Mary Fitzgerald born in Philadelphia: married.

(ii). Margaret Fitzgerald born in Philadelphia: married.

(iii). ……….. Fitzgerald born in Philadelphia: married.  (Hr husband died a few years after her marriage).

(f). Elena Fitzgerald (afba) – Mrs. Rogers, a daughter of (by first wife) of Martin Fitzgerald (afb).  Went to Australia about 1889.  Born in Buffana 1868.  Married ……Rogers in Australia.  No family.  Living 1951 in Brisbane…….Rogers died 1950s: Mrs. Rogers died in Brisbane Feb. 1968, aged 100.

(g). Cissie Fitzgerald (afbb) d. of Martin Fitzgerald by first wife.  Died in Buffana as a young girl: bapt. Mary.

(3). John (Lord John) Fitzgerald (afc), born Buffana 3rd April 1841: baptised 5-4-1841: sps:- Walter Skehan and Honora Connell.  Lived at Lismortagh where he had a farm.  Died 31-12-1927: buried in Moyglass.  On 20th Feb. 1867, married Catherine Grimes of Lismortagh whose family came from Co. Kerry and rented the dairy farm at Knockinglass where the curates house now stands: she died 11th Feb. 1917 and was buried in Moyglass.

Issue:- 8 children.

(a). John Fitzgerald (afca), born Lismortagh 4th Aug. 1871.  Has drapery stores at Templemore, Co. Tipp., and had a farm at Clonbrogan which he sold 1936: married Katty Wall.

(b). Willie Fitzgerald (afcb), born Lismortagh 20th Feb. 1870.  Went to England where he had licensed businesses which he sold during 1914-18 War.  Returned to Ireland and purchased an estate at Coole Abbey, Knocklofty, Clonmel, which sold in 1945, and wernt to live in Dublin.  Lost an arm in a tractor accident at Coole Abbey.  Married in England, Margaret Dwyer, formerly  of Stephenstown, Rosegreen who d. 1948.  Wm. died Feb. 1953.

Issue:- one adopted? Daughter.

(i). Mabel Fitzgerald (afcba), (adopted?), born in  England.  Married c.1938, Thomas Ryan, a magor in Irish Army.  Retired 19—Live 95? Mobhis Rd. Glasnevin.  Living 1953 at Park View,m 14 North Circular Rd., Dublin.

(c). James Fitzgerald (afcc), born Lismortagh born 23rd Feb. 1868.  Went to Johannsburg, South Africa, where he was an officer in police force.  Retired on pension 1936, and returned to Lismortagh.  Married in Johannsburg, Bessie Kelly.

Issue:- 5 children.

(i). Kathleen Fitzgerald (afcca), born Johannsburg.  Married William O’Connell of Johannsburg.

(ii). James Fitzgerald (afccb), born Johannsburg.  Married there, Sue Levin, a Jewess who became a Catholic.

(iii). Sarah Fitzgerlad (afccc), born Johannsburg.  Unmarried 1945.

(iv). William Fitzgerlad (afccd), born Johannsburg.  A technical instructor in Johannsburg.

(v). Pierce Fitzgerald (afcce), born Johannsburg.  Unmarried in 1945 and farming near Johannsburg.

(d). Mary Anne (Sr. Mary Reginald) Fitzgerald (afcd), born Lismortagh, 22nd July 1873.  A nun at Blauvelt, New York, U.S.A. Baptised 24th July 1873: sps:- Wm. and Mary Murphy.

(e). Lena (Ellen) (Sr. Mary Hyacinth) Fitzgerald (afce), born Lismortagh 16th Oct. 1874.  A nun at Blauvelt, New York, U.S.A.

(f). Catherine Fitzgerald (afcf), born Lismortagh 16th Feb. 1877.  Went to U.S.A. A postal official in New York.

(g). Annie Fitzgerald (afcg), born Lismortagh, 8th June 1879.  A governess.  Died unmarried in Bermuda.  Bapt. 10th June 1879: sps:- James Fitzgerald and Kate Murphy.

(h). Teresa Fitzgerald (afch), born Lismortagh, 12th Apr. 1881.  Farms at Lismortagh.  Married John Maher of ……….., who died 6-1-1947, aged 76.  No issue.  Teresa handed over Lismortagh in 1949, to a nephew of her husband and went to live in Park View, N.S.R., Dublin.  She was baptised 14th Apr. 1881: sps:- James and Ellen Fitzgerald.  She died 17th March 1955.

(4). (2nd child) Tom (Lord Tom) Fitzgerald (afd), bornBuffana, 20th Oct. 1826.  Farmed at Rathduff (adjoining Clonbrogan).  died 2nd April 1913 and is buried in Moyglass aged 88.  Married 4th Feb 1856 in Cloneen by Rev. Wm. Quirke: wss: Patk. O’Connell and Kate Shea: married Ellen Quirke [a sister of Dean Quirke of Cashel and aunt of Pat Quirke (h-aadf)] of Ballyvadlea, Drangan, she died 13th Nov. 13th Nov. 1885 aged 61: buried in Moyglass.  Thos. Fitzgerald bapt. 22-10-1826: sps:- Wm. Nowland and Joanna Touhy.

Issue:- 2 or 3 children.

(a). John Fitzgerald (afda), born Rathduff, 30th June 1858.  Farmed at same.  Married Maria Ryan of Coolenure, Fethard (a sister of Fr. Ml. Ryan P.P., Manchester).  He died 17th Dec. 1894 aged 36: buried in Moyglass:his wife, Maria, died 15th June 1928 and is buried in Moyglass.  No issue.  (Fr. Ml. Ryan and his brother Pat of Coolenure (1940) now own Rathduff Farm).

b). (?) Tom Fitzgerald (afdb), born……….Died unmarried.

(c). Ellen Fitzgerald (afdc), born Rathduff 25th Oct. 1863.  Married Edward Curran, (an ex-police officer of R.I.C. of British rule in Ireland).  Live at Mobarnane, Fethard.  She died 20th April 1949: and her husband died 16th Oct. 1938 aged 76: both buried in Moyglass.

Issue:- 2 children.

(i). Jack Curran (afdca), born……………….killed in 1914-18 War.

(ii). Hanna Curran (afdcb), born……………..married Michael Ryan of Cashel (shopkeeper, bookmaker and farmer).  Live and farming at Mobarnane: but husband lives and carries on business in Cashel.

(5). Patrick Fitzgerald (afe), born Buffana, 2nd May 1837: baptised 4-5-1837: sps:- Rev. James Ryan and Catherine Nolan.  Married James O’Shea and Anastasia Quirke of Milestown: bapt. 6-1-1835 of Wm. Shea and Anastasia Quirke: of Milestown Mills, Cloneen, Fethard, on 8th Feb. 1869, by Rev. James O’Connell: wss. Thos. Shea, and Revecca Tobbin.  James O’Shea d. 188- James O’Shea was a brother of Rev. Dan O’Shea, born 1845: ord. Paris 1870, and died of fever as Chaplain to Precentation nuns, Cashelin 1872: he was a nephew of Dean Wm. Quirke of Cashel.

Issue:-  5 children.

(a). William O’Shea (affa), born Milestown Mills 10-9-1871.  Married Margaret Fogarty of Barnalough, Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipp.  He died 22nd June 1953 and was buried in Cloneen Chapel yard.   (Wm. bapt. in Cloneen 12th Sept. 1871: sps:- Dan Shea and Cath. Quirke).

Issue:- 8 children.

(i). Mary Bridget O’Shea (affaa), born Milestown 7th Feb. 1907: bapt. in Cloneen on 9th Feb. 1907.  Married Matt Barlow of Shrough, Lattin, Tipperary, an electrical engineer.  Live Emmet St. Clonmel.  Barlow was a widower with 6 children: he deserted her.

(A).  Clare Barlow (affaaa), a girl born c.1940.

(ii). James Joseph O’Shea (affab), born Milestown 3rd June 1904.  Has Mills and farm at Milestown.  Unmarried 1946.  Bapt. in Cloneen 5th June 1904.  Has mills and farm at Milestown. Unmarried 1946.  Bapt. in Cloneen 5th June 1904: sps:- Wm. and Stasia Meagher.

(iii). Phil Benedict O’Shea (affac), born Milestown 15th Apr. 1910.  An official of Cow Testing Association.  Bapt. in Cloneen 17th April 1910: sps:- Thos. O’Shea and Emily Millett.

(iv). Willie Vincent O’Sha (affad), born Milestown 21st July 1911. Lives at same 1946.  Bapt. in Cloneen 23rd Julyy 1911 and sps:- James Joseph O’Shea and Mary Britton.

(v). Dan O’Shea (affae), born Milestown.  Farms at Ballinard, Cloneen (sold before 1952) [ part of a divided estate of Wm. Quirke (aadfaa)].  Married Kitty Anglim of Lismoynan, Drangan (d. late Eddie Anglim, and Annie Murphy).  Since 1952 they live at Milestown.

(vi). Margaret Mary O’Shea (affaf), born Milestown 3rd July 1913: bapt. in Cloneen 5th July 1913.  Married Michael O’Flaherty of Killusty Castle, Fethard – a farmer.

Issue:- 8 children.

(A). Liam Flaherty (affafa), born Killusty c.1938.

(B). Mildred Flaherty (affafb), born Killusty c.1939: engaged 1961 to Michael, son of Dr. Paddy Stokes Fethard.

(C). Cecelia Flaherty (affafc), born Killusty.

(D). Fidelma Flaherty (affafd), born Killusty.

(E). Attracta (affafe).

(F). Norbert (affaff).

(G). Mary (affafg).

(H). Michael (affafh),

(vii). Aileen Francis Eileen O’Shea (affag), born Milestown 2nd Oct. 1908.  Unmarried, she died Friday, 23rd November 1951 rather suddenly.  Baptised in Cloneen 4th Oct. 1908: sps:- Rev. Wm. O’Brien and Kate Anglim.

(viii). Nancy Teresa O’Shea (affah), born Milestown, 2nd February 1917.  Died ……….1941.  unmarried.  Bapt. in Cloneen 4th Feb. 1917.

(b). Mary (Mother Michael) O’Shea (affb), born Milestown 5th Feb. 1870.  A nun in the Mercy Convent, Tipperary town.  Bapt. in Drangan 7th Feb. 1870: sps:- Thos. Fitzgerald and C. Shea: died in Mercy Convent, Tipp. Sunday 19th July 1964: interred in Convent grounds on 21st.

(c). Statia O’Shea (affc), born Milestown 1876, died 1949.  Married 12th Aug. 1903 William Maher of Crohane, Ballingarry, Co. Tipp. – a farmer who died Nov. 1952.  Statia bapt. 16th March 1876: sps:- Wm. Shea and Ma;ry Toffin.

Issue:- 4 children.

(i). James Edw. Maher (affca), born Crohane in 1909 July 30th.  Lives same.  Bapt. in Cloneen 1st Aug. 1909.

(ii). Hoseph Wm. Maher (affcb), born Crohane, 28th Apr. 1913.  Lives same.  Bapt. in Cloneen 30th April 1913: married 1954.

(iii). Bridget Mary Maher (affcc), born Crohane 19th Nov. 1911. Book-keeper at Borrisokane, Co. Tipp.  bapt. in Cloneen, 21st Nov. 1911.

(iv). Ellen Teresa Maher (affcd), born Crohane 1916.  Bapt. in Cloneen 22nd Oct. 1916.

Note:- Wm. Millet, Drangan, 1665-67 (Hearth Money Records – Laffan).  Probate of Will of Wm.  Millett, Ballyrohan 1672 – probably the same man (Thrifts Index) Thos. Millett, burgess of Fethard, 1707 and probably earlier Son of Wm? died 1715. (Corporation Records of Fethard  -copy in Grove Ho).  probates of wills of Red. Millett of Knockuragh, Drangan, 1756: and Thos. Millett of Kyle, 1756 (Thrifts Index – Cashel and Emly): Matthew Millett of Kyle, gent. 1765: John Millett of Prosfpect Hill, Co. Tipp. Esq. 1785 (Vicars Index – Preog wills).

(d). Ellie (Sister M. Bridget) O’Shea (affd) Elizabeth O’Shea, bapt. 6th October 1878: sps:- Patrick and Honora Shea, born Milestown c.1878.   A nun I Mercy Convent, Tipperary Town.  Died of T.B. at age of 19 having been professed on her death bed 1898.

(e). John O’Shea (affe), born Milestown 25th Jan. 1874: bapt. 27th Jan. 1874: sps:- Thos. Shea and Rebecca Toffin [a John O’Shea married Eliz. Maher 11th May 1902 in Drangan].

(7). Mary Fitzgerald (afg), born Buffana 8th Aug. 1828: bapt. 10th Aug. 1828: sps:- Thos. Fitzgerald and Ellen Daniel.  Died ………..married Richard (William_ Toppin of Buffana, a Protestant and a farmer, (who proposed ante “Ne Tenere” to rear up any male children of marriage as Protestants: there were none however).  Toppin was shot dead by unknown assailants, said to be the Fitzgeralds of the “Wood”, Buffana over a right of way or a piece of land.

Issue:- 2 children.

(a). Lena (Sr. Austin) Toppin (afga), born Buffana, 8th April 1860.  A nun in England at Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, Kidderminster: died at……….

(b). Rebecca Toppin (afgb), born Buffana 3rd Feb. 1857.  Died ……. Married on 25th Feb. 1879, Matthew Millett.  Lived on Rebecca’s farm at Buffana.

Miss ………..Mahony of Cappawhite – grandmother of Rebecca Toppin’s children.

Issue:- 12 children.

(i).  Emily Mary Kate Millett (afgba), born Buffana 30th April 1880: bapt. 2nd May 1880: sps:- Edw. Millett and Bgt. Quirke.  Married Ned Hall of Knockforla, Killenaule – a farmer who died 1940.  No issue.  Emily sold farm and now lives, Buffana (1949).  Emily died Sunday 15th June 1958 and was interred in Moyglass.

(ii). Richard (Dick) Millet (afgbb), born at Buffana 1881.  Lives on farm, Buffana.  Unmarried, Rd. John Millett bapt. 26th June 1881: sps:- Jas Donnell and Helena Toppin.  Died suddenly in Thurles at wedding of Carmel Ryan on 20th Oct. 1954.

(iii). Ruby i.e. Rebecca (Sr. Patrick Joseph) Millet (afgbc), born Buffana 9th Jan. 1884: baps. 11-1-1884: sps:- John and Ellie Fitzgerald.  A nun at Kidderminster: also St. Annes Convent, Mussellburg, Scotland:retired in ill-health 1949, to St. Pauls Convent, Sellyoak Park: died 1st April 1962.

(iv). Mary Ellen Millet (afgbd), born Buffana 15th May 1885.  Married 7th Oct. 1909 Patrick Mulcahy of Ballycullane (near Tallow), Co. Cork – a farmer (whose brother was late Mg. J. Mulcahy of Rockhampton, diocese Australia).  Mary died in 1940 on Oct. 21st.

