Loughmore Fanning Marriage Records, Co Tipperary Ireland 1798-1882

Fanning Marriages in Loughmore Parish Co Tipperary Ireland 1798-1882 nli

Loughmore & Castleiney Catholic Parish Co Tipperary

These Fanning marriage records are from the Catholic Parish of Loughmore & Castleiney in the Diocese of Cashel & Emly in Co Tipperary.

They cover the periods 16 April 1798 to 26 June 1840 and from ^ Sept 1840 to 2 August 1883.

They are online free through The National Library of Ireland.

Rootsireland, which is not free but has reasonable fees, has marriage records for this parish from 1798 to 1897 with no gaps.

Civil marriage records were required to be kept from 1864 for Catholics and those over 75 years are online free at irishgenealogy.ie

Places in Loughmoe East in the civil records:  Ballyduag, Baronstown,  Brownstown,  Clogharaily Beg, Clogharaily More, Cllonamuckoge Beg,           Clonamuckoge More,  Cloone , Coogulla,  Curraghmore,  Derry,  Gortnahaha,  Gortreagh,  Graiguefrahane,  Kilbrickane,  Kilcoke,  Kilcurkree,   Killanigan,  Killeenleigh,  Kilnaseer,  Mardyke,  Penane,   Skeagh,

Places in Loughmoe West in civil records: Ballybristy, Carrickloughmore, Clondoty, Kilkillahara,  Killahara,  Laghile,  Lisheenataggart, Loughmoe Town, Rocker,  Tinvoher,  Whitefield.

There were no Fanning marriages in the period 1798-1800.

If the groom comes from another parish this is recorded otherwise no addresses given until 1811 when Rev Thomas Morrissey begins putting addresses of both bride and groom and occupations.

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16 Feb 1801, Michael Fannan & Mary Kelly wit: Catherine Kelly & John Lyons

20 Oct 1803, James Stapleton of Templemore Parish & Mary Fannon, wit: Mathew Sweeney, Daniel Neil & John Howard

26 Oct 1803, Luke Hoar & Anne Hogan, wit: William Fitzpatrick, Edmund Fannan & James Fannan

30 Jan 1804, Mary Kelly & Edmund Fanning of Castleiney, wit: James Hayden, Patrick Ahern & Thomas Lahy

8 Sept 1807, Derby Divane of Thurles & Mary Mooney wit: Edmund Fannan, William Stapleton & John Magrath

19 Feb 1811, James Ryan of Whitefield, farmer & Catherine Fannan of Lisheenatagart, wit: Thomas Morrissey, Laurence Tyan & Joseph Fannan

19 Feb 1811, James Tyan or Ryan of White, farmer & Catherine Fanning of Lisheenataggert wit: Laurence Tyan & Joseph Fannan

30 Nov 1811, Timothy Mullowney of Ballycahill, farmer, & Ellen Fannan of Gurtnahaha, wit: Patrick Fannan

10 Nov 1811, Thomas Neile of Thurles & Bridget Magrath of Clonamuckoge, wit: Thomas Walsh, John Magrath & Thomas Fannan

10 Feb 1813, Daniel Fannan of Bourna, labourer, & Margaret Ryan of Gurtreigh, wit: Michael, James & John Ryan

11 Aug 1813, John Fannen of Drom & Mary Meagher of Loughmore, wit: William Howard & Honora Ryan & __Daniel? Dooling

21 Feb 1814, Michael Fitzpatrick of Loughmore & Ellen Fanning of Loughmore wit: John Ryan, Darby Maher & Richard Ryan

10 Feb 1814, Pat Fannan of Barna, farmer, & Mary Gleeson of Graiguefrehane, wit : William Fannan, William Talbot & Thomas Lahey

20 April 1814, Jeofry Fanning of Borrisoleigh & Catherine Carr of Killahara, wit: Rev Patrick Ryan, Rev Richard Quinn & John Purcell

8 Jan 1818, John Tyan & Mary Fannen, both of Loughmore, wit: Daniel Tyan, Joe Tyan & James Fannin

1 Feb 1819, James Fannan of Moyne Parish & Margaret Hickey of Cloughreily, wit: Thomas Donnavan & Edmund Hickey

22 Feb 1819, William Shanahan & Mary Fannan, wit: William Shanahan, Patrick Fannan & John Meagher

14 Feb 1820, John Fanning & Bridget Higgins, wit: Rev William Morris, Patrick Armstrong & David Blake

15 Feb 1820, John Fanning & Else Hogan, wit: Martin Carroll, Patt Maher & Mary Hogan

18 Feb 1820, John Fannan & Honor Carroll, both of Loughmore Parish, wit: Patrick Fannan, William Shanihan & Philip Cormick

