The Evaston/Eviston Family from Clonomocogue Co Tipperary Ireland

The Evistons (spelt Evaston & Eveston) came from Clonomocogue near Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland. Two Evastons were married to Fanning women and quite a few of their descendants ended up in Australia particularly in Bathurst NSW.

Map of irish Counties use
Map of the Irish Counties

The Evistons from Clonomocogue More Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland are connected to the Fanning family from Thurles.

Clonomocogue is just north of Thurles. It is spelt as Clonamuckoge in Griffith’s Valuation.

I still have to research the Eviston-Fanning connections further and would appreciate any info on them or corrections if you see any mistakes or inaccuracies.

Eviston is spelt in different ways: Evaston, Eveston and in the Griffith’s Valuation as Evinston. There don’t seem to have been many of them in Co Tipperary. I have found records of Evistons in Thurles and Moyne Parishes. The records that North Tipperary Genealogy has for Evistons start too late to be of much use.

In Griffith’s Valuation at Clonamuckoge More in the Parish of Loughmoe East (Loughmore East) published in Sept 1849 Martin Evinston has 4 acres and 39 perches of land worth 2 pounds 17 shillings. He is at number 1. At number 9 are Thomas Evinston (Small) and Thomas Evinston (Big) and John Evinston and Martin Evinston. Between them they have 111 acres. In Baronstown townland in the same parish Martin Evinston has 58 acres with house, office and land.

Griffiths Valuation 1849 Clonamuckoge More Loughmoe East_NEW
The Townlands of Clonamuckoge Beg and More Loughmoe East Co Tipperary Griffith’s Valuation published Sept 1849

A good place to look at Griffith’s Valuations is the Ask About Ireland site. It is worth checking the date the particular parish valuations were published. This is at the end of the parish records. Looking at the descendant chart below I am sure Martin Evaston and Margaret Brennan would have had more children than Martin and Thomas but so far I haven’t been able to find them.

Martin married Johanna Fanning and Thomas married Mary Fanning. Mary is buried in Ballycahill Cemetery with the Fanning family. Her father was William Fannin (Fanning) and mother was Hanera Cormack. She would have been born in Lissaroon.

William Fannin and Mary Eviston Ballycahill Cemetery
Mary Eviston nee Fanning Ballycahill Cemetery
Loughmore Cemetery Jerome Eviston Co Tipperary Ireland
Jerome Eviston Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Loughmore Cemetery Evestons of Barronstown Co Tipperary Ireland
Evestons of Barronstown Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Loughmore Cemetery Eviston Graves Co Tipperary Ireland
Eviston Graves Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Loughmore Cemetery Tom Eviston of Clonomacogue Co Tipperary Ireland
Tom Eviston of Clonomacogue Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

Evistons buried in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland cr

Evistons buried in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

From “Loughmore Parish Index to Burials in Loughmore and Templeree Graveyards” which can be found in the Thurles Library Co Tipperary Ireland. There are maps at the back of this book with grave locations. They are too big to put here but if you want to know the location of a grave on this list contact me.

There are also some Eviston graves in Loughmore Catholic Cemetery transcribed by Sue Grieves:

Eviston Margaret died 8.1.1831 aged 62 years, Thomas of Clonamocoge died 20.1.1808 aged 51 years. Eviston Martin, erected by Martin Eviston of Barronstown in memory of his father who died 20.11.1891 aged 70 years, his mother Johanna nee Fanning died 12.11.1869 aged 50 years, daughter Margaret died 23.10.1911 aged 12 years, Martin died 2.9.1923 aged 72 years, his wife Sarah died 14.4.1933 aged 72 years Harney Michael died 26.3.1911, his wife Bridget died 26.2.1950.Eviston William of Clonomogogue (Clonamuckoge) died 18.3.1921 aged 75 years, his wife Bridget nee Dunlea died 15.12.1933 aged 80 years.

John Eviston , the son of Mary Fanning and Thomas Eviston emigrated to NSW Australia. He lived in Bathurst and was a well loved and prominent citizen.

John Eviston Obit 1925 Freemans
Obituary John Eviston Freeman’s Journal 12 Feb 1925


“an upright citizen, a loving father, no greater testimony can be written against the name of any man.

Death came with tragic suddenness, For some time past Mr Eviston had been suffering from heart affection, a fact which will occasion no surprise when it is known that he was in his 81st year. Some little time back he was forced to take to his bed, but as a result of skillful medical attention and the careful ministrations of a loving daughter, he rallied, and was able to move about as usual. On Friday there was no indication that the end was near. His son, the Rev. Father Timothy Eviston, of Dunedoo, was on a visit to his father and left by Saturday morning’s mail. Mr Eviston remained up until about 2 a.m. to see his son off and then retired. At about 7 o’clock on Saturday morning his daughter made her usual visit to the bedside and found her father dead. Death had taken place a couple of hours earlier as a result of heart failure.