Issue:- 11 children.

(A). Edmund Mulcahy (afgbda), born Ballycullane, Tallow, Co. Cork c.1910.  lives at same, Inspector for Royal Liver Insurance Co., 1952, and living in Fermoy 1960, Ballycullane: married Maureen O’Sullivan.


((1)). Richard.

((2)). John.

((3)). Aidan.

((4)). Mary Martina.

(B). Matthew Mulcahy (afgbdb), born Ballycullane.  Lives at  Boutah, Ballynoe, Ballycullane: married Mary O’Keefe in 194……

(C). Joseph Mulcahy (afgbdc), born Ballycullane.  Lives same: married Edith Heaphy of Lisgoold, Co. Cork (nurse) on 5th July 1962.

(D). Fr. David Mulcahy (afgbdd), born Ballycullane.  A priest of Rockhampton diocese. Lives:- St. John’s Presbytery, Walkerston, via Mackay, Queensland, Australia.  In Ireland since ….. several years ago; mental breakdown: first in Belmont Home, Waterford, and now (1952) in St. John of God Home, Stillorgan: Grangegorman 1960.

(E). Mary (Sr. Sylvester) Mulcahy (afgbde), born Ballycullane.  A nun in Mercy Order, Biloola in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.  Range Convent Rockhampton.

(F). Margaret (Sr. Joseph) Mulcahy (afgbdf), born Ballycullane.  Brought to Australia, as were her brother Fr. David, and sister Mary by her uncle, Mgr. Mulcahy a nun:- Mercy Convent, Bilboola in Rockhampton, Queensland.  Range Convent Rockhampton.

(G). Ruby Mulcahy (afgbdg), born Ballycullane.  Lives with her aunt, Lena, (afgbh) at Ballytarsna, Horse and Jockey: m. John Lane in 1947: lives Shanakill, Curroglass, Co. Watr.

(H). Emily Mulcahy (afgbdh), born Ballycullane.  A nurse in England now (1952) nursing in Dublin:m. Ronnie Heaps.  Lives Inchicore.

(I). Kitty Mulcahy (afgbdi), born Ballycullane.  Lives Shanakill, Curraglass, Co. Watr.: m. James Casey, nephew of late bishop of Ross.

(J). Hannah Mulcahy (afgbdj), born Ballycullane.  Lives same: m. Daniel O’Sullivan.

(K). Austin Mulcahy (afgbdk), born Ballycullane 1952.  In R.A.F. Eng.: m. Anne ………. Of Mourne Abbey: living in Castleyons in 1960, Insurance Agent.

(L). Bridget Mulcahy (afgbdl), born Ballycullane.  Died aged 5.

(v). Matt Millet (afgbe), born Buffana F.A.C.C.A., 3rd Aug. 1886.  A chartered accountant in Clonmel.  Married Mary Keating, a school-teacher, in Cot. 1920.  Lives 14 Ard-na-Greine, Clonmel.  Matt died suddenly 30th Nov. and was interred at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Clonmel.

Issue:- 8 children.

(A). Austin (Fr. Benignus) Millet (afgbea), born Clonmel 1922.  A priest O.F.M. Ordained priest for Franciscan Order in Rome, Holy Saturday, 5-4-1947, and stationed at St. Isidore, Rome, Livarian there to c.1955, Dr. Hist. Ecc. (Greg-Uni, Rome) 1959.  Stationed in Franciscan House of Studies, Killiney 1955.

(B). Margaret Peal Millet (afgbeb), born Clonmel 1924.  Lives Ardnagrien, Clonmel, Book-keeper and accountant.  Married Patrick O’Neill of Portlaw, Co. Watr., Electrical Engineer and buidler on 3rd Aug. 1948.  Lives at Roesboro, South Avenue, Mt. Miession, Dublin.

(C). Ruby Rebecca Millet (afgbec), born Clonmel.  Appointed to clerical staff of South Tipp. Board of Health in 1946.

(D). Rosy Millet (afgbed), born Cloneml.  Studying at National University, Science and B. Sc (N.V.I.) In England 1948 at Atomie Research Station, Harwell near Oxford, England and Canada 1954.

(E). John Desmond Millet (afgbee), born Clonmel in 1930: studying for teaching (B.A. 1952) H. : teaching in Clontarf 1952 N.T. gave up teaching and went to Beda College, Rome, 1967, to study for the priesthood.  Ordained priest for diocese of Clifton.  Wed. 14th April at Gormanstown College, by Dr. Rudderham, Bp. Of Clifton.

(F). M………Anthony P. Millet (afgbef) A.C.I.S. born Clonmel in 1932.  In 1952, in ESB Junior Inst in Dublin 1960 Galway.  Married (and lived in Dublin) Sept. 1958 in St. Josephs Church, Galway, Nora M. Karden (Varden) of Tuam (Curragh Ho.)

(G). Jerry Gerard Millet (afgbeg), born Clonmel 25-6-’33.  At school 1949.  Chartered accountant 1952, in E.S.B. in Portarlington: m. Christina Byrne of Lispatrick, Knock 17th Sept. 1960 in St. Mary’s Haddington Rd., Dublin, lives in Dublin.

(H). Vincent Millet (afgbeh), born Clonmel 24-8-’34.  At High School, 1949, and later attacked to Engineering Dept. of S. Tipp. Co. Council: and transferred in 1960 to Health Section.  Married 29th July 1961, Rosemarie Flannelly of Clonmel.  Vincent got the Buffana farm from his last surviving uncle, Paul Millet, in 1963 and came to live there.

(vi) Paul Millet (afgbf), born Buffana.  Lives at same.  Unmarried.

(viii). Lena Millet (afgbh), born Buffana 8th Oct. 1893: married Patrick Scanlan of Ballytarsna, nephew of Dr. Lawrence Scanlan, bishop of Salt Lake City consc 29-6-1887: (Cashel) Horse and Jockey in 1917 – a farmer who died in 1930. Lena died 20th March 1956: buried in Ballysheehan.  No issue.

(ix). Eva Millet (afgbi), born Buffana, c.1902.  lives at same: unmarried Thurs. 14th Feb. 1963 and was interred at Moyglass.

(x). Thomas Millet (afgbj), born Buffana: died aged 9 months.

(xi). James Millet afgbk), born Buffana: died aged 9 months.

(xii). James Millet (II) (afgbl), born Buffana: died aged 9 months.

(8). Catherine Fitzgerald (afh), born Buffana 11-12-1830.  Married Pat Quirke (24th May 1864) of Ballyvadlea, Drangan – a farmer (and a nephew of Dean Quirke of Cashel).  she his second wife, the first wife being Ellen Stokes (aadf), her 1st and 2nd cousin.  Cath. Fitzgerald bapt. 13th Dec. 1830: sps:- Martin Fitzgerald and Mgt. Nowlan.  He died 5-7-1867 (drowned in Tramore).


(a). John Quirke (afha), bapt. in Drangan 3rd Apr. 1865: sps:- Michael Shee and Ellen Fitzgerald.

(b). Patrick Quirke (afhb), born Ballyvadlea 18th Nov. 1867.  Went to Melbourne, Austalia: married there……..Green: Pat Quirke bapt. 20th Nov. 1867: sps:- Martin Fitzgerald and Kate Shea.

Issue:- 4 daughters.

(c). Mary Quirke (afhc), born Ballyvadlea 14th Aug. 1866.  Went to Australia.  Married there ……….. a Station-master.  Has a large family.  Mary Quirke bapt. 16th Aug. 1866: sps:- Dan Shea and Mary Fitzgerald (by Rev. Mackey).

(d). Patrick Quirke (afhd) son of late Pat Quirke and Cath. Fitzgerald bapt. 20th Nov. 1867: sps:- Marin Fitzgerald and Kate Shea.

(9). Edmond Fitzgerald (afi), baptised 25th Feb. 1843: sps:- Thomas Connil and Mary Corcoran.

James O’Donnell: (1757-1801): gent, father of Ab. O’Donnell:  farmer, Knockinglass married Cath. Crean (or Crihane) c.1786.


Mary O’Donnell, eldest born 10-8-1787: d. 1892, aged 105 married John Nolan of Lurgoe, K.aule, farmer.


Mgt. Nolan born 1812 married Wm. Stokes of Magowry (2nd wife): 9 children: his 1st wife was Mary O’Neill of Lisronagh by whom he was great grandfather and or P. Stokes (senior).


Ml. Quirke (1797-1858) [brother of Rev. Wm. Quirke, Dean of Cashel] of Railstown, Cashel and Ballyvadlea, Cloneen married Bridget Morrissey (1791-1867). Issue:- 11 children.


Patrick Quirke of Ballyvadlea (8th child) born Feb. 1830: drowned in Tramore 5th July 1876 in efford to rescue a drowning mn: married Ellen, dau. Wm. Stokes of Magowry, Drangan, and Margaret Nolan, Lurgoe, Killenaule on 24-11-1859.  She was born 25th May 1842: died 1863: she was his first wife.  He m. 2ndly Cath. Fitzgerald of Buffana, Killenaule (a first and second cousin of his 1st wife) on 24th May 1864, by whom he had 3 children 1. John: 2. Mary Quirke who went to Australia, married there a station master and had a large family: 3. Patrick who also went to Australia (Melbourne) and married a Miss Green and was said to have 4 daughters.


Ml. Quirke, auctioneer, hotelier and farmer born 13th Sept. 1860: d. 25-9-1942: lived at first in Drangan and later Hibernian Hotel, Fethard: married Margaret Britton of Cloneen: died 18th Nov. 1933 aged 70.


Patk. F. Quirke (1892-1951) of Mocklerstown, Clerihan, Clonmel, engineer, auctioneer and farmer: married and had 6 children:- Ml. Auctioneer (1930-55) killed in motor accident: Rd. b. 1931, a doctor, m . and has issue: Patk. B. 1933, auctioneer, Clonmel, married has issue: Mgt. Nun b.1935: Liam b. 1936, farming at Mocklerstown: Anne b. 1937.

Senator Wm. Quirke, Sec. Genral of Fianna Fail Party, farmer, auctioneer b.   1894: d. suddenly 5-3-1955. M. Clare Riordan of U.S>A. had 2 children:- Eliza, b. 1928 and married, 1950, John H. Lovall-Dolan a well known Dublin barrister and has issue Michael b. 1930: m. 1953, Marjorie Hanlon of California USA and has issue.  Lives in Dublin.

  1. Mary Joe Quirke b. c.1897: m. cousin Dr. Patk. Stokes of Fethard, coroner of South Tipp. has 6 children: Dr. Patk. (juiior) of Fethard b. c.1934 m. June  1966, Diane Grey (a non catholic): Cath. Renee radiooligist m. 307-1955, Dru Dudley Stauntion of Swinford Co. Mayo and has issur: Vera b. c.1921 radiologist, m. 24-11-1954 Denis Kelly of Longford, accountant, nephew of Most Rev. Dr. McNamee, Bp. Ardgh, has issue: Maura, b. 1928 m. Stanisblaue Kenny of Merton Drive, Ranelagh, Dublin 6-91958: has issue: Olive b. 1929 radiologist: m. Aug. 1960, Denis Looby of Buke St…., Fethard and has issue: Michael, farmer, Fethard, b.1930: m. Nov. 1961 Mildred Flaherty of Killusty, Fethard has issue.
  1. Christina b. 1901: m. Charles M.Donnald, farmer living near Cork City and her issue 6 children:- Wm. Stuart McDonnell b. 1926 in Rhodesia married and has issue. Mary Rose, art student, m. 1954 Dr. John O’Dalloghan and then went ot Canadan oissue: Anne McDonald: ml. McDonelad b. 1935: attaced to Dept. of Agriuclture: Christina McDonald b. 1942.
  1. Elieen Quirke m. Jim F. Henchy of Cork who died in 1950s.  she is in th eladies fashion business. O issue.
  1. Margaret (Peg) in Irish Hosp. swells: died of Leukemia 3-3-1948. Unmarried.
  1. Madeline Quirke died 50401903 aged 3.

Bridget Quirke b. 27-3-1862: d. 15-9-1923 married John Britton of Cloneen (a brother of Mgt. Britton wife of Ml. Quirke b. 1855: died 1906, farmer.


  1. Mary Agnes b.21-3-1886: m. Frank Meagher of Cloneen and has 1 child, Charles Henry b. 6-7-1920.
  1. Wm. b. 8-1-1888: died unmarried 26-6-1923.
  1. Patrick b. 5-4-1889: he was married 3 times but had no issue.
  2. Helen (Lilian) b. 28-6-1890: m. Edwin W. Jones of Liverpool, Eng., who died in 1953 at Greenlawn, Banglaw, Fethard, Co. Tipp: they spent many years in USA. No issue.
  1. Cath. Kathleen b. 22-9-1891: lives in England: m.Granville Marshall engineer,Scarborough: Royal Air Force and has issue:- Kenneth born and others.
  2. John (Frank) Francis b. 7-10-1892: went to Aust. M. Kitty May? 4 children:- Kevin b. 1924? M. Shirley Logan and has 5 children: Kathleen in 1949? John Andrews of ……John born ……… m. Mgt. Bell c. 1962 and has issue: Lee Ann b. 1963, and Tracy b. 1965.
  1. Henry b. 30-10-1893 d. unmarried 14-9-1914.
  1. Angela, b. 11-1-1895: lived mostly in Spain, unmarried.
  1. Augustine b. 28-9-1897: went to USA and Bank Official in N.Y. m. a Miss Jane and had issue one child Robert.

Children of Michael Quirke and Bridget Morrissey, Ballyvadlea.

Michael died 29th Sept. 1858 aged 61 and Bridget died 5th June aged 76: buried in Railstown.

(1). Bridget, baptised in Drangan,  11th July 1819.

(2). Anne, baptised in Drangan, 17th Feb. 1821.

(3). Michael, baptised in Drangan, 24th July 1822.

(4). Catherine, baptised in Drangan, 20th May 1824.

(5). Ellen, baptised in Drangan, 20th May 1824.

(6). Margaret, baptised in Drangan, 25th June 1826.

(7). Judith, baptised in Drangan, 16th Dec. 1827? Ellen Stokes of Magowry.

(8). Patrick, baptised in Drangan, Feb. 1830.

(9). Denis, baptised in Drangan, 4th Sept. 1831.

(10). James, baptised in Drangan, 4th March 1833.

(11). Ally, baptised in Drangan, 21st March 1836.

Where is Rev. Wm. Quirke, later Dean of Cashel (1868-87): are Michael Quirke and Bgt. Morrissey his parents? Dean Quirk was born in 1808 at Rathsallagh in Parish of Cashel (or Ardsallagh in Parish of Fethard) from whence the family later removed to Ballyvadlea in Cloneen : therefore record of his baptism would not appear in the Drangan Register.

