Fogarty Family of Lisheenataggart Loughmore West Co Tipperary Ireland

The Fogarty and Fanning families are linked by marriage in Co Tipperary Ireland. William Fanning married Catherine Fogarty of Lisheenataggart Loughmore West Co Tipperary and they lived at Clondoty Co Tipperary and raised their fifteen children there .Includes a list of all Fogarty graves in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland.

Map of irish Counties use
Map of Irish Counties

William Fanning of Clondoty was married to Catherine Fogarty of Lisheenataggart in Loughmore West Parish Co Tipperary Ireland. Her father was Thomas Fogarty and her mother was Honoria Long. Her grandparents were Cornelius Fogarty and Catherine Birmingham.

William (Billy) Fanning and his wife Catherine Fanning nee Fogarty outside their house at Clondoty Co Tipperary

Thomas Fogarty did not have any sons so he bought the Clondoty property off his cousin, also called Thomas Fogarty, and gave it to his daughter Catherine and son-in-law William Fanning.

Catherine Fanning nee Fogarty Clondoty

William and Catherine Fanning raised their family of fifteen children at Clondoty.

Map of Clondoty & Lishnataggart & Lissaroon & Clonomucogue

Area north of Thurles Showing Clondoty, Clonomuckoge, Lisheenataggert and Lissaroon in Co TipperaryThese are Fogarty gravestone inscriptions from Loughmore Catholic Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland. I am not sure how many are related and what the relationships are as yet. Many of the Fogarty and Fanning records I need are not in the North Tipperary genealogy database. As I find traces of the Fogarty family of Lisheenataggart I will add them to this post. Anyone further info on them or leads would be much appreciated :

Fogarty Catherine died 28.8.1862 aged 18 years, Cornelius died 3.9.1867 aged 27 years, Ellen died 9.6.1879 aged 28 years. Fogarty Catherine, erected by Cornelius Fogarty of Lisheenataggart in memory of his wife who died 3.2.1854 aged 74 years, the above Cornelius died 8.11.1868 aged 96 years. Fogarty Cornelius died 13.7.1774 aged 27 years. Fogarty Honoria, erected by Daniel Fogarty of Whitefield in memory of his wife who died 12.11.1912 aged 75 years, above Daniel died 12.2.1915 aged 74 years, his son Michael of Graigue, Drom died 3.4.1932 aged 57 years and his wife Alicia nee Looby died 15.10.1915 aged 87 years. Fogarty John Esq died 3.6.1927 aged 80 years, his wife Nannie, of Dublin died 24.7.1896. Michael of Lisheenatagart died 23.1.1935 aged 79 years, his wife Elizabeth died 8.2.1931 aged 68 years. Fogarty John, erected by Richard Fogarty in memory of his father John Fogarty of Kilrush who died 30.4.1904 aged 85 years and his sister Mary died 15.7.1896 aged 26 years, his mother Bridget died 15.3.1918 aged 78 years. Fogarty Michael and his wife Mary nee Hayes died 17.9.1925 and 18.12.1928 respectively, daughter Mary died 3.10.1909, Michael Fogarty of Skehane of Two Mile Borris died 27.6.1971 and his wife Bridget died 2.6.1987. Fogarty Mrs Thomas Fogarty of Lisheenataggart died 16.1.1874 aged 68 years, daughter Bridget died 13.5.1873 aged 25 years, her husband Thomas died 8.5.1892 aged 86 years. Fogarty Patrick and Mary, erected by Denis and William Fogarty of Loughmore in memory of their father and mother, Patrick died June 1863 aged 60 years, Mary died March 1915 aged 84 years, also their sister Mary May died 1875 aged 25 years and Sarah wife of William died May 1899 aged 40 years. Above William died 16.8.1921 aged 61 years, Denis died 26.11.1931 aged 76 years, his wife Mary died 21.5.1949, their daughter Kathleen died 12.6.1942 and their son Patrick died 1.12.1974. Fogarty Timothy of Lisheenatagart died 20.1.1887 aged 76 years, his wife Mary nee Hayes died 1.1.1885 aged 65 years, Eleen nee Carrick died 29.11.1986. John died 28.8.1987. Fogarty William of Longorchard, Templetouhy died 16.7.1970 aged 85 years, his wife Mary died 9.2.1958 aged 60 years, also his brother James died 21.3.1960 aged 60 years. Fogarty William of Templetuohy died 15.3.1964. Fogarty William, erected by Mrs Fogarty of Lisheenataggart in memory of her husband who died 22? And her son Thomas died 10.11.1893 aged 38 years and Mrs Fogarty died 29.1.1896 aged 80 years. Fogarty William, erected by Mrs McDonald in memory of her father William Fogarty of Kilglooney who died 28.7.1873 aged 78 years, his wife Mary died 7.4.1862 aged 63? Years.

