Fogarty Family of Lisheenataggart Loughmore West Co Tipperary Ireland

The Fogarty and Fanning families are linked by marriage in Co Tipperary Ireland. William Fanning married Catherine Fogarty of Lisheenataggart Loughmore West Co Tipperary and they lived at Clondoty Co Tipperary and raised their fifteen children there .Includes a list of all Fogarty graves in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland.

Map of irish Counties use
Map of Irish Counties

William Fanning of Clondoty was married to Catherine Fogarty of Lisheenataggart in Loughmore West Parish Co Tipperary Ireland. Her father was Thomas Fogarty and her mother was Honoria Long. Her grandparents were Cornelius Fogarty and Catherine Birmingham.

William (Billy) Fanning and his wife Catherine Fanning nee Fogarty outside their house at Clondoty Co Tipperary

Thomas Fogarty did not have any sons so he bought the Clondoty property off his cousin, also called Thomas Fogarty, and gave it to his daughter Catherine and son-in-law William Fanning.

Catherine Fanning nee Fogarty Clondoty

William and Catherine Fanning raised their family of fifteen children at Clondoty.

Map of Clondoty & Lishnataggart & Lissaroon & Clonomucogue

Area north of Thurles Showing Clondoty, Clonomuckoge, Lisheenataggert and Lissaroon in Co TipperaryThese are Fogarty gravestone inscriptions from Loughmore Catholic Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland. I am not sure how many are related and what the relationships are as yet. Many of the Fogarty and Fanning records I need are not in the North Tipperary genealogy database. As I find traces of the Fogarty family of Lisheenataggart I will add them to this post. Anyone further info on them or leads would be much appreciated :

Fogarty Catherine died 28.8.1862 aged 18 years, Cornelius died 3.9.1867 aged 27 years, Ellen died 9.6.1879 aged 28 years. Fogarty Catherine, erected by Cornelius Fogarty of Lisheenataggart in memory of his wife who died 3.2.1854 aged 74 years, the above Cornelius died 8.11.1868 aged 96 years. Fogarty Cornelius died 13.7.1774 aged 27 years. Fogarty Honoria, erected by Daniel Fogarty of Whitefield in memory of his wife who died 12.11.1912 aged 75 years, above Daniel died 12.2.1915 aged 74 years, his son Michael of Graigue, Drom died 3.4.1932 aged 57 years and his wife Alicia nee Looby died 15.10.1915 aged 87 years. Fogarty John Esq died 3.6.1927 aged 80 years, his wife Nannie, of Dublin died 24.7.1896. Michael of Lisheenatagart died 23.1.1935 aged 79 years, his wife Elizabeth died 8.2.1931 aged 68 years. Fogarty John, erected by Richard Fogarty in memory of his father John Fogarty of Kilrush who died 30.4.1904 aged 85 years and his sister Mary died 15.7.1896 aged 26 years, his mother Bridget died 15.3.1918 aged 78 years. Fogarty Michael and his wife Mary nee Hayes died 17.9.1925 and 18.12.1928 respectively, daughter Mary died 3.10.1909, Michael Fogarty of Skehane of Two Mile Borris died 27.6.1971 and his wife Bridget died 2.6.1987. Fogarty Mrs Thomas Fogarty of Lisheenataggart died 16.1.1874 aged 68 years, daughter Bridget died 13.5.1873 aged 25 years, her husband Thomas died 8.5.1892 aged 86 years. Fogarty Patrick and Mary, erected by Denis and William Fogarty of Loughmore in memory of their father and mother, Patrick died June 1863 aged 60 years, Mary died March 1915 aged 84 years, also their sister Mary May died 1875 aged 25 years and Sarah wife of William died May 1899 aged 40 years. Above William died 16.8.1921 aged 61 years, Denis died 26.11.1931 aged 76 years, his wife Mary died 21.5.1949, their daughter Kathleen died 12.6.1942 and their son Patrick died 1.12.1974. Fogarty Timothy of Lisheenatagart died 20.1.1887 aged 76 years, his wife Mary nee Hayes died 1.1.1885 aged 65 years, Eleen nee Carrick died 29.11.1986. John died 28.8.1987. Fogarty William of Longorchard, Templetouhy died 16.7.1970 aged 85 years, his wife Mary died 9.2.1958 aged 60 years, also his brother James died 21.3.1960 aged 60 years. Fogarty William of Templetuohy died 15.3.1964. Fogarty William, erected by Mrs Fogarty of Lisheenataggart in memory of her husband who died 22? And her son Thomas died 10.11.1893 aged 38 years and Mrs Fogarty died 29.1.1896 aged 80 years. Fogarty William, erected by Mrs McDonald in memory of her father William Fogarty of Kilglooney who died 28.7.1873 aged 78 years, his wife Mary died 7.4.1862 aged 63? Years.

