Darmody and Fanning Co Tipperary Ireland Inquests 1847 to 1851

Fanning and Darmody individuals listed in Co Tipperary Inquests 1847-1851 Ireland.

A return of inquests taken by James Carroll, Esq. one of the Coroners of the County Tipperary starting on the 3rd, Day of July 1847: Aug. 7th on Mary Darmody, Birdhill, Kilcominty, Owney and Arra, Dr. Robert A. Twiss.

Application for Presentments at the Spring Assizes 1848, for amount of inquisitions held by Thomas O’Meara, Esq, one of the Coroners for the County Tipperary: Nov.3rd. on Bridget Darmody, Ballinlonty, Verdict-Murder.

Application for Presentments at the Summer Assizes, 1848 for the amount of Inquisitions held by Thomas O’Mears, Coroner for the County of Tipperary: 13th. June, Thomas Fanning, suffocation at Upperchurch.

April 1st 1851, Wm. Fanning, at Ballymackey, Lower Ormond, died from destitution and cold. G. Frith, surgeon. Coffin 3s 6d.

Source: Ireland Genealogy Project

Author: Kathleen

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4 thoughts on “Darmody and Fanning Co Tipperary Ireland Inquests 1847 to 1851”

  1. Hi Kathleen

    My name is Michelle McCann and I’m the author of a book, The Irish Coroner: Death, Murder and Politics in Co. Monaghan (1846-78) released by Four Courts Press in July 2023.

    I’m very keen to find the Tipperary Coroners Casebooks that you reference and I’ve been in touch with several departments (library, etc.) in the county – but no one knows where they might be. I’d like to do a comparative study for Tipperary.

    Do you know where the books are located by any chance?

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    Thanks for replying. I came across that site myself…which is how I found out they existed 🙂

    If you do happen to hear or see anything, please do let me know.

    Kindest Regards,

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