Patrick Fanning Lisdonowley Co Tipperary 1859-1910

Patrick Fanning, son of Patrick Fanning and Margaret Cantwell, was born 1859 in Templtouhy, Moyne, Co Tipperary. He came out to Queensland in 1878 on the Highflyer with his brother Anthony. Anthony settled in Kempsey. Patrick died in Sydney in a railway accident in 1910. he is buried in Rookwood cemetery.

Patrick came out to Australia in 1878 on the Highflyer. He was aged 18. He came out with his older brother Anthony. They arrived at Morton Bay in Queensland on Dec 2, 1878.

Highflyer Arrival 21 Dec 1878 The Queenslander cr
The arrival of the Highflyer at Maryborough Queensland 21Dec1878 The Queenslander









Highflyer cr shipping news

The Highflyer Arrival of Immigrants
The Highflyer Arrival of Immigrants

Anthony settled in Kempsey where he was a shopkeeper. He married Amelia Lovell. Both died of consumption or as we know it tuberculosis and are buried in West Kempsey cemetery. They had no children. Patrick was a bachelor when he died age 51.

I have been trying to find Patrick for a number of years. Another Fanning researcher contacted me and alerted me to a Patrick Fanning who was killed in Sydney in 1910. I wasn’t very confident that it could be him but to my delight I think it is Patrick Fanning son of Margaret Cantwell and Patrick Fanning of Lisdonowley.

I don’t have 100% proof, as his mother’s name is not listed on his death certificate but many facts do point to it being Patrick, brother of Anthony.

Patrick Fanning son of Patrick Fanning and Margaret Cantwell was born in Templtouhy Parish in Co Tipperary on 26 Oct 1859.

Below are the newspaper reports of the accidental death of a Patrick Fanning in Sydney in 1910.

Patrick Fanning Accident Sydney Morning Herald 28 Dec 1910
Patrick Fanning Accident Sydney Morning Herald 28 Dec 1910
Patrick Fanning death Sydney 1910
Accidental death of Patrick Fanning SMH 26 Dec 1910
Sydney Morning Herald 10 Jan 1911
Sydney Morning Herald 10 Jan 1911
Coroner's report on the death of Patrick Fanning
Coroner’s report on the death of Patrick Fanning

Funeral Notice 2 Jan 1911 Sydney Morning Herald

In another coroner’s report on Patrick’s death “intemperance” is written in the remarks column.

Funeral notice for Patrick Fanning SMH 2 Jan 1911
Funeral notice for Patrick Fanning SMH 2 Jan 191

What caught my eye here is that Patrick’s cousin is a James Cantwell. Patrick’s mother was Margaret Cantwell.

This James Cantwell died in 1926. His father listed as Anthony Cantwell and mother as Mary. He was a store man and lived in Macquarie Street Leichardt Sydney. I have not found out anything more on this James Cantwell and his family. But would like to know more of them if anyone has some information about this branch of the Cantwell family.

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Patrick is listed as having been in NSW for 32 years which would have him arriving about 1879. His age is given as about 49 giving him a  probable  birth date of  1861. James his cousin was buried age 67 in June 1926 so born about 1859.

Both James Cantwell and Patrick Fanning are buried in Rookwood Catholic Cemetery. Patrick was buried there on 2 Jan 1911 and James Cantwell on 11 June 1926. James’ parents were Anthony and Mary Cantwell. Her maiden name was Stokes as listed on his marriage record.

The name Anthony occurs frequently in the Cantwell family tree but not in the Fanning ancestry. The father of James Cantwell was listed as Anthony Cantwell. So this may explain the naming of Patrick’s brother. Anthony Fanning,  may well have been named after his uncle or even his grandfather on his mother’s side.

I have researched the Cantwells of Moyne and believe that Margaret Cantwell, Patrick Fanning’s mother came from Ballyerk in Moyne and her parents were Anthony Cantwell and Bridget Carroll. This Anthony Cantwell died in 1858, age 72 and is buried in Two-Mile-Borris Old Cemetery.