The following pages are from “Loughmore Parish Index to Burials in Loughmore and Templeree Graveyards” which is in the Thurles Library in Co Tipperary.

Fogartys in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland p18

Fogartys in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland p19


Fogartys in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland p20

Fogartys in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Fogarty Graves in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary

Below are photos of some Fogarty graves in Loughmore Cemetery.


Loughmore Cemetery Fogarty Lisheehataggert Co Tipperary Ireland

Loughmore Cemetery Fogarty of Lisheenataggert Co Tipperary Ireland

Loughmore Cemetery Fogarty Grave Co Tipperary Ireland

Loughmore Cemetery Fogarty Grave Co Tipperary Ireland (2)

Tithe Applotment Books for Lisheenataggert 1827:

Tithe Applotment Entry Fogarty Lisheenataggert CR
1827 Tithe Applotment Entry for Lisheenataggert. Connor being short for Cornelius

Those who leased or owned property just before Sept 1849 in Lisheenataggart are listed in Griffiths Valuation for Loughmore West Parish: 

Griffiths Valuation 1849 Lisheenataggart_NEW
Griffiths Valuation 1849 Lisheenataggart Co Tipperary Ireland
1901 Census Fogarty LisheenataggertCR
1901 Census Fogarty Lisheenataggert
1911 Census Fogarty Lisheenataggert
1911 Census Fogarty Lisheenataggert
Fogarty brothers in Jamaica
Port Royal Kingston c1895

I very recently was made aware that three Fogarty, Daniel, John and William, sons of Cornelius Fogarty and Catherine Birmingham went to Jamaica in the 1820’s, presumably to make their fortune.

It looks as if William returned.  I don’t have any information or records on John in Co Tipperary other than his Baptism, so he may well have stayed in Jamaica.

The information below was kindly sent to me by Richard Osborne, a descendant of Daniel Fogarty:

