Callanan Graves In Killinan Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

Callanan gravestone photos from Killinan Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland.

Killinan Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Killinan Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Killinan Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Killinan Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

While I was looking for some Fanning graves in Killinan Cemetery I came across all these Callanan and Callinan graves. I didn’t find the Fanning grave I was looking for unfortunately.

The grave I was looking for is listed by Jim Ryan as “Erected by John Fanning of Thurles in memory of his wife Margaret Fanning alias Fitzpatrick who died September 25, 1864, aged 52 years”. If anyone finds this one in Killinan I’d like a photo.

While there is no direct relationship to Callanans and Fannings they were frequently witnesses and sponsors at Fanning marriages and baptisms and so must have been family friends and perhaps related. Some of these graves are the oldest I saw in cemeteries in Co Tipperary. I would like to hear from any Callinans who know of a connection between the two families.

Edmond Callinan was godfather to John Fanning born 20 May 1809, Andrew Callinan godfather to Michael Fanning born 23 Sept 1810, and John Callanan was godfather to Mary Fanning born 20 Mar 1821 and Mary Callinan sponsored Patrick Fanning born 4 Dec 1826. These were all children of Edmond Fanning and Judith Darmody. William Callanan and Mary Callinan were godparents to Edmund Fanning born 29 June 1835 and Michael Callinan sponsored Catherine Fanning born 28 May 1837. These were the children of John Fanning and Margaret Fitzpatrick who I believe, but don’t have absolute proof, were three grandchildren of Edmund and Judy Fanning nee Darmody. This would make John Big Bill’s brother. (Big Bill being my gggrandfather who emigrated to Australia in 1841).

Killinan is a small cemetery. The gravestone inscriptions have been transcribed by Jim Ryan for IGP. Below are his entries for Callanan.

Erected by Andrew Calanan in memory of his father Cornelious Calanan of Aurdbane
who died January the 4th 1797 aged 72 years   Also the above Andrew Calanan who
died April the 15th 1832 aged 65 years.

Andrew:   See MAHER, Margaret.

In memory of Andrew Callanan of Brittas who departed this life Feb 28th, 1864
aged 60 years   Also his daughter Margaret Callanan who died Jan 16, 1865, aged 27
years   Here lyes also the remains of John Callanan who died June 9th, 1837, aged
70 years   And Bridget Callanan alias Maher wife to the above Andrew Callanan
died 7th February 1884 aged 75 years   Ellen Shelly Alis Callanan who died June
20 1885 aged 33 years   Edward Callanan who died June 21st, 1900, aged 25 years
Ellen Callanan Nee Bourke who died Dec 12th, 1901, aged 60 years

Erected by Andrew Callanan of Thurles to the memory of her niece Bridget
O'Connell (Tiny Hackett) died July 7th, 1917, aged 30 years   R I P

Here lies the body of Cornelious Callanan who died March the 9th 1803 aged 72
May he rest in peace

Cornelius Callanan of Leugh who died 17th May 1821 aged 45 years   Also his wife
Mary Callanan who died 21st August 1805 aged 84 years

Erected by Cornelius Callanan of Luigh in memory of his father Cornelius
Callanan who died 8th Dec 1891 aged 75 years   Also his mother Honoria who died
Nov 1888 aged 80 years   Cornelius Callanan died 3rd June 1926 aged 78 years
Mary Callanan died 5 Nov 1926 aged 72 yrs   Patrick Callanan died 1 Feb 1974
aged 87 years   Cornelius Callanan died 7 April 1952 aged 68 years   Johanna
Callanan (nee Loyde) Leugh Bridge died 24th March 1982   Johanna Cass (nee
Callanan) died 26th Jan 1949   Hanora Cass died 29th May 1959

Cornelius Callanan Leugh died 12th Nov 1936   His wife Mary died 24th June 1945
also, their sons William died 21 Feb 1899   Martin died in Australia 1947
Andrew died 30th June 1965   Erected by his wife Mary Callanan
Egan Jn St Cashel
Side Panel
Bridget Callanan died 1 March 1967   Michael Callanan died 9 Oct 1928   Margaret
Callanan died 28th Nov 1980

Here lies the body of James Callanan of Brittas who died July 3rd, 1831, aged 58
years   May he rest in peace   Amen   Willie Callanan Cabra age 17 died Sept 3
1939   Catherine Callanan Cabra age 66 died 31 Jan 1953   William Callanan Cabra
age 68 died 22 Sept 1954

Johanna:   See BRODERICK Alice.

Here rests the body of John Callanan of Aurdbaun who died June 27th, 1791, aged 32
years   May he rest in peace   Amen (Small Stone in front) To granny
Nellie Callanan Ardbawn died 2nd March 1982 aged 75 years   Rest in peace

In loving memory of John Joe Callanan West Gate Thurles who died 19th Dec 1970
And Kathleen Callanan who died 2nd April 1942   Christina (Chris) Callanan died
30th March 1986 aged 77 years   Infant Rachal Callanan died 30th July 1985

Mary: See MAHER Denis

Mary:  See KELLY, Edwd.

