Holycross & Ballycahill Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary, 1835-1878

These Fanning marriage records are from the Catholic Parish registers for the Parish of Holycross & Ballycahill Co Tipperary, held at the National Library of Ireland. They are free and online at nli.

Holycross & Ballycahill Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

These Fanning marriage records are from the Catholic Parish registers for the Parish of Holycross & Ballycahill Co Tipperary, held at the National Library of Ireland. They are free and online at nli.

These marriage records are from the period 1 an 1835 to 29 Dec 1878.

Rootsireland has marriage records from 1835-1900.

There are also now all the civil records available online and for free at irishgenealogy.ie. Marriage records are for marriages over 75 years, so up to 1941 at present in 2016.

Place names  in Ballycahill in 1901 & 1911: Ballycahill, Ballynahow,  Barracurragh,  Castlefogarty, Cooldotia, Coolkill, Crossoge, Drumminnagleagh, Farneybridgehill,  Garrynamona, Garryvanus, Lisnasella, Moneydass, Mountalt, Mountsion, Newtown

Places in Holycross in 1901 & 1911: Ballycamusk, Ballyvoneen, Beakstown, Cloghane, Cormackstown, Farneybridge, Glenbane  Lower,Glenbane  Upper, Glenreagh Beg, Glenreagh More Graiguenoe, Grange, Holycross, Holycross town, Killeenyarda, Lisbook, Lisnagonoge, Lisnagrough, Monamoe, Newtown,Raheen, Whitefort

Looking through these marriage records there appear to be very few Fannings living in this parish at this time.

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3 Mar 1835, Thomas Long married Catherine Fanning, witnessed by Patrick Long and William Tuohy.

27 Feb 1838, John Hayes and Margaret Molony wit: James Carroll & Patrick Fanan

16 Nov 1841, Michael Davern & Mary Fanning wit: Thomas and Honora Fanning & William Touhey, Grange

19 Feb 1844, James Fanning & Judith Cronin wit: Edmund & William Cronin

23 Feb 1846, John Mara & Catherine Ryan wit: Mark Ryan & Honora Fanning

11 Feb 1847, Thomas Brien & Catherine McGrath wit: Patrick McGrath & John Brien & Bridget Fanning

25 Nov 1847, Patrick Purcel & Honora Fanning wit: Martin Purcel & Bridget Tuohy

11 June 1848, Thomas Dwyer & Mary Ryan wit: Thomas Fanning & Margaret Ryan

11 July 1849, James Broderick & Mary Ryan wit: Thomas Fanning & Anne Semple?

24 Nov 1856, Patrick Fanning & Mary Byrne wit: Jim Cormack & Judy Byrne

28 Oct 1866, William Bourke (Drom) and Mary Consedine (Raheen?) wit: Thomas Miller & Ann? Fanning

*23 Feb 1873, James Fanning & Alice Long, Barracurra wit: Martin Eviston & Mary Long. Was Martin Eviston’s wife Johanna Fanning related to this James Fanning?

12 April 1877, Philip Whyte & Mary Quirke, Glenreigh More wit: Richard Morriss & Mary Fanning.

Drom & Inch Fanning Marriage Records Co Tipperary, 1807- 1880

Fanning marriage records for Drom & Inch Parish 1807-1880 Co Tipperary are listed in this post.

Drom & Inch Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland

Places in Drom & Inch Civil Parish: Ardkeen, Brookley Clonbrassil, Clonismullen, Drom, Graigue,    Killahagan, Kilvilcorris,Knockagh  Larha, North Larha, South Rathleasty,  Rorardstown, Lower     Rorardstown, Upper Annfield, Ballypatrick, Bouladuff, Clehile,  Clon Beg, Clon More, Cottage, Dovea, Lower Dovea Upper,    Goldengrove,  Illananummera, Inch, Liscreagh, Lissaroon, Magherareagh, Monroe, Mount Catherine, Pallashill, Pollagh, Barnane, Aughnaheela,  Aughvolyshane, Ballydaff,  Ballynahow, Ballyroan, Borrisland, North Borrisland, South  Borrisoleigh town, Cappanilly, Carrigeen, Castlehill,  Castlequarter, Cloghinch, Coolataggle, Coolaun, Coolcormack, Coolderry, Cooleen, Cottage, Cronavone, Cullahill, Currabaha,  Curraghcarroll, Curraghfurnisha,  Curraghglass, Curraghgraigue, Curraghkeal, Curraghleigh, Curraghnaboola, Dogstown, Drumgill, Drumtarsna, Fantane North, Fantane South, Garrane, Garrangrena, Lower Garrangrena, Upper Glenbreedy, Glenkeen, Glennanoge, Glennariesk, Glentane, Gortalough, Gortaniddan, Gorteennabarna, Gorteeny, Gortnaboley, Gortnacran Beg, Gortnacran More, Grangelough, Grangeroe,   Kileroe, Kilfithmone, Killamoyne, Knockakelly, Knockanevin, Knockannabinna Knockanora, Knockbrack, Knockdunnee, Knockinure, Knocknaharney,  Knockshearoon,  Knockwilliam, Lismakeeve, Liss,  Moankeenane, Mountgeorge,  Paddock, Pallas Lower, Pallas Upper, Rathcardan, Rathmoy, Rosnamulteeny,   Rusheen Beg, Rusheen More,  Shanballycleary, Springfield, Summerhill, Ballinlonty, Coolgort, Fishmoyne, Kilfithmone, Killoskehan

These marriage records are from the Catholic Parish registers now online, free, at the National Library of Ireland site. 

For Drom and Inch at The National Library of Ireland online site there are marriage records from 5 May 1827 to 16 Oct 1880.

Rootsireland has earlier marriage records for this parish. For Drom and Inch they have marriage records from 1807 to 1880. I have included these records from Rootsireland from 1807 to 1827.