Descendants of John O’Donnell, 7th child of James O’Donnell and Catherine Crihane. 

Descendants of John O’Donnell (ag) and Catherine Barnes (h-ag).  Lived Knockinglass.

Order of their children (1). John (1827): (2). Mary Anne (1828): (3). James (1831): (4). Patk. (1833): (5). Thos.: (6). Ml. (1838): (7). Anastasia (1840): (8). Ellen (1845): (9). Honora (1847): (10). Mary II (1848): (11). Kate.

John O’Donnell (ag), born Knockinglass c.180-. died: farmed at Knockinglass.  In 1826, married Catherine Barnes of Ballyglasheen, Kilsheelan.  (She was a daughter of ……Barnes of Ballyglasheen, a Protestant, who fell in love with a Mary O’Donnell of Ballyloe, Kilshellan, he became a Catholic and married her.  Mary O’Donnell-Barnes’s on, Thomas, was father of John Henry-Barnes who married, Nora (agj), daughter of John O’Donnell (ag) – his first cousin.  The correstness of this information doubtful).

Issue:- 10 or 11 children.

(1). Mary Anne O’Donnell (aga), born Knockinglass (recte 13-9-1828) 15-8-1826?: bapt. 14-9-1828: sps:- James Daniel and Cath Dunevan. She died at Lancaster 9-11-1920.  Went to England and married in Liverpool, 21-11-1860 ( or 1867), Robert Williamson, a convert and Scotchman from Orkney of Shetland Islands. Lost at sea about 1871, it is said Mary Anne told her children that she was a cousin of Ab. Tom Fennelly.

Issue:- 4 children.

(a). Thomas Williamson (agaa), born Liverpool 16-4-1862 (or 1859): died Birkenhead 22-2-1919 and buried at Flaybrick Cemetery.  Was a chartered accountant.  Married Honora Riley of Runcorn, Cheshire.  Lived Birkenhead.

Issue:- 6 children.

(i). Robert Williamson (agaaa), born Birkenhead.  Married………………… a non-catholic (Salvation Army).  Lives Liverpool.  No issue.

(ii). Nellie Williamson (agaab), born Birkenhead.  Married firstly ……….. Clarke, by whom she has one son.  Married secondly ……….. a Protestant: no issue by this marriage.  Lives Liverpool.


(A). Thomas Clarke (agaaba), born.

(iii). Nora Williamson (agaac), born Birkenhead.  Married ….McGlynn, by whom she has one daughter, Moira: married secondly …….Woods, a Protestant.  Live Chester.  Nora, a non-practising Catholic.


(A). Moira McGlynn (agaaca), born: married in Birkenhead………….. Evans, a doctor’s son.

(iv). Kathleen Williamson (agaad), born Birkenhead.  Married in Liverpool.

(v). Marion Williamson (agaae), born Birkenhead: married there, Charles Laurence Corcoran (originally fro Co. Wexford, Eire).  Lived – Alexander Road, Birkenhead.  Marion died July 1953: her husband died suddenly 9th Oct. 1954 of Angina pectoris.

Issue:- 10 children.

(A). Moira (?) Corcoran (agaaea), born Birkenhead c.1918.  married c.1944 ………… Duggan.

(B). Eileen Corcoran (agaaeb), born Birkenhead c.1920.

(C). Fr. John Corcoran (agaaec), born Birkenhead c.1921.  educated Ushaw College, Yorkshire.  Ordained priest c.1936.  served in Isle of Mull, Arglyyshire.  Now (1944) a curate at St. Josephs, Tatton St., Stockport, Cheshire (Shrewsbury diocese).

(D). Fr. Gerard Corcoran (agaaed), born Birkenhead c.1922.  educated at Ushaw College, Yorkshire.  Ordained priest 1938.  Curate in Chester (Shrewsbury diocese) 1944.  Adress:- St. Weburgh’s Presbytery, Grosvenor Park Road, Chester.  Appt. P.P. in 1952 at 68 Home Farm Road, Woodchurch Estate, Birkenhead.

(E). Phil Corcoran (agaaee), born Birkenhead.  In army 1939-46.

(F). Margaret Corcoran (agaaef), born Birkenhead c.1924.

(G). Pauline Corcoran (agaaeg), born Birkenhead, c.1926.

(H). Kathleen Corcoran (agaaeh), born Birkenhead c.1932.

(I). Clare Corcoran (agaaei), born Birkenhead c.1934.

(J). Rosa Corcoran (agaaej), born Birkenhead c.1936.

(vi). ……..Williamson (agaaf).

(b). John Williamson (agab), born 13-4-1861 (or 1864) on Palm Sunday.  Had a drapery store at Widnes, Lancashire, and was an alderman in town corporation there.  Married 31-5-1884, at St. Mary’s Church, Widnes, Ellen Farrell (born 1860 of Widnes) whose family were of Co. Wexford, Eire.  Had about 17 children – 5 being still born.  John and his family went to Vancouver, Canada in 1911 where John died 22-2-1928 (or 1929).  Lived Quebec St., Kamloops.  His wife after, lived with her daughter Eileen – Mrs Cooper, till her death 194-.


(i). Mary Williamson (agaba), born at Widnes, Lanes, Eng. 23-3-1885.  Lived Quebec St., Kamloops till 1946, when husband sold it and built a new house at Kamloops: married at Vancouver, 2-7-1914, Ernest Leslie McLennan, a Canadian of Scotch descent.

Issue:- 5 children.

(A). Vera McLellan (agabaa), born Canada 25-8-1915.  Married a convert, on 4-10-1938.  They have 3 adopted children.  Live Kamloops.

(B). John Leslie McLellan (agabab), born Canada, 4-6-1917.  Married …………..on 9-4-1942.

(C). Nina Anne McLellan (agabac), born Canada 3-5-1920.  Unmarried 1946.

(D). Monica Ellen (Mona) McLellan (agabad), born British Columbia, Canada, 10-9-1922: married 3-6-1944………………

(E). Albert (Bert) McLellan (agabae), born British Columbia, 9-3-1926.  In navy during 1939-45 war.

Unmarried in 1946.

(ii). Nicholas Williamson (agabb), born Widnes, Lanc. Eng., 27-8-1886.  Married Florence Hough of Runcorn, Cheshire, Eng., in 1906.  Lives British Columbia, Canada (Hotel Sherwood, Victoria, B.C. 1952).  Nicolas Willainson is a retired postal official and piano salesman: and also professional violinist: his wife was fine lyric soprano, author of a historical novel called “O Hara San” in which James O’Donnell is one of the characters.  Nic. Livign in Vancouver, 1964.

Issue:- 2 children.

(A). ……………Williamson (agabba), a boy, born 5-2-1907.  A radio artist.  Married …………lives British Columbia.


((1)). ………..Williamson (agabbaa), a gril, bor 7-5-1929.

(B). Garnet Williamson (agabbb), a boy, born 17-5-1917: married ……….., a convert.  Lives British Columbia.  In Canadian Army during 1939-45 war.

(iii). Eileen Honora Williamson (agabc), born at Widnes, Lancs. Eng., 23-2-1889.  Married Ashley Shaftsbury Cooper, a convert, and a relative of Earl of Shaftsbury on 6-1-1913.  She is a poetess.  No issue.  Live:- 3948 West 16th Ave., Vancouver, Canada.

(iv). Nina Williamson (agabd), born Widnes, 4-4-1891.  Died aged 9 years.

(v). Thomas Williamson (agabe), born Widnes, 10-10-1892.  Died aged one year.

(vi). John Sarsfield Williamson (agabf), born Widnes, 29-4-1894.  Died aged 14 years.

(vii). Syndey James Williamson (agabg), born Widnes, Lancs., Eng., 8-3-1895.  Went ot Canada, and married Muriel Nicholson of Rossland, Br. Columbia, on 24-2-1925.  Live Vancouver and works on a newspaper: in Canadian Air Force during 1939-45.

Issue:- 3 children.

(viii). Phyllis Catherine Williamson (agabgc), born Widnes, Lancs., Eng. , 5-11-1898.  Unmarried.

(ix). Monica (Mona) Williamson (agabi), born Widnes, 31-10-1899.  Married in 1928, John Hopwood of Staines, Middlesex, England, a convert.  Went to British Columbia and sice 1946 lives Vancouver.  Won a 10,000 dollar farm on a lottery ticket in 1946.

Issue:- 6 children.

(x). Dorothea (Dora) Williamson (agabj), born Widnes, Lancs., Eng., 6-1-1905.  Went to Canada and married there Nilson Chamberlain of Ottowa, a non-Catholic, on 10-2-1925.

(xi). Vera Williamson (agabk), born Widnes.  Died when a few weeks old.

(xii). Shelagh Williamson (agabl), boarn Widnes.  Died when a few weeks old.

(c). Robert Williamson (agac), born 2-9-1871.  Died 24-11-1942, after amputation of a leg.  Married in a Registry Office, Elizabeth Teasdale a non-Catholic.  Wife later became a Catholic and they were re-married at St. Peter’s, Lancaster.  They had 4 children, none of who survived for more than 6 months.  Wife dead before 1945.

(d). Phyllis Catherine Williamson (agad), born 23-6-1865.  Died 17-6-1897 on board the “Himalaya” returning from India, and in buried at Valetta, Malta.  Married 25-12-1889, Alexander James Hardie of Elgin, Scotland, – an engineer, and a convert.

Issue:- 2 children.

(i). Margaret Mary Hardie (agada), born Co. Galway, Ireland. Died young and buried at Ford Cemetery, Liverpool.

(ii). Mary Immaculate Josephine Hardie (agadb),b orn 8-12-1896 at Baboya, Ceylon.  Married 2-7-1923, John Edward Whitehouse of 42, Penny St., Lancaster.  John E. Whitehouse died 10th Aug. 1957.

Issue:- 2 children.

(A). Mary Josephine Whitehouse (agadba),b orn 4-4-1926: died 10-2-1928.

(B). John Edward Teddy Whitehouse (agadbb),born Lancaster, 15-4-1928.  Studying for taching: teaching in Birmingham 1959.  Married ……..c.1959 Headmaster of St. Philip’s Smithwick, 1964

(2). John O’Donnell (eldest) (agb), born Knockinglass, 14th June 1827: bapt. 16-6-1827: sps: John Daniel and Mary Barns.  Farmed at same.  Died on 12th Feb. 1877, married Mary Devane (a niece of Fr. McKeogh, late P.P. of Kilcommon).

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). Katie O’Donnell (agba), born Knockinglass 21st Dec. 1877.  Married Michael Boland of Grangebarry, Killenaule, a farmer, who died c.1938.  she died Wed. 30th Jan. 1957.

Issue:- 6 children.

(i). John Boland (agbaa), born Grangebarry c.1909.  lives at same.

(ii). Maggie Boland (agbab), born Grangebarry c.1910.  married …….Boland of Monslat, Killenaule, a farmer.  Has large family.

(iii). Tom Boland (agbac), born Grangebarry c.1911.

(iv). Mary Boland (agbad), born Grangebarry c.1912.  married Thomas Cahill of Ballydonnell, Mullinahone.  He died 21st August 1954: buried in Mullinahone.

(v). Jim Boland (agbae), born Grangebarry c1913.  Married c.1947 May Morrissey ofRathduff (married into Rathduff Farm).

(vi). Michael Boland (agbaf), born Grangebarry c.1915: unmarried 1956.

(b). Statia O’Donnell (agbb), born Knockinglass 15th Mar. 1880.  Married John O’Sullivan (born 1879: died 4th Dec. 1970) of Cattiganstown, near Knockinglass, a farmer, 20th Feb. 1917 in Moyglass church.  Statia baptised 17th Mar. 1880: sps:- Wm. Ryan and Honora O’Donnell: Statia died 1st June 1960.

Issue:- One child.

(i). Michael O’Sullivan (agbba), born Cattiganstown 1918:married 26-4-’67 ……….. Cahill of Kilmanagh, Parish of Ballycullen, Co. Kilk. in Clerihan by Fr. Paul Walsh.

(c). Mary Anne O’Donnell (agbc), born Knockinglass 15th Dec. 1882.  Lives at Blackpool (opposite cimena) Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.  Unmarried.  Died c.12th Jan. 1959: buried in Moyglass.

(d). John O’Donnell (agbd), born Knockinglass, 11th May 1887.  Died unmarried.

(e). James O’Donnell (agbe), born Knockinglass c.189-  On his sister’s marriage to John O’Sullivan (h-agbb), he made over the farm at Knockinglass to  his sister and her husband, and lives with them since, at Cattiganstown.  The last of the O’Donnells to occupy Knockinglass.  Unmarried.

(3). Rev. Thomas O’Donnell (agc), born Knockinglass c.1851.  ordained at Ware College, Herts., England.  Served for a time in Isle of Man – the first Catholic priest there since Protestant Reformation.  Died P.P. of Golborne, Warrington, Lancs., England and buried in a small cemetery attached to St. Oswald’s Church at Ashton-in-Maherfield, Wigan, Lancs., directly appoint the grave of Bishop……O’Reilly, his friend:

Inscription:- “Sweet Jesus have mercy on the soul of the Rev. Thomas O’Donnell, who died July 29th 1901, aged 50 years: R.I.P. Erected by his loving Parishioners” It is said that Fr. Tom spent some time in a Liverpool College (St. Edward’s?) before going to Ware, and thathe was ordained at Douglas, Isle of Man.

(4). Statie O’Donnell (agd), born Knockinglass, 12-5-1840: baptised 13-5-1840 by Rev. James Clancey C.C. Killenaule: sps:- Richard Connell and Mary Skehan.  Lived Knockinglass and later with her sister and nephew, Thomas Henry Barnes (afja) at Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow.  Went to Knockinglass c.1925, to sign over her rights to Knockinglass to her niece, Statia (agbb), fell and broke her hip and died there same year.  Unmarried.

(5). James O’Donnell (age), born Knockinglass, 8th June 1831.  Died there unmarried:bapt. 10th June 1831: sps:- Wm. Nowlan and Anty Keily.

(6). Michael O’Donnell (agf), born Knockinglass 2nd March 1838: bapt. 4-3-1838: sps:- John Fitzgerald and Norry Daniel.  Died c.1893.  married Sarah Houlihan of Co. Kilkenny.  They had a number of (7) children:-

Order of Ml. O’Donnell’s children:-

(1). Kate born 1869.

(2). Thos. born 1870.

(3). John born 1871.

(4). Matthew born 1873.

(5). Johanna born 1874.

(6). Sarah born 1878.

(7). Patk. Born ?

Issue:- 7 children.

(a). Patrick O’Donnell (agfa), born: went to U.S.A.