The late Mr Eviston was born at Clonomocogue, in the parish of Loughmore, County Tipperary, in 1844, He was the second son of Thomas Eviston, whose ancestors lived in this district for six generations. it is interesting to note that the deceased elder brother, Martin, still survives in the old home in his 87th year. After receiving the usual elementary education then prevailing he entered business in Thurles, where he remained twelve months. He then proceeded to Dublin, and after three years decided to leave Ireland, as it did not offer the opportunities he desired. He sailed in the “Empire of Peace” for Melbourne, which reached in May, 1864. he settled in the Clunes district and obtained a position of book-keeper to Rabby Brothers, contractors. When he was there five years he made up his mind to come to NS Wales. He later settled in Bathurst, where he married in 1870 Elizabeth Connolly, second daughter of the late John Connolly, Rossoulty, Upper Church, Tipperary, Ireland, in the early seventies he opened a business as clothier and mercer with the late James Kelaher. As Kelaher and Eviston the firm became well known and the deceased commanded a large measure of popularity and won much esteem and respect for his transparent honesty and business integrity.

His activity for well night forty years was continuous and practical. AS a member of the hospital committee he was an energetic worker for that institution for more than thirty years. He was not a man that sought the limelight or looked for praise. he was deeply interested in every movement that concerned his native land. During his long residence in Bathurst he was closely associated with the different delegations that came there on behalf of the Irish cause. IN matters concerning Faith and Fatherland he was no rail-sitter. All knew where he stood. Without drum or trumpet to proclaim it, He was throughout his life an uncompromising Catholic and a true Irishman in all circumstances. He was no trimmer, and he placed no confidence in the Irish Catholic who was apologetic for either. As a Catholic who saw the development of the Bathurst parish to a large extent, and who contributed somewhat towards that development, he is perhaps best  known locally. Throughout the rule of the late Dr. Byrne, of happy memory, and for most of that of his successor, the saintly and gentle Dr. Dunne, Mr Eviston’s devotion and energy in promoting the material progress of the church are well known. During this period some of the important works accomplished were the new sanctuary and improvements to the Cathedral, the building of the monastery, the addition of another story to the Convent of Mercy, the erection of the Bishop’s house and the boy’s school. The amount of clerical work which his position as treasurer was enormous, but to him it was a labour of love for which he is now enjoying his reward. When the Conference of St Vincent de Paul was established over twenty years ago he was one of the first members and until a couple of years ago was a regular attendant at the weekly meetings.

he was also one of the earliest members of the Guild in its formation in Bathurst. He occupied many offices in it and at the time of his decease was trustee. he was, perhaps, the oldest Guildman in the State.

He had the distinction of being one of the oldest subscribers to the “Freeman’s Journal”, having taken it for over 50 years.

Deceased’s wife predeceased him by six years, and he is survived by the following members of his family: Sister M. Patrick, Convent of Mercy, Bathurst;Mesdames J. and P.J. Purcell (Woodstock), Miss Eviston (Bathurst), Rev. Father T. Eviston (Dunedoo), Rev. Brother Alphonsus (Patrician Bros., Sydney). Mr. M. Eviston, Bathurst.

The funeral moved from his late residence, William street, The cortege was exceedingly lengthy, and was representative  of the town and district. The chief mourners were three sons, Messrs. J. and P. J. Purcell (sons-in-law), and mesdames J. Moloney, M. Taylor and W. Tracey, and Miss M. Bourke (nieces). The remains were carried to and from the hearse by six members of the A>H.C. Guild, of which body deceased was the last of the founders in Bathurst. The bearers were Messrs. H. McGill, G.Fish, E. O’Brien, jun., J. Holden, R.A. Chifley and T. Burke. The hearse was preceded by members of the Hibernian Society and St. Vincent de Paul Society. The Rev. Father Norton, assisted by the Rev. Father Dunne, Very REv. Father E.P.O’Donnell (Dubbo), Rev Father T.Doran (Bathurst), REv Father Sheehan (Bathurst), Rev Father Dr. M. Mahon, C.M. (Bathurst) Rev Father E. Dowd (Orange) and several other visiting priests officiated at the ceremonies at SS. Michael and John’s Cathedral and also at the graveside. Rev. Bro. Benignun, Provincial of the Patrician Brothers was also present. There were a great number of floral tributes, including wreaths from Bathurst Trotting Club, Bathurst Police, Bathurst District Hospital, Messrs. Reg. Bailkey, J. Lupp, T.W. Willman, Mr. and Mrs. Lorimer, Mr. hearne and Mr. and Mrs. Minehan. R.I.P.” Freeman’s Journal 12 Feb 1925

