Fannings and Darmodys in Ireland 1571 to 1603

Fanning and Darmody persons mentioned in early records for Ireland, 1571-1603, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Fannings and Darmodys in the Fiants in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth:

1571: Numerous Pardons with address seldom specified; some are in Co. Carlow and others appear to be of Kilkenny. None seem of Tipperary although there are numerous Butlers, Wales, Meaghers, Tobins, Purcells, Fannings, Nolans, Hacketts, Keatings, some Fogartys, Ryans, numerous Graces, some Comefords, Carrolls, Burkes.

1584: Pardon to James Fannyng of Ballikele (Ballkeely, ? Cashel), David Fannynge of Tully. Pardon to Konoghor m’Dermodite M’Brien of Sholdode. 4535 (3879). Pardon to Edm Fanninge m’Rich of Kahirgillewogre(Carrigoreilly?). Security provisions as in 4475. – 26 Nov XXVII. ( Same date pardon to more O Mulryans, Walshes etc in Co. Limerick, without further address; but probabley of Owenbeg and Clanwillian.

1585: Pardon to Wm M’Dermod of Creighe; Wm,m’Dermody roo of Killycknegarf; Teig m’Deirmody M’Sekays of Ballebarre husbandman; Melaughlen ruo M’Deirmody of Cahirkenlis

1587: Pardon to Donell m’ Dermodie O’Mulrian of Coroncharef; Conoghor m’Donogho m’Dermody of Clangibbons

1597: Pardon to Rich Fanning Fitz Patr., Wm Faninge Fitz James, Rich Fannynge Fitz Oliver, Geoffrey Fannynge Fitz John, Oliver Fannynge Fitz James, Wm. Fanninge.

1600: Pardon to Oliver Faning of the Gradges yeoman.

Provided they appear and submit themselves before the queen’s commisioners or keepers of the place who for the time being shall be assigned in the said county, at the next general sessions, and be sufficiently found with convenient sureties, to keep the peace and to answer and personally appear in all sessions held in the county when called to satisfy the demand of all the queen’s subjects according to justice. Pardon not to extend to any murder or intrusion whon possessions of the crown or release of any debt, fine of alienation, account or arrears payable to crown – 22 Sept XLIII. (C.P.R., 575)

1601Teig m’Dermody I Mulrian of Arlow yeoman. Km. m’Dermody m’Brien, yeoman of Corrie. Connor m’Dermod m’Brien of Ballifirrin; Wm. M’Dermod O’Heallahie of Ballichinsie; John roe m’Deirmody of Cnocklonghy of Kilfrushe; Teige m’Dermod O’Lalor of Dremnemeghan; Dermod m’Teige m’Cragh yeoman of Rosenemoltiny; Wm. m’Dermod m’Cragh yeoman of Rosenemoltiny; Donogh O’Kenedie Fitz Dermod of Porttolichan (Portland); Oliver Fawning of Garrynnegri yeoman; Wm. Fanyne Fitz James; John Fitz Morris m’Dermodie of Mullagh; Gillenenewe m’Dermod; James Fanyne of Ballingarry; Teig m’Dermodie O’Hallorane; Mahown duffe O’Dermodie of Sollihoid; Pardon to Jeffrey Faning Fitz Edm of Killmocollomiogh, and tho Faninge of Mogowry, yeomen; John mDaniel O’Dermody of Loghney husbandman.

Provided they personally appear and submit themselves before the Queen’s commissioners or keepers of the peace in the several counties in which they live, at the next or 2nd sessions after the date of pardon; and shall then be sufficiently bound, with convienient sureties to keep the peace and answer in all sessions in the several counties when called to satisfy the demands of all the Queen’s subjects according to justice. Pardon not to extend to any murder committed by any of these persons before their entry into rebellion, nor intrusion on possessions of crown, nor to remit or release any debt, account, or fine of alienation, due to crown. Those engaged in the redemption of the Earl of Ormond from captivity among the rebels, exempted from proviso requiring security. The pardon recommended by the Earl of Ormond – 6th Aug. XLIII. (C.P.R. – 591).

1602: Pardon to: Nicholas Fannynge Fitz Edm. e valle, of Ballinacloghie?; Shane Fannynge of Lismalyn, gent; John O’Dermody of Kelucherie; Oliver Fanynge of Cappagh yeoman; Tho Fannynge of Buylekele gent; Edm Fannynge of Balleneclogher yeoman; Tho Fannynge yeoman of Balleneclogher; James Fannyng of Bollenvale yeoman;

1603: John Fanynge of Bowllekeill yeoman; Pardon to Oliver Fannynge Fitz James of Garrynegrey, gent; Jeffrey Fannyngl m’ Edm of Kilmokyn

Provisions as in 6497, save proviso excepting crimes committed after the date of the Lord President’s letter is ommitted, and the date of the Lord Deputy’s warrant for the pardon inserted in the body of the patent, as the period up to which offences are pardoned. Pardon not to extend to any murder committed by any of parties before they entered into rebellion – 3rd March XLV. (C.P.R, 634).

Provided they appear and submit before Nick Walsh, Knt., Chief Justice of the Common Bench, W. Sarey the Chief Justice of Munster, John Everarde, Second Justice of the place, Gerald Comerford, Second Justice of Munster, and Dominick Sarsfield, queen’s attorney of the province, or 2 of them, within 3 months, and be sufficianthy bound with sureties; and that all recognyances taken be recorded in the council book of the province of Munster, at the next sessions in the county where the parties live. Unless the persons aforesaid find security within 3 months, the pardon, as to them, to be of no effect. Pardon not to extend to any intrusion on crown lands, or debts to crown – 3rd Mar. XLV. (C.P.R.-629).

From the Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records and of the …, Volumes 17-21 By Ireland Public Record Office, Ireland. State Paper Office 1885

Source: Annates for the Diocese of Emly

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