(b). Matt O’Donnell (agfb), bapt. 22nd June 1873: sps:- John O’Donnell and Bgt. Ryan.  Married Jane Kelly of Curraghtarsna, Cashel (Parish of Moyglass).  Lived: Moyglass where they engaged inlicensed trade.  One son, Michael, born 1904.  (Matt O’Donnell died c.1905 and his widow married secondly, Tom Grant of Moyglass in 1905, and had by him 3 children:- Minnie Grant born 1906, a nurse, married a Dr. Matthew, a Protestant and lives in Dublin and has no issue: Teresa Grant, born 1907, married ……….Ryan of Cattiganstown, a farmer, and has issue: Dan Joe Grant born 1909, has confectionary business in Cashel, married and has family). Jane (w-agfb) still living Moyglass (1949).


(i). Michael O’Donnell (agfba), born Moyglass, 1904.  Has the public house of his father there.  Married his 3rd cousin, May Anglim (abgab) of Rosegreen, Cashel, andhas by her 4 children.

(c). Johanna O’Donnell (agfc), born 4th Dec. 1874.  Died 1950.  Married P………O’Brien of Dungarvan, whohad bakery etc. there at 89, O’Connell St., Dungarvan.

Issue:- 4 children.

(i). Fr. Francis O’Brien (agfca), born Dungarvan c.189- a priest at Santa Anna, California,  U.S.A.

(ii). Fr. John O’Brien (agfcb), born Dungarvan.  A priest at Long Beach, Los Angeles, California.

(iii). Patrick O’Brien (agfcc), born Dungarvan.  Livs 89 O’Connell St., Dungarvan.  Married……………..

Issue:- 9 children, all grown up (1947).

(A). Francis O’Brien (agfcca), born Dungarvan, c.1919: lives (1952) near Dungarvan: m. Walsh.


((1)). Paddy (agfccaa)

(B). Joan O’Brien (agfccb), born Dungarvan.

(C). Richard O’Brien (agfccc), born Dungarvan.

(D). Nancy O’Brien (agfccd), born Dungarvan.  Went to England and married there a convert, c.194-.

(E). Sarah O’Brien (agfccc), born Dungarvan: m. Tom Broderick, a Civic Guard (stationed in Cork City 1952).

(F). John O’Brien (agfccf), born Dungarvan:m. Doreen Darling,a convert: lives in Edinburgh, Scotland (1952).

(G). Paddy O’Brien (agfccg), born Dungarvan

(H). Mary O’Brien (agfcch), born Dungarvan

(I). Veronica O’Brien (agfcci), born Dungarvan

(iv). Sarah O’Brien (agfcd), born Dungarvan c.189-.  unmarried at 87 O’Connell St., Dungarvan.  Lived in house at “Lookout”.  Dungarvan 1952.

(d). Kate Patricia O’Donnell (agfd), bapt. 2? Mar. 1869: sps:- Pat O’Donnell and Kate Holohan.  Married Joseph O’Connor, a manager of a brewery (Murphy’s Clonmel).  Went to Manchester and both dead there before 1945.  O’Connor’s father was warder in Clonmel gaol or Borstal Institution.


(i). …………… O’Connor (agfda), born Manchester:married there.

(ii). Martin O’Connor shot in 1914-8 war

(e). Thomas O’Donnell (agfe), bapt. 18th Sept. 1870: sps:- James Holohan and Ellen O’Donnell.

(f). John O’Donnell (agff), bapt. 24th Dec. 1871: sps:- James and Kate O’Donnell.

(g). Sarah O’Donnell (agfg), bapt. 23rd June 1878: sps:- John Fitzgerald and Hanna Fehan.

(7). Ellen O’Donnell (agg), born Knockinglass, 29th Jan: bapt. 31st Jan. 1845: sps:- Tom Connell and Mary Fitzgerald. 1845: Ellen O’Donnell m. Thos.Ahern, in Fethard on 2nd Oct. 1879: wss. Buckley and Hanna O’Donnell – celebrant Rev. J. O’Donnell.  Ellen died c.1925.  married Thomas Aherne of Ballynavin, Kilsheelan.  Lived Knockinglass in a cottage but not in family dwelling-house.  After her husbands death she went ot her sister Nora (agj), then in Dunlavin, where she died.  Buried with her husband at Gambonsfield, Kilsheelan.  No issue.

(8). Patrick O’Donnell (agh), born Knockinglass 23rd Apr. 1833: bapt. 25-4-’33: sps:- Walter Skehan and Anty Daniel.  Died c.1915.  married ……Meara? Of Ballyvadin.

Issue:- 2 children.

(a). Andy O’Donnell (agha), born …….died unmarried c.1930.

(b). Jack O’Donnell (aghb), born: died unmarried.

(9). Kate Mary? O’Donnell (agi), born Knockinglass (9th Nov. 1849): bapt. 11-11-’49: sps:- John Daniel and Honora McGraith.  Married 16th Feb. 1874 Williiam Aylward, a farmer. Lived Carrigbawn, Killusty, Fethard.  When husband died, she sold Carrigbawn, and went to live with her sister Nora (agi),  then in Limerick city.  Died at her sister’s place.  Buried in Moyglass.  No issue.

(10). Nora O’Donnell (agj), born Knockinglass, 8th June 1847: bapt. 10th June 1847: sps:- Rev. James Ryan and Mary Connell.  Died Feb. 1940.  Married John Henry Barnes of Ballyglasheen, Seskin, Kilsheelan, a cousin.  He was a railway official at Fethard, Co. Tipp. then at Limerick: and later station-master at Gort, Co. Galway.  He was born 13-6-1851: and died.  Both buried at Kilcash near Carrick-on-Suir.

Issue:- 5 children.

(a). Thomas Henry Barnes (afja),born at Fethard, Co.Tipp., 8-12-1881.  Was station master (Railway) at Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow.  Retired 1945, and now lives with is sister, Statia (agje) at “Lismor” Albert Rd., Glenageary, Co. Dublin.  1950 the Barnes family resided at 24 Park, Sandycove, Dublin.  He was bapt in Fethard 11th  Dec. 1881: sps:- Thos. Aher and Anastatia O’Donnell.  He died 21st May 1955 and was buried in Dean’s Grange Cemetery, Dublin.

(b). Catherine Barnes (agjb), born at Fethard, 20th April 1883.  Married Michael Stack of Rathmore (of Duagh) Co. Kerry, in 1915, and husband died.  Wife now (1946) lives “Gleann na Greine”, Naas, Co. Kildare, and is professional pianist and violonist.  Cath. Barnes bapt. in Fethard 22-4-’83: sps:- John Williamson and Ellen Ahern.

Issue:- 4 children.

(i). John Joseph Stack (agjba), born ……9-3-1916.

(ii). Fr. Thomas (Henry) Stack (agjbb), born 27-3-1921.  Ordained priest at St. Edmund’s College, Ware, Herts, England, 15-6-1946.  Now a curate at St. John Vianney’s, 4 Vincent Rd., West Green, Tottenham, London (1949).  In 1952 curate at 247, High Road, Chiswick W4 London: C.C. 1956 at R.C. Church, 4 Fort Bridge, Ashford, Middlesex, England.

(iii). Nora (Phyllis) Stack (agjbc), born 1923.  Educated at Doniminican Convent, Eccles St., Dublin (as was her mother).  Livcs Gleann na Grein Naas.  A professional musician.

(iv). Rev. Michael Bruno Stack (agjbd), born 5-10-1924.  Studying for priesthood at St. Edmund’s College, Ware, Herts, England.  Ordained priest thre, 16-7-1950.  In 1952, curate at The Presbytery Ashchurch Grove, Shepard’s Bush, London W.12.  In 1956 at “Lourdes House”, Harrow Rd., London, W9.  Died suddenly May 1960.

(c). Elizabeth Olive (Lizzie) Barnes (agjc), born Fethard 14-2-1885.  Lives (1949) with her sister, Statia (agje) at Glenageary, near Dun Laoghaire, Dublin: bapt. in Fethard 15th Feb. 1885: sps:- Thomas O’Donnell and Cath. Aylward.  She died Sept. 1956.  Unmarried.

(d). Annie Barnes (agjd), born at Gort, Co. Galway, Nov. 1887.  Died unmarried: buried at Kilcash, near Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipp.

(e). Statia Carmen Barnes (agje), born at Gort.  Nov. 1891.  Married in 1943 Richard Murtagh of Lismore, Co. Waterford, a Railway official.  Live 1949 at “Lismore” Albert Rd., Glenabeary, Co. Duvlin. She is a professional violinist and pianist, and was educated at Ursuline Convent, Upton, Forest Gate, London.  Living 1950 at 24 Hyde Park, Sandycove, Co. Dublin.  Living 1956:- “The Billows”, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  No issue.  Living 1957 at “Cooldross”, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.  Living 1959 at 11 Belvedere Place, off Mountjoy Sq., Dublin.

Descendants of James O’Donnell (ah) and Ellen O’Sullivan.  (Lived Rathduff, Fethard). 

James Daniel and Ellen Sullivan married 26th Feb. 1843: wss. Thomas Connell and Cath. Cormack.  James O’Donnell had farm at Coolenure, Bawnoreagh; and lived on farm in Curraghscarteen, opposite Skehan’s gate, Coolbrogan, out of which he was evicted and then lived at Rathduff.

[Order of children:- (1). John: (2). James: (3). Kate (1848?): (4). Mary of Cattiganstown (1849): (5). Ml. (1851): (6). Patk. (1854): (7). Thos. (1856): (8). Ellen (1858).

James O’Donnell (ah), born Knockinglass 1810.  Died .on 26-2-1843, married Ellen O’Sullivan (w-ah).  Farmed at Rathduff (near Clonbrogan).

Issue:- 7 children.

(1). John O’Donnell (aha), born Rathduff c.1846 and died 1923 aged 77.  Married Mrs (Kate) Anglim (nee Doheny of Carrigeen Castle, and mother of Patk. Anglim: and grandmother of Patk. Anglim, jun. Vivens 1954: aunty of Rev. Ed. Doheny.  Lived at Rathduff.  [John Daniel m. Kate Anglim (dispensed in 3° and 3° Consanquinity) in Fethard, 12th Feb. 1877].  No issue.  He married into Farranaculleen but wife died soon after he had to leave and returned to Rathduff where he resided till his death.  Cath. Doheny of Carrigeen m. Patk. Anglim of Farranaculleen 18th Feb. 1860.

(2). Kate O’Donnell (ahb), born Rathduff c.1848? Died unmarried, aged 72, in 1917 at Rathduff.  It is said that while her mother was in Fethard at  a fair, she fell into labour and Kate was born in Fethard.  A Mayr (recte Kate?) of James Daniel and Ellen Sullivan bapt. in Fethard 3rd Oct. 1848: sps:- Walter Skehan and Mgt. Sullivan.  As there was another Mary bapt. in Moyglass 11-11-1849, and Kate is missing in that Register, it is most likely that Mary in Fethard Reg. should be Kate.

(3). Pat O’Donnell (ahc), born Rathduff, 4th March 1854.  Died at Rathduff, unmarried in 1923, aged 71.  Bapt. in Moyglass 6th Mar. 1854: sps:- Patk. Daniel and Bgt. Sullivan.

(4). Michael O’Donnell (ahd), born Rathduff 20th Sept. 1851: bapt. in Moyglass 22-9-’51: sps:- John Skehan and Kate Fitzgerald.  Went to Australia, and was killed in 1897 by a fall of machinery while working at a gold mine in Charters Towers in North Queensland.  In Australia, he married a scotch Catholic named……….Miller, and had 2 sons.


(a). Eric O’Donnell  (ahda), born in Australia, 188-

(b). Robert O’Donnell (ahdb), born in Australia, 188-

(5). Ellen O’Donnell (ahe), born Rathduff 2nd April 1858: bapt. in Moyglass 4th April 1858: sps:- Wm. McGrath and Ellen Sullivan.  Went to U.S.A. in 1881.  Married there John M. Bennis olim of Limerick in 1884.  Live – 550, Warren St., Albany, New York.  John M. Bennis d. Feb. 1891.  Elleen living 1950, with her daughter, Mary Frances at 282 Whitehall Rd., Albany: Ellen died 6th April 1957, aged 99.


(a). Elizabeth Ellen (ahea) married Harry Porter.


(i). Edward O’Donnell Porter (aheaa) married Eliz. Walsh who died 1935 leaving 2 boys. Edw. M. 2ndly, Mary Karins.

(ii). Harold E. (aheab) m. Celia Lindheimer, of german extraction.

(iii). John (aheac), married Genevieva Audet, of french extraction.

(iv). Dorothy Ellen (ahead) works for telephone Co: address 1959:- 647 State St., Albany 3 N.Y. U.S.A.

(b). Mae (Mary Frances) Bennis (aheb) married Wm. T. Bennis.  Live (1948) 550 Warren St., Albany N.Y. Bennis a member of the legislative Committee of the American Federation of Labour. Living 1950 at 282 Whitehall Rd., Albany. Had 1 girl who died.

(6). Maria O’Donnell (ahf), born Rathduff 9th Nov. 1849. Went to England.  Married there, James Morrissey, Loghlougher, native of Cahir. Lived Manchester and husband worked in post office, Mostyn, Manchester.


(a). James (ahfa) worked in a P.O. Mostyn, Manchester.

(b). Ellie (ahfb).

(c). Margaret (ahfc).

(d). Kathleen (ahfd).

(e). Mary (ahfe) married Wm. Cosgrave and had 2 daughters: Cosgrave worked in a furniture store, Manchester.

(f). Nannie?

*(7).Thomas (Tom) O’Donnell (ahg), born Rathduff, 25th April 1856: bapt. in Moyglass 27th April 1856: sps:- James Daniel and Cath. Sullivan.  Died aged 68, 30th Oct. 1924.  Lived Fethard where he had a drapery business (now Sullivan’s Medical Hall, 1940) and a farm nearby.  Married Johanna Sheehan of Thurles, in 1880: she died 1st Feb. 1932, and both are buried in Rathcoole, near Fethard.  Set up business in Fethard 1880: previously served his time in Thurles.

Issue:- 16 children, 9 of whom died young.

(a). Mary Ellen O’Donnell (ahga), born Fethard, 20th Feb. 1881.  Married James Ryan of Thurles, a cattle-dealer, in 1909.  Mary Ellen died 1916; and husband died 1922.  (He was a brother of Dr. Mary Ryan of Nenagh).  They lived in Thurles.  Mary Ellen O’Donnell bapt. in Fethard 22nd Feb. 1881: sps:- John Fitzgerald and Sarah Sheehan.

Issue:- 2 children.

(i). James (ahgaa), died aged 1 ½ of meningitis.

(ii). Thomas Ryan (ahgab), born Thurles, 1910.  Married Mary Walsh of Tubberadora c.1942.  lives………

(iii). Mary Ryan (ahgac), born Thurles 1912.  A nurse.  In 1939-45 War, and escaped being captured at falls of Dunkirk (N.E. France), and alter at Singapore (Malay States).  Stationed at Glasgow, 1945: and in Berlin 1953: Hong Kong in 1955.