John Eviston Obit SMH 2 Feb 1925
John Eviston Obit SMH 2 Feb 1925
John Eviston Obit Bathurst Times 1 Jan 1925
John Eviston Obit Bathurst Times 1 Jan 1925

Martin Eviston Descendant Report 2015
Evaston Descendant Report 2015

Author: Kathleen

I have done an Ancestry DNA test and also have uploaded my test results to GedMatch. My GedMatch kit numbers are A029138 and T470174. Please contact me if we are a match. kathleenmfanningAThotmailDOTcom

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  1. I have an extensive family tree of Evistons from 1731-1988 if you are interested. My great great grandmother was Catherine Eviston nee Purcell. John, her husband, was a brother to Martin (1809-1888) who married Johanna Fanning.



    1. I would love to see your Eviston family tree as I have been trying to unravel the Fanning Eviston connections in Clonomocogue Co Tipperary for a while and also tracing the Fanning/Eviston descendants who ended up in Australia. Thanks for making contact.

      1. Hello Kathleen : I am wondering if you got the Eviston Family Tree from Jenny. I think it comes from a book I wrote some time ago called The Eviston Story. If you have not seen it, there are parts of it that might be of interest to you. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. Dermot Eviston

        1. Hi Dermot,
          I think i did get info from Jenny not sure how much.
          I am on holiday in Ireland at the moment and was out at Loughmore Cemetery this afternoon taking photos of any Fanning, Eviston and Moloney gravestones that were legible. I will eventually put them on my site. You probably have them all anyway.I would like to know who Mary Fanning’s parents were. She married either Martin or Thomas Eviston, can’t remember
          which one off hand. When I get back home I’ll have a look at any gaps and get back to you. Have to go back there tomorrow as my battery went flat!!

        2. Dear Mr Eviston:
          I have some information on an EVISTONS. I was talking to Margaret Eviston, Dublin, recently on the phone, about the information I had. She suggested I phone you but cannot find your phone number. It is a branch of Evistons, with Walter Eviston born 1853-died 1936.Buried Glasnevin.Born Tipperary.Married Naas. I would like to hear from you when convenient for you.

          1. Hi Anne,
            I live in Australia so phoning would be expensive. I am a Fanning and not a direct Eviston descendant. There are quite a few Eviston descendants who have contacted me so I am happy to put any information you have about Walter on here.
            There is a Walter Eviston born 1878 son of William and Bridget Dunlea. He is the grandson of two Eviston brothers who married Fanning women. It does get a bit complicated.
            Kathleen Fanning

          2. Hello Anne,

            My name is Paul Cooke and I am secretary of Newbridge Local History Group, in County Kildare. I was searching the Internet for information on Walter Eviston, who was a grocer and publican in Newbridge from 1885 to 1899. I came across this thread, and hope you are still following it. If you had any information on this branch of the Eviston family I would be grateful if you could email me at the address above.

            You might also find the following link useful. It is our local paper, the Kildare Observer, which was published from 1880 to 1935. If you enter ‘Eviston’ in the search field you will find a lot of information on the said Walter Eviston. He was
            a Town Commissioner for many years.

            Link here:


            Paul Cooke.

        3. Hi Dermot,

          I have tried over the years to track you down to give you the Catherine Eviston family history in Australia. I was in touch with Helen Leonard at some time but that really didn’t go anywhere as She had a fair bit of trauma in her life at that time and I didn’t like to press her.

          Would love to hear from you. When I wrote to the parish priest, he sent me your book on the Evistons. When my son, Joseph, was in Ireland some years back he tried to connect with the Evistons at Danny Mann Inn but neither were in at the time. Since then I have learnt that one of them died suddenly.



        4. Kathleen – I apologize for using your blog for a personal reason unrelated to the family genealogy but I’m attempting to find Dermot and your page came up when I searched his name.

          Dermot – if you’re still following this thread, it would be great to hear back from you. In case you’re not sure which Patrick Eviston this is hunting you down – it’s Kate’s grandson from Kentucky who you may remember from 3-4 lifetimes ago! You can reach me at

        5. greetings
          How do I go about getting a copy of The Eviston Family Tree and a copy of the Book “The Eviston Story”

          1. Hello Rosalie
            I wrote the book and put together the Family Tree. Please tell me what your connection is to the Eviston name.
            All the best.