“Much of my knowledge about the history of my Fogarty line in Jamaica is thanks to the research of my fellow Fogarty descendant Carey Robinson, a Jamaican scholar and media man who also served for a time in the Jamaican foreign service (at the Jamaican embassy in Mexico, I recall). I have never met Carey in person but we have corresponded  (I’m from the USA, and my only visit to Jamaica was before I knew about Carey, but during that trip I did meet other relatives I have in common with Carey and who also are descended from Daniel Fogarty and Daniel’s daughter Mary Ann Fogarty Manhertz).
In particular, a draft book manuscript of Carey’s (which I got from my cousin Olive Manhertz Bailey from England) summarized the information about our common family history, which I could corroborate independently or at least use as a clue to start down a new path always with such endeavors, some of Carey’s details weren’t quite correct but were close enough to point me in the right direction.
According to Carey’s draft manuscript, the two Fogarty brothers who emigrated with my ancestor Daniel from Tipperary to Jamaica some time in the 1820’s were John and William (I haven’t independently confirmed this and I’m not sure how that matches up with the information you have compiled). I have read that there was emigration from Ireland to Jamaica at least since the time of Oliver Cromwell. In the 1820’s, the mainstay of the Jamaican economy was sugar but coffee was also very lucrative, and the Fogarty brothers ended up growing coffee and working on coffee plantations in the Blue Mountain area (which is also broadly the region of Jamaica where they “planted” their family trees).
Here are more details about the Fogartys in Jamaica, according to Carey Robinson:
Daniel and his brothers went to different parishes in the coffee-growing region of eastern Jamaica. John went to Portland Parish (location of Bremen Valley, where my Manhertz ancestors were originally from); William went to St. Andrew Parish; and Daniel settled in what was then St. David Parish (now the western part of St. Thomas Parish). Daniel planted coffee on Sherwood Forest estate in northern Saint David and supervised other nearby properties, probably near his brother John and Bremen Valley. Close to Sherwood Forest was a place called Mount Hybla, where a woman of African descent named Princess lived (the owner of the Mount Hybla estate was John Atkins, the Lord Mayor of London; I’m not sure if he also owned Sherwood Forest but I saw a record indicating a connection between the two estates). In 1830, Princess gave birth to Daniel’s daughter, Mary Ann Fogarty. A record I found reports that, in 1832, two-year-old Mary Ann, identified as a “mulatto” and the daughter of Princess, was living at Mount Hybla but that Princess had died by then. Carey Robinson wrote that Daniel “was delighted with the little girl” and “took her to live at Sherwood Forest” (but, based on the census record I found, apparently not immediately at birth – one possibly relevant fact is that slavery ended in Jamaica in 1834). Carey writes further that Mary Ann “grew up in [Daniel’s] house, shared his table, sat with his guests and occupied a secure place under his roof . . . he sent her to school in Kingston where, among other things, she learned to sew.”
Mary Ann had at least two brothers, not necessarily from the same mother: John William and Daniel II (my cousin Olive in England told me she recently connected with a descendant of John William Fogarty’s daughter  Evelyn Fogarty: a woman named Sydney Robinson).
Daniel died on October 20, 1844 and was buried the next day in the old Roman Catholic cemetery on Orange Street in Kingston. Carey found the following record in the Roman Catholic archives in Jamaica: “21st October, 1844, was buried in the Catholic Cemetery the body of Daniel Fogarty, late of the Parish of St. George, who departed this life on the 20th October, age 38. He was a native of Ireland.” (Based on the Tipperary baptismal record, he would have actually been about 40 years old)
In 1851 in Kingston, at age 21, Mary Ann married my great-great grandfather, Joseph Manhertz, who was about 12 years her senior. Joseph got the Manhertz name from John (Johann) Michael Manhertz, the owner of the Bremen Valley estate where he grew up and was a slave in his youth until slavery was abolished in 1834. Johann Manhertz had Afro-German-Jamaican children but there is no indication of a biological connection between John Manhertz and Joseph. Joseph may have left Bremen Valley in about 1834 (when that estate went bankrupt) and found employment at the Sherwood Forest estate, where he worked with Daniel Fogarty and would have first met the young Mary Ann. Joseph had become a skilled carpenter and furniture maker (and later a small landowner and coffee planter himself) and, with his experience in the coffee business gained at Bremen Valley, was well equipped to work at Sherwood Forest.
In the class- and color-conscious society of 1850’s colonial Jamaica, Mary Ann would have been regarded as marrying beneath her station, and her brothers swore to hunt down Joseph and take revenge. The newlyweds went to a remote part of St. Thomas Parish until the situation cooled down and then settled in what was then St. David Parish (now part of St. Thomas), living in a house built by Joseph that stood at least until the 1970s-1980s. They were well known for their skill as a craftsman and a seamstress and became small landholders and planters and respected leaders in their community. Their many descendants live in many corners of the globe, including Jamaica, Panama (where my dad was born), all parts of the US, Canada, England, Australia and Thailand.”
I’d love to hear from any other Jamaican Cornelius Fogarty descendants to add to this fascinating story.
Cornelius Fogarty Descendant Report 2015
Cornelius Fogarty Descendant Report 2015


Author: Kathleen

I have done an Ancestry DNA test and also have uploaded my test results to GedMatch. My GedMatch kit numbers are A029138 and T470174. Please contact me if we are a match. kathleenmfanningAThotmailDOTcom

28 thoughts on “Fogarty Family of Lisheenataggart Loughmore West Co Tipperary Ireland”

  1. Hi Kathleen
    here is the list of the Fogarty Sisters inc Catherine Fogarty who married William Fanning (Clondoty)

    THOMAS FOGARTY( Lisheenatagart, Loughmore) married HONORIA LONG( Dovea, Inch)

    on 2nd Feb 1830.
    Witnessed by Ptk Kennedy and Con Fogarty.

