Drom & Inch Fanning Baptism Records 1827-1881, Co Tipperary

Places in Drom & Inch Civil Parish in 1901 & 1911: Ardkeen,  Brookley Clonbrassil, Clonismullen, Drom, Graigue,    Killahagan, Kilvilcorris, Knockagh, Larha, North Larha, South Rathleasty,  Rorardstown, Lower Rorardstown, Upper Annfield, Ballypatrick, Bouladuff, Clehile,  Clon Beg,  Clon More, Cottage, Dovea, Lower  Dovea Upper,    Goldengrove,  Illananummera, Inch, Liscreagh, Lissaroon, Magherareagh, Monroe, Mount Catherine,  Pallashill,  Pollagh,

Barnane,  Aughnaheela,  Aughvolyshane, Ballydaff,  Ballynahow,    Ballyroan,  Borrisland, North Borrisland, South  Borrisoleigh town,  Cappanilly, Carrigeen, Castlehill,  Castlequarter, Cloghinch, Coolataggle, Coolaun, Coolcormack,               Coolderry, Cooleen,  Cottage, Cronavone, Cullahill, Currabaha,  Curraghcarroll , Curraghfurnisha,  Curraghglass, Curraghgraigue,  Curraghkeal, Curraghleigh, Curraghnaboola, Dogstown, Drumgill, Drumtarsna, Fantane North, Fantane South, Garrane, Garrangrena, Lower Garrangrena, Upper Glenbreedy, Glenkeen,  Glennanoge, Glennariesk, Glentane, Gortalough, Gortaniddan,  Gorteennabarna, Gorteeny, Gortnaboley, Gortnacran Beg, Gortnacran More, Grangelough, Grangeroe,   Kileroe,   Kilfithmone, Killamoyne,  Knockakelly,  Knockanevin,  Knockannabinna Knockanora  Knockbrack   Knockdunnee, Knockinure   Knocknaharney,  Knockshearoon,  Knockwilliam,  Lismakeeve, Liss,  Moankeenane,  Mountgeorge,  Paddock,  Pallas Lower, Pallas Upper,          Rathcardan,  Rathmoy,  Rosnamulteeny,   Rusheen Beg,     Rusheen Mor,e  Shanballyclear,y Springfield,  Summerhill, Ballinlonty,  Coolgort, Fishmoyne,  Kilfithmone, Killoskehan

The records for Drom & Inch online at nli which I have transcribed in this post are from1827-1881

Rootsireland has baptism records from 1809 -1900. I have included the Fanning Baptism records from Rootsireland from 1809 to 1827.

Civil birth records at irishgenealogy.ie start from 1864 and end with births over a  100 years ago.

Records with an asterisk are of Fannings that I am related to.

The priest has written in the margin the address of the couple, which is a big plus in searching for ancestors in these records. The handwriting is easy to read although they have their own shorthand for christian names and place names. Annfield is written as Annfd, the d being smaller and raised. Ballypatrick is shortened to Bally and a small raised k. Edmund or Edmond is shortened to Ed and a small raised m.

The spelling is also phonetic, so varies greatly. But you can read it all quite easily and there were not a lot of baptisms for this period.

The following are the places where the baptism took place. The priests spelt the same places in different ways: Annfield, Annfield bridge, Ardkeen, Arkeen, Balliduff, Ballinlon, Balinlonty, Ballypatrick, Barnane, Bawnoun, Bawnounah, Bawnourah, Boherleegh, Booladuff, Bouladuff, Bouliduff, Caulleys Town, Claykile, Claykyle, Cleighhayle, Cleighayte, Clonbeg, Clonbegg, Clonmore, Clonismullen, Coohane, Coohaun,  Coolgurt, Coolhawn, Currough, Dovea, Drom, Monroe, Feeleigh, Feileigh, Feleigh, Feileghah,  Feighlahah, Fishmoyne, Graig, Grove, Gurtdafinan, Gurtdalinan, Inch, Mahera Reigh,  Kerawn, Kill, Killahagan, Killahigan, Kille, Killefitmoon, Killoskahan,  Killoskehan, Killoskean, Kirane, Killvillecoris, Klekile, Knocka,  Lackindara, Lahra, Lara, Laraw, Lahraw, Lassina, Laught, Liscrea, Lissaroon, Lough,  Mickna, Mockna, Moher S, Monroe, Moonvoor, Mounvour, Moovoor, Mt Catherine, Pallas Hill, Rag, Rathmoy, Rorestown, Rordstown, Roridstown,  Rathlesty, Rathleasty, The Ragg,  Skachanarran,

Sometimes House is given as the address. I am assuming the mother and or child was too ill to be baptised at the church as was customary?

Drom & Inch Parish 1837

A few times the word “Chapel” is in the margin??

“Chapel” Drom & Inch 1837

These place names are from 1827, in the Parish of Drom & Inch.

