Loughmore Fanning Marriage Records, Co Tipperary Ireland 1798-1882

Loughmore & Castleiney Catholic Parish Co Tipperary

These Fanning marriage records are from the Catholic Parish of Loughmore & Castleiney in the Diocese of Cashel & Emly in Co Tipperary.

They cover the periods 16 April 1798 to 26 June 1840 and from ^ Sept 1840 to 2 August 1883.

They are online free through The National Library of Ireland.

Rootsireland, which is not free but has reasonable fees, has marriage records for this parish from 1798 to 1897 with no gaps.

Civil marriage records were required to be kept from 1864 for Catholics and those over 75 years are online free at irishgenealogy.ie

Places in Loughmoe East in the civil records:  Ballyduag, Baronstown,  Brownstown,  Clogharaily Beg, Clogharaily More, Cllonamuckoge Beg,           Clonamuckoge More,  Cloone , Coogulla,  Curraghmore,  Derry,  Gortnahaha,  Gortreagh,  Graiguefrahane,  Kilbrickane,  Kilcoke,  Kilcurkree,   Killanigan,  Killeenleigh,  Kilnaseer,  Mardyke,  Penane,   Skeagh,

Places in Loughmoe West in civil records: Ballybristy, Carrickloughmore, Clondoty, Kilkillahara,  Killahara,  Laghile,  Lisheenataggart, Loughmoe Town, Rocker,  Tinvoher,  Whitefield.

There were no Fanning marriages in the period 1798-1800.

If the groom comes from another parish this is recorded otherwise no addresses given until 1811 when Rev Thomas Morrissey begins putting addresses of both bride and groom and occupations.

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16 Feb 1801, Michael Fannan & Mary Kelly wit: Catherine Kelly & John Lyons

20 Oct 1803, James Stapleton of Templemore Parish & Mary Fannon, wit: Mathew Sweeney, Daniel Neil & John Howard

26 Oct 1803, Luke Hoar & Anne Hogan, wit: William Fitzpatrick, Edmund Fannan & James Fannan

30 Jan 1804, Mary Kelly & Edmund Fanning of Castleiney, wit: James Hayden, Patrick Ahern & Thomas Lahy

8 Sept 1807, Derby Divane of Thurles & Mary Mooney wit: Edmund Fannan, William Stapleton & John Magrath

19 Feb 1811, James Ryan of Whitefield, farmer & Catherine Fannan of Lisheenatagart, wit: Thomas Morrissey, Laurence Tyan & Joseph Fannan

19 Feb 1811, James Tyan or Ryan of White, farmer & Catherine Fanning of Lisheenataggert wit: Laurence Tyan & Joseph Fannan

30 Nov 1811, Timothy Mullowney of Ballycahill, farmer, & Ellen Fannan of Gurtnahaha, wit: Patrick Fannan

10 Nov 1811, Thomas Neile of Thurles & Bridget Magrath of Clonamuckoge, wit: Thomas Walsh, John Magrath & Thomas Fannan

10 Feb 1813, Daniel Fannan of Bourna, labourer, & Margaret Ryan of Gurtreigh, wit: Michael, James & John Ryan

11 Aug 1813, John Fannen of Drom & Mary Meagher of Loughmore, wit: William Howard & Honora Ryan & __Daniel? Dooling

21 Feb 1814, Michael Fitzpatrick of Loughmore & Ellen Fanning of Loughmore wit: John Ryan, Darby Maher & Richard Ryan

10 Feb 1814, Pat Fannan of Barna, farmer, & Mary Gleeson of Graiguefrehane, wit : William Fannan, William Talbot & Thomas Lahey

20 April 1814, Jeofry Fanning of Borrisoleigh & Catherine Carr of Killahara, wit: Rev Patrick Ryan, Rev Richard Quinn & John Purcell

8 Jan 1818, John Tyan & Mary Fannen, both of Loughmore, wit: Daniel Tyan, Joe Tyan & James Fannin

1 Feb 1819, James Fannan of Moyne Parish & Margaret Hickey of Cloughreily, wit: Thomas Donnavan & Edmund Hickey

22 Feb 1819, William Shanahan & Mary Fannan, wit: William Shanahan, Patrick Fannan & John Meagher

14 Feb 1820, John Fanning & Bridget Higgins, wit: Rev William Morris, Patrick Armstrong & David Blake

15 Feb 1820, John Fanning & Else Hogan, wit: Martin Carroll, Patt Maher & Mary Hogan

18 Feb 1820, John Fannan & Honor Carroll, both of Loughmore Parish, wit: Patrick Fannan, William Shanihan & Philip Cormick

25 Feb 1821, Patrick White & Mary Fannon, both of Loughmore parish, wit: Michael Tyan, Ally Higgins &  Mary Kief

31 Jan 1822, Philip Fanning & Mary Eviston wit: Robert Eviston & John Leahy

17 Feb 1822, Nicholas Fannan & Alice Dermody of Loughmore, wit: Denis Dermody, Thomas Lahey & William Fannan

9 Feb 1823, Michael Gorman & Mary Kelly, wit: Patt Fanning, Judy Fanning & Ellen Kelly

27 Jan 1825, William Fannan & Ellen Eviston, wit: Robin Eviston, Mary Eviston & _______ Eviston

10 Feb 1825, Thomas Gleeson of Borrisoleigh & Bridget Fannan of Loughmore, wit: Patt Ryan, Joe Ryan & Mary Ryan

13 Oct 1825, John Maher & Mary Egan, wit: Thomas O’Brien, Michael O’Brien & Richard Fanning

26 Jan1826, Valentine Hoar & Mary Deegan, both of Loughmore, wit: John Fannan, Pat Deegan & Mary Quinlan

31 Jan 1826, William Boylon of Templetouhy & Margaret Barry, both of Loughmore, wit: John Barry, William Fannan & John Fogarty

1 Feb 1826, Patrick Fannan & Catherine Maher, both of Loughmore, wit: Michael Maher, Thomas Fannan & Catherine Maher

9 Feb 1827, Patrick Fannan & Mary Campion, both of Brownstown, wit: William Fannan, Thomas Burke, Richard Kearney & William Crawly. entered again as 15 Jan 1827

1 Dec 1827, Joseph Fannan & Sally Keating, both of Gurtreigh, wit: Edmund Fogarty, Mary Burke & Mary Kief

9 Feb 1828, Patrick Fogerty & Ellen Fannan, both of Kilcoake, wit: William Fogarty, Judy Fannan & Mary Kief

17 July 1828, John Fanan & Margaret Kelly, Loughmore, wit: Michael Cahil, Judy Ryan & James Connell

23 Feb 1830, William Fannin & Catherine Butler of Loughmore, wit: Michael Cahil, John Fannan & Margaret Flanagan?

23 July 1830, Patrick Doley of Bourna & Anastatia Gorman of Castleiny, wit: Edward Fannan, Margaret Gorman & Hugh Sweeney

25 Nov 1830, John Fannan & Anne Ryan, both of Loughmore, wit: Patrick Fanan, Margaret Ryan & Margaret Laffan

6 Mar 1832, Michael Gleeson of Thurles & Ellen Fanan, Loughmore, wit: James Magrath & Judy Fanan

21 Feb 1833, Joe Fannen & Catherine Bret

5 Feb 1834, John Macky & Judith Fannan, wit: James Mc_____ & Bridget Meagher

5 Feb 1835, Thomas Fannen & Mary Ryan, wit: William Quill & Margaret Morrissey

2 Mar 1835, Andrew Brenan & Mary Cormick, wit: Patrick Fannen & Judy Cormick

16 Feb 1836, Francis Connell & Margaret Ryan, wit: William Connell & Cath Fannen

29 Jan 1837, Michael Fitzpatrick & Judy Fannen, wit: Pat Maher & Judy Fannen

7 Feb 1837, William Maher & Mary Fannen, wit: Laurence Hayden & Judy Fannen

17 Jun 1837, Denis Fogarty & Catherine Fannen, wit: John Fogarty & Johanna Brenan

12 Feb 1838, Patrick Mara & Catherine Ryan, wit: James Hanley & Cath Fannen

12 Oct 1838, John Ryan & Cath Kenedy, wit: John Kelly & Cath Fannen

27 Nov 1838, John Ryan & Cath Kenedy, wit: ? Fannen & Philip Kenedy

25 Feb 1840, Martin Stableton & Honora Moor, wit: Martin Fannen & ? Kelliher

27 Feb 1843, John Breen & Judith Bourke, wit: Edmond Hayes & Ellen Fannen

27 Feb 1843, Laurence Fannen & Honora Hoar, wit: Michael Ryan & Judith Cahil

1 Feb 1844, Michael Fogarty & Catherine Fanning, wit: Pat Fitzpatrick & Judy Ryan

11 Feb 1844, Michael Carroll & Judy Callanan, wit: Patrick Fanning & Bridget McGuire

19 Feb 1844, Martin Fanning & Ellen Doherty, wit: Martin Kelly & Judy Shanahan

26 Nov 1844, James Fanning & Bridget Ryan, wit: James Bourke & Mary Ryan

4 Feb 1845, James Fanning or Tierney? & Nancy Hart, wit: John Ryan & Hana Lynch

8 Feb 1846, John Sheehy & Mary Fanning, dispensation granted, wit: Tom Sheehy & Mary Fanning

15 Feb 1846, Michael Hoar & Margaret Quinn, wit: James Fanning & Catherine Quin

8 Feb 1847, John Carroll & Judith Ryan, wit: Mathew Fogarty & Judith Fanning

1 Feb 1850, Richard Leahy & Catherine Fanning, wit: Michael ? & Mary Molony

11 Feb 1850, William Peters & Mary Fannen, wit: Edmond Peters & Judy Shanahan

*1 Feb 1852, William Fanning & Catherine Fogarty, wit: Patrick Cormick, Daniel Morrissy & Catherine Cleary

20 Feb 1852, John Ryan & Judy Fanning, dispensation given 4ed 2 grader, wit: Joseph Ryan & Johanna Fanning

*1 Feb 1855, Thomas Davy & Catherine Cormick, wit: Edmund Davy & Johanna Fanning

14 Aug 1855, Denis Tierney & Margaret Hackett, wit: Michael Fanning & Cath ?

15 Jan 1857, Thomas Keogh & Johanna Shanahan, wit: James Keogh & Johanna Fanning

2 Feb 1857, Patrick Carroll & Johanna Fanning, wit: John Ryan & Anastatia Cormack

7 Feb 1857, Thomas Fanning & Mary McDonnell, wit: Michael Keogh & Joseph Cahill

23 Feb 1857, Edmond Gleeson & Catharine Fanning, wit: James Gleeson & Alicia Ryan

4 Nov 1860, James Kennedy & Bridget Bryan, wit: Patrick Fanning & Jane Ryan

*12 Jan 1861,Clonmore, Michael Burke & Johannah Morrisy, wit: William Fanning & William Connell

12 Feb 1867, Islands, Michael Doyle & Ellen Cormick, wit: Michael Doyle,Ante Ryan & Bridget Fanning

18 Feb 1867, Killanigan, Robert Staclum & Anto Ryan, wit: Robert Staclum, Mary Cormick & Bridget Fanning

23 Feb 1867, Thomas Cantwell & Catherine Geehan, wit: William Fanning & Margaret Harney Kill

15 Oct 1868, Daniel Leamy & Ellen Fanning, wit: John Armitage & Bridget Armitage, Gurtnaha

20 Jan 1870, Thomas Comerford & Ellen Fogarty, wit: Daniel Gleeson, Mary Fanning & Anne Fogarty Lisheenataggart

1 Nov 1870, Patt Delaney & Ellen Gleeson, wit: John Fanning & Ellen Gleeson Kilnasure?

13 Feb 1871, Andrew Ryan & Bridget Fanning of Gurtnahaha, wit: Denis Dunne & Margaret Cormick

6 Jun 1874, James Palmer & Honoria Fogarty, wit: Martin Palmer & Mary Fanning, Lisheenatagart

12 Feb 1877, Patrick Devany & Ellen Fanning, wit: John Devany & Johanna Fanning

*9 Feb 1880, John Bannon & Mary Fanning, Clondoty, wit: John Maher & Mary Butler

28 Feb 1881, Edmond Carroll & Mary Fanning, wit: Malachy Carroll & Mary ?

4 Feb 1882, Patrick Healy & Anne Tierney, wit: Nicholas Cormack & Mary Fanning

Given the number of Fanning marriages  it is clear that there were a lot of Fanning families living in Loughmore during the period 1801 -1882. So far this area has by far the greatest number of Fannings living in it.

That said, I have yet to look through the Thurles records, where I suspect there are even more Fannings.

Templemore Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary 1807- 1849

Templemore & Castleiny Catholic Parish Co Tipperary

There were very few Fanning marriages or Fanning witnesses in this parish from 1807 to 1849 although there are gaps in the records.

These marriage records from Templemore Parish in the Diocese of Cashel & Emly, Co Tipperary are from The National Library of Ireland site and are online and free.

The dates covered are 15 Nov 1897 to 13 Jan 1820 & 30 Nov 1809 to 23 Oct 1849.

There were however a number of marriages to soldiers no doubt due to the military barracks at Templemore. None involving Fannings.

Military Barracks Templemore c1865-1914

In the early records addresses and sometimes occupations were also recorded.

Places where the marriage took place are given, most likely the bride’s home.

Other names for Templemore are Kilvenogue, Kilvenoge, Killea and Clonmore.

