Loughmore Parish Index to Burials in Loughmore and Templeree Graveyards

Loughmore and Templeree Graveyard Index lookups.

I have a copy of  Loughmore Parish Index to Burials in Loughmore and Templeree Graveyards and can do look ups. The original is in the Thurles Library. The National Library in Dublin does not have a copy.

There is also a list of transcribed headstones at Loughmore Cemetery by Sue Grieves 2000-2001. Doesn’t include all the graves as in the Index but has lots of information from the headstones.

Author: Kathleen

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42 thoughts on “Loughmore Parish Index to Burials in Loughmore and Templeree Graveyards”

  1. Kathleen,
    My compliments on an excellent site and some body of work! Have been looking for a family grave in Loughmore some time which is what brought me to your site. From the local parish they say that they only have burial records from 1920 onwards for funerals conducted in Loughmore Church itself and before that no formal records were kept. If buried there but not directly from the church there was no record until 1960s’. Does the burial index you have cover more beyond this? I have exact details on two people buried in the family grave and rough details on three more but none were buried from the church itself. The period covered is 1918-1963 but the family grave pre-existed these burials.
    The transcription site is excellent but does not unfortunately include the grave I am looking for. Have made several visits to try to find it but without success so far. (I was there once when very young but cannot recall where it was and no surviving relatives can place its location. )

    1. What I have is a list of transcriptions of all the graves in Loughmore Cemetery and Templeree plus a map of the location of the graves. It was done in 1995 by a group of students on an employment program.
      There may of course be some errors but it is more comprehensive than the transcriptions of Sue Grieves on the net.

      Most of the burials are in the 1900s but there are quite a few in the 1800s.

      If you send me the names of the people you are looking for I will happily check for you.

      1. just found your offer to look up graves in loughmore-castleiny parish grave yard – i have several Ryan names of mine who lived there , plus looking for more current relatives of theirs – this still an active project for you?

          1. thanks! I have Michael and Mary (nee Neil(l)) Ryan who had Roger b. 1795 and emigrated to US and my gggrandfather. Also, Richard b. 1822 and Mary b. 1819.
            Richard had Philip b. 1863, Mary 1864, Johanna 1867 and 1868 (one died?). he was married to Sarah and shown as a widower on 1901 Census. Thanks

          2. Ryans from Cloone buried in Loughmore Cemetery all buried in the same grave and all from Cloone:
            2 May 1919 age 76 Edmond Ryan Cloone C.4.9
            2 Mar 1901 Ellie Josephine Ryan
            4 Apr 1936 age 93 Johanna Ryan
            9 Jun 1967 age 77 Margaret Ryan
            6 Jan 1963 age 84 Thomas Ryan.

            No Philip or Richard or Sarah Ryans buried in Loughmore Cemetery.

            Sarah Ryan wife of Richard died 13 Jun 1887 at Clune age 54.civil death record from irishgenealogy.ie

            Philip Ryan married Kate Ryan of Drom Parish on 1 Feb 1898, civil record.

            Philip Ryan of Cloone died 29 Nov 1914 age 50. Michael Ryan of Church St Templemore present.

  2. Hi Kathleen, I had not heard that had been done which would be a great help. I am looking for a Ryan grave which has as a minimum the following people – Johanna Ryan (nee Gleason), Nov 1932, Edward Ryan Nov 1963, Patrick Ryan 1918 and also I believe a Jeremiah Ryan 1918 and possibly another Patrick in 1965. Would be great if you could help me crack this

    1. Hi Eamon, Looked in the index and there are no similar Ryan names or dates in Loughmore or Templeree cemeteries. You could try the Rootsireland North Tipperary site and search gravestone inscriptions for your ancestors. Do you know where they lived? other suggestion is to go to ask about Ireland and see what newspapers you could check for death notices.

  3. Hi Kathleen great to make contact with you I am from Wexford and my great grand mother was a Fanning I have heard many times that Fanning came from Tipperary have you ever come across anything to say some of the Fannings moved to Wexford if so maybe you could let me know Thanks again and have a happy christmas

    1. So far I have not heard of any Fannings going from Co Tipperary To Co Wexford and there are no Fannings in the 1901 census for Wexford who were born in Co Tipperary but maybe that is too late. What was her name and the name of her husband and any dates and I will have a look for you on Rootsireland. regards Kathleen

  4. Thanks Kathleen her name was Ann Marie Fanning from Barnadown Gorey and she married Lce Darcy of Moneycross Gorey I do not have dates but I would think you are looiking at the 1850s approx

    Thanks for your help have you been to Ireland yet.