    Thomas Fogarty was a Farmer. In 1846 he was a “Petty Juror”

    Thomas Fogarty was born about 1812 and died on 6th May 1892 aged 80yrs.

    Honoria Long (Onny) was born about 1806 died on 16th Jan 1874 aged 68yrs.


    i. CATHERINE FOGARTY born 23/12/1830 sp: John Fogarty, Catherine Carroll ii. MARY FOGARTY born 06/01/1832 sp: Andrew Long, Mary Fogarty
    iii. MARGARET FOGARTY born 19/04/1833 sp: Philip Cleary, Catherine Long
    iv HONORA FOGARTY born 08/11/1835 sp: William Long, Ellen Cleary (died in infancy)
    v ANNE FOGARTY born 08/02/1837 sp: Tim Fogarty, Nancy Kennedy
    vi HONORA FOGARTY born 29/11/ 1838 sp: Laurence Long, Mary Hayes (died in infancy
    vii. ELLEN FOGARTY born 17/01/ 1841 sp: Daniel Walsh, Catherine Cleary
    viii ANASTATIA FOGARTY born 24/02/1843 sp: William Long, Anto Russell
    ix BRIDGET FOGARTY born 28/05/1845 sp: Patrick Cleary, Catherine Cleary
    x. HONORA FOGARTY born 24/10/1847 sp: William Long, Ann Fogarty

    I’ll continue on this line and I’ll email their spouses and children if you want in a day or two.

  2. I am trying to trace details of a Michael Fogarty who married a Judith Lahy and had a daughter Magaret born to them and baptised on 8/3/1835. Magarets baptisimal sponsors were Thomas Fogarty and Anne Brennan in Loughmore church [ reg.254] They lived in Clondoty Loughmore. Magaret later married William Hayes ,Ballyerk,Two -Mile Borris,and I believe her brother John and sister Honora lived in Laharden Twomile Borris while another sister Mary married a Thomas Bourke of Rathcunickeen , Two-mile Borris. Magaret Fogarty was my great grandmother.

    1. Hi Patrick,
      I am posting a list of all the Fogartys buried in Loughmore Cemetery and you might get some clues from that.I will add it to Fogartys of Lisheenataggert post.
      In Ireland Judith or Judy was often used for the birth name Johanna so I would look for Johanna Fogarty buried in Loughmore. I also had a look at an ancestry tree and Cornelius Fogarty and his wife Catherine Birmingham who lived at Lisheenataggert had a son Michael born about 1803.Have you had a look at Griffiths Valuations for Loughmore? Can view for free at the Ask About Ireland site. Have you been able to get a copy of Michael Fogartys and Judith Lahys marriage record? That should have their father’s names. Let me know how you get on. regards Kathleen Fanning

  3. I am looking for the ancestors of Catherine Fogarty who was born in Tipperary, Ireland c:1818 and died on 18 Jan 1855. Catherine is buried at St Patricks Catholic Cemetery, Marulan, NSW, Australia who married James Nesbitt on 26 Sep 1842 at St Mary’s Church, Sydney, NSW, Australia. James Nesbitt was born on 9 May 1812 in Tipperary, Ireland and died on 31 Dec 1882 and is also buried at St Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery, Marulan. I am led to believe that James Nesbitt’s mother was Judith Healy that I have no further information on. If you have any information on these Fogarty’s or Healy’s it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Kind regards,
    Anne Margaret Nesbitt

