Borrisoleigh Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary, 1814-1880

Fanning marriages in Borrisoleigh Parish Co Tipperary Ireland from 1814-1880at the National Library of Ireland online.

Borrisoleigh Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

Thought I would look at the marriage records on nli for Fanning marriages in Borrisoleigh Parish.  “The parish of Borrisoleigh, spreads over 14,215 acres of lush pastures and rolling hills in the north of the county of Tipperary. ” (

On the whole there were not so many marriages in this parish. Sometimes only one a month. February was the busiest month, probably because it was the slowest month for farmers. There seemed to be a lot of dispensations for close relationships given in this parish.

I hardly found any Fanning families in this parish, even though it is next to Drom & Inch Parish, where my ancestors came from. Looked for a description of this parish particularly its geography and came across this in Wikepedia:

“In October 1846, absentee landlord Lord Portarlington threw a banquet at the Temperance Hall in Borrisoleigh while the surrounding parish was suffering through the Potato Famine. He left a meager one hundred pound donation to the local Poor Relief Committee when he returned to England.”

In the early records the addresses of both bride and groom are given and the records are fairly easy to decipher.

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6 Feb 1814, Edm Fannin of 2 Mile Burris & Mary Burke of Burrisoleigh, wit: Edward White, Con Kinane & John Lloyd