(iv). Chrissie (Christina) (ahgad), died age 4.

(b). Jack O’Donnell (ahgb), born Fethard 9th April 1882.  Went to U.S.A. and married there Bgt. Murtagh.  He died 1932.  John O’Donnell bapt. in Fethard 11-4-1882: sps:- Patrick Hogan and Kate O’Donnell.  Bgt. Murtagh died 9th April 1960.

Issue:- 4 children.

(i). Tom O’Donnell (ahgba), born New York.  Lives:- 6298, Saunders St., Rego Park, Long Island, New York.  Married 1955, Molly Catherine Bird.

(ii). Mary Ellen O’Donnell (ahgbb), born New York.  Lives 6298, Saunders St. married Edw. McMahon 1949 and lives Chicago.

(iii). Kitty O’Donnell (ahgbc), born New York.  Lives   6298, Saunders St., married George Byrne, Rego Park N.Y. 1949.

(iv). Jack O’Donnell (ahgbd), born New York.  Lives 6298 Saunders St., Married c.1947, Grace Schroeder, of German extraction.

(c). Thos. Joseph (Joe) O’Donnell (ahgc), born Fethard 10th Aug. 1884.  Went to U.S.A. died there 1932: married c.1904 in New York Elizabeth: married secondly Ciss Ryan of Thurles, a widow who married 1stly Power, solicitor Thurles, 2nd O’Dwyer Solicitor.  She lives 38-14, 89th Street: 8009-35th Ave, Jackson Heights in 1951, Long Island, New York.  His 2nd wife died 29th April 1963.  Joe’s 2nd wife Ciss Ryan:- her mother was a Fanning of Lisdonoly, and related to Joe who had to get dispensation for the marriage Joe’s 2nd wife had one son by her 1st husband Poer, an architect, in New York.  By her second husband, she had one son Rev. Mgt. Clare O’Dwyer of Baltimore.  Her husband ………O’Dwyer was from Lisdoonvarna and was a solicitor in New York.

Issue:- 4 children.

(i). Elizabeth (ahgca) died an infant: born c.1905.

(ii).Alice O’Donnell (ahgcb), born New York.  Lives 37-14, 89th Street, Jackson Heights, Long Island, N.Y. On staff of “Life and Time”.  Married Oct. 18th 1958 Walter Shea.  No issue.  She visited Ireland in 1950 and 1957.

(iii). Kitty O’Donnell (ahgcc), born New York.  Lives 37-1`4, 89th Streeet Jackson Heights, N.Y. unmarried in 1968.

(iv). Eileen O’Donnell (ahgcd), born New York.  Married William C. Akin.  Live:- 702, North Carolina Ave., S.E. Washington D.C. Hartford Connecticut (1952).

(d). James (Jim) O’Donnell (ahgd), born Fethard, 1883 (July 16th).  Lives Burke St., Fethard.  Unmarried.  A twin sister, Sarah, died an infant.  James O’Donnell bapt. in Fethard, 18th July 1883: sps:- John O’Donnell and Ellen O’Dwyer and Sarah O’Donnell bapt. same day: sps:- James Dwyer and Cath. Aylward.  James O’Donnell died Friday 9th April 1954 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Fethard.

(e). Edward O’Donnell (ahge), born Fethard 7th May 1887.  Tipperary Footballer.  Went to U.S.A. married in New York, Hanna Cahill (of Rathgormack).  He died 1932.  Widow and family live:- 123 West 62nd St., New York.

Issue:- 2 children.

(i). Ned O’Donnell (ahgea), born New York.  Lives 123 West 62nd St., N.Y. Mae……… (married 1946).  No children.  He was killed in a motor accident Oct. 1962.

(ii). Tom O’Donnell (ahgeb), born New York.  Lives 123 West 62nd St. N.Y. married 1949 Kathleen Walsh or Welch.

(f). Sarah (Ciss) O’Donnell (ahgf), born Fethard 9th July 1892.  Married in 1918, Charles Carri of Clonmel, an antique and furniture dealer.  Live:- West Gate, Clonmel, Co. Tipp.  husband’s father  was an Italian from Lake Como who settled in Clonmel in 1857.  Charles Carri died ? July 1955 aged 71.

(i). Charles Carri (ahgfa), born Clonmel 1919.  An auctioneer in Clonmel. Lives at West Gate, Clonmel and later Waterford Rd., Clonmel.  Married 9th June 1952 at Cahir (by Rewv. W. Skehan) Florence Walsh of Brigton Place, Clonmel, s. of James Walsh, architect, Brighton Place, Clonmel.

(ii). Mary Carri (ahgfb), born Clonmel, Jane 1923.  Iives with parents.


(A)    and (B). Peter and Paul born 29-6-1925: died as infants, buried in Loughkent.

(iii). Teresa Carri (ahgfc), born Clonmel, 1927.  Lives with parents.

(g). Most Rev. Patrick M. O’Donnell (ahgg) born Fethard 2nd Feb. 1897.  Educated in Mungret at Propaganda College, Rome, and ordained priest in Rome 15th April 1922.  Went to diocese of Sale, Victoria, Australia.  Served as curator in Cathedral, Sale, and later from 1929 as Administrator of same.  P.P. of St. Laurence’s Leongath and V.G. 1937 to 1946: also Vicar-General of the diocese and a domestic Prelate while in Leogatha.  Appointed P.P. of St. Joseph’s Warragul, Victoria 1946.  Appointed in Dec. 1948, Titualar Archbishop of Pelusium (an ancient diocese on shores of the Red Sea) and Co-adjutor Archbishop of Brisbane, with right of succession to present Archbishop – Dr. Duhig: address:- “Glengariff” Derby St., Hendra, Brisbane, N.E.2. Conse. In Brisbane 17th March 1949.  Consecrated in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sale, by Cardinal Gilroy, Ab. of Sydney.

(8). James O’Donnell (ahh) born 1847.  Went to USA (Albany): married in USA……….James died Oct. 1890: his wife died April 1891.  He was the tallest man 6’4” in Albany Police Force.  He came back to Ireland about 1874 and took his sister, Ellen, to U.S.A.


(a). James born in USA (ahha) c.1880: married……… 1950, at 448, 1st St. Albany.

Order of Children of Thomas O’Donnell and Johanna, Main St., Fethard (now Sullivan’s Chemist).

(1). Mary Ellen, baptised in Fethard by Rev. P. O’Keeffe, 22nd Feb. 1881: sps:- John Fitzgerald and Sarah Sheehan.

(2). John, baptised in Fethard by Rev. P. O’Keeffe, 11th April 1882: sps:- Patk. Hogan and Kate O’Donnell.

(3). James, baptised in Fethard by Rev. E. Scott, 18th July 1883: sps:- John O’Donnell and Ellen O’Dwyer.

(4). Sarah I, baptised in Fethard do. 18th July 1883: sps:- James O’Dwyer and Cath. Aylward.

(5). Thomas Joseph, baptised in Fethard do. 12th Aug. 1884: sps:- John Doheny and Kate Slattery.

(6). Edward, baptised in Fethard do. 9th May 1887: sps:- James Dwyer and Ellen O’Donnell.

(7). Michael, baptised in Fethard do. 22nd July 1888: sps:- James Hanrahan and Mary Hogan.

(8). Augustine, baptised in Fethard do. 27th (or 29) Aug. 1889: sps:- Patk. Anglim and Ellen Slattery.

(9). Sarah II baptised in Fethard do. 12th July 1892: sps:- John Guiry and Josie Hogan.

(10). Patrick I, baptised in Fethard by Rev. E. Scott 10th (or 20th) July 1893: sps:- John O’Donnell and Mary Ellen O’Donnell.

(11). Patrick Mary II, baptised in Fethard do. 4th Feb. 1897 (born 2nd): sps:- John Skehan and Mary E. O’Donnell.

Note:- There were 5 more children who died as infants, probably before baptism in the church.

In Fethard Register of James Corcoran (the James crossed out and Daniel over it in another hand) and Mary Quinn on 22nd Aug. 1826 wss. Patk. And Nicholas Quin and Matt Laffan (Fee £30).  This is probably an error and refers to marriage of Dan Corcoran and Ellen Quin.

James Corcoran (1), born Graigue, St. Johnstown (Bawnafora?).  died 18th Oct. 1877 aged 72: buried Killenaule: married in Fethard c.1837

Mary Quinn of Rathkenny Fethard (fee £30).  Farmed 1st at Graigue and then at Bawntafoola, Drangan, Co. Tipp. Wife died 13th Jan. 1879, aged 69: buried in Killenaule.

9 children.

James Corcoran (11), born Bawntafoola 6th Sept. 1847.  Went to San Francisco, where he died in 1911.  Jas. Corcoran bapt. in Drangan 8th Sept. 1847: sps:- John Hayden and Thos. Molloy C.C.

Ellen Corcoran (12?) bapt. in Killenaule, 3rd May 1840: sps:- James Quinn and Bgt. Graham.  {There is another Ellen 1843 V.V.}

Kate Corcoran (12), born Bawntafoola 20th Feb. 1838.  Married Walter Skehan (aba) of Clonbrogan a farmer.  She died 22nd March 1900.  Husband died 22nd Feb. 1900.  Lived Clonbrogan.  Cath. Corcoan bapt. in Killenaule 22-2-1838: sps:- Ellen Quin.  Parents address – Graige

Mary Corcoran (13) born Bawntafoola, 16th  Dec. 1841.  Died after birth of 1st child, 8-8-1869, aged 26.  Married  James Heffernan of Ballyvadin, Fethard, – a farmer, and a well known bonestter.  Lived Ballyvadin.  [Husband re-married and had large family].  One child.  Mary Corcoran bapt. in Killenaule 18th Dec. 1841: sps:-Mgt. Cummins parents of Graigue.

Mary Corcoran (13) m. James Heffernan in Drangan on 22nd Jan. 1868: wss. Martin Heffernan, Thomas Cahill and Mary Meagher – E. O’Shaughnessy P.P.

Mary Heffernan (131), born Ballyvadin 30th Jult 1869.  Went to Australia and married there……Wall: Mary Heffernan bapt. in Moyglass 1st Aug. 1869: she was killed by a motor car, 1957.  Issue:- 1s and 2 ds.

Nora Corcoran (14), born Bawntafoola 17th Aug. 1849.   Married in Drangan 19th Oct. 1882: wss. Patk. Anglim and Mary Skehan: Martin Heffernan of Ballyvadin a brother of her sister’s Mary (13), husband. He married into farm at Bawntafoola to which Nora succeeded.  This marriage was against the wishes of her family.  Nora died when her first and only child was young, 28th Dec. 1884.  Husband re-married Eliza Cormack 7-2-1891 and had one child, Katie Heffernan, by second marriage, who still lives (1949) at Bawntafoola.  Of 1st marriage, 1 child. Nora bapt. in Drangan, 19th Aug. 1849 by E. O’Shaughnessy P.P.sps:- Rd. Corcoran or Cath Tobin.

Mary Heffernan (141), born Bawntafoola 29th Nov. 1884.  She died ….1957.  went to U.S.A. (or Canada) still claims her mother’s place at Bawntafoola.  Bapt. in Drangan 1st  Dec. 1884: sps:- James Heffernan and Bgt. Fitzgerald.  7 0r 8 issue.

Dick Corcoran (15), born Bawntafoola 11th Oct. 1845.  Went to San Francisco, U.S.A. married there and had one daughter.  Died c.1900. his widow remarried to a nephew ofher daughter’s husband.  Rd. Corcoran Drangan 13-10-1845: sps:- Phil Cahill and Mgt. Quinn (Bannta foria)

……….Corcoran (151), born San Francisco.  Married there ….Murray.

Margaret (Maggie) Corcoran (16), born Bawntafoola 9th September 1850.  A nun in Cobh (Queenstown), Co. Cork.  Died ……….. Mgt bapt in Drangan 11-9-1850: sps:- Edw. Magher and Ellen Hanrahan.

Ellen Corcoran (17), born Bawntafoola 25th Dec. 1843.  Married in Drangan by Rev. P Prout, 2nd Feb. 1875: wss. Pierce Corcoran Mary Heffernan and m. Skehan: married William Fitzgerald of Glangoole (New Birmingham), Thurles – a farmer.  Lived Glangoole, Ellen Corcoran bapt. in Drangan 27th Dec. 1843: sps:- Andy Hayes and Mary Cahill [another Ellen born 1-5-1840]: she d. about 1936.  4 children.

William Fitzgerald (171), born Glangoole, 1878.  Farming at same.  Married c.1923, Kathleen Hackett.  Wm. Fitzgerald died July 1952 and left farm to Andy, son of his brother, John.  No issue.

Jim Fitzgerald (172), born Glengoole.  Farming at same – about one mile on (Killenaule side) from William’s (171) farm.  Married Margaret Fitzgerald of Glengoole.  He died 1943 and his wife died 25th March 1958 aged 70.  3 children.

Willie Fitzgerald (1721), born Glangoole, c.1928.

Paddy Fitzgerald (1722), born Glengoole, 1930.

Edmond Fitzgerald (1723) born Glengoole, 1931.

Fr. Richard (Dick) Fitzgerald (173), born Glengoole, 1883.  Educated Maynooth College.  Ordained priest there, 1911.  Served in San Francisco diocese for 11 years.  Recalled to Cashel diocese 1922 and served as curate in Ballylanders Solohead, Borrisoleigh and Moycarky.  Appointed P.P. of Kilcommon 1943 and died there of cancer, 16-11-1946.  Buried in Kilcommon.

John Fitzgerald (174), born Glengoole.  Married Eileen Kennedy of Clonora, New Birmingham, Thurles.  Lives at Clonora, on wifes farm.  Wife died 1945.  12 children.

Willie Fitzgerald (1741), born Clonora c.1918.  died 1945, aged 26 of diphteria.

Ellen Fitzgerald (1742), born Clonora c.1919.  married Richard Power of Urlingford, farmer 1944.

Peggy Fitzgerald (1743), born Clonora.  Married 11th Nov. 1953 John Dunne of Graigue, Longford Pass, Gortnahoe a farmer.

Andy (Andrew) Fitzgerald (1744), born Clonora.  Got his uncle, Willie’s farm at Glengoole 1952.

Jim Fitzgerald 91745), born Clonora 1924.  Married 1952 Babe Walshe, Magoury.  Farms at same.

Rev. Dick Fitzgerald (1746), born Clonora in 1925.  A clerical student for diocese of Cashel in Thurles College, 1946: ordained 15th June 1952: on mission in Paisley, Scotland.

Mary Fitzgerald (1747), born Clonora 1929.

John Fitzgerald (1748), born Clonora 1923.

