Ancestry Of Kate Brolan nee Fanning 1875-1952 of Co Tipperary Ireland and New York

Tracing the family in Co Tipperary Ireland of Catherine Brolan nee Fanning born Holycross Co Tipperary 1875 died New York 1952 and her connection to the Fannings of Lissaroon.

The story begins with Kate Fanning who married Michael Brolan, “Mick the tailor”,  in Manhattan New York on 24 Oct 1909. Michael was from the townland of Lissaroon in Co Tipperary Ireland.

Katie  arrived on the Coronia from Queenstown on 22 Sept 1909 and was 26 years old. They would have known each other and their families as they lived close to each other in Co Tipperary.

Michael was born on the 5th March 1875. His parents were Patrick Michael Brolan and Mary Banan. He had two uncles already in New York: Patrick Brolan who was in the US in 1850 and  James Bannon who emigrated around 1869.  His brother Patrick Michael born1880 arrived about 1900 and a sister, Agnes, in 1909.

I have been told by a Brolan descendant that Mick and his brother Patrick left Ireland because of their involvement in anti-British politics and that there was an incident on a bridge that led to them leaving.

The Brolans from Lissaroon are buried in Calvary Cemetery Queens New York across from the Fenian monument.


In Ireland there are quite a few Brolans buried in Inch Old Cemetery Magherareagh, Bouladuff Co Tipperary. The following Brolan headstone is from Historicgraves which gives GPS coordinates for this cemetery..

Brolan Grave at the Old Inch Cemetery
Brolan Grave at the Old Inch Cemetery



Erected By PATRICK BROLAN Lisaroon.
In Memory Of His Father MICHAEL
Who Died 14TH Oct 1882 Aged 75
His Mother AGNES Died 3RD March 1891 Aged 84
His Beloved Wife MARY Died 28TH Aug 1924 Aged 85
And His Brother JOHN BROLAN Bouladuff
Died 27TH Jan 1897 Aged 52
His Wife JULIA Died 31ST Dec 1892 Aged 48
Their Daughter MARY Died 16TH June 1897
Aged 16
And Their Baby Who Died Young

Died 10TH March 1929
Aged 85
JAMES BROLAN Died Dec 1963
His Wife BRIDGET Died Feb 1951
His Sister MARY Died Nov 1964
Died 22ND June 1980
(Interred In Lisboney Nenagh)

R.  I.  P.

I have also recently discovered that two of Mick the tailor Brolan’s uncles and one aunt emigrated to my home town of Melbourne. A Michael and an Anne Brolan came out in Nov 1868 on the “Conflict”. Michael and James Brolan were also tailors. His aunt Anne married John Greaney in Melbourne and had a family. James was married but seems had no children. Michael was married twice and quite possibly has descendants still living in Australia. On Victorian death records their father is Michael Brolan and mother Agnes Cormac.

There was also an extensive Brolan family ( Dennis, William, John, Patrick and Bridget Brolan) living in Queensland, descendants of a William Brolan and Bridget McCarthy from Quarry St Thurles Co Tipperary. They came out before 1888. A good chance they are also related.

Mary Brolan of Beaudesert Queensland Australia 1925
Mary Brolan of Beaudesert Queensland Australia 1925. A descendant of the Quarry St Brolan family.


Back to the story of Kate Brolan nee Fanning.

Kate sailed from Queenstown (Cobh) to New York on the Coronia in 1909.

Passenger list Corinia
Manifest of the Coronia
Manifest of the Coronia

William Bannon parents were John Bannan and Mary Fanning. Mary came from Lissaroon. It is possible Kate and William were cousins.

I have been told by a Brolan descendant that Kate’s family came from Lissaroon which is where my Fanning ancestors came from.

I have been trying to find out how Kate is related to William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon.

It is possible that the Fannings and Brolans are related by marriage going back. Michael Brolan was married to Agatha Cormac around 1840 and earlier about 1806 William Fannin married Honora McCormack. The Cormack or McCormack family was one of the main families living in the small townland of Lissaroon. I am looking to see if I can find out if  Honoria was Agatha’s aunt.

