Darmody and Dermody Family History Co Tipperary Ireland

Searching for information on Judith Darmody who married Edmund Fanning in 1808 in Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland. Link to a comprehensive family history site for the Darmody or Dermody surname.

I am searching for information about my gr gr gr grandmother Johanna (Judith or Judy) Darmody. She married Edmond or Edward Fanning in Thurles Parish in 1808. They had ten children. I have been unable to find out anything about her family.

Witnesses at her wedding were Patrick Darmody and Judith MacGrath. She came from the townland of Racecourse in Thurles.

Sponsors for her children were:

20/5/1809 Edm. Callinan and Biddy Fitzpatrick; 23/9/1810 Andrew Callinan and Ellen Kirwan; 5/4/1812 Pat Fanning and Mary Dunne; 25/11/1813 Michael Fitzpatrick and Jude Fanning; 6/11/1816 Mick Fanning; 20/3/1821 John Callanan and Margaret Fitzpatrick; 17/2/1823 John Nolan and Sally Darmody;  8/11/1824 Philip Darmody and Kitty Nolan; 4/12/1826 John Ryan and Mary Callinan; 30/5/1829 Judith Treacy.

Just came across a really good Darmody Family History site:


It has all the references to Darmodys and Dermodys in Griffiths Valuations, in Arrival lists for Victoria and NSW, in the Victorian Birth Index 1855-1905, Marriage Index 1838-1905, Death Index 1835-1913 and in the IGI index for Tipperary