Places names in Templemore in 1901 & 1911:  Adamstown, Ballycahill, Ballyheen, Barnalascaw, Belleville, Borrisbeg, Butlerslodge, Clontaaffe, Craiguedarg,Culleenagh,Curraduff, Eastwood,Farranacahill, Farranaderry, Forest, Graiguebeg, Greenwood, Ivyhall.  Jockeyhall. Kilclareen, Killawardy, Killough, Kiltillane, Kiltilliha, Knockanroe,    Kylebeg, Lisnaviddoge North, Lisnaviddoge South, Lloydsborough, Manna  North,  Manna  South, Oldtown, Priory Demesne, Rossnamanniff, Lower  Rossnamanniff, Upper  Sandymount, Templemore Demesne, Templemore town,  Woodville.

Rootsireland has marriage records for Templemore Clonmore starting in Nov 1807, with a gap from Sept 1826-1833 and then their records are continuous from 1834 to 1900.

From 1864 civil marriage records for Catholics were required to be kept. These are now online and free through irishgenealogy.ie  Marriage records over 75 years are on this site.

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Templemore Church of the Sacred heart

23 Nov 1808, Thomas Reid & Ann Sheridan both of Kilvenogue wit: Daniel Doughan, Ed Fannan & Thomas Hackett

9 Sept 1810, John Phelan of Ostho? labourer & Bridget Gilfoyle of Templemore, wit: Daniel Stapleton & Judy Fannen

12 Feb 1820, Martin Fanning of Knockanroe & Margaret Tracy of Knockanroe wit: Thomas Everard & Ellen Smith

8 Feb 1821, Philip Fanning of Barna & Mary Ryan of Killawardy wit: Rev Murphy & John Morrissy

27 Feb 1827, Michael Fanning of Loughmore & Mary Regan of Templemore wit: Daniel Fanning & Johanna Cain

12 April 1834, Shanikill, Timothy Maher & Mary Harrington, wit: Catherine Fanning & William Harrington

12 Apr 1834, Killough, Edmond Brute & Mary Fannon, wit: James & Mary Maher

10 May 1834, Borrisbeg, Michael Fannen & Sarah Quill, dispensation, wit: George Fant & Mary Quill

*17 Oct 1835, Clonmore, Michael Brennan & Joanna Keys, wit: Thomas Hurley & Catherine Keys. I have put this record and the following record in as I am trying to connect Michael Fanning and Catherine Keyes. He married her in Templemore on 4 Feb 1833. He was my gggrandfather’s brother.

*9 July 1841, Andrew Brennan & Margaret Keys, wit: Martin Eviston & Mary Morrissey. The surnames Eviston, Keys and Morrissey are all in my family tree. This Martin Eviston’s mother was Margaret Brennan, so Andrew may well have been his cousin. Martin was also married to Johanna Fanning. A Daniel Morrissey married Catherine Fanning  of Lissaroon on 22 Feb 1838.

3 Feb 1842, Patrick Carroll & Sally Fanning were married in Templemore, wit: John Carroll & Margaret Dwyer

29 Jan 1845, Thomas Flynnalg?? & Rose Frannon? married in Templemore, wit: Anne Tearny & Standwick Butler

*24 Nov 1845, Patrick Kinane? & Mary Keys married in Templemore, wit: John Morrissey & Johanna ?

26 Nov 1877, Thomas Morkan of Mullingar, instructor, father Thomas & Anastasia Fanning of Templemore, father Thomas a farmer, wit: Michael casey & Catherine McCombe

7 Nov 1904, William Fanning of Dunkerrin & Anne Maher of Poulong, both farmers. William’s father was Thomas Fanning, a farmer and Anne’s father was Philip William Maher also a farmer. Wit: Ellie Maher & Thomas Fanning Civil marriage record. Married in Templemore RC Church.

Borrisoleigh Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary, 1814-1880

Borrisoleigh Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

Thought I would look at the marriage records on nli for Fanning marriages in Borrisoleigh Parish.  “The parish of Borrisoleigh, spreads over 14,215 acres of lush pastures and rolling hills in the north of the county of Tipperary. ” (borrisoleigh.ie)

Borrisoleigh Co Tipperary
Glenkeen Old Cemetery Borrisoleigh

On the whole there were not so many marriages in this parish. Sometimes only one a month. February was the busiest month, probably because it was the slowest month for farmers. There seemed to be a lot of dispensations for close relationships given in this parish.

I hardly found any Fanning families in this parish, even though it is next to Drom & Inch Parish, where my ancestors came from. Looked for a description of this parish particularly its geography and came across this in Wikepedia:

“In October 1846, absentee landlord Lord Portarlington threw a banquet at the Temperance Hall in Borrisoleigh while the surrounding parish was suffering through the Potato Famine. He left a meager one hundred pound donation to the local Poor Relief Committee when he returned to England.”

In the early records the addresses of both bride and groom are given and the records are fairly easy to decipher.

Sacred Heart RC Church Borrisoleigh

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6 Feb 1814, Edm Fannin of 2 Mile Burris & Mary Burke of Burrisoleigh, wit: Edward White, Con Kinane & John Lloyd

29 Nov 1817, William Fanning of Lifs? & Judith Bourke of Pallis, wit: Bryan Kennedy & Jeffrey Fanning

2 Feb 1818, Thomas Fanning of  Lifs or Liss & Ellen Dwyer of Knockacorna? wit: Jeffrey Fanning & Judith Ryan

21 April 1819, Patrick Ryan & Kitty Fanning of Rusheen, wit: William Ryan & Mary Hickey

19 Feb 1822, Tom Quin of Upperchurch & Ellen Fanning of Knockaneenan? wit: Joe Fanning & Martin Bourke

17 Feb 1823, Tom Stapleton & Nony Hayes, both of Ileigh, wit: John Connors & Mary Fanning

4 Aug 1825, John Ryan of Gurteeny & Mary Fanning of Knockaneevan, wit: Tom Fanning & John Bourke

10 April 1826, James Stapleton of Gurtanidown? & Ally Stapleton of Gurteeny, wit: Patrick Corbett & Mary Fanning

19 Feb 1828, John Ryan of Curraglass & Mary Ryan of Gurteen, wit: Micheal Ryan & Joe Fanning

22 Feb 1832, Patrick Hickey of Castleiney & Mary Stapleton of Gurteen, wit: Martin Kennedy & Kitty Fanning

18 Feb 1833, John Fanning of Knockaneavan to Ellen Benson of Knockahorna, wit: Michael cantwell & Joe Fanning

11 Feb 1834,  Jeoffrey Fannan to Mary Ryan of Knockanwan? wit: Paddy Ryan & Mary Kennedy

1 Feb 1835, Pat Ryan & Catharine Fanning of Knockanivan? wit: William Ryan & Mary Fannan

22 Feb 1838, William Eagan of Loughmore to Norry Gleeson wit: Richard Gleeson & Norry Fannan

26 Feb 1838, Joseph Fannan to Honoria Bourk of Gurteny? wit: James Stapleton & Norry Bourke

17 April 1839, Michael Bourke to Mary Fannan of Knockahorna, wit: Daniel Fannan & Ellen Fannen

25 Jan 1841, John Lahy to Bridget Mara of Fontane wit: James Mara & Honoria Fannan

9 Feb 1841, James Barry of Thurles to Catharine Gleeson of Borris wit: James Fannan & Mary Spellane

2 Oct ? Stephen Keating to ________ Fannan of Knockaharna wit: Patrick Keating & Mary Keating

20 Feb 1844, Pat Ryan to Ellen Fannan of Knockaharna? wit: Daniel Fannan & Mary Fannan

20 Feb 1844, Joseph Fannan to Mary Keating of Knockaura?? wit: Patrick Keating & Mary Ryan

20 April 1845, Michael Keating to Catharine Kelly of Knockbrark?? wit: Jeoffrey Fannan & Bridget Brien

31 July 1845, Laurence Fannan & Kitty Bourke, wit: Thomas Mullaly & Rev Pat Morris. Dispensation given

23 Feb 1846, Denis Dwyer & Honora Fannan of Grange, wit: John Lahy & Judy Gleeson

24 Feb 1846, Charles Ryan & Margaret Gleeson of Borris, wit: Pat Maher & Mary Fannan

24 Feb 1846, Connor Hays & Ellen Lahy of Rusheen, wit: Patrick Ryan & Catharine Fannan

19 Jan 1851, Michael Martin & Catharine Fannan of Knockahorna, wit: William Ryan & Mary Fannan

15 Feb 1852, Thomas Stokes of Moycarky to Ellen Fanning of Liss or Lils, wit: Patrick Bourke & Mary Lowry

29 May 1852, Patrick Bourke to Belinda Carroll of Borris, wit: Jeoffrey Fannan & Margaret Cashin

7 Nov 1852, Denis Darcy of Upperchurch & Mary Kennedy of Casthill, wit : John Tracy & Ellen Fannan

27 Jan 1853, Michael Ryan to Julia Quincey of Knockahorna, wit: Thomas Dohany & Catharine Fannan

31 May 1853, Joseph Fannan & Margaret Costigan of Borris, wit: Patrick Carroll & Honora Brien

20 Feb 1855, John Bourke & Mary Lowry of Borris, wit: Daniel Ryan & Catharine Fannan

11Oct 1857, Jeoffry Fannan & Bridget Treacy of Rathmoy, wit: Thomas Ryan & Mary Finn

13 Feb 1858, James Russell of Drom & Catharine Fannan of Knockawian?? wit: Edm Ryan & Anne Ryan

25 Sept 1859, Michael Guilfoil of Drom & Ellen Ryan, wit: Denis Maher & Ellen Fanning

12 Feb 1866, Martin Maher & Ellen Fanning, wit: Stephen Carrole & Honoria Fanning of Knockanevan

4 Mar 1869, Michael Lynch & Honoria Fanning of Knockahorna, wit: Charles Doherty & Mary Brien

10 Feb 1873, Michael Bourke & Bridget Carroll, wit: Daniel Fanning & Margaret Carroll, Borrisoleigh

26 Feb 1878, Philip Ryan & Mary Fanning, wit: Thomas Ryan & Catharine Fanning, Knockahorna

19 Oct 1881, Michael Cashin & Bridget Fanning wit: Daniel Connell & Bridget Dunn, Borrisoleigh. Dispensation given.

Drom & Inch Fanning Baptism Records 1827-1881, Co Tipperary

Places in Drom & Inch Civil Parish in 1901 & 1911: Ardkeen,  Brookley Clonbrassil, Clonismullen, Drom, Graigue,    Killahagan, Kilvilcorris, Knockagh, Larha, North Larha, South Rathleasty,  Rorardstown, Lower Rorardstown, Upper Annfield, Ballypatrick, Bouladuff, Clehile,  Clon Beg,  Clon More, Cottage, Dovea, Lower  Dovea Upper,    Goldengrove,  Illananummera, Inch, Liscreagh, Lissaroon, Magherareagh, Monroe, Mount Catherine,  Pallashill,  Pollagh,

Barnane,  Aughnaheela,  Aughvolyshane, Ballydaff,  Ballynahow,    Ballyroan,  Borrisland, North Borrisland, South  Borrisoleigh town,  Cappanilly, Carrigeen, Castlehill,  Castlequarter, Cloghinch, Coolataggle, Coolaun, Coolcormack,               Coolderry, Cooleen,  Cottage, Cronavone, Cullahill, Currabaha,  Curraghcarroll , Curraghfurnisha,  Curraghglass, Curraghgraigue,  Curraghkeal, Curraghleigh, Curraghnaboola, Dogstown, Drumgill, Drumtarsna, Fantane North, Fantane South, Garrane, Garrangrena, Lower Garrangrena, Upper Glenbreedy, Glenkeen,  Glennanoge, Glennariesk, Glentane, Gortalough, Gortaniddan,  Gorteennabarna, Gorteeny, Gortnaboley, Gortnacran Beg, Gortnacran More, Grangelough, Grangeroe,   Kileroe,   Kilfithmone, Killamoyne,  Knockakelly,  Knockanevin,  Knockannabinna Knockanora  Knockbrack   Knockdunnee, Knockinure   Knocknaharney,  Knockshearoon,  Knockwilliam,  Lismakeeve, Liss,  Moankeenane,  Mountgeorge,  Paddock,  Pallas Lower, Pallas Upper,          Rathcardan,  Rathmoy,  Rosnamulteeny,   Rusheen Beg,     Rusheen Mor,e  Shanballyclear,y Springfield,  Summerhill, Ballinlonty,  Coolgort, Fishmoyne,  Kilfithmone, Killoskehan

The records for Drom & Inch online at nli which I have transcribed in this post are from1827-1881

Rootsireland has baptism records from 1809 -1900. I have included the Fanning Baptism records from Rootsireland from 1809 to 1827.

Civil birth records at irishgenealogy.ie start from 1864 and end with births over a  100 years ago.

Records with an asterisk are of Fannings that I am related to.

The priest has written in the margin the address of the couple, which is a big plus in searching for ancestors in these records. The handwriting is easy to read although they have their own shorthand for christian names and place names. Annfield is written as Annfd, the d being smaller and raised. Ballypatrick is shortened to Bally and a small raised k. Edmund or Edmond is shortened to Ed and a small raised m.

The spelling is also phonetic, so varies greatly. But you can read it all quite easily and there were not a lot of baptisms for this period.

