Ancestry of Edmund Fanning of Connecticut America 1620 to 1683

An outline of the possible ancestry of Edmund Fanning 1620-1683 Connecticut America.

The following is a post by Jon Fannon (Dec18, 2008 in Ireland Roots Tipperary) where he gives an outline of  what he thinks is the ancestry of Edmund Fanning, the immigrant ancestor of many American Fannings.

Edmund of Conn. line however is : conn. Edmund (b.1620) was son of Francis (b.abt 1588 was a sheriff and mayor in limerick also) and Francis is possibly the brother to Simon fitzClement. (Clement had 3 sons. 1st came Simon, then Edward or Edmund, and 3rd Francis) Edward fitzClement had a son Nicholas who also was sheriff or mayor. Francis fitzClement had two sons Thomas and Edmund. Francis Fanning with Edmund fitzFrancis Fanning and Thomas fitzFrancis Fanning along with Nicholas Fanning are documented forced to leave Limerick to Ballengyre by the English in 1651 or 1653 I c’ant remember right now, and then was again named in some sort of reconciliation from the queen in 1660 I believe. It’s presumed Edmund went on to Conn. sometime after 1653, possibly in 1660. Keep in mind for this hundred year period there was a Fanning as sheriff or mayor in Limerick most of the time. Weather or not it was a cousin a brother a nephew, it seems there were no shortage of Fanning law men, and to complicate this more their names were repeated generation after generation causing a lot of confusion. “

Author: Kathleen

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5 thoughts on “Ancestry of Edmund Fanning of Connecticut America 1620 to 1683”

  1. Kathleen,
    I am so enjoying your collection of works. I have traced back my lineage to Thomas Amis Fanning, my 10th great grandfather. Thomas and Edmund were brothers and came to Connecticut around 1660. I know Thomas died in 1700 and was buried in Virgina. I will pull together my information soon and send you a copy. Thank you for the wonderful reading!!

    Jeannie Fanning Williams
    Owens Cross Roads, Alabama

    1. Hi Jeannie,

      Glad you have enjoyed my site and good to hear from you.

      I would very much like to see your family history information.

      There has been debate about whether Thomas Amis Fanning is the son of Edmund Fanning of Connecticut and DNA testing seems to have him in another lineage.

      You might want to have a look at this site where it is discussed.

      But perhaps you have evidence to the contrary.

      Look forward to hearing back from you


      Kathleen Fanning

  2. I believe that Edmund Fanning b1651 is buried in the Fanning Family cemetery in Ledyard Ct where he owned a farm on what is now Fanning Road. My family owned the farm in the 1930s. Fannings lived on that farm until the late 1800s from the late 1600s. He served in the Connecticut forces during the King Philip war (Indian wars) of 1675-76 as did his sons.

    1. Hi Myron,
      That is most interesting about Edmund Fanning. Is there a gravestone for him? I’d love some photos to add to this site of the farm or Fanning gravestones. regards Kathleen Fanning

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