The following pages are from “Loughmore Parish Index to Burials in Loughmore and Templeree Graveyards” which is in the Thurles Library in Co Tipperary.

Fogartys in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland p18

Fogartys in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland p19


Fogartys in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland p20

Fogartys in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Fogarty Graves in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary

Below are photos of some Fogarty graves in Loughmore Cemetery.


Loughmore Cemetery Fogarty Lisheehataggert Co Tipperary Ireland

Loughmore Cemetery Fogarty of Lisheenataggert Co Tipperary Ireland

Loughmore Cemetery Fogarty Grave Co Tipperary Ireland

Loughmore Cemetery Fogarty Grave Co Tipperary Ireland (2)

Tithe Applotment Books for Lisheenataggert 1827:

Tithe Applotment Entry Fogarty Lisheenataggert CR
1827 Tithe Applotment Entry for Lisheenataggert. Connor being short for Cornelius

Those who leased or owned property just before Sept 1849 in Lisheenataggart are listed in Griffiths Valuation for Loughmore West Parish: 

Griffiths Valuation 1849 Lisheenataggart_NEW
Griffiths Valuation 1849 Lisheenataggart Co Tipperary Ireland
1901 Census Fogarty LisheenataggertCR
1901 Census Fogarty Lisheenataggert
1911 Census Fogarty Lisheenataggert
1911 Census Fogarty Lisheenataggert
Fogarty brothers in Jamaica
Port Royal Kingston c1895

I very recently was made aware that three Fogarty, Daniel, John and William, sons of Cornelius Fogarty and Catherine Birmingham went to Jamaica in the 1820’s, presumably to make their fortune.

It looks as if William returned.  I don’t have any information or records on John in Co Tipperary other than his Baptism, so he may well have stayed in Jamaica.

The information below was kindly sent to me by Richard Osborne, a descendant of Daniel Fogarty:

“Much of my knowledge about the history of my Fogarty line in Jamaica is thanks to the research of my fellow Fogarty descendant Carey Robinson, a Jamaican scholar and media man who also served for a time in the Jamaican foreign service (at the Jamaican embassy in Mexico, I recall). I have never met Carey in person but we have corresponded  (I’m from the USA, and my only visit to Jamaica was before I knew about Carey, but during that trip I did meet other relatives I have in common with Carey and who also are descended from Daniel Fogarty and Daniel’s daughter Mary Ann Fogarty Manhertz).
In particular, a draft book manuscript of Carey’s (which I got from my cousin Olive Manhertz Bailey from England) summarized the information about our common family history, which I could corroborate independently or at least use as a clue to start down a new path always with such endeavors, some of Carey’s details weren’t quite correct but were close enough to point me in the right direction.
According to Carey’s draft manuscript, the two Fogarty brothers who emigrated with my ancestor Daniel from Tipperary to Jamaica some time in the 1820’s were John and William (I haven’t independently confirmed this and I’m not sure how that matches up with the information you have compiled). I have read that there was emigration from Ireland to Jamaica at least since the time of Oliver Cromwell. In the 1820’s, the mainstay of the Jamaican economy was sugar but coffee was also very lucrative, and the Fogarty brothers ended up growing coffee and working on coffee plantations in the Blue Mountain area (which is also broadly the region of Jamaica where they “planted” their family trees).
Here are more details about the Fogartys in Jamaica, according to Carey Robinson:
Daniel and his brothers went to different parishes in the coffee-growing region of eastern Jamaica. John went to Portland Parish (location of Bremen Valley, where my Manhertz ancestors were originally from); William went to St. Andrew Parish; and Daniel settled in what was then St. David Parish (now the western part of St. Thomas Parish). Daniel planted coffee on Sherwood Forest estate in northern Saint David and supervised other nearby properties, probably near his brother John and Bremen Valley. Close to Sherwood Forest was a place called Mount Hybla, where a woman of African descent named Princess lived (the owner of the Mount Hybla estate was John Atkins, the Lord Mayor of London; I’m not sure if he also owned Sherwood Forest but I saw a record indicating a connection between the two estates). In 1830, Princess gave birth to Daniel’s daughter, Mary Ann Fogarty. A record I found reports that, in 1832, two-year-old Mary Ann, identified as a “mulatto” and the daughter of Princess, was living at Mount Hybla but that Princess had died by then. Carey Robinson wrote that Daniel “was delighted with the little girl” and “took her to live at Sherwood Forest” (but, based on the census record I found, apparently not immediately at birth – one possibly relevant fact is that slavery ended in Jamaica in 1834). Carey writes further that Mary Ann “grew up in [Daniel’s] house, shared his table, sat with his guests and occupied a secure place under his roof . . . he sent her to school in Kingston where, among other things, she learned to sew.”
Mary Ann had at least two brothers, not necessarily from the same mother: John William and Daniel II (my cousin Olive in England told me she recently connected with a descendant of John William Fogarty’s daughter  Evelyn Fogarty: a woman named Sydney Robinson).
Daniel died on October 20, 1844 and was buried the next day in the old Roman Catholic cemetery on Orange Street in Kingston. Carey found the following record in the Roman Catholic archives in Jamaica: “21st October, 1844, was buried in the Catholic Cemetery the body of Daniel Fogarty, late of the Parish of St. George, who departed this life on the 20th October, age 38. He was a native of Ireland.” (Based on the Tipperary baptismal record, he would have actually been about 40 years old)
In 1851 in Kingston, at age 21, Mary Ann married my great-great grandfather, Joseph Manhertz, who was about 12 years her senior. Joseph got the Manhertz name from John (Johann) Michael Manhertz, the owner of the Bremen Valley estate where he grew up and was a slave in his youth until slavery was abolished in 1834. Johann Manhertz had Afro-German-Jamaican children but there is no indication of a biological connection between John Manhertz and Joseph. Joseph may have left Bremen Valley in about 1834 (when that estate went bankrupt) and found employment at the Sherwood Forest estate, where he worked with Daniel Fogarty and would have first met the young Mary Ann. Joseph had become a skilled carpenter and furniture maker (and later a small landowner and coffee planter himself) and, with his experience in the coffee business gained at Bremen Valley, was well equipped to work at Sherwood Forest.
In the class- and color-conscious society of 1850’s colonial Jamaica, Mary Ann would have been regarded as marrying beneath her station, and her brothers swore to hunt down Joseph and take revenge. The newlyweds went to a remote part of St. Thomas Parish until the situation cooled down and then settled in what was then St. David Parish (now part of St. Thomas), living in a house built by Joseph that stood at least until the 1970s-1980s. They were well known for their skill as a craftsman and a seamstress and became small landholders and planters and respected leaders in their community. Their many descendants live in many corners of the globe, including Jamaica, Panama (where my dad was born), all parts of the US, Canada, England, Australia and Thailand.”
I’d love to hear from any other Jamaican Cornelius Fogarty descendants to add to this fascinating story.
Cornelius Fogarty Descendant Report 2015
Cornelius Fogarty Descendant Report 2015


Billy Fanning of Clondoty, Co Tipperary Ireland

Billy Fanning of Clondoty took a farm in Loughmore, Co Tipperary Ireland in 1885 by offering higher rent. Fanning was dubbed a landgrabber. There was a huge outcry and protests as Fanning was a member of the Loughmore Land league which was fighting for the rights of tenants and against such actions. Includes a radio program discussing the case with a descendant of Cambie.

William Fanning of Clondoty.
William “Billy” Fanning of Clondoty, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Catherine Fanning nee Fogarty Clondoty
Billy 1827-1908 & Catherine Fanning nee Fogarty 1830-1875 outside their Clondoty house.

William (Billy) Fanning and his wife Catherine Fanning outside their house at Clondoty Co Tipperary

I heard from a fourth cousin in Tipperary who told me about the landgrabbing case involving William “Billy” Fanning from Clondoty Co Tipperary.

Her grandmother was Bridget Fanning of Lissaroon. She told me that William Fanning, first cousin of my Bulla ancestor, William Patrick Fanning, was a  considered a “land grabber”.

In 1885 he took over a farm in Clondoty that he was not entitled to.

As a result there was a huge boycott on all the Fanning families. Delia says that the fact that many Fannings married their cousins was because of this boycott. She also says that William Fanning, I think who would be the grandson, shot himself, age 30, as a consequence of the restrictions of the boycott. I have not been able to find any evidence of this suicide in the death records.