Kate’s parents were James Fanning and Alice Long. They were married in Holycross Parish in Ballycahill Catholic Church on Feb 20th 1873. Martin Eviston and Mary Long were witnesses.

James was a farmer from Kill  in Drom Parish and his father was John Fanning, also a farmer.  Alice’s father was William Long and a farmer from Barracurra which close to Lissaroon.

Drom & Ballycahill parishes in North Tipperary
Drom & Ballycahill parishes in North Tipperary
Map showing Lissaroon, Barracurra and Kilvilcorris
Map showing Lissaroon, Barracurra and Kilvilcorris

The children of James Fanning and Alice Long were all baptised in Holycross Parish. James and Alice lived at Barracurra.

The children of James Fanning and Alice Long were:

Margaret baptised June 18, 1874. Her godparents were John Ryan and Margaret Fanning.

Then came Kate, baptised as Catherine, on 14th Nov 1875. Her sponsors were William Fanning and Alice Long.

After Catherine in 1877 John was born. He was baptised on 10th May 1877 and sponsors for him were Joseph Fanning and Ellen McGrath.

Mary Fanning was born in 1879 and baptised on the 18th of Oct in that year. Bridget Long and Mary Fanning were sponsors.

Then in 1882 Alice Fanning was born. Her sponsors were John and Joanna Banon. She was baptised on Feb 17th 1882.

William Fanning was born 14th July 1884 and baptised on 28th July.

The informant for all their births was Mary Darmody, except in the case of Mary. Honoria Mulcahy, an Ursuline nun, Sister Mary Baptist, was the informant for her birth.

In the 1901 and 1911 Census records James and his family are living at Barracurra where Alice came from. In 1901 his age is given as 58 which would mean he was born about 1843 but in the 1911 Census his age is 72 which would make his birth about 1839.

James Fanning & family in the 1901 Census
James Fanning & family in the 1901 Census
1901 Census House 6 Kilvilcorris Co Tipperary
1911 Census House 1 James Fanning & family Barracurragh Co Tipperary

Alice Fanning died age 67, on 28 April 1912 at Barracurra. Her husband James died three years later on Dec 30, 1915 age 68.

Now comes the hard part, identifying the parents of James Fanning, Kate’s grandparents. On the marriage record for James Fanning and Alice Long his address is given as Kill. This is an abbreviation.

Tipperary Family History Research found only one baptism about 1840 for a James Fanning from Drom with the address as “Kill”. He was born in the Parish of Drom June 3 1838. His parents were John Fanning and Margaret Russell. Their address is was given as Kile. His godparents were Bridget and Pat Mahony.

There were also Fannings living in the townland of Killahagan in Drom Parish but TFHR did not find a baptism there for James Fanning born c 1840. Living there were Thomas, John senior and John jnr Fannon. On the above map you can see that the two townlands, Kilvilcorris and Killahagan are next to each other.

John Fanning and Margaret Russell were married in 1827 in Drom Parish Co Tipperary. I am waiting for TFHR to send me their marriage record which hopefully will have John’s father’s name and maybe an address. Unfortunately their marriage record has no parents or address! They were married in Drom Parish on Jan 30 1827 and William Russell and William Purcell were witnesses.

The Tithe Applotment Books are now online at the National Archives site.

In 1825 in the townland of Kilvacorus there is a John Fanning with 15 acres and a Edm Fanning senior with 11 acres and a Edm Fanning junior with 11 acres also. These are most likely John’s father and brother.

Kilvilcoris in 1825 Tithe Applotment Books
Tenants in Kilvilcoris Townland in the 1825 Tithe Applotment Books

I have had all this information in a folder and have not added it to any family trees as I am not absolutely sure that the parents of James Fanning are John Fanning and Margaret Russell and how they are related to my Fanning ancestors. I am posting all I have in the hope someone may be able to confirm or otherwise or add to what I have. Nothing much will happen if it all stays in the folder!

I am at the stage in my research of the Fanning family in Co Tipp where I have exhausted all the sources I can online and all the new information and stories and photos come from readers contacting me, which I love.

