Lissaroon, the Oldest Fanning Property and Homestead

Photos of Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland, home of William Fannin (1731-1802) and Sarah Ryan (1742-1817) and Fanning descendants.

Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland
Lissaroon on the day we visited April 2012

Another highlight of my stay in Co Tipperary was meeting Fanning relatives and  visiting Lissaroon. We were taken there by my fourth cousin Delia, her husband Timmy and son Willie. We were also shown around Ballycahill Cemetery and Church, Loughmore Cemetery and various other related Fanning sites around Thurles as well as calling in on the Lisdonowley Fanning family.

There are photos of Lissaroon and more information and stories in the post “Lisaroon the Home of William and Sarah Fannin These are some photos of the back of Lissaroon which I don’t think I have already posted.

Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland (3)

Lissaroon is a townland just north of Thurles in Co Tipperary North. This property is the earliest Fanning site I have been able to find. It was I have been told settled by Fannins in 1741. I don’t as yet know where they moved from. I was told they came from France which may mean Normandy and that they were an Anglo-Norman family.

There are records of William Fannin living there and he is buried in Ballycahill Cemetery. His birth date about 1731. His wife Sarah Ryan is also buried there as are many other member of their family. But William and Sarah are the earliest Fanning ancestors. Lissaroon was their home and property. They rented from the Trant Family of Dovea. Eventually with changes in the Land Acts the Fanning family came to own Lissaroon as freehold land. They were well off and prospered in the region. My cousins told me that all the other Fannings in the area can trace their roots to William and Sarah Fannin.

What struck me was the refinement in design of the fittings in the house dilapidated as it is. I was surprised as I expected a practical farmer’s house. The inside of the house is falling down which is a shame. But there is an elegant corner cupboard and original wooden table and chairs as well as the remains of a beautiful coloured marble fireplace. On the walls there are remanants of flowerey wallpaper. Some of the other walls were brightly painted. A lot of evidence of a feminine influence.

Lissaroon Wallpaper Co Tipperary Ireland (2)
Detail of remaining wallpaper at Lissaroon Homestead Co Tipperary Ireland
Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland Detail of Marble Mantlepiece (2)
Detail of Marble Mantelpiece Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland

The house itself apparently had a portico with coloured glass like that at Dovea House.

Dovea House Co Tipperary Ireland
Portico of Dovea House, The Big House, owned by the Trant Family who the Fanning family would have paid rent to

I have seen quite a few photos of Lissaroon but actually being there was very different. It is quite close to the road and used for grazing cattle. No one has lived there since 1926. Unfortunately it is deteriorating.

It was fascinating hearing about the place from Willie who used to visit as a child. He said it was origianlly thatched and surrounded by a beautiful garden of fruit trees and flowers. He can remember picking the flowers. The trees had to be cut down as they had become dangerous.

Lissaroon Interior Original Chair Co Tipperary Ireland
Chair at Lissaroon. Note wallpapered or painted wall behind
Lissaroon Inside Co Tipperary Ireland
Interior with Corner Cupboard Lissaroon

A family called Meehan rented Lissaroon for a number of years. They wanted to get public housing and could only be eligible if their present dwelling was condemned. So they, much to the horror of the Fannings, had Lissaroon condemned. It took a lot of calling in of favours to have it reinstated and not pulled down.

Old & New Photos of “Sunnyside” Bulla Victoria

“Sunnyside” was the original homestead of William Patrick Fanning and his wife Catherine Hayes who emigrated from Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland to Victoria on the Enmore in 1841. They spent some time at Werribee before settling here at Bulla north of Melbourne. These photos were taken in in c1867, 1907, c1940 and 2011.

'Sunnyside' Bulla Victoria. William Patrick Fanning“,Big Bill” and Johanna,his daughter, c 1867
William Patrick Fanning and his daughter,Johanna and Tommy, a ward of the state, at Sunnyside Bulla Victoria Australia c 1867

“Sunnyside” was the original homestead of William Patrick Fanning and his wife Catherine Hayes who emigrated from Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland to Victoria on the Enmore in 1841. They spent some time at Werribee before settling at Bulla which is north of Melbourne.