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F

12 May 1809, Mary of John Carroll & Margaret Fogarty sp: Denis Hynes & Mary Fanning

15 Jul 1809, Mary of Michael Fanning & Ellen Fanning sp: John Fanning & Mary Peters

19 Jul 1809, Edmund of William Fanning & Judith (Judy) Fanning sp: William Carroll & Mary Cormack

27 Jul 1809, James of James Peters & Mary Kavanagh sp: John Fanning & Nancy Cleary

10 Nov 1809, Patrick of William Kelly & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Meara & Mary Ryan

30 Mar 1810, Daniel of Joseph (Jody) Gleeson & Mary Murphy sp: William Dolan & Catherine Fanning

9 Dec 1810, William of Edmund Butler & Bridget Ryan sp: George Mullen & Mary Fanning

*3 Jun 1811, Michael of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Thomas McGrath & Sally Darmody

27 Aug 1811, Judith (Judy) of Edmund Fanning & Mary Burke sp: William Purcell & Mary Burke

12 Jan 1812, Michael of Patrick Carroll & Bridget Hoare sp: William Fanning & Margaret Cormack

24 Feb 1812, James of Patrick Russell & Anastasia (Anstice) Cleary sp: Michael Cleary & Ana Fanning

15 May 1812, Mary of Thomas Hayes & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Hayes & Winny Hayes

5 Dec 1812, Mary of Philip Cahill & Catherine Shanahan sp: John Fanning & Catty Kennedy

16 Feb 1813, Patrick of William Hayes & Sarah (Sally) Gleeson sp: Simon Stapleton & Mary Fanning

3 Mar 1813, Ellen (Nelly) of Patrick Fogarty & Anne (Nano) Burke sp: Thomas Fanning & Nelly Fogarty

17 Mar 1813, Catherine (Cathy) of James Doherty & Judith (Judy) Fanning sp: Edmund Fanning & Honoria Long

*10 Sept 1813, Mary of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Denis McGrath & Mary Cormack

30 Aug 1814, Michael of Thomas Brien & Mary Gleeson sp: William Brien & Mary Fanning

23 Jan 1815, Mary of Michael Fanning & Catherine Callahan sp: John Howard & Mary Meara

2 May 1815, Mary of Philip Purcell & Ellen Carroll sp: James Fanning & Judy Carroll

*27 Mar 1816, Catherine (Cathy) of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: John McGrath & Bridget Burke

25 Apr 1816, Thomas of Thomas Hayes & Mary Fanning sp: Daniel Trehy & Mary Butler

9 Jul 1816, Michael of Michael Fanning & Ellen (Nelly) Maher sp: Mary Costello

28 Jul 1816, Bridget of Patrick Fogarty & Anne (Nancy) Burke sp: John Fanning & Bridget Doherty

11 Sept 1816, John of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: Joseph Fanning & Margaret Peters

27 Dec 1816, Thomas of Connor Maher & Mary Dwyer sp: Malachy Maher & Mary Fanning

13 Apr 1817, Thomas of Daniel Long & Catherine (Catty) Ryan Sp: Edmond Fanning & Nancy Ryan

27 Oct 1818, Michael of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: Philip Cleary & Judy Gleeson

31 Dec 1819, Bridget of William Stapleton & Ellen Fogarty sp: Joseph Fanning & Bridget Fogarty

17 Oct 1822, Daniel of Patrick Naughton & Mary Fanning sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan

17 Feb 1823, Bridget (Biddy) of Daniel Kennedy & Bridget (Biddy) Quinlan sp: Michael Fanning & Margaret Fanning

25 Apr 1824, Anastasia (Anstice, twin of Agnes) of Thomas Cormack & Mary Gleeson sp: John Fanning & Nelly Gleeson

29 Sept 1824, Bridget (Biddy) of William Stapleton & Ellen (Nelly) Fogarty sp: Joseph Fanning & Biddy Fogarty

26 Nov 1824, Ellen of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: John Cahill & Biddy Cahill

25 Apr 1825, Judith (Judy) of Patrick Fogarty & Anne Burke sp: James Fanning & Biddy Gleeson

27 May 1825, Mary of Edmund Fanning & Catherine Fahy sp: Mary Fanning & Thomas Fanning

17 Dec 1826, Joseph of John Fanning & Mary Maher sp: Philip Naughton & Bridget Fanning

3 Mar 1827, Joseph of Edmund (Ned) Fanning & Catherine Fahy sp: Cath Doherty & John Maher

*24 Jun 1827, William of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Thomas Cormack & Margaret McGrath

12 Jul 1827, Catherine of William McGrath & Catherine Purcell sp: John Fanning & Hon Carroll

15 Oct 1827, Catherine of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan, Killahagan, sp: Timothy Maher & Catherine Fanning

18 Jan 1828, Edward of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Catherine Russell

9 Mar 1828, Judith (Judy) of Edward (Ned) Fanning & Anne (Nancy) Neill sp: Connor Trehy & Mary Trehy

16 Mar 1828, Ellen of Denis Kennedy & Biddy Quinlan, Kiloskehan, sp: James Long & Jane Fanning

2 May 1828, John of James Peters & Mary Cavanagh, Killahagan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Ellen Fanning

14 Jun 1828, Patrick of John Fanning & Mary Maher sp: Michael Fanning & Nelly Peters

23 July 1828, Anstice of Thomas Lanigan & Judy Hogan, Kilahagan, sp: Catherine Cleary & Ellen Fanning

16 Sept 1828, Margaret (Peggy) of Patrick Cantwell & Judith (Judy) Maher, sp: James Maher & Ana Maher

8 Feb 1829, Catherine of Edmond Lynch & Ann Murphy, Drom, sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Hogan

6 May 1829, Winifred of James Maher & Margaret Ryan, Killahagan, sp: Michael Cleary & Ellen Fanning

11 May 1829, Timothy of John Toohy & Judy Maher, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Judy Carroll

12 Sept 1829, James of Thomas Bourke & Judy Ryan, Palace-hill, sp: John Fanning & Catherine Dwyer

20 Feb 1830, Jeffrey of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan, Killahagan, sp: Laurence Ryan & Biddy Fanning

