The Fanning Family from Lisdonowley, Co Tipperary, Ireland

The genealogy of the Fanning family from Lisdonowley Co Tipperary Ireland from 1731.

Lisdonowley Fanning family plot Loughmore Cemetery

A branch of my Fanning family, the descendants of William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon, live in Lisdonowley in Moyne, Co Tipperary, Ireland.

Patrick Fanning (1809-1895) was a first cousin of my gggrandfather William Patrick Fanning, “Big Bill”, who emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1841 and settled at Bulla.

Patrick Fanning was the son of William Fanning and Hanera Cormick and was born about 1809 and died in 1895. He married Margaret Cantwell. I believe (can’t be 100% sure as parents’ names were not included in marriage records) that she was the daughter of Anthony Cantwell and Bridget Carroll of Ballyerk Moyne Co Tipperary.

Patrick Fanning of Lisdonowly




1901 Census for Lisdonowley James Fanning_0002
Census Return for James Fanning Lisdonowley 1901
1901 Census Lisdonowley Johanna Fanning nee Shanahan_0001
1901 Census Return for Johanna Fanning nee Shanahan Lisdonowley

In 1911 Johanna Fanning nee Shanahan was still living with her brother and his family. She was married for two years and had one child deceased. She was a domestic servant.

MICHAEL FANNING, farmer of Castletown. Father: William Fanning, also a farmer, married JOHANNA SHANAHAN of Lisdonowly in the Parish of Moyne on Feb 15 1885. Her father, a farmer, was John Shanahan. Witnesses were William Maher and Ellen Shanahan.

MOYNE CEMETERY:1.Erected by MARGARET FANNING of Castletown to record the death of her dear husband WILLIAM FANNING who died 27th of January 1874 aged 78 years
the above Mrs Margaret Fanning who died Sept 10(?)_ aged 70(?)
and also her daughter JOHANNA FANNING
who died 2_th March 1871? Aged 28 YRS
her son MICHAEL who died October ? aged 48 Yrs ???0
and her son THOMAS who died 13th? Jan 1911? aged 72
her son PATRICK died 6th February 1919? Aged 38

2. Erected by JOHN SHANAHAN Lisdonowly in memory of his father JOHN SHANAHAN died 18th May 1869 Aged 3(?)6 Yrs
and his mother MARY died 20th March 1881 Aged 68 Years
His brother MICHAEL died 20th June 1886 Aged 25 Years
And two sisters who died in religion
MRS JOHANNA FANNING NEE SHANAHAN died 5th Feb 1930 Aged 77 Years
Also MATHEW SHANAHAN died 12th March 1934 Aged 82 Years
The above JOHN SHANAHAN Died 23rd Jan 1937 Aged 80 years
His wife MARY died 30 March 1946

I don’t know if the Michael Fanning that Johanna Shanahan married was a related Fanning. I will follow this up as it is possible as the Lisdonowley Fannings were close neighbors.

1911 Census Lisdonowley_0002
1911 Census Fanning Family Lisdonowley Co Tipperary Ireland
Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland James Fanning Lisdonowley (2)
Grave of James Fanning of Lisdonowley, his wife Anne Hogan and their children Richard, Hanorah and Mary. Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland


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