    1. Sorry, I don’t have any info for you but someone else may read what you have written and be able to help.

  4. I am seeking information regarding
    Hanora Fogarty
    MY 2nd great grandmother Birth abt 1829 in County Tipperary, Ireland Death 04/05/1918 in Nazareth House Ballarat Vic. Australia
    Arrival 1853 17 Jan— Age: 24 Brisbane
    Age: 20
    Possible parents
    Michael Fogarty 1836
    Ireland and Hannah McGrath
    Notes: Emigration to AustraliaHonora Fogarty came to Australia as a house-servant some time before 1856. She was employed by a framing family in the Geelong area. It is beleived that she also had a sister that travelled to Australia. Marriage to Giacomo AuchettoIn about 1858 Honora met Italian immigrant Giacomo Auchetto. Their first first child was born on 10th November 1858, and their marriage solemnised in January 1859. Two more children were born to Honora and Giacomo.
    The Auchetto family established a 10 acre vineyard on a leased property near Geelong, making their living from the sale of both fresh grapes and wine. .

    In April 1864 Giacomo set off on a journey to Colac to sell his produce, but met with an accident near Winchelsea, the dray-cart passing over his abdomen. He died ten days later. .
    Patrick Fitzgerald Soon after the death of Giacomo in 1864 Honora took a another partner, Patrick Fitzgerald. Like Honora, Fitzgerald was born in County Tipperary. Then, at the age of 20 Fitzgerald was considerably younger than Honora.
    From 1864 the Auchetto children were raised under the name of Fitzgerald, later reverting to their correct name after finding out their true father. .

    Additional to the Auchetto children, Honorah bore Fitzgerald five children before they left Mount Moriac in 1869, when their lease expired. .

    Honorah and Fitzgerald took their family to Ballarat, where they tried their hands at mining. Six more children were born in the Buninyong/Ballarat area, last born in 1877 when Honorah was already in her late forties! .

    Honorah finally married Fitzgerald in May 1881! .
    After FitzgeraldPatrick Fitzgerald died 23rd October 1916 at the age of 72. Honorah was left alone, almost 90 years old, in the remote and broken down house at Buninyong, bed-ridden and dying. When her daughter, Catherine Coffey visited from Western Australia she found her covered in bed-sores, with no visitors or family caring for her, and Catherine had her admitted to Nazereth House in Ballrat, much to the disdain of her sister, Mary Anne Sherrif.
    Honora finally died in the nursing home in 1918.

    1. What an amazing story and amazing woman! I don’t have an information on your Fogarty ancestors but someone else may see this who has.

    2. Hi Shaz,

      Please feel free to email me. I am descended from Hanorah via her daughter Anastasia Fitzgerald who married John J McMenamin of NZ. I don’t have more information than you do but it would be interesting to know how we are connected.

  5. Just thought I’d take a shot here as you have so much research done in Tipperary and maybe would show my family.

    Looking for a Margaret Fogarty born c.1817 and married Patrick Kennally in Killea on 13 February 1836. Quite a few children born to this couple in Killea before they emigrated to America shortly after 1850. They settled in Flushing, Queens County, NY. I find many Fogarty families in this place. I do not know Margaret’s parents but perhaps there are records in Killea that go back that far which might help. The parents of Patrick (born 16 March 1802 in Tipperary) are John and Margaret Kennedy Kennally.

    Thanks for any possible clues or perhaps some knowledge you might have about available records for Killea or Templemore. I have checked the valuations. Hoping to find more baptisms and marriages and maybe some burials.

    Thanks for such an interesting site!

    1. The only place I can suggest is the Rootsireland site for North Tipperary. Fogarty is a fairly common Irish surname which makes it harder and of course this site charges 5 euros for a record! but if you narrow down the parish and parents names etc this can increase your chances.

      Margaret most likely was born in Killea as that was where she was married. Am assuming you have a marriage record so hopefully there are some details on that to help.

      Sometimes there is valuable info on passenger lists, like Margaret’s parents??

      It does get very hard to go back further than you have already.You have done well to get back as far as you have. My earliest birth date for a Fanning ancestor is 1731 and this came from a gravestone.

      The other possibility is to pay for research. I have done this with good results through Tipperary Family History Research.They came up with my ancestor’s marriage record for 1809. But in terms of money, genealogy, especially Irish family history,can be a bottomless pit.

