Fanning Families in Kilvilcorris Townland Drom Parish Co Tipperary

In Griffiths Valuation of Kilvilcorris Sept 1849 in there are three Fannings listed: Anastasia Fannon, a widow in 1855, with house, office and 14 acres of land on lot 13, Joseph Fannon with 13 acres of land on lot 14 and on the adjoining lot 15 John Fannon with a house, office and 38 acres of land.

Fanning land in Kilvilcorris Drom Parish Grifiths Valuation 1849
Fanning land, 13, 14 & 15, in Kilvilcorris Drom Parish Griffiths Valuation 1849

In the 1901 census for the townland of Kilvilcorris there are two families.

1901 Census


1901 Census

In the 1911 Census there is one Fanning household in Kilvilcorris:

1911 Census Kilvilcorris