Fannings from Shanbally House Moycarky Co Tipperary Ireland

Edward Fanning the son of William Faning and Catherine Fogarty of Clondoty lived at Shanbally House. He married Johanna Hogan.

Edward Fanning the son of Catherine Fogarty and William Fanning of Clondoty lived at Shanbally House. Below are photos of members of his family and Shanbally House as it is today. These wonderful old photos were kindly sent by Kate O’Sullivan, a descendant of Edward Fanning and Johannah Hogan.

Edward Fanning of Shanbally House 1868-1948
Edward Fanning of Shanbally House 1868-1948
Johanna Fanning nee Hogan 1876-1948
Johanna (Josie)Fanning nee Hogan 1876-1948
William Fanning of Clondoty.
William (Billy) Fanning of Clondoty Co Tipperary c1821-1908

William Fanning of Clondoty was Edward’s father and the son of William Fanning and Hanera Cormick of Lissaroon.

William Fanning and Catherine Fogarty
William Fanning and his wife Catherine Fogarty c1831-1875

Edward Fanning’s parents were William Fanning and Catherine Fogarty of Clondoty.

Joan, Maureen and Kitty Fanning from Shanbally House
Joan, Maureen and Kitty Fanning from Shanbally House

Edward and Johannah Fanning’s three daughters. Joan (Johannah) Maureen (Mary) and Kitty (Catherine) Fanning.

Joan Fanning and her brothers
Joan Fanning with her father and brothers c1921

From left to right: Joan and Patrick in front and in the back William, Edward (her father) and John Fanning.

Joan Fanning and Denis O'Sullivan's wedding
Wedding of Johanna (Joan) Fanning of Shanbally House Moycarky and Denis O’Sullivan of Ballinure 1938 Back row: Patrick Fanning, May Kennedy nee O’Sullivan, John Kennedy, Pat Sullivan, John Fanning, Maura Fanning, priest, Con Dowling. Front row Canon McGrath, Bridget O’Sullivan nee Lee, Fr Paul Welch, Dinny O’Sullivan, Joan Fanning, Josie Hogan and Ned Fanning.
Michael Fanning's Wine Shop in Dublin 19 Lincoln Place
Michael Fanning’s Wine Shop in Dublin 19 Lincoln Place

Edward had a share in this business with Michael Fanning his brother but he sold it and bought Shanbally House around 1900 from the Kavanaghs.

Edward Fanning bought the house c1900 from the Kavanaghs. They had brought it from a Protestant leaseholder named Manning. Apparently, Manning had a servant, a Ms Dwyer, who he got pregnant, and she was shipped off to Queensland Australia. But the story has a happy ending.  Manning sold Shanbally House to the Kavanaghs and went out to Australia where he married Ms Dwyer. The pieces of this story were put together when descendants of Manning and Ms Dwyer, from Australia, came to Shanbally House researching their ancestry.

I have recently been contacted by an Australian Manning descendant. She disputed much of the above story. I did a bit of digging and found that the Mannings were in fact Catholic but very upper-class. Referred to as Gentry in 1846 and John and Robert Manning had Esq after their names.

William Manning also married Anastasia Dwyer on 19 Feb 1859 in Moycarky and they had three children before emigrating to Australia. The brothers William, John and Patrick Manning settled in Grafton NSW Australia.

I came across this death notice searching in Trove newspapers for something else:

Manning Shanballa drowning
Manning Shanballa drowning death notice Clarence and Richmond Examiner NSW 31 May 1898
Loughmore Cemetery Fannings of Shanbally House Co-1
Grave of Shanbally House Fannings Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Dualla Cemetery Bridget Joan Denis Lawrence OSul-1
O’Sullivan Family Grave Dualla Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

The following genealogy reports trace the ancestors and descendants of Edward Fanning 1868-1948 Co Tipperary Ireland.