15 Apr 1830, Joseph of Thomas Fanning & Anstice Hayes, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Mary Carroll

29 Mar 1831, William of John Fannen & Margaret Russell, Kille, sp: Joe Fannen & Mary Donovan

29 Apr 1831, Michael of James Ryan & Onny Carroll, Claycoil, sp: John Fanning & Catherine Purcell

24 Jan 1832, James of John Cormack & Judy Banen, Lissaroon, sp: Michael Fanning & Mary Ryan

31 Jan 1832, Judy of John Fogarty & Judy Kennedy, Annfield, sp: Patt Collins & Catherine Fanning

21 Aug 1832, John of Thomas Fanning & Anstice Hayes, Kill, sp: John Doherty & Judy Healy

13 Dec 1832, Con of John Fanning & Anto Brien, Killahigan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Winifred Purcell

13 Mar 1833, Mary of James Ryan & Onny Carroll, Claykyle, sp: Patt Fanning & Mary Bannen

13 May 1833, Patt of Patt Faning & Mary Ryan, Killoskahen, sp: Matt Dune & Mary Feehan

28 July 1833, Catherine of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kille, sp: Thomas Doherty & Mary Fanning

18 Oct 1833, Con of Jeffry Fannon & Margaret Shanahan, Killahigan, sp: Phil Cahill & Ellen Fanning

1 Mar 1834, William of William Ryan & Nancy Ryan, Killoskahan, sp: John Fannin & Margaret Maher

13 Jun 1834, Michael of John Fannen & Anto Brien, sp: John Shanahan & Anto Naughton

10 Aug 1834, Tom of Tom Fannen & Ansty Hays sp: Mick Hays & Ally Carroll

19 Apr 1835, Peggy of Patt Purcell & Agnes Ryan, Lissaroon, sp: William Purcell & Kitty Fannen

9 Sept 1835, James of John Gleeson & Catherine Fanning, Annefield, sp: Thomas Doyle & Mary Sparrow

14 Oct 1835, John of Ned Ryan & Hanna Shelly, Kille, sp: James Fannen & Biddy Bourke

22 Dec 1836, John of John Fannen & Anty Brien, Killahigan, sp: Joe Fannen & Biddy Casey

8 Apr 1838, William of Richard Hughes & Mary Reedy, Knocka, sp: Mary Fanning

3 May 1838, Thomas of Denis Fogarty & Catherine Fannen, Barnane, sp: Edmond Fannen & Honora Hennesey

3 Jun 1838, James of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp: Patt Mahony & Bridget Mahony

19 July 1838, Catherine of John Fanning & Anto Brien, Killahagan, sp: Joseph Fanning & Bridget Mullony or Mullany

31 Dec 1838, Michael of Frank Connell & Margaret Ryan, Pallishill, sp: James Ryan & Cath Fannen

23 Aug 1839, William of Denis Maher & Ellen Purcill sp : Patrick Fanning & Mary Purcill

5 Nov 1839, Sally of Denis Fogarty & Kate Fanning, Barnan, sp: Martin Brislane & Judy Darmody

28 Apr 1840, Tim of John Fanning & Anty Brien, Killahagen, sp: Laurence Ryan & Ellen Fanning

12 Jun 1840, Joseph of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp; Ellen Gleeson.

22 Nov 1840, Annfield, John of John Gleeson & Kate Fanning, sp; Stephen Butler &  Judy Magrath,

27 Mar 1841, Drom, Michael of John Trihy & Mary Maher, sp: John Bourke & Mary Fanning

8 Aug 1841, Drom, Patrick of Michael Mitchell & Judy Fanning, sp: James Russell & Judy Russell

10 Feb 1842, Barnane, Judy of Denis Fogarty & Catherine Fanning, sp: Andrew Halloran & Mary Ryan

18 Feb 1842, Annfield, George of Michael Butler & Mary Smyth, sp: Laurence Butler & Catherine Fanning

24 Feb 1842, Drom, Mary of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: James Fanning & Anty Long

28 June 1842, Drom, Margaret of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, sp: Edmond Fanning & Mary Russell

12 Sept 1842, Killahagn, Mary of John Fanning & Honora Brien, sp: John Shanahan & Ellen Shanahan

13 Sept 1843, Lissaroon, Honora of Timothy Carroll & Bridget Cormack, sp: Thomas Cormack & Johanna Fanning

7 Jan 1844, Drom, Bridget of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: John Long & Judy Long

7 Feb 1844, Killahagan, Jeofry of John Fanning & Mary Bryan, sp: Michael Fanning & Catherine Bryan

21 June 1844, Barnane, John of Dennis Fogarty & Catherine Fannin, sp: Catharine Hallaran

1 Jan 1845, Kill, Johanna of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, sp: Michael Ryan & Mary Fanning

21 April 1845, Drom, Ellen (illegitimate) of James Fanning & Ellen Lenord sp: Judy Lenord

22 Aug 1845, Drom, Edmond of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: Edmond Fanning & Margaret Trihy

19 Oct 1845, Killahagan, Michael of Jeremiah Peters & Biddy Ryan, sp: Joseph Fanning & Margaret Cahir?

14 Nov 1845, Killahagan, Joseph of John Fanning & Anto Brien sp: Honora Ryan

21 Dec 1845, Roridstown, Lizzy of William Long & Judy Dwyer? sp: William Fanning & Lizzy Long

12 Mar 1846, Killahara, Mary of John Fanning & Mary Brien, sp: Mary Brien

24 May 1846, Barnane, Thomas of Stephen Keating & Betty Fanning, sp: Jeofrey Fanning & Mary Dwyer

8 Aug 1846, Kilo, Thomas of John Mullony & Ellen Fanning, sp: Thomas Mullany & Catherine Fanning

20 Dec 1846, Drom, William of William Hogan & Bridget Fanning? sp: Lawrence Dwyer & Mary Cor?

24 Feb 1847, Drom, Oliver of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: Thomas Bohan & Sally Long

