Fannings in the 1911 Co Tipperary Irish Census

The 1911 Census records for Fanning people in Co Tipperary Ireland.

The 1901 Census and the 1911 Census are now online and free at the National Archives of Ireland.

Below are the Fannings listed in the 1911 Census for Co Tipperary:

The first address is the townland followed by the electoral district.

The first two are definately related and those with asterisks are in the right areas, close enough to Thurles, to be related.

***THOMAS FANNING House no 2 Lissaroon DED: Inch, 9.3 kms from Thurles. Aged 50 farmer, married to JOHANNA FANNING aged 46. His nephew, JOHN KEARNEY, aged 15. The Fannings at Lissaroon are related to my ancestor William Patrick Fanning who emigrated to Australia in 1841.

***JOHN FANNING House no 2 Clondoty DED: Kilrush. About 10 kms north of Thurles. Aged 39, farmer, married three years to MARY FANNING aged 28 and son, WILLIAM FANNING 11 mths. The Fannings living at Clondoty are related to my ancestors.

*PHILIP FANNING age 13, No 1 Glenbane Upper, DED:Gaile, ( North Tipperary, 9.4 kms south of Thurles and 3.2 kms south of Holycross) nephew of Mary Brennan aged 73, farmer and widow. MARY FANNING visitor age 14.

*JOHN FANNING No 2 Greenan DED: Templederry, North Tipperary about 24 kms north west of Thurles and about 9 kms from Borrisoleigh. Agricultural labourer, aged 26, servant.

*ELLIE FANNING No 3 in Coolaun DED: Borrisoleigh, about 18 kms north of Thurles. Servant aged 14.

*SAMUEL FANNING No 4 in Coolaun DED: Borrisoleigh, aged 69, married. Wife ANNE FANNING, aged 56, married 26 yrs. Children: EDWARD FANNING, aged 20, single, farmer’s son; ANNIE FANNING, aged 17, farmer’s daughter; KATHERINE FANNING, 13, scholar.

*TIMOTHY FANNING Knockanevin DED: Borrisoleigh, about 17 kms from Thurles. Aged 78, retired farmer, single, uncle of James Russell, farmer, married to Mary Russell for 17 yrs. Mary is aged 40.

*ELIZA FANNING of No 2 Rathmoy DED: Borrisoleigh, about 11.4 kms north of Thurles and south of Borrisoleigh. Widow, aged 70 and her son, JOHN FANNING, single, farmer’s son, aged 33.

*JOHN FANNING No 6 Upper Street, DED: Borrisoleigh. Aged 54, grocer married 7 yrs to ANNE FANNING aged 36. Children: JOHN FANNING aged 6 and PATRICK FANNING aged 3.

*JOSEPH FANNING No 9 Ballycahill, DED: Ballycahill, about 8 kms west of Thurles. Aged 71, farm servant and single.

*JAMES FANNING No 1 Barracurragh, DED: Ballycahill. Aged 72 farmer, married 32 yrs, 6 children. Wife ALICE FANNING 65, Daughters MARGARET FANNING, 30 and ALICE FANNING, 24 and sons JOHN FANNING, 28 and WILLIAM FANNING, 22.

*EMMY FANNING No 33 Cormackstown, DED: Holycross about 5.2 kms form Thurles. Aged 69, mother-in-law of John Ryan, farmer, aged 50 married 8 yrs to MAGGIE FANNING, aged 29. Brother-in-law is LAWRENCE FANNING aged 26, a farm servant.

*EDWARD FANNING No 5 Glenreaghbeg, DED: Holycross about 3.8 kms from Thurles. Aged 64, farmer, married 10 yrs to NORAH FANNING, aged 43. Mother-in-law Anne Molloy aged 74.

*JOHN FANNING No 3 Glenreaghmore, DED: Holycross. Aged 60, farmer, married 11 yrs to CATHERINE FANNING aged 45. Children JOHN FANNING aged 11, BRIDGET FANNING aged 9 and LAWRENCE FANNING aged 1.

*MARY FANNING Parkstown, DED: Ballymurreen about 7 kms south of Thurles. Aged 21 wife to William Heffernan aged 28 labourer.