          2. Greetings Dermot
            The Eviston Family branch we are related to is that of Margaret Eviston (1804-1872) married to Patrick Moloney (1798-1827). They had Ellen Moloney (1845-1910) married James Meehan (abt 1841-1928) they had Mary Josephine Meehan (1883-1972) she married Jeremiah Farrell (1879-1959) they had Helena Farrell (1912-1942) marreied Christopher Poyntz (1903-1948) they had Noel Poyntz.
            Who is my husband.
            We are trying to clearify Margaret Eviston parents some show Martin as father others show Robert.
            We are also looking for current branches of the EVISTON’s currently in Co. Tipp
            Any direction or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
            Also I’d love to get a copy of your research.


        6. Rosalie Kenney-Poyntz says:
          October 20, 2018 at 4:23 pm
          Greetings Dermot
          The Eviston Family branch we are related to is that of Margaret Eviston (1804-1872) married to Patrick Moloney (1798-1827). They had Ellen Moloney (1845-1910) married James Meehan (abt 1841-1928) they had Mary Josephine Meehan (1883-1972) she married Jeremiah Farrell (1879-1959) they had Helena Farrell (1912-1942) marreied Christopher Poyntz (1903-1948) they had Noel Poyntz.
          Who is my husband.
          We are trying to clearify Margaret Eviston parents some show Martin as father others show Robert.
          We are also looking for current branches of the EVISTON’s currently in Co. Tipp
          Any direction or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
          Also I’d love to get a copy of your research.


    2. Jenny, I have a photo of my great, great, great grandmother Catherine Eviston nee Purcell (1809-1889) also of her headstone at Yackandanda Cemetery Victoria where she is buried with three of her sons, William d. 1941, Thomas d.1923 and John d.1918. A large grave, the headstone was erected in the 1930s or 40s by her grandson George Quirk (d.1955) who was the son of John Quirk and Anastasia nee Eviston, Catherine’s daughter. I would be interested to know more of Catherine and John Eviston. My grandfather George Quirk owned a piece of land called Lisaroon near Wodonga Victoria and it was in the Quirk family until about 2003. I also have a incomplete copy of ‘Memories of Sandy Creek’ written by Alice Eveston nee Loderby.

      1. Hi Mary
        Two coincidences: my cousin just sent me photos of the headstones of relations called Glass who are buried in Yackandanda Cemetery. The other coincidence, although it is not a coincidence is that the place where the Fannings come from is called Lissaroon. There is only one townland in all of Ireland called Lissaroon. I wonder what their connection was to Lissaroon (sometimes spelt Lisaroon)? I just looked at the residents of Lissaroon in Griffiths Valuation on ask about Ireland and there were quite a few Purcells living there in the 1850s: Walter,John,Patrick,and William Purcell. So very likely your Catherine was born in Lissaroon townland parish of Inch.
        I have asked another Eviston if they know more about your Catherine. I’ll get back to you. Kathleen Fanning

        1. Hi Kathleen, I appreciate your reply—I got to this site by searching for ‘Lisaroon’ which had significance for my grandfather’s family (George Quirk, Catherine Eveston’s grandson). There was another property owned by one of his sisters (in Australia) called ‘Lisadell’ and I understood from his daughter (my mother Anastasia Quirk) that they were houses or estates in Ireland where they (Catherine Eveston nee Purcell or her husband John) may have been connected either worked or lived there.
          Thanks again

          1. I had a look at a part of an Eviston family tree which Jenny sent me.
            The parents of John Eviston who married Catherine Purcell are Martin Eviston 1767-1855 and Margaret Brenan 1769-1831. The dates for John are 1800-1850 and for Cath Purcell are 1807-18??. Their children are listed as Anastasia 1836- who married John Quirke, Robert 1837, William 1840-, Thomas 1842-, Margaret 1843- married Tom Ryan,John 1846- William 1847-1940. I don’t know how accurate the dates are. I would love to put the photo of Catherine Purcell and her gravestone on my site with your permission. But that is up to you. The post on the Eviston family gets the most comments of any post! Kathleen

      2. Hi Mike,
        Not sure if I ever responded to your info but I have completed a family history on my line. Catherine Eviston nee Purcell was my G G Grandmother. Would be interested in touching base again.


      3. Hi Mary
        somewhere along the line I dropped out of this thread but would love to have copy of photo re Catherine Eveston Headstone etc. Have written a family history from when Catherine and family came to Australia. Her Great granddaughter, Cathie, died Jan 2013 aged 90. She was the last of that family and was my father’s sister. Would love a copy of Memories of Sandy Creek. Am happy to pay for copying and postage. Look forward to hearing from you.