The following are the places where the baptism took place. The priests spelt the same places in different ways: Annfield, Annfield bridge, Ardkeen, Arkeen, Balliduff, Ballinlon, Balinlonty, Ballypatrick, Barnane, Bawnoun, Bawnounah, Bawnourah, Boherleegh, Booladuff, Bouladuff, Bouliduff, Caulleys Town, Claykile, Claykyle, Cleighhayle, Cleighayte, Clonbeg, Clonbegg, Clonmore, Clonismullen, Coohane, Coohaun,  Coolgurt, Coolhawn, Currough, Dovea, Drom, Monroe, Feeleigh, Feileigh, Feleigh, Feileghah,  Feighlahah, Fishmoyne, Graig, Grove, Gurtdafinan, Gurtdalinan, Inch, Mahera Reigh,  Kerawn, Kill, Killahagan, Killahigan, Kille, Killefitmoon, Killoskahan,  Killoskehan, Killoskean, Kirane, Killvillecoris, Klekile, Knocka,  Lackindara, Lahra, Lara, Laraw, Lahraw, Lassina, Laught, Liscrea, Lissaroon, Lough,  Mickna, Mockna, Moher S, Monroe, Moonvoor, Mounvour, Moovoor, Mt Catherine, Pallas Hill, Rag, Rathmoy, Rorestown, Rordstown, Roridstown,  Rathlesty, Rathleasty, The Ragg,  Skachanarran,

Sometimes House is given as the address. I am assuming the mother and or child was too ill to be baptised at the church as was customary?

Drom & Inch Parish 1837

A few times the word “Chapel” is in the margin??

“Chapel” Drom & Inch 1837

These place names are from 1827, in the Parish of Drom & Inch.

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F

12 May 1809, Mary of John Carroll & Margaret Fogarty sp: Denis Hynes & Mary Fanning

15 Jul 1809, Mary of Michael Fanning & Ellen Fanning sp: John Fanning & Mary Peters

19 Jul 1809, Edmund of William Fanning & Judith (Judy) Fanning sp: William Carroll & Mary Cormack

27 Jul 1809, James of James Peters & Mary Kavanagh sp: John Fanning & Nancy Cleary

10 Nov 1809, Patrick of William Kelly & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Meara & Mary Ryan

30 Mar 1810, Daniel of Joseph (Jody) Gleeson & Mary Murphy sp: William Dolan & Catherine Fanning

9 Dec 1810, William of Edmund Butler & Bridget Ryan sp: George Mullen & Mary Fanning

*3 Jun 1811, Michael of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Thomas McGrath & Sally Darmody

27 Aug 1811, Judith (Judy) of Edmund Fanning & Mary Burke sp: William Purcell & Mary Burke

12 Jan 1812, Michael of Patrick Carroll & Bridget Hoare sp: William Fanning & Margaret Cormack

24 Feb 1812, James of Patrick Russell & Anastasia (Anstice) Cleary sp: Michael Cleary & Ana Fanning

15 May 1812, Mary of Thomas Hayes & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Hayes & Winny Hayes

5 Dec 1812, Mary of Philip Cahill & Catherine Shanahan sp: John Fanning & Catty Kennedy

16 Feb 1813, Patrick of William Hayes & Sarah (Sally) Gleeson sp: Simon Stapleton & Mary Fanning

3 Mar 1813, Ellen (Nelly) of Patrick Fogarty & Anne (Nano) Burke sp: Thomas Fanning & Nelly Fogarty

17 Mar 1813, Catherine (Cathy) of James Doherty & Judith (Judy) Fanning sp: Edmund Fanning & Honoria Long

*10 Sept 1813, Mary of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Denis McGrath & Mary Cormack

30 Aug 1814, Michael of Thomas Brien & Mary Gleeson sp: William Brien & Mary Fanning

23 Jan 1815, Mary of Michael Fanning & Catherine Callahan sp: John Howard & Mary Meara

2 May 1815, Mary of Philip Purcell & Ellen Carroll sp: James Fanning & Judy Carroll

*27 Mar 1816, Catherine (Cathy) of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: John McGrath & Bridget Burke

25 Apr 1816, Thomas of Thomas Hayes & Mary Fanning sp: Daniel Trehy & Mary Butler

9 Jul 1816, Michael of Michael Fanning & Ellen (Nelly) Maher sp: Mary Costello

28 Jul 1816, Bridget of Patrick Fogarty & Anne (Nancy) Burke sp: John Fanning & Bridget Doherty

11 Sept 1816, John of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: Joseph Fanning & Margaret Peters

27 Dec 1816, Thomas of Connor Maher & Mary Dwyer sp: Malachy Maher & Mary Fanning

13 Apr 1817, Thomas of Daniel Long & Catherine (Catty) Ryan Sp: Edmond Fanning & Nancy Ryan

27 Oct 1818, Michael of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: Philip Cleary & Judy Gleeson

31 Dec 1819, Bridget of William Stapleton & Ellen Fogarty sp: Joseph Fanning & Bridget Fogarty

17 Oct 1822, Daniel of Patrick Naughton & Mary Fanning sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan

17 Feb 1823, Bridget (Biddy) of Daniel Kennedy & Bridget (Biddy) Quinlan sp: Michael Fanning & Margaret Fanning

25 Apr 1824, Anastasia (Anstice, twin of Agnes) of Thomas Cormack & Mary Gleeson sp: John Fanning & Nelly Gleeson

29 Sept 1824, Bridget (Biddy) of William Stapleton & Ellen (Nelly) Fogarty sp: Joseph Fanning & Biddy Fogarty

26 Nov 1824, Ellen of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: John Cahill & Biddy Cahill

25 Apr 1825, Judith (Judy) of Patrick Fogarty & Anne Burke sp: James Fanning & Biddy Gleeson

27 May 1825, Mary of Edmund Fanning & Catherine Fahy sp: Mary Fanning & Thomas Fanning

17 Dec 1826, Joseph of John Fanning & Mary Maher sp: Philip Naughton & Bridget Fanning

3 Mar 1827, Joseph of Edmund (Ned) Fanning & Catherine Fahy sp: Cath Doherty & John Maher

*24 Jun 1827, William of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Thomas Cormack & Margaret McGrath

12 Jul 1827, Catherine of William McGrath & Catherine Purcell sp: John Fanning & Hon Carroll

15 Oct 1827, Catherine of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan, Killahagan, sp: Timothy Maher & Catherine Fanning

18 Jan 1828, Edward of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Catherine Russell

9 Mar 1828, Judith (Judy) of Edward (Ned) Fanning & Anne (Nancy) Neill sp: Connor Trehy & Mary Trehy

16 Mar 1828, Ellen of Denis Kennedy & Biddy Quinlan, Kiloskehan, sp: James Long & Jane Fanning

2 May 1828, John of James Peters & Mary Cavanagh, Killahagan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Ellen Fanning

14 Jun 1828, Patrick of John Fanning & Mary Maher sp: Michael Fanning & Nelly Peters

23 July 1828, Anstice of Thomas Lanigan & Judy Hogan, Kilahagan, sp: Catherine Cleary & Ellen Fanning

16 Sept 1828, Margaret (Peggy) of Patrick Cantwell & Judith (Judy) Maher, sp: James Maher & Ana Maher

8 Feb 1829, Catherine of Edmond Lynch & Ann Murphy, Drom, sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Hogan

6 May 1829, Winifred of James Maher & Margaret Ryan, Killahagan, sp: Michael Cleary & Ellen Fanning

11 May 1829, Timothy of John Toohy & Judy Maher, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Judy Carroll

12 Sept 1829, James of Thomas Bourke & Judy Ryan, Palace-hill, sp: John Fanning & Catherine Dwyer

20 Feb 1830, Jeffrey of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan, Killahagan, sp: Laurence Ryan & Biddy Fanning

15 Apr 1830, Joseph of Thomas Fanning & Anstice Hayes, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Mary Carroll

29 Mar 1831, William of John Fannen & Margaret Russell, Kille, sp: Joe Fannen & Mary Donovan

29 Apr 1831, Michael of James Ryan & Onny Carroll, Claycoil, sp: John Fanning & Catherine Purcell

24 Jan 1832, James of John Cormack & Judy Banen, Lissaroon, sp: Michael Fanning & Mary Ryan

31 Jan 1832, Judy of John Fogarty & Judy Kennedy, Annfield, sp: Patt Collins & Catherine Fanning

21 Aug 1832, John of Thomas Fanning & Anstice Hayes, Kill, sp: John Doherty & Judy Healy

13 Dec 1832, Con of John Fanning & Anto Brien, Killahigan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Winifred Purcell

13 Mar 1833, Mary of James Ryan & Onny Carroll, Claykyle, sp: Patt Fanning & Mary Bannen

13 May 1833, Patt of Patt Faning & Mary Ryan, Killoskahen, sp: Matt Dune & Mary Feehan

28 July 1833, Catherine of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kille, sp: Thomas Doherty & Mary Fanning

18 Oct 1833, Con of Jeffry Fannon & Margaret Shanahan, Killahigan, sp: Phil Cahill & Ellen Fanning

1 Mar 1834, William of William Ryan & Nancy Ryan, Killoskahan, sp: John Fannin & Margaret Maher

13 Jun 1834, Michael of John Fannen & Anto Brien, sp: John Shanahan & Anto Naughton

10 Aug 1834, Tom of Tom Fannen & Ansty Hays sp: Mick Hays & Ally Carroll

19 Apr 1835, Peggy of Patt Purcell & Agnes Ryan, Lissaroon, sp: William Purcell & Kitty Fannen

9 Sept 1835, James of John Gleeson & Catherine Fanning, Annefield, sp: Thomas Doyle & Mary Sparrow

14 Oct 1835, John of Ned Ryan & Hanna Shelly, Kille, sp: James Fannen & Biddy Bourke

22 Dec 1836, John of John Fannen & Anty Brien, Killahigan, sp: Joe Fannen & Biddy Casey

8 Apr 1838, William of Richard Hughes & Mary Reedy, Knocka, sp: Mary Fanning

3 May 1838, Thomas of Denis Fogarty & Catherine Fannen, Barnane, sp: Edmond Fannen & Honora Hennesey

3 Jun 1838, James of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp: Patt Mahony & Bridget Mahony

19 July 1838, Catherine of John Fanning & Anto Brien, Killahagan, sp: Joseph Fanning & Bridget Mullony or Mullany

31 Dec 1838, Michael of Frank Connell & Margaret Ryan, Pallishill, sp: James Ryan & Cath Fannen

23 Aug 1839, William of Denis Maher & Ellen Purcill sp : Patrick Fanning & Mary Purcill

5 Nov 1839, Sally of Denis Fogarty & Kate Fanning, Barnan, sp: Martin Brislane & Judy Darmody

28 Apr 1840, Tim of John Fanning & Anty Brien, Killahagen, sp: Laurence Ryan & Ellen Fanning

12 Jun 1840, Joseph of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp; Ellen Gleeson.

22 Nov 1840, Annfield, John of John Gleeson & Kate Fanning, sp; Stephen Butler &  Judy Magrath,

27 Mar 1841, Drom, Michael of John Trihy & Mary Maher, sp: John Bourke & Mary Fanning

8 Aug 1841, Drom, Patrick of Michael Mitchell & Judy Fanning, sp: James Russell & Judy Russell

10 Feb 1842, Barnane, Judy of Denis Fogarty & Catherine Fanning, sp: Andrew Halloran & Mary Ryan

18 Feb 1842, Annfield, George of Michael Butler & Mary Smyth, sp: Laurence Butler & Catherine Fanning

24 Feb 1842, Drom, Mary of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: James Fanning & Anty Long

28 June 1842, Drom, Margaret of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, sp: Edmond Fanning & Mary Russell

12 Sept 1842, Killahagn, Mary of John Fanning & Honora Brien, sp: John Shanahan & Ellen Shanahan

13 Sept 1843, Lissaroon, Honora of Timothy Carroll & Bridget Cormack, sp: Thomas Cormack & Johanna Fanning

7 Jan 1844, Drom, Bridget of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: John Long & Judy Long

7 Feb 1844, Killahagan, Jeofry of John Fanning & Mary Bryan, sp: Michael Fanning & Catherine Bryan

21 June 1844, Barnane, John of Dennis Fogarty & Catherine Fannin, sp: Catharine Hallaran

1 Jan 1845, Kill, Johanna of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, sp: Michael Ryan & Mary Fanning

21 April 1845, Drom, Ellen (illegitimate) of James Fanning & Ellen Lenord sp: Judy Lenord

22 Aug 1845, Drom, Edmond of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: Edmond Fanning & Margaret Trihy

19 Oct 1845, Killahagan, Michael of Jeremiah Peters & Biddy Ryan, sp: Joseph Fanning & Margaret Cahir?

14 Nov 1845, Killahagan, Joseph of John Fanning & Anto Brien sp: Honora Ryan

21 Dec 1845, Roridstown, Lizzy of William Long & Judy Dwyer? sp: William Fanning & Lizzy Long

12 Mar 1846, Killahara, Mary of John Fanning & Mary Brien, sp: Mary Brien

24 May 1846, Barnane, Thomas of Stephen Keating & Betty Fanning, sp: Jeofrey Fanning & Mary Dwyer

8 Aug 1846, Kilo, Thomas of John Mullony & Ellen Fanning, sp: Thomas Mullany & Catherine Fanning

20 Dec 1846, Drom, William of William Hogan & Bridget Fanning? sp: Lawrence Dwyer & Mary Cor?

24 Feb 1847, Drom, Oliver of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: Thomas Bohan & Sally Long

23 Nov 1847, Killahagan, Jeremiah of John Carroll & Judy Ryan, sp: Edmond Carroll & Judy Fanning

7 May 1848, Barnane, John of James Boland & Judy Long sp : Joseph Fanning & Anty Long

23 Aug 1848, Killahagan, Margaret of John Fanning & Mary O’Brien, sp: Michael Peters & Bridget Cahil

25 Sept 1848, Rorestown, John of Edmond Fanning & Mary Maher, sp: Bridget Maher,  child born out of wedlock

4 Sept 1849, Drom, John of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: Phill Fogarty & Honora Long

10 Nov 1850, Killahagan, Ellen & Anto (twins) of Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll, sp: Stephen Purcell & Ellen Fannin; John Carroll & Margaret Carroll