    1. I found a birth record for Annemarie Fanning 13 Nov 1863 address Rathpierce in Kilanerin Parish Wexford. Her parents were Patrick Fanning and Eliza Doyle. Godparents were Pat Boland and Marianne Kavanagh.
      Also a birth record for Laurence Darcy 16 Nov 1839 address: Shullen Kilanerin Parish Wexford. His parents were Laurence Darcy and Mary Sullivan.

      This comment was on an ancestry message board and relates to your family; Found it googling
      “Re: Fanning Family of Barrowmount
      maryfortune321 (View posts)
      Posted: 6 May 2008 2:41AM
      Classification: Query
      Surnames: fanning, Boland
      Ed , The Fannings you are looking for were evicted from their farm in Rathpierce, Ballyfad,in the 1880s,they moved to Barnadown near Gorey. My great-Grandmother was John’s sister Catherine.
      Catherine(1865) Married James Boland.
      Michael(1862) m. Mary Boland.
      Annmarie(1863) m. Laurence D Arcy.
      Patrick(1877) m. Sarah Kavanagh.
      Mary(1871) m.Bernard Dunne.
      John Joseph(1874).
      Elizabeth(1882) Died young.”

      Haven’t found any marriage record for Patrick Fanning and Eliza Doyle. You could check familysearch.org for this and also irishgenealogy.ie in case they married in Dublin.

      Your Darcys are also in the 1901 census misspelled M’Arcy living in Moneycross Upper and in the 1911 census, spelled D’Arcy, found for free in the National Archives site. There is a Elizabeth Fanning age 74 living in Barnadown in 1911 who may be Eliza Doyle who married Patrick Fanning. You may also like to check Griffith’s Valuations 1850s, found on Ask About Ireland, also free, to see if Patrick Fanning was there about that time, providing he had land.

      While googling Darcys and Gorey I came across an amazing site about the eviction of a Mrs Darcy from Coolgreany in 1887. http://www.thecricketbatthatdiedforireland.com, amazing photos and also a post about the Kavanaghs.

      Good luck and let me know if you find your Tipp connection.


      PS We visited Ireland for three weeks two years ago and plan to go back again within the next two years. Loved it.

  5. Hi I am looking for a grave for a Mathew McKenna (Kenna) who died 1928/29. He is supposed to be buried in Loughmore. I would be obliged if you could give me any information.

    1. Hi Bridget,
      I have looked in the index of burials for Loughmore and Templeree Graveyards all I could find were the following Kenna graves:
      2 July 1971 Edward Kenna address Templetouhy grave W.4.3
      James Kenna no date or address grave Y.12.7
      14 May 1921 John Kenna age 22 no address listed grave Y.12.7
      Maggie Kenna no date or address Y.12.7
      24 Dec 1975 Mary Kenna Templtuohy grave W.4.3
      14 June 1904 Norah Kenna age 41 no address listed grave Y.12.7
      1 Feb 1942 Norah Kenna age 7 grave Y.12.7
      26 March 1936 Patrick Kenna age 44 Y.12.7
      20 June 1927 William Kenna age 74 Y.12.7
      All these graves are in Templeree Graveyard in Loughmore-Castleiney Parish.
      You will be able to find Norah Kenna in the 1901 Census for Tipperary North but alas no Mathew.

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    I’d be grateful if you could look up in Loughmore Burial Records to see if there is a death recorded of James Bourke (b.1818) who would have died in the parish of Loughmore Castleiny between 1848 and 1852. James is my GGgrandfather. He was married to Mary Maher and they had five children up to 1848. He had a small farm (12 acres) in Cloone Townland where he had neighbours Anne Fanning and Catherine Fanning

    1. Hi Peter,
      I had a look at the Loughmore Cemetery Index for you but there is no James Bourke/Burk/Burke or his wife Mary listed as buried in this cemetery.
      There are also no graves in Loughmore or Templeree Cemetery for Anne or Catherine Fanning. 1848-1852 was during and just after the Great Famine, so a time of numerous deaths.