Sunnyside Bulla Victoria date unknown
Sunnyside Bulla Victoria Fanning Home date unknown c1940
Winifred Fanning at Sunnyside fixed 2
Winifred Fanning at Sunnyside Bulla Victoria Australia c1943
Sunnyside Front Gate June 2011 Closer
Sunnyside Front Gate June 2011
Sunnyside House Jun 2011
Sunnyside House Jun 2011
Sunnyside Front of House June 2011
Sunnyside Front of House June 2011

Fanning and Darmody in Griffith’s Valuation of Co Tipperary Ireland 1850-1

Fanning & Darmody listings and details from Griffith’s Valuation published 1850-1 for Co Tipperary Ireland.

Fannings, Fannins  & Darmodys listed in Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation for all counties of Ireland can be searched at Ask About Ireland. It is a free site and you can look at the original documents.

Listed alphabetically by townland and all in North Riding, County Tipperary. The parishes are civil parishes. The dates I have given are the printing dates.

Michael Fanning poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Ikerrin, Parish of Templeree, Townland of Ballinlassa. Street No 6a. O.S. Sheet or Town Plan Ref 29. Map Ref 5. Michael Fanning’s name is bracketed with William Tracy 6b and Michael Brennan 5. Michael Brennan has land, William Fanning House and land and William Tracy has a house and land. The combined amount is 4 acres 3 roods 20 perches with a net annual value of 2 pounds 15 shillings. Value of the buildings was 15 shillings net annual value.

Margaret Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Parish of Holycross and Townlandof Ballyvoneen. Street No 2e. House with annual net value of 6 shillings. Map ref 57. Mar 1850.

Patrick Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Eliogarty, Parish of Thurles, Townland of Bawntamena. Street No 1. Land 6 acres, 2 roods, 12 perches net annual value of 9 pounds 16 shillings.

Martin Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Eliogarty, Parish of Twomileborris, Townland of Blackcastle, Street No 3AB Map Ref 47. Land with Mrs Maher 28 acres 8 perches value 5 pounds 18 shillings combined. 3Aa is a house, office and garden, 1 acre 2 perches, value 11 shillings and value of building 3 shillings; rented to James Maher by Martin Fanning and Mrs Maher. Mar 1850.  Continue reading “Fanning and Darmody in Griffith’s Valuation of Co Tipperary Ireland 1850-1”

Fanning and Darmody in Slater’s Directory Co Tipperary Ireland 1846

Slater’s Directory for Co Tipperary Ireland in 1846 list a number of Fannings and Darmodys in various trades in Thurles.

Slaters Directory 1846 Thurles
Slaters Directory 1846 Thurles

Patrick Fanning is listed as a baker at Main St;
John Fanning as a leather seller in Main St ;
John Darmody was also a leather seller in Main St.
Under Public Houses are listed Edward Fanning at Pudding Lane, John Fanning at Main St and Patrick Fanning also at Main St.

Fanning Immigrants from Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland to America 1900-1921

Ellis Island records of Fannings from Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland arriving in America from 1900-1921.

These Fannings from Thurles are on the Ellis Island records

Bridget Fanning, from Thurles (spelt Tharles), arrived May 10 1900 on the “Oceanic”. Listed as labourer. Her final destination was New York where she had a brother living at 403 E.185th St. She had been in America before, looks like, 18 mths ago. She was 25 and single.

Katie Fanning, arrived 22 Sept 1909, age 26, a servant and single on the “Caronia” which departed from Queenstown Ireland. She had a brother living at 446 West 27th St New York. Her father was James Fanning of Ballycahill, Thurles. With her were three cousins:

Maggie Costelloe aged 21, her father was Jeremiah Costelloe of Moycarkey, Thurles.

Andrew Berkery, age 22, his mother was Margt Berkery of Lewagh Beg, Thurles.

William Bannon age 25. His father is listed as John Bannon of Ballycahill, Thurles. His mother was Mary Fanning from Clondoty, Loughmore.

Michael Fanning of Thurles, aged 33, arrived on the “Majestic” on Oct 3 1901. He had a brother Martin Fanning living at 4645 South Halisles?? St Chicago. He had been in America before in 1893 for 9 mths. Listed as a farmer. Departed from Queenstown, Ireland.

On the 1901 Census for Co Tipperary there is a Michael Fanning listed at Coolcroo in Two-Mile-Borris aged 33.

