The Sunbury Fanning Family Victoria Australia

Background information on the Fanning family from Sunbury Victoria Australia came from Co Wicklow in Ireland. They don’t appear to be related to the Bulla Fanning family.

Fanning Family from Powlett St Sunbury taken about 1907
Fanning Family From Powlett St Sunbury Victoria
Fanning Family From Powlett St Sunbury Victoria

There was a Fanning family living in Sunbury, Victoria which is relatively near Bulla. One of their descendants believes we are related. I had a look and this family originates from Co Wicklow in Ireland so I don’t think we would be related.

Michael Fanning who married Mary Hogan, in 1872 in Victoria, came from Co Wicklow. In 1876 Elizabeth Mary was born to Michael and Mary Fanning. In 1907 she married Thomas Richard Wickham. Other children to Michael and Mary Fanning were John Jackson 1877, Michael Joseph born 1879, Kate (Catherine Teresa)1881, Lilian Francis 1873, Mary Josine and Ann (Margaret Ann)1883.

In the Sunbury News 1892, a Michael Fanning is listed as a publican for the Railway Hotel in Sunbury. He died age 85, in Sunbury, in 1927.

Mary Fanning nee Hogan died in Sunbury age 74 in 1917. Her father was John Hogan and her mother Eliza Brophy. She lived at Powlett St in Sunbury for 63 years, where her parents had lived before her.

Author: Kathleen

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3 thoughts on “The Sunbury Fanning Family Victoria Australia”

  1. Big family Kathleen and great history My family also Irish great grandfather co-galway his father born co- clare name Timothy Forde

    1. My gggrandparents, Bryan Burns and his wife Mary,also came from Tuam in Co Galway. They were on the Mackey not Fanning side. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I had a Grandfather Terence O’Brien but he married Margaret Anne Leyden
    both born and died in sunbury I do have information if this is the O’Brien you are after

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