John & Bridget Mullany nee Fanning, Thurles & Moyne Co Tipperary

Bridget Mullany was the daughter of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lisaroon in Co Tipperary. She married John Mullany and after his death she moved to Moyne where she was a publican for many years. Bridget died in 1935.

John Mullany 1838- 1900


Obituary of John Mullany Irish Examiner 29 Mar 1900


John Mullany was the husband of Bridget Fanning. She was the daughter of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lissaroon and my ggggrandfather’s first cousin once removed.


Bridget Mullany License Transfer Nenagh Guardian 9 May 1900

Bridget was often in court for breaches of the Licensing Act. The transcripts make very entertaining reading.

Nenagh News 13 Jul 1901


Nenagh Guardian 10 Jul 1901



Irish Examiner 29 Aug 1905


Thurles petty Sessions reported in the Irish Examiner 22 Sept 1909


Nenagh News 23 Jan 1915


Bridget Mullany nee Fanning 1854-1935

After her husband died Bridget moved to Moyne with her children.

The property purchased by Bridget Mullany in Moyne
Bridget, Mary Ann, Michael and John Joe Mullany outside Mullany’s Pub in Moyne Co Tipperary

Nenagh Guardian 4 Nov 1908 Thurles Court


Nenagh Guardian 9 Apr 1921


Funeral card for Bridget Mullany nee Fanning


Death Notice Bridget Mullany nee Fanning Nenagh Guardian 22 Jun 1935


Irish Independent 16 Jun 1938

Fanning Wills in the National Archives Dublin

Co Tipperary and Dublin Fanning wills and probate papers listed in the National Archives in Dublin.

These are the Co Tipperary and Dublin Fanning wills and probate papers listed in the National Archives. I haven’t included all Tipperary Fannings, just those that could be related. I have added, in brackets, notes from civil death records:

Calendars of Wills and Administrations 1858-1922

These have images with them. The ones from 1922 don’t and appear to be just indexes, still useful information in them. To get to the wills and probate after 1922 I had to search the archives for Fanning and related families in the online catalogue.

Alice Fanning of Ballinamona, widow, died 25 July 1897 Primary beneficiary was Patrick Fanning, laborer, her son, 20 pounds. (She was the widow of a farmer, aged 73 at death, and daughter Alice Blanchfield of Newtown was present at time of death. Death registered in Carrick on Suir.)

John Fanning of Ballydavid, Littleton Co Tipperary, labourer, died 27 Oct 1942 to Martin Fanning, labourer, 129 pounds. (He was a bachelor, a labourer and age 48 when he died of TB. Death registered in Roscrea.)

Martin Eviston, late of Baronstown, Loughmore, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 2 Sept 1923 to Sarah Eviston, the widow, effects 497 pounds.

Martin Eviston died 2 Sept 1923 address Baronstown Loughmore, Templemore to Martin Eviston effects 700 pounds. (A married farmer who died age 74)

James Fanning late of Barracurragh, Ballycahill, farmer, died 21 Dec 1915 to John Fanning, farmer, 273 pounds 10 shillings. (He was a widower and age 68 at death. His son William Fanning was present at time of death.)

John Fanning late of Rathmoy, Borrisoleigh, farmer died 3 Feb 1948 to Johanna Fanning, widow, 199 pounds.

Anastasia Fanning, spinster, died 23 Mar 1929 to Laurence Fanning, shopkeeper, 89 pounds 10 shillings. (She was a nurse and died age 56. Death registered in Clonmel.)

Laurence Fanning of Bouladuff, Thurles, shopkeeper, died 1 June 1938, to Michael Fanning, shopkeeper, 72 pounds. (He was 58 when he died.)

James Fanning of Burnchurch, Killenaule, Co Tipperary died 11 April 1976.

William Fanning farmer, of Castleroan, Dunkerrin, Roscrea, Kings Co, exec Ellen Coffey died 11 Aug 1939 left 937 pounds to Thomas Fanning Garda Siochana and Andrew Hoolan farmer. (He was a widower and died in Dublin age 67.)

Margaret Powell late of Emmett St Birr Co Offaly, died 17 Sept 1931, to Annie Fanning, widow, 1821 pounds. (She was a widow and newspaper proprietress and aged 66. her son J. Fanning present.)

Mary Fanning, late of Castletown, Moyne, Co Tipperary, widow, died 27 Feb 1928 to Patrick Kennedy, farmer, 700 pounds, 13 shillings.

William Fanning  late of Clondoty,Loughmore, Templemore, retired farmer, died 27 July 1908, to John Fanning, farmer, 654 pounds 19 shillings 9 pence. (Widower aged 89, son John present.)