The Drom Catholic marriage registers are unusual in that a lot of the time the priest wrote the address in the margin and the entries are easy to read. The most frustrating aspect of the Irish parish marriage records of this time is that the parents’ names were not entered.

Marriages took place usually in the bride’s townland, so this address would be her family’s. These records are of use in finding female Fannings but of course the males were married in the woman’s townland so they are harder to track.

Often “House” was written in the margin. I am assuming this is because the marriage ceremony took place in their house rather than a chapel or church but I may be wrong. Let me know otherwise.

I am also including any marriages where a Fanning or Fannen or Fannon was a witness.

My Fanning ancestors came from Lissaroon and there was only one Fanning family in Lisaroon as far as I know. Lisaroon was/is a townland of 296 acres near Thurles. In Grifiths Valuations there are 31 entries for Lissaroon.

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4 Feb 1809, James Doherty & Judith Fanning wit: John Doherty & Edmond Fanning

1 Mar 1810, John Fanning & Mary Purcell wit: James Peters & Michael Fanning

20 Feb 1813, Patrick Naughton & Mary Fanning wit: Michael Fanning & Mrs Fanning

19 Feb 1814, John Dwyer & Judith Peters wit: Michael Fanning & Michael Dunne

8 Jan 1815, William Connors & Anastasia (Anstice) Fanning wit: Edmond Fanning & Tim Connors

20 Feb 1816, Michael Ryan & Catherine Cahill wit: Daniel Fanning & Joseph Fanning

24 Jan 1818, Thomas Cormack & Mary Gleeson wit: John Cormack & William Fanning

6 Feb 1826, Daniel Tierney & Margaret Tynan wit: John Fanning & Patrick Purcell

30 Jan 1827, John Fanning & Margaret Russell, wit: William Russell & William Purcell

25 Sept 1830, John Fanning (Thurles) & Johanna Mara wit: Patrick Fanning & Johanna Carroll

25 June 1833, John Gleeson & Catherine Fanning wit: Honora Maher & Margaret Stapleton.

April 15 1833, Thomas Doherty and Catherine Fanning wit: James Russell.

*Jan 24 1835, Lissaroon, Thomas Eviston & Mary Fanning wit: Rev J. Ryan & Martin Eviston.

Feb 18 1835, Drom, William Rahill & Mary Fanning wit: Pat Fogarty & James Fanning.

Feb 4 1838, John Bourke & Mary Fanning wit: Edmond Hunt & Mary Fanning.

Feb 4 1838, John Bourke & Mary Doyle wit: Martin Fanning & Mary Purcell.

*22 Feb 1838, Lissaroon, Daniel Morrissey & Catherine Fanning wit: Thomas Cormack & Cath Fanning.

5 Feb 1839, House, Patrick Fanning & Eliza Miller wit: Michael Doolan & Mary Glascock.

30 Jan 1839, Timothy Carroll & Bridget Cormack wit: Barnaby Banon & Judy Fanning.

10 Feb 1839, Killahagan, John Fogarty & Ellen Fanning wit: Kyron Campion & Ellen Nockton?.

Feb 7 1841, Patrick Grant & Mary Fanning wit: James Cooney & Thomas Doherty.

Jan 19 1841, Michael Mitchell & Johanna Fanning wit: James Max ? & Ellen Gleeson.

Feb 2 1841, Joseph Fanning & Mary Long Wit: James Bourke & Bridget Ryan.

6 Feb 1842, Martin Eviston & Johanna Fanning wit: John Cormack & Bridget Bourke.

6 Feb 1842, James Fanning & Anne Bourke wit: James Fanning & Judy McDonnell.

Sept 16 1844, House, William Loughman & Bridget Ryan, wit: Joseph Fanning & Judy Fogarty.

Jan 22 1845, House, John Moroney & Ellen Fanning wit: Phill Carroll & Mary Cahill.

Jan 30 1845, Lissaroon, Pat Ryan & Catherine Cormack Wit: Thomas Eviston & Judy Fanning & John Cormack.

19 Feb 1846, Lissaroon, John Fanning & Bridget Purcell wit: John Toohy & Johanna Purcell.

14 Feb 1847, Killahagan, Thomas Fanning & Winifred Carroll wit: John Norton & Margaret Purcell.

10 Mar 1848, House, Thomas Stapleton & Mary Cormack wit: Edmund Cormack & Johanna Fanning.

7 Mar 1848, Killahagan, William Kennedy & Johanna Fanning wit: Michael Dempsey & Bridget Purcill.

*Feb 11 1850, Lissaroon, William Connell & Johanna Fanning wit: Michael Duggan & Margaret Hayes.

24 Jan 1856, Ballypatrick, James Connelly & Catherine Singer wit: Thomas Fanning & Judy Harrington.

21 Feb 1857, Annfield, James Houlahan & Catherine Fanning, wit: William Purcell & Johanna Kelly. Dispensation in 3 & 4 cons.

12 Feb 1861, Kill, Michael Magrath & Mary Fanning wit: Matt Staplton & Margaret Evistone.

Nov 1866, Killahagan, Thomas Cooney & Bridget Carroll wit: Michael Collins & Catherine Fanning.

20 Feb 1868, Kill, Daniel Bourke & Catherine Fanning wit: Patrick Fogarty & Margaret Eviston. Civil marriage record: Daniel Bourke, farmer, from Clonmore, father Edmund, also a farmer. Catherine from Drom, father John Fanning farmer.

25 Feb 1868, Clonismullen, Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan wit: James Fanning & Mary Quinlan. Civil record: Thomas Fanning from Kill, farmer, father also Thomas Fanning, farmer. Ellen from Clonismullen, father, John Ryan, a farmer.

Feb 27 1870, Clonbeg, Cornelius Duan & Bridget Costello wit: John Fanning & Anastasia Costello.

