Co Tipperary Irish Emigrants to Australia 1828-1866

Peter Madden has compiled records of Co Tipperary Irish born immigrants to Australia from 1828-1866 as well as records of some Tipperary natives’ deaths and marriages.

Cashel Co Tipperary Ireland

All of these indexes were compiled by Peter Madden of Newcastle NSW Australia.

Tipperary Emigrant Index 1828 to 1866 

This is the combined index of people who were born in Tipperary, Ireland, and emigrated to Sydney, New South Wales, or Moreton Bay, Queensland in the years 1828 to 1866 inclusive.

The Almost Emigrant List People who paid but didn’t make the trip.




Author: Kathleen

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2 thoughts on “Co Tipperary Irish Emigrants to Australia 1828-1866”

  1. Hi, I tried to send some information to Peter Madden about my Tipperary ancestors who settled in Victoria, but the email bounced back. Is he still interested in receiving updates?

    1. Sorry Lorraine I really don’t know if Peter Madden is still working on his Tipperary Immigrant Lists. He has a Madden Family History site but no contact details. Kathleen

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