*13 Apr 1852, William of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, Lissaroon sp: Richard Cormack & Honoria Bannon

25 Sept 1852, Killahagan, Anastatia of Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll, sp: Patt Fogarty & Catherine Carroll

28 Sept 1852, Michael of Patrick Fanning & Mary Dunne sp: John Long & Mary Dawson

13 Nov 1852, Claykile, John & Bridget (twins) of John Cormack & Onny Cantwell, sp: Richard Cormick & Catherine Fanning & Bridget Cantwell

15 Mar 1853, Drom, Anastasia of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: John Long & Johanna Trihy

*15 April 1853, Lissaroon, Honoria of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Bridget Ryan

22 June 1853, Cleakile, Thomas of Richard Cormick & Ellen Cantwell, Sp: Michael Fanning & Honoria Cantwell

9 April 1854, Killahagan, Mary of Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll, sp: Phil Purcell & Catherine Carroll

*26 July 1854, Lissaroon, Bridget of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Hugh Ryan & Bridget Ryan

12 Oct 1854, Kill, Patrick of  Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: John Bohan & Ellen Long

8 Feb 1855, Killahagan, Margaret of Anthony Kenedy & Bridget Tierney, sp: Edmond Fanning & Mary Fanning

*18 Nov 1855, Lissaroon, Hugh of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Michael Ryan & Kate Fanning

10 July 1856, Barnane, Honora of James Bohan & Judith Long, sp: Edmond & Mary Fanning

23 Oct 1856, Cleakile, Honora of Richard Cormick & Ellen Cantwell, sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Fanning

15 Jan 1857, Drom, Mary of John Maher & Ellen Long, sp: Edmond Fanning & Bridget Fanning

2 Apr 1857, Roristown, Thomas of William Long & Johanna Dwyer, sp: John Maher & Mary Fanning

7 Jun 1857, Johanna of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, Drom sp: Joseph Long & Margaret Long

*27 Aug 1857, Mary of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, Lissaroon sp: Hugh Ryan & Mary Ryan

27 Dec 1857, Michael of Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll, Killahagan sp: James Grady & Judy Fanning

18 Apr 1858, Bridget of John Maher & Ellen Long, Drom sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Fanning

11 Nov 1858, James of James Russell & Catherine Fanning, Drom, sp: John Russell & Mary Kenedy

*13 Jan 1859, Lissaroon, Thomas of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: James Cormack & Ansty Purcell

4 Mar 1860, Drom, William of William Bohan & Fanny Hogan, sp: Thomas Ryan & Mary Fanning

31 May 1860, Drom, Thomas of James Russell & Catherine Fanning, sp: John Russell & Ellen Fanning

1 Nov 1860, Drom, Joseph of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp Edmond Fanning & Bridget Fanning

17 Jan 1861, Killahagan, Patrick of Philip Purcell & Ellen Duggan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Anto Bourke

*19 April 1861, Lissaroon, Michael of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Patrick Ryan & Johanna Maher

1 Dec 1861, Drom, Ellen of Philip Russell & Johanna Lanigan, sp: Thomas Fanning & ______ Russell

26 Jan 1862, Pallas Hill, Ellen of Michael McGrath & Mary Fanning, sp: Thomas Maher & Johanna Fanning

14 Apr 1862, Drom, Ellen of John Maher & Ellen Long, sp: Thomas Bohan & Mary Fanning

17 Apr 1862, Killahagan, John of Michael Carroll & Catherine Doyle sp: Thomas Fanning & Bridget Cleary

18 May 1862, Drom, Ellen of Philip Fogarty & Joanna Long sp: Edmund Fanning & Anne Hayes

*1 Jun 1862, Lissaroon, John of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan sp: John Ryan & Bridget Ryan

26 Jul 1862, Barnane, Ellen of Michael Dwyer & Anne Hogan sp: Joseph Fanning & Ellen Dwyer

5 Apr 1863, Knocka, William of William Coonan & Catherine Spelane sp: Martin Eviston & Margaret Eviston

16 May 1863, Lissaroon, Mary of William Magrath & Margaret Burns sp: William Fanning & Honora Fanning

1 Nov 1863, Drom, Timothy of James Russell & Catherine Fanning sp: John Russell & Ellen Fanning

1 Dec 1863, William of John Maher & Ellen Long, sp: Oliver Fanning & Mary Bohan

*31 Jan 1864, Lissaroon, Johanna of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan sp: Michael Connell & Anastatia Cormack

20 Mar 1864, Pallas-hill, Michael of Michael Magrath & Mary Fanning, sp: James Fanning & Margaret Eviston

25 Jun 1865, Killahagan, Johanna of Michael Carroll & Mary Dwyer, sp: Daniel Dwyer & Ellen Fanning

Aug 1865, William of James Russell & Catherine Fanning, sp: Hugh Troy & Bridget Kennedy

*20 Oct 1865, Lissaroon, Patrick of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan sp: William Magrath & Johanna Cormack

14 Jan 1866, Pallas-hill, John of Michael Magrath & Mary Fanning, sp: William Fanning & Kate Fanning

14 Jan 1866, Knocka, Catherine of Michael Coonan & Catherine Spelane sp: Stephen Ryan & Mary Eviston

*30 Jan 1865, Lissaroon, Catherine of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan sp: William Cormack & Catherine Cormack

12 Mar 1868, Drom, Joanna of Michael Lynch & Honora Fanning, sp: Samuel Fanning & Mary Fanning

23 Apr 1868, Killoskehan, Bridget of Denis Ryan & Mary Cahill, sp: Thomas Fanning & Margaret Long

28 Jun 1868, Mt Catherine, Stephen of James Butler & Mary Fogarty, sp: William Fanning & Mary Butler

28 Jun 1868, Pallas Hill, Margaret of Michael McGrath & Mary Fanning. sp: Michael Maher & Margaret Fanning

14 Mar 1869, Kill, Anastatia of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, sp: James Fanning & Catherine Marnell

*2 Apr 1869, Lissaroon, Sara of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Honora Fanning & Hugh Fanning. On the civil record Mary Fenally is a sponsor.

11 July 1869, Drom, Anne of Michael Lynch & Honora Fanning sp: John Fanning & Ellen Crowe

27 Feb 1870, Klekile, Anthony of Richard Cormack & Alice? Cantwell sp: John Bourke & Bridget Fanning

8 May 1870, Kile, Thomas of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan sp: Michael Cleary & Margaret Fanning

*27? Nov 1870, Lissaroon, John of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Cornelius Ryan & Honora Cormack

21 Dec 1870, Drom, Thomas of Michael Lynch & Honora Fanning sp: John & Catherine Fanning

22 Dec 1870, Pallas Hill, Mary of Michael McGrath & Mary Fanning sp: James Fanning & Ellan Carroll

30 Apr 1871, Anne of Patrick Maher & Anto Kinsella sp: James Fanning & Joanna Rigan

*16 Dec 1871, Lissaroon, Anastatia of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Cormack

7 Jan 1872, Kill, Catherine of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, sp: Andrew ? & Kate Ryan

12 Feb 1872, Pallas Hill, James? of Michael McGrath & Mary Fanning, sp: Margaret Ryan & Patrick Meagher

10 Sept 1873, Killahagan,  Catherine of Michael Carroll & Mary Dwyer, sp: Patrick Kennedy & Catherine Fanning

*27 Oct 1874, Lissaroon, Laurence of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Michael Fanning & ? Cormack

14 Nov 1874, Kill, Mary of ? Fanning & Ellen Ryan sp: James Ryan & Anastatia Fanning

3 Oct 1874, Bouladuff, Catherine of Kyran Walsh & Ann Dwyer, sp: Robert Whelan & Honora Fanning

18 Nov 1875, Killahagan, Ellen of Denis Kavanagh & Catherine Fanning, sp: John ? Kavanagh & Mary Fanning

13 Sept 1877, Kill, ??? of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, sp: William Fanning & Eamy Flinn  * priest’s note: married Catherine Loughmoon 21 Dec 1908 LIverpool.

20 Feb 1878, Lissaroon, Honora of John Purcell & Emma Bourke, sp: Patrick Feehan & Honora Fanning

7 May 1878, Clonismillen, Mary of James Ryan & Catherine Ryan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Bridget Ryan

16 Nov 1878, Ballinlonty, William Of James Talbot & Ellen Bannon, sp: Michael Bourke & Joanna Fanning

26 Apr 1879, Lissaroon, James of William Ryan & Jane Ryan, sp: William Meagher & Bridget Fanning

27 Apr 1879, Rathleasty, Bridget of Edward Ryan & Johanna Corrigan, sp: James Neil & Anastatia Fanning

11 Jan 1880, Ballinlonty, Mary Catherine of James Hoare & Anastatia Fanning, sp: Patrick Fanning & Johanna Fanning

17 Oct 1880, Kill, John of William Fanning, farmer, & Amy Flinn, sp: James Fanning & Ellen McGrath & Margaret Russell, twin of Margaret

17 Oct 1880, Kill, Margaret of William Fanning & Annie Flinn, sp: Patrick Fogarty & Johanna Ryan.

Holycross & Ballycahill Fanning Baptism Records Co Tipperary 1835-1909


Holycross & Ballycahill Catholic Parish Co Tipperary

The Catholic Parish records on nli online go from 1835 to 1878. The Civil records for births, deaths and marriages start at 1864 so from then you should be able to find two records. Civil records are online and free at irishgenealogy.ie  Births up till 1916.

The most notable Fanning families and connections were between the Tuohy and McGraths and Long and Fanning women in Grange. Don’t as yet know if there is any connection between these Fanning women and Lissaroon.

I will follow this up as I seem to remember that they emigrated en mass and there is a web site researching all these families from here and Upperchurch who went to America permanently. Given that they all had young families and babies during the famine years it is no wonder they chose to leave and start anew in America.

Thomas Long & Catherine Fanning arrived in USA in 1852 via Canada with their children and settled in Fabius. Have a look at McGrath search.com and Upperchurch Arrivals which has information on Thomas Long and his family. Neighbours in Ireland by Michael McGraw, Austin, Texas and Clare Tuohy, Dublin, Ireland is well worth reading. Extremely well researched and fascinating. New material added.

Here are a few extracts from this site:
“Fanning (Fanning siblings and cousins) – Grange – All to New Orleans, LA

Bridget Fanning = Patrick McGrath

Thomas Fanning = Bridget Purcell

Amy Fanning = Patrick Ryan

Margaret Fanning

Honora Fanning = Patrick Purcell
Other McGraths

Patrick McGrath = Bridget Fanning
– to New Orleans, LA”

Thomas Long = Catherine Fanning (Grange) – to Tully, Cortland Co., NY via Canada
Tuohy (brothers) – Grange – remained in Ireland

William Tuohy = Mary Fanning

Patrick Tuohy = Bridget Fanning

James Tuohy = Amy Fanning

Patrick Tuohy (son of William Tuohy and Mary Fanning) – to Norwich, Chenango
Co., NY about 1874.”

“Four of the former occupants of Glenreaghmore immigrated to the U.S. Patt
Davorn left for Norwich, NY in early 1849. Malachy Ryan left about the same time and
settled in Troy, NY. Thomas Fanning left for New Orleans from Liverpool, England on
June 26, 1849.”

There is a lot more very detailed information on the Fanning families in Grange on this site.

In the Parish of Upperchurch I only found two Baptism records for Fanning families:

3 May 1834, John of John Fanning & Julian Ryan sp: Patrick & Mary Ryan

1 Dec 1846, Richard of James Fanning & Johanna Fitzgerald sp: Edmond Fitzgerald & Mary Fitzgerald

Priest’s writing and idiosyncratic spelling a challenge. But the big plus is that the address is given! Layer on in about the 1870s the priest has added the marriage details of the child being baptised. He must have taken a real interest in his parishioners and followed what happened to them. He only entered these details for some records not all by any means. Some marriages were in England, USA and Australia and Ireland. The only down side to the entries around this time is that blank pages and marriage details on extra paper at times obscures the entries.

In 1848 the number of births decreases noticeably, the famine had well and truly hit. Although the biggest drop in baptisms was in 1863.