25 Feb 1821, Patrick White & Mary Fannon, both of Loughmore parish, wit: Michael Tyan, Ally Higgins &  Mary Kief

31 Jan 1822, Philip Fanning & Mary Eviston wit: Robert Eviston & John Leahy

17 Feb 1822, Nicholas Fannan & Alice Dermody of Loughmore, wit: Denis Dermody, Thomas Lahey & William Fannan

9 Feb 1823, Michael Gorman & Mary Kelly, wit: Patt Fanning, Judy Fanning & Ellen Kelly

27 Jan 1825, William Fannan & Ellen Eviston, wit: Robin Eviston, Mary Eviston & _______ Eviston

10 Feb 1825, Thomas Gleeson of Borrisoleigh & Bridget Fannan of Loughmore, wit: Patt Ryan, Joe Ryan & Mary Ryan

13 Oct 1825, John Maher & Mary Egan, wit: Thomas O’Brien, Michael O’Brien & Richard Fanning

26 Jan1826, Valentine Hoar & Mary Deegan, both of Loughmore, wit: John Fannan, Pat Deegan & Mary Quinlan

31 Jan 1826, William Boylon of Templetouhy & Margaret Barry, both of Loughmore, wit: John Barry, William Fannan & John Fogarty

1 Feb 1826, Patrick Fannan & Catherine Maher, both of Loughmore, wit: Michael Maher, Thomas Fannan & Catherine Maher

9 Feb 1827, Patrick Fannan & Mary Campion, both of Brownstown, wit: William Fannan, Thomas Burke, Richard Kearney & William Crawly. entered again as 15 Jan 1827

1 Dec 1827, Joseph Fannan & Sally Keating, both of Gurtreigh, wit: Edmund Fogarty, Mary Burke & Mary Kief

9 Feb 1828, Patrick Fogerty & Ellen Fannan, both of Kilcoake, wit: William Fogarty, Judy Fannan & Mary Kief

17 July 1828, John Fanan & Margaret Kelly, Loughmore, wit: Michael Cahil, Judy Ryan & James Connell

23 Feb 1830, William Fannin & Catherine Butler of Loughmore, wit: Michael Cahil, John Fannan & Margaret Flanagan?

23 July 1830, Patrick Doley of Bourna & Anastatia Gorman of Castleiny, wit: Edward Fannan, Margaret Gorman & Hugh Sweeney