      The National Library has digitized all the Parish records and hopefully they will put them online sometime in the not too distant future!! This is what I am waiting for. Not sure what the library is waiting on.

      Maybe someone else connected to your family may see your post.

      Good luck.

  6. Thanks so much for the fast and informative reply. To me this part of your comment was key: “The National Library has digitized all the Parish records and hopefully they will put them online sometime in the not too distant future!! This is what I am waiting for. Not sure what the library is waiting on.”

    That would really be nice! Still waiting on the release of the NYC Catholic records as well. Can you imagine how many family history problems will be solved when this happens? If you hear anything about the Irish parish records please do post about it. Is there a place I can look for updates?

    Thanks so much and continued good luck with your research,

    Richard Pope
    Great Barrington, MA

    1. It is going to be BIG news when the National Library puts all the Parish registers online. There don’t seem to be any updates. Every now and then I email the library to see. Hope springs eternal.I will let you know.

      Have heard they may charge for the first 5 years!!! Hopefully nothing like Rootsireland.

      They have scanned the originals so it will be fun deciphering the handwriting but at least will eliminate strange and misleading transcription errors.

      Another place you could check for records is, the Latter Day Saints site bad also Rootsweb World Connect owned by Both are free but sources scarce and questionable. But no harm looking through.

  7. Hi! Your site is great! Thank you for sharing your work with the world. Do you happen to have any source material for Cornelius Fogarty and Catherine Birmingham and their children? I’m particularly interested in Margaret, whom you have listed as born in 1806. My earliest known Fogarty ancestor is a Margaret Fogarty who emigrated to the US in 1853. She gave her age as 45 on the ship manifest, which would mean she was born in about 1806. She emigrated with her 16 yr old son, Cornelius (b. About 1837) so I wonder if he was born out of wedlock to this branch of the Fogarty family you have listed. If you paid for the records, would you mind letting me know where you found them, please? I am FogartyT family tree on I would appreciate any help you might offer!

    1. I’ll get back to you re sources for these records, have contacted the person who gave me this info. regards Kathleen

        1. Sorry haven’t been able to get the source for these records, I think that they must be from parish records as sponsors names are given. The woman who gave them to me lives in Dublin so I bet she got them from the National Library’s microfilm. If she gets back to me I’ll contact you. regards Kathleen

  8. Hi Kathleen,
    Thank you for trying to contact her! I appreciate your reply. : )

    I just realized I made an error in math above, LOL–1853-45=1808, not 1806. 1806 is the birth year for the Margaret in the family tree you have listed. I spent all day yesterday looking up info on Margaret and Cornelius and their descendants, so now 1808 is burned into my brain.

    Anyway, happy searching and thanks again!

  9. Hi Kathleen, Interesting information your site has, I am wondering if we could be related. My relation was Martin Moylan he married Mary Fogarty on 7 Jan 1823 at Longhmore, Tipperary. I have their marriage record. Martin Moylan residing at Templetouhy and Mary Fogarty was residing Ballinroe. I am wondering if your Thomas Fogarty and Honoria Long had a Mary too. Their Witnesses where a Thomas Fogarty and Martin Brophy. Oh my Moylan’s where from Tullowmacjames, Templetouhy
    Faye Kennedy, Australia.

    1. Hi Faye,
      Thomas Fogarty and Honoria did have a daughter Mary but she was born in 1832. Thomas had a sister Mary born 1801 probably in Lisheenataggert. But nearly every family had a Mary!!and Fogarty was a common surname so doubly hard. Do you know who the parents of your Mary were?

  10. Hi- I know this is a complete long shot, because finding my Fogarty in Tipperary, Ireland would be much like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But here goes nothing….
    My 4 times great grandfather was John Fogarty- I have an approximate birthdate of 1824- and according to his death record in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio USA his father was Michael Fogarty and his mother was listed as Elizabeth. He moved to the USA sometime before 1854 because his oldest daughter Elizabeth was born in Marysville, Union, Ohio USA but I don’t know when exactly, and I have not been able to find any information about his life in Ireland. Anything would be most appreciated at this point!!
    Warm Regards,
    Melissa – Granville, Licking, Ohio USA.