7 Feb 1875, Killahagan, Denis Kavanagh & Catherine Fanning wit: John Kavanagh & Kate Grady. Civil record: Denis age 30 farmer from Knocka father also Denis. Catherine age 25 from Killahagan, father Thomas Fanning farmer. Wit: John Kavanagh, Kate Grady and Anastasia Fanning.

Feb 13 1876, Rathleasly?, John Shelly & Mary Ryan wit: John Nesbit & Margaret Fanning.

28 Feb 1876,  Branstown?, Jeofery Fanning & Eliza Coffee wit: Thomas Ryan & Bridget Kearns

28 Feb 1877, Kill, Michael Bourke and Margaret Fanning wit: Laurence Butler & Ellen McGrath. Civil record: Michael, age 35, from Ballycahill, father John Bourke. Margaret, age 27, from Drom, father John Fanning.

June 12 1877, Lissaroon, Patrick Mullany & Ellen Ryan wit: John Mullany & Honora Fanning. Civil record: RC Chapel of Inch.Patrick from Listonowley (Lisdanowley) Ellen from Lisaroon father James. wit: John Mullaney, William Ryan and Hanoria Fanning.

Feb 10 1879, Ballinlonty, James Hoar & Anastasia Fanning wit: Phillip Egan & Johanna M Fanning. Civil record: James age 30 from Ballinlonty, father Daniel. Anastasia age 24 from Drom father Joseph Fanning. RC Chapel Drom.

*18 June 1879, Lisaroon, Edward Deavy & Hanoria Fanning wit: Michael Campion & Bridget Fanning. Civil record: Edward age 29 from Derry father Patrick living. Hanora age 25 from Lisaroon father Michael Fanning dead. RC Chapel Drom.

Fanning Wills in the National Archives Dublin

Co Tipperary and Dublin Fanning wills and probate papers listed in the National Archives in Dublin.

These are the Co Tipperary and Dublin Fanning wills and probate papers listed in the National Archives. I haven’t included all Tipperary Fannings, just those that could be related. I have added, in brackets, notes from civil death records:

Calendars of Wills and Administrations 1858-1922

These have images with them. The ones from 1922 don’t and appear to be just indexes, still useful information in them. To get to the wills and probate after 1922 I had to search the archives for Fanning and related families in the online catalogue.

Alice Fanning of Ballinamona, widow, died 25 July 1897 Primary beneficiary was Patrick Fanning, laborer, her son, 20 pounds. (She was the widow of a farmer, aged 73 at death, and daughter Alice Blanchfield of Newtown was present at time of death. Death registered in Carrick on Suir.)

John Fanning of Ballydavid, Littleton Co Tipperary, labourer, died 27 Oct 1942 to Martin Fanning, labourer, 129 pounds. (He was a bachelor, a labourer and age 48 when he died of TB. Death registered in Roscrea.)

Martin Eviston, late of Baronstown, Loughmore, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 2 Sept 1923 to Sarah Eviston, the widow, effects 497 pounds.

Martin Eviston died 2 Sept 1923 address Baronstown Loughmore, Templemore to Martin Eviston effects 700 pounds. (A married farmer who died age 74)

James Fanning late of Barracurragh, Ballycahill, farmer, died 21 Dec 1915 to John Fanning, farmer, 273 pounds 10 shillings. (He was a widower and age 68 at death. His son William Fanning was present at time of death.)

John Fanning late of Rathmoy, Borrisoleigh, farmer died 3 Feb 1948 to Johanna Fanning, widow, 199 pounds.

Anastasia Fanning, spinster, died 23 Mar 1929 to Laurence Fanning, shopkeeper, 89 pounds 10 shillings. (She was a nurse and died age 56. Death registered in Clonmel.)

Laurence Fanning of Bouladuff, Thurles, shopkeeper, died 1 June 1938, to Michael Fanning, shopkeeper, 72 pounds. (He was 58 when he died.)

James Fanning of Burnchurch, Killenaule, Co Tipperary died 11 April 1976.

William Fanning farmer, of Castleroan, Dunkerrin, Roscrea, Kings Co, exec Ellen Coffey died 11 Aug 1939 left 937 pounds to Thomas Fanning Garda Siochana and Andrew Hoolan farmer. (He was a widower and died in Dublin age 67.)

Margaret Powell late of Emmett St Birr Co Offaly, died 17 Sept 1931, to Annie Fanning, widow, 1821 pounds. (She was a widow and newspaper proprietress and aged 66. her son J. Fanning present.)

Mary Fanning, late of Castletown, Moyne, Co Tipperary, widow, died 27 Feb 1928 to Patrick Kennedy, farmer, 700 pounds, 13 shillings.

William Fanning  late of Clondoty,Loughmore, Templemore, retired farmer, died 27 July 1908, to John Fanning, farmer, 654 pounds 19 shillings 9 pence. (Widower aged 89, son John present.)

William Fanning, late of Clondoty, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 4 June 1923 to John Fanning, farmer, effects 621 pounds 12 shillings 3 pence. (Bachelor, aged 64, died of TB. Brother John Fanning present.)

John Fanning of Clondoty, Loughmore ,Templemore, Co Tipperary died 14 Oct 1932 to Edward Fanning, farmer, 658 pounds 5 shillings. (Married, age 68. Son Willie Fanning present.)

William Fanning of Clondoty, Loughmore, Templemore, farmer, died 10 Sept 1942 to Catherine Fanning, spinster, 293 pounds. (Bachelor, age 32. Suicide by gunshot.)

Mary Fanning, widow of Clondoty, Loughmore, Templemore Co Tipperary, died 14. Dec 1948. To Nora Fanning, spinster, 2,600 pounds 16 shillings and 3 pence.

Patrick Fanning of Clondoty, Loughmore, Co Tipperary died 9 Mar 1984, age 67.

Anne Fanning died 16 July 1906, late of Coldfields Thurles, widow, to Patrick Fanning, farmer, 376 pounds 10 shillings.

Thomas Fanning, late of Coldfields, Thurles, farmer, died 2 Dec 1934 to Martin Fanning, farmer, 87 pounds.