Nora Fitzgerald (1749), born Clonora 1932.  A nurse in Mater, Dublin.

Paddy Fitzgerald (174,10), born Clonora, 1933 on farm.

Josephine Anne Fitzgerald (174,11), born Clonora 1933.  In Civil Service.

Johanna Corcoran (18), born Bawntafoola 21st July 1853: bapt. in Drangan by E. O’Shaughnessy P.P. on 23 July 1853: sp. Mgt. Graham.  Married Paddy Foley of Killenaule, a farmer, undertaker and grocery, provision and licensed premises owner 25th Feb. 1883: wss. Wm. Carroll and Ellen Corcoran.  She died: husband died 17-4-1906, aged 48: both buried in Moyglass.  9 children.

Paddy Foley (181), born Killenaule 27-1-1885.  Died unmarried (of T.B.), 1917.

Jim (Br. Jerome) Foley (182, born Killenaule 6th Aug. 1886.  Professed a brother in De La Salle Order, 21st Nov. 1903.  Now (since 1946) Provinvial of the Order for Australian province.  Address:- De La Salle Training College, Oak Hill, castle Hill, N.S.W. Australia.  Arrived Australia 5th Feb. 1912: and one of Pioneer Community of D.I.S. all College, Malvern Vic. Opened 1912.  4 years there and in Armidale N.S.W. appt. Principal of D.L. Salle College Asfield 1919, and Armidale 1922 and Richmond 1926.  Principal in Armidale almost continiously 1929-46 when appt. Provincial celebrated golden jubilee Sat. 21st Nov. 1953, Ab. O’Brien celebrated High Mass in St. Mary’s Cathedral.  Card. Gilroy presided.

Johanna (Jo) Foley (183), born Killenaule, 2-1-1889.  Lives Killenaule.  Succeeded to her father’s premises, business and farm on death of her brother, Paddy (181).  Unmarried.

Martin (Br. Bernard) Foley (184), born Killenaule 1890.  A brother in De La Salle Order.  Now stationed (1949) Waterford City, Eíre, transferred to Ballyfermot, Dublin 1955: died at Castletown Aug. 1965.

Edward (Ned) Foley (185), born Killenaule, 1891.  Died suddenly at a hockey game at Killenaule Dec. 1927.  Unmarried .  fell on hockey stick and injured heart.

Richard (Dick) Foley (186), born Killenaule 1893.  Was a creamery manager in Ireland for a time, but did not prove a success at it.  Went to Chicago 192-.  In American Army during 1939-45 War.

Mary Foley I (187), born 1883: died aged 8.  Mary Foley bapt. 6th Dec. 1883: sps:- Wm. Carroll and Ellen Corcoran.

Arthur Foley (188), born Killenaule 1896.  Had licensed premises at Ballynonty, Killenaule, which did not prove a success.  Now lives beside his sister’s (Jo’s) house in Killenaule, and manages farm est. for her.  Married 1917 Sarah Connelly.  4 children.

Kathleen Foley (1881) bonr Dublin, Angrim St. 26-10-1918.  Has confectionary business in Killenaule: married in Clerihan 26-1-1954, Michael Kennedy (born 1907) of Graigue, Killenaule:-

Paddy Foley (1882), born Killenaule 1920.  Lives same.

Johanna (Joan) Foley (1883), born Killenaule c.1925.  doing clerical work for a firm……..Mullingar.  married in Athlone on Tues. 12th Aug. 1958, Patrick Daly at Rattin, Milltownpass (near Mullingar) commercial traveller for Palm Olive Products.

John Foley (1884), born Killenaule c.1927.  Lives same.

Mary Foley II (189) born c.1894: died aged 11 on 19th Sept. 1905: buried in Moyglass.

Stephen Foley (1892) born Killenaule 1898.  Died aged 2.

Dan Corcoran (19) born Bawntafoola.  Went to U.S.A.

Mary Heffernan (131), bapt. in Moyglass, 1st Aug. 1869.  Killed by a motor car 28th Apr. 1956.  Went to Australia: m. in Australia Thomas Wall, of Police Force: he died 26th Jan. 19411.  Lived at Camden.


(1). Noreen (1311) born Auckland 1905: m. Edward Barrass, a Railway Station Master who was stationed at Uran (near Wagga) and Murwillumbah, and in 1955 at Museum N.S.W. living 1958 at 41 Neil St., Merrylands.

(2). Mary Wall (a girl 1312) bor Paddington 1911: m. John Meehan who d. 1947, a policeman, Parramatta, Sydney.


(a). Maureen Meehan (13121) born Homebush 1943.

(3). Isobel Marie, girl (1313) born Daceyville 1913: m. Claude Plummer born Armidale 1910.


(a). Yvonne (13131) born Centennial Park, Syndey 1942.

(b). Claudette (13132) born Centennial Park 1945.

(c). John (13133) born Syndey 1947.

(d). Barry (13134) born Syndey 1954 (adopted).

John O’Sullivan born Kilcomma, Clonmel.  Died c.1914.  farmed at Kilmaccomma.  Married Mary Cashin of Russellstown, Clonmel who died c.1912.

Issue:-8 children.

Margaret O’Sullivan  born Kilcomma c.1860.  married Michael Slattery.  Farmed at Ballina, near Kilsheelan, Clonmel.  Husband died 191- and wife 3-7-1948 (see Slattery Pedigree).  Issue 4 children.

Alice O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma.  Died 22-7-1936.  Married 1904, William Skehan of Clonbrogan, Fethard, Co. Tipp. – a farmer, who died 20-10-1027.  (See Skehan Pedigree).  2 children.

Patrick O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma 17-6-1869.  Died Oct. 1948.  Married Alice Moore of Carrigconneen, Knocklofty, Clonmel.  Farmed at Carrigconneen,which was wifes inheritance.  He died. His wife died 1053.  Farms at same.

Michael O’Sullivan, born Carrigconneen.  Died young.

Mary Alice O’Sullivan (Ciss), born Carrigconneen.  Married Patrick O’Halloran of Co. Clare – a member of Civic Guards (police).  Live Templeshannon Quay, Enniscorty Co. Wexford.  Patk. O’Halloran died July 1959: buried at Powerstown, Clonmel.  3 children.

Nuala O’Halloran, born Enniscorthy 21-12-1937: teaching in London 1959, Eng. to Rd. son of Mr and Mrs K. Dormer, Marshiled Drive, St. Albans, Herts 1962.

James O’Sullivan, born Carrigconeen 4-12-1911.  Lives at same.

Paddy O’Sullivan, born Carrigconeen 8-6-1915.  Joined Irish Christian Brothers but left them after a short time.  Married.

Bridie Geraldine, born Carrigconeen 18-2-1919.  Lives same.

Mary Anne (Mother M. Peter) O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma.  A nun in the Order of St. John of God, St. Camillus Convent, Kilkenny.  She died of a heart attack at Owning Convent when on holidays there on 3rd Aug. 1955, and was interred at Convent Kilkenny, aged 81.  Entered Order of St. John of God in 1894.

John O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma.  Went to America and is believed to have been lost when the “Titanic” struck an iceberg and sank, 1912.

Michael O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma.  Farmed at same.  Married Mary Morrissey of ………….. 191-.  He died 191- and wife died 191-.  2 children.

John O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma.  Farming at same.

Michael O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma.  Has bakery and shop at Nire, Co. Waterford, Knockauen, Ballymorarbery.  Married ……….. Power a school teacher, and sister of Fr. Declan, Cistercian Abbey, Roscrea.

Thomas O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma.  Married Bridget Regan of …… who died 1948.  Lived first at Kilmacomma: then at wife’s place when his brother Michael’s children came of age.  Now lives again at Kilmacomma.

Bridie (Mother M. Gerard) O’Sullivan, born Kilmacomma c.1874. w as a nun in Order of St. John of God, St. Camillus Convent, Kilkenny.  Died 15-8-1912 aged 38.

Mary Heffernan, (141), born at Bawntaforia: baptised 1st Dec. 1884: sps:- James Heffernan and Bgt. Fitzgerald: died 1957.  Went to U.S.A. married ……….Wm. J. Murphy, a native of Cork, who settled first at Acton, anf from 1922 at 447 Main St., West Concord (Newhampshire?) U.S.A. He served in U.S.A. Army during 1914-18 War.  Worked for the town tree department and West Concord and he was born 2nd Dec. 1885 and died May 1954 and was interred in St. Bernard’s Cemetery, after Requiem Mass at Our Lady Help of Christians Church by its pastor, Lewis F. Kearn (at time of his death, he had 14 children).


(1). William J. Murphy (1411), of 447 Main St., West Concord.

(2). Thomas Murphy (1412), of West Acton.

(3). James Murphy (1413), of Newtonville.

(4). Nora (1414): m. ………….. Hill, of West Concord.

(5). Mary (1415): m. ……………Ey, of Acton.

(6). Katherine m. …….Nicolazzo, of Newton.

(7). Margaret (Rita) m. ………..Shawinski, of North Attleboro.

  The Lennons

Wm. Lennon died c.1895.  manager of Linin Hall, Dublin, married in 1843, Anne Agnes Martin of Co. Meath (she died at Richmond, Melb. In 1898 aged 72 and is buried at Kew, Melb. Died of stroke).


(1). Emily Lennon, born 17th May 1844: d. 20th Feb. 1848, born in Dublin?

(2). John Lennon, born 11th Feb. 1846: d. 31-8-1846, born in Dublin?

(3). Agnes Eliz. Lennon, bonr 14th Feb. 1847: d. 4th Aug. 1919, born in Dublin?

(4). Rueben Lennon born 27th May 1848: died at Hawthorn, Melbourne Vic. 1928, M. Kate O’Malley of Ballarat in 1880 and had 6 boys and 2 girls (Kate O’Malley alive 1951 aged 97).

(5). Em. Lennon, born 11th Dec. 1849, died in Brisbane c.1945 m. Mary Cecilia Mackey (cousin of Kate O’Malley above) c.1879, and had 4 boys and 3 girls.

(6). Thomas Lennon, born 16th Feb. 1852: died 7th Jan. 1853.

(7). Emily Lennon (2), born 19th Oct. 1853: died 1946 at Gelnfirrie (?), Melb. Married Joseph Jennings of Stawell Vic. And had issue.


(a). Mul Jenning.

(b). Eileen Jennings.

(c). Vera and another boy and girl.  Whole family aseem to have come to Australia in 1855 and rest of children born there.

(8). Charles Lennon, born 26th March 1856 at Furry Creek, Raglan, Australia: killed in accident New Zealand 1883.

(9). George Augustine Lennon, born 18th Jan. 1858 at Mount Ararat, Aust. Died 1925 m. Frances Bennett.  Issue 3 boys and one girl, born at St. Kilksam Melb.

(10). Ada Eliz. Lennon, born 4th Nov. 1859 at Mount Ararat: d. 1861 Feb. 5th.

(11). Austin Martin Lennon, born 15th Aug. 1861: died at Glengirrie, Melbourne 1903 of thypoid: m. Dora Power 1887, St. Ignatus Richmond c. Melb?  Issue; 2 girls.  All died at Glenfirrie,  Melb. Wife Dora d. at Glenfirry 1934 1st daughter Mollie d. 1932 2nd d. Nell d. Melb.

(12). Frances Mary Lennon, born 23rd March 1863 at Stawell Vic. Aust. Died at (Glenfirrie, Melb.) unmarried c.1923.

Reuben Lennon m. 1880, Kate O’Malley (b. 28th Aug. 1864) and lived Dunedin, New Zealand.


(1). Gerald, electrical engineer, d. 19—m. Agnes….. 1 son, David Lennon.

(2). Alfred – business man, m. Miss Walsh – one daughter: died 1951.

(3). Kathleen – at home unmarried.

(4). Bryan, mining engineer: m. Anne Creak – 2 girls – Nancy and …………..

(5). Kevin, dentist m……….has issue.

(6). Clare, at home unmarried.

(7). Miles, business man: m……. has issue.

(8). Lawrence, medicine: m. S. Garrett.  Issue:- Michael, Sally, Judith.

Wm. Lennon m. c.1878 Mary Cecilia Mackey (cousin of Kate O’Malley) of Ballarat, Vic.


(1). Gertrude m……………Issue, 1 daughter.

(2). Charles m……………Estelle…..Issue, Joyce and Mgt. D.19–.

(3). William m. Rene Winter.  Issue:-

(4). Eileen m. Charles Winship.  Issue 3 sons and 3 d’s.

(5). Austin m. Lillian Murphy.  Issue.

(6). Eva, unmarried.

(7). Allan, unmarried d. c.1938.


Annie Skehan b. 14th April 1894 married Fredrick Adrian Mullins – 44 East Parade, Sutherland, Sydney.


(1). Ellen Cath. 10th Aug. 1915 married Gregory Dodd – 97 Flora St., Sutherland.

(2). Maureen – aged 36: born 1919: married Clifton Leon Howard – 91 War Admiral Lane, Riddlewood, Route 26, Media, Pi (Pennislvania).

(3). Raymond killed in plane in English Channel 1944 during war.

(4). Fredrick Anthony age 31 or 2 (born 5th March 1923) married Audrey Aendenning.  Lives Sutherland, 75 Acacia St., Sutherland.

(5). Monica age 28: born 1927: married Mitchell Pry, 8 Riverside Cresent, Marrickbilla, Sydney.

Walter d. 10th Apr. 1937 unmarried.

Catherine Skehan married Frederick Dennell, Dubbo St., Warren NSW.


Margaret Nolan (aab) (2nd child of John Nolan and Mary O’Donnell of Lurgoe, Killenaule), born c.1812.  married in Killenaule, 6th Feb. 1837, Wm. Stokes of Magowry, Drangan: wss. John Nolan and Martin Fitzgerald.  She was Wm. Stoke’s second wife: the first wife was Mary O’Neill of Lisronagh by whom he had sons:- Edmond, bapt. 16th Sept. 1827: and Patrick bapt. 17th June 1829, the latter being grandfather of Dr. Patk. Stokes, senior, of Fethard (vivens 1957) Wm. Stokes died 1849 and was buried at Modeshill.


(1). Edward Stokes (aaba), born at Magowry 1st Jan 1838: died there unmarried.  Bapt. in Drangan 3rd Jan 1838: sps:- Lawrence Byrne and Ellen Hogan.

(2). John Stokes (aabb), bapt. in Drangan, 4th June 1839: sps:- Wm. Nowlan and Mary Skehan.  He went to Australia, and married there Elizabeth Keely.  John died 1905.

  1.   Morish Stoke held 800 acres I.P.M. in Coolquill, Killenaule (Civil Survey – Co. Tipperary).

c.1200. Alexander de Stoke, with assent of his overlord, Milo le Bret, granted to the Hospital of St. John the Baptist, Newgate, Dublin, the townland of Clonbrogan (near Moyglass, Fethard).  This Hospital founded by Ailred the Palmer, a Dane of Dublin, and foundation confirmed by Pope Clement III on 15th Nov. 1188.   (Reg. of Hospital of St. John Baptist).  A Religious House for men and women.

