Co Tipperary Ireland Grand Jury Presentments Fannin and Fanning 1831

Widow Fannin of Barnane and Edmond Fanning a sessions keeper of Thurles are mentioned in these 1830 grand jury presentments.

BENNETT, John HENDY, Carroll to repair 558 perches of the road from Roscrea to Burris-o’leigh, betw. Patrick COSTIGAN’S house at Gurtacurra and the Widow FANNIN’S house at the bounds of Barnane. Ruled at the Grand Jury Presentments – 1831 Baronies of Ikerrin & Upper Ormond Barony of Ikerrin. Source: IGP


FANNING, Edmond, Sessions keeper of Thurles, for his half year’s salary. Granted at the Summer Assizes, 1831. Source: IGP

Author: Kathleen

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2 thoughts on “Co Tipperary Ireland Grand Jury Presentments Fannin and Fanning 1831”

  1. We may have a common ancestor, my great grandfather John Thomas Darmody (sometimes called Thomas John Darmody) was born in Tipperary in about1847, moved to Boston as a boy then to Cairo Illinois in about 1869, I got this from his obituary from 1909. That is about all I know, but I see that you trace some of your relatives with the same last name to the same place at about the same time. I am just getting started on this and all of my older relatives have long ago passed away and I don’t have much to go on, so if you have any suggestion I would appreciate it. Thanks

    1. Hi Robert,
      I have not made much headway with tracing the Darmody side of my family.

      All I know is that my ggggrandmother was Johanna Darmody and that she married Edward Fanning in 1808 in Thurles.
      Unfortunately no names of parents or addresses were recorded.
      One of the witnesses was Patrick Darmody but this could be her father or brother or uncle or cousin.

      All of the parish records are being digitised and hopefully will be freely available online within two years.
      Then I plan on starting to try and find Johanna’s parents and siblings and descendants.

      There are places you could start to look for John Thomas.
      You say he came out as a boy so probably he came with his parents. I would try and find him on a passenger list starting with arrivals in Boston.

      His marriage and death certificates should have some valuable information on them.

      You could also see if he appears in any census records or electoral rolls.

      Within Irish records if you go to the North Tipperary Genealogy Centre online you can search for his birth record.

      I would also have a look at Griffiths Valuation records (land holders about 1850) and see where Darmodys appear in Tipperary.
      Griffiths Valuation records are available for free on Ask About Ireland.

      The names of John Thomas’s children could point to other relationships, have a look at the Irish naming patterns.

      Good luck and let me know how you go.


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