*THOMAS FANNING No 3 Newtown DED: Littleton about 7 kms south east of Thurles. Aged 40, agricultural labourer married 18 yrs to JOHANNA FANNING aged 42. Children: JOHN FANNING aged 15, CORNELIUS FANNING 14, THOMAS FANNING 12, CATHERINE FANNING 8, MICHAEL FANNING 7, JOHANNA FANNING 4 . Also WILLIAM HEFFERNAN aged 1, his grandson.

*EDWARD FANNING No 1 Cooleroo DED: Littleton aged 64 farmer married to ELIZA FANNING aged 54. Children : JOHN FANNING aged 12, SARAH FANNING aged 13 and JOHANNA FANNING 14.

*MARGARET FANNING No 4 Lahardan Upper DED: Littleton, about 8 kms south east of Thurles. Aged 16, servant.

*PATRICK FANNING No 10 Castletown DED: Longfordpass about 60 kms north west of Thurles north west of Nenagh. Aged 80 farmer married to MARY FANNING 50, no children married 23 yrs. THOMAS FANNING brother aged 78 farmer.

*MARY FANING No 3 Graigue DED: Moycarry about 8kms from Thurles south east. Aged 66 farmer. Son PATRICK FANNING aged 38 farmer’s son, single. Son JOSEPH FANNING aged 34 also farmer’s son and single. Daughter MARY FANNING aged 28 and single.

*EDWARD FANNING No 1 Shanbally DED: Moycarry,about 8 kms south of Thurles. Aged 43 farmer married to JOHANNA FANNING aged 34 children: WILLIAM FANNING 8, JOHN FANNING, JOSEPH FANNING 6, CATHERINE FANNING 5, MARY FANNING 3, PATRICK FANNING 2 and JOHANNA FANNING aged 7 mths. Brother WILLIAM FANNING farmer aged 51 single.

*THOMAS FANNING No 5 Coldfields DED: Rahelty, about 9 kms north east of Thurles. Farmer, aged 55, married 17 yrs to KATE FANNING nee Brennan, aged 45. Children: NORA FANNING 16, MARY FANNING 15, PHILLIP FANNING 14, EDWARD FANNING 13, MARTIN FANNING 11, KATIE FANNING 10, JOHN FANNING 9, SARAH FANNING 7. Brother-in-law Edward Brennan single and 34.

*PATRICK FANNING House no 6 Coldfields DED: Rahelty farmer aged 46. Sisters JOHANNA FANNING 48 and MARGARET FANNING 26 and brother MARTIN FANNING, farmer, aged 34.

*THOMAS FANNING Two-Mile-Borris DED: Two-Mile-Borris about 9.8kms south west of Thurles. Married for 12 yrs to MARGARET FANNING aged 34. Sons MARTIN FANNING 11, WILLIAM FANNING 9, JOHN FANNING 7, and ANDREW FANNING 5 and daughter MARY FANNING 8. Brother JOSEPH FANNING, farmer, aged 50.

*PATRICK FANNING No 6 house in Coogulla DED: Loughmoe. About 8 kms north of Thurles. Aged 55, general labourer married 17 yrs to MARY FANNING aged 32. Sons PATRICK FANNING 10, THOMAS FANNING 7, MICHAEL FANNING 6, NICHOLAS FANNING 3 and DENIS FANNING 1. Daughters HANORA FANNING 13, MARY FANNING 11, KATE FANNING 9, and BRIDGET FANNING 2.

*THOMAS FANNING House no 1 Gortnahaha DED: Loughmoe. Farmer, aged 58, married to JOHANNA FANNING aged 50 for 27 yrs. Children: MARY FANNING 25, ELLIE FANNING 23, JOHANNA FANNING 22, BRIDGET FANNING 17, STATIA FANNING 15, KATHLEEN FANNING 12, JOSEPHINE FANNING 7. Brother PATRICK FANNING, farmer, aged 73.

*TIMOTHY FANNING House no 3 Gortnahaha DED: Loughmoe. Farmer aged 75 and single.

*JOHN FANNING House no 2 Graiguefrahane DED: Loughmoe. Retired farmer aged 72. Father-in-law of James Shepherd married to Mary Sheppherd.

*BRIDGET FANNING House no 11 Graiguefrahane DED: Loughmoe. Aged 15, relative of Cornelius Callnan, farmer, aged 48 and Alicia Callnan, aged 37, married 3 yrs.