1665-67.  Stoke’s families around Drangan:- Patrick Stokes, Coolquill: Thos. Stokes, Cloran: Edmond Stokes, Priestown: John Stokes, Killaghy: Thomas Stokes, Cappaghmore, Cloneen: Wm. Stokes, Bolygreny, Killenaule: Patl. Stokes, Mellison: John Stokes, Jarransillagh (Kilcooley) – all with one hearth each (Hearth Money Records)

Killenaule Register.

Married 29-11-1797: Nancy Skehan married John Connors of Ballyvadin.  Issue:- Wm. 7-5-1816: sps:- John Slattery, Mary Cavanagh: Bgt. 2-5-1820: sps:- Thos. Meagher, Mary Slattery.

Married 1-3-1813: Catherine Skehan and James Delahunty.

Darby Skehan married Mary Kennedy.  Issue:- Mgt. Bapt. 27-11-1814: sps:- Pat Holohan, Judith Skehan.

Bgt. (Biddy) Skehan married Pat Morgan.  Issue:- Mary bapt. 28-11-1814: sps:- Jim Gearon, Mgt. Leahy.

John Skehan married Mary Flemming.  Issue:- Patk. Bapt. 18-3-1815: sps:- Wm. Skehan and Alice Donnell.  James 20-8-1816: sps:- Thos. Maher, Ellen Dea.

Bridget Skehan married William Connors.  Issue:- Ellen bapt. 9-1-1816: sps:- Dan Morrissey, Alice Meagher.  Cath. 2-8-1821: sps:- Jas. Kelly, Sally Arte?  Wm. 21-10-1823: sps:- John Skehan, Mary Kelly.

Richard Skehan married Anastatia Hanrahan.  Issue:- Bgt. 7-1-1816.

Married 7-2-1815: Margaret Skehan – Thos. O’Brien, Killenaule.  Issue:- Denis 11-1-1816: sps:- Ellen 3-12-1822: sps:- Thos. Cormack, Mary Delaney:  Mary 9-91822: sps:- Pat Feehan, Mgt. Mahony.

Ellen Skehan married John Quinlan 7-2-1814, Killenaule.  Issue:- James 8-12-1817: sps:- Thos. Nolan, Mary Salinger: Mgt. 15-2-1825: sps:- Ml. Tully, Mary Tully: Walter 2-6-1828: sps- Dan Quinlan, Mary Cummins.

Mgt. Skehan, Lurgoe married Edm. Meagher 26-2-1816.

Bridget Skehan married Patk. Cahill, Kilkennybeg.  Issue:- Cath. 5-1-1824: sps:- Thos. Navin, Judith Smith.

Johanna Judith Skehan, Cooleagh married Daniel Larkin, St. Johnstown 30-10-1823.  Issue:- Thos. 11-12-1824: sps:- Edm. Graham, Mary Egan.   Patk. 21-3-1827 (Lismortagh) (Pat Graham, Sally Graham): Mary 3-8-1829 (Lismortagh): sps:- Walter Skehan, Mgt. Heney.

Mary Skehan Cooleagh married Wm. Luby 19-1-1825.

John Skehan,. Coolbawn married Mary Ryan.  Issue:- Walter 4-12-1825: sps:- John and Bgt. Skehan.

Ellen Skehan married Rody Delaney (Coal Hill, Coolquil).  Issue:- Ellen 3-12-1826: sps:- Jas. Maher, Honora Cantwell.  Roger 18-5-1828: sps:- Martin Morris, Cath. Power.  Darby 25-9-1831: sps:- Wm. Hanly, Mary Kennedy.

Patrick Skehan, Cooleagh married Mgt. Graham.  Issue:- Mgt. 17-3-1828: sps:- Art Graham, Mgt. Jure?

Bridget Skehan, Cooleagh married Michael Kennedy 26-1-1829.

Mary Skehan married Patk. Dunning, Morlestown.  Issue:- Patk. 1-3-1830: sps:- Jas. Mackey, Jane Navin. Joanna 15-5-1832: Rd. 24-5-1838.  Philip 13-12-1832. 1840 sps:- Mary Hanly: Mary 25-6-1843: Ellen 2-5-1845.

Thomas Skehan, Killenaule married Mary Rochford, Rathroae 15-2-1831.  Issue:- Cath. 1-1-1832: sps:- John Shea Anty Rochford .  pat 27-7-1834: sps:- James Hall, Bgt. Latham.  Mary 30-8-1837

Bgt. Skehan married James Walsh Waoor or Piercetown 5-3-1832.  Issue:- John 23-12-1832s. Wm. 10-10-1834: s. Mary Bourke. Bgt. 1-6-1837: s. Pat. Boruke, Mary Beston.

Edm. Skehan, Lismortagh married Ally Quinland, Lismortagh 3-6-1832.  Lissue:- Wm. and Anty 70401833.  Pat 15-3-1835: John Hayes Elln Carroll.  Daniel 28-1-1838, sps:- Ellen Grahan (Coolbawn).

Mgt. Skehan, Coolbawn married Tom Lynch 23-5-1835, Coolbawn.  Issue:- Mary 3-4-1836: s. Ml. Meighen, Mary Skehan. Mgt. 4-3-1838: s. Wat. Skehan, Cath. Skehan.  James 24-5-1840: s. Edm. Dea, Mary Skehan: Judith 14-8-1842: s. Jas. Lamb, Mary Lamb.  John 13-4-1845: Bgt. 9-7-48: Wat. And Mgt. Skehan: Thos. 27-10-50: Wat. Skehan, Mgt. Meagher.

Mgt. Skehan, Silverfort married John Dwyer, Noon 5-2-1838.  Issue:- Wm. 30-1-1839: sps:- Mary Skeha: Tom 11-4-1840: Barry Dwyer: Jeremiah 23-1-1842: s. Thos. Crohan, Ellen Dwyer: John 6-2-1844: Alllicia 7-6-1848: James 16-8-50.

Mgt. Skehan of Cooleagh married Ml. Carew of Cashel 12-2-1838.

John Skehan, Silverford married Mary Keeffe.  Issue:- 27-7-1836: Mary 3-6-1838: John 25-10-18399 (Magorban).

Jerry Skehan married Ellen Dwyer of Noon 4-2-1839.

Walter Skehan, Moyglass married Judy Denlea, Moyglass 11-2-1839.  Issue:- Mary 17-11-1839. S. Daniel Skehan, Cath. Skehan: John 27-2-1842: Jim Lynch, Ann Doheny: James 13-10-1844: John 18-4-1847: Ml. 1-11-50.

Matthew Pennefather married Mary Daniel.  Issue:- Rd. 3-7-1835: s. Ally Daniel, Tom 21-1-1837: s. Cath. Daniel.

John Skehan, Cooleigh married Bgt. Slatter.  Issue:- Walter 26-9-1838: s. Tom Delahunty, Mary Skehan.  Ellen 18-2-1840: Walter Skehan, Ellen Doheny: Wm. and Mgt. 26-10-1841: s. Wm. Meagher, Judith Skehan. Anne Doheny: Thos. and Bgt. 24-4-1843: s. Mary Skehan, Cath. Slattery. Johanna 30-12-1846: John and Bgt. Skehan. Cath. 1-11-1848: s. Thos. Slattery, Wliza Skehan: Mary 3-10-5: s. Thos. and Ellen Skehan.

Patrick Skehan married Judith Toomey (Magorban).  Issue:- Cath. 26-12-1841: s. Walter Doheny, Mary Hickey.

Thomas Skehan married Judith Kelly of Curraghtarsna 7-10-1841.  Issue:- Mgt. 19-7-1842: s. Ellen Kearney: Jer 10-5-1844: s. Denis Slattery Mgt. Kelly: Mary 22-3-1846: Wm. 28-7-1848.

James Skehan Cattiganstown married Bgt. Swift, Cattiganstown 27-2-1843.  Issue:- Mary 4-12-1843: Mgt. 3-7-1845: Mgt. (2) 29-5-1848.

Edm. Skehan Killenaule married Mary Hickey.  Issue:- Edm. 4-1-1846.

John Skehan married Anastasia Fogarty, Kilbrenal 15-2-1844.

Mary Skehan, Coolbawn married Thos. Lonergan 18-2-1844.

James Skehan of Coolmore married Mary Cardigan or Carrigan: issue:- Walter 4-12-1814: s. Edm. Mackey, Mary Skehan: Thos. 18-6-1817.

Mary Skehan marreid Jacob at Magorban House 27-7-1845: wss. Dr. Heuston of Fethard: Jeremiah Skehan – James Ryan (C.C.) Maria Juliana (Notha) of same bapt. 6-3-1841.

Skehan Entries From Drangan Register.

Phil. Skehan m. 10/1/1814 Margeria Shee.  Issue:- Bgt. 23/4/1814: Thomas 1/2/1818: Pat 24/1/1820 (more earlier).

James Skehan? M. Anastasia Doheny (or Moloney).  Issue:- Honor 25/4/1814: Pat (mother Ant. Moloney) 26th Oct. 1822.

Ml. Neil m. Mary Skehan.  Issue:- Pat 10/6/1815: Cath (Mother Ellen) 6/10/1817: Ml. Neil m. Ellen Skehan, both of Killusty 3/6/1813.

Phil (or Rd.) Skehan m. Bgt. Duggan.  Issue:-  Pat. 29/3/1819: Mary (Father Rd.) 26/2/1821: Thos. 24/4/’24.

John Dunphy m. Bgt. Skehan.  Issue:- Wm. 27/12/1819.

Pat Skehan m. Mgt. Grady 27/11/1819.  Issue:- Mary 11/1/1821: Cath 11/4/1824.

Rd. Skehan m. Ally Hanrahan, Newtown.  Issue:- Ml. 25/12/1827? James 6/7/’31.

Walter Skehan m. Judith Dolehanty: Wlater Skehan m. Johanna Dlehonty of Drangan 14/1/1831 (£1-4-0).  Issue:- John 29/11/1831: Bgt. Jan. 1834.

Rd. Skehan (Tailor) Cloghateny Drangan m. Cath (also called Mgt.) Ryan.  Issue:- John 11/1/1832: James 1834.

Rd. Skehan m. Johanna Donovan (Cloran) 14/2/1828.  Issue:- Pierce 12/3/1832.

Rd. Skehan m. Cath Ryan of Ballylusky 7/2/1831 (£1-T-6).

Wm. Skehan of Crohane m. Bgt. Pollard. Issue:- Julian Jan. 1834.

John Skehan m. Mary Adish both of Killusty 6/2/1815.

Mick Skehan m. Mary Feril 2/11/1818.

John Bryne m. Anne Skehan , both of Tenrush 9/10/1825.

Thos. Skehan m. Ellen Bourke of Cloran 22/2/1830 (£6-15-0).

Terence Tobin m. Mary Skehan of Newtown 6/2/1833 (£1-6-6).

John Skehan m. 11/2/1834 Mary Quinlan of Currihine (£2).

John Skehan m. Mgt. Cormack of Moyne 16/2/1836 (£1-15-0).

James Skehan m. Mayr Lohy of Kilkennybeg 16/4/1836 (£1-15-6).

Pat Doheny m. Mary Skehan of Grange0na0ethe 7/2/’37 (£5-13-0).

Derby Finely m. Anty Skehan of Drangan 19/9/’37 (£1-4-6).

Thos. Roche m. Bgt. Skehan, both of Newtown 28/2/’43.

1963, List for far is known of cousins and relatives of Rev. W. G. Skehan P.P. inReligion.

Priests Present or last known address Relation If dead year of death
Full name and title
V. Rev. Walter P. Skehan P.P. Birkdale, Lancs. England 1st cousin
Most Rev. Paul A. Skehan, O.P. S.T.M. Procurator General of the Dominicans, San Sabina, Rome 2nd cousin 1954
Rev. Philip Cyprian Skehan O.P. Professor of Civil Law, Providence College RI USA 2nd cousin
Rev. William Skehan CSSR (Coolbawn) Phillipine Islands
Rev. Nicholas Skehan CSSR (Coolbawn) Esker, Co. Galway
V. Rev. Jerome Skehan P.P. Sydney, NSW, Australia c.1899
Rev. John Kevin Ashton C.C. St. Swithan’s, Gillmoss, Liverpool 1st cousin
V. Rev. William J. Meagher, P.P. Medford, Oregan, USA 1958
Rt. Rev. Mgt. John F. Gannon, P.P. St. John’s, Clinton, Mass. USA
V. Rev. Thomas Meagher P.P. Sydney, Australia 1899
Rt. Rev. Mgt. John Nolan, P.P. V.G. Tipperary 1942
V. Rev. Thomas Nolan, P.P. Kilteely, Co. Limerick 1939
Rev. Martin Morrissey C.C. Solohead, Tipperary
V. Rev. James O’Connell, P.P. Clerihan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary 1889
V. Rev. John H. Hanrahan P.P. Sedgley, Dudley, Worcestershire 1960
V. Rev. Joseph Hanrahan P.P. St. Patrick’s, Placreville, California, USA
V. Rev. Wm. A. Hanrahan, P.P. Queenstown, New Zealand
V. Rev. James  Hanrahan P.P. Fairfield, Openshaw, Manchester 1928
Rev. Sydney Morey, C.C. Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Rev. James Fitzgerald (Subdeacon) Irish College, Paris (Home address – Buffana, Killenaule) 1853
Rev. Dr. Benignus Millet, OFM Dun Mhuir, Killiney, Co. Dublin
Rev. David Mulcahy St. Johns, Walkerstown, Queensland ( St. John of God, Stillorgan)
V. Rev. John Corcoran P.P. Diocese of Shrewsbury
V. Rev. Gerard Corcoran, P.P. Farm Road, Woodchurch, Birkenhead diocese of Shrewsbury
V. Rev. Thomas O’Donnell, P.P. Golborne, Warrington, Lancs c.1898
Most Rev. Patrick M. O’Donnell, D.D. Coadjutor Archbishop of Brisbande, Glenariff, Derby Henly, Brisbane
V. Rev. Francis O’Brien P.P. Santa Anna, California
V. Rev. John O’Brien P.P. Long Beach, Los Angles, California
Rev. Thomas Henry Stack Ashford Middlesex, Westminister
Rev. Michael Bruno Stack “Lourdes House”, Harrow Rd., London 1960
V. Rev. Richard Fitzgerald P.P. Kilcommon, Thurles, Co. Tipperary 1st and 2nd cousin 1946
Rev. Richard Fitzgerald C.C. Cahirconlish, Co. Limerick 2nd cousin
Rev. John Walsh, C.C. Anacarty, Tipperary
V. Rev. John Fennelly Greystones, Co.Dublin
Rev. Richard Fennelly Died retired at the family home, Castletown, Moyne 1928
V. Rev. John Carroll, P.P. Devonport, Diocese of Plymouth c.1900
V. Rev. Richard Canon Cahill, P.P. V.G. Tipperary 1903
V. Rev. Thomas English, P.P. V.G. Diocese of Maitland, Australia 1896
Rev. Edm. Canon Engliah, P.P> St. James, Pope;s Grove, Twickenham, England 1924
Rev. Cyril P. Crean Head Chaplain, Irish Defence Forces, Collins Barracks, Dublin
Leonard Martin Murphy (Dr. Brian) Made 1st profession in Franciscans, 1960, at Hollidaysburg, Pa. USA: ord. 1966
Edward Thomas Gareau Studying St. Mary’s Seminary Cleveland: was ordained 21st May 1966

Anno 1963.  Nuns (as far as at present discovered) Relatives and Cousins of Rev. W. G. Skehan P.P.