Laurence F. Fanning, aged 30, from Thurles arrived on the “Teutonic” on 25 May 1905. He was a US Citizen, occupation clerk. His final destination was 4659 State St Chicago and reason for journey was “returning home”. Port of departure was Queenstown, Ireland. The story goes that Laurence Fanning eloped to America after or to marry his first cousin Bridget Fanning of Clondoty. He worked in a bar there and when he returned to Tipperary he had a pub in The Ragg, Bouladuff.

Helena Fanning from Borisoleigh, age 26 and single arrived on Oct 25 1921.

Mary Fanning from Borisoleigh, 23 and single arrived on Dec11 1910 on the “Coronia”.

I have included these last two women from Borissoleigh, Co Tipperary, as there was a Fanning family in Victoria who came from Borisoleigh. They lived at Penshurst, near Hamilton, and most likely still have Fanning descendants there. Borrisoleigh is not that far away from Thurles and there were quite a few Fannings living there although I have not made any direct connections with them yet.

John Thomas Fanning born 1878 died 1957 Victoria Australia

John Thomas Fanning (1878-1957) was the son of Ellen Gormley and John Henry Fanning. He was born in Bulla Victoria, lived for some time in NSW and was a soldier in WWI. He married Annie Tapscott and had two sons. He died in Coburg Victoria Australia.

John Thomas Fanning
John Thomas Fanning

John Thomas Fanning was the third son of Ellen Gormley and John Henry Fanning. He was born at Bulla in Victoria in 1878.

He was also the father of the famous Melbourne full forward, Fred Fanning and I have been told that John Thomas was himself a very talented boxer and althlete who held various sporting records.

Before he enlisted in 1916 he was living and farming at Belmore River NSW on land owned by his uncle Peter Gormley. John Thomas was reported in The Macleay Argus, 24 June 1910, as having donated money, five shillings, to the Dr Casement Memorial Fund for the Belmore River area. His mother Ellen Fanning was left this land and she eventually sold it in 1926. Before he enlisted John Thomas Fanning held an auction of his goods.

Published in the Macleay Chronicle Feb 3 1915.

Belmore River is where the relations of John Thomas Fanning were living. John Thomas’ mother was Ellen Gormley. His grandfather was Cornelias “Connor” Gormley. The Gormley family grave is in Frederickton Cemetery, near Kempsey, NSW. Belmore River is near the village of Gladstone and is a very beautiful lush farming area near the coast. Even today there are probably only about 30 farms/houses along the river.

John Thomas Fanning was a 38 year old farmer and single when he enlisted in Sydney on the 30th October, 1916. His address was given as Bulla, Victoria and his next of kin, his mother Ellen Fanning, of the same address.

John Thomas Fanning AIF Enlistment Form 1916
John Thomas Fanning AIF Enlistment Form 1916

His unit was called The March 1917 Reinforcements and embarked from Sydney on the “Marathon” on May 10, 1917. John Thomas was a driver. He returned to Australia on the 23rd of March, 1919.

The Macleay Chronicle 28 June 1944
Edward Fanning, Anne Fanning nee Tapscott and Fred Fanning
Edward Fanning, Anne Fanning nee Tapscott and Fred Fanning

After the war he returned and married Annie Tapscott and had two children. One of these, Frederick, was the famous Melbourne footballer, Fred Fanning. He did not return to NSW and lived the remainder of his life in Coburg Melbourne and worked as a rubber worker.

He died in Heidelberg in 1957 and is buried in a military grave in Bulla Cemetery.

John Thomas Fanning Bulla war memorial
Bulla War Memorial
John Thomas Fanning 1957 Bulla Cem.
John Thomas Fanning Bulla Cemetery 1957

The following detailed genealogy reports trace the ancestry of John Thomas Fanning back to William Fannin of Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland and also his descendants in Victoria Australia.

John Thomas Fanning Ancestor Report 2015


Descendants of William Fannin (1731-1802) and Sarah Ryan (1742-1817) Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland

The descendants to six generations of William Fannin (1731-1802) & Sarah Ryan (1742-1817) of Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland. Both are buried in Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland.