23 Nov 1847, Killahagan, Jeremiah of John Carroll & Judy Ryan, sp: Edmond Carroll & Judy Fanning

7 May 1848, Barnane, John of James Boland & Judy Long sp : Joseph Fanning & Anty Long

23 Aug 1848, Killahagan, Margaret of John Fanning & Mary O’Brien, sp: Michael Peters & Bridget Cahil

25 Sept 1848, Rorestown, John of Edmond Fanning & Mary Maher, sp: Bridget Maher,  child born out of wedlock

4 Sept 1849, Drom, John of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: Phill Fogarty & Honora Long

10 Nov 1850, Killahagan, Ellen & Anto (twins) of Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll, sp: Stephen Purcell & Ellen Fannin; John Carroll & Margaret Carroll

*13 Apr 1852, William of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, Lissaroon sp: Richard Cormack & Honoria Bannon

25 Sept 1852, Killahagan, Anastatia of Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll, sp: Patt Fogarty & Catherine Carroll

28 Sept 1852, Michael of Patrick Fanning & Mary Dunne sp: John Long & Mary Dawson

13 Nov 1852, Claykile, John & Bridget (twins) of John Cormack & Onny Cantwell, sp: Richard Cormick & Catherine Fanning & Bridget Cantwell

15 Mar 1853, Drom, Anastasia of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: John Long & Johanna Trihy

*15 April 1853, Lissaroon, Honoria of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Bridget Ryan

22 June 1853, Cleakile, Thomas of Richard Cormick & Ellen Cantwell, Sp: Michael Fanning & Honoria Cantwell

9 April 1854, Killahagan, Mary of Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll, sp: Phil Purcell & Catherine Carroll

*26 July 1854, Lissaroon, Bridget of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Hugh Ryan & Bridget Ryan

12 Oct 1854, Kill, Patrick of  Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: John Bohan & Ellen Long

8 Feb 1855, Killahagan, Margaret of Anthony Kenedy & Bridget Tierney, sp: Edmond Fanning & Mary Fanning

*18 Nov 1855, Lissaroon, Hugh of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Michael Ryan & Kate Fanning

10 July 1856, Barnane, Honora of James Bohan & Judith Long, sp: Edmond & Mary Fanning

23 Oct 1856, Cleakile, Honora of Richard Cormick & Ellen Cantwell, sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Fanning

15 Jan 1857, Drom, Mary of John Maher & Ellen Long, sp: Edmond Fanning & Bridget Fanning

2 Apr 1857, Roristown, Thomas of William Long & Johanna Dwyer, sp: John Maher & Mary Fanning

7 Jun 1857, Johanna of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, Drom sp: Joseph Long & Margaret Long

*27 Aug 1857, Mary of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, Lissaroon sp: Hugh Ryan & Mary Ryan

27 Dec 1857, Michael of Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll, Killahagan sp: James Grady & Judy Fanning

18 Apr 1858, Bridget of John Maher & Ellen Long, Drom sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Fanning

11 Nov 1858, James of James Russell & Catherine Fanning, Drom, sp: John Russell & Mary Kenedy

*13 Jan 1859, Lissaroon, Thomas of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: James Cormack & Ansty Purcell

4 Mar 1860, Drom, William of William Bohan & Fanny Hogan, sp: Thomas Ryan & Mary Fanning

31 May 1860, Drom, Thomas of James Russell & Catherine Fanning, sp: John Russell & Ellen Fanning

1 Nov 1860, Drom, Joseph of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp Edmond Fanning & Bridget Fanning

17 Jan 1861, Killahagan, Patrick of Philip Purcell & Ellen Duggan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Anto Bourke

*19 April 1861, Lissaroon, Michael of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Patrick Ryan & Johanna Maher

1 Dec 1861, Drom, Ellen of Philip Russell & Johanna Lanigan, sp: Thomas Fanning & ______ Russell

26 Jan 1862, Pallas Hill, Ellen of Michael McGrath & Mary Fanning, sp: Thomas Maher & Johanna Fanning

14 Apr 1862, Drom, Ellen of John Maher & Ellen Long, sp: Thomas Bohan & Mary Fanning

17 Apr 1862, Killahagan, John of Michael Carroll & Catherine Doyle sp: Thomas Fanning & Bridget Cleary

18 May 1862, Drom, Ellen of Philip Fogarty & Joanna Long sp: Edmund Fanning & Anne Hayes

*1 Jun 1862, Lissaroon, John of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan sp: John Ryan & Bridget Ryan

26 Jul 1862, Barnane, Ellen of Michael Dwyer & Anne Hogan sp: Joseph Fanning & Ellen Dwyer

5 Apr 1863, Knocka, William of William Coonan & Catherine Spelane sp: Martin Eviston & Margaret Eviston

16 May 1863, Lissaroon, Mary of William Magrath & Margaret Burns sp: William Fanning & Honora Fanning

1 Nov 1863, Drom, Timothy of James Russell & Catherine Fanning sp: John Russell & Ellen Fanning

1 Dec 1863, William of John Maher & Ellen Long, sp: Oliver Fanning & Mary Bohan

*31 Jan 1864, Lissaroon, Johanna of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan sp: Michael Connell & Anastatia Cormack