25 Nov 1830, John Fannan & Anne Ryan, both of Loughmore, wit: Patrick Fanan, Margaret Ryan & Margaret Laffan

6 Mar 1832, Michael Gleeson of Thurles & Ellen Fanan, Loughmore, wit: James Magrath & Judy Fanan

21 Feb 1833, Joe Fannen & Catherine Bret

5 Feb 1834, John Macky & Judith Fannan, wit: James Mc_____ & Bridget Meagher

5 Feb 1835, Thomas Fannen & Mary Ryan, wit: William Quill & Margaret Morrissey

2 Mar 1835, Andrew Brenan & Mary Cormick, wit: Patrick Fannen & Judy Cormick

16 Feb 1836, Francis Connell & Margaret Ryan, wit: William Connell & Cath Fannen

29 Jan 1837, Michael Fitzpatrick & Judy Fannen, wit: Pat Maher & Judy Fannen

7 Feb 1837, William Maher & Mary Fannen, wit: Laurence Hayden & Judy Fannen

17 Jun 1837, Denis Fogarty & Catherine Fannen, wit: John Fogarty & Johanna Brenan

12 Feb 1838, Patrick Mara & Catherine Ryan, wit: James Hanley & Cath Fannen

12 Oct 1838, John Ryan & Cath Kenedy, wit: John Kelly & Cath Fannen

27 Nov 1838, John Ryan & Cath Kenedy, wit: ? Fannen & Philip Kenedy

25 Feb 1840, Martin Stableton & Honora Moor, wit: Martin Fannen & ? Kelliher

27 Feb 1843, John Breen & Judith Bourke, wit: Edmond Hayes & Ellen Fannen

27 Feb 1843, Laurence Fannen & Honora Hoar, wit: Michael Ryan & Judith Cahil

1 Feb 1844, Michael Fogarty & Catherine Fanning, wit: Pat Fitzpatrick & Judy Ryan

11 Feb 1844, Michael Carroll & Judy Callanan, wit: Patrick Fanning & Bridget McGuire

19 Feb 1844, Martin Fanning & Ellen Doherty, wit: Martin Kelly & Judy Shanahan

26 Nov 1844, James Fanning & Bridget Ryan, wit: James Bourke & Mary Ryan

4 Feb 1845, James Fanning or Tierney? & Nancy Hart, wit: John Ryan & Hana Lynch

8 Feb 1846, John Sheehy & Mary Fanning, dispensation granted, wit: Tom Sheehy & Mary Fanning

15 Feb 1846, Michael Hoar & Margaret Quinn, wit: James Fanning & Catherine Quin

8 Feb 1847, John Carroll & Judith Ryan, wit: Mathew Fogarty & Judith Fanning

1 Feb 1850, Richard Leahy & Catherine Fanning, wit: Michael ? & Mary Molony

11 Feb 1850, William Peters & Mary Fannen, wit: Edmond Peters & Judy Shanahan

*1 Feb 1852, William Fanning & Catherine Fogarty, wit: Patrick Cormick, Daniel Morrissy & Catherine Cleary

20 Feb 1852, John Ryan & Judy Fanning, dispensation given 4ed 2 grader, wit: Joseph Ryan & Johanna Fanning

*1 Feb 1855, Thomas Davy & Catherine Cormick, wit: Edmund Davy & Johanna Fanning

14 Aug 1855, Denis Tierney & Margaret Hackett, wit: Michael Fanning & Cath ?

15 Jan 1857, Thomas Keogh & Johanna Shanahan, wit: James Keogh & Johanna Fanning

2 Feb 1857, Patrick Carroll & Johanna Fanning, wit: John Ryan & Anastatia Cormack

7 Feb 1857, Thomas Fanning & Mary McDonnell, wit: Michael Keogh & Joseph Cahill

23 Feb 1857, Edmond Gleeson & Catharine Fanning, wit: James Gleeson & Alicia Ryan

4 Nov 1860, James Kennedy & Bridget Bryan, wit: Patrick Fanning & Jane Ryan

*12 Jan 1861,Clonmore, Michael Burke & Johannah Morrisy, wit: William Fanning & William Connell

12 Feb 1867, Islands, Michael Doyle & Ellen Cormick, wit: Michael Doyle,Ante Ryan & Bridget Fanning

18 Feb 1867, Killanigan, Robert Staclum & Anto Ryan, wit: Robert Staclum, Mary Cormick & Bridget Fanning

23 Feb 1867, Thomas Cantwell & Catherine Geehan, wit: William Fanning & Margaret Harney Kill

15 Oct 1868, Daniel Leamy & Ellen Fanning, wit: John Armitage & Bridget Armitage, Gurtnaha

20 Jan 1870, Thomas Comerford & Ellen Fogarty, wit: Daniel Gleeson, Mary Fanning & Anne Fogarty Lisheenataggart

1 Nov 1870, Patt Delaney & Ellen Gleeson, wit: John Fanning & Ellen Gleeson Kilnasure?

13 Feb 1871, Andrew Ryan & Bridget Fanning of Gurtnahaha, wit: Denis Dunne & Margaret Cormick

6 Jun 1874, James Palmer & Honoria Fogarty, wit: Martin Palmer & Mary Fanning, Lisheenatagart

12 Feb 1877, Patrick Devany & Ellen Fanning, wit: John Devany & Johanna Fanning

*9 Feb 1880, John Bannon & Mary Fanning, Clondoty, wit: John Maher & Mary Butler

28 Feb 1881, Edmond Carroll & Mary Fanning, wit: Malachy Carroll & Mary ?

4 Feb 1882, Patrick Healy & Anne Tierney, wit: Nicholas Cormack & Mary Fanning

Given the number of Fanning marriages  it is clear that there were a lot of Fanning families living in Loughmore during the period 1801 -1882. So far this area has by far the greatest number of Fannings living in it.

That said, I have yet to look through the Thurles records, where I suspect there are even more Fannings.

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