1854 Petition for Tenants’ Rights Co Tipperary Ireland

In 1854 John fanning and Joseph Fanning from Kill signed a petition for tenants’ rights in Co Tipperary Ireland.

“Nov. 25th 1854 We, the undersigned Clergymen and Electors of the County of Tipperary, feeling a strong conviction that, whilst the present unnatural state of the land Laws in Ireland is permitted to continue, there can be no security or contentment on the part of the Tenant Class, no material improvement in the land and no real prosperity in the Country-notwithstanding even the ephemeral high prices that now exist for agricultural produce: and seeing that the present is the grandest opportunity ever offered us for securing the redress of this fundamental grievance, as well as of our other manifold wrongs, and being fully persuaded that any neglect or apathy at this favourable moment, in making our just claims thoroughly known and properly pressed on the Legislature, would be a disastrous error which we might never able to repair, and which, for centuries to come, might be fatal to the dearest interests of Ireland – Do hereby require a Public Meeting to be held in the Town of Thurles, on Sunday the 26th inst., for the purpose of advancing the cause of Tenant Right as propounded by the Irish Tenant League, and as recommended by the National Conference held in Dublin in the years 1852,1853,1854, and to petition Parliament in favour of same.”

Among the signatories : From Kill: John Fanning and Joseph Fanning

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