Bourney & Corbally Fanning Marriage Records, Co Tipperary & Co Offaly, Ireland, 1836- 1880

Fanning Marriage Records in Bourney & Corbally Parish, Co Tipperary & Co Offaly Ireland, 1836- 1880

Fanning marriage records for Bourney & Corbally Catholic Parish in Co Tipperary & Co Offaly: 28 June 1836- 1880. This parish is in the Diocese of Killaloe.

These marriage records are taken from the National Library of Ireland parish registers, which are online and free.

Variant forms of the parish name are Corbally, Bournea & Couraganeen.

Rootsireland is an excellent subscription service with search options. Makes using the free National Library records much easier. Rootsireland has Cournageen (Bourney)  Parish marriage records from 1836-1880, with 1873 missing.

Irish civil marriage records from 1864 and older than 75 years are online and free at

I have included any marriage records with a Fanning bride or groom or witness. While anyone could be a witness, from my experience, the witnesses are nearly always related.

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control + F

27 Feb 1838, Patt Carty & Sally Hamill, Asmere or Armere wit: William Tracy & Mary Fanning

19 Jul 1843, Michael Gorman & Anne Fanning, Ashbrook? wit: Martin Ryan & Eliza Dooly

20 Oct 1846, Patrick Meara & Mary Maher, wit: William Fannon & Tom Fannon

12 Feb 1850, William Fann?? & ????? Malone, wit: Rev P Hennessy & Patt Terny

28 Feb 1854, Patt Costigan & Eliza Brien, Corriga, wit: John Costigan & Nicholas Fannon

21 Feb 1857, William Fannon & Sera Guidera, wit: Philip Fannon & Johanna Guidera. This couple emigrated to New Zealand with most of their children. I have written a post about them, William Fanning and Sarah Guidera.

I noticed that from the time of William and Sarah’s marriage in 1857 within three days two other Guidera marriages had taken place.

Between Feb 1857 and Feb 1863, a total of eight Guideras had married. I wonder if these marriages were prior to emigration.

22 Jan 1859, Dan Quinlon & Judith Hamill, wit: Tom Fannon & Mary Hamill

14 Feb 1895, Bourney Civil Marriage record. William Fanning, age 28, farmer of Loran & Margaret Coonan of Ashmere, age 26. His father William Fanning, her father Michael Coonan. Witnesses were Michael Hardgrove & Mary Coonan. Married in Couraganeen RC Church.

After 1867 there were so few marriages one wonders if this was the result of the famine and mass emigration from this parish.

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