        1. Hi Jenny,
          In have a much copied copy of ‘Memoirs of Sandy Creek’ if you haven’t managed to get hold of a copy yet. I could scan it to PDF, just not sure of the size of file I would end up with. I am in touch with Ted O’Connor (85), great grandson of Anastasia Eveston and John Quirk if anyone is interested in contacting him. He is researching the family tree and could do with some help with the Eveston line. I am a bit further away on the Quirk – Nipperess line.

          best regards Ian Fraser

          1. Ian, I am passing your emai address on to Jenny Moore so she can contact you. regards Kathleen

          2. Hi Ian
            Just got this message from Kathleen. Yes I would love a copy of Memoirs of Sandy Creek. I am in North Queensland so if we can contact each other by email that would be best. Happy to fill in with what I have re Evistons. My great grandmother was Margaret Eviston daughter of Catherine.



    3. Jenney
      I was wondering if you might be willing to share your extensive family tree of Evistons from 1731-1988 with me.
      We are Eviston’s by Margaret Eviston (1805-1872 whose father was Robert Eviston (1765-1826). We are also looking for current branches of the EVISTON’s currently in Co. Tipp
      Any direction or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Tom Eviston 1806/1888 married Mary Fanning,children martin ,mary, william, margaret,honora,john [1844/1925]. John married Elisabeth Connolly,died 1918 in Bathurst . John and Elizabeth had eight children. Thomas born 1873/1921 married Alicia Kearney was second eldest. They had eight children the eldest john born 1893 married Helen Dawson in 1925 and had three children John 1926 Paul 1928 and Bernice .John married Maureen Roach in Mackay Queensland June 24 1950 and had four children Maree 1951 Michael 1952 Gary 1957 Catherine1963 .Michael [writing this letter] with wife Linley Thompson has two boys ,Shane1978,and Ryan 1982 andlive in Perth West Australia as far as we know we are the only Evistons in WA.
    Be happy to hear from you Mike

    1. Thanks for all these Eviston people and dates. Do you happen to know the parents of Johanna Fanning who married Martin Evaston? and if she was related to Mary Fanning married to Thomas Evaston?
      Will email you

      1. Sorry Kathleen I have no information regarding the parents of either Mary or Johanna Fanning. my first thought was that they were sisters but there is no proof of that unless I have seen it somewhere in the past and forgotten where.

        To Jenny. Martin Eviston 1767-1855 who married Margaret Brennan 1769-1831 is my great,great,great,great grand father. They are the parents of John Eviston who married Cath Purcell. It would seem that we share a great,great,great,great grand father.
        I have a family tree prepared by Dermot Eviston and cant find either of you good ladies ,so it seems to be incomplete. I am guessing that you are in Ireland.
        I am trying to find out where George C Eviston fits in. He was born about 1904 and is famous for rigging a greyhound race in Casino in NSW in 1938. I have asked my father but he was only 12 at the time and has no knowledge of that branch of the family.

        1. Hi Mike
          Have been having a quick look at what I have on the Evastons. Do you have anything on Johanna Fanning and Martin Eviston? Through an ancestry contact it has been suggested that two of their sons, Edward/Edwin and Michael Eviston ended up in Sydney. I haven’t had any luck trying to verify this.
          I am pretty sure that the parents of Mary Fanning who married Tom Eviston were William Fanning and Hanera Cormick as there is a Mary Eviston buried with the Fannings in Ballycahill Cemetery but so far I can’t find any records for Johanna Fanning. I have assumed they were sisters.

        2. Might you have been referring to George Alfred Eviston, who was born in Sydney, Australia in 1902 and died in Washington, DC in 1979?

          1. I looked at the NSW birth records and there is an Alfred George Eviston born in 1903 to Michael and Catherine Eviston. Could this be who you are referring to?

  3. Information on Michael Eviston (son of Martian & Johanna Fanning), he married Catherine McCusker. They had 9? children, most born in the Blue Mountain’s area. Their son John Martian Eviston is the only Eviston to serve for Australia in WW1 and dies at Gallipoli. He is buried in the same cemetery as Simpson-Kirkpatrick (Simpson & his donkey). By the looks on some of the ancestry sites, no one is looking for this line of Eviston/Fanning. Would love to give John Martin a family history.