Kilvilcorris 1855 Map from Landed Estates Rentals
Kilvilcorris 1855 Map from Landed Estates Rentals
John,Joseph,Widow Fanning Killvillcoris Landed Estates
Tenants in Kilvilcorris landed estates 1855

The children of Margaret Russell and John Fanning of Kilvilcorris, all born in the parish of Drom, were:

Edward Fanning baptised Jan 18 1828 , address Kile. Sponsors were James Fanning and Cath Russell.

William Fanning baptised 29 March 1831. Address given as Kille. Sponsors were Joe Fanning and Mary Donovan. William married Emma Flynn.  Laurence and Margaret Fanning are listed as their children in the 1901 Census. I have a marriage record for them from for 16 Oct 1880 Kill Drom. She is listed as Amy Flynn Fanning. On the 1901 Census her name is written as Anny Fanning.

Catherine Fanning baptised 28 July 1833. Address Kille. Sponsors were Thomas Doherty and Mary Fanning.

James Fanning baptised June 3 1838. Address Kile. Sponsors Pat and Bridget Mahony.

Joseph Fanning baptised July 12 1840. Address Kile. Sponsor was Ellen Gleeson.

Margaret Fanning baptised June 28 1842. Address Drom. Sponsors Edm Fanning and Mary Russell.

Johanna Fanning baptised Jan 1 1845. Address Kill. Sponsors were Michael Ryan and Mary Fanning.

This information on the Fannings at Killvilcorris is from Griffiths Valuation about 1850:

John Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Parish of Drom, Townland of Drom. Map reference 8. Street Number 37A. House,Office and garden: 31 perches, net annual value of land: 3 shillings, net annual value of buildings: 6 pounds 15 shillings. Mar 1850.

Joseph Fanning Poor Law Union of Thurles, Parish of Drom, Townland of Drom. Street no 50A. House, offices, and land: 26 acres 2 roods 22 perches, net annual value of land: 27 pounds 16 shillings, net annual value of buildings 4 pounds 1 shilling.

No 50B is leased by Joseph Fanning to Judith Harris and consists of a house with a net annual value of 14 shillings. Map reference 45. Mar 1850.

The entries for Fanning in the 1901 and 1911 Census for the townland of Kilvilcorris are below:

House no 12 Kilvilcorris 1901 Census
House no 6 Kilvilcorris Drom 1901 Census
House no 6 Kilvilcorris 1911 Census
House no 6 Kilvilcorris 1911 Census

In the 1911 Census there is no house No 12 or other Fannings living in Kilvilcorris other than those at No 6.

John and Margaret Fanning nee Russell and other family members are buried in the New Drom Cemetery in Co Tipperary. The gravestone has been transcribed but is very hard to read.


Erected to the memory of John Fanning of Kilvacorus who died Aug 15 1873 aged 31, also in memory of Margaret MaGrath. John Fanning died Aug 20 1876 aged 90 years. Also his wife and Margaret Russell who died June 15 1882 aged 86.

The gravestone inscription record from Irish Family History Foundation has John’s age as 90 and date of death as 20 August 1876.

Back of Fannings of Kilvilcorris gravestone Drom Cemetery
Back of Fannings of Kilvilcorris gravestone Drom Cemetery

This side has been transcribed as “And their son William who died March 10 1903? aged 70 ?years also his son John who died April ?? aged? also Laurence Fanning died June 19?? aged 50 years inserted by his mother. It is so hard to read that some of the above may be guesses.

The Civil death records show:

John Fanning of Kill died age 36 on 15 August 1873. The informant being William Fanning of Kill.

John Fanning of Drom died 23 July 1875, aged 23. Informant was Mary Fanning.

John Fanning of Drom in the Parish of Templemore died Dec 7, 1876 aged 84.

John Fanning the son of William died age 18 on 25 Feb  1899.

William who was Katie Fanning’s uncle died March 13 1901 of influenza. He was 70. His wife is listed as Anny Fanning.

This is as far as I can go with my quest to find how Katie is related to William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon.

From the Tithe Applotment Book it looks like an Edmond Fanning was the father of John Fanning who married Margaret Russell. I was told the Fannins came to Lissaroon about 1741. William Fannin was born about 1731, so he was about ten years old. Edward Fannin senior on the Kilvacorrus Tithe Applotment page could be his brother which would mean that Lisaroon was his home.