*JAMES FANNING House no 1 Lisdonowley DED: Moyne, about 15kms north east of Thurles. James was a farmer, aged 58 and married to ANNIE FANNING aged 45. Children: PATRICK FANNING 13, MARGARET FANNING 12, JOHN FANNING 10, THOMAS FANNING 9, RICHARD FANNING 8, HANORAH FANNING 7, MARY FANNING 5 and ANNIE FANNING 1.

*PATRICK FANNING House no 29 Drom DED: Drom, about 12 kms north of Thurles. Farmer, aged 50 married 11 yrs to MARY ANNE FANNING aged 40. Children: JOSEPH FANNING aged 9, THOMAS FANNING 7, EDWARD FANNING 5 and MARY JOSEPHENE FANNING Aged 2. MARIA FANNING aged 69 his sister.

*THOMAS FANNING No 6 Kilvilcorris DED: Drom, about 14 kms north of Thurles. Farmer aged 40, single and STASIA FANNING aged 41, his sister.

*JOHN FANNING House no 13 Thurles Urban District DED: Thurles Urban. Farmer aged 50 married. His sister-in-law Mary Brennan aged 37, head of the household and a publican, single. Also ANNIE FANNING aged 41 his sister, NORA FANNING aged 7 niece, EDMOND FANNING 0 nephew and Mary Delahunty a relative.

*ELLEN FANNING House no 19 Thurles Urban District DED:Thurles Urban. Widow aged 54, shopkeeper, married 5 yrs, 1 child living.

*MAGGIE FANNING House no 249 Thurles Urban DED:Thurles Urban. Aged 19, shop assistant..

*MICHAEL FANNING House no 1 Cathaganstown DED: Cooleagh, about 18 kms south of Thurles. ELLEN FANNING 18 and WILLIAM FANNING aged 16 all servants of the Laharte family.

*WILLIAM FANNING House no 1 Manserghshill DED:Graystown. About 22 kms south of Thurles. Farm labourer aged 43. Married to MARY FANNING aged 40 for 21 yrs. Son JAMES FANNING 16, JOSEPH FANNING aged 5, and JOHN FANNING aged 6.

*KATHLEEN FANNING House no 1 Greenwood DED: Templemore Urban. Templemore is about 20 kms north of Thurles. Aged 5, the grandaughter of Kate Fogarty, aged 58, widow.

*EDWARD FANNING house no 5 George St DED: Templemore Urban. Aged 30, single, salesman.

*THOMAS FANNING No 10 Turtulla DED: Thurles Rural. Turtulla is about 2.8kms east of Thurles. Thomas was aged 42 an agricultural labourer married for 12 yrs to MARGARET FANNING aged 36. Their children were THOMAS FANNING aged 6, BRIGID FANNING aged 11, MOLLIE FANNING AGED 9, ELLIE FANNING aged 8 and MARGARET FANNING aged 2.

*CATHERINE FANNING No 13 Commons DED: Thurles Rural. .8 km north east of Thurles. Aged 72 farmer, single and BRIDGET FANNING aged 67 her sister.

*PATRICK FANNING No 3 Gortataggart DED: Thurles Urban, 3 kms south west of Thurles, near Turtulla. Aged 50, farm servant married 23 yrs to JANE FANNING aged 48. Their children: THOMAS FANNING aged 22, MARTIN FANNING aged 20, JOHN FANNING aged 18, JANE FANNING aged 13, BRIDGET FANNING aged 11 and PATRICK FANNING aged 9.

*JOHN FANNING house no 8 Lacken DED: Tipperary Rural. About 15kms west of Thurles. Farmer, aged 55, married 22yrs to JULIA FANNING aged 52 and their sons JOHN FANNING aged 20, WILLIAM FANNING aged 19 and PETER FANNING aged 14.

BRIDGET FANNING Limerick Rd no 106 DED: Tipperary West Urban. Aged 28, single and her brothers, WALTER FANNING, aged 22 and JOHN FANNING, aged 26, both single and labourers.

JOHN FANNING No 8 Moneymount DED: Bourney West about 30kms north of Thurles. Aged 63, farm labourer, married 34 yrs to HANORAH FANNING aged 74 and daughter SARAH FANNING aged 30.

*THOMAS FANNING 44 MAIN ST DED: Templemore Urban tailor, single, boarder aged 50.

*JOSEPH FANNING Ballypatrick DED: Inch aged 22, servant.

