Glass Family of Yackandandah Victoria Australia

The Glass family lived in Yackandandah Victoria Australia. They originated from Bratton in Wiltshire England. My grandmother’s sister Eileen Mackey married Joseph Glass. There are many Glass family members buried in Yackandandah cemetery.

Eileen Mackey married Joseph Glass in Melbourne on 20 November 1919. Eileen called “Sis” was my grandmother’s sister.

Eileen Sis Mackey and Joe Glass Wedding
Wedding of Eileen Mackey and Joe Glass 1919

When my father was growing up he had a lot to do with his cousins, Joe and Bernard, sons of Eileen and Joe, even though they lived in country Victoria at Yackandandah. Because of his fondness for his cousins I have included old photos that we found in a biscuit box and information I have gathered on the Glass family in my Fanning research.

While I am not a direct Glass descendant I hope these photos and the report may be of interest to those who are directly related to the Glass family. I would love to know who the other people are in the above wedding photo.

Joe Glass and Eileen Fanning 7mths cr
Joe Glass with his 7 months old granddaughter, Eileen Glass, at Allans Flat in 1948
Bernard & Joe Glass 1929
Bernard & Joe Glass 1929
Joe & Bernard Glass thanks note back of standing
Inscription on the back of the previous photo 1929
Joe & Bernard Glass 1930 (2)
Joe & Bernard Glass 1930
Joe & Bernard Glass playing cricket cr2
Joe & Bernard Glass
Bernard Glass back of cricket pic cr
Thanking their Aunt Ida, my grandmother.


Joe Glass in uniform cr
Joe Glass

Descendant Report for the Glass Family of Yackandandah Victoria Australia


Jesse Glass and Elizabeth,Arabella and Ethel Glass (1)
Gravestone of Jesse, Elizabeth, Arabella & Ethel Glass Yackandandah Cemetery Victoria
Violet E Glass nee Longton grave Yackandandah
Grave of Edgar Lancelot Glass & Violet Evelyn Glass Yackandandah Cemetery








Teresa Glass
Grave of Teresa Glass Yackandandah Cemetery Victoria
Mary Ellen Longton and Patrick Glass
Gravestone of Mary Longton & Patrick Glass Yackandandah Cemetery Victoria
G E Glass 1943 and Mary Glass Yackandandah Cemetery
G E Glass 1943 and Mary Glass Yackandandah Cemetery


Grave of Delia Glass nee Morrissy & Ernest Glass Yackandandah Cemetery
Grave of Delia Glass nee Morrissy & Ernest Glass Yackandandah Cemetery
Bridget Glass nee Seymour
Bridget Glass nee Seymour Yackandandah Cemetery
Eileen Glass nee Mackey and Joseph Glass
Eileen Glass nee Mackey and Joseph Glass Yackandandah Cemetery
Joe Glass gravestone 1920-2004
Joe Glass gravestone 1920-2004 Yackandandah Cemetery
Bernard F Glass
Bernard F Glass Yackandandah Cemetery


Author: Kathleen

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One thought on “Glass Family of Yackandandah Victoria Australia”

  1. The photo of Joseph Glass with the baby is in fact of me, Eileen Glass. It was taken at our home at Allans Flat in 1948, the year of my birth. I have had this photo in my bedroom for decades.
    Grandfather lived with my parents Joe and Tessie and I was named for my father’s mother, Eileen Mackay. The photo is significant because it was the first time grandfather held me. He had grown up in an era when men did not have anything to do with babies and would often tell my mother not to allow my father to hold me.

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