Full Name

Present or last known address Relation If dead year of death
M. Gerard O’Sullivan St. Camillus Convent, Kilkenny (St. John of God) Aunt 1912
M. Peter O’Sullivan “  “     “    “ Aunt 1955
Mary of Blessed Trinity Ashton O. Carmel. Dunfermline, Scotland 1st cousin
Francis of Jesus Ashton O. Carmel. Saffron Walden 1st cousin
Skehan France c.1920/30
Skehan England
M. Assumptia Mockler St. John of Gofd Convent, Waterford c.1930
M. Agnes Quirke F.C.J. Switzerland
Martin Mary Higgins Ursuline Convent 8540 Mentor Ave. Mentor, Ohio
M. John Patrick Friel  Notre Dame Convent, Cleveland
M. Alfred Friel Convent of Incarnate Word, Texas
M. Lelia O’Connell Ursuline Convent, Whitman Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 1954
M. Lelia O’Connell Ursuline Convent, Waterford 3rd July 1929
M. Raymond Hanrahan Holy Child Convent, Combe Bank, Sundreidge, Seven Oaks, Kent
M. Augustine Hanrahan Kidderminster, Dio. Of Bermingham 1944
M. de Pazzi Slattery Sisters of Mercy, Templemore, Co. Tipperary. 1927
M. Reginald Fitzgerald Blauvelt, New York c.1940/50
M. Hyacinth Fitzgerald Blaubelt, New York c.1940/50
M. Michael O’Shea Mercy Convent, Tipperary
M. Bridget O’Shea Mercy Convent, Tipperary 1898
M. Austin Toppin Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, Kidderminster 1940
M. Patrick Joseph, Millett Sisters of Charity of St. Paul Selly Oak Park, Bermingham 1962
M. Sylvester Mulcahy Mercy Convent, Biloela, Rockhampton, Queensland
M. Joseph Mulcahy “ “ “ “
M. Corcoran Cobh, Co. Cork c.1920/30
Marie Bernarde Burrass Convent of Sisterso f Charity NSW, Aust.
M. Clare Crean Presentation Convent, ClonmelPresentation Convent, Clonmel
Crean 1883
M. de Chantel Fennelly Brigidine Convent, Mountrath 1938
Peter Claver Murphy Entered Ursuline Order I 1956: teaching 8540 Mentor Ave., Mentor, Ohio

Anno 1963.  Relatives of Rev. W. G. Skehan P.P. who are (or were) in Orderso of Brotherhoods.



Name Present or last known address Relation If dead or year of death
Skehan Irish Christian Brothers
Skehan Irish Christian Brothers
Skehan Irish Christian Brothers
Joseph Ryan Roxbury, Mass. USA
Leo Slattery Christian Brothers High School, Maryborough, Quennsland
Jerome Slattery  De La Salle, New Zealand
Bernard Foley De La Salle, Castletown Leix
James Francis Gareau Professed as Brother in Sociery of Mary, Darcy New York 1963

James O’Donnell (1757-1810), Farmer, Knockinglass, Fethard, Co. Tipperary married Catherine Crihane (or Crean) 1786.

“Descendants in Religion of James O’Donnell”

Issue of James O’Donnell & Catherine Crihane:-

Mary (1787-1892): d. age 105: married John Nolan, farmer, Lurgoe, Killenaule.


William Nolan


(1). Rt. Rev. Mgr. John Nolan P.P., V.G. Tipperary (1865-1942).

(2). V. Rev. Thomas Nolan (1869-1939): P.P. Kilteely, diocese Cashel and Emly.

Bridget Mockler (daughter of Mary and John Nolan).


(1). Mother Assumpta Mockler born 1864: died at St. John of   God Convent, Waterford.

Mgt. Stokes (daughter of John and Mary Nolan)


(1). Hannie married Pat Mockler.


Mary Francis married Pierce Morrissey.


Rev. Martin Morrissey (only child) Ordained 1946: new C.C. at Solohead, Tipperary.

(2). Ellen Quirke (daughter of Mgt. Stokes).


Michael Quirke.


Patrick F. Quirke, B.E.


Margaret (St. M. Agnes) born 1935 an F.C.J. nun in England.

Honora: born 1789: married Patrick O’Connell.


(1). V. Rev. James O’Connell (1830-1889) P.P. Clerihan, diocese of Cashel: ordained in Dublin, 1860.

(2). Dora Dalton (daughter of Honora and Patk. O’Connell.


Alice Dalton: was a nun in Presentation of Loretto Convent, Youghal, Co. Cork.

The other descendants of Honora and Patk. O’Connell in religion are known to you.

Alicia: born 1792. married Philip Cunningham.  No known descendants in religion.

Margaret: born 1794: married Wm. Skehna.

Catherine: born 1800: married Ml. Slattery.


Mary Anne married James Hanrahan.


Michael Hanrahan.


(1). Rev. John Hanrahan P.P. at Sedgley, Dudley Diocese of Bermingham, Eng., ordained at Ostott 1917: died 1960.

(2). Rev. Joseph Hanrahan P.P. at St. Patrick’s Placerville, California (in 1952): ordained at Sacramento, 1923.

(3). Rev. Wm. Hanrahan, Catholic Presbytery, Queenstown, New Zealand: ord. at Waterford, 1928.

(4). Mother M. Raymond Hanrahan, Holy Child Convent, Combe Bank, Sundridge, Seven Oaks, Kent, Eng.

Rev. James Hanrahan (son of Mary Anne and James) died 1928 at Fairfield Openshaw, Manchester, Eng. (Diocese of Salford).

Mother Augustine Hanrahan (daughter of Mary Ann and James): died 1944 at Kidderminster, England.

Patrick Slattery (son of Cath. and Ml. Slatter).


Mother M. de Pazzi Slattery (1871-1927) Mercy Convent, Templemore, Co. Tipperary.

Ellen married John Fitzgerald (daughter of James O’Donnell and Catherine Crihane.

John married Catherine Bo (John son of James O’Donnell and Catherine Crihane.

James (son of James O’Donnell and Catherine Crihane.

January 12th 1964

My Dear Cousin,

Are you beginning to show your age? You addressed your card to at 2285 Coventry.  This is my fifth year away from there.  During the holidays I tried to get by address book up to date.  You are forgiven as long as I received your card.

Are you responsible for the survey of relatives in religion in you diocese? When you have completed our side of the family will you please send me a copy of the names and addresses of my relatives?

I will begin my list with grandaunt.

  1. Sister Mary Lelia (Honora O’Connell) – Ursuline Convent, Waterford, Ireland – professed – August 1874: died – July 3rd, 1929.
  1. My aunt: Sister Mary Lelia (Johanna O’Connell) – Ursuline Convent, Cleveland, Ohio – U.S.A. professed August 1907: died – July 3rd, 1954.
  1. Myself – Sister Martin Mary (Virginia Higgins) daughter of Martin Higgins and Mary O’Connell.  Professed August 1932 – Ursuline Convent, Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A. Now stationed at Saint Mary School, 8540 Mentor Avenue,  Mentor, Ohio.

I don’t have any first cousins in religion that I know of.  The following will be children of my first cousins or I believe you refer to them as my first cousins once removed.

  1. Sister M. Peter Claver (Maryilyn Clare Murphy – granddaughter of Nore O’Connell Murphy) professed August 1959 – Ursuline Convent, Cleveland, Ohio.  She is now teaching here at Saint Mary School, Mentor,Ohio with me.
  1. Brother Brian Murphy T.O. R. (Third Order regular – Franciscan) (Leonard Martin Murphy – borhter of Sister Peter Claver) was professed in August 1960 and solemnly professed on July 2, 1964.  Sister Peter Claver and I went to Washington, D.C. this summer for Brother Brian’s profession.  He is studying at the Catholic University of America. He expects to be ordained in June 1966.  His present address if 650 Jackson Street, Washington 17, D.C.
  1. Sister M. John Patrick (Margaret Ellen Friel) granddaughter of Ellen O’Connell Friel and daughter of Patrick Friel) professed in the Sisters of Notre Dame of Cleveland, Ohio – August 1958.  She is now teaching at St. Michael’s School, 2202 Prame Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
  1. Sister Mary Alfred (Eileen Friel) granddaugher of Ellen O’Connell Friel and daughter of Conn Friel (deceased) entered the Incarnate Word Convent, Galway, Ireland in 1951.  She was professed in Incarnate Word Convent in Texas in August 1955.  She is now teaching at Blessed Sacrement School, 5021 Northland Avenue, St.Louis, Mo.
  1. Edward Thomas Gareau Jr. grandson of Nora O’Connell Murphy and son of Miriam Murphy Gareau is studying at St. Mary’s Seminary, Cleveland, Ohio and expects (please God) to be ordained in May 1966 for the Diocese of Cleveland.
  1. Brother James Gareau (Edward’s brother) was porfessed as a Brother in the Society of Mary in Darcy, New York on August 22, 1963.  He is now studying at Mt. Saint John, 4100 Patterson Road, Dayton 30, Ohio.

The Gareau boys are first cousins to Sister Peter Claver and Brother Brian.

With reference to James Richard O’Connell he left the siminary and expects to graduate from College this June.  He found the studies at the seminary a little too difficult.

According to the radio reports we are dued for another 4 to 10 iches of snow tonight.  I hope it doesn’t arrive.  We have had our share this winter.  We had two extra holidays before Christman because of the snow.

During the holidays I had a visit from my sister-in-law, my nephew Bernard and his wife.  She received her First Holy Communion on December 22.  She is a convert.  She had been taking instructions before they were married but wasn’t quite sure that she wanted to be Catholic.  I was very happy to hear of her decision.

Miriam Murphy Gareau (my cousin) and some of her family were here last Sunday.  Miraim and I are very close.  When Miriam was 15 months old her mother (Nora O’Connell Murphy) died and my mothere raised Miriam.  He paternal grandmother raised her brother (Sister Peter Clavers dad) and her sister but she felt that she was too old to raise a 15 month old baby that’s how my mother happened to raise her with our family.  Her children all call be their aunt instead of their cousin.

I hope that you are keeping well and if you need any more information just write and be sure and send me a copy of the revised list of relatives and addresses.




















28TH 1804 AGED 32 YEARS.

John, William and Thomas were sons of Thomas Kickham and his wife, Johanna Lonergan.  John Kickham married Elizabeth Haskins and had (amongh other issue?) a daughter, Betty, who married Darby Skehan of Coolbawn in 1830.





















On Plinth in raised letters:- SKEHAN

Celtic Cross:-

































(3). A very fine Celtic Cross 10 to 12 feet high.

















1871 AGED 83 YEARS






(6). In Hoc signo vinces

Large upright stone now (1954) almost fallen to the ground on its back.







Cold in this tomb unseen by mortal eyes,

A youth of virtue an dof talent lies;

He loved his God, revered his parents dear

Till death untimely closed his bright career.

Also WILLIAM SKEHAN who died

15th May 1877 aged 34 years






(Extract of letter from Ross Briton to Fr. Skehan).



26th March 1968

Dear Fr. W. Skehan,

Father, you do not know me, but my name is Ross Britton.  I think you know Archbishop O’Donnell of Brisbane.  Anyway, recently I wrote to the Archbishop and asked if he had any idea of our family tree.  By the way I am his third cousin.  His Grace gave me my family back to 1666 (Thomas Crean), I am wondering if you could give me anymore data please?

Also His Grace told me to tell you of a few new additions to the family – 3 girls and a boy.  John Britton has got 2 girls, Lee Anne, 5 this year, and Tracy, 3 years I think.  Kevin Britton, my father, has Patrick born 31st March 1964, I think the year is right, and Angela born 20th August 1967.

Yours very faithfully.

Ross Britton

(Fr. Skehan’s reply wrote at bottom of letter).

“Britton, de briocun or de breacun = Norman ‘La Breton’ i.e. native of Brittany, N.W. France, member of the family came to Ireland at the time of the Anglo-Norman Invasion or soon after (12th Century).  A branch settled at Milltown – Britton, Parish of St. John Baptist’s Grange.  Manus and Walter Britton had about 180 a. there in 1753 when dispossed by Irish Catholics by the Cromwellians.  Near by of same time, James Britton held the townlands of Killusty and Tullow (Parish of Kiltinan) about 1560 acres, and was also dispossessed as an Irish Catholic.



Well, my son, looking back just makes me sad

To think of all the men who’ve been glad

To slide loving fingers o’er my neck

The vibrations of my strings to check.


Twas in April I was traded by the gate

At the old O’Donnell’s farm in 1748.

Here I hung, a hundred years or more,

Above the “Inglenook” to cure,


Except when taken down with loving care

To soothe a “wake”, or speed a foresome “square”:

And from O’Donnell to O’Donnell I was duly passed,

Some of whom sailed before the mast


To foreign lands where my dulcet notes

Eased my master’s thoughts of home,

And dreams of Fairies and the Leprachaun

Who graced the banks of Slievenamon,

And slyly gambolled in thegrass

Around the farm at Knockinglass.


Many years have passed and gone

Since I accompanied Father Tom

Across the sea to spread the Faith;

Where lovely evenings spent together

Were soothed with music, just as ever,

Until one day, old age creeping on,

He passed me on to cousin, John.


Your great grandfather, my son,

Whose mother came from Slievenamon,

An O’Donnell from Knockinglass

Who bound us, lad and lass,

Never from this family must I pass;


But be treasured, day by day,

Nor sold, nor even given away.

I’ll reward you, son, each time you play

With Organ tones, high and sweet

And a wealth of timbre that can’t be beat.


Drawn from memories of other days,

Of Theatre, Shows, and many Plays,

Of Army Camps, and Bavy Boats,

Where fighting men with tightened throats

Muttered prayers as they left the floats:


With thoughts of home as they heard me play

Those lovely songs of a happier day –

Mother Machree, or Tara’s Hall,

Galway Bay, or Finnegan’s Ball.