*LAURENCE FANNING N0 2 Clehile DED: Inch, close to Thurles, aged 35, publican and farmer married to BRIDGET FANNING aged 33. Daughter KATHLEEN FANNING aged 2 and son MICHAEL FANNING aged 9 mths. HUGH FANNING aged 55, police pensioner and brother.

*MICHAEL FANNING 114 Stradavoher DED: Thurles Urban. Aged 28, labourer, married 7 yrs to JOHANNA FANNING aged 29, housekeeper and their children MARY FANNING aged 6, JOHANNA FANNING aged 5, JOHN FANNING aged 4, MICHAEL FANNING aged 1 and PATRICK FANNING aged 2 mths.

*PATRICK FANNING 15 Main St DED: Thurles Urban , aged 73, shopkeeper married 15yrs to ANASTASIA FANNING aged 36 and MARYANN CARRIGEE, her sister, aged 31 and single.

*DANIEL FANNING 38 Main St DED: Thurles Urban. Aged 30, single, spirit & grocer. Bridget McDonald aged 33, his married sister and Josephine McDonald, his niece, aged 2.

*MARY FANNING 152 Pudding Lane DED: Thurles Urban born in Thurles Tipperary. Single, spirits dealer and Mary Ryan aged 25 a single relative born in Upperchurch Co Tipperary.

WILLIAM FANNING No 1 Gortnagowna DED: Bourney East, about 30 kms north west of Thurles, west of Borrisoleigh. Aged 55 married 16 yrs to MARGARET FANNING aged 35 and his children KATE FANNING aged 15, MARYANNE FANNING aged 13, MICHAEL FANNING aged 11, PATRICK FANNING aged 10, BRIDGET FANNING aged 6, JOSEPH FANNING aged 4. BRIDGET FANNING aged 45 his sister and JOHN FANNING aged 15 his nephew.

MARGARET FANNING No 1 Corriga DED: Bourney West, about 32 kms north of Thurles. Aged 69 and a widow. Her son PATRICK FANNING aged 37 and an agricultural labourer.

MARY FANNING No 6 Behaghglass DED: Rathnaveoge, about 45kms north of Thurles near Roscrea. Aged 62, a general domestic servant, single and her sister Kate Reid, married 7 yrs, aged 50, and nephew William L. Reid, scholar, aged 6.

At house no 9 in Glennagat DED: Knockgraffon (South Tipperary, 35kms south of Thurles):

WILIAM FANNING aged 65, farmer, married 34 years. His wife KATE FANNING, aged 66,

son THOMAS FANNING, 33, single. Daughters ELIZA FANNING, 28 &; BRIDGET FANNING 21, both single.

At house number 45 Kickham St DED: Clonmel East Urban (South Tipperary, 52.2 kms south of Thurles): WILLIAM FANNING aged 44, house painter, single. His brother THOMAS FANNING aged 40, single, and sister ELIZABETH FANNING, aged 30 and single.

At house number 21 in Ballyloughnane DED: Riverstown (North Tipperary 45.8kms north of Thurles through Roscrea) is ELLEN FANNING age 24, living as a servant with the Farrell family.

At house number 3 in Ballinderry DED: Carrick-on-Suir (Rural), (South Tipperary, 74 kms south east of Thurles) is PATRICK FANNING age 30, a farm servant and single.

ELLIE FANNING age 20 at No 1 Figlash DED:Carrick-on-Suir South Tipperary. Servant, born Figlash.

MARY FANNING aged 76, single, lodger at No 46 New Street DED: Carrick-on-Suir South Tipperary.

JAMES FANNING aged 64, blacksmith at No 1 O’Donnell’s Lane DED: Carrick-on-suir Sth Tipperary. ANNIE FANNING, 70, his wife. Married 42 years, 8 children, 4 living. ANNIE FANNING, his daughter, aged 27.

ANNIE FANNING, No 7 Oven Lane, DED:Carrick-on-Suir, aged 18, granddaughter to Ellen Power, aged 74, old age pensioner, widow. Mary Power, Ellen’s daughter, aged 40, single.

MARY FANNING age 50, domestic servant, married 28 yrs, 6 children, born Co. Wexford and JOHN FANNING 25, single, farm servant, reads and writes, both at Ballynacloona DED: Kilmurry, South Tipperary, about 50 kms south east of Thurles.

ANNIE FANNING widow, living with her daughter, CATHERINE FANNING aged 38 and son-in-law John Connell age 45, agricultural labourer, at Ballynacloona DED: Kilmurry Sth Tipp.

