More Bulla Victoria Australia Parish Maps

Three more Bulla Victoria Australia Parish Maps from the 1850s and 1860s showing the land holdings of William Patrick “Big Bill” Fanning.and others

Map of the Township of Bulla 1855
Map of the Township of Bulla Victoria Australia 1855

If you right click the image and then open in a new tab you can get a larger image and can use zoom function. In this map from 1855  W. Fannan has a block of land in Quartz St Bulla.

Map of Bulla Parish date unknown
Map of Bulla Parish Victoria Australia date unknown

Has to be after 1854. W Farman has 346 acres on Emu or Bolinda Creek purchased on 7 June 1855. W.Farman also has the 119 acres “Sunnyside” next to M. Loeman. In town it looks like lot 47 is owned by E.Fanning. ?? Could be Ellen Fanning wife of John Henry Fanning son of William Patrick Fanning.

Map of Bulla Township Victoria Australia1863
Map of Bulla Township Victoria Australia1863

On Quartz St lot 7 belongs to Fannan in 1863.

More variations on the name Fanning!!


Maps of Co Tipperary Ireland Showing Ballingarry and Thurles Areas

Three maps of Co Tipperary Ireland showing Thurles and Ballingarry and surrounding areas.

These maps show the area that the Fannings came from. They show the relative proximity of Ballingarry to the Thurles area where the Fannings lived from the mid 1700s to the present day.

According to this site “Before Oliver Cromwell came to Ireland the land of Ballingarry belonged mainly to the Lismolin branch of the Butler family, three Fanning brothers, the Earl of Ormonde and a Marnell family of Lisnamrock. The only castle which was intact after the Cromwelliam campaign was at Farranrory.”

Slieveardagh Hills Map
Slieveardagh Hills Map
Slievedagh Map Co Tipperary Ireland
Map of north Tipperary showing proximity of Thurles to Ballingarry
Map of Tipperary 1906
Map of Tipperary 1906