Author: Kathleen

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8 thoughts on “Fannings from Shanbally House Moycarky Co Tipperary Ireland”

  1. Kathleen – you have an awesome website. I just found it today and will continue to review. I would appreciate any comments you may have on the following:

    Simon Francis Disney’s Marriages
    1. Simon married Margaret Mahoney on April 10, 1893. It could be that this Margaret was born on April 26, 1865 in Ireland and died in Manhattan, New York in 1921.
    2. Simon married Margaret Fanning (my grandmother) on September 10, 1923. Margaret was born in Tipperary, Ireland on April 22, 1895 and died in London, England on Feb 25, 1979.
    3. Simon died December 7, 1932 in Clonmel, Tipperary.
    4. Johanna “Josie” (Fanning) Smy was the illegitimate child of Margaret Fanning. Josie was probably named after Johanna Fanning, her grandmother.
    5. Josie married Fred Smy in England. Fred had a son from a previous marriage named Bobby Smy.
    6. Anthony Disney changed his surname to Smy later in life, was the illegitimate son of Josie Fanning. It is assumed that Anthony was born in Ireland.

    Margaret Fanning Disney must have moved to London, England sometime after Simon’s death in 1932. I currently have no record of when this might have happened. However, Christopher, James, Simon and Josie (Fanning) and son Anthony (Disney) moved possible due to the sigma of having an illegitimate child in Ireland during that time. It must have been a very difficult time for Margaret to make this move and to keep her family together.

    do you have any information or can you direct me to find out more about Margaret, Josie and Anthony.

    Best regards from Houston, Texas

    1. You may have already been used the Rootsireland site to find Margaret Fanning’s birth record.They have discounted their records till Dec 4. Other places you could look are the Ellis Island and Garden Island sites for immigration records. Census records for the US and England may have more information but I think you have to pay to see, either through or Find Your Past. Also worth posting on forums.

      Do you have Margaret’s place of birth, I am curious to see if there might be a connection to my Fanning ancestors around Thurles in North Tipp? Was she born in North or South Tipperary? Is there an address? Also her parents’ names?
      Good luck searching.

    2. I have read your comments with interest as Margaret Fanning was also my biological grandmother.

      My mother was born in 1917 in Cashel Poor House to your grandmother, who later gave her to the Kennedy family to bring up, at the age of 3 months.

      I have been researching my family history to find out who my grandfather was and I found out that Margaret had married Simon Disney and had 3 boys by him. My mother had always known about Josie and the boys as Mrs. Kennedy was part of the Fanning family but she did not find out this information until the age of 11.

      Our grandmother was from Galbooly, Littleton,Tipperary, where my mother was brought up as was I and my 11 siblings.

      From my research I found your cousin, Shirley, and have spoken to her and she had no knowledge of grandmother having my mother. I am hoping, when I return from USA in June, to meet up with some of my half-cousins to discuss all this.

      I am so glad I found this site in my research was able to contact you. It would be nice to hear from you.

  2. I think the story of the Mannings/Dwyers is a little mixed up. All three of J T Manning’s sons ended up in Grafton, but they didn’t arrive together. The middle one, William, married a Dwyer & had two children before leaving Ireland with his mother. The other two brothers also married before they left Ireland. I have no record of J T Manning arriving – it is just as likely he died in Ireland & the family sold up.

    1. Yes it seems the story passed down was not very accurate. There is no doubt some truth in the story, maybe to do with her being a Catholic and him a Protestant.Thanks for the update. I had a search on North Tipperary Genealogy and a William Manning married a Dwyer in 1859 and they had three children Catherine 1861, John 1862 and Edmund 1863.

  3. I am a bit confused. Simon Disney born 1865 and was the son of William and Mary Disney. He married Margaret Mahony and can be found living in Clonmel in the 1901 and 1911 census. They eventually went to the US before 1915. There was another Simon Disney born about 1892 to Robert and Hanna Disney. Could someone help clarify which Simon Disney married Margaret Fanning in 1923?

    1. Hi Linda,
      The Simon Disney who married Margaret Mahoney in 1893 is the same Simon Disney who married Margaret Fanning in 1923. He was listed as a widower on his marriage record in 1923, so this was his second marriage. Perhaps after his first wife died he returned to Clonmel from the US. has all the civil records from about 1864 and is free. You should be able to find out more there. Both of his marriage records are on this site under civil records.

      Good luck hunting Kathleen

  4. Kathleen,

    Thank you so much for the information. Simon Disney and Margaret Mahony Disney are my great grandparents and I am trying to piece together the family’s history in America. I didn’t realize that Simon returned to Ireland. My mother had heard about family in Ireland, but thought it was just a sister of her father, William Joseph Disney.

    The website has been very helpful in piecing together more of the family for me.

    Thanks for all the assistance,


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