  7. I am researching Barrys that may have come from Loughmoe. James Barry b. circa 1827-31 was married to Margaret Brierton b. c 1836-43. Both emigrated to the US. A Margaret Breiton was baptised at Templemore in 1836, mother Margaret Fanning, and one of the sponsors was Ellen Fanning. Given the confluence of Barry and Brierton/Breiton/Bereton/Brearton names in the area, I am concentrating my search there.
    Where is the Loughmoe cemetery located? And can you provide the location of the Philip Barry and Laurence Barry markers?
    Thank you

    1. I am going to email you the Barry graves in Loughmore cemetery. We used Google maps to find the cemetery. It is near Thurles.
      The grave locations will tell you who is buried with who. I have a map of the graves if you want directions to the graves of Philip and Laurence Barry.

      1. Hi Anne Marie,
        Can you let me know if you got my email as I got a strange failed send message from Microsoft. Kathleen

    2. Can you let me know if you got my email with the Barry Loughmore cemetery list? Got a strange failed send message from Microsoft. Kathleen

  8. wow! Awesome, Kathleen! what does the C.4.9 mean?
    any clue as to whee Philip, Richard, or Sarah may have been buried?
    Are they related to the Ryans, also, from Cloone buried in Loughmore Cemetery you think?

    1. Hi Terry,

      C.4.9 is the grave number and location.

      The Ryans in Cloone may have been related but with such a common surname it is very hard to know.

      The father of Edmond Ryan in the census in Cloone was Thomas Ryan.Your Phillip Ryan’s father was Richard Ryan.
      Richard and Thomas could have been brothers but no way to tell.

      Where Philip, Sarah and Philip are buried I don’t know. Not everyone had headstones and some of the ones that had stones are illegible so they could be in Loughmore Cemetery.

      At Philip’s death a Michael Ryan of Church St Templemore was present. They could be in Templemore Cemetery but I don’t know if there are any records for that cemetery.
      Because Ryan is such a common surname Michael Ryan may not be related to Philip at all.

      One thing you could do is post your questions about the Ryans of Cloone on the Ireland Reaching Out site. It is free and they have local Irish people who very generously help people like you connect with their ancestors.
      It is not very user friendly but worth persevering with.
      I don’t know what country you come from but for me an Australian I was so surprised at how small these villages and townlands are. So everyone does know everyone.
      So connecting with a local can really help. The fact that you know they came from Cloone is great.

  9. Hi Kathleen,
    Hoping to get all Crowley grave information from Loughmore if at all possible. At a dead end with Phillip Crowley who married Anstase Clarey (Anastasia Cleary?) In 1800. Don’t have their parents or death dates. Several of their children emigrated to the USA, but other than a few Parish records of marriages and baptism or birth we aren’t finding much luck. Complicating matters is the usage of the same names. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Sharon Crowley

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I had a look at the index to Burials for Loughmore Cemetery.
      There are only three Crowley burials listed. These are the ones you already have.
      In fact, Sue Grieves has more info on her site than this index.
      Loughmore Index has Bridget, John Philip and Cornelius that you already have, most likely siblings. I was intrigued by the comment ‘his parents are interred in Tipperary” and the other interesting thing is that they lived in Loughmore Village. Interred in Tipperary doesn’t make much sense to me and I wonder if it is a mistake. I would post on Ireland Reaching Out and see if a Loughmore local could find the grave and check this. I have had some great help from local people on this site. They could also tell you more about Loughmore Village and may know of the Crowleys in the area.

      The fact that you have discovered a marriage in 1800 is quite something as Irish records usually start a lot later. The chances of finding earlier records are slim. Death records were not kept. So, you have to rely on gravestones but only about 10% had stones erected.

      Other places where you could look:
      The Tithe Applotment Books (1820s) and Griffiths Valuations (1850s). Civil records which start about 1864 are free at irishgenealogy.ie
      Tipperary Studies has a lot of gravestone records not found anywhere else and Historic Graves might have something.

      Good luck with your search.
      Kathleen Fanning

    2. Thank you Kathleen,
      I appreciate your looking at the records for me. Parish records are where we found marriage and birth/baptismal records. I’ll look into the resources you mentioned. I’ve seen Griffith records, but since every generation had a Philip or Cornelius or John if not multiples, it makes it difficult to know if it’s the father, son, cousin, nephew or grandson. Many thanks for the suggestions.

