Cahir Castle Tipperary south

Inquisition involving Fanning Family Co Tipperary Ireland 1555

The jurors say that Nicholas Richard and John Fanyng Fitz Geoffery of Ballyngarry, Teige Beare O’Howlaghan and Dermot O’Treassy alias O’Twee of the same, kearns*, advised procured and abetted by Geoffrey Fanyng gent, willfully burned a house at Ferenrory conntaining 40 cows with 60l. of William Fanyng gent and also a girl called Sawe Iny Canlyen who was in the house. Ormond Deeds V 25th April 1555, Inquisition taken at Clonmel.

* A kearn or kern was a light armed foot soldier of the ancient militia of Ireland and Scotland.

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