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F

1 Aug 1835, Bridget of Patrick Fanning and Judy Maher sp: John Ryan & Anto Maher

28 Aug 1835, Mary of William Molony & Mary Murry, Boula, sp: Ellen Fanning

23 Sept 1835, Patrick of William Tuohy and Mary? Fanning, Grange, sp: Patrick McGrath & Honora Fanning

20 April 1836, Nancy of William Fanning & Mary Cronin sp: Patrick Fanning & Judith Cronan

30 Oct 1836, William of William Till and Anne Couleblack  sp: Edmond Ryan & Honora Fanning

13 Nov 1836, James of William McGrath & Mary Tynan sp: Michael Fanning & _____Fanning

27 Nov 1836, Margaret of Patrick McGrath & Bridget Fanning sp: William Tuohy & Honora Ryan

1 Dec 1836, James of Patrick Tuohy and Bridget Fanning sp: Thomas Fanning & Honoria Ryan

9 Apr 1837, Catherine of Patrick Fannan and Johanna Maher sp: Margaret Meagher

10 Sept 1837, Judith of John Coleman & Margaret Keating sp: Patrick Tuohy & Bridget Fanning

8 Oct 1837, Margaret of William Tuohy & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Long & Bridget Fanning

13 Dec 1837, Mary of William Fanin & Mary Cronan sp: James Long & Catherine Fanen

1 June 1838, Catherine of William Tell or Fell & Nancy Coalblack, Glenreigh, sp: Thomas Fanning & Honora Fanning, 

5 Nov 1838, Patrick of Patrick Tuohy & Bridget Fanning sp: Patrick McGrath & Mary Gleeson

21 Nov 1838, Philip of Patrick McGrath & Bridget Fanin sp: Patrick Tuohy & Bridget McGrath

7 May 1839, Margaret of Michael Nolan & Mary Costelloe sp: John Tuohy & Honora Fanning

12 May 1839, Margaret of Patrick Fanning and Catherine Corbett sp: Nora Semple

13 June 1839, Richard of Thomas Long & Catherine Fanan sp: Cornelius Long & Bridget Fanan

20 Feb 1840, Denis of Denis Corcoran & Judith Fannin, Clareen  sp: Ellen Fannin,

8 Mar 1840, Margaret of Andrew Carrol & Margaret Finon? Pallis? sp: John Ryan & Margaret McGrath

22 Nov 1840, Michael of Patrick Tuohy & Bridget Fanning Grange sp Rev John Molony & Michael Fanning

5 Dec 1840, Judith of Thomas Meagher & Margaret Shortall, Glanreigh, sp: Thomas Gleeson & Honora Fanin,

15 Feb 1841, Richard of Patrick McGrath & Bridget Fanning, Grange sp: Martin Ryan & Honora Fanning

21 Feb 1841, Mary of Thomas Long & Catherine Fanning, Grange sp: Thomas Fanning & Mary Ryan

29 June 1841, Eliza of William Hayes & Mary Fanning, Clareen, sp John Ryan & Johanna Commons?

30 Aug 1841, Laurence of Cornelius Long & Catherine Doyle, sp: Thomas Doyle & Cath Fanning

25 Jan 1842, Mary of Michael Nowlan & Mary Costello, Grange, sp: Thomas Nowlan & Honora Fanning

20 Apr 1842, James of Denis Corcoran & Judy Fannin, Clareen, sp Darby Carr & Ally Bourke

29 July 1842, Catherine of William Fanning & Mary Cronan, Glanreigh,sp: Edmond Cronin & Judith Fanning

1 Nov 1842, John of Michael Davern & Mary Fanning, Grange, sp: Thomas Fanning & Mary Fanning

27 Jan 1843, Mary of Patrick Tuohy & Bridget Fanning, Grange, sp: John Bourke & Bridget Tuohy

10 June 1843, Patrick of Thomas Long & Catherine Fanning, Grange,sp: William Tuohy & Honora Fanning

19 Aug 1843, Thomas of Patrick McGrath & Bridget Fanning, Grange, sp: Rev John Burk & Bridget Fanning

2 Aug 1844, Margaret of John Coleman & Margaret ?, Lisngh?, sp: John Tuohy & Honora Fanning

29 Oct 1844, Mary of Michael Davern & Mary Fanning, Glanreigh, sp: John Davern & Margaret Fanning

5 Nov 1844, Joseph of Patrick Tuohy & Bridget Fanning Grange, Mrs Fanning & Thomas Fanning

13 April 1845, Catherine of James Dwyer & Catherine Fanning, Grange, sp: Michael Carrol & Catherine Fanning

26 June 1845, John of Denis Corcoran & Judith Fanning, Clareen. sp: Denis Corcoran & Margaret Corcoran

9 July 1845, Laurence of Thomas Long & Catherine Fanning, Grange, sp:Patrick McGrath & Bridget Fanning

13 July 1845, Mary of Patrick McGrath & Bridget Fanning, Grange,sp: Philip McGrath & Mrs William Tuohy

28 Aug 1845, Judith of Patrick Dempsey & Margaret McGrath, Ballinahow, sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Dempsey

11 Jan 1846, John of John Cooney and Mary Maher, Grange sp: Thomas & Anastasia Fanning

7 Aug 1846, Francis of Patrick Tuohy & Bridget Fanning, Grange, sp: John Tuohey & Hanora Fanning

27 Nov 1846, Richard of Thomas Fanning & Bridget Purcel, Grange,sp: Patrick Purcel & Bridget Tuohy

15 Feb 1847, Thady of James Costelloe & Mary Molony, Boula, sp: Patrick Mullony & Ellen Fanning

16 Jul 1847, Margaret of John Kennedy & Mary Gleeson, Glenreigh, sp: Philip Gleeson & Mary Fanning

21 Aug 1847, Patrick of Patrick McGrath & Bridget Fanning, Grange, sp: Patrick Purcel & Bridget Tuohy

5 Oct 1847, Thomas of Thomas Long & Catherine Fanning, Grange, sp: Patrick Long & Aimy? Fanning

2 Dec 1847, Daniel Dwyer & Mary Carrol, Tubrid, sp: John Fanning & Mary Carrol

2 Sept 1848, Ellen of Michael Nolan & Mary Costello, Grange, sp: John Tuohy & Emy Fanning

1 Jan 1849, Margaret of Thomas Fanning & Bridget Purcell sp: John Tuohy & Margaret Maher

16 Jan 1849, William of Patrick Purcel & Hanora Fanning, Grange, sp: Thomas Fanning & Ellen Purcel

11 April 1849, Judith of James Ryan & Judith Doyle, Cormackstown, sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Burke

10 Aug 1851, Mary of Garet? Fitzgerald & Judy Hayden, Racannon, sp: John Mooney & Bridget Fanning

24 July 1853, Patrick of Garrett Fitzgerald & Jane Hayden, sp: Pat Brady & Anne Fanning

17 July 1858 or 1859, Mary of James Dempsey & Honora Burke sp: Thomas Fanning & Bridget Young

13 Aug 1859, Edmund of Patrick Cahill & Sarah Ryan sp: James Fanning & Margaret Armstrong

16 Feb 1861, Johanna of Michael Maher & Bridget Tuohy, sp: William Tuohy & Bridget Fanning

8 Aug 1865, Patrick of Thomas Brophy & Catherine Maher, sp: John Fanning & Margaret Ryan

18 Feb 1871, John of John Dwyer & Mary Connell, Glenreigh, sp: Patrick Cronin & Anne Fanning

2 Mar 1871, Patrick & John of Daniel Considine & Mary Donnelly, Glenbane, sp for Patrick: Cornelius Ryan & Mary Lahey, for John: Andrew Boyle & Margaret Fanning

28 Nov 1873, Bridget of Milo Bourke & Bridget Corbit, Cormackstown, sp: Edward Fanning & Margaret Dempsey

25 Jan 1874, Kate of Thomas Brophy & Catherine Maher, Cormackstown, sp: Edmund Fanning & Kate Hayes.

1 Jun 1874, Thomas of John Dwyer & Mary Connell, Glenreigh, sp: John Hayes & Mary Fanning

18 Jun 1874, Margaret of James Fanning & Alice Long, Barracurra, sp: John Ryan & Margaret Fanning Civil record has Mary Darmody as a sponsor.

3 Sept 1874, Margaret of John McGrath & Catherine Dempsey, Raheen, sp: Michael Hayes & Margaret Fanning

6 Jun 1875, Patrick Joseph Francis of James McCarthy & Mary Kelly, Glenbane, sp: Patrick Fanning & Mary McCarthy

14 Nov 1875, Catherine of James Fanning & Ally Long, Barracurra, sp: William Fanning & Mary Long. Civil record has Mary Darmody as a sponsor.

21 Dec 1875, Margaret of John Dwyer & Mary Connell, Glenreigh, sp: Michael Dwyer & Kate Fanning

10 May 1877, John of James Fanning & Alice Long, Barracurra, sp: Joseph Fanning & Ellen McGrath Civil record has Mary Darmody as a sponsor.

24 Feb 1878, Patrick James of John Phillips & Catherine Dunne, Ballycahill, sp: Laurence ? & Mary Fanning. Priest’s note: Patrick married in Rathdowney 19 Dec 1918 to A McCormack.

15 Mar 1878, William Patrick of Philip Whyte & Mary Quirke, Glenreigh, sp : Edmund Fanning & Ellen Whyte

3 Jun 1878,  John of Michael Bourke & Margaret Fanning, Ballycahill, sp: Laurence Butler & Ellen Bourke

27 Apr 1879, Timothy of Timothy Tynan & Honora Doyle sp: James Fanning & Agnes Bannon

18 Oct 1879, Mary of James Fanning & Alice Long, sp: Bridget Longard & Mary Fanning. Civil record has Honoria Mulcahy as a sponsor.

2 Dec 1880, Margaret M of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: Patrick Bannon & Catherine Fanning

3 Feb 1881, John of Patrick Currivan & Alice Considine sp: Daniel Currivan & Anne Fanning

5 Feb 1882, Patrick of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Fanning & Mary Purcell

17 Feb 1882, Alice of James Fanning & Alice Long, sp: John Bannon & Johanna Bannon. Civil record has Mary Darmody as a sponsor.

28 Jul 1884, William of James Fanning, farmer & Alice Long, Barracurra sp: Mary Darmody; civil birth record; birth date 14 Jul 1884. Civil record has Mary Darmody as a sponsor.

14 Jan 1886, Michael of of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Fanning & Rose Bannon

14 Nov 1886, John of Philip White & Mary Quirke, sp: William White & Mary Fanning

30 May 1887, Michael of Philip Carroll, farmer & Mary Fanning, Clohane, sp: father; civil birth record; birth date 24 May 1887

26 May 1887, Michael Jo of Philip Carroll & Mary Fanning, sp: Michael Carroll & Ellie Fanning

23 Jun 1887, Thomas of of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: William Fanning & Kate Fanning

15 Dec 1888, Catherine of of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: William Fanning & Honoria Fanning

25 Dec 1889, Mary of Philip White & Mary Quirke sp: John Fanning & Mary Dwyer

6 Jan 1890, Hugh of Barny Bannon & Mary Fogarty, sp: Hugh Bannon & Anne Fanning

12 Apr 1890, John of of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: William Ryan & Catherine Fanning

18 Jan 1892, Mary of of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: John Fanning & Margaret M Bannon

5 Jun 1892, Daniel of Patrick Currivan & Alice Considine sp: John Butler & Mary Fanning

16 Feb 1893, Johanna of of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: James Fanning & Ellen fanning

27 Mar 1894, Joseph of of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: Patrick Bannon & Sarah Fanning 

10 Apr 1895, Bridget of of John Bannon & Mary Fanning sp: John Maher & Mary Fanning

28 Jun 1899, John of John Fanning & Catherine Doyle, sp: Laurence Ryan & Mary Ryan

12 Jun 1900, James of John Fanning & Catherine Doyle of Glenreigh sp: James Doyle & Mary Dempsey. Civil record has Ellen Butler as a sponsor.

5 Aug 1901, Bridget of John Fanning & Catherine Doyle of Glenreigh Civil record

5 Mar 1903, James of John Fanning & Catherine Doyle of Glenreigh Civil Record

6 May 1909, Laurence of John Fanning & Catherine Doyle of Glenreigh Civil record


Holycross & Ballycahill Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary, 1835-1878

Holycross & Ballycahill Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

These Fanning marriage records are from the Catholic Parish registers for the Parish of Holycross & Ballycahill Co Tipperary, held at the National Library of Ireland. They are free and online at nli.

These marriage records are from the period 1 an 1835 to 29 Dec 1878.

Rootsireland has marriage records from 1835-1900.

There are also now all the civil records available online and for free at irishgenealogy.ie. Marriage records are for marriages over 75 years, so up to 1941 at present in 2016.

Place names  in Ballycahill in 1901 & 1911: Ballycahill, Ballynahow,  Barracurragh,  Castlefogarty, Cooldotia, Coolkill, Crossoge, Drumminnagleagh, Farneybridgehill,  Garrynamona, Garryvanus, Lisnasella, Moneydass, Mountalt, Mountsion, Newtown

Places in Holycross in 1901 & 1911: Ballycamusk, Ballyvoneen, Beakstown, Cloghane, Cormackstown, Farneybridge, Glenbane  Lower,Glenbane  Upper, Glenreagh Beg, Glenreagh More Graiguenoe, Grange, Holycross, Holycross town, Killeenyarda, Lisbook, Lisnagonoge, Lisnagrough, Monamoe, Newtown,Raheen, Whitefort

Looking through these marriage records there appear to be very few Fannings living in this parish at this time.