    1. It amazes me how many Evistons from Clonomuckoge Co Tipperary ended up in Australia.
      From looking at your tree on ancestry Trish I have worked out that
      at least 14 of Martin Eviston and Margaret Brennan’s grandchildren emigrated to Australia.
      Four of the children of Thomas Eviston and Mary Fanning (Margaret, Hanoria, John, Anto) came to Bathurst NSW.
      Martin Eviston his brother had been transported to Australia for manslaughter and when he returned he married Johanna Fanning.
      Two of their children ended up in Sydney (Edward and Michael).
      Four of John Eviston’s children (Anastasia, Robert, Thomas and Margaret) lived in NSW and Victoria.
      John was the brother of Thomas and Martin.

  4. Is there any information on the nine decendents of Michael Eviston or his brothers Edmund or Thomas. These are the children of Martin Eviston and Johanna Fanning. My family tree stops with them so it is interesting to learn that there are nine decendents of Michael Eviston and Catherine Mckusker.
    Perhaps George Albert Eviston is from this branch of the family.

    1. Sorry I haven’t got back to you. I didn’t see your comment.
      If someone who has previously had a comment approved posts the new comment gets posted automatically and isn’t flagged so I missed it.
      I will have a look and get back to you.

  5. To Mike,
    I am in North Qld and would like to connect with you. Don’t know where Kathleen hails from. My Evistons settled in Melbourne on arrival and then Sandy Creek. Re Martin son of Martin & Johanna he married Sarah kennedy and had 6 children but that is all I have . The children were – Johanna 1886, Martin 1887-1962, Mary 1888 married John Connell,Katie 1889 married Tom Moloney, Fr John 1891-1966, Josie 1893-1968, Margaret 1897-1911. I would be happy to give you my email address if you are interested.


  6. Hi Kathleen

    I’ve stumbled across your wonderful website in search of my Moloney ancestors. My GG Grandfather was Martin Moloney (born 1835) and on his marriage and death records it lists his father as Patrick Moloney and his mother as Margaret EVISTON from Co. Tipperary. Have you come across Margaret in your research? I’m very new to researching my family history, would be most grateful if you would be able to give me some tips as to how to search details about Patrick & Margaret.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Samantha,
      You could search on the Rootsireland North Tipperary records site but you have to pay for searches and records. There are also records that they do not have on their database which is very annoying.

      If you are looking for ancestors around 1850, then have a look at Griffiths Valuations on Ask About Ireland (free). Most of the Evistons (a number of variant spellings : Evaston, Evarston Eveston…) lived in Clonomocogue (also different spellings for this) in Co Tipperary. Moloneys also lived there.

      Another place online to look is, the Latter Day Saints site.

      Or you could wait till the Parish registers are scanned and online at the National Archives. Supposed to be online early next year but I am very sceptical as to when they will appear. But The National Archives has the 1901 and 1911 Census records for all of Ireland which are free to look at.

      You could commission research through Tipperary Family History Research. I found them to be very good. There is however no guarantee as to what they will or won’t find but they do have access to all the records in North Tipp. Depends on whether you want to spend money.

      Then there are various genealogy forums where you could post details about Patrick Moloney and Margaret Eviston as well as search through other posts. If you do use forums make sure your posts are easy to understand, names in capitals and area and are in the right section. Have a look at how other people set out their posts or if the site gives guidelines as some posts just get skimmed over.

      Any other questions get back to me. Good luck and happy hunting. If you let me know what you find out I could include it in with the Eviston Family History post if you wanted that. Kathleen

    2. Samantha:
      This blog post is so old but I am hoping it is still active because my family is related to Margaret EVISTON from Co. Tipperary. and I have a lot of data I would be willing to share
      regards Rosalie Kenney-Poyntz

      1. Hi Rosalie,
        My blog is still active although I only post occasionally.
        My interest in the Eviston family comes from the fact that two Fanning women married Evistons.
        I was kindly given a copy of The Eviston Story by Dermot Eviston. His family tree ends in 1988, this is when he finished researching.

        Looking at his family tree there is a Margaret born 1805, daughter of Robert Eviston and Margaret Brennan. No marriage or death details.
        There is a Margaret Eviston born 1804 but she married William Slattery.
        There are a couple of Moloney and Purcell marriages but they are much later.
        Katie Eviston 1899- married Tom Moloney. She was the daughter of Martin Eviston(1847-1923) and Sarah Kennedy. No other info on them.
        Margaret Eviston daughter of John Eviston(1844-) and Elizabeth Connolly married Paddy Purcell.
        Honora (Dolly)Eviston, daughter of John Eviston and Elizabeth Connolly, married Tim Purcell.
        Willie Eviston (1918-), son of Jerome Eviston (1876-1953) and Elizabeth Cahill, married Nancy Molony. This is all I could find on the family tree.
        If you can give me more info on your Margaret I may be able to help. Kathleen

        1. Kathleen
          My Margaret is daughter of Robert Eviston and Margaret Brennan. Looking for info on Margaret Brennan and other children they had …..Eleanor and a “Private” male?