Map of irish Counties use
Map of Irish Counties
English: Coat of arms of County Tipperary, Ireland
Coat of arms of County Tipperary, Ireland

The following report details the descendants to five generations of William Fannin (1731-1802) & Sarah Ryan (1742-1817) of Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland. Both are buried in Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary. William and Sarah Fannin are the earliest Fanning ancestors I have been able to trace so far.

DNA Testing and Fanning Results

John Fanning (Australian), a direct descendant of William Patrick Fanning born 1812 in Thurles, came up as a perfect DNA match with Edmund Fanning who emigrated to America in c1641 and lived and died in Stonington Conneticut.

As my ancestor William Patrick Fanning “Big Bill” emigrated from Thurles Co Tipperary to Victoria Australia in 1841 we are descended not from this Edmund Fanning but his family ( brothers or uncles etc) who stayed in Ireland.

On Family Tree DNA our Y-DNA haplogroup is I-M252. The lineage of this haplogroup has its roots in northern France, according to FTDNA. Today it is found most frequently within Viking/Scandinavian populations in north west Europe. This fits in with Fannings having been Normans from Normandy in Northern France who were before that Vikings.

There is a Fanning DNA Project that is ongoing. It is open to any male with the surname of Fanning/Fannin/Fannon, etc. Go to: or contact the Fanning Project administrator: Cathy Stoppel at”

Here is a post from another section of this blog that relates to DNA testing: Recent DNA testing of an Australian direct descendant of William Patrick Fanning (born Thurles 1812 died Bulla Victoria 1876) is an exact match with descendants of this Edmund Fanning so most likely William Patrick Fanning “Big Bill” was related to many of the Fannings from Kilkenny, Tipperary and Limerick mentioned in Brooks account and also to Fannings in Fenagh, Leitrim descended from Fannings transplanted there and also to Fannings transplanted to other counties after 1652. He is F-23 on the Fanning Family DNA Project at

I have just received an email from Pat Fannin which corrects and adds to what I have written above: “Looking at the y-DNA results, I understand your conclusions on the connection of the Australian descendant of William Patrick Fanning to Edmund Fanning, immigrant to Stonington, Conn. in 1653. However, as I understand the test results from several Fanning lines that descend fro Co. Leitrim, I can find no way to connect “Big Bill” or Edmund of Conn. to the Co. Leitrim Fannings. These appear to be two entirely separate lines of Fannings. The tests that I am referring to are: F-12, F-39 & F-42 for Co. Leitrim Fannings. Your line is F-23 and F-14, F-20 are descendants of Edmund Fanning of Conn. The Co. Leitrim descendants are of another Haplogroup from the descendants of “Big Bill” & Edmund of Conn. and could therefore not be related. The markers on these two groups also do not match. Most likely some of the Fannings transplanted to the Connaught were related to Edmund & “Big Bill”, but it wasn’t the families that have tested from Co. Leitrim, thus far. In fact, F-17 Martin Fanning, is a closer match to your “Big Bill” than are the two Edmund Fanning tests (F-14 & F-20) — see marker 27 GATAH4, which is shared by tests F-17 & F-23 and not by the Edmund Fanning results of tests F-14 & F-20.”

Fanning Famine Relief Subscribers 1846 Co Tipperary Ireland

Fanning and Eveston subscribers to famine relief in Co Tipperary 1844-1847. During the Great Famine in Ireland committees were set up to collect money to buy food for the starving

During the Great Famine in Ireland committees were set up to collect money to buy food for the starving. Below are some of the Fanning and Eveston Famine Relief Subscribers from Co Tipperary :

Rev Mr Fanning from Meelick Friary Co Galway (Borriskane Fund);

Mr John Fanning 8 July 1846, Barris, Ballymurun and Galboolly fund;

Joseph Fannin, Drom Fund;

Thomas Eveston, Martin Eveston, W. Fanning, Tom Fanning, John Eveston, John Fanning, Phil Darmody, John Fanning, from the Loughmore & Templeree Fund 8 July 1846;

Mrs John Fanning 10 shillings, Ed Fanning 10 shillings 4 Jan 1847, Mrs J Fanning 11 shillings, Mr Fanning 5 shillings, Mr E.Fanning 1 shilling  Mr Patt Fanning 1 shilling, Feb 8th 1847 from the Thurles Fund.