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F

3 Mar 1835, Thomas Long married Catherine Fanning, witnessed by Patrick Long and William Tuohy.

27 Feb 1838, John Hayes and Margaret Molony wit: James Carroll & Patrick Fanan

16 Nov 1841, Michael Davern & Mary Fanning wit: Thomas and Honora Fanning & William Touhey, Grange

19 Feb 1844, James Fanning & Judith Cronin wit: Edmund & William Cronin

23 Feb 1846, John Mara & Catherine Ryan wit: Mark Ryan & Honora Fanning

11 Feb 1847, Thomas Brien & Catherine McGrath wit: Patrick McGrath & John Brien & Bridget Fanning

25 Nov 1847, Patrick Purcel & Honora Fanning wit: Martin Purcel & Bridget Tuohy

11 June 1848, Thomas Dwyer & Mary Ryan wit: Thomas Fanning & Margaret Ryan

11 July 1849, James Broderick & Mary Ryan wit: Thomas Fanning & Anne Semple?

24 Nov 1856, Patrick Fanning & Mary Byrne wit: Jim Cormack & Judy Byrne

28 Oct 1866, William Bourke (Drom) and Mary Consedine (Raheen?) wit: Thomas Miller & Ann? Fanning

*23 Feb 1873, James Fanning & Alice Long, Barracurra wit: Martin Eviston & Mary Long. Was Martin Eviston’s wife Johanna Fanning related to this James Fanning?

12 April 1877, Philip Whyte & Mary Quirke, Glenreigh More wit: Richard Morriss & Mary Fanning.

Drom & Inch Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary, 1807- 1880

Drom & Inch Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

Places in Drom & Inch Civil Parish: Ardkeen, Brookley Clonbrassil, Clonismullen, Drom, Graigue,    Killahagan, Kilvilcorris,Knockagh  Larha, North Larha, South Rathleasty,  Rorardstown, Lower     Rorardstown, Upper Annfield, Ballypatrick, Bouladuff, Clehile,  Clon Beg, Clon More, Cottage, Dovea, Lower Dovea Upper,    Goldengrove,  Illananummera, Inch, Liscreagh, Lissaroon, Magherareagh, Monroe, Mount Catherine, Pallashill, Pollagh, Barnane, Aughnaheela,  Aughvolyshane, Ballydaff,  Ballynahow, Ballyroan, Borrisland, North Borrisland, South  Borrisoleigh town, Cappanilly, Carrigeen, Castlehill,  Castlequarter, Cloghinch, Coolataggle, Coolaun, Coolcormack, Coolderry, Cooleen, Cottage, Cronavone, Cullahill, Currabaha,  Curraghcarroll, Curraghfurnisha,  Curraghglass, Curraghgraigue, Curraghkeal, Curraghleigh, Curraghnaboola, Dogstown, Drumgill, Drumtarsna, Fantane North, Fantane South, Garrane, Garrangrena, Lower Garrangrena, Upper Glenbreedy, Glenkeen, Glennanoge, Glennariesk, Glentane, Gortalough, Gortaniddan, Gorteennabarna, Gorteeny, Gortnaboley, Gortnacran Beg, Gortnacran More, Grangelough, Grangeroe,   Kileroe, Kilfithmone, Killamoyne, Knockakelly, Knockanevin, Knockannabinna Knockanora, Knockbrack, Knockdunnee, Knockinure, Knocknaharney,  Knockshearoon,  Knockwilliam, Lismakeeve, Liss,  Moankeenane, Mountgeorge,  Paddock, Pallas Lower, Pallas Upper, Rathcardan, Rathmoy, Rosnamulteeny,   Rusheen Beg, Rusheen More,  Shanballycleary, Springfield, Summerhill, Ballinlonty, Coolgort, Fishmoyne, Kilfithmone, Killoskehan

These marriage records are from the Catholic Parish registers now online, free, at the National Library of Ireland site. 

For Drom and Inch at The National Library of Ireland online site there are marriage records from 5 May 1827 to 16 Oct 1880.

Rootsireland has earlier marriage records for this parish. For Drom and Inch they have marriage records from 1807 to 1880. I have included these records from Rootsireland from 1807 to 1827.

The Drom Catholic marriage registers are unusual in that a lot of the time the priest wrote the address in the margin and the entries are easy to read. The most frustrating aspect of the Irish parish marriage records of this time is that the parents’ names were not entered.

Marriages took place usually in the bride’s townland, so this address would be her family’s. These records are of use in finding female Fannings but of course the males were married in the woman’s townland so they are harder to track.

Often “House” was written in the margin. I am assuming this is because the marriage ceremony took place in their house rather than a chapel or church but I may be wrong. Let me know otherwise.

I am also including any marriages where a Fanning or Fannen or Fannon was a witness.

My Fanning ancestors came from Lissaroon and there was only one Fanning family in Lisaroon as far as I know. Lisaroon was/is a townland of 296 acres near Thurles. In Grifiths Valuations there are 31 entries for Lissaroon.

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F .On a Mac Command+ F

4 Feb 1809, James Doherty & Judith Fanning wit: John Doherty & Edmond Fanning

1 Mar 1810, John Fanning & Mary Purcell wit: James Peters & Michael Fanning

20 Feb 1813, Patrick Naughton & Mary Fanning wit: Michael Fanning & Mrs Fanning

19 Feb 1814, John Dwyer & Judith Peters wit: Michael Fanning & Michael Dunne

8 Jan 1815, William Connors & Anastasia (Anstice) Fanning wit: Edmond Fanning & Tim Connors

20 Feb 1816, Michael Ryan & Catherine Cahill wit: Daniel Fanning & Joseph Fanning

24 Jan 1818, Thomas Cormack & Mary Gleeson wit: John Cormack & William Fanning

6 Feb 1826, Daniel Tierney & Margaret Tynan wit: John Fanning & Patrick Purcell

30 Jan 1827, John Fanning & Margaret Russell, wit: William Russell & William Purcell

3 Mar 1827, Joseph of Edmund (Ned) Fanning & Catherine Fahy sp: Cath Doherty & John Maher

25 Sept 1830, John Fanning (Thurles) & Johanna Mara wit: Patrick Fanning & Johanna Carroll

25 June 1833, John Gleeson & Catherine Fanning wit: Honora Maher & Margaret Stapleton.

April 15 1833, Thomas Doherty and Catherine Fanning wit: James Russell.

Jan 24 1835, Lissaroon, Thomas Eviston & Mary Fanning wit: Rev J. Ryan & Martin Eviston.

Feb 18 1835, Drom, William Rahill & Mary Fanning wit: Pat Fogarty & James Fanning.

Feb 4 1838, John Bourke & Mary Fanning wit: Edmond Hunt & Mary Fanning.

Feb 4 1838, John Bourke & Mary Doyle wit: Martin Fanning & Mary Purcell.

*22 Feb 1838, Lissaroon, Daniel Morrissey & Catherine Fanning wit: Thomas Cormack & Cath Fanning.

5 Feb 1839, House, Patrick Fanning & Eliza Miller wit: Michael Doolan & Mary Glascock.

30 Jan 1839, Timothy Carroll & Bridget Cormack wit: Barnaby Banon & Judy Fanning.

10 Feb 1839, Killahagan, John Fogarty & Ellen Fanning wit: Kyron Campion & Ellen Nockton?.

Feb 7 1841, Patrick Grant & Mary Fanning wit: James Cooney & Thomas Doherty.

Jan 19 1841, Michael Mitchell & Johanna Fanning wit: James Max ? & Ellen Gleeson.

Feb 2 1841, Joseph Fanning & Mary Long Wit: James Bourke & Bridget Ryan.

6 Feb 1842, Martin Eviston & Johanna Fanning wit: John Cormack & Bridget Bourke.

6 Feb 1842, James Fanning & Anne Bourke wit: James Fanning & Judy McDonnell.

Sept 16 1844, House, William Loughman & Bridget Ryan, wit: Joseph Fanning & Judy Fogarty.

Jan 22 1845, House, John Moroney & Ellen Fanning wit: Phill Carroll & Mary Cahill.

Jan 30 1845, Lissaroon, Pat Ryan & Catherine Cormack Wit: Thomas Eviston & Judy Fanning & John Cormack.

19 Feb 1846, Lissaroon, John Fanning & Bridget Purcell wit: John Toohy & Johanna Purcell.

14 Feb 1847, Killahagan, Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll wit: John Norton & Margaret Purcell.

10 Mar 1848, House, Thomas Stapleton & Mary Cormack wit: Edmund Cormack & Johanna Fanning.

7 Mar 1848, Killahagan, William Kennedy & Johanna Fanning wit: Michael Dempsey & Bridget Purcill.

Feb 11 1850, Lissaroon, William Connell & Johanna Fanning wit: Michael Duggan & Margaret Hayes.

24 Jan 1856, Ballypatrick, James Connelly & Catherine Singer wit: Thomas Fanning & Judy Harrington.

21 Feb 1857, Annfield, James Houlahan & Catherine Fanning, wit: William Purcell & Johanna Kelly. Dispensation in 3 & 4 cons.

12 Feb 1861, Kill, Michael Magrath & Mary Fanning wit: Matt Staplton & Margaret Evistone.

Nov 1866, Killahagan, Thomas Cooney & Bridget Carroll wit: Michael Collins & Catherine Fanning.

20 Feb 1868, Kill, Daniel Bourke & Catherine Fanning wit: Patrick Fogarty & Margaret Eviston.

25 Feb 1868, Clonismullen, Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan wit: James Fanning & Mary Quinlan.

Feb 27 1870, Clonbeg, Cornelius Duan & Bridget Costello wit: John Fanning & Anastasia Costello.

7 Feb 1875, Killahagan, Denis Kavanagh & Catherine Fanning wit: John Kavanagh & Kate Grady.

Feb 13 1876, Rathleasly?, John Shelly & Mary Ryan wit: John Nesbit & Margaret Fanning.

28 Feb 1876,  Branstown?, Jeofery Fanning & Eliza Coffee wit: Thomas Ryan & Bridget Kearns

28 Feb 1877, Kill, Michael Bourke and Margaret Fanning wit: Laurence Butler & Ellen McGrath

June 12 1877, Lissaroon, Patrick Mullany & Ellen Ryan wit: John Mullany & Honora Fanning.

Feb 10 1879, Ballinlonty, James Hoar & Anastasia Fanning wit: Phillip Egan & Johanna Fanning.

*18 June 1879, Lisaroon, Edward Deavy & Hanoria Fanning wit: Michael Campion & Bridget Fanning.

Place Name Abbreviations in Victorian (Australia) Birth, Marriage & Death Records

In birth, marriage and death records in Victoria, Australia, place names are most often abbreviated. These abbreviations can be somewhat cryptic and idiosyncratic. As I was researching my family history I made a list of these place names and abbreviations.

The PDF file is my compilation. If you click on the link below a PDF file should open up. Let me know if it doesn’t.

eBook Placenames & Abbreviations 13 June 2011

They may be of help in locating your ancestors in Victoria. If you find any mistakes or additions please let me know.


Patrick Fanning Lisdonowley Co Tipperary 1859-1910

Patrick came out to Australia in 1878 on the Highflyer. He was aged 18. He came out with his older brother Anthony. They arrived at Morton Bay in Queensland on Dec 2, 1878.

Highflyer Arrival 21 Dec 1878 The Queenslander cr
The arrival of the Highflyer at Maryborough Queensland 21Dec1878 The Queenslander









Highflyer cr shipping news

The Highflyer Arrival of Immigrants
The Highflyer Arrival of Immigrants
Highflyer 1111 tons
Painting of the Highflyer

Anthony settled in Kempsey where he was a shopkeeper. He married Amelia Lovell. Both died of consumption or as we know it tuberculosis and are buried in West Kempsey cemetery. They had no children. Patrick was a bachelor when he died age 51.

I have been trying to find Patrick for a number of years. Another Fanning researcher contacted me and alerted me to a Patrick Fanning who was killed in Sydney in 1910. I wasn’t very confident that it could be him but to my delight I think it is Patrick Fanning son of Margaret Cantwell and Patrick Fanning of Lisdonowley.

I don’t have 100% proof, as his mother’s name is not listed on his death certificate but many facts do point to it being Patrick, brother of Anthony.

Patrick Fanning son of Patrick Fanning and Margaret Cantwell was born in Templtouhy Parish in Co Tipperary on 26 Oct 1859.

Below are the newspaper reports of the accidental death of a Patrick Fanning in Sydney in 1910.

Patrick Fanning Accident Sydney Morning Herald 28 Dec 1910
Patrick Fanning Accident Sydney Morning Herald 28 Dec 1910
Patrick Fanning death Sydney 1910
Accidental death of Patrick Fanning SMH 26 Dec 1910
Sydney Morning Herald 10 Jan 1911
Sydney Morning Herald 10 Jan 1911
Coroner's report on the death of Patrick Fanning
Coroner’s report on the death of Patrick Fanning

Funeral Notice 2 Jan 1911 Sydney Morning Herald

In another coroner’s report on Patrick’s death “intemperance” is written in the remarks column.

Funeral notice for Patrick Fanning SMH 2 Jan 1911
Funeral notice for Patrick Fanning SMH 2 Jan 191

What caught my eye here is that Patrick’s cousin is a James Cantwell. Patrick’s mother was Margaret Cantwell.

This James Cantwell died in 1926. His father listed as Anthony Cantwell and mother as Mary. He was a store man and lived in Macquarie Street Leichardt Sydney. I have not found out anything more on this James Cantwell and his family. But would like to know more of them if anyone has some information about this branch of the Cantwell family.

Microsoft Word - 8079174d.rtf

Patrick is listed as having been in NSW for 32 years which would have him arriving about 1879. His age is given as about 49 giving him a  probable  birth date of  1861. James his cousin was buried age 67 in June 1926 so born about 1859.

Both James Cantwell and Patrick Fanning are buried in Rookwood Catholic Cemetery. Patrick was buried there on 2 Jan 1911 and James Cantwell on 11 June 1926. James’ parents were Anthony and Mary Cantwell. Her maiden name was Stokes as listed on his marriage record.