Edward Fanning, late of Coolcroo,  Twomileborris, farmer, died 16 Sept 1925 to Eliza Fanning, widow and to James Commins, farmer, 359 pounds.

John Fanning of Coolcroo, Twomileborris, Thurles died on 7 Feb 1988.

Patrick Fanning of Drom, Thurles, farmer, died 4 July 1933 to John Hassett, farmer, 141 pounds.

Patrick Fanning died Dublin 15 Nov 1906, late of 23 and 24 North Strand Rd Dublin, merchant, to Joseph Fanning, merchant, 7,005 pounds 1 shilling.

John Fanning, merchant of 12 Richmond Place, North Circular Rd Dublin, died 17 Feb 1907 in Dublin, to Mary J Fanning, the widow, effects of 6,256 pounds 18 shillings 1 pence.

Mary J Fanning formerly of St Ronans, Richmond Place, N.C. Rd Dublin and late of 5 St Albans Park, Sidney Parade, Dublin, widow, died 24 May 1939 to Veronica Doyle, married woman, and Patrick Fanning, merchant, 4,048 pounds.

Roger Fanning of Gaile, Thurles. CoTipperary died 13 Aug 1987.

James Fanning died 2 Oct 1885, late of Glenreigh Thurles, farmer to Margaret Fogarty, the daughter of Holycross, married woman, effects 257 pounds, resworn 525 pounds 3 shillings and 11 pence.

Anne Fanning of Glenreighbeg, Holycross, spinster, died 27 Mar 1891, granted to Mary Ryan, married woman, effects of 75 pounds.

Joseph Fanning late of Graigue, Moycarkey, Thurles Co Tipperary, farmer, died 27 July 1894, to his widow May Fanning, 72 pounds 10 shillings.

Mary Fanning of Graigue, Moycarkey, died 26 Jan 1913, widow, to Joseph Fanning, farmer 233 pounds.

William Fanning of Gurthnagoona Templemore, farmer, who died 10 April 1899, granted to William Fanning jnr, farmer of Gurthnagoona, his son, effects of 42 pounds.

Richard Fanning of Killavinoge, Clonmore, Templemore, Co Tipperary died 3 June 1983.

Thomas Fanning, late of Kilvilcoris, Drom, farmer, Thurles Co Tipperary died 1 Sept 1934 to Stasia Fanning, spinster, 22 pounds. (bachelor 62 years. Stasia his sister.)

John Fanning, late of Lacken, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 22 Aug 1930 to Andrew Fanning, shop assistant and Patrick Fanning, merchant, effects 1,223 pounds 15 shillings. (Widower).

John Fanning, farmer, of Lacken, Co Tipperary, died 31 March 1949 to Andrew Fanning, shop manager, 553 pounds 16 shillings and 3 pence. (bachelor aged 63. Andrew was his brother who lived at Mathew St Tipperary.)

Thomas Fanning, late of Lisaroon, Thurles, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 3 Feb 1926 to John Ryan, farmer, effects 652 pounds 18 shillings 9 pence. (Age 67).

James Fanning died 7 Dec 1918, late of Lisdonowly, Moyne Templemore, executor his widow Anne Fanning. (Married, age 65, son John Fanning present).

Andrew Fanning of Moycarkey, Thurles, died 16 July 1982.

Thomas Fanning late of Newtown, Littleton, Thurles, retired road worker, died 10 Sept 1944 to Michael Fanning, road ganger, 5 pounds.

Martin Fanning shopkeeper, died 22 Jan 1903, primary beneficiary Patrick Fanning, shopkeeper of Limerick St Roscrea, effects of 1,027 pounds 4 shillings and 8 pence. (Widower, publican, age 75. His niece Ellie Burke present).

Mary Teresa Fanning of Shanakill, Roscrea, Co Tipperary died 21 Feb 1985.

Edward Fanning of Shanbally, Horse and Jockey, Thurles died Sept 12, 1948 to William Ryan, farmer, 10,171 pounds. (Widower aged 80).

Maura Fanning of Shanbally,  Thurles, Co Tipperary  died 30 July 1984

Martin Fanning farmer, late of Skehane otherwise Borris, died 30 Oct 1891. Primary beneficiaries were John Fanning of Coldfields and Phillip Maher of Garane, both farmers, executors 634 pounds 10 shillings.

Thomas Fanning, late of Skehana, TwoMileBorris, farmer, died 14 Dec 1922 to Margaret Fanning, widow, 370 pounds.

Anastasia Fanning, housekeeper, Lacy Ave, Templemore died 31 Dec 1945, 298 pounds to Ellen Campion, married woman.

Michael Fanning of Mary St Templemore, Co Tipperary died 10 Oct 1985

Anne Fanning, widow, of Jail St Thurles died 24 April 1887 at same place, effects 31 pounds, 15 shillings and 6 pence. Mary Fanning of Jail St, spinster, the sole executrix. (Age 68. Shopkeeper. Mary Fanning of Jail St was her daughter).

Sarah Sheehan died 10 Oct 1888, late of Quarry St Thurles, Co Tipperary, widow, to Ellen Dwyer of Quarry St, widow and daughter, effects 27 pounds. (Sarah Sheehan nee Fanning was my gggrandfather’s sister)

Thomas Fanning late of Quarry Thurles, shopkeeper died 13 Sept 1897 to Ellen Fanning of the Quarry, widow and William Fanning of Clondoty 460 pounds. (Aged 42).

The Very Reverend James Fanning died 10 Sept 1909, late of Cathedral St Thurles to Mary Ryan, wife of John Ryan, effects 482 pounds 14 shillings. His death was reported in The Daily News Perth, 13 Nov 1909 and said he had labored for many years in Liverpool.

John Fanning, late of Cathedral St, Thurles, Co Tipperary, farmer, died 3 May 1925 to Edward Fanning, farmer, 76 pounds. (Aged 60, shopkeeper. His daughter Nora Fanning present).

