Lissaroon the Home of William and Sarah Fannin, Co Tipperary Ireland

Lissaroon just north of Thurles in Co Tipperary Ireland was the home of William Fannin (1731-1802) & Sarah Ryan (1742-1817). Successive generations of their decendants have lived on this property.

Lisaroon home of William Fannin 1731- 1802 Co Tipperary Ireland
Lissaroon home of William Fannin 1731- 1802 & Sarah Ryan c1742-1817Co Tipperary Ireland

This is the earliest related Fanning residence that I have discovered being the property of William Fannin and Sarah Fannin nee Ryan who are buried in Ballycahill Cemetery Co Tipperary. William Fannin was born about 1731 and died 28 Jan 1801. Sarah Fannin was born c 1741and died 27 Nov 1817.

After William Fannin died in 1802 his eldest son William Fanning took over the property. He was married to Hanera Cormick. From William the property passed to his son Michael who was married to Catherine Ryan and from then to Thomas Fanning married to Johanna Bannon. The Bannons and Cormicks were Lissaroon neighbours. They did not have any children and so it was left to John Joseph Mullany his nephew and son of John Mullany and Bridget Fanning. The property is owned now by Bridget Fanning’s granddaughter.

Thomas Fanning & Johanna (Hanna) Fanning nee Bannon

Thomas and Johanna were the last Fannings to live at Lissaroon.

In the Nenagh Guardian 4 Feb 1984 there is an explanation of the road which cuts through Lissaroon. This was done in the 1840s. Delia Cullen told us this road was a real boon to the Fannings giving them direct access to Thurles.

When Michael originally had the property  it was about 50 acres with an additional 45 acres of bog land next door. The lessor was Edward Maher. Then Maher took over the bog land. The total property was valued at 33 pounds in 1856 and 50 pounds in 1943.

The townland of Lissaroon in the Tithe Applotment Books 1823-37
The townland of Lissaroon in the Tithe Applotment Books 1823-37

In Griffith’s Valuation Lissaroon William Fannin is listed as occupier of a house, offices and land (44 acres 2 rods and 29 perches) the immediate lessor being Edward Maher. The no and letters of reference to the map are 11 ABa. William Fannin also occupies No 12 with John Cormack and others. This is a bog of 43 acres 3 rods 11 perches. Edward Maher is lessor.

William Fannin’s property at Lissaroon in the Valuation Office Books 15 Feb 1847
Grifiths Valuation for the townland of Lissaroon in the Parish of Inch Co Tipperary
Grifiths Valuation for the townland of Lissaroon in the Parish of Inch Co Tipperary Sept 1849
Lissaroon Landed Estates Court Sales Freemans Journal 8 May 1863 p4

Looking again at the 1901 Census for Lissaroon we can see that the number of families is less. In 1901 there are twelve families and in 1911 there are ten. The main families are the Purcells, Brolans, Fannings, McCormacks or Cormacks and Bannons and Ryans.

The House and Building Returns for 1901 describe Lissaroon as having six rooms, four windows, being made of either stone or brick or concrete and having a roof of thatch or wood. Descendants have confirmed that it had a thatched roof which became too expensive to upkeep and was replaced by a tin roof. There were two cow houses, one calf house, one dairy, one fowl house, one boiling house, one barn, one stable and one piggery. Six family members occupied six rooms in what was classed as a second class house.

In the 1911 census seven rooms are occupied by the Fannings.

The 1901 Return of Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings has the Fanning property at Lissaroon having two cow houses, one calf house, a piggery, fowl house, boiling room, barn and shed. A total of nine out-buildings. In the 1911 census there are eight out buildings: a stable, a dairy, cow house, fowl house, barn, turf house and shed.

In 1904 when the property was owned by Thomas Fanning a request was made for a labourer’s cottage to be erected on his lands at Lissaroon. This was part of the Thurles Labourers’ Cottage Scheme.

Nenagh Guardian 8 Oct 1904

The Valuation Office have searched and between 1856-1863 12 ABC is occupied by Michael Fannon House Office and Land 45 acres 0 rods 8 perches, lessor is Edward Maher. The bog Ref no 13 was occupied by Michael Fannin and others but during this time it is taken over by Edward Maher in fee. Some lands were added to 12ABC about 7 acres. No exact dates are given.

1863-1866 12ABC occupied by Michael Fannon immediate lessor is Edward Maher about 51 acres. 1866-1876 12ABC still occupied by Michael Fannon House Offices and land of 52 acres 2 rods 7 perches. Immediate lessor is still Edward Maher.

According to Delia Cullen the gr granddaughter of Michael Fanning he was paying 37 pounds a year in rent for the Lissaroon property.