20 Mar 1864, Pallas-hill, Michael of Michael Magrath & Mary Fanning, sp: James Fanning & Margaret Eviston

25 Jun 1865, Killahagan, Johanna of Michael Carroll & Mary Dwyer, sp: Daniel Dwyer & Ellen Fanning

Aug 1865, William of James Russell & Catherine Fanning, sp: Hugh Troy & Bridget Kennedy

*20 Oct 1865, Lissaroon, Patrick of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan sp: William Magrath & Johanna Cormack

14 Jan 1866, Pallas-hill, John of Michael Magrath & Mary Fanning, sp: William Fanning & Kate Fanning

14 Jan 1866, Knocka, Catherine of Michael Coonan & Catherine Spelane sp: Stephen Ryan & Mary Eviston

*30 Jan 1865, Lissaroon, Catherine of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan sp: William Cormack & Catherine Cormack

12 Mar 1868, Drom, Joanna of Michael Lynch & Honora Fanning, sp: Samuel Fanning & Mary Fanning

23 Apr 1868, Killoskehan, Bridget of Denis Ryan & Mary Cahill, sp: Thomas Fanning & Margaret Long

28 Jun 1868, Mt Catherine, Stephen of James Butler & Mary Fogarty, sp: William Fanning & Mary Butler

28 Jun 1868, Pallas Hill, Margaret of Michael McGrath & Mary Fanning. sp: Michael Maher & Margaret Fanning

14 Mar 1869, Kill, in the district of Templemore, Anastatia of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, sp: James Fanning & Catherine Marnell

*2 Apr 1869, Lissaroon, Sara of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Honora Fanning & Hugh Fanning. On the civil record Mary Fenally is a sponsor.

11 July 1869, Drom, Anne of Michael Lynch & Honora Fanning sp: John Fanning & Ellen Crowe

27 Feb 1870, Klekile, Anthony of Richard Cormack & Alice? Cantwell sp: John Bourke & Bridget Fanning

8 May 1870, Kile, Thomas of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan sp: Michael Cleary & Margaret Fanning

*27? Nov 1870, Lissaroon, John of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Cornelius Ryan & Honora Cormack

21 Dec 1870, Drom, Thomas of Michael Lynch & Honora Fanning sp: John & Catherine Fanning

22 Dec 1870, Pallas Hill, Mary of Michael McGrath & Mary Fanning sp: James Fanning & Ellan Carroll

30 Apr 1871, Anne of Patrick Maher & Anto Kinsella sp: James Fanning & Joanna Rigan

*16 Dec 1871, Lissaroon, Anastatia of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Cormack

7 Jan 1872, Kill, Catherine of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, sp: Andrew ? & Kate Ryan

12 Feb 1872, Pallas Hill, James? of Michael McGrath & Mary Fanning, sp: Margaret Ryan & Patrick Meagher

10 Sept 1873, Killahagan,  Catherine of Michael Carroll & Mary Dwyer, sp: Patrick Kennedy & Catherine Fanning

*27 Oct 1874, Lissaroon, Laurence of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Michael Fanning & ? Cormack

14 Nov 1874, Kill, Mary of ? Fanning & Ellen Ryan sp: James Ryan & Anastatia Fanning

3 Oct 1874, Bouladuff, Catherine of Kyran Walsh & Ann Dwyer, sp: Robert Whelan & Honora Fanning

18 Nov 1875, Killahagan, Ellen of Denis Kavanagh & Catherine Fanning, sp: John ? Kavanagh & Mary Fanning

13 Sept 1877, Kill, ??? of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, sp: William Fanning & Eamy Flinn  * priest’s note: married Catherine Loughmoon 21 Dec 1908 LIverpool.

20 Feb 1878, Lissaroon, Honora of John Purcell & Emma Bourke, sp: Patrick Feehan & Honora Fanning

7 May 1878, Clonismillen, Mary of James Ryan & Catherine Ryan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Bridget Ryan

16 Nov 1878, Ballinlonty, William Of James Talbot & Ellen Bannon, sp: Michael Bourke & Joanna Fanning

26 Apr 1879, Lissaroon, James of William Ryan & Jane Ryan, sp: William Meagher & Bridget Fanning

27 Apr 1879, Rathleasty, Bridget of Edward Ryan & Johanna Corrigan, sp: James Neil & Anastatia Fanning

11 Jan 1880, Ballinlonty, Mary Catherine of James Hoare & Anastatia Fanning, sp: Patrick Fanning & Johanna Fanning

17 Oct 1880, Kill, John of William Fanning, farmer, & Amy Flinn, sp: James Fanning & Ellen McGrath & Margaret Russell, twin of Margaret

17 Oct 1880, Kill, Margaret of William Fanning & Annie Flinn, sp: Patrick Fogarty & Johanna Ryan.

Lissaroon, the Oldest Fanning Property and Homestead

Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland
Lissaroon on the day we visited April 2012

Another highlight of my stay in Co Tipperary was meeting Fanning relatives and  visiting Lissaroon. We were taken there by my fourth cousin Delia, her husband Timmy and son Willie. We were also shown around Ballycahill Cemetery and Church, Loughmore Cemetery and various other related Fanning sites around Thurles as well as calling in on the Lisdonowley Fanning family.

There are photos of Lissaroon and more information and stories in the post “Lisaroon the Home of William and Sarah Fannin These are some photos of the back of Lissaroon which I don’t think I have already posted.

Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland (3)

Lissaroon is a townland just north of Thurles in Co Tipperary North. This property is the earliest Fanning site I have been able to find. It was I have been told settled by Fannins in 1741. I don’t as yet know where they moved from. I was told they came from France which may mean Normandy and that they were an Anglo-Norman family.