29 Nov 1817, William Fanning of Lifs? & Judith Bourke of Pallis, wit: Bryan Kennedy & Jeffrey Fanning

2 Feb 1818, Thomas Fanning of  Lifs or Liss & Ellen Dwyer of Knockacorna? wit: Jeffrey Fanning & Judith Ryan

21 April 1819, Patrick Ryan & Kitty Fanning of Rusheen, wit: William Ryan & Mary Hickey

19 Feb 1822, Tom Quin of Upperchurch & Ellen Fanning of Knockaneenan? wit: Joe Fanning & Martin Bourke

17 Feb 1823, Tom Stapleton & Nony Hayes, both of Ileigh, wit: John Connors & Mary Fanning

4 Aug 1825, John Ryan of Gurteeny & Mary Fanning of Knockaneevan, wit: Tom Fanning & John Bourke

10 April 1826, James Stapleton of Gurtanidown? & Ally Stapleton of Gurteeny, wit: Patrick Corbett & Mary Fanning

19 Feb 1828, John Ryan of Curraglass & Mary Ryan of Gurteen, wit: Micheal Ryan & Joe Fanning

22 Feb 1832, Patrick Hickey of Castleiney & Mary Stapleton of Gurteen, wit: Martin Kennedy & Kitty Fanning

18 Feb 1833, John Fanning of Knockaneavan to Ellen Benson of Knockahorna, wit: Michael cantwell & Joe Fanning

11 Feb 1834,  Jeoffrey Fannan to Mary Ryan of Knockanwan? wit: Paddy Ryan & Mary Kennedy

1 Feb 1835, Pat Ryan & Catharine Fanning of Knockanivan? wit: William Ryan & Mary Fannan

22 Feb 1838, William Eagan of Loughmore to Norry Gleeson wit: Richard Gleeson & Norry Fannan

26 Feb 1838, Joseph Fannan to Honoria Bourk of Gurteny? wit: James Stapleton & Norry Bourke

17 April 1839, Michael Bourke to Mary Fannan of Knockahorna, wit: Daniel Fannan & Ellen Fannen

25 Jan 1841, John Lahy to Bridget Mara of Fontane wit: James Mara & Honoria Fannan

9 Feb 1841, James Barry of Thurles to Catharine Gleeson of Borris wit: James Fannan & Mary Spellane

2 Oct ? Stephen Keating to ________ Fannan of Knockaharna wit: Patrick Keating & Mary Keating

20 Feb 1844, Pat Ryan to Ellen Fannan of Knockaharna? wit: Daniel Fannan & Mary Fannan

20 Feb 1844, Joseph Fannan to Mary Keating of Knockaura?? wit: Patrick Keating & Mary Ryan

20 April 1845, Michael Keating to Catharine Kelly of Knockbrark?? wit: Jeoffrey Fannan & Bridget Brien

31 July 1845, Laurence Fannan & Kitty Bourke, wit: Thomas Mullaly & Rev Pat Morris. Dispensation given

23 Feb 1846, Denis Dwyer & Honora Fannan of Grange, wit: John Lahy & Judy Gleeson

24 Feb 1846, Charles Ryan & Margaret Gleeson of Borris, wit: Pat Maher & Mary Fannan

24 Feb 1846, Connor Hays & Ellen Lahy of Rusheen, wit: Patrick Ryan & Catharine Fannan

19 Jan 1851, Michael Martin & Catharine Fannan of Knockahorna, wit: William Ryan & Mary Fannan

15 Feb 1852, Thomas Stokes of Moycarky to Ellen Fanning of Liss or Lils, wit: Patrick Bourke & Mary Lowry

29 May 1852, Patrick Bourke to Belinda Carroll of Borris, wit: Jeoffrey Fannan & Margaret Cashin

7 Nov 1852, Denis Darcy of Upperchurch & Mary Kennedy of Casthill, wit : John Tracy & Ellen Fannan

27 Jan 1853, Michael Ryan to Julia Quincey of Knockahorna, wit: Thomas Dohany & Catharine Fannan

31 May 1853, Joseph Fannan & Margaret Costigan of Borris, wit: Patrick Carroll & Honora Brien

20 Feb 1855, John Bourke & Mary Lowry of Borris, wit: Daniel Ryan & Catharine Fannan

11Oct 1857, Jeoffry Fannan & Bridget Treacy of Rathmoy, wit: Thomas Ryan & Mary Finn

13 Feb 1858, James Russell of Drom & Catharine Fannan of Knockawian?? wit: Edm Ryan & Anne Ryan

25 Sept 1859, Michael Guilfoil of Drom & Ellen Ryan, wit: Denis Maher & Ellen Fanning

12 Feb 1866, Martin Maher & Ellen Fanning, wit: Stephen Carrole & Honoria Fanning of Knockanevan

4 Mar 1869, Michael Lynch & Honoria Fanning of Knockahorna, wit: Charles Doherty & Mary Brien

10 Feb 1873, Michael Bourke & Bridget Carroll, wit: Daniel Fanning & Margaret Carroll, Borrisoleigh

26 Feb 1878, Philip Ryan & Mary Fanning, wit: Thomas Ryan & Catharine Fanning, Knockahorna

19 Oct 1881, Michael Cashin & Bridget Fanning wit: Daniel Connell & Bridget Dunn, Borrisoleigh. Dispensation given.

Holycross & Ballycahill Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary, 1835-1878

These Fanning marriage records are from the Catholic Parish registers for the Parish of Holycross & Ballycahill Co Tipperary, held at the National Library of Ireland. They are free and online at nli.

Holycross & Ballycahill Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

These Fanning marriage records are from the Catholic Parish registers for the Parish of Holycross & Ballycahill Co Tipperary, held at the National Library of Ireland. They are free and online at nli.

These marriage records are from the period 1 an 1835 to 29 Dec 1878.

Rootsireland has marriage records from 1835-1900.

There are also now all the civil records available online and for free at Marriage records are for marriages over 75 years, so up to 1941 at present in 2016.

Place names  in Ballycahill in 1901 & 1911: Ballycahill, Ballynahow,  Barracurragh,  Castlefogarty, Cooldotia, Coolkill, Crossoge, Drumminnagleagh, Farneybridgehill,  Garrynamona, Garryvanus, Lisnasella, Moneydass, Mountalt, Mountsion, Newtown

Places in Holycross in 1901 & 1911: Ballycamusk, Ballyvoneen, Beakstown, Cloghane, Cormackstown, Farneybridge, Glenbane  Lower,Glenbane  Upper, Glenreagh Beg, Glenreagh More Graiguenoe, Grange, Holycross, Holycross town, Killeenyarda, Lisbook, Lisnagonoge, Lisnagrough, Monamoe, Newtown,Raheen, Whitefort

Looking through these marriage records there appear to be very few Fannings living in this parish at this time.

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3 Mar 1835, Thomas Long married Catherine Fanning, witnessed by Patrick Long and William Tuohy.

27 Feb 1838, John Hayes and Margaret Molony wit: James Carroll & Patrick Fanan

16 Nov 1841, Michael Davern & Mary Fanning wit: Thomas and Honora Fanning & William Touhey, Grange

19 Feb 1844, James Fanning & Judith Cronin wit: Edmund & William Cronin

23 Feb 1846, John Mara & Catherine Ryan wit: Mark Ryan & Honora Fanning

11 Feb 1847, Thomas Brien & Catherine McGrath wit: Patrick McGrath & John Brien & Bridget Fanning

25 Nov 1847, Patrick Purcel & Honora Fanning wit: Martin Purcel & Bridget Tuohy

11 June 1848, Thomas Dwyer & Mary Ryan wit: Thomas Fanning & Margaret Ryan

11 July 1849, James Broderick & Mary Ryan wit: Thomas Fanning & Anne Semple?

24 Nov 1856, Patrick Fanning & Mary Byrne wit: Jim Cormack & Judy Byrne

28 Oct 1866, William Bourke (Drom) and Mary Consedine (Raheen?) wit: Thomas Miller & Ann? Fanning

*23 Feb 1873, James Fanning & Alice Long, Barracurra wit: Martin Eviston & Mary Long. Was Martin Eviston’s wife Johanna Fanning related to this James Fanning?

12 April 1877, Philip Whyte & Mary Quirke, Glenreigh More wit: Richard Morriss & Mary Fanning.