Gormley Lands Darkwater Creek NSW Australia Parish Maps

Parish Maps showing land owned by Cornelius, Peter and Thomas Gormley at Belmore River, NSW.

Cornelius Gormley and his sons Peter and Thomas owned several lots of land around Darkwater Creek (Belmore River) which is on the mid-north coast of NSW Australia very close to the coast. It is a lush farming area and very beautiful. Today it is prime real estate.

Their lands are in three parishes: Kempsey, Beranghi and Kinchela and the maps are online at NSW Lands Dept , Parish Maps Preservation Project.

The Kinchela Parish Map shows the land owned by their father, Cornelius Gormley. The Land Titles Office in Sydney records Cornelius Gormley as selecting land in 1863. Image below is 1920 Map 10556201.

Gormley Cornelius Gormley's Lands along Belmore River Kinchela Parish Map 1920
Land Owned by Cornelius Gormley in Kinchela Parish NSW. Parish map of Kinchela 1920, lots 47,48 & 123.
Gormley Cornelius Gormley's lands on Kempsey Parish Map 1954
Land Owned by Cornelius Gormley Kempsey Parish Map 1954, lots 180 & 194

Below is from the Beranghi Parish Map which shows the lands of Peter and Thomas Gormley.

Gormley Parish Map Peter & Thos Gormley Land in Beranghi Parish Darkwater Creek NSW
Lands Owned by Peter and Thomas Gormley in Beranghi Parish Darkwater Creek NSW

Lots 55 & 56 where John Thomas Fanning farmed before WW1 .Lots 55 and 56 are the lots that Ellen Fanning inherited from her brother Peter after his death in 1916. This is where John Thomas Fanning, her son, farmed before he enlisted for WW1. They are shown in the next map of Kempsey Parish.

Gormley Parish Map John Thomas Fanning's land before WW1 Kempsey Parish Map
John Thomas Fanning’s land before WW1 Kempsey Parish Map

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  1. In relation to Sarah Gormley. B.1842
    She married Edward Ryan 27 April 1863 in St Mary’s Cathederal Sydney
    Died 11 Jan 1902 Reg # 53/1902
    She had 2 sons and 3 daughters. One of the daughters Mary Ann Josephine Ryan is my wifes’ Great Grandmother

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