Fannings Applying to Vote, Co Tipperary Ireland 1839

Fannin and Fanning men applying for the right to vote in Co Tipperary Ireland 1838-9.

From 1727 to 1793 only Protestants with a freehold worth at least forty shillings per year were allowed to vote, from 1793 to 1829 both Protestants and Catholics with forty shilling freeholds had the vote. In 1829 all forty shilling freeholders lost the vote.

In 1838 and 1839, newspapers regularly published lists of those men who were applying for the right to vote at elections (for a member, or members, of parliament) in their region. A qualification was necessary to vote: men had to be a landholder or leaseholder, worth a certain valuation, before they had the right to apply to vote.

The greater majority of these men were farmers so their residence has been listed as the main identifying field. As they had to reapply each year, I am assuming the *08 means they applied in 1838 as well as 1839.

Tipperary Lease/Land Holders, Nenagh Division1839:

Darmody Daniel Fishmoyne & *08; Fannin William Lilsaroon & *08; Fanning Patrick Thurles; Thomas Fanning Coldfields;

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