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  1. Hi there, I couldn’t access either of the links to your family trees. I would love to see if there are any links with my Fannings who came to NZ. If you could send me a link that works (that also does not require me to login anywhere) I would be most appreciative.


    1. I’ll see if I can send you an invite to look at my Ancestry tree.
      I’ll have to check out your Celtic Connections site too.

      PS I’m curious if you get an email alert when I reply to your comment here??I’d like to set that up.



  2. Hello Kathleen.
    In 1854 in Janesville, Rock county, Wisconsin, USA, my GGgrandfather, (Cornelius Conely) sold his property and moved about 30 miles to the west to Green county. The witnesses to the sale were William and John Fanning, brothers. Their descendants are still here in Rock County. Sorry to say mine are not, although my Ggrandfather Patrick Craddick from Moyne, Tipperary settled about 30 miles to the south of here. Small world isn’t it. Cheers
    Dennis Craddick

    1. Moyne is a fairly small place too! Your grandfather Patrick Craddick may well have known Fannings in Moyne. So far I haven’t come across any Fannings in Wisconsin but I have found it hard tracing my Fanning ancestors in the US.

  3. There is a woman in WI that handles the research for The Fannings of Roscommon, Ireland and Rock County, WI, her name is Carol Ann (McNally) Brunet . I have been to reunions in Whitewater,WI and in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland for the Fanning/Malone/Holland families. Iknow there are many decendants from the Fanning Clan that reside in WI.

    1. Thanks Michael.It is a bit far away for these Fannings to be directly related to my ancestors in North Tipperary but it may be a valuable contact for others searching for their Fanning Irish ancesters in Roscommon.

  4. Kathleen: I keep running across your name while looking for info about the purtills. according to family history, our Robert purtill born 1806 came from Tipperary county and left around 1836 for Canada with his wife mary McCartney (born 1815). his first son’s was named Edward so I thought maybe his father’s name was Edward or Edmond. have you come across any Robert purtills that are around the same age as ours? sometimes in familys a guy could be named james Robert and go by Robert. thanks t. purtill

    1. I had a look for Purtills on Rootsireland but found nothing and the same for Mary McCartney. Getting back to 1806 is actually very good with Irish records.
      Do you have any idea where they came from in Tipperary? north or south, any townland or town names? house names?
      The Purtill who married a Fanning came from Brickendown in South Tipperary but he was born in 1843, so much later.
      You could try looking in Griffith’s Valuations on ask about Ireland. These land records are from the 1850s but you might be able to see where the Purtills were clustered as Purtill is an unusual surname. Good luck.

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