I have been told by a Brolan descendant that in Ballycahill Cemetery there is a Darmody grave which also has two of Kate Brolan nee Fanning’s siblings buried there as well.

Author: Kathleen

I have done an Ancestry DNA test and also have uploaded my test results to GedMatch. My GedMatch kit numbers are A029138 and T470174. Please contact me if we are a match. kathleenmfanningAThotmailDOTcom

8 thoughts on “Ancestry Of Kate Brolan nee Fanning 1875-1952 of Co Tipperary Ireland and New York”

  1. Hi Kathleen,

    We’re almost certainly related, although I think the connection may go back further than my records do. I am also descended from Fannings and Longs in Drom Parish in Tipperary. Specifically, my 3x great grandparents are Joseph Fanning (b. ? d.?) and Mary Long (b. 1816 d.1898).

    Their children were:

    Mary Fanning 1842 –
    Bridget Fanning 1844 –
    Edmund Fanning 1845 –
    Oliver Fanning 1847 –
    John Fanning 1849 –
    Anastatia Fanning 1853 – 1919 (my 2x great grandmother)
    Patrick Fanning 1854 –
    Judith (Johanna) Fanning 1857 –
    Joseph Fanning 1860 –

    Mary Long was one of the children of my 4x great grandparents John Long (b. est 1789 d. 1865) and Mary Lynch (b. est 1795 d. 1880), also of Drom parish.

    There seems to be a Russell connection as well through someone who appears from grave records to be one of Mary Long’s sisters, a Honoria Long who married a Thomas Russell in Drom Parish. I do have somewhat more, but as I’m not sure any of this is of use to you, I’ll hold off on sending it for now.

    1. Hi Michael,

      We could well be related. Drom and Inch Parish are next door to Loughmore Parish where many of my ancestors came from.

      An Irish fourth cousin told me that all the Fannings in North Tipperary area are descended from William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon or even William’s parents. Lissaroon is in Inch parish also. Don’t know if this is a family exaggeration. I was also told one of my grgrgrandfather’s was a high court judge. He turned out to be a policeman!

      Lack of early records is a problem. I am hoping when the digitised catholic records go online through the National Library Dublin to be able to trace my ancestral extended family tree further.

      Do you know who Joseph’s parents were? His father?
      Oliver is an unusual Irish christian name, no doubt thanks to Oliver Cromwell. I noted that Oliver was one of a few names forbidden to be used by Prince William and Kate for their child for the same reason. But unusual names are great for tracing family history!

      I am about to go on a two month holiday and am busy with last minute things but I would be most interested to see what else you have on your Fanning ancestry. When I get back I can get my head back into the family tree and see if there are any links. So if you do send me more I won’t be able to get back to you for at least two months.

      If you don’t want to or can’t put your additional information here you can email me at kathleenmfanningAThotmailDOTcom. A plus to putting it on this blog is that other people see it and can contact you etc.

      all the best

      Kathleen Fanning

      1. I’m not certain who Joseph Fanning’s parents were. He MAY have been the Joseph Fanning baptized in Moycarkey Parish (North Tipperary parish map) on 10 Mar 1807 whose parents were (another) Joseph Fanning and Johanna Moore. He was apparently the only child the two of them had.

        I may have more information by the time of your return. If so, I’ll be sure to let you know.


        Michael Sheridan

  2. Hi Liz
    If you find anything linking the Russells and Fannings let me know. As Margaret Russell married a Fanning and so far back I won’t be researching her family. regards kathleen

  3. Hi Liz,
    If you find any Fanning Russell connections I’d be most interested. I won’t be researching Margaret Russell’s family as it would be very difficult and going off on a bit of a tangent. regards Kathleen

    1. Hi Pasco,
      If you have the time and inclination I am very interested in how these families are related, who married who.
      Fannings also have Lisheenatagert connections.
      Not sure if you live in Tipperary, but if you do, do you know which townland is referred to as Kill in records?
      Have you also heard of any connections between Kate Fanning and the Fannings from Lissaroon?
      look forward to anything you can tell me

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