The name Anthony occurs frequently in the Cantwell family tree but not in the Fanning ancestry. The father of James Cantwell was listed as Anthony Cantwell. So this may explain the naming of Patrick’s brother. Anthony Fanning,  may well have been named after his uncle or even his grandfather on his mother’s side.

I have researched the Cantwells of Moyne and believe that Margaret Cantwell, Patrick Fanning’s mother came from Ballyerk in Moyne and her parents were Anthony Cantwell and Bridget Carroll. This Anthony Cantwell died in 1858, age 72 and is buried in Two-Mile-Borris Old Cemetery.

Margaret Cantwell’s sister Ellen married Richard Cormack of Lissaroon and their son Anthony was listed as a cousin to the Fannings.

I also came across obituaries for Margaret Cantwell’s brother Patrick who I think came out to Melbourne Australia in 1879 on the Durham. He is listed as age 36, Irish and a labourer.

He died on Dec 19, 1908 in Sydney NSW Australia.  The index to his death record has his father listed as Anthony and mother as Bridget. He was buried in Waverley Cemetery Sydney. This Patrick Cantwell was the uncle of Anthony and Patrick Fanning of Lisdonowley.

Obituary for Patrick Cantwell Freeman's Journal 24 Dec 1908
Obituary for Patrick Cantwell Freeman’s Journal 24 Dec 1908















John Eviston was the nephew of this Patrick Cantwell.

As there are two nieces who are nuns mentioned there were most likely more Cantwells who emigrated to Australia.

The Migration of the descendants of William Fanning of Co Kilkenny & Co Tipperary to Co Mayo & Leitrim and to North America

A.B.Reilly has been a genealogical researcher for almost sixty years with particular interests in the O’Reilly, Fanning and O’Brien families from Co Kilkenny, Co Tipperary & Co Mayo and the journeys of their descendants in Ireland and abroad.

It is with great pleasure that I publish this extensively researched genealogical paper.

Below is his documented research relating to the descendants of William Fanning of Co Kilkenny & Tipperary. This William Fanning died in 1590.

To Counties Mayo & Leitrim & On To North America

The progenitor of this family of Fannings was William Fannyng (sic), who owned land in the Barony
of Kells, [1] County Kilkenny in 1570. He is also recorded in 1570 having extensive land holdings
in the Manor of Killenaule, Barony of Slievardagh in County Tipperary. William Fannyng died in

William Fannyng may have been a kinsman of Oliver Fannynge who was granted lands in County Kilkenny
by Henry VIII in 1545 and in 1548[3]. Oliver Fannynge was of Kylry in the County of Kilkenny. [4]
He was mentioned as one holding land by knight’s service in the Manor of Knocktopher in 1570. [5]

All indications point to Co. Tipperary as the ancestral home of William Fannyng of Kells. His
estates were settled prior to his death with all of the Fannyng Trustees being from Co. Tipperary,
that is: James, son of Thomas Fannyng of Ballingtaggert, Co. Tipperary; Robert, son of Walter
Fannynge of Mohobber, Co. Tipperary & Richard Fannynge of Kappaghintallagarry. [7]

The Fanning family has ancient roots in Co. Kilkenny & Co. Tipperary. [8] John Fanning was the
Fanning recorded in Co. Tipperary on the 20th of November, 1285 [9] and again on the 20th of
1295. [10] Mohober, in the Parish of Lismalin, Barony of Compsey, County Tipperary, was for several
centuries principally a Fanning manor. [11] In addition to sons Thomas, Walter & Richard, William
Fannyng of Kells had two other known sons, James & William. Son, James Fanning, was born around
1555 and died before his father’s death in 1590. Son, William Fanning II, was born in 1565. His
date of death is unknown. [12]

William Fanning II had a son named James Ffaning who was born in 1589 in Knocktopher Parish, Co.
Kilkenny. [13] James Fanning was one of the Fannings who received a certificate of transplantation
after the Cromwellian confiscations of 1652. [14] He received this certificate in 1657 which
entitled him to settlement in Co. Leitrim. [15] He settled in the Parish of Fenagh, Co. Leitrim.
His estates in Co. Kilkenny were never restored to him. [16]

Thomas Fanning, son of James Ffaning, was born in 1625, in Co. Kilkenny. He married Mary
Mcloughlin of Co. Limerick. They both are believed to have died around 1660 in Co. Mayo. Nothing
is heard from them after the birth of their youngest son. [17] Thomas & Mary Mcloughlin Fanning had
two sons that are known. Their oldest son being James who was born abt. 1647 in Co. Kilkenny. [18]
This James Fannning was the grandfather of James Fanning who married Elizabeth and emigrated to
America. They settled in South Carolina around 1750. [19] They had a son, James, born November 28,
1739 who married Elizabeth Saffold on October 13, 1776. He died on November 4, 1803.[20] They have
a great number of descendants in the southern United States. Col. James Walker Fannin of Goliad,
Texas fame was a member of this family. However, the legitimacy of his birth is questioned.

The youngest son of Thomas & Mary Fanning was Loughlin Fanning was born in Co. Mayo after the
transplantation, in 1658. He married Ann O’Brien, daughter of John [21] [22] & Ann Elizabeth
(O’Reilly) O’Brien of Co. Leitrim, Oughterragh Parish. [23] Ann Elizabeth O’Reilly was the
daughter of John & Margaret (O’Reilly) O’Reilly of Ballymacadd, Co. Meath. John O’Reilly died Feb.,

This family of O’Briens were of Ballynalacken, Co. Clare and descend from Donal, a younger son of
Turlough Donn O’Brien who died in 1528. He was of the O’Briens, Kings of Thomond pedigree. [25]

The lineage comes down to 1. Donal O’Brien, who was known as Donal Bacach (“bacach:” Irish, lame):
second son of Teige-an-Chomhaid: m. Saibh, dau. of O’Loghlin, Prince of Burren then to 2. Connor
O’Brien, of Carruduff: third son of Donal Bacach O’Brien; m. Celia, dau. of O’Dea, Prince of
Ive-Fermaic. The lineage continues with 3. Donogh O’Brien, of Carruduff, who married Honora, dau.
of O’Hehir, lord of Ive-Cormaic. It continues on with 4. Dermod O’Brien, of Carruduff: son of
Donogh O’Brien, m. Eleanor, dau. of Teige MacMahon, of Dangan-an-Elly, in the barony of Moyarta,
Co. Clare. On to 5. Donal O’Brien, of Carruduff: son of Dermod O’Brien. In 1652, (see the “Books
of Survey and Distribution”) this Donal O’Brien lost his estate by the Cromwellian Settlement of
Ireland; he m. Honora, dau. of O’Connor of Corcomroe.

Donal & Honora O’Brien had a son, 6a. Brian, of Leitrim, [26] who, under the Act of Repeal passed
by King James II. in the Parliament held in Dublin, A.D. 1689, possessed himself of the Estate of
Carruduff, aforesaid. This Brian O’Brien m. Mary[27], dau. of Lochlin MacConsidine of Lac, in the
Co. Clare, Chief of his name. Torlogh O’Brien, of Leitrim: second son of Brian of Beatath-Corcick,
Esq. [28] (by Catherine, dau. of Jeoffry O’Connell, of Breantry, Esq., and sister of Colonel
Maurice O’Connell, who d.s.p.). Donal & Honora O’Brien’s second son was 6b. John O’Brien who
married Ann Elizabeth O’Reilly, dau. of John O’ Reilly. [29]

Loughlin & Ann (O’Brien) Fanning relocated from Co. Mayo to Co. Leitrim, where his grandfather
James Ffaning had settled and where the O’Briens had settled after the Cromwellian Confiscations.
Loughlin Fanning’s principal livelihood was farming. [30]

Loughlin and Ann (O’Brien) Fanning had the following known issue:

1. James Fanning born abt. 1683 in Connacht, Co. Mayo

2. Thomas Fanning born abt. 1687 in Connacht, Co. Mayo

3. Loughlin Fanning ( Jr.) b. abt. 1690 in Connacht, Co. Mayo [31]
4. Bryan Fanning b. abt. 1693 in Connacht, Greagh Townland, Fenagh Parish, Co. [32],
[33]Leitrim. He emigrated to America settling in Virginia. [34]
5. Elizabeth Ann Fanning b. 1698 in Connacht, Greagh Townland, Fenagh Parish, Co. Leitrim.
Died 1714. [35] [36]

Loughlin Fanning, (Jr.), # 3 above, was a farmer and the tutor of the notable blind Irish Harpist
Hempson. [37]

Denis Hempson (O’Hempsey) was born in 1695 some four miles west of Garvagh in the townland of
Craigmore. At the age of three he lost his sight as a result of smallpox; when he was twelve, he
began to learn to play the harp, which was not unusual for a blind person at that time.

His training continued over a period of years under various tutors, all of the old school. These
Laughlin Fanning from Connacht, an area famous at the time for the quality of its harp music. In
1713 two residents of Garvagh, Doctor Bacon and Mr Gage, purchased a harp from Cormick O’Kelly of
Draperstown and presented it to Hempson. This he treasured for the rest of his life. Hempson’s harp
is now known as the Downhill harp and is in the Guinness museum in Dublin. In 1745 Denis Hempson
played before Bonny Prince Charlie in Scotland. He attended a great harp meeting in Belfast in 1792
the age of 97 and told someone afterwards, that when he had played his piece the others harpers
refused to play as a mark of respect. It was said that he was the only harper there who had the
traditional long finger nails, associated with this profession.

Denis Hempson died at Magilligan on the 5th November 1807 aged 112. He had lived in three centuries
and was one of the last great Irish Harpers who played in the traditional way. Just beside the
museum, visitors can see the memorial stone, erected in 1992, in what was the garden of Lord
Garvagh where Hempson began his musical career.

R.W.Patterson, in his “Garvagh’s Hidden Treasures and Secret Places” cites 1706 as the year Hempson
started playing the harp and 1713 as the year he began making a living playing the harp. He further
cites one of Hempson’s principal tutors as C. Carragher. His tutors in succession were Bridget
O’Cahan, C. Carragher (John C. Garragher) from Buncrana, Loughlin Fanning and Patrick Conner.

Loughlin Fanning, ( Jr. ), # 3 above married Unknown and had the following issue:[38] [39]

1. Charles Fanning b. 1736 Foxfield, Co. Leitrim, Connacht Province, Ireland who married a
kitchen maid of one of his patrons Mrs. Baillie. [40] [41] Charles was a noted harpist and won
first place three years running at the Granard Co. Longford Grand Balls held in 1781, 1782 &
1783.[42] He, also, won first premium of ten guineas at the Belfast Harp Festival held in 1791.
[43] [44] [45] Charles Fanning died around 1809. [46]

Charles had one or two children. [47]
2. Bryan Fanning b. abt. 1738 Foxfield, Co. Leitrim, Connacht Province d. abt. 1749 of

3. Francis Fanning b. abt. 1740 Foxfield, Co. Leitrim, Connacht Province. Issue:

A. John Fanning, b. abt. 1775. Issue:
i. Agnes Fanning b. abt. 1807 of Greagh Townland, in the Parish of Killarga,

Co. Leitrim. She married Thomas Conboy of Fenagh, Co.Leitrim abt. 1824 [48]

ii. John Fanning b. abt 1802 of Greagh Townland: Issue:

• John Fanning, III[49] married Mary Unknown at Sruhaun                                           Townland, Fenagh, had two children:
* Daughter Mary Ann Fanning born in Sruhaun in 1862.                                                 This Mary Ann Fanning went on to marry Michael
Stratton at Drumbibe, Fenagh in 1890.[50]
* Son, Francis Fanning [51]

4. William Fanning b. 1744 Fenagh, Co. Leitrim, Connacht Province

5. Thomas Fanning b. 1746 Fenagh, Co. Leitrim, Connacht Province

married in 1780 to Mary Bohann from Cloone, Co. Leitrim, Connacht Province. Issue:
A. John Fanning born 1790 in Fenagh, Co. Leitrim m. in 1810 to Mary                           Dobson. Issue:
i. Thomas Fanning b. 21 December, 1812 in Fenagh Parish, Co.                                        Leitrim. He married Bridget Reilly,
born 1 February, 1810 in Ballinamore Parish,
Co. Leitrim. They emigrated to America around 1838 and                                              first settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. They
later moved to Corning, Reeve Township, Daviess County,                                             Indiana. [52] [53] Thomas & Bridget Fanning
are buried in St. Patrick Cemetery, Daviess Co, Indiana.                                                 Thomas died April 16, 1871(2)[54] &
Bridget died Nov.18, 1893. [55]
Tom & Bridget Reilly Fanning had the following children: [56]

a. Mary Faning born abt 1842 in Ohio
b. John Faning September 8, 1843 in Cincinnati, Ohio

c. Ellen Faning born abt 1842 in Ohio
d. Francis Faning born abt 1849 in Ohio (male)* See note                                                   below
e. James H. Faning born abt 1851 in Cincinnati, Ohio**See                                                note below

f. Catharan Faning born abt 1853 in Ohio

* d Francis Fanning (1846 – 1893) married Margaret Ann                                                   Flanagan (June 6,1852 – Mar. 22, 1931). [57]
**e James H. Fanning (b. 1853 – d. 1877) married Margaret                                                Farrel ( Sept. 22, 1854 – Oct. 9, 1878) in 1876 in Indiana.                                               They had one child, John J. Fanning.[58]

ii. Henry Fanning born 1814 in Sruhaun, Co. Leitrim. He                                                  married in 1850 to Catherine O’Neill of
Cullagh in the Parish of Fenagh – born 1830. Henry died in                                           1886 and Catherine died in 1889.
Henry & Catherine had the following issue:

a. James Fanning b in 1850’s and died in the                                                                          1930’s. He married Bridget Geehemn. She died                                                                in 1952.