  10. Picking this back up 3+ years later. I had contacted you in 2020 in advance of an intended trip to Tipperary in March. The pandemic scuttled that plan. You were going to send some info on the cemetery but received a failed message notice. Note that the email address contains “nil nil” or “zero zero” not letter “o”. Any chance you might be able to resend?
    Here is the original message.
    “I am researching Barrys that may have come from Loughmoe. James Barry b. circa 1827-31 was married to Margaret Brierton b. c 1836-43. Both emigrated to the US. A Margaret Breiton was baptised at Templemore in 1836, mother Margaret Fanning, and one of the sponsors was Ellen Fanning. Given the confluence of Barry and Brierton/Breiton/Bereton/Brearton names in the area, I am concentrating my search there.
    Where is the Loughmoe cemetery located? And can you provide the location of the Philip Barry and Laurence Barry markers?”

    1. Hi Ann Marie,
      You should be able to find Loughmore Graveyard using Google maps. Laurence Barry is buried in F 30.3 in Loughmore Old Graveyard and Philip Barry is in B.4.5.in Loughmore New Graveyard which is around the new big Church. I think but am not sure the Old Graveyard is at the back amongst some old ruins.
      Loughmore is near Thurles in North Tipperary. Enjoy your time in Tipp!

  11. Hello Anne marie,
    Ive hit a brick wall with the Feehan line of my family. Im wondering if they are buried in Loughmore. Daniel Feehan married a Margaret sweeney they had a daughter Catherine born 1805 who marrried in 1835 a Timothy Flanagan from Holycross but she died in the 1840s or 1850s so wondered if she was buried with her parents in Loughmore as I cant find a gravestone for her in Holycross. Any information would be gratefully received. Great Fanning tree by the way.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Had a look at Loughmore burials and there are only two Feehans and no Flanagans. Catherine Feehan 1892 and Patrick age 54 1878 buried in the same grave.

  12. Hello Kathleen
    I am searching for the burial place of Lawrence Heagney (Haigney, Hagney) and his wife Joanna (Judith) Heagney. Their three daughters , Brigid, Mary and Ann left Whitefield, Loughmore in 1853 for Australia. I believe Lawrence and Joanna had died before this date. I suspect pre 1853 may be too early for your records but there is always hope.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I had a look in the Loughmore burials but no one by that name or anything similar. There were lots of other folk from Whitefield buried in Loughmore Cemetery, so most likely that is where they’re buried. Most people could not afford to have a gravestone erected.
      I looked in Grifiths Valuation but no luck there.
      You could go to the Loughmore Parish records at nli and maybe find their marriage record and the births of their girls. Marriage took place in the bride’s parish.
      These records are not indexed although quite readable. Rootsireland has a day sub which can make it all a lot quicker and easier.

      1. Hi Kathleen
        Would you be able to check the Loughmore burials one more time for me? I think the three girls, Brigid, Mary and Ann Heagney who left Whitefield in 1853 for Australia may have been living with a cousin , John Tuohy and his wife Brigid Tuohy in Whitefield before they left. Their mother’s maiden name was Touhey. In the Griffiths Valuation, Tuohy is spelt Twohy. Could you see if there are any Touhys (spelt any way) buried in Loughmore?
        Thank you,

        1. Hi Margaret,
          Only 8 Tuohys in Loughmore Cemetery.
          8/3/1979 James aged 62 Strogue Z.10.1
          17/07/1924 John 60 Templeree
          9/11/1933 Kate Strogue Z.10.1
          13/03/1968 Mary aged 94 Strogue Z.10.1
          23/02/1995 Tim aged 73 Castleiney Templeree
          04/07/1922 aged 80 William Loughmore
          20/09/1947 Michael aged 84 Z.10.1
          11/08/1842 Rev Thomas Tuohy, C.C., aged 26 Loughmore D.1.2

          1. Thank you Kathleen for your time. This is valuable information for my research.

  13. Thank you Kathleen for searching. Yes they would have been too poor for a gravestone. I know the girls were baptised in Tynagh , Galway but somehow ended up in Whitefield, Loughmore. Perhaps if their father died they may have moved their with their mother. They left there shortly after the famine years. I will keep searching. Thanks again

  14. Hi, Can you tell me if there is a Denis Murray DOD 25th May 1890 buried in the Loughmore Cemetery and who is he buried with. Thanks Michael

    1. Hi Michael,
      Denis Murray is not listed as buried in Loughmore.
      There is only one Murray, Margaret Murray who died 19 Jan 1946 aged 49. No address given.
      Denis may be buried in Loughmore but not have a gravestone.

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