1876-1883 12ABC change from Michael Fannin to Catherine Fannin probably in 1879 same amount of land. 1883-1893 12ABC occupied by Cath Fannin, same amount of land. 1893-1909 12ABC change hands from Catherine Fanning to Thomas Fanning in 1898. 1909-1929 8A 7A 12AaBC occupied by Thomas Fanning House Office Land. 1929-1967 7A 8A 9A 12AaBb 13B John J Mullany takes over the land from Thomas Fanning in 1939 he buys out the ground rent and now holds the land In Fee. Total land is 42 actres 16 rods.

John Joseph Mullany is Thomas Fanning’s nephew. 9A was added in 1943. His mother is Bridget Mullany nee Fanning. The Ratings Records from 1999 show Timothy Cullen as the occupier of 7A 8A 9A 12A Lissaroon In Fee. Area is 71 acres. As rates were abolished this is the last record they have. It has the rates being effective from 31/12/1988 which could be when the property changed hands.

Based on information in a 1978 letter by Archbishop O’Donnell to his nephew I think William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon are the grandparents of William Patrick Fanning, “Big Bill”, who emigrated to Australia in 1841 with his wife Catherine Hayes. It was described as a “prosperous Farm” in Archbishop O’Donnell’s letter to his nephew. The stone house on the left may be the original dwelling.

I recently heard from a woman who was born near Lissaroon and used to play in this house.  This is part of what Mary wrote:

There were a family living there over 50 years ago, called Meehans, but they only had the house rented or maybe they were related, I just don’t know. But no one lived there once the Meehan’s moved out. But I passed there last week and the house is still standing…….I was often in that house when a child as we used to play with the Meehan children, all I can remember of it was there was a stained panel of glass in the front door and that they had, if I remember right a walled back yard with a pear tree, and loads of trees in the front of the house, they are all gone now. I’m trying to remember how many rooms were in the house, I know there was two rooms of the kitchen, the kitchen, a parlour, and maybe there was another room of that, not sure.”

“I’m trying to remember, it is a long time ago, but I think there was a wall that went all around the house in front, coming up from the right hand side up the field in front of the house. I think it went all around the front over to the left hand side. There was a small gate and a path to the front door, and trees at both sides of the path and daffodils in the spring, and thats all I can remember. If I can meet Billy Cormick who lives just over the road he would maybe be able to help, I believe he is into history, and maybe may be able to tell me something. I want to ask him about my Lowry’s who move to Lissaroon for a while when they were evicted in 1849 and a relation of Billy’s was a sponsor for one of the Lowry kids. The stone building at the left hand side of the picture may have been the original house.”

More photos of Lisaroon taken in June 2010. The farm hasn’t been lived in for years.

Lisaroon Co Tipperary Ireland Fanning residence

Lisaroon Co Tipperary Ireland Fannin & Fanning property

Lisaroon Fanning Farm Co Tipperary Ireland

Lisaroon Co Tipperary Fanning property for generations

Author: Kathleen

I have done an Ancestry DNA test and also have uploaded my test results to GedMatch. My GedMatch kit numbers are A029138 and T470174. Please contact me if we are a match. kathleenmfanningAThotmailDOTcom

8 thoughts on “Lissaroon the Home of William and Sarah Fannin, Co Tipperary Ireland”

  1. William and Sarah Fanning are my 10th great grandparents.
    Their 6th great granddaughter Anne Fanning is my 4th great grandmother.

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      I would love to know more of your family history and connection to William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon my 4X great great grandparents.
      Can you tell me more about Anne Fanning? some dates and who she married etc? In my family tree I have a few Anne Fanning entries: Anne born 1843 Castleroan Dunkerrin; Anne born 1947 Clondoty married to Don Bolger; Anne died 2004 daughter of Albert Fanning and Mary Ryan Vic Australia; Annie born 1909 married to Thomas Keating Co Tipperary; Annie Irene 1871-1932 married Thomas McKeone Victoria Aust. Are you related to any of these Annes?
      Thanks for making contact.
      cheers Kathleen

      1. Anne Fanning ,daughter of James Fanning and Margaret Hickey , was born in 1838 in Co. Tipperary, Ireland she married John O’Donnell in 1859 in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Their daughter ,Margaret , gave birth to my great great grandfather, Denis O’Donnell. Who married Madeline Feldhaus , in New York, and had my great grandfather, Charles, in 1917 . He married Grace Meyer and had my grandma, Margaret, in 1944.

        Anne Fanning daughter of James Fanning and Margaret Hickey .
        James Fanning son of John Fanning and Bridget Murphy.
        John Fanning son of Joseph Fanning and Mary Ryan.
        Joseph Fanning son of Thomas Fanning and Anstice Hayes.
        Thomas Fanning son of William Fanning and Honora McCormack.
        William Fanning son of William Fannin and Sarah Ryan.