James & Bridget had a son named James                                                                           Fanning who married Mary McHugh. James &                                                                 Mary had three
sons: 1st James Patrick (J P) Fanning who                                                                           married Greta Beirne in 1970. They live in                                                                         Foxfield, Co. Leitrim. [59]
2nd Leo Fanning of Drumigna, Co. Leitrim, who                                                               is unmarried & 3rd Frank Fanning of Mohill,                                                                   Co. Leitrim, who is married with no children.

b. Patrick b. 1850 married Mary E. Bierne. They                                                                   had a son, James Fanning b. 1893 and married                                                                Mary Ann Curran. James died ca. 1963. James                                                                  & Mary Fanning had a son, Patrick “Paddy”                                                                      Fanning born 1931 and
married Chrissie Foley. They had a son named                                                                Patrick Colm Fanning.

iii. Margaret, daughter of John & Mary Dobson Fanning was born                                   1826.
iv. Patrick Fanning married Bridget Gannon. He died in 1855. They                                had a son, Michael fanning b. 1852. Michael had a son, Charles                                    Leroy Fanning who was born in 1902 in Rhode Island.
v. John Fanning b. ca. 1830 married Mary Canning. He died in 1916.                               They had a son, John Fanning b. 1870 who married Rose McCabe. He                        died in 1916.
vi. Francis Fanning of Glasdrumman. Fenagh, Co. Leitrim.

Thomas & Mary Bohann Fanning had another son:

B. Michael Fanning born in 1794, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. He died in Osgoode Township, Ontario,
Canada on May 8, 1868. He left his native land on 05 May, 1818 with his wife , Sarah Jane O’Brien,
& their 7-week old son, Patrick & settled first in Macisque Co., St. Armond , Quebec. Sarah was
born in 1794 and died May 17, 1868. In 1833 they moved to Bytown, & in 1838 to Osgoode, Ontario,
Canada, settling on lot 12 con. 6. For many years. Michael Fanning (Fenning) operated a blacksmith
shop. His account books date from 1838 to 1862. Michael and Sarah Jane had 5 children: Patrick,
Elizabeth, Alexander, Margaret, Mary Jane. [60]

i. Patrick Fenning born March 17, 1818, Co. Leitrim, married                                          April 24 1834 to Ann Guilfoyle, born
April 2 1823, Co. Limerick Ireland., settled on the west half of                                      lot ,14 .con .7 where they raised
9 girls and 4 boys. [61]

ii. Elizabeth Fenning, born Lower Canada ,1825, died 1911,                                               married John Keany, farmed Lot 11, con. 5. 4 children.

iii. Alexander Fenning, born 1827 Lower Canada, married                                                 Feb.18,1878 Mary Malone, daughter of John
Malone & Ellen Meagher and farmed on the homestead – lot                                      12. con .6. Alexander died 1898. His wife,
Mary, was born 1837 died 1929. They had two sons, Michael                                        John, born July 27 ,1880 died Dec. 7 1961, [ single] John                                                 Alexander, born May 24 1884, died 1972, married Nov.24,
1925 to Anne Kehoe , daughter of Patrick Kehoe & Johanna                                            Fenning.

iv. Margaret Fenning , born 1836 in Bytown married John Moran.
v. Mary Jane Fenning. [62] [63]
# 4 Bryan Fanning, son of Laughlin Fanning, Sr. and Ann O’Brien was born about 1693 in Greagh Townland, Fenagh Parish, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. He emigrated to America and settled in Prince George County of the Colony of Virginia probably around 1720 to 1725. He married Elizabeth Unknown.
[64] It is not sure whether he married in Ireland or Virginia.

Around 1734/1735, Amelia County was formed from Brunswick County which itself had been formed
earlier in 1732 from Prince George County. At this time Bryan Fanning is found with his young
family in what was later known by 1752 as Nottoway Parish, but was initially called Raleigh Parish
1735.[65] He was commissioned to survey for a road to the fork of the Little Nottoway River in the
spring of 1735.[66] Brian Fannon was named in “A List of all the Titheables below Deep Creek in
1736”. [67] On January 2, 1737, he received 294 acres of land by patent from King George II [68]
and by the summer of that year he was involved in the clearing of a new road from the county line

the Tomahitton Creek and the Birchen Swamp. [69] Here he would clear a plantation site and raise
his family. The location is now occupied by Fort Pickett, Blackstone, Nottoway County, Va. (first
known as Camp Pickett). Bryan would later receive another patent for an additional 280 acres on
July 20, 1748
in the same area. [70]

Bryan & Elizabeth Fanning, sometimes spelled Fannen, Fannon or Fannin, raised their family in
Nottoway Parish. Their plantation was located at the present site of Fort Pickett, Blackstone,
Virginia. The old Camp maps show the Tomahitton Creek beginning at the site of the Camp airfield.
This is the location mentioned in the patents & deeds for Bryan Fannin, Sr.’s lands. Bryan died
there in 1765. It is presumed that he is buried there. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers removed any
known graves as they built Camp Pickett.[71] Bryan & Elizabeth’s graves were not found. [72]

Bryan died between January 3rd & February 17th of 1765. [73] Elizabeth Fanin had sold her 92 acre
share of the plantation on September 25th, 1765 to Nathaniel Hobbs [74] and most likely went to
live with one of her children. Achals, Briant, Jehu & Laughlin Fannin were all listed along with
Elizabeth Fannin in the 1765 Amelia Co., Va. Personal Property Tax List. [75] Laughling Fannen,
Achales Fennen (with other free male William Fennen on 140 acres) & William Fennen were all listed
in the
1766 Personal Property Tax List for lower Nottoway Parish of Amelia Co. [76] It appears sons Jehu &
Briant had moved on by 1766 and Elizabeth may have died or moved with one of her children. Jehu
died in 1770 in Halifax County, Virginia. His wife was Anne Unknown. & Bryan, Jr. died in Sussex
County, Virgina in 1767. His wife was Rachel Rottenberry. Laughlin moved to Mecklenburg County,
Virginia, where he served in the militia during the American Revolution. His wife was named
Winnefred Unknown. After the war he moved to Elbert County, Georgia, where he died around 1806-

Bryan & Elizabeth Fannin, Sr.’ son David drowned in Deep River, Orange County, North Carolina
around 1755, shortly before the birth of his son, David Fanning, later a Loyalist Colonel of South
Carolina, who died in 1825 in Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Achilles Fannin, Sr., son of Bryan & Elizabeth, married Rose Unknown and moved to Halifax Co., Va.,
Fincastle Co., Va., Montgomery Co., Va. and died in Wythe Co., Va in 1812 (now Bland Co., Va.). He
had five children: Akerless Fannon, Jr., Bryant Fannon, William Fannon, David Fannon (Fannin,
Fanning) & Sarah Straighley.

Records of Amelia County, Virginia

First Court for Amelia County, Va. was held May 9, 1735 — Page 1 of Original Order Book 1

13 February 1735 (Old calendar 1734) Amelia Co., Va. Order Book 1 Page 6

Bryan Fenell Appointed Surveyor of a Road to be cleared a little below John Jacksons to the fork of
Little Nottoway.

1736 “A List of all the Titheables below Deep Creek in 1736”.

The list was taken by Abraham Green. Amelia microfilm reel #55, Library of Virginia, 1736-1771.
This is roughly the southern 2/3 of Amelia County. Prior to about 1735, this area was part of
Prince George County. In other words, these individuals were residents of Prince George County the
year before Amelia was carved out of Prince George.

Included in the list of names was: Fannon, Brian

10 December, 1736 Order Book 1, Page 18

Court held To Lay the County Levey

Bryan Fanney 1 old wolf’s head 140

10 June 1737 Amelia Co., Va. Order Book 1 Page 28

Upon the petition of John Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Solomon Harper, Bryan ffenney, William Green,
William Keatly, William Pool, and William Parush, Leave is given them to clear a road from the
county line between Tomahitton and the Birchen Swamps to the Chappel on Nottoway the most
convenient way & they are accordingly ordered to clear the same.

10 December, 1737 Amelia Co., Va. Order Book 1, Page 41

Court held on Laying the County Levy

To Bryan Fanin, 7 young, 1 old ditto 630

20 April 1739 Amelia Co., Va. Order Book 1 Page 65

John Leverett appointed Surveyor of the Road from Letbetters low grounds on Nottoway River the
nearest way to Butterwood road. Bryan Fenning W.m Jackson Thomas Jackson Hez. Powell John Jackson
and all other persons convenient and not employed on other roads to assist in doing the Same.

19 August 1748 O. S., Page 105

Ordered that William Jackson be Appointed Surveyor of a Road from Battes Path to the County Line
and that William Cryer Charles Jackson Bryant Fannell Capt Haynes and their Male Labouring
Tithables Assist him in doing the Same —
A list of all —-Surveys made in the County of Amelia from 1st day of September 1746 to the 15th
day of May 1751 by William Watson, surveyor includes the following entry:

28 March 1751 David Fannin a Survey on the South Side of the Burchan Swamp joining Bagsdales
Jackson and John Hugh’s lines 125 Acres


Amelia Co., Va. Will Book 2X pg. 89 Written: 3 January, 1765 Proven: 18 Feb., 1765


In the name of God, Amen, I Bryan Fannen of Amelia County, being weak in body yet in proper sence,
considering that certainty of death, I recommend my Soul to God’s mercy and my Estate as followeth
Item: I lend to my dearly beloved Wife, Elizabeth Fannan the plantation where I now live
& all my hogs & Cattle & Household furniture during her widowhood or Life & I give her my Horse

Saddle & Bridle; and the Land I have lent to my Wife, after her time to be Equally divided between
my Son Laughlin and my Son Phillip; Beginning to divide at the burchin where my line and magoons
(?) crosses & if either of them dies without heir, the other is to possess the whole & if both dies
without Heir, to my Son Achilles Fannan, Laughlans part to be joining the Burchin & spring branch
in the
fork. Item I give to my son Jehu Fannen all the land that lyes on the East side of my spring
branch only about half an acre joining the spring, to keep it good not to sell till his Mother’s
death nor swap. Item I leave all my land that lyes on the south side of the burchen to be sold by
Executors to discharge my Debts & if any Left of the money the said land sells for, besides paying
my Debts, to be equally divided between my Son Laughlin & my Son Phillip and my daughter Judith;
also after my Wifes time, the Hogs & Cattle & Household furniture to be equally divided amongst the
same three children, Laughlin, Phillip & Judith. Item I leave to my Children David, Mary, Bryan,
Anny, Bety, Peggy and Frankey one shilling apiece. Item I do hereby make constitute & appoint my
beloved wife Elizabeth Fannan & my son Achillis Fannan Executors of my last Will & Testament
intesta of all I have hereunto set Hand seal This 3 day of January, 1765.

Signed Sealed in the presence of us : Bryan B F Fannan (his mark)
Joshua Hightower
John Kirkland (his mark) Thomas Hightower
Pg. 90 –

At the court held for Amelia County this 18th day of Feby 1765 this will was proved by the oaths of
Joshua Hightower Jr. and John Kirkland two of the witnesses thereto sworn to by Elizabeth Fannon
the Executrix therein named and entered to be Recorded and on the motion of the said Executrix who
entered into and acknowledged Bond with Joshua Hightower her Security as the law directs
Certificate was granted her for obtaining a probate in due form.

Testa P. G. Peachy


Amelia Co., Va. Will Book 2X pg. 130

October 6, 1765 Court: Inventory & Appraisement recorded for Estate of Bryan Fannan. No value total
given. Appraisers: Joshua Hightower, Charles Williams & George Hightower.

The following two entries have been purported by some to be Personal Property Tax Lists, but were
actually from the “List of Titheables for Amelia County”. Amelia County didn’t have Personal
Property Taxes until after the Revolutionary War.

1765 Amelia County, Va. List of Titheables: Achals, Briant, Elizabeth, Jehu & Laughlin Fannin,
all in Nottoway Parish.

1766 Amelia County, Va. List of Titheables: Laughling Fannen, Achales Fennen ( with other free
male William Fennen), all in Nottoway Parish.

Of the twelve children of Bryan & Elizabeth Fanning (Fannen), nothing is known of six of them; that
is: Phillip, Judith, Anny, Bety, Peggy or Frankey. Some say that Mary Fannin married Burwell
Burchett, but evidence seems to suggest that Mary Burchett was the daughter of Achilles Fanning,
Sr. There is also an obscure reference to Elisabeth Fannen of Nottoway Parish (Amelia Co., Va),
daughter of Betty Fannen, found in “Miscellaneous records Amelia County , VA 1735-1865”, regarding
an entry in Order Book 6. The entry is as follows:

“Jan 22, 1761 Elisabeth Fannen of Nottoway Parish, daughter of Betty Fannen page 85”. The order
books deal with children who were bound out from 1735 – 1782.
It states: “Not all children who were bound out were paupers. However, by law, each Parish was
required to support its own paupers. The church wardens were ordered by the court to bind out, to
the age of maturity, the children of such persons as were deemed incapable of supporting them or
bringing them up in “honest courses”.”
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END: Part 1 by A.B. Reilly”