William Fanning of Clondoty who took the farm was a member of the Loughmore Land League. This enraged people who felt he had abused his position to better himself.

Below is an account from the Nenagh Guardian 11 Jul 1885:

Nenagh Guardian 11 Jul 1885

I have just added this Irish radio program. It takes a while to start.

about the Billy Fanning landgrabbing case of 1885. It was sent to me by a very kind Irish lady but I don’t know which station or when it was recorded.

It is a really interesting discussion and runs for 14 mins and you get to hear lovely Irish accents and pronunciations.

A descendant told me as a result of his taking this farm the entire Fanning family was boycotted.

Map of Clondoty Townland from Landed Estates Court Rentals 1853
Map of Clondoty Townland from Landed Estates Court Rentals 1853
Griffiths Valuation Map of Clondoty about 1849
Townland of Clondoty prior to Sept 1849 Loughmoe East Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

The following transcription of a Special Commission Feb 1, 1889 was made by Mary Heaphy and is on Rootsweb Archives, 15 April 2007. Copied here with permission. Continue reading “Billy Fanning of Clondoty, Co Tipperary Ireland”

Joseph Fanning Clondoty Co Tipperary Ireland, Dublin and Co Wicklow Ireland

Joseph Fanning was the brother of Senator Michael Fanning and the son of William Fanning and Catherine Fogarty of Clondoty Co Tipperary. He was a very successful publican in Dublin. He retired to Greystones Co Wicklow.

Joseph Fanning was the brother of Senator Michael Fanning and the son of William Fanning and Catherine Fogarty of Clondoty Co Tipperary. He was born at Clondoty in 1871. He and his brothers Michael and Patrick were very successful publicans in Dublin City.

This is Joseph Fanning’s premises in Margaret Place (now 555 North Circular Rd) Joseph took this over when his brother Michael moved to Lincoln Place. The premises included the private house on the left which is in Russell St Dublin.

Joseph married Mary Josephine Fogarty in Dublin in 1904. Mary Josephine was born at Bellewood in Templemore Co Tipperary.

Nenagh Guardian 24 Sept 1904
Joseph Fanning & Mary Josephine (Daisy) Fogarty, wedding photo, 19 Sept 1904
Bellewood, Templemore
Bellewood Templemore Co Tipperary Ireland c1910

In the foreground is Kate Teresa Crowe, Mary Josephine’s mother. Mary Josephine is in the trap. Joseph Fanning eventually lived at “Carnalea” Greystones, Co Wicklow. Greystones is a coastal town about 18 miles south of Dublin. Joseph Fanning died there in 1942.

Death Notice for Joseph Fanning Aug 23 1942


Auction of “Carnalea” Greystones 1942


Home of Joseph Fanning deceased estate
Auction Notice for “Carnalea”, Whitshed Rd Greystones


Advertisement for the auction of Joseph Fanning’s home “Carnalea” Greystones


Carnalea Greystones 2013
“Carnalea” Greystones 2013
Evening Herald 14 Jan 1938


Irish Independent 25 Aug 1942


Joseph Fanning of Carnalea 31 May 1943 Index of Will
Index of the will of Joseph Fanning 31 May 1943


Joseph Fanning’s children with nanny c1920 Raymond, Alyce & Stephen de Vere left to right


John Hedigan & Alyce Fanning c1944


Alice (Alyce) Constance Hedigan nee Fanning was born in Dublin North in 1918 and she married to John Hedigan in 1942 in Dublin South. She was a daughter of Joseph Fanning and Mary Josephine Fogarty. One of their sons is the Irish High Court Judge John Hedigan. Alyce died in 1993 and her husband in 1973. They lived at Geraldstown in Santry Dublin from 1947 to 1980 with their family of twelve children.

Geraldstown 1947 Home of Alyce and John Hedigan
“Geraldstown” Santry Dublin in 1947 Home of the Hedigan Family 1947-1980

John Hedigan 1973 Obituary

John Hedigan Obituary 1973

Below are photos of William Gerald Fanning 1907-1979, a son of Joseph Fanning. William was a solicitor and married Mary (Maureen) Kelly in Dublin in 1937.

William Fanning with sisters and nanny Dublin
William Fanning with two of his sisters and their nanny.