William Fanning, late of Clondoty, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 4 June 1923 to John Fanning, farmer, effects 621 pounds 12 shillings 3 pence. (Bachelor, aged 64, died of TB. Brother John Fanning present.)

John Fanning of Clondoty, Loughmore ,Templemore, Co Tipperary died 14 Oct 1932 to Edward Fanning, farmer, 658 pounds 5 shillings. (Married, age 68. Son Willie Fanning present.)

William Fanning of Clondoty, Loughmore, Templemore, farmer, died 10 Sept 1942 to Catherine Fanning, spinster, 293 pounds. (Bachelor, age 32. Suicide by gunshot.)

Mary Fanning, widow of Clondoty, Loughmore, Templemore Co Tipperary, died 14. Dec 1948. To Nora Fanning, spinster, 2,600 pounds 16 shillings and 3 pence.

Patrick Fanning of Clondoty, Loughmore, Co Tipperary died 9 Mar 1984, age 67.

Anne Fanning died 16 July 1906, late of Coldfields Thurles, widow, to Patrick Fanning, farmer, 376 pounds 10 shillings.

Thomas Fanning, late of Coldfields, Thurles, farmer, died 2 Dec 1934 to Martin Fanning, farmer, 87 pounds.

Edward Fanning, late of Coolcroo,  Twomileborris, farmer, died 16 Sept 1925 to Eliza Fanning, widow and to James Commins, farmer, 359 pounds.

John Fanning of Coolcroo, Twomileborris, Thurles died on 7 Feb 1988.

Patrick Fanning of Drom, Thurles, farmer, died 4 July 1933 to John Hassett, farmer, 141 pounds.

Patrick Fanning died Dublin 15 Nov 1906, late of 23 and 24 North Strand Rd Dublin, merchant, to Joseph Fanning, merchant, 7,005 pounds 1 shilling.

John Fanning, merchant of 12 Richmond Place, North Circular Rd Dublin, died 17 Feb 1907 in Dublin, to Mary J Fanning, the widow, effects of 6,256 pounds 18 shillings 1 pence.

Mary J Fanning formerly of St Ronans, Richmond Place, N.C. Rd Dublin and late of 5 St Albans Park, Sidney Parade, Dublin, widow, died 24 May 1939 to Veronica Doyle, married woman, and Patrick Fanning, merchant, 4,048 pounds.

Roger Fanning of Gaile, Thurles. CoTipperary died 13 Aug 1987.

James Fanning died 2 Oct 1885, late of Glenreigh Thurles, farmer to Margaret Fogarty, the daughter of Holycross, married woman, effects 257 pounds, resworn 525 pounds 3 shillings and 11 pence.

Anne Fanning of Glenreighbeg, Holycross, spinster, died 27 Mar 1891, granted to Mary Ryan, married woman, effects of 75 pounds.

Joseph Fanning late of Graigue, Moycarkey, Thurles Co Tipperary, farmer, died 27 July 1894, to his widow May Fanning, 72 pounds 10 shillings.

Mary Fanning of Graigue, Moycarkey, died 26 Jan 1913, widow, to Joseph Fanning, farmer 233 pounds.

William Fanning of Gurthnagoona Templemore, farmer, who died 10 April 1899, granted to William Fanning jnr, farmer of Gurthnagoona, his son, effects of 42 pounds.

Richard Fanning of Killavinoge, Clonmore, Templemore, Co Tipperary died 3 June 1983.

Thomas Fanning, late of Kilvilcoris, Drom, farmer, Thurles Co Tipperary died 1 Sept 1934 to Stasia Fanning, spinster, 22 pounds. (bachelor 62 years. Stasia his sister.)

John Fanning, late of Lacken, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 22 Aug 1930 to Andrew Fanning, shop assistant and Patrick Fanning, merchant, effects 1,223 pounds 15 shillings. (Widower).

John Fanning, farmer, of Lacken, Co Tipperary, died 31 March 1949 to Andrew Fanning, shop manager, 553 pounds 16 shillings and 3 pence. (bachelor aged 63. Andrew was his brother who lived at Mathew St Tipperary.)

Thomas Fanning, late of Lisaroon, Thurles, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 3 Feb 1926 to John Ryan, farmer, effects 652 pounds 18 shillings 9 pence. (Age 67).

James Fanning died 7 Dec 1918, late of Lisdonowly, Moyne Templemore, executor his widow Anne Fanning. (Married, age 65, son John Fanning present).

Andrew Fanning of Moycarkey, Thurles, died 16 July 1982.