Patrick Fanning late of Main St Thurles, merchant, died 2 Mar 1916 to Anastasia Fanning, his widow, 1,537 pounds 10 shillings, resworn 1,578 pounds 10 shillings. (Aged 87, a shopkeeper).

Kate Fanning, spinster, late of Commons, Thurles died 18 Feb 1920

Stasia Fanning, widow, late of  10 Liberty Square Thurles died 4 Nov 1941 to Cissie Morris, spinster, 686 pounds. (Aged 74, a merchant. Cissie Morris was her niece).

William Fanning, merchant, late of Mitchel St, Thurles, died 29 Dec 1947 to John Carrigan, solicitor and Jeremiah O’Connell, retired commercial traveller, 35 pounds.

Patrick Fanning of 9 Bank Place Tipperary, merchant, died 12 Dec 1944, 850 pounds to his widow Margaret Fanning. (Aged 59, married. Mary Theresa Fanning, his daughter, present).

Thomas Fanning of Turtulla, Thurles, Co Tipperary died 2 May, 1978.

Margaret Fanning of Turtulla, Thurles,  Co Tipperary died 13 Jan 1985.

Bridget Fanning Gorman Twomileborris died 18 Sept 1987

Mary J Fanning of “Carnalea”,Whitshed Rd, Greystones Co Wicklow died 16 Feb 1936 to Joseph Fanning, gentleman, 1,300 pounds.

Joseph Fanning of “Carnalea” Whitshed Rd, Greystones, Co Wicklow, retired merchant, died 23 Aug 1942 to Alice Hedigan, married woman, 2,492 pounds.

Joseph William Fanning of Kabulonga, Lusaka Zambia died 22 June 1984.

Joseph William Fanning death Zambia Irish Independent 23 Jun 1984

John Mullany died Thurles 1900. He was married to Bridget Fanning daughter of Michael Fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lissaroon. (Age 60, shopkeeper. His daughter Mary Mullany present).

Will of John Mullany died 1900.
Will of John Mullany died 1900.

Parents of Edmund Fanning 1620-1683 the Immigrant Fanning Ancestor?

Ancestry of Edmund Fanning born Ireland about 1620 died Connecticut America 1683, the Immigrant Fanning Ancestor. Possible parents of and ancestry in Ireland.

Who were the parents of Edmund Fanning of Stonington Connecticut and what is his Irish ancestry??

Location map of Connecticut, USA
Location map of Connecticut, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lots of folk in America and probably Canada as well can trace their family tree back to Edmund Fanning who was born in Ireland about 1620 and died in Connecticut in 1683.

DNA tests as well as family documents have proved these lineages.

But in family trees there are several different parents given for this Edmund.

So far I haven’t seen any proof or reliable sources to back up what so many have on their family trees. It may be that there is no supporting documents and that we will never know for sure who they were.

But if anyone out there can back up his claim as to Edmund’s parents I’d love to hear from you. Or if you have any ideas on the matter please contact me.

I have been looking around on the internet and especially in some of the old books on archive.org for references to this Edmund.

The parents of Edmund are commonly given as Nicholas Fanning and Ellen Cantwell in family trees on Rootsweb World Connect and Ancestry.com.

WikiTree has the Parents of Edmund as Nicholas Fanning born Ballingarry, Tipperary Ireland 1593 died there 1653; Ellen Cantwell born Tipperary 1598 died 1699.

This tree goes further back:

The parents of Nicholas are given as William Fanning born Ballingarry Tipperary 1560 and Catherine Purcell born Ballingarry 1564;

The father of this William Fanning was William Fanning born Ballingarry 1532 died Farranrory 20 Sept 1579

His father was Oliver Fanning born Garynegrye 1500 died 1600

His father was William Fanning born Ballyclaghin Co Kilkenny 1472 died Ballingarry 1538.

There don’t seem to be any sources for this tree.

Nicholas Schenck and Walter Frederic Brooks however believe Francis Fanning was Edmund’s father but again it is hard to see why they believe this.

The following is a post by Jon Fannon (Dec18, 2008 in Ireland Roots Tipperary) where he gives an outline of  what he thinks is the ancestry of Edmund Fanning, the immigrant ancestor of many American Fannings.

“Edmund of Conn. line however is : Conn. Edmund (b.1620) was son of Francis (b. about 1588 was a sheriff and mayor in Limerick also) and Francis is possibly the brother to Simon fitzClement. (Clement had 3 sons. 1st came Simon, then Edward or Edmund, and 3rd Francis) Edward fitzClement had a son Nicholas who also was sheriff or mayor. Francis fitzClement had two sons Thomas and Edmund. Francis Fanning with Edmund fitzFrancis Fanning and Thomas fitzFrancis Fanning along with Nicholas Fanning are documented forced to leave limerick to Ballengyre by the English in 1651 or 1653 I cant remember right now, and then was again named in some sort of reconciliation from the Queen in 1660 I believe. Its presumed Edmund went on to Conn. sometime after 1653, possibly in 1660. Keep in mind for this hundred year period there was a Fanning as sheriff or mayor in Limerick most of the time. Wether or not it was a cousin a brother a nephew, it seems there were no shortage of Fanning law men, and to complicate this more their names were repeated generation after generation causing a lot of confusion. ”

From the Surnames of Ireland by Edward Maclysaght we have this paragraph on the Fanning name and origins:

A name of Norman origin prominent in Co Limerick where Fanningstown, formerly Ballyfanning, indicates the location. They were formally of Ballingarry, Co Tipperary where in the fifteenth century the head of the family was, like Irish chiefs, officially described as “Captain of his nation“.”

Walter Frederic Brooks thought that Edmund’s father was Francis Fanning.