        My grandma is so excited that through your website we found out about Lissaroon and our Fanning ancestors who lived there.


        1. Hi Stephanie,

          Thanks for all the info on your ancestry.

          Irish records unfortunately don’t go back far enough to prove a lot of these connections.

          In my tree I have Thomas Fanning son of William Fannin and Honora Cormack married to Anastasia Kirwan. But again I have not solid evidence for this.

          Irish genealogy is much harder than English and Scottish because of the lack of early records and lack of detail on the existing records.

          An Irish fourth cousin who owns Lissaroon told me that all the Fannings in that area descend from William Fannin and Sarah Ryan of Lissaroon.

          One way to prove the connection is through DNA tests. Have you or better still your gran done one?
          They are not cheap but Ancestry often has specials on days like St Patrick’s day. Ancestry is the best IMO.

          Good luck with your searching and let me know if you make any more discoveries re our connection.


  2. Hi Kathleen,

    I recently encountered an Ancestry DNA match that was clearly related to me through one of my maternal-side branches, the Campions who lived in the areas of Clonmeen, Lisduff and Errill around Rathdowney, Co. Laois. A clue for me was that this match’s grandmother was a Mary Davy from Co. Tipperary. Mary’s mother was Nora Fanning whom I’ve identified in your Ancestry tree. She was married to Ned/Edward Dav(e)y, who was from an area in the townland of Knockahaw referred to as “The Little Derry” or simply “Derries.” Knockahaw is in Co.Laois on the border with Co. Tipperary.

    There were said to be four Dav(e)y brothers who were brought over from Wales by Lord Castletown whose landholdings included Knockahaw. They were given tenancies in Knockahaw and built homes there. It’s not clear exactly when these brothers came over but by 1850 around the time of Griffith’s valuations there were four Daveys (Michael, Patrick, Joseph and Thomas) listed with roughly equal-sized parcels leased from Lord Castletown. It’s also not clear whether these were the original brothers or their descendants. In any event Patrick appears to have been the father of the Ned who married Nora Fanning.

    As mentioned, their daughter Mary was the grandmother of my DNA match. Nora apparently died in or shortly after the birth of Mary. She and Ned had two other daughters Catherine/Katie and Anne/Annie. Mary was sent to be raised by Ned’s sister Mary who had married a Costigan and lived in Toher with her own brood.

    Ned’s mother was Anne Campion a possible link to me although I haven’t been able to pin that down. Also, my second great grandparents were Loughlin Campion and Ellen Davey (who I believe was from Templemore and born about 1816). As it happens, Loughlin’s brother married Margaret Davey after the death of his first wife. I don’t know whether there was any relationship between the sisters-in-law nor whether either of them was in any way connected to the Daveys of Knockahaw.

    In any event I found your Fanning Family History fascinating and extremely well done. I’d be happy to share what limited information I have on the Dav(e)ys if that’s of interest.


    1. Hi Tom,

      Great to hear from you. The names of the Deavy girls and what happened to them, after their mother Nora Fanning died, has been one of my brick walls.

      When I visited Tipperary in 2012, I met up with a fourth cousin. She told me her grandmother, Bridget Mullany nee Fanning, Nora Fanning’s sister, looked after the girls for a while. She was attached to them and wanted to keep them. Her father, Michael Fanning, was not at all happy to do this, as he already had 15 children of his own. He told Bridget he had enough children to look after, and they had to go.
      My cousin told me the Deavey girls all emigrated to America.

      Anything you can tell me about this family very much appreciated. Did they emigrate? if so where to and what happened to them? Who did they marry?

      Am also wondering if I am a DNA match to your DNA match? I have tested with Ancestry and My Heritage.

      Thanks for making contact Tom.

      Warm Regards


  3. Hi Kathleen,

    I stumbled across this website today, after many years or family research I decided to google Lissaroon as my 2nd Great Grandmother Johanna Cunningham nee Fanning was born in Lissaroon. Using your details I have established that William and Sarah Ryan are my 5th Great Grandparents!

    So thank you for publishing this information as its helped me move my family tree forward.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I came across Johanna Cunningham a few years ago. Her maiden name given as Fanning so I investigated to see if she was related. Maybe you have different info?
      I looked through the records and Johanna Cunningham the mother of John and Patrick was married to a Joseph Cunningham 11 Nov 1889 in Thurles. her maiden name given as Smith not Fanning. She was a spinster. She died a widow in 1941 age 75.
      Is this the same Johanna you are related to? Can you tell me what info you have? On my tree I do have a Johanna Fanning born 1864 but have not found any other records for her.
      I am curious to know if we are related. regards Kathleen

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