The younger girl on the nannie’s lap would have been Mary Josephine(Ena) who died about 13 or 14 at boarding school. The other sister is most likely Myra who later became Mrs Murray-Hayden.

William Fanning with friends at tennis Dublin
William Gerald Fanning with friends in Dublin. One of the girls may be his sister Myra.

The following reports detail the ancestry of Joseph Fanning as well as his descendants.

Senator Michael Fanning 1866-1950 Co Tipperary and Dublin Ireland

Michael Fanning, son of William and Catherine Fanning of Clondoty Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland, was born there in 1866 and died in Co Kildare in 1950. He was a successful vintner in Dublin and was elected to the Senate in 1925.

Michael Fanning was born in Clondoty near Thurles to William (Billy) Fanning and Catherine Fogarty on 15 Jan 1866.

He and his brothers Ned, Patrick and Joe went to Dublin and started businesses there as wine merchants. Joe and Michael stayed and Ned came back to Co Tipperary and bought Shanbally House near Moycarky.

Being a merchant Michael appears in various directories, as do his brothers.

Michael Fanning 1894 Dublin Thom's Directory
Michael Fanning 1894 Dublin Thom’s Directory
Michael, Patrick, Edward & John Fanning Dublin Slater's Directory 1894
Michael, Patrick, Edward & John Fanning Dublin Slater’s Directory 1894
Michael, Richard, John & Patrick Fanning 1894 Dublin Thom's Directory
Michael, Richard, John & Patrick Fanning 1894 Dublin Thom’s Directory
Michael, John & Patrick Fanning Dublin Grocers Slaters 1894
Michael, John & Patrick Fanning Dublin Grocers Slaters 1894

Another of Michael’s brothers, James Joseph Fanning, born 1869, went to Liverpool where he was a victualler.  He married Ellen Wills from Newry Co Down and they had four children only one of whom survived infancy. Ellen was a newsagent. He is buried in Liverpool Ford Cemetery. His death is also inscribed in Loughmore Cemetery one of the Fanning gravestones. He died in 1912 aged 43. In his will he left his widow 472 pounds the equivalent in today’s money of 45,000 pounds.

Michael Fanning 1910 Lincoln Lane Dublin
Michael Fanning 1910 Lincoln Lane Dublin Dublin Street Directory

In 1901 and 1925 Michael lived at 19 Lincoln Place Dublin. Joe, a publican, was listed as residing at 1 Russell St Mountjoy Dublin.

1901 Census Michael Fanning Dublin
1901 Census Dublin Ireland Michael Fanning

He carried on a business as grocer and vintner at 19 Lincoln Place Dublin for many years. He was for a period chairman of the Licensed Vintners’ Association and was for many years a member of the South Dublin Union Board.

Michael married his cousin Margaret Ryan on 10 June 1901.

Michael Fanning and Margaret Ryan 10 Jan 1901

1911 Census Dublin Michael Fanning
Household of Michael Fanning 1911 Census Dublin Ireland

He was elected  to the Senate in 1925 and served until 1936.

Michael Fanning Senate Election Poster 1925
Michael Fanning The Irish Vintners Magazine June 1934

Below is an old picture of the premises in Lincoln Place. Not sure when it was taken or who is out the front, Michael most likely.

19 Lincoln Place Dublin

In 1921 19 Lincoln Place was put up for sale.

19 Lincoln Place 11 Jan 1921

The premises is up for sale in 2009 and below is part of  the advertising material.

19 Lincoln Place Dublin 2010
Lincol'n Inn Dublin 2012
19 Lincoln Place Dublin 2012 Opposite Trinity College
Inside Lincoln's Inn 2015
Inside Lincoln’s Inn 2015

An O’Connor descendant was told by a great aunt that Lincoln’s Inn was often filled with poets like Yeats and playwrights and politicians and that the  members of the new Dial would often adjourn to Fannings for drinks and lively discussions. She also said Michael was know as “God Almighty Fanning” due to his penchant for beginning sentences with “God Almighty”.

Lincoln's Inn Dublin and Oliver St John Gogarty
Lincoln’s Inn Dublin and Oliver St John Gogarty from Mould’s Medical Anecdotes: Omnibus Edition by R.F.Mould
Michael Fanning Retiring 1929 19 Lincoln PlacCR e
Michael Fanning Retiring 1929 19 Lincoln Place up for sale The Irish Independent 30 August 1929

He died in 1950 in Co Kildare at his daughter’s at Mylerstown House, Naas, and is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. Michael Fanning died in June 1950.

