“The Big House” Lissaroon Co Tipperary

Dovea House owned by the Trant family was the “Big House” for the Fannings of Lissaroon. in Co Tipperary.The Trants owned much land and a number of mansions in Ireland.

Lissaroon home of William Fannin 1731- 1802 Co Tipperary Ireland

William Fannin leased land at Lissaroon. He is the earliest Fanning ancestor I have been able to trace. The remains of his relatively large house remain although they have not been lived in for years.

The Trants owned this land and much more in the area. Landedestates.ie describes the Trant holdings in their Landed Estates of Munster database:

“The Trants had originally held lands in the barony of Corkaguiny, county Kerry but by the early 19th century were more associated with county Tipperary, residing at Dovea in that county. By the end of the 18th century they held land in counties Tipperary, Kildare, Limerick, Cork and Kerry and rentals for these estates are included in the Trant Papers. John F. Collis and Stephen E. Rice were agents at various times for the Trant estates. In 1813 John Trant sold his estate in the barony of Corkaguiny to Lord Ventry (D 27,862 NLI). The Trants had marriage connections with the Fitzgibbon family Earls of Clare, the Brooke family of Colesbrooke, county Fermanagh and Prittie family, Baron Dunalley. The Ordnance Survey Field Name Books indicate that William Trant was the proprietor of townlands in the parish of Dingle, county Kerry, in the 1840s. William Henry Trant held land in the parishes of Killeenagarriff and Stradbally, (Druminboy), barony of Clanwilliam, county Limerick, at the time of Griffith’s Valuation. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation the estate of John Trant was in the parishes of Ballycahill, Inch, Loughmoe West and Thurles, barony of Eliogarty, county Tipperary. In the 1870s the Trants owned 2,970 acres in county Tipperary.”

One of the mansions the Trants owned in Co Tipperary was Dovea House. This was the “Big House” for the Fannings and where they would have paid their rent.

Dovea House Old photo
An old photo of Dovea House, date ?
Dovea House
Dovea House
Portico of Dovea House

Dovea, a house built circa 1830s and occupied by J. Trant in 1837. John Trant held the property in fee at the time of Griffith’s Valuation when the buildings were valued at £79+.



Grifiths Valuation John Trant's considerable holdings in Dovea Lower.
Grifiths Valuation John Trant’s considerable holdings in Dovea Lower.
Dovea House 1846 owned by John Trant Esq Valuation Office House Book for Dovea Lower
Dovea House 1846 owned by John Trant Esq
Valuation Office House Book for Dovea Lower misspelt as Grant.

John Trant Esq owned all of the townland of Lissaroon and there were no leases in 1845.

This house was still in the possession of the Trant family at the beginning of the 1940s but by the time of the Irish Tourist Association Survey had been bought by Ballduff Co Operative, Thurles, who had plans to turn it into a model farm. It is now the headquarters of Dovea Genetics.

Dovea in the 1960’s
Dovea 2018 T. Casey

The Trants also owned a house at Kilrush. John Ellis was occupying a house valued at 14 pounds in Kilrush at the time of Griffith’s Valuation. He held the property from John Trant.

This  John Ellis was murdered and the Cormack brothers were falsely accused of his murder and publicly hung in Nenagh. They are now buried in Loughmore Cemetery.

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3 thoughts on ““The Big House” Lissaroon Co Tipperary”

  1. I am looking for some information on the history of Dovea House.
    My great grandparents, Thomas Roberts was a groom and my great grandmother Amelia Hayes was a servant. This information is on the record of their marriage in 1878.
    I am planning a trip with my cousin next year and we would be interested to see where our great grandparents spent some of their lives.

    Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.


    Susan Bracegirdle

    1. Hi Susan,
      Dovea House is owned by Dovea Genetics and they have a little about its history on their website. It was built in the 1830s by the Trant family.I think you would be able to visit it and no doubt they have more info on its history there. Have a look at landedestates.nuigalway.ie as it is on this register. Sash windows conservation also has some old photos. You could email Dovea Genetics and they might send you some history. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Dear Kathleen

    Many thanks for your reply. I will contact Dovea House for further information.

    good to know the building still exists.

    Thanks again


    Susan Bracegirdle

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