          1. You probably have looked here already but all the Catholic Baptism and Marriage records are now online free at https:// which is a
            National Library of Ireland site. They are not indexed but as you know they were in Loughmore Parish and the approximate years that is a very good start.

            To be able to go back to 1804 in Irish genealogy which you have done is pretty amazing and you may not be able to go back any further, as there are so few details on the Marriage records.

            The other avenue to try is DNA testing. I was able to find my gr grandmother's Irish family this way and even visited their descendants in Borrisokane.

            The other thing to look at is the Irish naming patterns. First son named after their paternal grandfather. In this case James. Second son named after their maternal grandfather. In this case Martin! Pat Molony and Margaret Eviston had three more sons, none of them were named Robert. So I would put my money on Martin being the father of your Margaret Eviston. Kathleen

    3. Samantha
      If you are still following this blog we are also related to Partick and Margaret. If still interested please reach out

  7. A fascinating website, Kathleen – you’ve obviously done a lot of research!
    I’m descended from the Fannings of Castleroan in the parish of Dunkerrin west of Roscrea; Dunkerrin is just in Co. Offaly – Kings County as it used to be known.
    My gggfather was Philip Fanning who married Mary Eviston, according to the baptismal records for their children. Also living at Castleroan was William Fanning – probably Philip’s brother – who married Ellen Eviston, again according to the baptismal records for their children. Both marriages would have taken place in the early 1820s although I’ve not been able to trace any record of them. If you or any of your readers can throw any light on Mary and Ellen I’d be really pleased.

    1. Hi Helen,
      You might want to have a look at Co Tipperary North marriage records at Rootsireland. The marriages would have taken place in the wife’s home county which may have been Tipperary or another neighbouring county??. I had a quick look and there was a marriage in Tipp North in 1821 between a Philip Fanning and a Mary and in 1831 between a William Fanning and an Ellen but Evaston did not come up as the surname. Evaston was often spelt different ways. Have a look. Someone else may see you info and be able to help. Researching families on county borders is more difficult. Good luck and let me know if you have any breakthroughs or find any connections with the Evastons of Clonomocogue.

    2. Hi Helen,
      I came across your comment again by chance and reread it.
      I have since your comment found out more about the Dunkerrin Fannings. Have a look at this post “Tipperary Fanning Links to Midland Tribune Fanning Family Birr”.

      Also found the marriage of Philip Fanning and Mary Eviston. They were married 31 Jan 1822 in Loughmore Parish. Only other info is the witnesses: Robin Eviston & John Leahy. Some children of Philip: Margaret, 5 May 1836; Mary, 7 Oct 1838 and William about 1828 all Castleroan. This William married Sarah Guidera and lived and died in Wellington New Zealand 13 Aug 1907. I have a post on him.

      When I was looking for these marriage records I came across some court cases involving a Philip Fanning age 45 of Dunkerrin date 1883. He was charged with but not convicted of cattle stealing along with Martin Fanning age 21. On another occassion July 1883 the same Philip was convicted of sheep stealing and sentenced to two monts hard labour. Philip was described as 5’8″ grey eyes, fair hair and fresh complexion. Martin was 5’10’ tall, grey eyes and fresh complexion. It is imteresting that the name Martin has entered the Fanning family. I think coming from the Evistons.

      William Fanning and Ellen Eviston were married on 27 Jan 1825 also in Loughmore Parish witnessed by Robin Eviston and Mary Eviston. Unfortunately no father’s names or addresses. Found records for these children of William (Castleroan)Fanning and Ellen Eviston: Margaret baptised 30 Oct 1827; Martin 25 Sept 1829; Ellen 4 Nov 1831; William 23 Mar 1834; James 15 Oct 1838; Thomas 14 April 1841. Also found a death record for William Fanning died age 71 6 March 1866 and is buried in the Dunkerrin Church of Ireland cemetery. Buried with him is his wife Ellen died 7 Feb 1871 aged 70 years and their daughter Mary Curran died Feb 9 1855 aged 29.