Death Notice Michael J Fanning
Irish Times Death Notice Michael J Fanning 24 June 1950
Irish Press 27 Jun 1950
Irish Independent 26 Jun 1950
Irish Times 28 June 1950 Funeral Notice Michael fanning
Obituary Irish Press 28 Jun 1950
Irish Independent 29 Jun 1950
Grave of Michael Fanning and Margaret Ryan Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin
Grave of Michael Fanning and Margaret Ryan Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin

Honor Fanning, Michael’s daughter, married Andrew O’Connor.

Honor Fanning’s marriage to Andrew O’Connor, Irish Press 20 Sept 1933
Honor O'Connor nee Fanning, daughter of Michael Fanning Glasnevin
Honor O’Connor nee Fanning, daughter of Michael Fanning Glasnevin
Obituary of Andrew O’Connor husband of Honor Patricia Fanning. Irish Independent 17 Jan 1953
Irish Independent 25 Oct 1948
Irish Independent 25 Oct 1948
Anastasia daughter of Michael Fanning Tipperary Star 6 April 1929

The following reports details the ancestry of Michael Fanning back to William and Sarah Fannin of Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland and also his descendants.

John Fanning of Clondoty Loughmore 1866-1932 Co Tipperary Ireland

John Fanning 1866-1932 of Clondoty Loughmore Co Tipperary Ireland was the son of William Fanning and Catherine Fogarty. He married Mary Hogan, daughter of Patrick Hogan and Mary Sheehan. Their son William was born in 1910 at Clondoty.

John Fanning of Clondoty was married to Mary Hogan, who was a third cousin, both being descendants of William Fannin and Sarah Ryan. Mary’s grandmother was Sarah Sheehan nee Fanning, my gggrandfather’s sister.

They were married in the Parish of Littleton on 17 Feb 1908 and had four children, maybe more. William born 30 April 1910, Catherine born 26 Feb 1911, Mary born 13 Jan 1913 and Patrick born about 1917.

1901 Census William Fanning of Clondoty_0002

Census Return Clondoty Loughmore 1901

1911 Census John Fanning Clondoty Co Tipperary_0002
Census Return for John Fanning Clondoty Loughmore Co Tipperary Ireland 1911


John fanning of Clondoty
Memorial Card for John Fanning 1866-1932 Clondoty Co Tipperary Ireland


Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland Clondoty Fanning Grave
Clondoty Fanning graves in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary

Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland William Fanning of Clondoty Grave (2)

Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland Nora & Wm Fanning of Clondoty (2)

Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland James, John & William Fanning of Clondoty (2)





Sheehans of Quarry St Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland Family History

Sarah Fanning 1816-1888 born Thurles Parish,Co Tipperary Ireland and married John Sheehan 1815-1881. She lived in Quarry St Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland and worked as a grocer and publican. She was my gggrandfather’s sister.

Sarah Fanning born 1816 was my gggrandfather’s sister.

After a puzzling lack of DNA matches with a known Sheehan descendant I checked Sarah’s Baptism record and discovered the priest had placed a cross next to the entry. This usually meant the priest did not believe the father married to the mother was actually the father of this child. Sarah’s brother Patrick’s entry also had a cross.

Sarah Sheehan is buried in St Mary’s Church graveyard Thurles Co Tipperary. She and her husband John Sheehan had a grocery/pub in Quarry St Thurles.

Thurles Site of John and Sarah Sheehan nee Fanning's Shop
Site of John and Sarah Sheehan nee Fanning’s Grocery Shop and Pub in Quarry St (renamed Mitchel St) Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland 2012
Sarah Sheehan’s Shop in Quarry St, now Michel St, Thurles in 2018 looking worse for wear.

Quarry St was later renamed Mitchel St. Quarry St ran parallel to Pike St which was renamed Kickham St. The two streets were linked together by Lime Kiln Lane later called Ikerrin Rd. Pudding Lane also known as Jail St is now known as O’Donvan Rossa St. Quarry, where Sarah Sheehan lived, refers to a small area east of the town of Thurles. It was also known locally as The Pike.

St Mary’s Protestant Church was erected in 1820. The original entrance to the church was in Lime Kiln Lane. Both Protestant and Catholics were buried in St Mary’s graveyard.