Michael died 2 Nov 1928 aged 82   Mary (nee Maher) died 10 March 1910   Patsy
died 26 Sept 1941 aged 87   Willie died 19 Sept 1942 aged 86   Con died 30 Sept
1940 age 39   Michael died 11 May 1941 age 81/2 Mollie (nee Dougan) died 24th
Dec 1974 age 70

Erected by Michael Callanan of Clougheraley in memory of his son Denis Callanan
who depd this life April 21st, 1830, agd 17 years   May God have mercy on his
soul   Amen   Also the above Michael Callanan depd this life April 2nd, 1835, aged
60 years

Erected by William Callanan in memory of his mother Johanna Callanan alias
Gorman died 19th April 1840 aged 50 years   Also her father Denis Callanan died
13th December 1864 aged 84 years   The above William Callanan died 20th April
1898 aged 70   May their souls rest in peace   Amen

Below are photos of Callinan graves in Killinan Cemetery near Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland.

Killinan Cemetery Callanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland
Killinan Cemetery Callanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland (3)

Killinan Cemetery Callanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland (4)

Killinan Cemetery Callanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland (5)

Killinan Cemetery Callanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland (7)

Killinan Cemetery Callanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland (8)

Killinan Cemetery Callanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland (6)

Killinan Cemetery Callanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland

Killinan Cemetery Callanan Gravestones Co Tipperary Ireland

Killinan CemeteryCallanan Graves Co Tipperary Ireland

Author: Kathleen

I have done an Ancestry DNA test and also have uploaded my test results to GedMatch. My GedMatch kit numbers are A029138 and T470174. Please contact me if we are a match. kathleenmfanningAThotmailDOTcom

11 thoughts on “Callanan Graves In Killinan Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland”

  1. Callanan
    In loving memory of John Joe Callanan West Gate Thurles who died 19th Dec 1970
    And Kathleen Callanan who died 2nd April 1942 Christina (Chris) Callanan died
    30th March 1986 aged 77 years Infant Rachal Callanan died 30th July

    The above is my grandfather John Joe and my grandmother Kathleen and Chris was John Joe’s second wife my step granmother. I do not know of any relations to Fanning I am sorry.

    1. Thank you for adding your relations. There may have been no Callanan Fanning marriages it is possible they were just good friends.

  2. Hi Mitchell,
    I think it fairly unlikely that there would be a connection between Galway Callinans and those in Tipperary as people did not seem to move far away from their place of birth in those days. I could be wrong in your case but I would focus on Co Galway. I know little about the Tipperary Callinans other than that they must have been relatives or friends of my Fannings. Good luck with your search.

  3. Grateful to have found this site. Most of these pics are my family members. My Great Grandmothers was Ellen (Nellie) Callanan. Putting together my family tree and enjoy every opportunity that I get to cross a gem like this. Get to see a bit of MY history.
    Would be very interested in any other Callanan family history that I could find.

    1. Hi Bill,
      The Callinan family graves at Killinan were very impressive, so many and going back so far. I have not seen such a collection of family graves like these. I couldn’t resist photographing them.
      I have kept an eye out for Fanning Callinan connections as three Callinans were sponsors at my gggrandfather’s siblings, baptisms. I have checked for any Callinan Fanning marriages but so far have not found any. I suspect they were family friends and neighbours.
      You will find Callinans in the Tithe Applotment Books, in Griffith’s Valuations and most likely in the 1901 and 1911 Census records, all free online. I think that two Callinans that I came across were soldiers. If you find any Fanning Callinan connections let me know and if I can help you also get back to me. regards Kathleen

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    Lovely to see these headstones. Came across this site by accident. I have been trying to put a Callanan family history together and a trip to graveyards is on the agenda. You may have saved me one trip. My family is from West Cork and I am based in Dublin. I find records in Ireland hard to track because we lost so much history in the fire in Four Courts. I tried the Griffiths Valuation and Tithe Applotments but I was missing the 50 years between these and 1901 Census. So I have started into something that has become a bit of a monster. I created spreadsheet of all Callanan’s in Griffiths and Tithe App. and merged them. Then I mergered the 1901 with 1911 Census. I still have to combine these two but I also created another list available on-line from the National Archives which is all the wills from 1858 to 1922. This also has to be merged in. Problem at the moment is some records in census are recorded as Callanan, some Calnan and some Callinan. But I am familiar with the Tipperary Callanans especially the large number of Conrnelius, a real family name for this branch of Callanans. I have not yet come across Fannings but I have not been checking marriage records (yet).

    Denis Callanan

    1. Hi Denis,
      The Callanan graves in Killanan cemetery are worth seeing, they are very impressive, so many and going back so far. They must have been quite well off to have gravestones and a also a very established family around Thurles. There are more Callanan surname variations in the Rootsireland site under help.
      If you ever come across a Fanning Callanan connection let me know.

      Came across some Callanan gravestone photos on Jane Lyons’ site From Ireland. They are in Drom cemetery in Tipp.

      I am contemplating a trip to Ireland with the aim being to look at the Thurles records in the Nat Library. I am wondering what it is like trying to transcribe these records from microfilm?? Like to know how it has been for you, so I have some idea of what to expect, time wise and difficulty.
      regards Kathleen

  5. From the family tree
    3 callanan brothers arrived at racecorse and bought land i persume it was were you saw the graves
    Some of the callanan must have moved to the dovea and the ragg
    Drom and inch
    I don’t see any Fanning’s on the callanan family tree
    I could send it to you
    I don’t think it’s complete some are buried in inch here’s some Fanning’s

    1. Thanks. Yes I’d be interested to see the Callanan Family tree. My interest in the Callanans of Racecourse is that many sponsors for my Fanning children were Callanans. My Fannings lived in Racecourse and then Grange Thurles. Possibly the Callanans were just good neighbours rather than relatives.They seemed to be very outgoing involved people. My grgrandmotherx3 Judy Darmody came from Racecourse. Do you know of any Darmody Callanan connection?

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