There are records of William Fannin living there and he is buried in Ballycahill Cemetery. His birth date about 1731. His wife Sarah Ryan is also buried there as are many other member of their family. But William and Sarah are the earliest Fanning ancestors. Lissaroon was their home and property. They rented from the Trant Family of Dovea. Eventually with changes in the Land Acts the Fanning family came to own Lissaroon as freehold land. They were well off and prospered in the region. My cousins told me that all the other Fannings in the area can trace their roots to William and Sarah Fannin.

What struck me was the refinement in design of the fittings in the house dilapidated as it is. I was surprised as I expected a practical farmer’s house. The inside of the house is falling down which is a shame. But there is an elegant corner cupboard and original wooden table and chairs as well as the remains of a beautiful coloured marble fireplace. On the walls there are remanants of flowerey wallpaper. Some of the other walls were brightly painted. A lot of evidence of a feminine influence.

Lissaroon Wallpaper Co Tipperary Ireland (2)
Detail of remaining wallpaper at Lissaroon Homestead Co Tipperary Ireland
Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland Detail of Marble Mantlepiece (2)
Detail of Marble Mantelpiece Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland

The house itself apparently had a portico with coloured glass like that at Dovea House.

Dovea House Co Tipperary Ireland
Portico of Dovea House, The Big House, owned by the Trant Family who the Fanning family would have paid rent to

I have seen quite a few photos of Lissaroon but actually being there was very different. It is quite close to the road and used for grazing cattle. No one has lived there since 1926. Unfortunately it is deteriorating.

It was fascinating hearing about the place from Willie who used to visit as a child. He said it was origianlly thatched and surrounded by a beautiful garden of fruit trees and flowers. He can remember picking the flowers. The trees had to be cut down as they had become dangerous.

Lissaroon Interior Original Chair Co Tipperary Ireland
Chair at Lissaroon. Note wallpapered or painted wall behind
Lissaroon Inside Co Tipperary Ireland
Interior with Corner Cupboard Lissaroon

A family called Meehan rented Lissaroon for a number of years. They wanted to get public housing and could only be eligible if their present dwelling was condemned. So they, much to the horror of the Fannings, had Lissaroon condemned. It took a lot of calling in of favours to have it reinstated and not pulled down.

Fanning Graves in Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland 2011 Photos

These recent photos of Fanning and Fannin graves were taken in June 2011 at Ballycahill Cemetery which is close to Thurles city in North Tipperary.

Tipperary Studies has many Graveyard transcriptions on their site and they are adding more. They have Ballycahill Cemetery transcriptions. They also have a lot of other interesting genealogical documents.

Delia Cullen nee Mullany in front of the Fanning Family Graves at Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland June 2011
Delia Cullen nee Mullany in front of the Fanning Family Graves at Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland June 2011

There are more photos and information on Fanning burials in this post “Fanning Family Grave Inscriptions and Photos Co Tipperary“.

Tipperary Studies in Thurles Library has just added a list of Ballycahill Cemetery gravestone inscriptions. They have a growing number of Tipperary cemetery inscriptions as well as other family history sources on their site.

Gravestones of William Fannin died 1802 and his wife Sarah Fannin died 1817 both of Lissaroon.
Gravestones of William Fannin died 1802 and his wife Sarah Fannin died 1817 both of Lissaroon.

William Fannin and his wife Sarah Ryan are the earliest of my Fanning ancestors I have been able to trace. There are photos of  Lissaroon in North Tipperary in this post. There is more on Sarah and William Fannin in this post “Descendants of William Fannin and Sarah Ryan”.

Michael Fanning Lisaroon died 1878 Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Graves of Michael Fanning, his wife Catherine Ryan, Thomas Fanning and his wife Hanna Bannon, Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland 2011

Hanoria (Nora) Fanning was married to Edmund Deavy 18 June 1879 in Thurles Parish. His father was Patrick Deavy and mother was Anne Campion. He was born in Derry Rathdowney Co Laois in 1846. He and Hanoria had three children, two were girls and not sure about the gender of the third. Anna Maria Deavy was baptised 10 May 1880 in Rathdowney. Her godparents were Michael Campion and Bridget Fanning. All of these children are said to have emigrated to America. Edmund remarried Mary Ryan in 10 Feb 1887 in Galmoy Parish Co Kilkenny and they had a daughter Johanna born about 1889. Edmund died before 1901.

John Fanning died 1824 Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary
John Fanning died 1824 Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary
Family Family Memorial Ballycahill
Family Family Memorial Ballycahill
Ballycahill Cemetery William Fannin died 1802
Ballycahill Cemetery William Fannin died 1802
Ballycahill Cemetery Sarah Fannin nee Ryan died 1817
Ballycahill Cemetery Sarah Fannin nee Ryan died 1817
INn with the Fanning family graves John & Ellon McGrath Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary
In with the Fanning family graves are the graves of John & Ellon McGrath Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary

Fanning and Darmody in Griffith’s Valuation of Co Tipperary Ireland 1850-1

Fannings, Fannins  & Darmodys listed in Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation for all counties of Ireland can be searched at Ask About Ireland. It is a free site and you can look at the original documents.

Listed alphabetically by townland and all in North Riding, County Tipperary. The parishes are civil parishes. The dates I have given are the printing dates.

Michael Fanning poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Ikerrin, Parish of Templeree, Townland of Ballinlassa. Street No 6a. O.S. Sheet or Town Plan Ref 29. Map Ref 5. Michael Fanning’s name is bracketed with William Tracy 6b and Michael Brennan 5. Michael Brennan has land, William Fanning House and land and William Tracy has a house and land. The combined amount is 4 acres 3 roods 20 perches with a net annual value of 2 pounds 15 shillings. Value of the buildings was 15 shillings net annual value.