Thomas Fanning late of Newtown, Littleton, Thurles, retired road worker, died 10 Sept 1944 to Michael Fanning, road ganger, 5 pounds.

Martin Fanning shopkeeper, died 22 Jan 1903, primary beneficiary Patrick Fanning, shopkeeper of Limerick St Roscrea, effects of 1,027 pounds 4 shillings and 8 pence. (Widower, publican, age 75. His niece Ellie Burke present).

Mary Teresa Fanning of Shanakill, Roscrea, Co Tipperary died 21 Feb 1985.

Edward Fanning of Shanbally, Horse and Jockey, Thurles died Sept 12, 1948 to William Ryan, farmer, 10,171 pounds. (Widower aged 80).

Maura Fanning of Shanbally,  Thurles, Co Tipperary  died 30 July 1984

Martin Fanning farmer, late of Skehane otherwise Borris, died 30 Oct 1891. Primary beneficiaries were John Fanning of Coldfields and Phillip Maher of Garane, both farmers, executors 634 pounds 10 shillings.

Thomas Fanning, late of Skehana, TwoMileBorris, farmer, died 14 Dec 1922 to Margaret Fanning, widow, 370 pounds.

Anastasia Fanning, housekeeper, Lacy Ave, Templemore died 31 Dec 1945, 298 pounds to Ellen Campion, married woman.

Michael Fanning of Mary St Templemore, Co Tipperary died 10 Oct 1985

Anne Fanning, widow, of Jail St Thurles died 24 April 1887 at same place, effects 31 pounds, 15 shillings and 6 pence. Mary Fanning of Jail St, spinster, the sole executrix. (Age 68. Shopkeeper. Mary Fanning of Jail St was her daughter).

Sarah Sheehan died 10 Oct 1888, late of Quarry St Thurles, Co Tipperary, widow, to Ellen Dwyer of Quarry St, widow and daughter, effects 27 pounds. (Sarah Sheehan nee Fanning was my gggrandfather’s sister)

Thomas Fanning late of Quarry Thurles, shopkeeper died 13 Sept 1897 to Ellen Fanning of the Quarry, widow and William Fanning of Clondoty 460 pounds. (Aged 42).

The Very Reverend James Fanning died 10 Sept 1909, late of Cathedral St Thurles to Mary Ryan, wife of John Ryan, effects 482 pounds 14 shillings. His death was reported in The Daily News Perth, 13 Nov 1909 and said he had labored for many years in Liverpool.

John Fanning, late of Cathedral St, Thurles, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 3 May 1925 to Edward Fanning, farmer, 76 pounds. (Aged 60, shopkeeper. His daughter Nora Fanning present).

Patrick Fanning late of Main St Thurles, merchant, died 2 Mar 1916 to Anastasia Fanning, his widow, 1,537 pounds 10 shillings, resworn 1,578 pounds 10 shillings. (Aged 87, a shopkeeper).

Kate Fanning, spinster, late of Commons, Thurles died 18 Feb 1920

Stasia Fanning, widow, late of  10 Liberty Square Thurles died 4 Nov 1941 to Cissie Morris, spinster, 686 pounds. (Aged 74, a merchant. Cissie Morris was her niece).

William Fanning, merchant, late of Mitchel St, Thurles, died 29 Dec 1947 to John Carrigan, solicitor and Jeremiah O’Connell, retired commercial traveller, 35 pounds.

Patrick Fanning of 9 Bank Place Tipperary, merchant, died 12 Dec 1944, 850 pounds to his widow Margaret Fanning. (Aged 59, married. Mary Theresa Fanning, his daughter, present).

Thomas Fanning of Turtulla, Thurles, Co Tipperary died 2 May, 1978.

Margaret Fanning of Turtulla, Thurles,  Co Tipperary died 13 Jan 1985.

Bridget Fanning Gorman Twomileborris died 18 Sept 1987

Mary J Fanning of “Carnalea”,Whitshed Rd, Greystones Co Wicklow died 16 Feb 1936 to Joseph Fanning, gentleman, 1,300 pounds.

Joseph Fanning of “Carnalea” Whitshed Rd, Greystones, Co Wicklow, retired merchant, died 23 Aug 1942 to Alice Hedigan, married woman, 2,492 pounds.

Joseph William Fanning of Kabulonga, Lusaka Zambia died 22 June 1984.

Joseph William Fanning death Zambia Irish Independent 23 Jun 1984

John Mullany died Thurles 1900. He was married to Bridget Fanning daughter of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lissaroon. (Age 60, shopkeeper. His daughter Mary Mullany present).

Will of John Mullany died 1900.
Will of John Mullany died 1900.