Littleton, Horse and Jockey and Two-Mile-Borris 1889 Bassett’s Co Tipperary Ireland

Descriptions in Bassett’s Directory 1889 of Littleton, Horse and Jockey and Two-Mile-Borris, Co Tipperary, Ireland:

Littleton, Thurles .

Population 157 in 1881- Trout fishing

Littleton, in the parish of Two Mile Borris, barony of Eliogarty, is 4 miles south-east of Thurles. The land of the district is used chiefly for tillage. Barley, Oats, potatoes, and turnips are the principal crops. In the district there are ruins of Ballybeg castle, the old church of Ballymoreen, and the remains of a large Danish fort at Ballydavid.

Catholic Churches at Moycarkey and Two-Mile-Borris.

Borris in 1818

Two Mile Borris, Thurles

Two Mile Borris is a village of 20 houses, in the parish of the same name. barony of Eliogarty, 3 miles, Irish, east by south from Thurles. The land of the district is good for pasture and tillage. There are remains of castles at Two Mile Borris and Coolcroo.

Catholic Ch., Priests, see Horse and Jockey and Littleton

Horse and Jockey, Thurles

Horse and Jockey, a village of 6 houses, in the parish of Moycarkey, barony of Eliogarty, is a station on the Southern Railway, 5 3/4 miles, English, south-east of Thurles. The land of the district has a limestone basis, and is good for pasture and tillage. It is excellent sheep country. There are extensive remains of the castle of Moycarkey, on the estate of Mr. John Max. It was at one time occupied as the residence of the Cantwell family, and has a large square tower, with high surrounding wall. A fissure in the tower was caused by lightning over a hundred years ago. There are remains also of Granna(? )Castle, on the estate of Mr James Myers. The village of Ballinure, 6 houses, 3 3/4 miles, Irish, to the south, is part of the postal district of Horse and Jockey. Catholic Church”

Fanning Contributors in Co Tipperary Ireland 1920 and 1944

Belfast Catholics Expelled Workers’ Fund. Tipperary Star Oct 30, 1920. Moycarkey-Borris Parish Fanning contributors:

Ed. Fanning Shanballa

Joe Fanning Graigue

Thomas Fanning Newtown

Irish Red Cross Society: Half-a-million Drive for Starving EuropeLittleton Branch. Tipperary Star 8 July, 15 July, 29 July 1944. Contributors:

Mrs Fanning Skehana

Ed. Fanning Shanballa

Patrick Fanning Coalfields

John Fanning Coolcroo

M. Fanning Coalfields

P. Fanning Coolcroo

M. Fanning Ballydavid

J. Fanning Cloughmartin