Margaret Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Parish of Holycross and Townlandof Ballyvoneen. Street No 2e. House with annual net value of 6 shillings. Map ref 57. Mar 1850.

Patrick Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Eliogarty, Parish of Thurles, Townland of Bawntamena. Street No 1. Land 6 acres, 2 roods, 12 perches net annual value of 9 pounds 16 shillings.

Martin Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Barony of Eliogarty, Parish of Twomileborris, Townland of Blackcastle, Street No 3AB Map Ref 47. Land with Mrs Maher 28 acres 8 perches value 5 pounds 18 shillings combined. 3Aa is a house, office and garden, 1 acre 2 perches, value 11 shillings and value of building 3 shillings; rented to James Maher by Martin Fanning and Mrs Maher. Mar 1850.  Continue reading Fanning and Darmody in Griffith’s Valuation of Co Tipperary Ireland 1850-1

Descendants of William Fannin (1731-1802) and Sarah Ryan (1742-1817) Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland

Map of irish Counties use
Map of Irish Counties
English: Coat of arms of County Tipperary, Ireland
Coat of arms of County Tipperary, Ireland

The following report details the descendants to five generations of William Fannin (1731-1802) & Sarah Ryan (1742-1817) of Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland. Both are buried in Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary. William and Sarah Fannin are the earliest Fanning ancestors I have been able to trace so far.

Griffiths Valuation, Lissaroon, Co Tipperary Ireland

Lissaroon Griffiths Valuation
Lissaroon Griffiths Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation was the first comprehensive valuation of Irish property and was carried out between 1847 and 1864. The aim being to construct a country-wide tax base.

It is especially important for constructing the Irish end of a family tree as there are so few Irish records to look at. The Census documents from 1821 to 1851 were destroyed in 1922 during the Irish Civil War. Griffith’s Valuation has been termed a “census substitute”.

The above record for Lissaroon was published March 16 1850. The William Fannin included was married to Hanera Cormick (1782-1848). He was born c1770 and died  in 1860.

Lissaroon the Home of William and Sarah Fannin, Co Tipperary Ireland

Lisaroon home of William Fannin 1731- 1802 Co Tipperary Ireland
Lissaroon home of William Fannin 1731- 1802 & Sarah Ryan c1742-1817Co Tipperary Ireland

This is the earliest related Fanning residence that I have discovered being the property of William Fannin and Sarah Fannin nee Ryan who are buried in Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary. William Fannin was born about 1731 and died 28 Jan 1801. Sarah Fannin was born c 1741and died 27 Nov 1817.

After William Fannin died in 1802 his eldest son William Fanning took over the property. He was married to Hanera Cormick. From William the property passed to his son Michael who was married to Catherine Ryan and from then to Thomas Fanning married to Johanna Bannon. The Bannons and Cormicks were Lissaroon neighbours. They did not have any children and so it was left to John Joseph Mullany his nephew and son of John Mullany and Bridget Fanning. The property is owned now by Bridget Fanning’s granddaughter.

Thomas Fanning & Johanna (Hanna) Fanning nee Bannon

Thomas and Johanna were the last Fannings to live at Lissaroon.

In the Nenagh Guardian 4 Feb 1984 there is an explanation of the road which cuts through Lissaroon. This was done in the 1840s. Delia Cullen told us this road was a real boon to the Fannings giving them direct access to Thurles.

When Michael originally had the property  it was about 50 acres with an additional 45 acres of bog land next door. The lessor was Edward Maher. Then Maher took over the bog land. The total property was valued at 33 pounds in 1856 and 50 pounds in 1943.

The townland of Lissaroon in the Tithe Applotment Books 1823-37
The townland of Lissaroon in the Tithe Applotment Books 1823-37

In Griffith’s Valuation Lissaroon William Fannin is listed as occupier of a house, offices and land (44 acres 2 rods and 29 perches) the immediate lessor being Edward Maher. The no and letters of reference to the map are 11 ABa. William Fannin also occupies No 12 with John Cormack and others. This is a bog of 43 acres 3 rods 11 perches. Edward Maher is lessor.

William Fannin’s property at Lissaroon in the Valuation Office Books 15 Feb 1847
Grifiths Valuation for the townland of Lissaroon in the Parish of Inch Co Tipperary
Grifiths Valuation for the townland of Lissaroon in the Parish of Inch Co Tipperary Sept 1849
Lissaroon Landed Estates Court Sales Freemans Journal 8 May 1863 p4

Looking again at the 1901 Census for Lissaroon we can see that the number of families is less. In 1901 there are twelve families and in 1911 there are ten. The main families are the Purcells, Brolans, Fannings, McCormacks or Cormacks and Bannons and Ryans.

The House and Building Returns for 1901 describe Lissaroon as having six rooms, four windows, being made of either stone or brick or concrete and having a roof of thatch or wood. Descendants have confirmed that it had a thatched roof which became too expensive to upkeep and was replaced by a tin roof. In the 1911 census seven rooms are occupied by the Fannings.

The 1901 Return of Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings has the Fanning property at Lissaroon having two cow houses, one calf house, a piggery, fowl house, boiling room, barn and shed. A total of nine out-buildings. In the 1911 census there are eight out buildings: a stable, a dairy, cow house, fowl house, barn, turf house and shed.

In 1904 when the property was owned by Thomas Fanning a request was made for a labourer’s cottage to be erected on his lands at Lissaroon. This was part of the Thurles Labourers’ Cottage Scheme.