Thurles St Mary's Graveyard Sarah Sheehan's Gravestone (3)
Thurles St Mary’s Graveyard Sarah Sheehan’s Gravestone
Thurles St Mary's Graveyard Sarah Sheehan's Gravestone (6)
Thurles St Mary’s Graveyard Sarah Sheehan’s Gravestone

Below is the inscription on the grave:

Erected by Sarah Sheehan of Thurles in memory of her beloved husband John Sheehan who died 3rd August 1881 aged 66 years. Also to the memory of their dearly beloved daughter Sarah Sheehan who died on the 31st May 1886 in the 24th year of her age sincerely regretted Here also are deposited the remains of the above Mrs Sarah Sheehan who died 10th Oct 1888 aged 72 years Also Mary Ellen Ryan nee O’Donnell died 21st Dec 1916 aged 34 years.

The Sheehan gravestone has been updated and Johanna O’Donnell nee Sheehan added.

James Dwyer was married to Ellen Sheehan, daughter of Sarah Sheehan nee Fanning, sister of William Patrick Fanning, my great great grandfather. (Sarah and Sally are used for each other.) She would have been his niece.

James Dwyer of Thurles
James Dwyer 1859-1888 Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland

James Dwyer and Ellen Sheehan were married in Thurles Parish on 23/01/1883. He was a shopkeeper and his father William a farmer. Ellen’s father John Sheehan was a shopkeeper and her address is given as Quarry St Thurles. James Dwyer lived in Main St Thurles. Witnesses were Michael Dwyer and Sarah Sheehan. James Dwyer died young of Phthisis (consumption or tuberculosis), after being ill for four months. (The death record has him being 30 at time of death.)

James Dwyer probate from The Calendar of Wills and Administration 1858-1920
James Dwyer probate 1889 from The Calendar of Wills and Administration 1858-1920

A few years later Ellen married her second cousin, Tom Fanning of Clondoty, Loughmore. They were married on 1/02/1891. Thomas Fanning was a farmer and Ellen Dwyer nee Sheehan a shopkeeper at 112 Quarry St  Thurles. Witnesses were Michael Fanning and Ellen’s sister, Josie Hogan.

Tom Fanning died in 1897 and is buried in Loughmore Cemetery.

Obituary for Thomas Fanning The Nationalist 18 Sept 1897 page 6


Ellen is listed on the 1901 Census at Quarry St Thurles as a grocer. She is age 45. In the household there are her nieces Sarah Hogan age 14 and at school, Josephine Hogan age 24 and a scholar and Mary O’Donnell age 20 and also a scholar. She has a son William Fanning aged 6. On the 1911 Census she is living with a servant who is a shop assistant. Ellen is described as a widow with one living child and her marriage as lasting five years.

1901 Census Quarry St Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland Ellen Fanning_0002
1901 Census Quarry St Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland Ellen Fanning
1911 Census Quarry St Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland Ellen Fanning_0002
1911 Census Quarry St Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland Ellen Fanning

Ellen died in 1943.

Ellen Fanning nee Sheehan death Irish Press 23 Oct 1943
William Fanning Quarry St Irish Examiner 10 Nov 1915
William Fanning Mitchel St Thurles death notice Irish Press 30 Dec 1947
William Fanning Mitchel St Thurles premises sale Irish Press 10 Jul 1948





Johanna O’Donnell nee Sheehan

Johanna was the daughter of Sally Sheehan nee Fanning. She was born in 1853 and died in Thurles in 1932. She married Thomas O’Donnell in Thurles on 8 Feb 1880.

Thomas O’Donnell Fethard 1856-1924
An older Johanna O’Donnell nee Sheehan 1853-1932


James Ryan & Mary Ellen O’Donnell

Mary Ellen O’Donnell, 1881-1916, was the daughter of Thomas O’Donnell and Johanna Sheehan of Fethard. She was the granddaughter of Sally Sheehan nee Fanning. She married James Ryan, 1881-1923, on 5 Oct 1909 in Thurles.

A mystery photo. Told it was Patrick Mary O’Donnell with a Hogan cousin and his wife. Not sure exactly who the couple are but struck by the woman’s resemblance to the above O’Donnell/Sheehan women.


Obit of Bridget O’Sullivan the daughter of Thomas Hogan died age 86. She was the sister in law of Mary Sheehan daughter of Sarah Sheehan nee Fanning.