“Alderman Francis Fanning, the third son of Clement, served as sheriff in 1632-3, and as mayor of Limerick in 1644”

“At the time of the Confiscations in 1653-54 Francis Fanning’s estates were forfeited, and he received sentence of transplantation to Connaught. Francis also had a son Edward who also received sentence of transplantation at the same time….his name is given as Edward Fitz-Francis Fanning.

This Edward or Edmund Fanning, son of the above mentioned Francis Fanning, ex-Mayor of Limerick, emigrated in 1653 or soon after to America and settled in Connecticut.” pages 31-32 Vol 1 History of the Fanning Family by Walter Frederic Brooks.

I do find it strange that Edmund and his children did not call any of their descendants Nicholas or Francis although a daughter of Thomas is called Frances. Edmund named his sons Edmund,Thomas, John, William and James.

Nicholas Schenck has a similar lineage to Walter Brook:

Nicholas W. Schenck Diary: “The American – Fanning Line’ written c 1905

The first Fanning who came to this country was Edmund Fanning – born in Ireland in (about)1620 – of the Fannings in Ireland – Limerick, Tipperary, Kilkinny, Clare – the name is on record from 13th Century to confutation under Cromwell in 1652. Vast estates were established to the Fannings.

Edmund – the emigrant American ancestor – who settled in Connecticut about 1653 was the son of Francis Fanning, 1841 Mayor of Limerick, Ireland – Connaught Certification Office of Exchequer, Dublin. His name is given as Fitz – Francis Fanning. Fit-Francis means son of Francis – Fitz is French or Norman meaning ‘son of ____’.

This Edmund or Edmond – emigrated to America in 1653 (authority) of John O’Hart, Edmund Irish antiquity and author of Irish Peogries – Clentus of Ireland and is found at Fisher Island in 1655 and 1657, later at Groton – Connecticut (near New London) 1664 – now called Ledyard – where he had a farm called Groton Farm – which remained in possession of family for 150 years – where he lived until his death in 1683. “

My interest in Edmund Fanning’s ancestry comes from the fact that my Fanning family here in Australia are linked to this Edmund as shown in a DNA test. So we must be descendants not from Edmund but from his relations who stayed in Ireland.

When I was in Ireland I visited Ballingarry and was told about a Fanning castle in Farranrory. We found what is left of the castle and spent a few hours climbing around it and taking photos. Then when I was briefly in the National Library I found a pedigree for the Fannings who lived in this castle. So I would like Edmund to be related to the Farranrory Fannings!!

In terms of names in our family Edward and William have been used over and over, never a Nicholas or Dominick and only my grandfather was called Francis, which I think is a bit too far down the track to be relevant.

If anyone has any info on the ancestry of  Edmund I’d be most interested to hear from you.

William Fanning & Sarah Guidera Co Tipperary and Wellington New Zealand

William Fanning c1828-1907 born Co Tipperary Ireland emigrated to new Zealand and lived in Wellington. He may be related to the Lissaroon Fannings.

I came across this obituary for a William Fanning from Co Tipperary born about1828 and he died in 1907. The fact that he is said to be related to John Eviston got me interested. How is he related? and could he be part of my Fanning clan?

William Fanning Wellington NZ Obituary 1907
William Fanning Wellington NZ Obituary 1907

The John Eviston he is related to was born in Clonomocogue just north of Thurles in 1844 and died in Bathurst, NSW Australia in 1925. His mother was Mary Fanning, daughter of William Fanning and Hanera Cormick of Lissaroon, my ancestors.

On William Fanning’s death certificate his parents are listed as Phillip Fanning and Mary Fanning nee Eviston. They were married in Loughmore Parish Co Tipperary on 31 Jan 1822, witnessed by Robert Eviston and John Leahy. So John Eviston and William Fanning were first cousins. William’s mother Mary Eviston marrying Phillip Fanning of Dunkerrin.

I could not find a birth or baptism record for William but did find records for two of his sisters. Margaret was born in Castleroan Dunkerrin Co Offaly, her godparents were John Hennesy and Mary Fanning. Mary, the other sister, was born in the same address and baptised on 7 Oct 1838, her godparents were John and Mary Maher.

Phillip, William’s father, died on 15 April 1875 in the parish of Shinrone, Kings county. He was a farmer.  He  died from bronchitis, aged 82. His mother Mary Fanning nee Eviston died in Castleroan on 1 Mar 1886 in Shinrone Parish Co Offaly(Kings). She was 86 and cause of death was marasmus, severe malnutrition.

Death certificate of William Fanning 1907
Death certificate of William Fanning 1907
Nenagh Guardian 28 Sept 1912


Nenagh News 23 Feb 1923

William was born in Castlerone (I think this is Castleroan) Ireland and had been in NZ for 20 years. He was married in Ireland at age 30, to Sarah Guidera. Nine children are listed on William’s death record but only their ages are given. Five Males aged 46, 44, 34, 30 and 29 years. Then there were four females aged 40, 38, 36 and 32 years.

William’s death record had him dying at 2 McFarland Street, Wellington on 13 August, 1907. He was 79 years old and died from “old Age”.

There are baptism and birth records for the following children of William and Sarah Guidera. The family lived at Oldcastle in the parish of Cournageen (Bourney) Co Tipperary.

Daniel baptised 26 July 1862 sponsors: Phill Fanning and Mary Guidera.

Mary birth 1 Feb 1864, baptised 13 Feb 1864 sponsors: James and Anne Fanning

William born 19 May 1865, baptised 30 May 1865, sponsors: William Kealy and Johanna Guidera

Elizabeth born 23 Dec 1866 and baptised on 5 Jan 1867

Sarah born 15 July 1868 and baptised on 17 August 1868

Margaret born 19 Dec 1869 and baptised on 19 Jan 1870

Patrick born 1 Mar 1871 and baptised on 1 April 1871

Johanna born 6 Jan 1873 and baptised on 22 Jan 1873

Michael born 17 Sept 1874 and baptised on 3 Oct 1874

Unk Fanning female born 23 June 1876 and baptised 23 Aug 1876

James born 23 June 1876 and baptised 23 Aug 1876 twin of above unnamed child.