Nenagh Guardian 8 Oct 1904

The Valuation Office have searched and between 1856-1863 12 ABC is occupied by Michael Fannon House Office and Land 45 acres 0 rods 8 perches, lessor is Edward Maher. The bog Ref no 13 was occupied by Michael Fannin and others but during this time it is taken over by Edward Maher in fee. Some lands were added to 12ABC about 7 acres. No exact dates are given.

1863-1866 12ABC occupied by Michael Fannon immediate lessor is Edward Maher about 51 acres. 1866-1876 12ABC still occupied by Michael Fannon House Offices and land of 52 acres 2 rods 7 perches. Immediate lessor is still Edward Maher.

According to Delia Cullen the gr granddaughter of Michael Fanning he was paying 37 pounds a year in rent for the Lissaroon property.

1876-1883 12ABC change from Michael Fannin to Catherine Fannin probably in 1879 same amount of land. 1883-1893 12ABC occupied by Cath Fannin, same amount of land. 1893-1909 12ABC change hands from Catherine Fanning to Thomas Fanning in 1898. 1909-1929 8A 7A 12AaBC occupied by Thomas Fanning House Office Land. 1929-1967 7A 8A 9A 12AaBb 13B John J Mullany takes over the land from Thomas Fanning in 1939 he buys out the ground rent and now holds the land In Fee. Total land is 42 actres 16 rods.

John Joseph Mullany is Thomas Fanning’s nephew. 9A was added in 1943. His mother is Bridget Mullany nee Fanning. The Ratings Records from 1999 show Timothy Cullen as the occupier of 7A 8A 9A 12A Lissaroon In Fee. Area is 71 acres. As rates were abolished this is the last record they have. It has the rates being effective from 31/12/1988 which could be when the property changed hands.

Based on information in a 1978 letter by Archbishop O’Donnell to his nephew I think William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon are the grandparents of William Patrick Fanning, “Big Bill”, who emigrated to Australia in 1841 with his wife Catherine Hayes. It was described as a “prosperous Farm” in Archbishop O’Donnell’s letter to his nephew. The stone house on the left may be the original dwelling.

I recently heard from a woman who was born near Lissaroon and used to play in this house.  This is part of what Mary wrote:

There were a family living there over 50 years ago, called Meehans, but they only had the house rented or maybe they were related, I just don’t know. But no one lived there once the Meehan’s moved out. But I passed there last week and the house is still standing…….I was often in that house when a child as we used to play with the Meehan children, all I can remember of it was there was a stained panel of glass in the front door and that they had, if I remember right a walled back yard with a pear tree, and loads of trees in the front of the house, they are all gone now. I’m trying to remember how many rooms were in the house, I know there was two rooms of the kitchen, the kitchen, a parlour, and maybe there was another room of that, not sure.”

“I’m trying to remember, it is a long time ago, but I think there was a wall that went all around the house in front, coming up from the right hand side up the field in front of the house. I think it went all around the front over to the left hand side. There was a small gate and a path to the front door, and trees at both sides of the path and daffodils in the spring, and thats all I can remember. If I can meet Billy Cormick who lives just over the road he would maybe be able to help, I believe he is into history, and maybe may be able to tell me something. I want to ask him about my Lowry’s who move to Lissaroon for a while when they were evicted in 1849 and a relation of Billy’s was a sponsor for one of the Lowry kids. The stone building at the left hand side of the picture may have been the original house.”

More photos of Lisaroon taken in June 2010. The farm hasn’t been lived in for years.

Lisaroon Co Tipperary Ireland Fanning residence

Lisaroon Co Tipperary Ireland Fannin & Fanning property

Lisaroon Fanning Farm Co Tipperary Ireland

Lisaroon Co Tipperary Fanning property for generations

Fannins and Darmodys Fined In 1750 Co Tipperary Ireland

It was the practice of the time for the authorities to assess damage to property and losses by robbery due to the activities of the Whiteboys and similar organisations, and to recover the value in cash by levying a special tax or fine on all Roman Catholics in the district concerned – in this case the County of Tipperary.

Below are the names of Fannings and Darmodys who were fined in 1750. These names are from the return for the half barony of Ikerrin in Tipperary County, upon which the tax was to be based in proportion to the acreage held.

KILLAVANNOUGH PARISH: William Darmody 4; Thomas Darmody 17

ROSCREA PARISH: Edmond ffanin 40

CORBALLY PARISH: James Darmody 10

The number after the name is supposed to be the number of acres, but it could be the fine/tax assessed at “the Sume of one farthing sterling for every three Acres.”

Fannin Petty Jurors 1846 Co Tipperary Ireland

A List of Persons to serve as Petty Jurors Tipperary 28 Apr 1846

Petty Jurors, Barony of Eliogarty:

William Fannin Lissaroon farmer freeholder

Thomas Fannin Coalfields farmer freeholder

Patrick Fannin Thurles publican householder

John Fannin Thurles publican householder

John Fannin Kill farmer freeholder

Co Tipperary Ireland Grand Jury Presentments Fannin and Fanning 1831

BENNETT, John HENDY, Carroll to repair 558 perches of the road from Roscrea to Burris-o’leigh, betw. Patrick COSTIGAN’S house at Gurtacurra and the Widow FANNIN’S house at the bounds of Barnane. Ruled at the Grand Jury Presentments – 1831 Baronies of Ikerrin & Upper Ormond Barony of Ikerrin. Source: IGP


FANNING, Edmond, Sessions keeper of Thurles, for his half year’s salary. Granted at the Summer Assizes, 1831. Source: IGP