Laurence Francis Fanning Bouladuff Co Tipperary Ireland 1874-1938

Laurence Francis Fanning (1874-1938) was the son of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lissaroon Co Tipperary Ireland. He spent considerable time in America. He married Bridget Fanning of Clondoty. They had two children. He lived in Bouladuff working as a publican and farmer until his death in 1938.

Laurence Fanning Outside his pub in Bouladuff Inch Co Tipperary Ireland c1909 use
Laurence Fanning outside his pub in Bouladuff, The Ragg, Co Tipperary Ireland. The original photo is in a restaurant now on the site of his pub.
Larry Fanning behind the bar. Not sure if Bouladuff or New York. Think more likely Bouladuff Co Tipperary.
Larry Fanning

Laurence was the son of Michael Fanning (1811-1878) and Catherine Ryan and was born at Lisaroon on 27 Oct 1874. He spent some time in America and made a number of trips back to Ireland before permanently settling in Bouladuff Co Tipperary.

Bouladuff is a village five miles from Thurles. It is also known as Inch and The Ragg. It is bounded by the Silvermine Mountains on the north west and by the Slieveardagh Hills on the southeast.

On the records at Ellis Laurence F. Fanning, aged 30, from Thurles arrived on the “Teutonic” on 25 May 1905. He was a US Citizen, occupation clerk. His final destination was 4659 State St Chicago and reason for journey was “returning home”. Port of departure was Queenstown (Cobh), Co Cork, Ireland.

At some point, Laurence returned to Ireland and then eloped with his cousin Bridget Fanning. There was such outrage that they went to America where Laurence worked as a barman.

They did  return to live at Bouladuff. On the 1911 Census he is married to Bridget Fanning and has two children, Kathleen aged 2 and Michael 11 mths. He is listed as a farmer and a publican at Bouladuff near Thurles. On his son Michael’s birth record he is listed as a shopkeeper in Bouladuff. Kathleen was born in 1909 and Michael on 6 July 1910 in Bouladuff.

Nenagh Guardian 8 Apr 1911
1911 Census Lawrence Fanning Clehile_0002
1911 Census return for Laurence Francis Fanning Bouladuff Co Tipperary Ireland


Laurence Francis Fanning 1874-1938_2

Memorial card for Laurence Fanning

Bridget Fanning Bouladuff death notice Irish Press 6 June 1939

Laurence and Bridget had two children, Michael (Micky) and Catherine (Kitty) Fanning.

Micky Fanning, son of Laurence and Bridget and his wife Eileen Bunyan.

Below is an article from the Nenagh Guardian relating to police investigating Fannings Pub in Bouladuff.

Nenagh Guardian 17 Dec 1938

In 1950 Micky Fanning put the premises at Bouladuff up for sale:

Nenagh Guardian 23 Sept 1938


Michael J Fanning Bouladuff death Nenagh Guardian 13 May 1961
Catherine Kitty Fanning death Irish Independent 5 Jun 1979


Patrick Fanning of North Strand Dublin Ireland 1864 -1906

Ancestry of Patrick Fanning born in Co Tipperary Ireland in 1864, the son of William Fanning and Catherine Fogarty of Clondoty. He was a successful publican in Dublin and died there in 1906.

Patrick Fanning 1864-1906 was the son of Billy Fanning and Catherine Fogarty of Clondoty Co Tipperary.

He was the brother of Ned Fanning of Shanbally House and also of Joseph and Senator Michael Fanning who also lived and worked in Dublin.

Patrick lived at 23 North Strand Rd Dublin and was a very successful and wealthy publican.

Patrick Fanning North Strand Purchase 1888 use
Patrick Fanning purchases 23 North Strand Dublin 1888
Patrick Fanning 1901 Census Dublin Ireland
1901 Census Patrick Fanning of North Strand Dublin Ireland

The assistants he employed were most likely nephews, certainly the O’Donnell and Bannon boys were related.

Patrick Fanning Probate Irish Times 5 Dec 1906
Probate of Patrick Fanning of Dublin Irish Times 1906

Patrick Fanning Auction of 23 North Strand 1906 Irish Times_use

Patrick’s brother Joseph ended up buying the premises. In 1923 when he was selling the pub it was advertised and described in The Irish Times.

Patrick Fanning 1923 23 North Strand Sale

Sale by Joseph Fanning of 23 & 24 North Strand Dublin 1923 The Irish TimesPatrick Fanning does not seem to have been married or have any children.

Patrick Fanning North Strand
Memorial card for Patrick Fanning 1864-1906 Ireland