Margaret Cantwell’s sister Ellen married Richard Cormack of Lissaroon and their son Anthony was listed as a cousin to the Fannings.

I also came across obituaries for Margaret Cantwell’s brother Patrick who I think came out to Melbourne Australia in 1879 on the Durham. He is listed as age 36, Irish and a labourer.

He died on Dec 19, 1908 in Sydney NSW Australia.  The index to his death record has his father listed as Anthony and mother as Bridget. He was buried in Waverley Cemetery Sydney. This Patrick Cantwell was the uncle of Anthony and Patrick Fanning of Lisdonowley.

Obituary for Patrick Cantwell Freeman's Journal 24 Dec 1908
Obituary for Patrick Cantwell Freeman’s Journal 24 Dec 1908















John Eviston was the nephew of this Patrick Cantwell.

As there are two nieces who are nuns mentioned there were most likely more Cantwells who emigrated to Australia.

Anthony Fanning Lisdonowley Co Tipperary & Kempsey NSW Australia

Anthony Fanning was the son of Patrick Fanning and Margaret Cantwell of Lisdonowely, Co Tipperary, Ireland. He was born there in 1849. He and his brother Patrick emigrated to Australia in 1879 on the Highflyer. Anthony was a storekeeper in Kempsey and married Amelia Lovell. He died in 1891 and they are both buried in West Kempsey Cemetery, NSW, Australia.

Anthony Fanning’s  father was Patrick Fanning and his mother Margaret Cantwell from Lisdonowely, Co Tipperary Ireland. He was born in the Parish of Templetouhy, Co Tipperary, on 1 April 1849. He is related to the Bulla Fannings. His father, Patrick Fanning, was a first cousin of William Patrick Fanning, my great great grandfather, who emigrated to Victoria in 1841.

The ‘Highflyer” arrived at Moreton Bay in Queensland in 1878. Anthony was 29 and Patrick, his younger brother, was 18.

Passenger List of the Highflyer 1878

The complete passenger list for The Highflyer is on the Marlborough Family Heritage Facebook page.

Anthony became a shopkeeper in Kempsey and lived in Smith St Kempsey NSW. Patrick worked on the railways and died in Sydney in Dec 1910.

Anthony Fanning’s Shop in Kempsey which was on the corner of Forth St and Smith St opposite the Macleay Hotel.



Anthony’s death certificate states he had been in NSW for 12 years so he did not stay in Queensland for long before coming to NSW. He married Amelia Lovell in Kempsey in 1883. She died in 1890 and he died the following year. They both died of Tuberculosis, or as it was called then, consumption.

Death of Amelia Lovell 1890 Kempsey_NEW
Newspaper Report of the Death of Amelia Fanning 1890 Kempsey NSW Australia
Notice of Death of Amelia Fanning 1890_0001_NEW
Death of Amelia Fanning, Macleay Argus 24 Dec 1890


Macleay Argus 8 Sept 1891


Anthony Fanning Death Certificate 1891 NSW_NEW
Anthony Fanning Death Certificate 1891 NSW
Anthony Fanning & Amelia Lovell
Gravestone of Anthony Fanning & Amelia Lovell

The inscription reads:

Sacred to the Memory of

Anthony Fanning

Native of Co Tipperary Ireland

Who died 7th Sept 1891

Aged 42 Years

Also of His Wife

Amelia Fanning

nee Lovell

Who Died 21st Dec 1890

Aged 28 Years

United in Life by the bond of love

United they sleep in Death

Sweet Jesus May their souls in Heaven Above

Now breathe an eternal Breath


Anthony Fanning and Amelia Lovell are buried in West Kempsey Cemetery NSW. Amelia’s parents were Frederick Lovell and Elizabeth James and she was born in 1862 in Port Macquarie NSW. Below is an obituary fro Amelia’s father which gives some background information on the Lovell family of Kempsey.

Anthony Fanning Ancestor Report 2015