  11. Hi Kathleen,
    I am a descendent of Cornelius Fogarty & Catherine Birmingham through their son Michael. My tree is on ancestry and I was recently contacted by a lady from Jamaica who is descended from their son Daniel. Based on her information, I did some research and there was indeed a Daniel fogarty living in Jamaica who was born in Tipperary and there is some information on him in the Jamaican almanac. This lady also did her DNA and is a 4th cousin of another Fogarty descendent so I think this is the same Daniel. I was just wondering if you had ever discovered anything about this during your research and if there was any more information you had on him. I think his story must be a very interesting one so I am eager to find out as much as I can. I would be grateful for any information you have on him. Best wishes.

    1. Hi Deirdre,

      Irish in Jamaica? How on earth did they end up there? I did some googling and surprisingly something like a quarter of Jamaican population has Irish roots.

      I haven’t done much research on the Fogartys as they are on my tree through marriage.

      My curiosity got the better of me and I did have a look at their Jamaican records in Collections.
      They have the christening record of Daniel Davis Fogarty, 5 Dec 1845. On the record he is listed as a planter at Port Royal Mountains which is interesting.
      Couldn’t find much else.

      I just had a quick look at my Ancestry hints.
      There is a tree there, Hayes Family Tree, which has Daniel Fogarty married to an Eliza Sophia West.
      They have two sons : Daniel Davis Fogarty and Michael Birmingham Fogarty.
      I don’t have a subscription, so can’t see dates or sources, if any, or check accuracy.

      What a fascinating story there must be there. I wonder if Daniel the father ever made it back to Tipperary.

      Good luck with your search. I’d love to know what you uncover.

      1. Hi Kathleen,
        Thank you for your response. I think he ended up in Jamaica as part of the English military but I can’t be sure. The Hayes family tree you saw on ancestry is my tree. The information on it came from parish records in Jamaica. Apart from that and a verbal history relating to a child he had with a slave woman called Mary Ann there really is very little info. It’s an incredible story really. If I find out anything else I will let you know.
        Best wishes,

        1. Thanks Deirdre. One of my sister’s friends married a Jamaican and his surname was Kelly. I always wondered about that.
          BTW my grgrgrandmother was Catherine Hayes born c1818. They emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1841. Unfortunately I don’t know the names of her parents.
          All the best

  12. Hi Kathleen and Deirdre – my cousin Olive just sent me the link to this website. Olive and I are both descendants of Mary Ann Fogarty, daughter of Daniel Fogarty, who was born in Tipperary in 1804 and emigrated to Jamaica with his brothers in the 1820’s to seek his fortune. Mary Ann is my great-great grandmother. She was born in Jamaica in about 1829-1830 (I’m relying on my memory right now; no access to my notes at the moment). A Jamaican cousin who is also descended from Mary Ann, and is an author/historian and former diplomat, found that Mary Ann’s mom was a woman of African ancestry named Park; more recently, I found a record indicating her mom was called Princess. In any event, Daniel took Mary Ann into his home at some point in her childhood (not clear if it was right at birth), raised her and proved her an education. Daniel died in Jamaica in the mid-1840’s. I can provide more details once I can review my notes. Thanks, Richard N. Osborne

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thank you for making contact and for all that amazing information on the Fogarty brothers who emigrated to Jamaica.
      What a fascinating story. How incredibly adventurous and courageous our ancestors were.
      When you have time I’d love to know more of their lives in Jamaica, as I’m sure would Deirdre and many other Fogarty Lisheenataggert descendants.
      Looking forward to hearing more.

  13. Hi Faye,
    I’ve just come across your post. I am also related to a Martin Moylan married to a Mary Fogarty. The only info I have is that they had a son named John Moylan (born 1845) and who married Margaret Kennedy (Born 1843).

    My Moylans also ended up in Australia.

    It would be great to connect and find out more details.

    Joel Moylan
    Perth, Western Australia

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