Gormley Family History, Old Photos of Co Roscommon

The Gormley family emigrated to the colony of New South Wales in 1853 and settled at Darkwater Creek on the mid-north coast of NSW. They came from Co Roscommon. These old photos of Co Roscommon were taken by Robert French between 1870 and 1910 and are in the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.

Co Roscommon

Cornelius Gormley was married to Ann McDermott and they both came from Co Roscommon. They emigrated with their children in 1853 and settled near Gladstone in NSW. One of their daughters, Ellen, married John Henry Fanning. She was the daughter- in- law of my gggrandfather, William Patrick Fanning, who came out to the colony of Victoria in 1841.

I have two names of places of origin for Cornelius Gormley and his wife Anne and their children. They come from the passenger list for the Ellenborough 1853. I thought Ann was born in Mantea but I cannot find any place like this. The closest is Mantuar. On this list Connor and his children are listed as coming from what looks like Ogullary. Again the closest to this I can find at this stage is Ogulla which is 19 kms from Mantuar. I also have Cornelius’s wife’s surname as MacDermid. In Griffith’s Valuations there are no MacDermids but 850 entries in Co Roscommon for McDermott! So I am going with that.

Co Roscommon Civil Parishes
Co Roscommon Civil Parishes

On this map of the Civil Parishes of Co Roscommon Ogulla is 47 and Kilcolagh, where Mantuar is situated, is 26. They are about 19 kms from each other

This map is from Genuki Co Roscommon.

The following photos taken between 1870 and 1910 by Robert French are of areas in Roscommon close to where the Gormleys and McDermotts would have lived.

Bridge St Boyle Co Roscommon
Bridge St Boyle Co Roscommon
Police Barracks Co Roscommon
Police Barracks Co Roscommon
Barrack St Boyle Co Roscommon
Barrack St Boyle Co Roscommon
Boat Harbor Rock Co Roscommon
Boat Harbor Rock Co Roscommon
Main St Boyle Co Roscommon
Main St Boyle Co Roscommon
Main St Roscommon Co Roscommon
Main St Roscommon Co Roscommon

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Author: Kathleen

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15 thoughts on “Gormley Family History, Old Photos of Co Roscommon”

  1. My Great Grandfather , James Gormley was born in Roscommon and baptised in Kilbride Catholic Churc (Baptisimal name was Jacobus).
    He moved to Dublin, married a Dublin girl called Mary and had one son, Peter – my grandfather. My father, Peter had two brothers and three sisters. All are now deceased.

    1. Hi James
      Thanks for contributing this info. I wonder if you are related?
      Do you know if Kilbride is near Mantuar or Ogulla?

    2. Hi James,
      I was born in Roxboro, Roscommon and christened in Derrane Church. Accross the road there is the remains of James Gormley’s shop, pub and petrol station. They were still there when I was a child in the early 1960s. Are you related to that branch of the Gormley family.
      My family name is Croghan. My father is Tom Croghan . He was born and live d in Roxboro until 1963 when he moved to Roscommon Town. He was born in 1922 and is still alive aged 91 years.

      1. Hi Paul,
        One of my ancestors married a Gormley from Co Roscommon, so I don’t know a lot about the Gormleys, although with the help of Gormley descendants I am finding out more. and will add it to my blog.regards Kathleen

      2. Hi Paul, Just came across this site in a search. I have lots of records of my Digby family’s time in Roscommon and there are Croghans listed as tenants of Drumdaff. Luke Croghan is in the 1817 & 1818 Drumdaff conacre record, Michael 1817, Peter 1817. These are the only mentions of Coghans I have, but thought they may be of interest if they are your family.

  2. My g.granfather, Martin Collins, married Bridget McDermott on 26th May, 1862 at St. Mary’s Chapel, Walsall, England.
    Bridget was born in Boyle, Co. Roscommon in June 1842 & baptised at St.Joseph’s, Boyle on 9th June1842, her sponsors were Thomas Corcoran & Bridget Ryan, who was her aunt & her mother’s sister.

  3. My g.granmother, Bridget Collins nee McDermott, was from Boyle. Her parents were Patrick McDermott roe (which means red……..he had red hair) who had married Maria Ryan on 23rd October 1841 at St. Josephs Catholic Church, Boyle. The winesses were Nial Mulvogue & Catherline Murray.
    At some time in the 1850 they moved to England & settled in Walsall. This would have been about the same time as your relatives, C. Gormley & Ann McDermott left for Oz. It is possible that Ann & Patrick were related ?

    1. It is possible but there were a lot of Mc Dermotts in Co Roscommon. On the map of Roscommon Boyle is no 7 which is relatively close to where Ann and Cornelius Gormley came from.

      I have gone off on a bit of a tangent with the Gormleys as they are the family of the wife of a Fanning. Coincidentally I live close to where the Gormleys settled and drive past the cemetery where they are buried on my way to work. It is a coincidence as I live about 18 hours drive away from where I was born and from where the Fannings settled in Victoria!

      All the Catholic Parish registers with birth and marriage records are being digitised and will be put online probably at end of next year (a guess) and you may be able to track Bridget further without spending a fortune paying for records.

      Ann McDermott’s father was a Michael. Looking for where I got this info I came across a post from Rootsweb where the person was saying there were lots of Hanleys in Boyle Co Roscommon. This caught my interest as one of Ann’s daughters married a Timothy Hanley in NSW. He may well have been from Boyle and his family and the Gormleys connected.

      Thanks for making contact and maybe someone else will see your question and be related.

  4. Jimmy Gormley c. 1907 was a funeral director in Passaic and Hackensack,NJ.
    He died c.1978, I believe he had a daughter.
    He attended St Nick’s school in Passaic and was a dear friend of the Hoare-Hanley
    family. His roots were in Roscommon

    1. There is a Hanley Gormley connection in NSW Australia also which is interesting given your surname.
      Eliza Gormley, daughter of Cornelius Gormley who emigrated from Co Roscommon in 1883, married Timothy Hanley in NSW in 1883.
      Timothy was also born in Co Roscommon. His father was a Thomas Hanly. Cornelius was born in Ogulla ? Co Roscomon.
      So I wonder if Jimmy Gormley was related to Cornelius? Thanks for contributing. Kathleen

    2. Jimmy Gormley (aka Uncle Jimmy to me), the Funeral Director from Hackensack, had a brother , Charlie, and I believe his father was James Vincent Gormely from Roscommon, as you say Eleanor. Charlie went to USA then brought over Jimmy to America.
      Jimmy was my mother’s Uncle.

      …and the search continues.

  5. Hello! I just happened to stumble upon your website when searching online for information about my great grandmother Ellen Fannon. What I do know about her is she was born in Ireland in 1872, emigrated to New York (Niagara region) in 1885, and married John Rogers (born in America to Irish born parents) in 1891. My grandmother Mary Veronica Rogers Smith (born 1902), was the youngest of Ellen’s 4 children.

    I am having great difficulty finding Ellen’s parents. I do not have their names, but it has been passed down through family word that she came from Co. Roscommon.
    The most frustrating part of this search is I am able to easily trace other parts of my family back to 1630 Germany, but the Irish part is where my heart lies and I can find almost nothing before 1872. I find myself so completely drawn to my Irish heritage, and this block is maddening.
    If you have anything you might suggest, please feel free. You’ve done a lovely job with your site and I wish you well!

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