Fannins and Darmodys Fined In 1750 Co Tipperary Ireland

Fanning and Darmody individuals taxed in 1750 Co Tipperary Ireland.

It was the practice of the time for the authorities to assess damage to property and losses by robbery due to the activities of the Whiteboys and similar organisations, and to recover the value in cash by levying a special tax or fine on all Roman Catholics in the district concerned – in this case the County of Tipperary.

Below are the names of Fannings and Darmodys who were fined in 1750. These names are from the return for the half barony of Ikerrin in Tipperary County, upon which the tax was to be based in proportion to the acreage held.

KILLAVANNOUGH PARISH: William Darmody 4; Thomas Darmody 17

ROSCREA PARISH: Edmond ffanin 40

CORBALLY PARISH: James Darmody 10

The number after the name is supposed to be the number of acres, but it could be the fine/tax assessed at “the Sume of one farthing sterling for every three Acres.”

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