Two of the children of William and Sarah, William and Phillip, are said to have gone to America instead of emigrating to New Zealand.

William Fanning is buried in Karori Cemetery in the Wellington region with his wife Sarah and sons, John Joseph and Frank.

William Fanning grave Karori Cemetery Wellington 1907

William Fanning & family grave Karori Cemetery Wellington NZ
Family grave of William Fanning Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand


Edmond Fanning and Johanna Darmody of Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland

My gggreat grandparents, Edmond Fanning and Johanna Darmody were married in Thurles Parish in 1808. She came from Racecourse in Thurles and he from Inch. They lived in Grange, a townland of Thurles. Looking for her Darmody family. Her father most likely Patrick Darmody.

Market day (August 1848)
Thurles Market Day August 1848

Edmond Fannin and Johanna Darmody my gggreat grandparents were married in Thurles Parish Co Tipperary Ireland on June 16, 1808.

I have just received more information on them from their marriage record from the parish and also from their children’s’ baptism records.

On their marriage record Edmond’s address is given  as Inch which is consistent with him being a son of William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon, although no parents names are given. William Fannin and Pat Darmody and Judith MacGrath witnessed the marriage. The officiating priest was Rev John Hickey.

Johanna Darmody’s address was given as the Race Course Thurles. So now I know where she lived before her marriage and where to look for her Darmody family.

On the earlier children’s baptism records Edmond’s occupation was given as labourer and their address was Racecourse but in Nov 1813  his occupation was given as farmer and address as Grange. In 1816 his address was also Grange.

Grange Townland c 1850
Grange Townland Thurles Parish Griffiths Valuation c 1850

In Griffiths Valuation, printed 1850, there is only one Fanning listed, Edw Fanning (Thurles) plot nine which is land only, a little over three acres, annual value of 4 pounds ten shillings. The Thurles in brackets indicates he lives in Thurles. Don’t know if he is related. In Racecourse in Griffiths Valuations there are no Darmodys listed in 1850.

On the parish registers the surname given for all the children and the father is Fannin with the exceptions of Edmond in 1824, Honora in 1823 and Honora Fanning born 1829. In these records Edmond’s surname is listed as Fanning.

Civil Parish of Thurles
Civil Parish of Thurles showing the townlands of Racecourse and Grange

In the Tithe Applotment Books 1833 for Race Course there is a Patrick Darmody, Johanna’s father or brother most likely. There are also a number of Callinans  in this townland. They were often godparents for the children of Edmond and Judy Fanning.

Tithe Applotment Book 1833 Racecourse
Tithe Applotment Book 1833 Racecourse
Townland of Racecourse Thurles c1850
Racecourse Townland Thurles Co Tipperary c1850

In 1809 Edm Callinan was godparent to John Fannin, in 1810 Andrew Callanan was godparent to Michael Fannin, in 1821 John Callinan is a sponsor to Mary Fannin and a Mary Callinan sponsors Patrick Fannin in 1826.

Sally Darmody in 1823 and Philip Darmody in 1824 are also sponsors.

Fanning Graves in Moycarkey Old and New Cemeteries Co Tipperary Ireland

Photos of Fanning gravestones in Moycarkey Old and New Cemeteries Co Tipperary Ireland.


Tipperary Studies has many Graveyard transcriptions on their site and they are adding more. They have Moycarky Cemetery transcriptions. They also have a lot of other interesting genealogical documents.


Moycarky Catholic Church Co Tipperary Ireland
Moycarky Catholic Church Co Tipperary Ireland
Moycarky New Cemetery CoTipperary Ireland (2)
Moycarky New Cemetery CoTipperary Ireland
Moycarky New Cemetery CoTipperary Ireland
Moycarky New Cemetery CoTipperary Ireland
Moycarky New Cemetery Ellen Fanning Ballytarsna CoTipperary Ireland
Moycarky New Cemetery Ellen Fanning Ballytarsna CoTipperary Ireland
Moycarky Old Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Moycarky Old Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Moycarky Old Cemetery Fanning-Rush of Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland
Moycarky Old Cemetery Fanning-Rush of Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland
Moycarky Old Cemetery Fannings of Cabra Co Tipperary Ireland
Moycarky Old Cemetery Fannings of Cabra Co Tipperary Ireland

Gravestone inscription for JOHN FANNING of Cloughmartin, who died age 78, 17 Apr 1986. Brother of Elizabeth Fanning, son of Michael and Johanna Fanning and the nephew of Kate Ryan. Buried in Moycarky Old Graveyard.

Gravestone inscription for THOMAS FANNING of Skehana, died 14 Dec 1922. Husband of Margaret Fanning, father of Martin Fanning, brother of Joseph Fanning & uncle of William & John Fanning. Buried in Moycarky Old Graveyard.

Gravestone inscription for JOSEPH FANNING of Skehana, died 15 Jul 1941.  Brother of Thomas Fanning. Father of William & John Fanning. Buried in Moycarky Old Graveyard.

Gravestone inscription for MARTIN FANNING of Skehana, died 7 Mar 1951. Son of Thomas & Margaret Fanning, nephew of Joseph Fanning & cousin of William & John Fanning. Buried in Moycarky Old Graveyard.

Gravestone inscription for MARGARET FANNING of Skehana, died 21 Aug 1957. wife of Thomas Fanning, mother of Martin Fanning. Buried in Moycarky Old Graveyard.

Gravestone inscription for WILLIAM FANNING of Skehana, died 4 Oct 1977. Son of Joseph Fanning, brother of John Fanning, nephew of Thomas Fanning & cousin of Martin Fanning. Buried in Moycarky Old Graveyard.

Gravestone inscription for JOHN FANNING of Skehana, died 28 Apr 1982. Son of Joseph Fanning, brother of William Fanning, nephew of Thomas Fanning & cousin of Martin Fanning. Buried in Moycarky Old Graveyard.

