Victorians Born in Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland

The names of Thurles (Co Tipperary Ireland) born Victorians listed in the Victorian Pioneer Index 1836-1888.

These are records from the Victorian Pioneer Index of those born in Thurles Co Tipperary. The Pioneer Index covers the period 1836-1888. Some may be born in Thurso Scotland. But most I think are Thurles natives.

Surname: WEBB; Given Names: M; Event: B; Spouse Surname/Father: William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Matilda Ann CLARK; Birth Place: THURST ; Year: 1859; Reg Number: 4630

Surname: ELDER; Given Names: John; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Henry; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Margaret MILLER; Age: 73; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1858; Reg Number: 6028

Surname: MANSON; Given Names: Janet; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary DUNCAN; Age: 45; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1866; Reg Number: 12123R

Surname: SHOELL; Given Names: Jane; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Thomas; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary DISS; Age: 22; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1867; Reg Number: 11586

Surname: CUMMINS; Given Names: Margaret; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Sheedy John; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Margaret DWYER; Age: 67; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1867; Reg Number: 11635

Surname: TREACY; Given Names: William; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: UNKNOWN; Age: 54; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1867; Reg Number: 6338

Surname: MACKAY; Given Names: George Edward; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: John; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Jane UNKNOWN; Age: 56; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1867; Reg Number: 9435 

Surname: BOWE; Given Names: Jeremiah; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Edward; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary CULLA; Age: 54; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1868; Reg Number: 3332

Surname: TAIT; Given Names: John; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Robert; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Elizabeth UNKNOWN; Age: 40; Birth Place: THUR;  Year: 1868; Reg Number: 8758

Surname: ENGLISH; Given Names: Johanna; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Carroll Michael; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary U; Age: 23; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1870; Reg Number: 4021

Surname: MCCORMACK; Given Names: William; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Ellen MCSWEENEY; Age: 28; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1870; Reg Number: 6772

Surname: FERGUSON; Given Names: Catherine; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Manson William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Elizabeth POLSON; Age: 39; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1872; Reg Number: 1631

Surname: MAHER; Given Names: Mary; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Daniel; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary RYAN; Age: 71; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1873; Reg Number: 1218

Surname: OCONNOR; Given Names: Margaret; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Nagle William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Catherine OMEARA; Age: 41; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1873; Reg Number: 2746

Surname: MELLEY; Given Names: Catherine; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Matier John; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary EAGAN; Age: 42; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1873; Reg Number: 3874

Surname: RYAN; Given Names: Mary; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Kennedy Lauren; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary BARRY; Age: 69; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1874; Reg Number: 1964

Surname: TOBIAS; Given Names: Johanna; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Reid; Richard; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Elizabeth CARROLL; Age: 26; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1875; Reg Number: 1213

Surname: NAGLE; Given Names: Garratt Flood; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: William Flood; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Catherine OMEARA; Age: 52; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1875; Reg Number: 15248

Surname: TOBIN; Given Names: Elizabeth; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Maher Thomas; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Maria HOULAGHAN; Age: 80; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1876; Reg Number: 12311

Surname: MAHER; Given Names: Bridget; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Edward; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Margaret; Age: 54; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1876; Reg Number: 2002

Surname: FANNING; Given Names: William; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Edward; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Johanna DARMODY; Age: 65; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1876; Reg Number: 4518

Surname: DWYER; Given Names: Thomas; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Thomas; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Margaret RYAN; Age: 24; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1876; Reg Number: 5925

Surname: LEAHY; Given Names: Michael Joseph; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Michael; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Alice HUNT; Age: 65; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1876; Reg Number: 7552

Surname: CROKER; Given Names: Edward James; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: U; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Age: 58; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1878; Reg Number: 2610

Surname: RYAN; Given Names: Thomas; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Christopher; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary KENEDY; Age: 55; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1878; Reg Number: 558

Surname: NICHOL; Given Names: Sarah Jane; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: EASTON; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: John; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1866; Reg Number: 1975

Surname: ROACH; Given Names: Ann; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: RUSSELL; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: John; Birth Place: THURLIS; Year: 1868; Reg Number: 1126

Surname: DERMODY; Given Names: Mary; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: SMYTH; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: James; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1868; Reg Number: 4121

Surname: REID; Given Names: Johanna; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: TOBIAS; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Tobias; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1868; Reg Number: 4126

Surname: SHEHAN; Given Names: Catherine; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: MCANULTY; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Michael; Birth Place: THURLES IRE; Year: 1869; Reg Number: 4137

Surname: CAHILL; Given Names: Andrew; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: CAHILL; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Ellen; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1870; Reg Number: 3972

Surname: CAHILL; Given Names: Ellen; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: CAHILL; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Andrew; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1870; Reg Number: 3972

Surname: LEAHY; Given Names: Mary Ellen; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: ALDWORTH; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Francis Charles; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1872; Reg Number: 1891

Surname: FOGARTY; Given Names: James; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: CONDIE; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Sophia; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1875; Reg Number: 3567

Surname: VANSTON; Given Names: Margaret; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: VANSTON; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: William David; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1875; Reg Number: 3871

Surname: SWEENEY; Given Names: Catherine; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: ASHDOWN; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: James; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1879; Reg Number: 4340

Surname: REID; Given Names: Henry Richard; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: MARSHALL; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Sophia; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1882; Reg Number: 4594

Surname: COLLINS; Given Names: Mary; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: FLENLY; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Alfred; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1883; Reg Number: 2877

Surname: COLLINS; Given Names: Amelia; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: SMITH; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: John Thomas; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1884; Reg Number: 2803

Surname: FOGARTY; Given Names: Patrick Al; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: GLEESON; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary Anne Josephine; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1884; Reg Number: 779

Surname: HINES; Given Names: Edward; Event: M; Spouse Surname/Father: OSBORNE; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Grace; Birth Place: THURLES; Year: 1886; Reg Number: 7011

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