The Fanning Family Charlton Victoria Australia

The Fanning family from Charlton Victoria Australia originally came from Dublin Ireland. I have not as yet been able to connect them to the Bulla Fanning family.

Harvest Time at Noske Mill Charlton Victoria 1940

In researching my branch of the Fannings from Thurles I came across four other Fanning families that I thought might be related.

It was often thought that the Fannings who lived, and still live, in Charlton, in country Victoria, were related to us. People often asked if we were related to them and pointed out a strong physical likeness to my father. They even said he walked in the same way as the Fanning Charltons. My father went over to Charlton to visit them there but apparently they knew of no connection.

I looked into their family history and found three sites where the Charlton Fanning family history has been explored:

Kevin Shepherd starts with George Fanning who was born c 1864 in Dublin and married Margaret Masterson in Charlton in 1899. (I can’t find Kevin’s tree online anymore.)

The Hall, Kernaghan, Donaldson, Clark, Armstrong & Noble Family Tree on Rootsweb has information on Joseph Fanning who married Lizzie Gledhill c1884.

I found out that this Fanning family came from Dublin. Three brothers, Michael, George and Joseph and a sister, Margaret came out to Australia sometime after 1864. Their father was James Fanning, a farmer and their mother Kate(Kathleen) Stammers.

Michael born c1850 died in Bendigo in 1931 aged 81.

Joseph died a very wealthy man in 1922 in Charlton. He was born in Dublin c1856.

Margaret was born c1860 and died in 1925 in Charlton.

George born c1864 in Dublin died 1943 in Charlton.

If anyone knows when the four emigrant Charlton Fannings came out to Australia I would be interested to know or if anyone has any more research on this family back in Ireland please contact me. I also have more on this family than what I’ve written here.

Author: Kathleen

I have done an Ancestry DNA test and also have uploaded my test results to GedMatch. My GedMatch kit numbers are A029138 and T470174. Please contact me if we are a match. kathleenmfanningAThotmailDOTcom

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  1. I am a Fanning from Adelaide and I believe the Michael Fanning mentioned above is my Great-Great Grandfather if it is he that is buried in White Hills cemetary and he died in the Bendigo Asylum. I am trying to discover more about him and that part of the family. My Cousin Trevor Owens in Adelaide has done much research so he may have more information for you. Please feel free to email me.

    1. Hi Sarah, I am still curious to know if there might be a connection between your family and mine. A lot of Fannings did go to work and set up pubs in Dublin. But as Michael’s father was listed as a farmer why would he have left Tipperary to farm somewhere else? Unless his father was the one who left Co Tipperary to work for an uncle or relative ??? I am wondering if your cousin Trevor has been able to find records or info on Michael’s grandparent or any connection to Co Tipperary?

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    Its been really cool to hear from you.

    The information that I have is the James (married to Kathleen Stammers) was a Veterinary surgeon in Dublin. The history I have is a bit confusing about all the kids and grandkids etc. My mum is sending me some info that we have. I have messaged Trevor to tell him you are looking for information and links between families.


    1. Hi Sarah,
      That is interesting that James was a veterinary surgeon. A lot of my Fanning irish as well as Australian ancestors were involved in pubs. They seemed to be either farmers, shopkeepers and or publicans. I asked an Irish lady if this was common and she said no as you needed some money to have a pub. If James was a vet then his parents may have been well off,although I don’t know if being a vet in those days is the same as today, in terms of having to be educated. Do you remember if any of the Charlton Fannings were publicans? I’m keen to know anything more about James and his parents.

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    I am aware of other Fanning’s in Victoria and have not been able to link them with Michael Fanning b. c1850 and died in Bendigo 1931. In fact your website suggests that Michael came with brothers Joseph, George and sister Margaret which I wasn’t aware of so I will have to start doing some more research. I have a copy of Michael’s death certificate which is very detailed and it shows that his father James Fanning who was married to Kathleen Stammers was a Veterinary Surgeon, not a farmer. The family lived in Dublin.

    1. Hi Trevor,
      On his brother George’s marriage certificate James is listed as a farmer so he was most likely both a veterinarian and farmer. If you find any links with Co Tipperary I would be very interested. James’s father may have come from Co Tipperary and settled in Dublin and then may be related.

  4. Hi Kathleen,

    I believe Michaels daughter (or sister not sure) married August Charles Hindson and she had a publican’s license at one point I believe in Wedderburn or Charlton and at that time she could have only held one if her husbund had it previously and then died. I am a nurse in Bendigo and we have many patients from Charlton and one told me that half the town is a Fanning. I believe that one of them is currently a publican but whether they brought it or inherited it I am not sure.
    I got in touch with Trevor and sent him the link to this site and he said he would get in touch with you.
    I am hoping to go to Charlton this long weekend and see what I can find out.
    I hope that Trevor will be able to give you some much more helpful information.


  5. Hi Kathleen,
    I am curious about a few things. What proof do you have that Joseph, George and Margaret were siblings of Michael Fanning? Do you know what year they arrived in Victoria and on which ship/s? I have done a preliminary search for their birth in Ireland but have not yet paid for church baptisms of two possibilities and I remain uncertain whether they will prove them to be siblings although one would hope so.
    I have determined that one of Michael’s daughters was a barmaid and I think licensee of a hotel near the Dandenongs and there was also some involvement with the Wederburn Hotel. My family history data is not available to me at the moment because my other computer is out of action and so I am unable to be too specific. I will post with details when they become available.

    I look forward to what Sarah may uncover by a trip to Charlton.


    1. Hi Trevor,
      Joseph’s death record 1922 has his parents as James Fanning and Kate Stammers he was 66 when he died in Charlton #12513; George’s marriage certificate #904 also has same parents; Michael who died in Bendigo age 81 in 1931 has Jas Fanning and Kleen Stammers as his parents #8034; Margaret Sheahorn nee Fanning died in Charlton in 1925 aged 65 and her parents were James Fanning and Cath Stammers #13007.
      I don’t when they came out. The only way to track this down would be to look at the assisted passenger lists at PROV or from their death certificates.
      Sarah may find out more for you in Charlton. The cemetery will have lots of Fannings in it. regards Kathleen

  6. Hi,
    My Pop was born and raised in Charlton, we do have a family history book which indicates the Charlton Fanning’s came from Swords in Ireland. I will locate the book and fill in more info re our family. My Great grandfather was Joseph Fanning and my Pop Kevin was one of ten I think.

    Regards Rhiannon

    1. Hi Rhianno,
      That the Charlton Fannings came from Swords in County Dublin is an important bit of info in tracing them in Ireland. Swords I think is called Fingal today and is 13 kms or miles north of Dublin. I am interested in any info you have on their Irish history. regards Kathleen

  7. Hi, looking to contact kevin fanning, born Tuam Ireland March 1942, shipped arrived in Melbourne Aust 1957, his mother and sister were both Mary fanning, sister born 1939.
    He worked for Sydney (nsw) water in 1972, said his family were in lidcombe, Sydney… I would like to get in contact with kevin, or any of his relations please. Thanks for any help you can give, I’ve exhausted all ways of finding him.

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