Moycarky Old Cemetery Johanna & Michael Fanning of Newtonn Littleton Co Tipperary Ireland

Moycarky Old Cemetery Hogans of Coolkip Co Tipperary Ireland (2)
Moycarky Old Cemetery Hogans of Coolkip Co Tipperary Ireland

Mary Hogan nee Sheehan was Big Bill’s niece, her mother was Sally Sheehan nee Fanning.

Moycarky Old Cemetery Hogans of Coolkip Co Tipperary Ireland
Moycarky Old Cemetery Hogans of Coolkip Co Tipperary Ireland

Patrick T Hogan’s sister Bridget married Michael O’Sullivan of Cattaganstown. She is buried in Moyglass Cemetery. Her death was reported in the Clonmel Nationalist:

Bridget O'Sullivan nee Hogan Funeral Notice Clonmel Nationalist 11th July 1928c
Death Notice for Bridget O’Sullivan nee Hogan in the Clonmel Nationalist 11 July 1928

Mrs Ed Fanning of Shanbally was her sister Johanna  Mrs John Fanning of Clondoty Loughmore was her sister Mary. Mrs O’Donnell of Fethard would have been her aunt Johanna nee Sheehan and Mrs Fanning of Thurles was most likely her aunt Ellen nee Sheehan who was a shopkeeper and publican in Quarry St Thurles.

The Bridget Hogan who died in 1982 may well be the Bridget Hogan of Coolkip mentioned in the paper, probably the niece of the Bridget who died in 1928.


Fanning Gravestones in Littleton Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

Fanning graves in Littleton Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland.

Littleton is a small village to the south of Thurles in Co Tipperary North.

Tipperary Studies has many Graveyard transcriptions on their site and they are adding more.  They also have a lot of other interesting genealogical documents.

Littleton Cemetery Patrick Fanning & family Ballydavid Co Tipperary Ireland
Littleton Cemetery Patrick Fanning & family Ballydavid Co Tipperary Ireland
Littleton Cemetery Martin Fanning Ballydavid & James Kirk Co Tipperary Ireland
Martin Fanning and James KIrk Grave Littleton Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

Fanning Graves in Two-Mile-Borris Cemeteries, Co Tipperary, Ireland

Photos of Fanning gravestones in Twomileborris Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland.

Twomileborris Cemetery (4)

Two-Mile-Borris is a small village to the south of Thurles in North Tipperary. The site of an Iron Age Village was discovered here and during early medieval times there were settlements at Two-Mile-Borris. The modern village of Two-Mile-Borris is built on the site of an Anglo-Norman borough.

There are two cemeteries in Two-Mile-Borris, an old and new.

Twomileborris Cemetery Thomas Fanning of Skehane
Twomileborris Cemetery Thomas Fanning of Skehane

Twomileborris Cemetery Fannings of Coldfields (2)

Twomileborris Cemetery Fannings of Coldfields (3)
Patrick Fanning of Coldfields & family Twomileborris Old Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

Twomileborris Cemetery on right is Edmond Fanning of Grawne on left is Fannings of Coolcroo

Twomileborris Cemetery Fannings of Coolcroo next to Edmond fanning of Grawne Tombstone

Twomileborris Cemetery Edmond Fanning of Grawne & Catherine Fanning nee Shelly
John Fanning & Catherine Fanning nee Shelly Twomileborris Old Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland Next to this gravestone in the same enclosed area is the grave of Edward Fanning of Coolcroo.
Twomileborris Cemetery Fannings of Coldfields (10)
Martin, Margaret and Tom Fanning of Coldfields Twomileborris New Cemetery, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Twomileborris Cemetery Catherine Fanning nee Kirwin
Catherine Fanning nee Kirwin died 1820 Two-Mile-Borris Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Twomileborris Cemetery Fannings of Coldfields (7)
Philip Fanning of Coldfields & family Two-Mile-Borris Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Twomileborris Cemetery Fannings of Coldfields (5)
James & Mary Fanning of Coldfields Two-Mile-Borris Cemetery, Co Tipperary Ireland
Twomileborris Cemetery Fannings of Coldfields (4)
John Fanning of Coldfields 1874 Twomileborris Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Twomileborris Cemetery Anastasia Fanning Coldfields
Anastasia Fanning Coldfields, Two-Mile-Borris, Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

Gravestone Inscription for Andrew (Andy) Fanning of Moycarky, who died 16 July 1982, and is buried in  Two-Mile-Borris New Cemetery.

Twomileborris Cemetery Entrance Stile
Old Entrance stile to Twomileborris Cemetery

I was told the story of these entrances but have forgotten. If anyone knows I’d like to know the full story.

Twomileborriss Cemetery Castle next to the cemetery.
Black Castle a 13th century Norman Tower house next to Twomileborris Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

Tipperary Studies has many Graveyard transcriptions on their site and they are adding more. They also have a lot of other interesting genealogical documents.

Inch (Ragg) Church Monroe and School Co Tipperary Ireland

Photos of Inch Catholic Church and school where many Fanning family members would have attended.in Co Tipperary Ireland.

Inch Catholic Church Co Tipperary Ireland
Inch (Ragg) Church Co Tipperary Ireland

Inch Roman Catholic Church, built c 1840 and containing elements of the 1806 church, is where the baptisms, wedding and funerals for many of the Fanning family would have taken place as well as Sunday mass.

Inch Catholic Church Interior
Inch Catholic Church Interior looking towards the altar
Inch Catholic Church looking towards back
Inch Catholic Church looking towards back

Inch Catholic Church Inside Tiles Bought By Tom Fanning of Lissaroon

Tom Fanning of Lissaroon was a very religious man who visited Rome. I was told he bought these tiles for the Ballycahill Church.

Inch School Co Tipperary Ireland
Inch School Co Tipperary Ireland

Now a Community Centre this was the school that many Fannings would have attended.