      I subscribed to Rootireland for a month and was able to do a lot of searching and looking at records. You can view 1,0000 records in the month. Not sure if you know that NLI is putting all the parish records online July 8. It is free but no indexes or transcriptions just the original microfilms!! For those of us who live in places like Australia this is fantastic. Even though I spent three weeks in Ireland I just couldn’t bear to spend this precious time in the NLI. I hope this info helps and I am always interested in the Dunkerrin Fannings and finding if there is a more direct link to my Lissaroon ancestors other than through the Eviston cousins. regards Kathleen

  8. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to record all of this, Kathleen.
    Since I wrote my original comment, I’ve not done a lot on the Irish Fanning side of the my family but, armed with new information from your post, hope to take a look at this before long!
    Regards, Helen

  9. What a wonderful read. I would love to know if any body has any information regards my particular Eveston linage.
    I can trace back to Charles Fenton Eveston and there is some info regards his life around the Goulbourn /collector area. I have heard that possibly his mother maiden name may have been Punch.?
    Thank you all.

  10. I am interested if this blog is still active. I am researching the Evistion Family like everyone else I would love to share if any of the members are still involved.
    Related to Margaret Eviston (1804-1872 married to Patrick Moloney (1798-1876) and any Moloney or Purcell connections.

    1. Hi again,
      In Baptisms registered in Loughmore Parish in The Eviston Story, on Oct 14 1804 Margaret of Martin Eviston and Margaret Brenan was baptised. Her godparents were Edmund Cormick and Ellen Brenan. There are baptism records for her siblings.
      In a list of marriages registered in Loughmore Parish I see a marriage between Patrick Mullowney and a Margaret Eviston dated 15 Feb 1827. Pr (present?) John Mullowney, Robert Eviston and Pat Meagher.

      There are baptism records for the children of Pat Moloney and Margaret Eviston:1 Jan 1828 James of Patrick Molowney and Peggy Eviston, Clon sp: Thomas Eviston and Catherine regan; 5 Aug 1829 Margaret of Patrick Mullowney and Margaret Eviston, Clon sp Martin Eviston and margaret Eviston; 11 July 1831, Martin of Patrick Mullowney and Margaret Eviston, Clon sp Michael Mullowney and Mary Eviston;Clon is Clonomacogue. Mar 28 1835, Michael of Pat Molony and Margaret Eviston sp: James Molony & Margaret Fannen; 25 Aug 1837, Mary of Pat Mullowney and Margaret Eviston sp: Dan Doherty and Johanna Maher;13 Jan 1840, Margaret of Pat Molony and Margaret Eviston sp: Martin Eviston & Anastatia Long; 10 Dec 1842, John of Pat Molony & Margaret Eviston, sp: John Molony & Antoe Eviston; 24 July 1845, Ellen of Pat Molony & Margaret Eviston, Clonmuckoge, sp: Edmund & Mary Molony; 3 May 1849, Thomas of Pat Molony & Margaret Eviston, sp:—- keane and Antoe Ryan.

  11. Kathleen
    Thx so much for the info you provided. I was wondering if you knew where I might get a copy of the Eviston Story? All the places I have checked say it is out of print.
    Also I am looking for any current Eviston clan that might still reside in Ireland? Would you know of any?

    1. Best to correspond with Dermot Eviston.
      I notice he has just replied to you.
      He would also know about current Eviston family members in Ireland.

        1. You're welcome. A tip for the future. Make sure any comments or questions you add to my blog are under the relevant post. This way others researching the Evistons will see what you have written and may be able to help. Otherwise your comment will be lost under another post. All the best Kathleen

          1. Hi Rosalie,
            If you are able to get new info on Margaret Eviston please get back to me and let me know. Thanks Kathleen

      1. Kathleen
        I have tried to reach out to Dermot Eviston via this blog with no success. Any suggestion.
        I am trying to obtain a copy of his research the Eviston Story.


  12. Hi Kathleen & All.
    I assume most of you are more knowledgeable than I, I have married into a descendant of Catherine Purcell, wife of John Eviston.
    Births, Marriages, and Deaths.
    EVESTON.—On the 18th inst., at her residence,
    Sandy Creek, Victoria, Catherine, relict of the
    late John Eveston,of Clonomocoque, Loughmore,
    Tipperary. Fortified with the rites of the Holy
    Church, R.I.P.
    The Advocate, MELBOURNE, SATURDAY, JAN. 4, 1890.
    This link below details the history of John Quirk, who married Anastasia Eviston.
    The name Anastasia has become a family name in the later generations passing down. My wife’s granny, who still live today is Anastasia Ferguson, is the great-granddaughter of Anastasia Eviston.

    Cheers Rob

    1. Thanks Rob.
      You have unearthed so much personal info on your wife’s ancestors.Amazing.
      It is so interesting to read about their lives.
      So often all you can find is birth and marriage and death dates not such a story.
      I have added it to my Ancestry tree and will add it to my post on the Evistons.
      Thank you for sending it.

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