ANNIE FANNING aged 13 living at No 15 Ballynamona DED:Kilmurry (South Tipperary, 54 kms south of Thurles), a visitor and scholar. House of Patrick Brennan, 47, and Bridget Brennan 43, farmers, both single.

JOHN FANNING, 16 Ballynamona, DED:Kilmurry, aged 64, married, cooper.

MICHEAL FANNING No 26 Church St. DED: Caher, farm servant, aged 53, widower. (South Tipperary 52 kms south of Thurles)

PATRICK FANNING aged 40 No 28 Knockgraffon, DED: Knockgraffon. Single, agricultural labourer. (South Tipperary 35kms south of Thurles).

ANASTASIA FANNING House 2.1 in Gortmaloge, DED: Clonmel West Urban, aged 38, single, infant nurse midwife. (South Tipperary about 52kms south of Thurles).

ANDREW FANNING age 25, house carpenter, married three years, one child WILLIAM FANNING aged 2, and wife BRIDGET FANNING aged 24. Living at house no 2 Woodrooff ,DED: Ballyclerahan. (South Tipperary about 40 kms south of Thurles).

PATRICK FANNING Mayladstown, DED: Kilcash, aged 45, married 14 yrs, agricultural labourer. Wife BRIDGET FANNING 44, children: MARGARET FANNING 12, NICHOLAS FANNING 11, MARY FANNING 9, BRIDIE FANNING 7, KATIE FANNING 5, JOSEPHINE FANNING 4 and NELLIE FANNING 1 month. South Tipperary about 50 kms south of Thurles.

MATHEW FANNING No 3 Carrigatogher (Harding) DED: Carrigatogher. North Tipperary about 40 kms north west of Thurles, near Nenagh. He was aged 45 and a RC clergyman.

BRIDGET FANNING Wolfe Tone Terrace DED: Nenagh West Urban. Widow aged 59. Son JOSEPH J. FANNING aged 24 single, daughter MARY FANNING aged 21 single and son MARTIN FANNING aged 18 single. Nenagh is about 35 kms north of Thurles.

JAMES FANNING No 24 Kylenaheskeragh DED: Ballygibbon, about 32 kms north of Thurles and north of Nenagh. Aged 38, farm servant, single, born in Kings Co.

WILLIAM FANNING House no 8 Templenahurney DED: Bansha, Sth Tipperary about 52kms south west of Thurles, south of Tipperary Town. William was a farmer aged 65, his wife CATHERINE FANNING was 49. Children: PATRICK FANNING aged 26 a grocer’s assistant, MICHAEL FANNING aged 25 farmer’s son, CHRISTOPHER FANNING 16 farmer’s son, CATHERINE FANNING 14 farmer’s daughter and WINIFRED FANNING 12, a scholar.

DANIEL FANNING House no 2 Fihertagh DED: Bansha about 50 kms south from Thurles. Aged 44, agricultural labourer married 10 yrs to MARY FANNING aged 34. Children: MARY FANNING 8, THOMAS FANNING 5, DAVID FANNING 2 and MARGARET FANNING. Also David Coppinger, aged 76, widower and father-in-law

JOHN FANNING No 20.1 Garryskillane DED: Tipperary West Urban. A workhouse. Aged 61. About 50 kms south west of Thurles in Tipperary town.

ELIZA FANNING aged 61 No 20.2 Garryskillane DED: Tipperary West Urban. Return of idiots and lunatics in institutions.

MARY FANNING House no 17.1 Ballingarry Lower DED: Ballingarry aged 16 Scholar at College and Boarding school.

MICHAEL FANNING House no 12 Kockkelly DED: Peppardstown. About 23kms south of Thurles in Sth Tipperary. Aged 26, married 1 yr to CATHERINE FANNING aged 31, daughter CATHERINE FANNING 8 mths. Head of household is his mother-in-law Catherine Walsh aged 70.

ANNIE FANNING No 16 Limerick Junction DED: Ballykisteen, north of Tipperary town about 45 kms west of Thurles. Aged 49, widow EUGENE FANNING aged 24, single, son, born Co.Mayo, general labourer. ANNIE FANNING aged 20, daughter, single, born Co Roscommon.

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  1. Hi Kathleen. I am a Fanning from Tipperary and am related to the Fannings in Glennagat. Did you find any links between our families?

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