Martin Fanning, Kyabram, Victoria, Australia from Castletown Moyne, Co Tipperary, Ireland

Martin Fanning was born in Loughmore, Co Tipperary in ireland. He married Johanna Butler in 1868. He was a farmer at Taripta near Kyabram in Victoria Australia. His family lived in Castletown in Moyne Parish Co Tipperary.

Kyabram Cemetery Victoria Australia

Not sure if they are related but they could well be.

Fanning family buried in Kyabram Cemetery Victoria Australia

Martin Fanning died, age 72, on 7 Jan, 1910.

Johanna Fanning died 26 August 1913, aged 80 years.

Johanna had come out to Victoria on the Dirigo with 337 other single young women. The Dirigo arrived in Mar 1859. Johanna was 26.

There were other Butler young women aboard who may well have been related to Johanna: Jane 22, Mary 23, Mary Rose 17, Rose M 16. But Butler is not an uncommon surname .

Martin Fanning married Johanna Butler in Victoria in 1864. Her parents were John Butler & Margaret O’Donnell. I could not find any baptism records for Johanna in Ireland.

Martin and Johanna had at least three children: John 1868-1960, William 1867-1933, & Johanna. Johanna died in 1940. They farmed near Kyabram at a place called Taripta.

Martin’s parents were William Fanning & Margaret Grace from Co Tipperary in Ireland.

William Fanning of Loughmore married Margaret Grace of Moyne on 5 Feb, 1827. Witnessed by Thomas Kerin & James Grace. They lived in the townland of Castletown in the parish of Moyne, Co Tipperary north.


Moyne Civil Parish Map from

In The Tithe Applotment Books and Tithe Defaulters lists there is a James Fanning living in Moyntemple. This was in 1827 & 1828. Possibly the father of William or a brother.

In Griffiths Valuations for Castletown, printed in 1849, William was living on 42 acres in Castletown townland.

William and Margaret Fanning nee Grace are buried in Moyne Cemetery. William was a farmer and died 27 Jan 1874, age 78. His wife Margaret died 10 Dec 1883, aged 74. (her death date & age from the civil record).

William Fanning and Margaret Fanning nee Grace of Castletown and family Moyne Cemetery

They had the following children:  Patrick 25 Dec 1827,  Michael 20 Dec 1829, James 26 July 1832, Martin 12 Nov 1834, Thomas 19 Nov 1838, and Judy (Johanna) 29 Mar 1842. All these children were born in Moyne Parish.

Patrick Fanning married Mary Kennedy and they lived in Castletown and are in the 1901 census. They do not appear to have had any children. Mary died in 1928. She was a widow and left 700 ponds to Patrick Kennedy. Most likely her brother.

I haven’t been able to find any marriage or death records for James Fanning.

Thomas did not marry and Judy or Johanna died age 28, single.

Michael married Johanna Shanahan of Lisdonowley on the 15th Feb1885. He died on 10 Mar 1887, aged 47 (civil death record dates & age). According to the 1911 Census they had one child who was not living in 1911. His wife Johanna died 5 Feb 1930 aged 77. After her husband’s death she lived with her brothers in Lisdonowley.

Martin emigrated to Victoria Australia and settled near Kyabram.

Johanna Fanning nee Shanahan Moyne Cemetery Co Tipperary

Author: Kathleen

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8 thoughts on “Martin Fanning, Kyabram, Victoria, Australia from Castletown Moyne, Co Tipperary, Ireland”

  1. I am the great grandson of Martin Fanning and Johanna Butler, and still live in Kyabram, Victoria, Australia. I would appreciate any extra information I can receive on my family history. I will be in Ireland in July 2017 looking for more information on my family history, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Lawrence,
      Hope you enjoy your trip to Ireland, such great music and the countryside is so beautiful. But it does rain a lot!
      I had a look for you and your Fanning family came from Castletown in Moyne Parish. All the children of William Fanning and Margaret Grace were born there, including Martin. Martin’s brother Michael married Johanna Shanahan. His other brother Patrick married Mary Kennedy. They were living in Castletown in the 1901 & 1911 census records, online & free. They don’t seem to have had any children and Thomas is living with them. He is unmarried.

      So I would head for Castletown and see if there are any Fannings still living there. I will see what I can find on Michael Fanning who married Johanna Shanahan. I think they are buried in Moyne cemetery. Moyne is pronounced Moyan and Thurles sounds like Turless. maybe they had lots of children to keep the line going. Will look

    2. Found the gravestone of your great great grandparents in Moyne Cemetery. There is a photo in the post “Fanning Death Records, Gravestone Inscriptions & Photos, Co Tipperary Ireland.” on my blog. The Shanahans were related as Johanna Shanahan married Michael Fanning your great grandfather’s brother. William Fanning, Martin’s father is in Grifiths Valuations online at Ask About Ireland, he is living on 42 acres at Castletown in 1849. There are maps on this site if you play around a bit. Castletown on Google maps is 10 min by car from Moyne village where the cemetery is. I hope you have time to visit Moyne and see their gravestones. Moyne is a very small village not that far from Thurles. The Thurles Library has lots of local newspapers and they are very helpful, but that does take some time to look through papers.Still have to look for children of Michael and Johanna Fanning nee Shanahan.Couldn’t find any children for Michael and Johanna. Kathleen

    3. Hi again Lawrence,
      I couldn’t find anything on Johanna Butler. Do you have any idea whereabouts she came from? If you got her marriage certificate it should have where she was from. I think it costs $17 online. Then if you get back to me I will look again for her. But that is up to you if you want to track the Butlers down at all.

      I have added any new info to the post you read. Changed the name of the post to Martin Fanning instead of Johanna Butler. I also added a map which shows the townland of Castletown. Not sure if there is an actual village called Castletown.


      1. Hello Kathleen,
        This info came from – Martin came on July 1857 aged 20 and the ship was William Wright B – not sure how accurate that is.
        Johanna Butler came from Thurleys signed wedding certificate with a X – got that info from Kilmore Parish priest in 1980.
        My father remembers some of Williams brothers going to America in the late 1850’s couldn’t remember their names but they used to correspond to each other and to Martin’s daughters.

        1. Hi Laurie,

          I had a look at the passenger list for the William Wright but couldn’t see any other Fanning passengers.
          There are a few coincidences? in our family histories.

          My great grandaunt Catherine Ryan nee Fanning lived in Kilmore and farmed at Moranding and my father’s uncle lived in Kilmore his whole life. So a Kilmore connection.

          In Moyne there appear to have been two Fanning families, one at Lisdonowley that I am related to and one at Castletown that you are related to.

          It is pretty much impossible to go back into the 18th century in Irish records.
          Hope you have a great time in Ireland and I would love to hear how it all goes.

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